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Private Universe

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Frank padded along, his light steps tapped gently against the floor compared to the others who filled the corridor who took no care in there steps.


Frank passed the canteen, he instead opted to go outside like he always did, the canteen was much too loud for his liking and he could never eat the food they served in there, it was greasy and full of calories.


Frank always chose to bring his own food and ate outside when he could, it was often salads or pasta, something light, healthy and filling and only had hearty meals maybe two or three times a week.


Frank gently sat down, crossing his legs in the grass and pulling out the clear box containing a salad, call him a health freak he didn't care.


Frank was quick to eat, he watched people bustling in the canteen through the windows of the school, it was interesting to him, he doubted anyone even noticed him looking, not that he minded, he'd rather they didn't know.


He set the empty box aside once he was done and lay back, closing his eyes briefly before staring up to the sky with it's powder white clouds.


He watched as he tried to figure out what the clouds could be, mentally colouring in the white fluff floating above him, there was one in particular looked like a clown which make him laugh lightly.


He eventually spread his arms, letting them lie across the grass and he felt something delicate touch his hand.


A small daisy had grew, just by his hand, Frank picked it, bringing it closer to his face to inspect the small flower, he smiled, quickly reaching for another.


Frank pierced a hole in the first with his nail and began the process of making a daisy chain, he couldn't remember the rhyme they had taught him but he could remember how to actually do it.


He thread the other daisies through and eventually formed a full circle, he giggled, holding it up to the sky, it looked so cute and he set it on top of his head.


Frank lay back again, feeling quite content really, a small lady bug was flying around which amused him a lot, the small creature eventually landing on his hand.


He laughed, "hey little dude," he whispered to the small red insect before spotting a figure approaching, "shit," he mumbled, setting the creature on the grass before the figure saw what he was doing.


Finally the figure stood in front of him, "hello," he said, only vaguely recognising the tall boy before him.


"Hello," he said back, his dark eyes staring at Frank, "you've been up here a while, by yourself, what have you been doing?" He asked.


Frank wasn't sure how to respond, how was he supposed to explain he'd been talking to a ladybug, cloud gazing and making flower crowns.


Wait. Fuck. Frank reached up touching the daisies on top of his head, of course, the small flowers were still enlaced in his ebony hair.


He quickly yanked the delicate chain hiding it behind him.


Gerard had already seen the flower crown, Frank knew, he could see the slight drop on Gerard's face as Frank went red & the daisies fell in a pile.


"Nothing," Frank whispered quietly.


Gerard looked at him, "doesn't seem like nothing," he said, sounding rather agitated.


Art came and went, it flew by quickly like everything good always did. Gerard sighed, packing his things away into his bag and waiting for Ryan to join him.
"You happen to know anythin about that punk Iero?" Gerard asked casually once his friend had finished packing up.


"Isn't he friends with your brother?" He replied.


"Yeah, I dunno theres something off about him," Gerard said, close to muttering the words realising he honestly didn't have much evidence to back this point up.


What, some punk helps out someone younger and he turns into some secret spy. He huffed at his own stupidity.


"He seems fine to me. Pretty cool in my opinion, his bands alright, I heard em one time." Gerard nodded at Ryans answer. He already knew all of that. He just wanted to know more.


"Why do you ask anyway?" Ryan wondered outloud. Panicked, Gerard just turned his head shrugging his shoulders. "Just curious," he replied. Ryan furrowed his eyebrows but nodded anyway, leaving Gerard to walk the rest of the way to English on his own. He caught sight of Frank going to his lesson but ignored him for now.


He saw Jimmy outside the class and decided to stand around with him, maybe interrogate him about the Chantal girl.


Jimmy lifted his head from his phone at the sound of Gerards voice, nodding in return and slipping his phone into his pocket.


"So hows Chantal?" Gerard asked with a shit eating grin slapped on his face. Jimmy rolled his eyes, "Bert already told you?" he sighed.


"Yep," He sniggered. Jimmy sighed again. "Of course he did," Jimmy laughed, "sad bastard always stickin' his nose in my business,"


"That is true yes," Gerard agreed, spotting Bert in the crowd, crashing past people carelessly.
"Hey," he said, he smelt of smoke like usual. Jimmy punched him in the gut, "what the fuck," Bert whined, crouching in on himself.


"Stop tellin people about my shit," Jimmy sighed, patting his friends back.
Gerard laughed at the scene in amusement before the bell rang out. The damn thing of course being right behind him and in the process deafening him with its obnoxious screeching.


