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Shadows of the Night

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Lest first feels the tickle in his throat when he arrives in Russia and sees Urd watching the frightened humans perform ballet for him.  It’s a sight he’s seen countless times, but this time it feels different, though he pushes the thought aside and teases Urd about his odd interest in human culture.  It’s actually quite endearing, he thinks as he and Urd are walking outside, all the little livestock running around happily.  Quite the contrast from Germany, he knows.  Urd is quite amazing.

It isn’t until the trip to Osaka Bay, alone in his cabin, that Lest coughs up the first tiny, pure white petal. He stares at it in his gloved hand and thinks that this can’t be real.  Vampires don’t fall prey to this disease; only humans fall in love, so only humans get Hanahaki Disease.

And yet, when he thinks of Urd and coughs up a few more petals, he has a hard time justifying it away as a fluke.


Urd trusts him to stop Saito, but comforts him when he’s instead sliced in half.  Both of those things cause him to cough as quietly as he can while they’re headed back, one hand covering his mouth and the other dragging Ferid by his hair behind him.  Urd asks if he’s fine, and he replies that yes, of course he is.

The blood speckled petals he clutches in his hand say otherwise.


Ferid and Krul are burning, and Lest is at Urd’s side as they make their way towards Sanguinem.

Lest can’t help it; he covers his mouth with a gloved hand and coughs deeply, for even longer than usual.  It’s to the point where the disease would have killed most humans.  He’s not sure if the knowledge that the disease can never actually kill him is a comfort or not.

"...Lest Karr."  He raises his weary face up to stare at Urd, bloodied petals still sticking to his lips.  His gloves are surely going to be stained.  "Why didn't you say anything?"

"About what?" He's tried so hard to hide this, and it’s hard to admit it, even with the evidence out in the open.  "I do not see the problem, Lord Geales."

"You have Hanahaki Disease." Urd seems equal parts confused and worried.  Lest doesn't blame him for the latter, but he hates the guilt he feels at Urd's concern for him.  They have more important things to worry about than him being so stupid and falling in love with someone who he can never hope will love him back.  "Why did you try to hide it?"

"I did not—"

"You've made yourself a liability."  The blunt words sting, and Lest stops immediately.  Urd's face softens, just slightly.  It makes the blossom squeeze tighter.  "It's alright.  We can have it removed.  Then everything will be fine."

"Removed?" Yes, that makes sense.  Even if it won’t kill him, it’s still painful, and if he has an attack while fighting, he might be killed.  But still, if it’s removed... "Then I'll lose these... These emotions..."

He won’t love Urd anymore.  He doesn’t want to; so why is the idea of losing that feeling so painful?  It isn't as if he wants to suffer this pain, both physical and emotional.  But Urd has always made him feel things he knows he shouldn’t, things so few vampires ever feel, especially ones as old as he is.  He isn't keen to lose that now that he fully understands what it was.

Everyone already thinks of him as eccentric for wanting more power, more territories to rule over, to overthrow Krul.  It isn’t as if one more eccentricity is really going to matter.

“You don’t need them.”  More blunt words.  Urd doesn’t understand.  “I’ll give you a chance to fix is problem yourself, but I will step in if you cannot rid yourself of that plant on your own.”

“Of course, Lord Geales.  I understand.”

He understands far too well.


Lest tries to deal with it himself, but the roots just wrap themselves a little tighter every time he sees Urd.  He redoubles to efforts to hide it, to not make himself a burden while still being able to hang on to these feelings.  He'd gone so long without them; he craves the feeling that he's alive, that he desires something other than blood—whether it be for his hunger or his thirst for more power.  He knows he'll never be as strong as Urd, and all the territory he acquires will never change that.

That's fine, he thinks.  He doesn't want to overthrow Urd; he never has.  He likes spending time with him, just being at his side, helping him however he can...  He wonders how it took him so long to recognize his feelings for what they are, because this has certainly been centuries in the making.  Perhaps his refusal to give a name to these emotions kept the bloom at bay...?

He loves Urd, he can admit that now.  And that, apparently, is going to be his downfall.

"...You have one more day.  If you haven't dealt with it before we return to Osaka, I will remove the problem myself."

Lest almost tells him to just do it—he knows he won't be over it in a century, let alone a day.  But he nods and assures Urd that those are acceptable terms, keeping the comforting yet painful emotions in whatever passes for his heart for as long as he can.

The bloom will never kill him, but Urd will unknowingly kill Lest's love for him.  It's oddly poetic, he supposes.


They're to leave for Osaka in an hour.

Urd approaches Lest away from everyone else, and Lest doesn't hide the deep, wracking coughs that almost bring him to his knees.  Almost as if the bloom can tell what's about to happen, it tries even harder to squeeze the life out of Lest.  Lest almost wishes it would succeed.

"Lest Karr, you had your chance."  Lest nods, the petals clinging to his lips dyed a deep red, not in speck of white remaining.  "Very well.  I'll fix this problem on your behalf."

Lest knows what's coming, but he still gasps when Urd's hand plunges into his chest.  He almost feels bad for doing the same to Ferid not long ago, but not quite.  Urd, however, does not breech the other side, instead using careful control to go straight to the Hanahaki bloom that has wrapped around his lungs.

"...And who is it that you have developed such unbecoming feelings for, that you're so unwilling to rid yourself of this burden?"  Urd's voice is even, but tinged with the slightest hint of frustration.  "Who is worth such a thing to you?"

Lest wants to lie; he cannot.

"You, Lord Geales." His voice is weak, but he makes sure he says the words as clearly as he can, even with petals and blood coating his throat and tongue.  "It's... you.  Of course."

It seems laughable that he could have those feelings for anyone else.  He wishes he could tell Urd everything he feels, everything that suddenly makes so much sense to him, but all he can do is gurgle as Urd's grip on his lungs tighten.

Well, he already knows his love isn't returned.  That's why he's in this situation to begin with, after all.  But just as he's sure the roots will be forcibly ripped from his lungs, Urd removes his hand, Lest's body quickly stitching itself back together the moment the intrusion is gone.  Lest falls to his knees and stares up at Urd with weary eyes, honestly unsure of his motives.

"Lord Geales...?"

"...Be quiet, Lest Karr." The familiarity of the words and the lack of bite to them make Lest smile, just a bit.  "You naive fool.  You'd let yourself be killed because of me?  For such petty emotions?"

The roots continue to throb around his lungs, and he can feel the petals trying to clog his windpipe.  No human would still be alive in the state he now finds himself in.  Still, he nods, a spark of defiance in his gaze.  Yes, he hopes his expression conveys, I think this is worth the pain, even if you don't.

Urd stares at him for a moment, not saying a word.  It’s not until he turns to walk away that Lest feels it.  The roots almost seem to loosen their grip, but he knows he must be mistaken.  The root won’t let go on its own unless it dies, and it will only die if…

Lest can feel something large, something solid, creeping up his throat.  He coughs deeply, then begins to gag as it forces its way up.  It hurts, it hurts terribly, but all he can do it choke on the bloom and hope it’s over soon.  But Lest is small and the flower is large, and it’s so hard—!

“Calm down, Lest.  Didn’t I say I’d help you?”  Lest can’t remember the last time Urd used just his first name, but he isn’t in the best position to fully appreciate it.  He can barely focus as Urd kneels down and tilts Lest’s head up, deftly plunging his fingers into Lest’s mouth and taking hold of the bloom, yanking at it, helping it along.  The bloom’s roots seem to slither as Urd pulls it out, as if they do not truly wish to leave even though they’re dead.  Just as Lest is sure he’ll pass out, Urd finally removes it with an audible, wet pop.  “It’s out Lest.  You’re alright.”

Lest looks down at the withered plant that Urd tosses to the ground—black and decayed, with the shriveled roots curling inwards.  It’s a disgusting sight, made only worse when Lest gags once more, a torrent of blood and petals escaping his lips without warning and splattering to the ground.  He heaves, the mess coming out in one, two, three waves.  By the time he spits out a few last blood-stained petals, he’s panting heavily, his body trembling.

“Lord Geales…”  His voice is weaker than he wants to acknowledge, but Urd says nothing, merely lowering his face to Lest’s to press their lips together.  It’s oddly soft, oddly sentimental.  The bloom is dead; Lest can assume what that must mean, as impossible as it seems.  When Urd pulls back, his lips are coated in Lest’s blood, and Lest shivers when he sees Urd lick it away.  “…Does it taste good?”

“You’re… delicious.”

They kiss again, and again, and if they didn't have a mission, Lest would have been content to carry on in that manner all day.  But Urd soon breaks the kiss and stands, offering a hand to help him to his feet.  Had it been anyone else, Lest would have declined indignantly, but with Urd he accepts without hesitation.  They walk away from the withered blossom together, neither looking back.  Lest has questions, of course he does, but he’s tired and weary and leans on Urd until they can see the others, when he straightens up and acts as if nothing were ever wrong.

