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Yes, It's Pepper

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(Garnet and Ruby approach the black dispenser. Garnet presses the button on the dispenser, allows a black powder to pour out of the nozzle, and catches some with her hand. She licks it.)

Garnet: It's pepper.

Ruby: Really?

(Ruby puts her mouth under the nozzle, presses the button and lets a large amount of pepper fall into her mouth. She swallows the pepper, but then inhales to sneeze.)

Ruby: Ah... Aaaaaah... HAAAAAAAAH-- CHYU!

(Ruby sneezes and blows herself around the room. Garnet puts her hands over her eyes as Ruby bounces around the room before returning to Garnet. She rubs her nose on her paw.)

Garnet: Bless you.

Ruby: (sniffles) Wow!