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Chasing Lights

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Six months is a long time. Six months is a really long time, even more if you’re away from home, in a battlefield, covered in blood, mud and sweat, almost getting killed every single day. Six month is a specially long time if you have someone waiting for you at home, someone that you love deeply, someone you can’t wait to have in your arms again.

Bakugou has not only one, but two “someone” waiting for him at home, and that’s why he dismiss his brother of arms’ invitation to go to the Old Mic’s tavern to celebrate their victorious regress from the battle for the mountains at the west. As much as he does wants to celebrate their victory since it was well deserved, Bakugou’s biggest necessity now is to reunite with his boyfriends.

It was rough at first, their relationship. People didn’t understand how Bakugou, the best and most savage warrior of the Kingdom, the Alpha among all Alphas, ended up in a relationship with two other Alphas. People would make fun of him and talk behind his back, doubting his ability as both an Alpha and a warrior. They would point out, whispering behind their hands about the angry Alpha with two mark bites on either sides of his neck. Enemies would try to break his spirit, offending him and diminishing his status as an Alpha because of his relationship.

But Bakugou proved them wrong. Every single one of them. Being in a relationship with two other Alphas didn’t make Bakugou less or worse; if something, it helped him to become more and better. More bloodthirsty, more savage, better fighter, better leader, and more than anything else, a better version of himself. Because now, unlike his previous years as the best dog of the Queen, Bakugou had people to whom he wanted to come back.

Kirishima was the first one, a slave Alpha from a Kingdom far north from Lychnis that was forced to fight in behalf of his captor. When Lychnis decided to conquer said Kingdom, Bakugou was on the first line of battle and inevitably he and Kirishima ended up dueling. In the end, contrary to his normal behavior, Bakugou decided to let Kirishima live, arresting him as a war prisoner. Once back at Lychnis, Bakugou took advantage of his position to ask his Queen a favor, to let live as a free man; surprised by Bakugou’s request, and being him the jewel of Her eyes, Queen Momo granted Kirishima with freedom as long as he swore loyalty to Her and her Kingdom, which he gratefully did.

Kaminari came after, but at the same time he was there since before everything. Kaminari was Bakugou’s childhood friend. The only child of the Queen’s favorite tailors, the young Alpha was more used to the luxuries of the city than the savagery of the battlefield. Kaminari used to use his pretty features and charisma to court the Omegas from the bourgeoisie, less interested in making a home, but wanting to enjoy his youth. Always gravitating around Bakugou, making use of his friend’s fame as the undefeatable warrior, Kaminari had been present in Bakugou’s life since way before Bakugou was what he is today. Much to Bakugou delight, Kaminari and Kirishima had became friends quite easily, which meant less headache to the warrior.

How they got together, however, none of the three could answer. Maybe it started with a growl or a snarl when their Alpha hormones reached the roof. Or maybe it started by the soft touches under the dim light of the fireplace. It could even had started simply out of possessiveness. But it started somewhere along the years.

Their relationship had never been something particularly easy, but nothing extremely difficult either. Bakugou would admit, forcefully of course, that he was the main cause of the problems in the beginning. Too prideful to lower his head,Bakugou used to hold his status high in his priority list; the simply idea of him submitting himself to the other two offended him enough to ignite his fight response. He didn’t want to be held as weak by the others, he wanted to be the strongest, the best, the King of his own life.

It took him a painfully long time to realise that relationships weren’t a battle and their house wasn’t a battlefield. It took Bakugou three years of holding his heart in his hands, afraid of what could happen if he set it free, until he finally understood that Kirishima and Kaminari weren’t trying to overpower him or degrading him, but instead they were trying to add up to what he was.

Of all the battles Bakugou had fought through his twenty-eight years of life, the one against his pride was the most difficult one.

The sight of his house, with its white walls and red roof tiles, makes Bakugou sighs tiredly. It feels good to be finally walking into the well-cared garden, the sound of the sole of his boots against the stone path sounding almost relaxed to his tired ears. Six months of battles is too much even for him and now that he is entering safe and calm territory, his body starts to show the signs of exhaustion.

As he opens the round top door, Bakugou is hit by the smell of recently baked bread and his stomach growls. Kirishima works at the city bakery and their house ends up always smelling like freshly baked pastries, giving the place a specific kind of warmth that Bakugou dearly misses.

He takes his boots off, putting it outside since he doesn’t want to dirty the house with mud because Kaminari always complains when he does, and walks towards the kitchen. He can hear voices inside the kitchen and can smell both Kirishima and Kaminari there too, so as quietly as he can, Bakugou stops by the door, leaning against the doorframe to observe them.