He doesn’t question Urd’s actions.  He has his theories, wonders if they’re much like his own, if Urd has felt the pull between them but merely refused to acknowledge the deeper meaning.  It doesn’t matter now, he supposes.  His love is reciprocated, he can breathe easily, and Urd…

Urd doesn’t leave his side the entire trip back to Osaka.  Lest isn’t sure how he got so lucky, what he did to possibly deserve such good fortune, but he doesn’t dare complain.  If Urd is with him, that is good enough for Lest.


They arrive to quite the mess—Urd is less than pleased as he interrogates Ky as to how a group of humans and a rouge vampire brat freed one of the prisoners.  Ky’s story is enough to get him excused with only a reprimanding—Urd does tend to unknowingly play favorites, Lest knows this firsthand—and once he’s gone, Urd sighs deeply.

“If only we’d arrive sooner…”  Lest's chest tightens, and there are no roots to blame.  Urd seems to detect his discomfort, looking down at him with the smallest hint of a smile.  “…You are not to blame, Lest.  We'll just have to deal with these humans ourselves, won’t we?”

Together, he means.  Lest smiles.

“Of course, Lord Geales.  They won’t stand a chance.”

The humans will never foresee the terrifying combination that is to hit them.

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The trip had been calm so far, peaceful even.  This, of course, all changed the moment they entered the cereal aisle and a hand shot out to grab a box of brightly colored, sugary cereal.

"Lest, what did we talk about?"

Lest glared up at Urd, holding the box of Lucky Charms tightly to his chest.  Urd was of the opinion that his boyfriend was ridiculously cute when he did that, much like a kitten.  But also like a kitten, he was only deceptively innocent looking, and Urd knew better than to say such thoughts aloud in public.

"You said I should eat healthier, and I told you I'm an adult and can eat whatever cereal I want."

That was all very true.  That was exactly what Lest had said, and it wasn't as if it weren't true.  Lest could certainly make his own decisions, and Urd would never force him to do anything, but still...

"Why not get something just a bit healthier?  Such as..." He looked around for something fairly healthy, but not bland.  Or filled with raisins, or else Lest would laugh in his face.  "...Special K."

"Why don't you Special K-iss my a—"

Urd very quickly placed a finger to Lest's lips as a mother with her two wide-eyed children glared at them.  Lest, while not looking pleased to be cut off, didn't continue his curse once the finger was gone.  He did, however, have a few choice words to mutter in German, but seeing as Urd was quite sure he was the only other one around to speak the language, he wasn't terribly concerned.  Surely the woman would be pitching a fit if she knew just how brutally Lest had insulted her hair.

"...Lest, if you pick something with less sugar, I'll owe you one favor."

Lest's eyes lit up at that—Urd wasn't exactly sure why, as he tended to cave when it came to Lest, but if it saved Lest's teeth and blood sugar levels, he'd try just about anything.  Lest nodded and put the Lucky Charms back on the shelf, scanning the other boxes for something that caught his eye.  After a moment, he picked one that rather surprised Urd.


"...Yes, that sounds acceptable."  Not frosted ones or honey nut ones, but plain normal cheerios.  Warning bells went off in Urd's head, but he just assumed Lest would eat them in chocolate milk or something similar.  That was still better than Lucky Charms for the second straight month in a row.  "Now that this matter is settled, we still need fruit..."

Lest sighed and tossed the Cheerios in the cart, saying, quite loudly but luckily in German, how the only fruit he wanted in his mouth was Urd's banana.  Ah, Urd just loved grocery shopping with Lest.  It was certainly never dull.


Urd entered the kitchen the next morning all ready for work, seeing Lest wearing nothing but his boxers—ah, the joys of working from home!—as he sat at their table and shoveled spoonfuls of Cheerios into his mouth.  The milk wasn't even flavored, amazingly.  Impressed at his boyfriend's restraint, Urd leaned down and tilted Lest's head up, and Lest smiled as their lips met in a soft, affectionate kiss.

Something, however, was a bit odd about the kiss.

Urd pulled back and placed his hand over Lest's, guiding the spoon back into the cereal, then up to Urd's own mouth.  He almost grimaced at how much sugar he tasted.

"No wonder your mouth tasted like a candy store.  How much sugar did you put on these?"

"I didn't measure it."  Lest smirked as Urd let go of his hand and went to pour some nice black coffee to wash the sugar down.  "You didn't say anything about me not being able to make my cereal sweet.  You'd best not go back on your promise, mein Geliebter."

"I'd never dream of it."

But next time he'd have to be more careful, he supposed.  Those Cheerios were far more sugary than even Lucky Charms.  Lest could be such a sneaky brat...

But, well, Urd couldn't deny that he loved that about him.  He'd let Lest have this victory, let him keep that little smirk on his face...  But Urd knew he would win the war eventually.

The little yelp Lest gave as some of the cold milk dripped down onto his breasts while he wasn't paying attention was a nice little start.


Urd wearily entered their apartment at two in the morning.  His company had faced a crisis due to his employees being idiots, and both he and his personal assistant Ky had needed to stay far past the time they should have.  Urd had called Lest to warn him, and he expected to return to find Lest already asleep...

Not watching television in the dark, still wearing only his boxers and eating more cereal.

"...Where did you get those Lucky Charms?"

Lest didn't turn to Urd as he swallowed the cereal and answered with a very sarcastic, "Well, you see, I am an adult with money, and I can leave the house while you're working to buy things.  That wasn't a thing that went against our agreement either."

...Well, he wasn't wrong.

"I hope you at least got dressed and didn't walk to the store in nothing but your undergarments."

Lest scoffed, then downed the milk in his otherwise empty bowl, setting it down on the coffee table.  Urd would have lectured him about bringing it to the sink right away, but Lest stood up, and the light from the television seemed to accent every loving curve of Lest's body...

"Are you too tired, mein Geliebter?  Or would you rather relieve some of today's stress?"

Urd had already planned on going into work later in the day, and Lest's little teasing smile was awfully tempting...

Urd let his briefcase drop to the floor and bent down to scoop Lest up into his arms—an easy feat considering how much shorter Lest was than him.  Lest didn't protest the treatment, instead softly laughing as he was carried to their bedroom and softly dropped on the bed.  Urd soon climbed on after him, loosening his tie before Lest shook his head.

"You should leave your clothes on."  Lest, however, was already shimmying out of his boxers.  "Fick mich."

Urd couldn't see any reason to deny Lest of that command, and he leaned in between his boyfriend's thighs and licked his tongue up Lest's wet lips.  Lest opened his legs wider in response, silently encouraging Urd to do more.  Urd really didn't need to be asked; he immediately lapped at Lest's inner folds, wondering if he should tonguefuck Lest and rub his clit, or suck on his clit and fingerfuck him...

"Hey...  Liebe..."  Urd glanced up at him, knowing he wasn't going to like what he heard next when he saw the little smirk on Lest's face.  "Is my pussy magically delicious?"

Urd paused, mid-lick, and abruptly sat up.  Lest looked far too pleased with himself...  Urd leaned in and smoothly murmured into Lest's ear, "The sweetest, most decadent dessert in all the world could never compare to your delicious flavor.  My tongue craves no other honey but your very own."  He pulled away, smug satisfaction filling him when he saw that Lest's face was flushed hotly, and his breathing had quickened considerably.  Lest looked so adorably flustered that Urd couldn't help but lean in and place a soft kiss to his lips.  "Can you taste yourself?  You're delectable."

"Urd..."  Lest trailed off with a moan as Urd pressed their lips together in a deeper kiss, making sure their tongues mingled.  Urd had lost count of all the times Lest had blown him and then teasingly kissed him afterwards, so he didn't feel especially bad.  Certainly not when Lest made the most delicious little moans.  "Urd, bitte, I need you..."

Urd yanked his belt loose and pulled out his hard cock, guiding it to Lest's dripping pussy.  Lest made impatient little noises, trying to push down on Urd's erection, but Urd grasped his narrow hips and eased in, knowing from experience that Lest tended to forget that his slight frame needed to take it slowly.  He didn't make him wait too long though, not with as painfully hard as he was.  He slid his cock in, inch by inch, until he was buried deep within Lest's warm, wet pussy.

"Lest...  You feel so perfect..."

Before meeting Lest back in college, Urd hadn't exactly been the most talkative person, and really, he still wasn't.  But when he was with Lest, the man he loved more than anyone, the words came so much easier.  He wanted Lest to know just how much he loved him, how precious he was...  He couldn't imagine his life without Lest, not anymore.

Lest wrapped his legs around Urd's waist, rocking his hips to meet Urd's thrusts.  Even with the considerable height difference between them, their movements were in sync, and they both knew how to move and where to touch to bring each other pleasure.  Urd reached between them and rubbed Lest's clit in tight little circles, relishing in the pleasured little cries he let out.  The sound went straight to Urd's cock, and he had to use all of his restraint not to pound Lest into the mattress.  Lest just felt so good!

Lest was babbling in German now, mostly little bits of sex-fueled prattle.  But Urd didn't miss the soft Ich liebe dich that escaped his lips more than once.  His heart swelled for affection for the man under him; he loved Lest so much...!

