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Private Universe

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Frank slept over that night, his mama agreeing to the arrangement. She trusted Donna Way with her son and she had a fondness for Mikey. Despite his differences, she knew he would look out for her son.
After seeing Mikey yell and curse at a boy for seemingly mocking Frank when she came to lift them for a night over, she knew he had onlybgood intentions. They didn't see her but that was how Mikey had earned her trust.

Frank and Mikey had watched some weird horror movies, Mikey had laughed at their terrible graphics and acting, and the overuse of fakw blood. That didn't stop Frank from being slightly disturbed, but he had fun anyway.

Frank had ballet practise the next day and promised Mikey he'd see if he could stay over again, it was a Saturday so why wouldn't they hang out.

Frank went home for a while, greeting his mother and got changed for ballet.

"Mama," he said, walking down the stairs, Ms Iero nodded, "can I stay at Mikey's tonight?" He asked, using the magic of puppy eyes.
"Yes okay, but do come home early and do revise on Sunday, you know you have exams, and competition season is coming," she warned, she knew she could rarely turn down Franks requests, but was proud how the boy had never taken advantage of that.

Frank nodded, he knew all this already. "Thank you mama, I'll see you tomorrow." And with that he pecked her cheek and skipped up the stairs.

He had packed an overnight bag, just pyjamas and clothes for tomorrow and after ballet before he left.

Ballet went as usual, he felt like he was floating on air as he danced around, he was gracefull and he knew exactly what to do so every move was as precise as he could get it, nothing particularly unusual until he was changing.

He didn't notice the lurking eyes, watching him through a crack in the wall.

These eyes followed him as he stripped off his shirt and watched his every move, Gerard's eyes were fixed on him and couldn't be dragged away, no matter how hard he'd try. He knew this was wrong, but what even was the definition of wrong, he wondered, as his eyes skanned the boys exposed pale skin. He felt his heart rate pick up as he stayed put in his current position.

His mop had been discarded on the ground, and Frank was about to start changing his bottom half when footsteps came along. Gerard cursed quietly.

The mop was quickly picked up again and Gerard went back to his punishment for being a 'peeping tom'.

"Hey you're the guy who was watching us," came a voice, it was shrill and Gerard rolled his eyes as he turned to face a girl.

She had makeup hastily applied to her snooty face. Gerard could appreciate the art of makeup if it wasn't horrendous which unfortunately wasn't the case with this girl. Gerard vaguely recognised her perhaps from school, or - oh shit it was the girl from that party. Who had times for names though? She never liked him, nor any of his former friends, so if she expected even an ounce of civil words she was sourly mistaken.

It disgusted Gerard she even had the nerve to suggest it was her he was looking at, he sneered and returned to his mopping. 

"I think people like you are gross" the girl taunted and Gerard could feel his blood boil, Frank wouldn't say that, the perfect boy would never. "What? Can't get yourself a girl so you get off on peeping on dancing girls," she smirked.

"Oh fuck off," Gerard growled, "I'd never watch you with your graceless moves, your attitude reflects the epitomy of disgrace, so please, don't insult me with your vulgar presumptions."

The girls face screwed up looking disgusted, then scoffed before turning her heal and walking off, Gerard smirked and returned to his work, sneaking glances at Frank as he put away his clothes obviously unaware of the conversation going on outside.
A thought crossed his mind to make sure the boy got home safe - so he did exactly that.

He followed the boy but not to Frank's home but to his own. Gerard was confused but watched as Mikey opened the door, he should have known, the two were friendly after all.

Gerard sighed and snuck around the back, to avoid suspicion he watched the two boys continue upstairs and sighed, hopefully there would be something good on tv.


When Frank got back to the Ways, Mikey welcomed him in, asking about how ballet went. They ended up playing some random video game after that but Frank only watched. He had attempted playing then before but he preferred to watch, he'd never really had video games at home and he found Mikey's reactions to be entertainment in itself. The way he screamed in anger when his characters were defeated.

Frank let his eyes wander from the screen for a bit, still hearing Mikey's curses in the background, a book lay on Mikey's bed, "the picture of Dorian Gray" he read aloud, holding up the book, eyes darting over the blurb.

"Oh that's Gerard's," Mikey replied, not looking away from some strange first person shooter game. Frank nodded. That was odd, the book seemed poetic and arty and not at all Gerard like.

Frank lay back on the bed and sighed, the book still in his grip as he looked over the cover.

"Mikey," came a voice, the door swung open and Gerard stood there, casually swaying, "where's my book," he whined before spotting Frank, immediately stiffening and a blush dusting his usually lifelessly pale face.