Kirishima is making dinner, cutting meat with the chopper with the pleasantly accuracy of someone who works with food on daily basis. Kaminari, on the other hand, is having a hard time cutting the onions, sniffing as some tears start to roll down his face.

“When you finish it, go peel the potatoes.”, Kirishima says, pointing to the potatoes general direction.

“My hand will get stinky for all the food I’m handling!”, Kaminari complains, sniffing again. “How am I supposed to work with stinky hands?”

“My hands doesn’t stink and I work with food all day.”, Kirishima says annoyed and Bakugou knows he just rolled his eyes.

“Well, that’s because you smell so strongly like cake that it’s hard to smell anything else.”, Kaminari murmurs and it’s true, Kirishima does smell like cake and both Bakugou and Kaminari love it.

“Stop complaining and go peel my potatoes!”, Kirishima exclaims, hitting his hip against Kaminari’s, making him yelp.

“Alright, alright! I’m go...”, Kaminari stops talking in the moment he turns around and his eyes fall over Bakugou’s form. “KATSUKI!”

“Wait, wha…?”, Kirishima turns around too, his eyes widening. “KATSUKI?!”

“Yep, that’s my name.”, Bakugou calmly says, leaning away of the wall just in time to have enough equilibrium to hold the other two as they literally jump on him. “Calm down!”

“I can’t believe you’re back!”, Kirishima says happily, squeezing Bakugou so tight that it knocks the air out of his lungs.

“Why you always come back so dirty?”, Kaminari complains, but makes no move on letting go of Bakugou.

“I need to breath, guys...”, Bakugou wheezes, but he’s laughing.

It takes a while, but Kirishima and Kaminari finally let Bakugou go, but they stay close.

Kaminari is the first one to pull Bakugou into a kiss, soft and calm, drawing a sigh from him as Bakugou easily melts into the contact. Kaminari has always been the one of them that has less problems in initiating contact and showing affection. Always calm and relaxed, Kaminari is usually the one that brings the other two down if their emotions get excessively high; he works like a siren to Bakugou, calming him down in a blink of an eye.

Kirishima, on the other hand, is like a dragon, firing Bakugou up quickly. It shows as he pulls Bakugou for a kiss, rough and hard, making Bakugou grip on both of the other two’s shirt to keep himself grounded, the sigh that leaves his lips sounding almost like a whimper. Kirishima isn’t one to start things, but when he enters in the situation, things follow his energetic rhythm with easiness. It’s hard for any of them to ever feel down with Kirishima around.

“We missed you.”, Kaminari says once Kirishima finally lets Bakugou go.

“A lot!”, Kirishima nods quickly.

“I missed you two too.”, Bakugou grins, feeling dizzy and warm. “But now I really need a shower… I probably still have blood and mud all over my body.”

“Yes, go, go!”, Kaminari nods. “You’re always covered in blood, for some reason.”, he complains.

“It’s because I kill people, Denki.”, Bakugou answers flatly and Kaminari grimaces, making both Bakugou and Kirishima laugh.

“Go take a shower. I’ll make more food!”, Kirishima says happily, walking to the counter.

“Does that means that I need to cut more onions?”, Kaminari asks, defeated.

“Yes!”, Kirishima chirps and the last thing Bakugou hears before closing the bathroom door is Kaminari’s loud whine.

Bakugou sighs as he strips down his clothes, taking a general look over his body on the old mirror on the wall while the tub is filled by water. He has an uncomfortably amount of bruises and some shallow cuts, nothing too serious, but enough that will get uncomfortable once he finally gets to relax. The best thing Bakugou can do is avoiding the other two seeing him naked for a couple of days until his bruises has faded a bit so it won’t bring unnecessary worry to their lives.

When the water is warm enough, Bakugou slips into the bathtub, groaning softly because it has six months since the last time he knew what warm water was. Life in a expansion campaign isn’t easy. It’s dirty and loud, cold and rough. It’s hard to sleep and even harder to eat, your body is always in a high level of exhaustion and hungry that you never thought it was possible. Bakugou never thought he would miss simply smelling well. But he does, a lot, and that’s why he takes his sweet time washing himself.

Once he finally cleans himself and put on some comfortable clothes, Bakugou makes his way back to the kitchen where his two boyfriends still are. Kirishima is cooking, walking around the kitchen as if ruling his own Kingdom. While Kirishima cooks, Kaminari just watches, leaning against the doorframe, because watching Kirishima cooking is always endearing.

Bakugou calmly hugs Kaminari from behind, hiding his face on the crook of Kaminari’s neck, allowing himself to be surrounded by Kaminari’s rainy scent. Bakugou groans softly, because he missed it.

“Hey, you.”, Kaminari smiles, leaning against Bakugou.

