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When Your Blood Runs Cold (Vampire!Eridan x Sollux)

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“I would like to become a vampire.”

Wait. Did you hear that right?

You look at Xefros, shocked. In all honesty, with how skittish and apologetic he is, you expected him to turn down your offer. Even if you did, you wouldn’t force it on him. True, you were the son of the infamous Dualscar, the one vampire that fought an army of hunters single handedly and won, the scars scratched across his face proved that. But that didn’t mean you were going to harm the human. He had his own choices, just as you had yours.

“Are ye sayin’ yes out of fear, or because ye really w-want to be a v-vampire?” you question, raising an eyebrow. Xefros smiles softly, shaking his head.

“We both know I’m not afraid of you. You’ve had so many chances to kill me, but you haven’t. I genuinely want to become one of you,” he says, so nonchalantly, one would think he was asking about the weather. A moment went by before you smiled slightly.

“Good to hear. Now-w, I hav-ve an important matter to discuss with The Empress, so carry on w-with yer duties. I w-will retrieve ye w-when it’s time.” Xefros bows and pushes his cart away, cleaning any speck of dust or splotch of dirt he could find. You watch him go before turning to walk down the opposite end of the hallway, right to the Condesce’s quarters. She lived in the biggest room of the hotel, but what else could you expect? She was the oldest by a few hundred millennia, so it was proper that she had the suite to herself. Stopping at her door, you take a deep breath before knocking your knuckles on the wooden door twice.

“Enter,” her cool voice said, sending chills down your spine. You swallow your pride before pushing the door open.

“Yer Highness,” you say, bowing your head to her. The Batter Witch insisted on each member of her ‘family’ to call her ‘Your Highness’ or ‘Your Majesty.’ You thought it was a stupid idea, but if it kept her off your back, you could care less.

“Eridan Ampora. To what do I owe the pleasure?” You lift your head before shooting a smirk in her direction. Of course she’d be sitting at her cherry-wood desk, dressed in black and fuschia. Every time you entered her quarters, she would be sitting in that same spot, baring the same colors.

“Oh, just w-wonderin’ if ye knew-w about the humans plottin’ a rebellion against us,” you say snidely. The Condesce frowns at you, her fuschia eyes flashing dangerously.

“Are you here to mock me, buoy? I do hope you realize that I know of everything that happens in my hotel. Every word whispered, every step taken, every breath breathed. I am not as stupid as you so blantely believe I am,” she hisses. Your smirk falters, but you manage to keep it on your face.

“Not once did I say that, Yer Majesty. I did, how-wev-ver, come to ask for yer ear so that ye may grant me, yer loyal servant, a fav-vor.” The Condesce sighs, propping her feet on her desk as she pulls out her phone.

“Don’t mock me, Eridan. You want to change the butler into a vampire. I know.” The smirk slipped off your face, shock replacing it. “I am completely against the idea, but it may serve a useful purpoise.”

“How-w so?” you manage to ask, swallowing thickly. She turned her vibrant eyes to meet your violet ones.

“A spy. An insider. I know for a fact that he and the head of security are extremely close, meaning he must have more information on the rebellion. While I’m certain the rebellion will crumble like an island in a tsunami, it will be extremely beneficial to know the finer details,” she explains. You nod in agreement before turning to leave. “As for your original question,” her voice rings out, leaving you to freeze where you stood, “we have much to discuss.”

“Like w-what, Yer Highness?” You turn to her, struggling to keep your eyes on hers.

“You do realize,” she says, her silky voice slow, “that the first human you turn will become your mate.” You nod, a blush creeping to your cheeks. “You may not have been changed like the rest of us, so let me explain it to you. Sit.”

You sit.

“Do you know what has to be done in order for him to become a vampire?”

“W-well, I have to drink some of his blood, and he has to drink mine,” you reply. The Condesce nods.