The smaller boy's hand was firmly gripped around the hardback classic novel and Frank felt his mouth open slightly in shock.

"H-here," he stuttered, sitting up and handing the book, he could feel his heart flutter as Gerard's hand brushed his, be it nerves or desperate panic. Gerard hadn't even acknowledged it had happened.

The book was slipped out of his hand as Gerard sighed out a small 'cheers' and stepped back.

"Mike's I wanna go on that later," Gerard mumbled, Mikey grunted, "just play with me now," 

His eyes darted to Frank laying on the bed, hin deciding it would just be better if he leave him be. "maybe later," 

Frank's heart dropped, even the idea of being of being in the same room as his first kiss made his heart flutter but disappointment took over as Gerard left.

"Frankie, you wanna play?" Mikey asked, holding the second remote out to him.

A few minutes later Frank was frantically button smashing, desperately trying to kill someone, he wanted to impress Mikey, although the gore in the game made him cringe a bit.

"Jesus, Frank your hilarious," Mikey laughed as Frank died for what must be the twentieth time, "you're so inexperienced have I taught you nothing?" he sighed, Frank giggled too, he truly was useless at this but he could try.

A few hours later, and a lot of curses from Mikey, the other boy had passed out, now fast asleep and snoring rather loudly.

Frank's throat had a dull burning sensation, his throat was raw from shouting at Mikey to calm down and apologising for his unfortunate lack of skill at the game. So here he was, turning off the television and gracelessly attempting to tuck Mikey into bed, he would sleep there too only he would lay the other way round. The two boys had long ago stopped caring about the "no homo" scene, and Mikey felt bad making Frank sleep on the dreadful blow up bed.

Once Frank had Mikey all tucked up and comfortable enough he decided to go down and get a drink.

His bare feet padded against the carpeted stairs, he prayed they wouldn't creak.

The kitchen was dark, but Frank navigated his way to the light swich. He made his way to the fridge, grabbing the water and a glass from a cupboard, he was pouring himself a glass, minding his own business when he spotted the light coming from the television room. He assumed it was Mr or Mrs Way.

Instead, there laying in a bundle of blankets was Gerard.



He was sat doing nothing but staring at the brightly lit screen, as it flashed advertisement after advertisement of useless shit he'd never want. He wondered if anyone watched them and genianly went out to buy the product. He highly doubted that, if anything he tried to avoid them.
Advertisement to Gerard was simply a reminder of human sin. It showed gluttony and greed, leeching after your money, clawing at weak minds to rid you of your pride. He hated them.
And on top of that, they simply weren't good. Maybe if it was anything else, the poor acting would be comical; but right now Gerard only wanted to violently rip his hair out.
Those fucking meerkats no longer held the thin humour they had the very first time they aired, every time after that they were just another mindlessly irratating background noise. And the go compare advert, wriggling its way into his head as if it tried to brain wash you. Which it was because people only care about the money that they earn. It was never about god given thoughts and feelings it was only your succeses and gold.

'Love is all you need' like that was ever applied to any real life situation. Love can't buy you bread and water, love can't get you a job. Unhappiness is the key to success, give it all up for the money, place the gun with bullets of misery right at your temple and pull the fucking trigger because life won't get much better.

That was when Gerard had realised his thoughts were spiraling in all the wrong directions. He didn't like that a simple thing such as an advert could make him get lost in the forest of his mind. He tripped over brittle branches and wandered aimlessly. But he knew he would never end up in any sort of positive destination. He never did. He simply couldn't.

Before he could plunge further he noticed someone standing by the doorframe looking at him. He figured it was his mum or dad back from work finally but realised that it was not, in fact, either of them. Instead it was someone he had not expected to be there. Perhaps he had only momentarily forgot the boy was his friends brother but that didn't stop his surprise.

"Hey," he said softly. Gerard stared for a moment more, the lights of the tele occasionally lighting up the boys face amongst the darkness of the room.

"Hey," he said back, sort of too stunned to respond properly. Perhaps that being because he was so deep into his own thoughts only a moment ago that it was hard to just go back down to reality.

He stood there looking awkward for a moment before Gerard came to his senses and beckoned the boy over. Or was it truly coming to his senses? When he saw him then, alone with him and away from prying eyes all he wanted to do was hold him. Wrap him up in the secrecy of their own private universe. But ultimatly, the lingering eyes would always follow them. They'd always be pressed against his head like a fucking telescope. He would never be free.

But right then, in that moment, he was truly free. Especially when the boy timidly came over and layed down beside his stretched out form. Frank was his freedom, his escape, and he took out his pent up aggresion on the freedom he never deemed himself worthy of. But truth was, he was perfectly worthy, and when the boy pressed a delicate kiss to Gerard lips, he tasted freedom.