"Jesus fucking christ," Bert yelled when it stopped ringing. They all held their ears in pain and walked into their lesson.


It turned out to be one of the few good english lessons where the teacher doesnt give a shit so just puts a film in telling students to make notes but no one really makes notes.


All through the film Bert would rip off peices of paper and throw them at Jimmy who sat in front of him and Gerard. Gerard just sat stifling his laugh behind his hand as Jimmy visibly began to loose his patience.


Bert knew he was fucked when Jimmy rose from his seat and turned to face Bert. The long haired punk squeeked, leaping out of his seat and running out of the class with Jimmy in tow.


The teacher looked up with a bored expression, "where did Robert and James go?" He asked tiredly.


"Im not sure sir I'll go check," Gerard said innocently, leaving his seat knowing he wouldn't go back.


He walked down the corridor where he saw Jimmy sitting on Bert's back, refusing to move while Bert struggled to get him off.


Gerard laughed, going to sit in front of the lockers next to the the strange scene by him.


"I thought you were trying to be good?" Gerard asked, directing his question at Bert's ever reddening face.


"Yeah well, this little twat makes that difficult," he said struggling again but alas his effort was futile, Jimmy would not budge.


Jimmy laughed evilly before he moved off his friend so he could actually breathe.
"Finally you fat bastard," Bert gasped, rolling onto his back.


They were interupted by footsteps angrily making their way down the empty corridor.


"What do you think your doing here?" She asked. The three looked up at her, she was tall and skinny and had the face of what you'd usually associate with a strict librarian; snooty expression, pointed glasses with a chain dangling from them. Her hair was thin and blonde, past her shoulders and her eyes were grey and cold. She looked down her nose at the three boys.


Simultaneously, they all stood up, matching her arrogant glare.


"Breaks in five minutes, you'll be spending that and an hour after school in detention with me now," she said, in a stern voice before turning on her heal and marching off.


They sighed in unison. "Bitch," Gerard muttered, kicking one of the lockers. First day back at school and he already had a detention. He stormed off after her with Jimmy and Bert trailing after.


Break detention was...boring, every time any of them tried to talk that bitch's head would shoot up with that glare, Gerard wanted to punch off her stupid face.


Eventually break passed & the next period which began, which ended up equally annoying Gerard further.


He sat next to some dick head who kept gloating about how he fingered some chick at a party-as if anyone would even believe that someone actually let that ugly bastard touch them- Gerard thought.


He kept this to himself however, aware that this chav would beat him to a pulp.


Lunch arrived where Gerard met up with Jimmy, Bert, Ryan and Brendon. Pete and Mikey were probably somewhere else clinging to each other in a vial manner which made Gerard make the decision to not go look for either of the two.


Instead, he sat at his lunch table in a dreadful mood. His skin felt too tight and everyone seemed too loud like a little itch inside his skull he couldn't get rid of.


In attempt to calm himself he directed his eyes to the window. He saw a boy looking in, messy brown hair and black clothes. Gerard knew who it was and something urged Gerard to go outside.


Offering no explanation, Gerard left the table and headed for the tree he saw Frank sitting at. He didn't entirely know why he was currently heading towards the boy he was convincing himself to hate but he guessed it was too late now as he found himself in front of him.


"Hello," Frank said, looking up at Gerard with a flower crown delicately placed in his soft hair. Gerard noticed, he noticed the delicacy, the contrast, the way it portrayed such innocence like a reflection of his eyes. It made him feel sick.


"Hello," Gerard said back gravely.
"You've been up here a while, by yourself, what have you been doing?" Gerard asked. He wanted to just walk away but he for some reason stayed.


Frank looked concerned and then realisisation seemed to hit him as he yanked the daisy chain off his head. The roughness made Gerard cringe slightlty. Something so delicate must be treated with delicacy.


"Nothing," he heard the boy whisper.
"Doesn't seem like nothing," Gerard replied, growing more impatient. The grating feeling at the back of his skull returned and he felt the urge to be as cruel as possible.


When Frank didn't respond Gerard continued talking. "You a faggot then?" Gerard asked, smiling at how genius he thought his words were, "that's why you don't talk to no one," He saw the boy take a sharp intake of breath.


"Stop being such a pussy and answer me," he urged, nudging the boy with his foot and watching him recoil in trembles. The whole scene was rather like a small child torturing a poor insect out of curiosity.


He saw Franks eyes water and felt slight guilt flip his stomach over. "Fucking freak," Gerard said coldly, kicking Frank not too hard in the leg and stalking off to be irritated somewhere else.


He didn't know why but Frank wore him out.