"U-Urd!"  Lest's body shuddered as he came, squirting his juices over Urd's cock.  He sounded more melodic than any music Urd had ever heard.  "Urd, cum in me!  Please!"

Lest's pussy tightening around his cock coupled with his plea were too much.  With a low moan, he emptied himself deep within Lest, his hips jerking as he pumped his cum into Lest's pussy.  By the time he was finished, Lest was panting prettily beneath him, and Urd had no choice but to pull out and immediately lay down next to him and gather Lest in his arms.

"...Your cum is leaking out on the bed."

"We can change the sheets in the morning, unless you're uncomfortable?"  Lest shook his head, cuddling his nude body into Urd's still clothed one.  He knew one of them would regret this choice by morning, but he was too tired to undress, and Lest looked equally unwilling to find even his boxers, let alone pajamas.  "Very well.  Good night Lest.  I love you as well."

Lest said nothing, burying his red face in Urd's chest.  Urd chuckled softly and placed a light kiss to Lest's head before finally letting himself rest.


Urd awoke alone in bed, a bit uncomfortable in his wrinkled clothes, but otherwise rested.  He reached over, finding Lest's spot was still warm—and there was a telltale stain on the blanket that proved what they'd been up to as well.  He slowly got up and wandered out to the kitchen, not terribly surprised to see Lest sitting at the table and eating cereal.  Cheerios this time.  Though this morning he apparently decided it was better to eat naked.  Thank god no one had the key to their house to just pop in and say hello...

"And how much sugar do you have on them this morning?"

"Just a spoonful, thank you very much!"  A heaping one, Urd assumed, but he let it slide.  "I'm really hungry this morning, so I didn't want to put too much sugar on them..."

His bowl was awfully big, and it wasn't as if Urd didn't know why Lest would have worked up an appetite, but...  He thought of Lest's little quip the night before and couldn't help himself.

"I hope you aren't so hungry that you plan to eat everything in the pantry again, or we'll have to go back to the store today."

Lest paused, his spoon almost to his mouth, his face flushing deeply.

"That's different!  Besides, we were in college, and it was just that one time, and—"

Urd laughed softly and went about making coffee, listening as Lest defended himself in what Urd liked to remember as the Brownie Incident.  Living with Lest was certainly always exciting...

And, well, if Lest wanted something sweet, Urd wouldn't mind trying that little stunt again...  Maybe he'd have to make a special call to Ky and see what he could do.

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Urd was very glad that he had an apartment off campus.  Not only because no one could complain that he had his boyfriend living with him, but also because there were absolutely no prying eyes as he tore the large brownie in his hands in two, handing half of it to Lest.  Urd wasn't sure if this was the best way for the both of them to get high for the first time, but when he'd bought it off Ky, he'd been assured he would have nothing but the best quality experience he could have.  Ky was known for having access to the best of whatever one could possibly want, so Urd decided to trust his friend and bought one of the brownies off him.

Lest's eyes had all but lit up upon seeing all that sugar, and Urd really couldn't regret his decision.

Before Urd could say a word, Lest bit into his half, a loud moan escaping his lips.  Urd ignored the twitch his cock gave at the sound and took a bite of his, surprised by how good it was.  He didn't really like sugar, but Ky apparently knew what he was doing.  That, or his boyfriend Makoto was in on it too, which Urd really wouldn't have been shocked to hear.  Regardless, it had stripes of gooey fudge running through it, and it was so soft and chewy...

He ate his half at a moderate pace while Lest practically inhaled his.  He wondered, belatedly, if due to the size difference, maybe he should have split it 75/25 instead...  But it was too late now, and telling Lest he should or shouldn't do something due to his size was a good way to make him do the exact opposite anyway.  What was done was done!  Besides, Ky assured him that he and Makoto shared that size all the time!  It would be fine...

Of course, he also knew the two did E in the clubs near campus, so maybe Ky was a bit more experienced...

"How do you feel?"  Urd put the last bit in his mouth and hummed softly as he chewed.  Honestly, he didn't feel anything yet, but Ky had said he might need to wait for it to kick in.  "How long should this take?"

"Ky said to give it at least half an hour."  Lest nodded and settled onto the couch, leaning into Urd's side.  They talked about classes and what they wanted to do that weekend and other little things to pass the time.  About twenty minutes later, Lest suddenly grabbed Urd's arm and stared up at him.

"I feel kind of...odd."

Urd glanced at his boyfriend, seeing that Lest's red eyes were, well, redder.  Urd was almost a little jealous that it was kicking in so much faster with Lest, but Lest was much smaller than him, so it made sense, he supposed.  He'd just have to wait longer...

Unfortunately, ten more minutes passed and he still felt exactly as he did before he ate the brownie.

"Urd...  I'm hungry..."  Urd had known that was a thing that would happen, and thus he'd stocked their pantry up the day prior.  Lest could easily have gotten up and grabbed something, but Urd saw no reason he couldn't seeing as he still felt perfectly normal.  Maybe moving around would help it kick in?  He walked to the kitchen and grabbed a box of Lucky Charms, tossing it to Lest.  Lest grabbed at it seconds too late, giggled softly as it hit the ground.  Then he grabbed it up and tore it open, shoving a handful of sugary cereal and marshmallows into his mouth.  "...Are these different than normal?"

Urd glanced at the box, not seeing anything different about it from the last dozen times Lest had picked them out.


Lest held the box up to his face, squinting at it, then turning wide, doubly red eyes to Urd.  "But...  These are the best Lucky Charms I've ever eaten! They're delicious!"  He scooped out another handful and crammed them into his mouth, mumbling something about how good they were, though it was hard to make out the words through the cereal.

"Magically delicious?"  His dry, sarcastic question was met with a pause, then hysterical giggling.  "Lest, it wasn't that funny."

"That's the funniest thing you've ever said!"

Urd knew he wasn't exactly a comedian, but he somehow doubted that.  Lest apparently believed it in that moment, because he just couldn't seem to stop laughing.  To say Urd was jealous was an understatement.

"...I'm going to call Ky."  He walked back into the kitchen so he could actually hear, hitting Ky's name in his contacts and waiting for him to pick up.  It took a few rings, but he eventually heard his friend's familiar voice say hello.  "Ky Luc, you had better have a good explanation as to why Lest is higher than a kite already and I might as well not have wasted my money."

The first thing Urd heard was a breathy, low moan, and it certainly didn't belong to Ky.  But he was sure he heard some very needy Japanese, and he swore, if Ky seriously answered the phone while he was fucking his boyfriend...!

"Really?  There's nothing wrong with the batch, I assure you."  Urd heard giggling come from Makoto, and he had a feeling he really was the only one who wasn't high.  "It's possible everything fell to one side when it baked and you just cut it unluckily...  Makoto is still learning.  I'll just have to show him again!"

Ky said the last word with more than a little lust in his tone, and Urd could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin.  Fuck, Ky really was railing Makoto.  While they were both high.  And Urd couldn't even do the same with Lest.

"That doesn't help me now, does it?"

Ky hummed in thought, and he could hear Makoto whimpering something about filling his pussy up with cum.  Double fuck.  Now he was really getting upset.  How blatantly unfair!

"No, I suppose not, but mon ami, let me make it up to you.  I’ll let the two of you have the next one for free, and I’ll double the size.  Will that be alright?”

Urd wasn't sure he should even bother again, but everyone on campus went to Ky, and he’d never heard a compliant before...

"...Alright.  I suppose that will be acceptable.”  If nothing else, he knew it was working.  Lest was certainly baked.  “But next time, perhaps you could cease having sex when you answer your phone?”

“I’ll consider it!”

Ky and Makoto both burst out laughing, and Urd ended the call with a disgusted sigh.  So much for that…

“Urd!  I’m hungry!”  Urd highly doubted Lest had eaten all of those Lucky Charms in the time it took to call Ky, but he grabbed a few different snacks since he was there anyway.  Some chips, a box of cheesy crackers, and a box of poptarts all followed him back to Lest, who was slumped on the couch, staring up at the ceiling with fascination.  A box lay on the floor, and much to Urd’s surprise, it was indeed almost empty.  “Hey Urd, it looks like there’s a face in the ceiling!”

Urd set the snacks down and humored his boyfriend.

"...Where exactly am I supposed to be looking?"  Lest giggled and pointed to a seemingly random spot, not elaborating.  "Yes, that's quite fascinating."

"I know!  It's so funny!"  Lest didn't stop looking at the ceiling as he groped for one of the snacks, somehow managing to grab the poptarts.  He couldn't quite seem to get the box open though, and after a few minutes of futile struggling, Urd plucked the box out of his hands and took out a packet of cherry poptarts, ripping the foil open to grab one and hold it out for Lest.  When Lest merely opened his mouth in response, he sighed and placed it in his mouth, where it proceeded to fall down into his lap.  Lest laughed again, then finally looked down to pick it up and stuff more in his mouth.  He was halfway through his first real bite when he gasped at turned to Urd with wide eyes.  "This is the best poptart I've ever eaten!  It tastes like a pie!"