“It’s a very intimate process, buoy. I hope you are prepared for it. It will be your job from now on to keep an eye on him. If his little frond discovers he has turned, everything we have worked for will be in crumbles. Be very wary, Eridan Ampora. War is upon us, and you play an important part.” You take it as your cue to leave when she turns back to her phone. Closing her door silently behind you, you make your way to your room. If your heart were beating, you were sure it would be slamming against your ribcage by now. This is your first time turning someone, and you hoped you wouldn’t screw everything up.

Up ahead, you see Xefros cleaning an end table before placing a vase of fresh flowers in the middle. Human visitors walked by you with exhausted expressions, following other butlers to their rooms. With a glance to your phone, you saw it was well after one in the morning. You could only assume Xefros was anxious about the whole transformation ordeal, but you planned to make it as painless as possible for him. You weren’t even sure if the transformation was supposed to be painless, but it was in your case.

“Xefros, follow-w me,” you say. The human jumps, but relaxes when he recognizes your voice. With a nod, he puts away his cleaning supplies before following you to your room. To keep your hands from shaking, you ball them into fists and shove them deep in your pockets.

“Are you okay, sir?” his quiet voice asks. You nod, continuing your trek to your room with the human in tow. Taking a deep breath, you push open the door to your darkened room. You were relieved to find that Cronus had left without taking any of your belongings, like he usually does.

“Close the door behind ye,” you order the butler. You busy yourself with closing the curtains as he closes the door.

“So, how’s it supposed to happen?” You still at his question, your cheeks burning. He had a right to know what he was getting into, after all.

“Ye see, it’s not goin’ to be just, uhm, a bite an’ go,” you explain, not facing him. “Yer experience w-will most likely be w-way different than mine, and hopefully not as painful. It’ll be more...intimate, if ye w-will.” Xefros freezes behind you, and you can hear his pulse accelerate. “This w-will be my first time turnin’ someone, w-which means ye’ll be my mate. If ye hav-ve any second thoughts, please tell me. I don’t w-want to force ye into somethin’ ye don’t w-want.” When he doesn’t respond, you close your eyes in defeat. You know that if he doesn’t become a vampire, he would be killed in the rebellion, whether it be by his own species or by vampires. You would hate yourself if you found out you would be the one to-

“I still want to do it,” Xefros exclaims. Your eyes open wide as you turn towards the blushing human. He doesn’t look you in the eyes as he messes with the hem of his butler jacket. With a soft, nervous smile, you stride to him gracefully and lift his chin, gently forcing his reddish-brown eyes to meet yours.

“I’m glad ye do,” you whisper, leaning down to place a soft kiss on his lips. He hesitates, but kisses back, clearly inexperienced. Not that you could argue, of course. He was your first kiss.

Moving closer to him, you deepen the kiss. Xefros practically melts to a puddle in your hands, gripping your shirt like it was his only lifeline. Your tongue experimentally licks his upper lip, asking for permission to enter. He opens his mouth slightly with a moan, meeting your tongue with his own. You pull him as close as you can, slowly exploring his mouth and savoring his soda-like taste. His soft tongue dances with yours, soft pants escaping his lips. Deciding you should move on with the transformation, you pull away to peel off your shirt.

Xefros watches you with heated cheeks, his lust-filled eyes drinking in the sight of your naked torso. Each curve of your muscles, the tanned color of your skin, the...scars?

“What caused those?” he asks, running a finger over one of your scars. You shiver, looking away in embarrassment.

“Ye know-w how-w I said yer transition shouldn’t be as painful as mine?” Xefros nods, tracing each scar with his fingertips. “W-When I w-was turned, it w-wasn’t pretty. It w-wasn’t intimate, and it hurt. A lot. From w-what I remember, a group of rogue v-vampires jumped my family and I. They used us as a feedin’ source, they beat us, they cut us, they ev-ven w-went as far as burnin’ us with hot irons. Finally, they must’v-ve gotten bored. They bit the three of us and forced their putrid blood in our mouths, then left us to fend for ourselv-ves. Shit happened and the Condesce found us, took us in, and here w-we are. Any more questions?” The human nods, pressing his lips to a scar. You bite your lip, watching him.


