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Yes, It's Pepper

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(Garnet pulls out an empty spice shaker, goes up to the black dispenser and removes the lid from the shaker. Pressing the button on the dispenser, she fills the shaker with pepper and puts the lid back on. She returns to Ruby.)

Garnet: I better check on the pepper to make sure it's still good.

(She gets out the shaker and tries to screw the lid off of it, but has a little bit of trouble doing so. When she finally pops the lid off, a cloud of pepper appears - right in front of her nose. She starts to sneeze.)


(When Garnet releases her sneeze, she blows herself backwards. Ruby recoils.)

Ruby: Bless you!

(Garnet returns to Ruby, rubbing her nose on her paw.)

Garnet: Thank you.

(After she is finished rubbing her nose, she puts her spice shaker away.)