Urd shook his head and leaned back against the couch, taking the other poptart to eat for himself.  It surely did not taste like any pie he'd ever eaten.

This, he decided, really sucked.


It was a few hours of Lest laughing at everything and eating so much that Urd was both impressed and a bit scared when Lest suddenly flopped back on Urd's lap and stared up at him.

"Will you eat my pussy?"

That question was usually met with a "yes, it would be my pleasure," but just as he wouldn't have done anything sexual to Lest if only he'd been drunk while Urd was sober, now too was he not sure that Lest could really give his consent.  Dating or not, Lest was certainly not in his right mind.

"I will when you aren't completely stoned."  Lest's pout didn't change his mind.  "I'm not budging Lest.  If you want me to touch you like that, we're waiting.  Otherwise, you’ll have to do it yourself."

Lest gave a weary groan, and must to Urd's surprise, he began pulling his pants and boxers down.  He hadn't given any prior indication that he'd been horny, but Urd could see how wet he was.  It made Urd's cock stir, but he didn't give in.  Luckily, Lest’s head was on this thighs, so he couldn't tell how much he was affecting him.  Especially as Lest plunged two fingers into himself.  He'd gotten more lethargic as time went on, but he certainly had the energy left to fingerfuck himself.

"Urd...  Why won't you just do this for me?"

...Though apparently only barely.

"Because you're high and I'm not."  Lest muttered something about punishment, and Urd tilted Lest's head back, making sure he was as focused on him as he could be.  "No, this isn't punishment for Ky's mistake, I promise you.  But I'm not about to take advantage of you, alright?  I'll do anything you want once this wears off, but not a moment before."

His tone held no room for argument, and Lest lazily nodded, though his fingers didn't slow down.  He even began rubbing at his clit with his thumb, letting out soft little moans that didn't nothing to stop Urd's growing erection.  God, he wanted to just pull out his cock and jerk it right there!

"Urd...  Can you at least touch yourself?  I want to see you touching your fat cock..."  Urd felt his face heat up; he knew he wasn't small, by any means, but he'd never heard it called fat before.  "That's okay, right?  Please?"

Urd supposed that it would be fine as long as he only touched himself, so he gently lifted Lest off his lap, helping him lean against the armrest of the couch instead.  Urd got his hard cock out of his pants in record time, immediately stroking it the moment it was free.  Lest let out a pleased moan, slipping his fingers back in.  Three of them, this time.

"You're so hot," Lest gasped out as he pleasured himself, his eyes trained on Urd's erection.  "Why are you dating me again?"

Urd almost froze.  He probably would have, had his hand not been on autopilot at that point.  "Because I love you."

Lest let out a breathless giggle, thankfully not looking sad in the slightest as he replied, "Oh, that's right.  I love you too!"

"I...  I know.  I'm glad.  You're amazing Lest, please never think otherwise."

Thankfully, Lest was too stoned to be worried about his gender dysphoria at the moment, but Urd kept it locked away in the back of his mind for later.  But for now, Lest was moaning his name and pumping his fingers into his dripping pussy and Urd pumped his cock feverously at the exquisite sight...!

Watching Lest throw his head back and cry his name as he squirted all over his hand was more than enough to make Urd cum in his hand with a quiet groan.  The couch was going to be a bitch to clean, but Urd wasn't terribly worried; he had the money.  Besides, he wouldn't have said no to such a show even if they'd been dirt poor.

Lest made a half-hearted attempt to pull up his pants before letting out a little noise of frustration and crawling back into Urd's lap.  Before he could tuck his cock away.  But Lest's eyes quickly slipped shut, murmuring something about being sleepy...

Well, it seemed Lest was coming down from his high.  Urd smiled fondly down at the man using his lap as a pillow; despite everything, he was glad Lest had fun.  He really deserved it.

And next time, Ky's brownies had better work on the both of them, or there'd be hell to pay.


"I can't believe this..."

Urd put a box of granola bars in the shopping cart, doing his best to keep the smile off his face.

"Well, that's what happens when you eat all the food in the pantry..."  Lest looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, and Urd couldn't help but chuckle softly.  "Trust me, it was very impressive watching you eat almost everything in the apartment.  I'm not sure where you put it all, to be perfectly honest."

"...You know what made me get all hot, right before I fell asleep?"  Lest looked as if he wasn't sure he should be admitting this, so of course Urd had to nod.  "I thought about you covered in jam and peanut butter and how much I wanted to lick it off you..."

Urd, much to his credit, didn't miss a beat as he grabbed a jar of peanut butter off the shelf.

"I can arrange for that."

Lest's flushed face honestly made everything worth it.

Chapter Text

It had been a few years since Urd had personally been back to America; not since the catastrophe, in fact.  At that point, he’d had to be careful not to be seen, which had been hard considering his company at the time.  Lest had been with him, after all, and Urd had, much to his displeasure, had to deal with Lest being rather bitchy when Urd had refused to let them go to McDonalds.

“You don’t eat.”

“…I hate you.”

He’d rolled his eyes at the time and let Lest pout, knowing that something else had been bothering Lest.  To this day, he wasn’t sure what it had been, but he could hazard a few guesses.  Being told a vampire couldn’t do something had always made Lest want to do just that.  He knew Lest tried eating and drinking, even if he didn’t particularly enjoy it, just to say he had.  He could only imagine that had been his reasoning back then too.

Or maybe Lest had just wanted to annoy him, who knew.

Regardless, he supposed he got a chance to try things over again, because there he was walking on American soil with the same vampire noble at his side.  This time, they didn’t need to hide, and humans were quick to stay away from them.  Well, the smart ones anyway.  This was, after all, the United States, and some things apparently never changed.  The redneck who had dared throw the beer bottle at Lest—failing pathetically, he might add—no longer had use of his right arm.

“My hero, Lord Geales!” Lest had sarcastically swooned, and Urd let it go.  He wouldn’t let Lest bait him into an argument, no matter how obvious it was that he was looking for a fight.  They both knew Lest couldn’t win in a physical fight, so his wit and words were all he had.  Urd hated to admit that Lest was very skilled with them.  He was smart and cunning, and Urd respected that.  If only he weren’t so… Fussy.  “Lord Geales, must we really be in this disgusting place?  It’s so crass…”

“You did not have to come along,” Urd reminded him, causing Lest to sigh dramatically.  “I understand that you’re bored, but refrain from letting that interfere with my business.”

“Oh, I’d never dream of it, Lord Geales!  Wouldn’t want to distract you or anything!”  Lest sounded ridiculously bitter, and Urd might have slapped his palm to his face if he were a lesser man.  Oh, that was the problem.  He should have guessed.  He and Lest had only been together for how long?  And he had no intentions of ending the one relationship he’d ever had that mattered, and yet Lest still got jealous for no reason at all.  “Please, don’t let me keep you from tending to that idiotic excuse for a progenitor!”

The progenitor in question was a sixth progenitor with big breasts, a beautiful face, and quite the interest in getting into Urd’s good graces.  And his pants.  Quite frankly, he had no intentions of ever humoring her.  They were merely in America to see if she was running such a large territory smoothly.  The humans were mostly confined to the northeastern territory, stragglers aside.  Urd saw no glaring issues with her rule, but somewhere along the line Lest apparently thought that meant that he was going to jump into bed with her.  How foolish.

“…I believe I need to attend to your mouth first.”  Before Lest could protest, Urd reached down to take a gloved hand within his, tugging Lest along.  He assumed they must look like quite the sight, what with the major height difference between them.  He brought Lest through an alley, leading him behind a convenience store with a large K surrounded by a circle on the sign.  This was as good a place as any, he supposed.  “Lest Karr, as your superior, I must say that I am disappointed with your behavior.”

Lest had the decency to look ashamed.  “I’m sorry Lord Geales, I—”

However,” he interrupted, taking a tiny bit of satisfaction when Lest winced, if only because he’d been so difficult since they’d arrived in America, “as your lover, I must say that your misplaced jealousy makes that feeling intensify.  Lest, what reason have I ever given you to make you think I will leave you?”

Lest flushed at the use of his given name alone—it was something Urd rarely did outside of the bedroom.  He knew that he couldn’t help but play favorites with Lest, but he had to at least pretend to stay neutral.

“You…  You haven’t.”  Lest’s gaze lowered to the ground, and Urd had a terrible feeling he suddenly knew where this was going.  “I just don’t understand why you’d want to stay with someone like me.  You could have a woman like her, or you could have any number of men who actually have—”

Urd couldn’t take any more of it; he reached down to tilt Lest’s head up, their crimson eyes meeting.  Urd made sure to hold Lest’s gaze, to make sure Lest knew how serious he was.

“I don’t want any of them.  Only you, Lest.  It’s been like that for nearly a millennia, and it will not change.” Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a few crates staked on top of each other.  He had an idea…  “Lest, allow me to show you just how much I appreciate your body.”