“Can we continue, sir?” Xefros looks up at you with innocent eyes, waiting for your answer. In reply, you remove his shirt and jacket before leading him to the bed. “What about my pants?”

“Not tonight,” you say with a soft smile, gently laying him under you. He watches as you move to kneel between his legs. “Ye’ll use up yer energy in the transformation. W-We best leav-ve the rest for another night.” Xefros nods and places his hands on your shoulders, smiling up at you. You lean down and kiss him with the same gentleness as before, your hands on his hips. He wastes no time in taking your tongue in his mouth, experimentally sucking on the muscle. A groan escapes your lips as your hips move against his on their own. Taking this as a good sign, the human continues to tease you by sucking and nibbling on your tongue and bottom lip, moaning when you continue to grind your hips against his. You were glad you removed your shirt, seeing how hot and sweaty things were getting.

“Oh god,” he moans, lifting his chin slightly. You break the kiss to lead a trail of kisses down his jaw and to his neck, sucking on the skin that protected his main artery. One of his hands finds its way into your hair, grasping it tightly. “Pl-please, just do it.”

Eridan ===> Turn him.

You feel your fangs come out as you get ready to turn him. His spurs and moans keep you focused as you graze his artery with your needle-sharp fangs. You kiss the skin before plunging your fangs into his neck.

Xefros arches his back, his mouth wide open in a silent scream. His pomegranate-flavored blood explodes in your mouth, but you focus on taking as little as possible. Controlling your urge to drink him dry was difficult, but you just had to succeed. You need your mate, and he needs you.

Feeling you’ve had enough to drink, you slip your fangs out and lead his lips to your artery. Xefros whimpers, clinging to your shoulders as his small body trembles beneath you. You fight the urge to go back in for another taste.

“Drink,” you demand, your voice husky. You use one of your sharp fingernails to cut your artery wide open before forcing his mouth over it. Xefros struggles for a moment or two before sucking on the wound. You close your eyes, hanging your head slightly at the feel. You never knew being on the other side would feel so good. Xefros moves closer to your neck, biting down with barely-developed fangs. They would come in quickly, and it was only a matter of seconds before they would be completely out. Those seconds feel like years, but once they’re up, Xefros takes complete control of the situation at hand.

His fangs sink deep into your artery, and you can feel him drinking as much blood as he could. Your head begins to go fuzzy, but you doubt you’d be passing out any time soon. Xefros gives you no warning as he flips you both over, straddling your hips and pinning your wrists to the bed to keep you in place as he drinks your blood in large mouthfuls. Your head falls back as you cry out loudly, the adrenaline rushing in your veins causing him to drink more. Loud moans continue to escape your lips as he drinks, and honestly, you’re feeling a little dizzy, now. Xefros seems to sense this as he pulls away, sitting on your hips and ignoring your excited friend.

“W-What’re ye doin’?” you ask, panting heavily. His eyes glow a rusty red as he watches you, your blood dripping down his chin. “Take as much as ye need. Don’t w-worry about killin’ me. Ye w-won’t.” Xefros says nothing as he looks down at your hips, his hands finding your belt. “Xefros, not now-w,” you warn. He ignores you as he undoes your belt, sliding a hand into your pants. Your breath hitches as he plays with your member, your eyelids fluttering closed. They shoot back open when you feel him bite into your neck once more, drinking as much blood as he can. He grips you tightly as he moves his hand with the rhythm of his gulps, testing as far as he can go without driving you insane.

“Bite me,” he whispers, a dangerous undertone in his voice. You grip his hair and force your fangs in his neck as far as they can go, greedily drinking his blood as he drinks yours. You rock your hips for more pleasure, willing to get closer to the newborn vampire. Xefros’ movements become quicker when he feels you nearing your end, releasing your neck the moment before you come. Your back arches as a loud, scream-like moan escapes your lips, followed by a series of panting. He watches as you cool down, gracefully licking the puncture wounds in your neck. You feel them repair themselves, but you hardly register it. You lick his in return and lean back against the pillows, your chest heaving.