“Hey…”, Bakugou whispers, placing his chin on Kaminari’s shoulder so he could watch Kirishima inside the kitchen. “It looks as if he’s dancing…”

“Yeah… Even though he can’t dance for shit.”, Kaminari chuckles, one of his hand going to Bakugou’s damp hair.

“You have no right on talking about it…”, Bakugou snorts a laugh, closing his eyes and leaning onto Kaminari’s touch.

“Denki, have you set the table yet?”, Kirishima asks, turning to look at them, a warm smile appearing on his lips. “Never mind, I’ll do it.”

“No… I’ll do it.”, Bakugou says, letting Kaminari go to enter the kitchen to help.

“You don’t have to…”, Kirishima says, but chuckles when Bakugou only growls lowly in answer.

Bakugou sets the table with the help of Kaminari while Kirishima finishes the food and soon they are sitting together at the table to eat. It has so long since the last time Bakugou had a nice dinner that he can feel himself getting emotional over this. Kirishima’s food is amazing, spicy in the right way, warm and made with love; Bakugou had to increase his training since he started living with Kirishima because he was getting fat.

After dinner, they go to the living room, Bakugou lying down sprawled on the fluff carpet on the floor, enjoying the warmth coming from the fireplace like an overgrown cat. He had always been prone to cold, even being an Alpha, he hates the cold more than anything, so their house is always warm and cozy.

“Oh…”, Kirishima says, stopping mid-walk to the door. “We don’t need to light up the lantern today…”, he says with a kind smile, turning around and walking to the couch.

“Thank God…”, Kaminari says with a sigh, slouching against the couch.

Lighting up the lantern is a tradition Kirishima and Kaminari started on their second year dating, when Bakugou had to leave for almost a year in a expansion campaign together with the Queen’s army. They light up an old iron lantern and hang it on the porch. “Is it so you can follow the light back to us and don’t get lost”, Kaminari had told Bakugou once he got back home. Since that year, every time that Bakugou leaves with the army, they take the lantern from its spot over the fireplace and hang on the porch again.

“We thought it would take less time than it did…”, Bakugou sighs, closing his eyes and stretching on the floor.

“How was it?”, Kaminari asks.

“Bloody.”, Bakugou says thoughtful, opening his eyes and staring at the ceiling. “We lost more people than we initially thought we would…”

“Have you told the families yet?”, Kirishima asks, his voice dropping a couple tones since he doesn’t like to talk about those kind of things.

“Not my job. Midoriya will take care of it… I’m not the most suitable person to get in touch with grieving families.”, Bakugou says in a voice that mocks General Aizawa’s, making the other two laugh.

“Well, you know he’s right.”, Kirishima chuckles, his humor seeming to raise up a bit.

“I know. But he could get up from my ass sometimes…”, Bakugou grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Hm… I have a better idea of what can be up your ass now…”, Kaminari says, so smoothly that Bakugou chokes on the air.

“Denki!”, Bakugou exclaims, sitting up when he sees Kaminari getting up from the couch.

“No…”, Kirishima says thoughtful, getting up too. “I guess he’s right.”

“What? No.”, Bakugou growls, but it doesn’t have any bite, not when it’s for them. “We just ate, c’mon….”

“Still hungry.”, Kirishima says.

“Starving.”, Kaminari nods.

Bakugou knows he doesn’t have a way to escape, but truth to be told he doesn’t even want to. That’s why he stops complaining. That’s why he doesn’t fight against them. Not anymore. He doesn’t have any problems on being claimed by them anymore. If something, it’s what he wants, and they know this.

Kaminari and Kirishima learned how to deal with Bakugou, how to strip him down from all of his pride, to throw his image on the floor, forgotten. They learned how to wreck him, to get him raw and bare, all emotions bubbling on his skin as he hands them the control not only over his body, but also over his mind.

In exchange for his blind trust, they offer him the chance of just being. When they are there, naked and sweaty, all instincts, Bakugou doesn’t need to be the warrior, the killer, the Alpha among the Alphas. No. When they are together he can be himself. He can cry and plead, and make sounds no one would ever imagine him doing, because when they are together, he’s simply Katsuki.

And Katsuki pleads to be touched, to touch, to everything to stop and at the same time to everything to keep going. Katsuki cries when they stop touching him and cry again when they do. Katsuki is all raw emotions when Kirishima and Kaminari make him theirs, forgetting about the world with his mind focused only on the other two Alphas.

That’s why, when the night is over and he’s covered on Kaminari’s rainy scent and Kirishima’s earthy one, all bitten and wrecked, dirty and trembling, barely keeping himself awake in the middle of the other two, Katsuki can’t bring himself to complain, to growl, to be the stronger one. Because right there on the foot of the fireplace, being held by the two people he loves the most, his pride fall low on his priority list.