Without warning, he scooped Lest up and moved over to plop him down on the crates.  Lest was apparently too shocked to say anything, because he was miraculously quiet, a bemused expression on his face.  One that changed to surprised understanding when Urd’s hands went to his belt.

“Wait, anyone could come back here and—”

“And see me pleasuring the King of Germany?  Yes, I suppose they could.  Do you want me to stop?”  Lest didn’t hesitate to shake his head.  “Very well.  Allow me…”

Lest helped lift his hips so Urd could slide down his pants and undergarments, exposing his neatly-trimmed pussy.  His clit was already swollen, his lips puffy and wet.  This situation was turning him on more than he was letting on.  Maybe Lest even wanted to get caught?  To have someone see that he was getting serviced by the leader of the progenitor council?  If that was what it took for Lest to feel better about himself, Urd would do it, gladly.  Besides, who would ever believe an American human anyway?

And, well, if they did…  So what?  He wasn’t naïve; he knew the rest of the council could still tell he gave Lest preferential treatment despite his best efforts.  If they learned the extent of that, so be it.

Urd leaned in, giving those wet lips a few long licks, then running his tongue over Lest’s aching clit teasingly.

Mein Geliebter, please…  I…”  Urd knew what Lest wanted, but considering Lest had still been a brat that entire day, he wasn’t letting him get it without saying it first.  Judging by Lest’s little groan of frustration, he knew it too.  “Will you tonguefuck me?”

It came out sounding slightly more like a command than a question, and with anyone else he would have told them to know their place.  But Lest was different.  Lest would always be different.

Urd plunged his tongue deep into Lest’s pussy, loving the pleasured cry that came from his lover’s lips.  Lest’s gloved hands buried themselves into Urd’s hair, and Urd didn’t protest Lest grinding himself against Urd’s face.  He knew he’d never be able to understand what Lest had gone through for well over a thousand years; all he could do was assure Lest that he loved him just the way he was, however that might be.

Urd thrust his tongue in and out of Lest, a hand moving to rub Lest’s clit in deliberate, tight little circles.  He glanced up at Lest’s face, drinking in his flushed face, his pleasured expression.  His hat was skewed as Lest threw his head back, making enough noise that Urd had no doubts he really did want to get caught.  Well, in that case…

He wouldn’t hold back.

"Urd, bitte, deine Zunge ist so gut...  Lass mich kommen...!"

Urd pulled away, the little whine of disappointment that came from Lest sounding so delicious.  Lest tried to pull Urd's face back into his pussy, but it was a futile effort.  Urd couldn't help himself; if Lest was so worked up he switched completely to German, he was obviously very needy.  Typically they spoke the language of whatever country they found themselves in, but Lest always had a habit of going back to his native tongue when his emotions ran high.  Perhaps as the leader of the vampires, Urd shouldn't encourage such things, but...

Weren't they all at least a bit eccentric?

"Oh?  Are you sure this is how you want to cum?  You don't want to risk getting caught doing anything else?"

Lest glared at Urd, though it didn't hold a hint of malice.  It was, in fact, rather cute.  Lest in general was very pleasing to the eye.  It had certainly piqued his interest so long ago, but Lest was just so much more than his looks.  He was strong and confident and a born leader, and Urd lov—

"Dann gib mir deinen Schwanz!"

Okay, he was mouthy and difficult at times too, but Urd loved him anyway.

"So demanding today...  Have you forgotten your place, Lest Karr?"

"Fick dich."

Urd stood up, making quick work of his pants to free his cock.  His erection bobbed heavily between his thighs, hard and aching for Lest's pussy.  He pulled Lest's pants completely off, then wasted no time positioning the head where his tongue had just been.  Then he looked Lest square in the eyes...

"I believe you meant fick mich, because that is precisely what I'm going to do to you..."

Lest gasped as Urd snapped his hips forward, filling him up in one fell swoop.  Urd knew that Lest would be fine if he immediately started pounding into him, but he gave Lest a few moments regardless.  Just because he could do something didn't mean it would necessarily be pleasant.  When Lest wanted it rough, he was sure to say so.

"Urd..  Bitte..."

Urd had a grip on Lest's hips that didn't allow him to do much on his own, but Urd himself was too far gone to tease him any longer anyway.  He pulled out to the head of his cock, then sank right back in, Lest's wet pussy helping him glide in and out easily.  Lest hooked his legs around Urd's waist, grabbing hold of Urd's forearms to keep his balance, trusting Urd not to let him topple off the crates as Urd pounded his pussy.  Urd had no intentions of letting that happen; Lest just felt too good around his cock, and that expression on his face...  Lest looked up at him with all the love and devotion that Urd felt for Lest.  He suddenly found himself hoping that Lest knew what he didn't often say into words.

"Urd—ah!—ich...  Ich liebe dich..."

Lest didn't often say them except in German, but he still said them more often by far.  Urd trusted that Lest knew how he felt, but then again...  If he was still getting jealous, still doubted that Urd wanted to be with him just because he didn't have a penis...

"Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu."

...Maybe the awed, love stuck expression that came upon Lest's face was a clear indication that he needed to say it far more often.

Urd sped up his thrusts, both of them holding on tightly to each other.  Between the crates banging against the side of the building and Lest's loud moans, there was no way someone didn't hear them. But no one seemed inclined to see who was fucking behind a convenience store, and Urd really couldn't have cared if the entire council showed up at that point.  Lest was so warm, so beautiful, so perfect...

And when Lest came with a cry, squirting all over Urd's cock, Urd wasn't sure he'd ever seen such an appealing sight.  Well, except perhaps for any of the other times he'd made Lest cum.  Though maybe he was more than a little biased.  Lest's pussy tightened around Urd, and it didn't take more than a few more snaps of his hips before he was cumming deep within him, letting out a low groan as he emptied himself into Lest.

They didn't need to catch their breath or anything of the sort, but Urd still didn't pull out right away, content to allow his erection to soften within Lest's pussy.  For his part, Lest seemed no more inclined for him to leave; he let go of Urd's arms and leaned heavily against the wall, a satisfied expression on his face.  There was no doubt that he felt well-fucked.

Eventually, Urd did pull out, pleased with the amount of cum that leaked out of Lest.  Any humans who still believed that vampires didn't experience arousal surely would have been set straight if they'd been there to witness all of that...

"...Are your fears eased?"  After a few moments of pause, Lest nodded.  "I'm glad.  Then we should be on our way."

He helped Lest pull up his pants and straightened himself out, even fluffing out the feathers on his hat.  Then he tucked his cock away, and held out a hand for Lest.  This time, there was no hesitation, nor even a question if Urd really wanted to be seen showing such public affection.  It was for the best; Urd was very talented, he knew, but even he couldn't get it up to fuck some more sense into Lest right away.

"...I still think she's incompetent."

"I'm well aware.  You think everyone is incompetent."

"Not everyone.  You're not."  Lest's conviction made Urd smile, just a bit.  "I can't help it if I'm much more fit to rule than most of the council!  Perhaps if they looked at how perfectly I run Germany, they could—"

Urd allowed Lest to carry on about how much better he was than everyone—Krul especially—as they continued their mission.  If Lest was in a better mood, then he could accept some arrogance.  It was even rather endearing.

And if Urd had to call upon all of his experience not to smirk when he saw the sixth progenitor's crestfallen face upon seeing him and Lest show up hand-in-hand, well, that was alright with him.

Chapter Text

After Shigama Doji disappeared, it was decided; the remaining progenitors would make a council, and the strongest would lead.  With Rigr Stafford wanting no part in it, that left just one candidate—the remaining second progenitor, Urd Geales.  Urd was, after all, the strongest, and he had the best temperament to lead everyone while keeping his composure.  There was no better choice, surely.

"Do we really want an omega leading us?"

At least, that was what Urd had thought, until the question rang out.

"And who else would you propose take on this responsibility?" Urd asked, not letting it show just how much the sixth progenitor's question irritated him.  So what if he was an omega?  They weren’t humans; he wasn't getting pregnant.  And he could control himself through his heat.  "Please, enlighten us."

The far too haughty beta stuck his nose in the air.  "One of the alphas, obviously."

"I'll leave and never come back before I ever let Lest Karr lead me," Krul Tepes sneered, her eyes narrowing as she glared at one of the two alphas among them.  "And if you think a fifth progenitor is fit to rule, you're insane!"

Neither Lest nor Ky Luc seemed very upset by her words.  He highly doubted Ky wanted such responsibility anyway.  Lest though...

"As much as I would love that, you don't have to worry.  I don't want to be the leader."  As the strongest alpha on the council, Lest held much respect; even more so when he was a third progenitor and potentially the second strongest on the entire council, though Krul would contest that.  "...Lord Geales is the most fit to lead us, and I'm more than willing to speak privately with anyone who has a problem with that just because he's an omega.  He's stronger than I am.  Only a fool would think his dynamic renders him unfit."