“Holy shit,” you pant, your eyes closed. Xefros says nothing as he stares at you. Your eyes open to meet his. “Are you alright?”

“Better than ever,” he says with a smile. You grin and lean up to mold your lips against his, pulling him flush to your body. Xefros kisses back, his hand cupping your neck as he follows you down. Pulling away, you bring the covers over the both of you, smiling lovingly at your mate. He returns the smile, snuggling up against you.

“I told ye ye w-would be tired, didn’t I?” Xefros laughs softly, hugging your waist.

“Yeah, you did,” he mumbles. You kiss the top of his head.

“W-Why don’t you get some sleep? I hav-ve to report to the Batter W-Witch of yer new-w existence.” Xefros nods and lets his eyes slip closed, sleep quickly overtaking him. You watch him for a moment before carefully crawling out of bed. You slip out of your soiled pants and boxers, pulling on a new pair of underwear and pajama bottoms before leaving your room. Everything looked brighter to you, and you could hear the steady breathing of your mate right inside your room. A grin made its way to your face as you walked to the Condesce’s quarters, knocking three times.

“Eridan Ampora, I have no doubts you have turned him?” the Condesce says as she opens her door. She smirks when she sees the new light in your eyes, the way your body practically glowed. “And I see you have found a good mate in him.”

“Yes, Yer Highness,” you say, unable to fight the grin on your face. She rolls her eyes.

“Good for you, buoy. He will need a lot of sleep in the next few days, and he will need to feed often. Make sure you see to it properly, lest you want his little frond to discover his new identity.” Welp, there goes your grin. You nod in understanding. “Go check on your food. He must be extremely hungry right now, and you need to eat. You can’t depend on your mate to feed you.”

“Yes, Yer Highness,” you repeat, turning to walk down the hallway. She closes her door behind you, leaving you to check on the human. The grin that had fallen reappears as you go into the kitchen to grab some food for your prisoner. The events replayed over and over in your mind, seemingly never going away, even as you open the door to room four-thirteen.

The human trembles against the wall, shivering from the cold. You can’t help but smirk as you flip the light on, not caring if he sees your face or not.

“Leave me alone,” the human weakly hisses. You ignore him as you place the food at his feet before searching for a blanket. His glare bore into your back, but you were more focused on the steady breathing of your mate. Wow, this is like always having the reassurance he was okay.

You loved it.

“Eat up,” you spit, throwing the blanket at the human. His bicolored eyes continue to glare at you as he eats, closely watching as you lean against the wall. He seems to take his sweet time eating, but he should really hurry up and finish his meal so you could have yours. You’re a very impatient man.

“There, happy?” the human barks as he finishes his meal. About damn time, too. Your stomach has been rumbling the entire time he was eating.

“Extremely,” you purr, pushing yourself off the wall and moving towards him. The human scrambles back, trying to get as far away from you as he can. You roll your eyes at his weak attempts before forcing him to the ground. He struggles to get from under you, his movements becoming restricted once you sit on his hips and pin his wrists to the cold hard ground. “Ye know-w, I w-was in this position not too long ago. How-wev-ver, it w-was a much better experience. This? No, this w-won’t be v-very pleasant for ye.”

“Jutht let me go!” he screams. You watch him out of boredom as he screams for help, thrashing from under you.

“Firstly, no one can hear ye. This is a sound-proof room. Secondly, I’m only hungry. Ye w-will do w-what I please, do ye hear?” The human shakes his head, continuing to thrash around. “Of course ye w-would make this harder than it has to be,” you groan softly. He stills at your words, giving you the perfect opportunity to bite his neck.

The human’s screams pierced your ears in an annoying, nails-on-a-chalkboard way. Not able to take it any longer, you yank away, a snarl on your lips as he whimpers in pain.