"You're beautiful," Gerard mumbled, tucking a peice of hair behind his boys ear.
"So beautiful," he whispered pressing kisses to his jaw and neck. He felt the boy squirm, making small noises that sounded just like the best of dreams.
He looked up to see him blushing madly, staring up at the cieling.
"I'm really not," he said quietly. Gerard frowned; it perplexed him how this boy could look at the mirror and not see an angel staring back at him.
"You're more beautiful than life itself Frankie, I'd rather look at you than blooming flowers or countless sunsets. You are the earths greatest creation, michelangelo's david looks upon you and quivers for he has never seen the likes you, the utter perfection that is you. You are flawlessly beautiful Frank, you must understand."

Frank was shocked, and any reply his brain could possibly muster tripped over and fell rather ungraciosly and left him staring at the other boy.
"Gerard-" he stuttered, opening and closing his mouth like a fish before simply blushing even brighter and pushing his face into Gerard chest in order to hide.
"I mean it sweetheart," Gerard whispered, winding the boys hair between his fingers. He felt him push his head impossibly further, making a whine in the back of his throat that sounded like embarresement. Gerard chuckled before tipping Franks head so hed face him and pressing his lips to his. His face was so soft, his skin so unblemished, it drove Gerard almost to insanity if he wasn't dragged down to reality by the boys gentle noises of pleasure.

Gerard almost felt three toxic words falling off his tounge but stopped himself before he scared his little kitten away. He would never be worthy of Frank, and yet he found himself so goddamn addicted to him. It was like a drug, the way he conducted himself, the way he smiled, the way he treated even the filthiest of humans like they were worth something.

"Y'know I was just waiting for the simpsons movie to come on," Gerard said, turning to the screen slightly to see the opening titles appear.
"Do you want me to go?" Frank asked earnestly.

"Frank, its sad if a teenage boy watches the simpsons movie on his own. However it is less sad watching it with company," he smiled down at the boy, reaching over him to grab the remote off the coffee table to turn the volume on.
Frank giggled quietly making Gerards heart ache towards the boy pathetically. It concerned him how everything Frank did seemed to make him dizzy on feelings, but at the same time it was a nice replacement of the static he usually felt.

He nuzzled his nose against Franks, smiling down at him like he was the most precious gem in the universe before turning to hold Franks back to his chest.
He pressed his face into Franks hair, closing his eyes and dwelling in the feeling of Franks body so close to his own. He smelled like a smooth mix of strawberry and vanilla, it wrapped around his head and made him feel so utterly hypnotised by his little princes existence.
Maybe Gerard was broken, but sometimes the damage isn't permenant, and sometimes if someone puts in the time and effort they can put all the peices back together. They can make him feel whole again.


They spent the film half concentrating on the actual film and the other half concentrating on each other. Gerard would suck on his neck (he abolutly adored the sound it made the boy create) and kiss up his cheek until Frank let them connect their lips.
By the end of it Frank was straddling Gerards waist with his tounge half down his throat and dazed in lusty commands.
After a moment however, he pulled away rather abrutly. Gerard sat up on his elbows confused.
"Whats wrong?" He asked, furrowing his brow as the boy shuffled completely out of his lap. He was staring down at his hands as he asked in an absolutly heart shattering voice, "are you just using me?"

Gerards eyes flew open, immediatly he prepared to bombard Frank with retaliation.
"Frank-" he started but was cut off.

"Last I checked you couldn't stand me even looking at you. Now you just want in my pants," he said, on the verge of tears as he shuffled to the far end of the couch and brought up his legs in order to make himself smaller.

Gerard sighed, crawling over to the boy and placing a kiss to his head. "Baby boy I'd never just 'use you'. I was always... confused. I still am, in fact. I don't understand any of this but my heart urges me to not stop, to never stop. This winding passion I feel for you controls me. And this isn't only your physical form but you're mind also. You are simply captivating Frank Iero. And I am much too weak to force down this extollment..."

Frank looked up at him through watery lenses. Amazed at the words the other boy could muster on the spot.
Gerard sighed at his lack of response before leaning forwards and kissing Franks cheek.
"Kitten answer me," he commanded softly, needing the boy to give some kind of indication that he understood Gerards infauation with him.
Frank didn't answer, only leaned forth and pressed his lips to Gerards.
Of course, Gerard kissed back, somehow missing the feeling of the boy so close even if they had been withdrawn from each other for a small moment. He lived for this, for Franks approval.

Thats all he wanted.