Lest Karr was also arrogant and quick to prove he was superior to everyone.  But, Urd had found, never with him.  He wasn't sure what made him special to Lest, but he silently appreciated it all the same.  If he were to lead the vampires, having Lest oppose him would certainly be a bother.  But Lest, Krul, and Ky were all on his side, which seemed to be enough to sway the rest.

That day, Urd Geales, second progenitor, became the head of the progenitor's council, and there was no more talk of his dynamic.


...There was no more talk of Urd's dynamic to his face.

A few centuries passed and no one opposed Urd; no one was strong enough to do so, had they been so foolish.  But he still had ears everywhere; he heard plenty of talk.  And he'd had plenty of lesser nobles and even common vampires think they could get something from him just because they were alphas.  He thought them all imbeciles; why would he lower himself to pairbond with any of them?  They wanted the prestige that came with being his mate; not a single one of them cared anything for him personally, and that was fine with him.  He couldn't have cared less about them either.

In fact, only two alphas didn't try anything with him—Ky was always respectful and didn't seem interested in mating at all, and Lest...

Lest was odd.

Urd often found the short noble showing up unannounced, and while he'd first thought Lest had ulterior motives, it soon became clear to him that Lest simply got bored and enjoyed his company.  Perhaps it was because Lest found everyone at his rank and lower to be inferior to him, but then again, Urd didn't think that was all there was to it.  At least, not after all that time.  Lest was...  Lest...

Dammit, Lest was so intoxicating.

Urd was locked away in his castle deep beneath Russia, with orders for everyone to stay away and not let in visitors.  He hated going through heat; he hated that he hadn't been able to get more suppressants from the above world before he had to deal with it for an entire week.  And of course, his heat always lasted as long as it possibly could; no four day heats for him!

Lest's image wouldn't leave Urd's mind as he lay on his rarely used bed, nude from the heat despite the chill of Russia's underground, two long fingers plunged into his ass.  Slick pooled around them, making his task very easy. Unfortunately, he could message his prostate all day, but until he got a knot, it wouldn't satisfy him.  He'd dealt with this for centuries upon centuries, but it still didn't make it easier.  In fact, it only seemed to have gotten harder since meeting Lest so long ago.  And the more Lest came around, the more his body craved the alpha.  He didn't care that Lest was younger than him or shorter or not as strong; Lest was perfect for him, and his body knew it.

"...Lest."  He was rarely vocal when he masturbated, but he couldn’t help but murmur the name as he fingerfucked himself.  He hated that his pride kept him from seeking what he wanted.  But it had been difficult to convince everyone he was fit to lead them; if he mated with Lest—or worse, pairbonded with him—what would they do?  Even if they couldn't match him in strength, how would he lead them if they didn't respect him?  Oh, but how he wanted Lest with him right then, and to hell with anyone who thought he shouldn’t!  "Lest, breed...  Breed me..."

The words made him flush; he knew he could never become pregnant, but the very thought went straight to his cock.  He wanted Lest's cock up his ass, filling him, knotting him.  He wanted Lest to bite him, to pairbond them.  He just wanted Lest so badly...!

"Lord Geales, are you... alright?"

Had Urd been a lesser man, he might have jumped at the sudden sound of Lest's voice behind the door.  He wanted to groan at the bad timing; but what did he expect? No one in the castle would be able to stop Lest if he insisted on seeing him.  But why now?

"...Go back to Germany, Lest Karr.  Now is not a good time."

As if it had ever been so simple.  Even if his voice was amazingly firm, Lest would never listen.  And surely Lest could tell what was happening. His alpha instincts would surely—

"Lord Geales...  I...  I will go if that's truly what you want.  But please know I've wanted you for a very long time now.  Not because of our dynamics, but because you are...  You.  I don't want your power or your influence, I simply want you, if you should want me as well."

The sincere words were like a bomb, blowing away all the defenses he'd had left.  Lest wanted him, but Lest would leave if he said no.  Lest couldn't exactly force him into anything, and they both knew it, but he'd still go.  He'd leave Urd alone.

But Urd didn't want to be alone, not anymore.

Slowly, he removed his slick covered fingers from his ass and got to his feet, walking on shaky legs to the door and unlocking it.  Lest stood behind it, his crimson eyes glassy and a noticeable tent in his pants.  Upon seeing Urd's state of undress and slick coated thighs, he took a shuddering breath.  Urd's ego was nicely stroked; after all, it wasn't like they needed to breathe.

"Lord Geales, may I...?"

Urd stepped aside, sweeping his arm out.  Lest didn't need any more of an invitation than that, hurrying into the room and hastily taking off his clothes.  Urd shut and relocked the door quickly, not wanting to miss the show.  Lest wasn't particularly trying to be seductive—in fact, he was tossing his elaborate, perfectly tailored garments with zero care to where they landed—but Urd was still curious as to what Lest's body looked like.  He really could only imagine; he knew what gender Lest was, but he also knew Lest had faced as much opposition over it as he himself had for being an omega.  But just as Lest had never judged him for his dynamic, so too did Urd not care when Lest's bare chest showed small breasts, nor when the only penis he possessed was the retractable one where he otherwise would have had a clitoris.

Lest's cock was large, especially on his small body, and Urd wanted nothing more than to have it pounding his ass.  And the man in him, free from his dynamic, saw Lest's dripping pussy and wanted to rail it so hard that Lest forgot his name.  Every part of Lest was arousingly perfect, and he wanted a taste of it all!

"Lord Geales—"

"Urd," he interrupted, unable to take his eyes off the alluring body before him.  "If it's just the two of us, you have my permission to drop all formalities."

"...Urd."  Lest seemed to like the way his name rolled off his tongue, smiling in a very sincere manner.  "Do you want my knot?"

"Yes."  He saw no shame in admitting it now; Lest was there and fully erect, his pheromones making Urd feel dizzy.  "Were you already in rut...?"

"No, of course not!" Lest seemed offended that Urd would think he sought him out in that state, which only further told Urd he was making the right decision.  But that meant...  "Your heat...  You smell so good that you threw me into it.  You've done it a few times in the past, but I was far enough away that I could leave before I thought better of it.  Today though...  It didn't happen until just now.  I apologize.  Please don't think I'd try to do anything base to you.  You aren't just an omega for me to try to claim.  I'd never..."

"I know you wouldn't."  And he did.  He really did.  They'd been dancing around each other and their feelings for far too long, and it was time to end it.  "Lest...  Give me your knot."

"Of course."  Urd wasn't sure which was leaking more, Lest's cock or his pussy.  Either way, it was driving him mad.  "Urd, let me show you the extent of my desire for you..."

It took all of Urd's willpower to slowly get back on his bed, laying back and spreading his legs, rather than have Lest fuck him right on the floor.  But he managed, and Lest was soon before him, crawling between his parted thighs and positioning his cock to Urd's slick entrance.  The head of his cock was soon pressing into Urd, and he was glad that Lest felt the same urgency to mate as he did.

Lest's cock slid into his dripping entrance smoothly, and Urd stifled a groan at the sensation of finally being filled by an alpha's cock after so long.  And the sight of Lest, looking so unashamedly content...  He could have blown his load right then.

Lest thrust into him a few times, a bit clumsily but with enthusiasm.  It didn't matter to Urd; it felt so good to have that warm cock up his ass, sliding in and out, so close to his—

"Ah!"  Despite having been touching his prostrate not long ago, having Lest's cock rub against it somehow felt far different.  Much more pleasurable.  "Lest, right there..."

Lest nodded and kept going at that angle, speeding up his hips as he got more comfortable with the position.  Urd's omega instincts overrode his shame, and he let more and more quiet little moans escape his lips.  Lest was far more vocal, letting out delicious moans and gasps and murmuring Urd's name as if it were a sacred prayer.  He didn't think either of them were going to last long at that rate, but what about...?

Before Urd could tell what he was doing, he leaned in and bit at the scent marker at the junction of Lest's neck and shoulder.  He hadn't needed to seek it, and he hadn't thought twice about what that would mean for them; he simply knew it was something his body craved.  When he pulled back, the lingering taste of Lest's sweet blood filling his body with white hot desire, Lest looked shocked.  Oh.  Perhaps Lest didn’t want to pairbond after all?  Had he managed to read the atmosphere wrong?

Lest's body lurching forward to sink his fangs into Urd's own scent marker told him all he needed to know.  Urd's body shivered as he felt the electrical current flow through him, that almost magical link forming between them.  He and Lest...  They were bonded now.  After so long of denying how he felt, telling himself that he shouldn't, he'd thrown it all away and pairbonded with Lest Karr.

And he wasn't sure he'd been so happy in all the years he'd been alive.

"I'm close," Lest warned, and Urd could tell; the knot was growing, filling his ass more than he'd ever been filled before.  "Urd...  I..."

"Breed me," Urd breathed, not caring anymore.  Not with Lest.  Not with his mate.  "I need your knot, Lest.  Don't hold back."