“Listen up, ye w-worthless human. W-We can make this easy for ya if ye’d just stop movin’ around and screamin’ yer head off. The more ye do that, the more painful it’ll be for ya. Think ye can do that one simple task?” The human opens his mouth to scream, but is cut short by your hand forcing his mouth closed. ”Do ye understand me?!” He nods weakly, tears falling as he looks up at you. You smirk, but don’t remove your hand. “Good. Maybe if yer a good little human, I’d ev-ven make this more pleasurable for ya.” His eyes widen, but you don’t let him protest before sinking your teeth in the puncture wounds once more. The human cries out against your hand, but seems to remember your deal, quickly going quiet. You smirk against his skin as your drink his delicious blood.

Sollux ===> Hang in there.

You hang in there.

Well, as best as you can, anyways. With this monster feeding off of you, it’s hard to hang on. You thought that you would be dead by now from how much blood he’s taken from you, but you figure there was something in the food he had given you that restores your red blood cell count within minutes.

You whimper as he bites down harder, drinking more of your blood. It feels as if two large needles were injected in your neck, draining every bodily fluid, save for urine because that would be disgusting, from your body. He pays no mind to you as he continues to drink. Your mind goes fuzzy and your vision goes blurry as he feeds off of you. What was first pain and discomfort was quickly replaced by an odd, warm feeling. Your body felt weightless as he continued, and you were beginning to go limp, your eyelids slipping closed from how good this felt.



This is wrong. So very wrong.

You shouldn’t be feeling this way. You need to escape this place, wherever you are, and return to your family. They must be worried sick about you.

The monster seems to have had his fill, beginning to pull away from your neck. Your body moves on its own as it follows him up, your hand escaping his grasp and weakly holding his head in place. You both freeze before you feel him smirking against your neck.

“Oh, ye w-want me to take more, do ye?” You whimper out a yes, but quickly shake your head. What has gotten into you?!

He gives no warning as he sinks his teeth in your neck once more, but he doesn’t take any blood. You feel your heart beat against your wounds, and you’re hyper aware of the softness of his lips against your skin. The monster seems to ponder what to do next, but settles on remaining in the position he’s in.

A soft sigh escapes your lips as your head falls back, your whole body as limp as a rag doll. You can feel his odd body heat from how close your bodies are, and his intoxicating scent of the ocean and some sort of wood make your head spin. Is this how Harley Quinn feels when she’s with the Joker? You could only guess at this point. Your eyelids flutter open as he slowly pulls away, his violet eyes trained on you as he slowly sits on your pelvis. You return his stare, hardly breathing as you take in his features.

If he weren’t a monster, he’d definitely be your type. Tall, muscular with a swimmer’s build, clean shaven. He looked to be at least a year younger than you, probably fresh out of highschool. His eyes held an intensity that drew you in like a baited hook for a fish, or honey to a bee. The purple in his hair was slightly disheveled, and it was clear he wasn’t joking about previously being in a similar position as the one you’re in currently. All in all, he was gorgeous.

“How old are you?” The words escape your mouth without having an a-okay from your brain. He looks taken aback, but continues to stare at you.

“Nineteen.” Whoa. His voice, husky? Hot. You nod slightly, knowing you were right for once. Then again, you don’t know how long he’s been nineteen, but right now, you don’t really care.

“What’th your name?” The male smirks dangerously at you, making you wish he wouldn’t do that because oh my god-

“It’s Eridan. And yers?” Eridan tilts his head at you, the smirk still on his face. You stare at him for a few seconds before remembering to respond, your movements feeling too slow and too wrong.

“Tholluth.” The monster nods slightly before standing, looking down at you snidely.

“I’m afraid I hav-ve to go. I hav-ve a mate w-waiting for me, and I’d much rather spend my time w-with him rather than some useless human like you.” Ouch, that hurt. Eridan doesn’t wait for your reply as he walks away. Your eyes trail his figure, watching as he opens the door, flicks off the light, and slams said door closed, leaving you in a familiar darkness you now call your friend.