Lest’s movements got jerky again, losing their rhythm as his orgasm approached.  Urd suddenly had an idea, and he reached out, his hand going between them, two fingers sliding up Lest’s wet pussy.  Lest obviously hadn’t been expecting that, letting out a startled gasp, then a loud moan as Urd thrust his fingers inside of him, curling to hit that spot that would make Lest see stars…

Urd felt Lest’s juices wet his fingers mere moments before hot cum began to shoot from his cock, filling Urd’s ass to the point it began to leak out around Lest’s cock.  It was thick and warm, and Lest’s knot was so fulfilling! All it took was a few strokes of Lest’s hand on his own erection and Urd came as well, his own cum hitting his stomach.  Urd could honestly say that he’d never felt so satisfied; the terrible heat that had wrecked his body finally began to subside.

Lest—his mate!—slumped against his chest, his small body fitting snuggly into Urd’s arms.  They were stuck like that until the knot went down, so it was good that they could get comfortable.  Urd didn’t mind that at all; feeling all of that cum in him, being able to touch and smell his mate…  Oh, if only he were still a human, he’s surely give birth to twins, if not triplets!

Urd was a bit shocked at the pang of disappointment that washed over him.  No, that was surely not a thing he wanted!  Him, a father?  Perish the thought!  But…  Still…

“…I apologize that I cannot give you children.”

Lest buried his face in Urd’s shoulder, nuzzling the bite mark that showed proof of their bond.  After a moment, an empathetic bond opened between them, just for a moment, and Urd was stunned at the pain that hit him like a wave.

“I can’t either, so I might say the same to you.”

Thus was their fate, and they held each other until the knot—and the pain—began to subside.  If only a little.


“A human, I can’t believe it.”

After over a thousand years of disinterest on Ky’s part, Urd was rather surprised to see him waltz in with a human omega, freshly pairbonded.  Probably already pregnant.  He wasn’t nearly as bitter about it was he’d been back when he and Lest first mated, though he assumed that little sting would always remain.

“It is rather odd, but if the human stays loyal to Ky Luc, I see no reason to forbid it.”

Lest nodded, not looking entirely pleased but not disagreeing.  Urd knew that if Lest really found issue in the matter, he would certainly say something.  He never had any problems telling Urd what he thought, and he surely wouldn’t start now.

“No, I suppose not…  But, you know…”  Lest glanced up at Urd, a little smirk on his face.  “They’re going to mate many more times until the human’s heat subsides.  They shouldn’t be the only ones having so much fun, don’t you think?”

Urd was taking suppressants, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t ignore their dynamics and have fun whatever way they chose.  Urd certainly couldn’t deny that he liked having his cock in Lest’s pussy just as much as having Lest’s knot filling his ass.  He liked having sex with his mate regardless of how they did it.  He just liked being with Lest, no matter what they were doing…

Honestly, Urd just loved Lest in general.

“We have a mission.  We shouldn’t distract ourselves.”  Lest shot him an unimpressed, knowing look.  “…But I suppose a small break wouldn’t hurt.”

“No, I suppose not.”

Urd held out his hand for his mate, and audience be damned, they headed for Urd’s room on the ship.  As if they’d let a newly mated couple show them up!

And besides, if Urd needed a distraction to help him forget about what he and Lest could never have, would anyone really blame him?

Chapter Text

Lest got bored easily, and that meant that Urd often found himself in situations that probably weren't the most becoming of a second progenitor.  For example, wearing casual human fashion and getting dragged to a nightclub in America probably would raise a few eyebrows from fellow council members.  And yet, that was exactly what Urd was doing, simply because that was what Lest had wanted.

And though Urd would deny it to anyone else, Lest often got what he wanted.

So after intimidating the bouncer—who didn't want to let Lest in until he realized he was a vampire, at which point he all but groveled for his life—they entered the flashy nightclub.  Urd's first thought was, "Why?" Why did something like this exist?  What made humans find such loud noises and flashing neon lights appealing?  But Lest looked around the place, intrigued, and Urd knew they weren't going to be leaving anytime soon.

It wasn't until they were seated at a little booth in the back of the club so they could watch the human's behavior that Urd spoke up.  "This place is worse than the discothèque we visited in France fifty years ago."

"Ky has always been good at getting the livestock too doped up to notice there were vampires among them."

A little too good, Urd thought, but if it kept Ky entertained and the humans blissfully unaware, he wouldn't say much.

"...This place is far louder.  And Americans certainly have interesting taste in music..."  Though he had to admit that the beat to the music did fit the style of dance the humans were partaking in.  If you could really call rubbing all over each other dancing.  "I can't see the appeal.  You hate ballet but have no issues sitting in the midst of this?"

Lest gave a half-hearted shrug as he watched the humans dance.  He would never admit it, but Urd knew that the only reason Lest didn't like theatre of any sort was because he felt Urd ignored him during it.  Lest could be quite ridiculous like that.  They'd known each other longer than ballet had existed, but yes, surely he was going to prefer it to Lest.  That made perfect sense!

Still, he knew that Lest had more odds stacked against him; more hang-ups from when he was still a human.  Urd was a patient man, and he could handle Lest being a bit insecure at times.  Not that Lest ever admitted to it, of course.  That was fine; Urd didn't push the subject.

"Ballet is boring, Lord Geales.  These people are at least lively."  Urd thought it looked like they might start fucking right on the dance floor.  "...We should try it."

Urd's initial reaction was to say no, absolutely not.  The height difference between then was too great for that sort of dancing to work.  Or, as they'd learned over the years, most any kind of dancing.  But if he told Lest that he couldn't do something, well, that only made him want to do it more.  It would be faster, he knew, to humor him and fail than try to convince him it was a futile effort.

So he stood up, Lest following suit, and walked to the edge of the dance floor.  No one seemed to pay attention to them, too busy with their own partners.  Urd stood there, letting Lest try to position themselves as the humans were.  It... certainly wasn't going to work, and Urd knew it.  And he could tell by the look on Lest's face that he knew it too.  But still, Lest was stubborn, and he circled around Urd, trying to come up with a way for them to bump and grind.  Urd gave Lest credit for trying, but the fact remained that their height difference was far too great to make such a feat possible.

After a while, Lest hung his head and slowly made his way back to their booth, slipping in and staring down at it.  Urd sat across from him, reaching out to place a hand over Lest's.  Even their hands were vastly different sizes, and though Urd thought that it merely meant that Lest's hand fit snuggly into his, Lest appeared even more distressed.


"It isn't fair."  Urd's hand only tightened around Lest's; he knew.  He knew it must be hard for him, even after all that time.  "Why did he have to turn me when I was so..."

Lest was one of the oldest beings on the planet; Urd would never see his lover as anything but an adult.  A very short adult.

"There's nothing wrong with you."  It was hardly the first time Urd had to say those words; he'd say them as many times as he needed to.  "...Come here."

Lest hesitated for several long moments, then slowly withdrew his hand and moved over to Urd's side of the booth, slipping in beside him.  He gave a little gasp when Urd hauled him into his lap.


"It's too dark for a human to see much of anything, and the music is far too loud..."  Urd's hand wandered down Lest's body, lingering at the waistband of his pants.  "Not to mention we're facing a wall.  No one will see."

As if the humans could stop them regardless, but if Lest was feeling sensitive about his body, Urd knew there was a good chance he wouldn’t want anyone to see what was going on.  And yet, Lest had always gotten off to having sex in risky places, and what was more risky than in a room full of humans?

“…Alright.  You know I trust you, mein Geliebter.  Do whatever you wish.”

Urd placed a kiss to the top of Lest’s head, then slipped his hand down Lest’s pants.

The moment Urd ran his finger down Lest’s labia, a new song started up.  Something about being a remix?  Urd didn’t pay much attention to it, though the humans seemed excited to hear it.  He was more concerned with touching all the sensitive places on Lest’s body.  He was tempted to reach his other hand up Lest’s shirt, but he didn’t want to push things too far.  Besides, when he started rubbing at Lest’s clit and got a quiet moan in response…

Lest shivered at the soft, teasing touch, arching his back and spreading his legs to give Urd better access.  Yes, as Urd thought; Lest wasn't opposed to doing this here at all.  And since no one would be able to hear them over the music...

"You're perfect," he murmured into Lest's ear, taking his fingers off Lest's clit to move them further down.  Lest was getting wet, and Urd softly stroked his lips a few times before dipping his fingers inside.  "You're strong and cunning and ambitious.  You've accomplished more than most of the council could ever dream of.  And your body..."  He slid his fingers out of Lest, only to plunge them in further and curl.  Lest's moan of pleasure was almost audible even over the music.  "...There's nothing wrong with it.  You're so handsome Lest.  No one can compare..."

And he meant that, he truly did.  He could remember when Lest had first been turned; back then he'd been a child, and he hadn't even presented himself as he did now.  Lest didn’t like to think about those times, so Urd didn’t bring it up.  But Lest couldn't be any more different now; he was confident, and even little setbacks like this didn't change the fact that Lest had overcome a lot to get where he was today.  Urd was proud of his lover; he wanted him to always remember that.

Lest was also arrogant and quick-tempered and had a jealous streak a mile long, but none of that mattered to Urd at all.  Lest being so feisty kept things interesting!

He continued to whisper little affectionate affirmations into Lest's ear as he finger fucked him to the beat of the music.  Lest squirmed around, trying to keep quiet, and his ass ground against Urd's erection.  What Urd wouldn't have given to just slide their pants down and bounce Lest on his cock...

But this was about making sure Lest felt good about himself, and Urd couldn't deny the appeal of Lest's cute ass grinding against him.  All those cute noises Lest was making, and his flushed cheeks, and his wet pussy so warm around his fingers...  He supposed that cumming in his pants wasn't quite as embarrassing when he had all of that to contend with.

"Urd...  Please...  Touch it."  Urd could have teased him about what it was, but he wanted Lest to cum first, and he was painfully close, so he used his thumb to rub Lest's clit, the little nub even more swollen than when they'd first started.  Lest was very close.  "Urd...!"

Urd pressed kisses against Lest's neck and shoulders, his fingers working Lest's pussy and clit expertly.  They'd been together for so long, knew each other's bodies so well, and yet Urd never got bored of Lest.  If he was to spend an eternity with someone, he was glad it was to be with Lest Karr.

The song was winding down to a close when Lest's hands flew to his mouth, muffling the cry he let out as Urd's fingers became even wetter.  Lest was so beautiful when he came, and his trembling body still wiggling in his lap proved to be too much.  He buried his face into Lest's shoulder as he came, feeling the hot cum fill his boxers.  That was going to get very uncomfortable soon, but for now...

"Thank you." Lest's breathy voice and grateful smile made the mess in his pants worth it.  "Perhaps we should leave though..."

Urd couldn't have agreed more, and he removed his fingers from Lest's pussy.  After he confirmed that Lest was watching, he stuck his two sticky fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean.  Lest's face heated up further, his breath hitching.  Impressive, considering they didn't actually breathe.

"Delicious."  Lest didn't reply as he straightened out his pants, but Urd didn't miss the little spark of joy in his crimson eyes.  "Perhaps I'll need to have more dessert before the night is through."

The speed Lest was out of his lap and dragging him out of the dark nightclub was amazing.

Chapter Text

Vampires didn’t celebrate birthdays as humans tended to.  After all, many lost track of exactly how old they were, if they even remembered the month and day.  And the higher ranked the vampire, the more years went by, and the harder keeping track became…

Lest Karr, however, made sure that he always remembered May fifth, and the exact year he’d been born as a human.  After all, millennia had passed and yet there were still those outside of the council who viewed him as a child.  He was the third oldest vampire on the council, and yet lower nobles still dared to disrespect him?  At least those on the council would never dare to do such a thing!

...Well, Krul didn’t count.  She was a bitch anyway.

The high progenitors that made up the council tended to follow their hierarchy of respect, and if a high ranked noble sent a gift, you knew you were in their favor.  Lest not only sent out very few presents to lower ranked progenitors, but he sent the most terrible things he could think of to Krul.  If it weren’t for the fact that Urd had said centuries ago that all the thirds had to give each other birthday gifts regardless of order within their rank, he’d ignore both her and Nix completely.  At least this guaranteed they couldn’t snub him either!

With Rigr Stafford gone, the only progenitor to outrank him was Urd Geales himself, and if you received anything at all from him, you could more or less consider yourself untouchable.  Very few could boast such a thing, but Lest was proud to count himself among that elite group.  In fact, he was more than a little smug to know it was common knowledge among the council that he was Urd’s favorite.  No one would ever compare to him!  He could do anything and Urd turned a blind eye to him.  The fact that he produced results probably helped.

The fact they’d been lovers for over two thousand years definitely helped.

All day, presents poured in, with his aides sorting them into things from humans, common vampires, progenitors, and high progenitors.  He’d look at them later, but everyone knew that there was one present he wanted to know about immediately.  There wasn’t a single person under Lest who would be foolish enough to not tell him when Urd’s gift arrived.

And yet…

The day passed, time that didn’t hold much meaning in the first place going by dreadfully slowly as he waited for the announcement that a gift from Russia had arrived.  Hours went by, but there wasn’t a word.  Then hours more and still nothing.  Lest kept himself locked away in his office, knowing that if he were to see anyone he would probably be tempted to rip their heart out simply to ease the tension that flowed through his body.  Why hadn’t Urd sent him anything?  Was his lord and lover mad at him?  Had he done something wrong?  Did Urd not love him anymore…?

No, he told himself firmly, that’s ridiculous.  Of course he does.

But hours ticked on, and it was soon late at night, with not a word from Urd at all.  Lest knew he could try to call Russia, but he wasn’t about to do that on his birthday. He wasn’t going to look so desperate and clingy.  He had pride!

He forced himself to leave his office to where his presents had been stored, ignoring everything except for the gifts from the other high progenitors.  He didn’t even bother to open them, instead just browsing over the names, looking to see if one had been misplaced. His eyes scanned from name to name, seeing that every member of the council was accounted for…  Except for Urd Geales.

Lest refused to get upset; surely he was jumping to conclusions and there was a perfectly rational reason why Urd hadn’t sent anything.  It was just another day, right?  He and Urd had been together for so long and would remain that way, and there was no reason to think this meant anything!

So why, he wondered, could he not seem to stop his hands from trembling?

He steeled himself and began opening the gifts, taking note of which ones were actually worth a damn and warranted a thank you.  There weren’t many, but at the same time nothing was so insulting as to require retribution.  He moved on to the other things, full of junk or things he already had.  He could at least admit that his mood was sour, and he refrained from breaking things purely out of spite as he went through them, but just barely.

By the time he’d gotten through everything, the clock on the wall chimed, signaling that it was midnight.

Lest didn’t even have a heart anymore, but it certainly felt as if it were squeezing tightly in his chest.  His birthday had come and gone, and he hadn’t heard from Urd once.  No call, no letter, nothing.  Maybe, he thought, Urd was tired of him.  Sick of Lest popping into Russia unannounced and teasing him about his interest in human culture.  Sick of his temper, sick of his attitude, sick of him.  Maybe Urd was just finally tired of their relationship altogether.  Maybe he wanted someone who wasn’t so short.  Or a man who actually had a d—

“There you are.”

Lest’s dark thoughts luckily disappeared as his body went rigid, and he scolded himself for not noticing another presence approaching, especially when there hadn’t even been an attempt to mask themselves.  He forced himself to put on a little smirk as he gazed up at the very man he’d just been thinking about, a mixture of relief and confusion running through him.

“Lord Geales, how very nice of you to visit Berlin.  To what do I owe such an honor?”

“Lest, don’t be like that.”  Urd looked weary, shaking his head softly.  “I’m sorry I didn’t make it in time for your birthday, I truly am.  There was an incident that only I could tend to.”

Lest let the smirk drop, a frown taking its place.  “And what was so important that you couldn’t even call me?”

“Rigr Stafford will be rejoining us on the council.”  Oh.  Oh, he supposed that was quite major.  “I had to personally deliver him to France and make sure he was fully aware of what future betrayal would mean.  Thankfully, he seemed quite content to see Ky Luc.”

Lest imagined so; those two hadn’t hidden their relationship prior to Rigr’s betrayal, and Ky had been quite agitated during the battle against Shigama and the seraphs, knowing Rigr was around.  Lest knew there was quite the story to all this, and he certainly did want to hear it later, but at the moment he was far more interested in just having Urd with him.  The rest could wait.

“I see.  And how do you plan to make it up to me?”

Urd was a very serious man.  He rarely even smiled, let alone laughed.  And yet, when it was just the two of them, Lest saw soft smiles adorn his lover’s face quite often.  That included the one he received now as Urd got down on one knee before him.  Lest didn’t think much of it; after all, Urd was considerably taller than him, and this got them face to face in the quickest and easiest manner.

But then Urd pulled a little velvet box out of his pocket.

“I truly do apologize for not making it back in time.  I wanted to do this on your birthday, but I don’t want to wait another year either.  I hope you can forgive me.”  He popped open the box, and it contained exactly what Lest had thought it did.  “I realize this is merely symbolic seeing as we don’t wed, but perhaps with this new world we’re building with the humans, things should change.  Starting at the top.  So…  Lest Karr, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Suddenly, the entire day’s worrying melted away, leaving Lest trying his best to remain composed for an entirely different reason.  He nodded, barely managing to murmur out a yes as he took off his glove and allowed Urd to slip the ring on his finger.  Lest stared at it for several long moments before looking back at Urd, the same soft expression that Urd wore coming to his face as well.

“Urd…  Mein Geliebter…  Ich liebe dich…”

Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu, pryanichek.  Happy Birthday.”

Lest was unable to stop himself from throwing his arms around Urd, a genuine smile on his face that only intensified as Urd returned the embrace.  Urd really loved him that much…  He wasn’t sure he’d ever been happier in all the time he’d been alive than he was in that moment.  It had been a good birthday after all.

And he was going to have so many more with the man he loved at his side forever.