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Oil Paintings and Late Night Jam Sessions

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“Well looks like that’s all we have time for today. I’ll see you this Monday and we’ll go over the study guide for the exam on Wednesday.”

You put away your notebook after the professor excused your class; fuck yeah it was Friday and you were ready to alternate between total relaxation and cramming a bunch of work at once, just like you did every weekend. You knew you were going to have to study off and on all weekend at the very least. While putting away the last bit of your school supplies you heard the chair beside you scrape the floor a bit. You looked over to see Bakugou looking back at you, mouth open like he was trying to say something. His eyes held a twinge of nervousness; enough to have to pause but not enough to make you ask about it. He’d probably just get mad if you asked; he was cautious that way. You got up and grabbed your bag instead of waiting for him to pull the words out of his throat. If he really wanted to tell you what was on his mind, he’d learn it was easier to text it. If it was something that had to be said face to face, he’d tell you later. Texting was far less anxiety inducing anyways. You turned and walked to the back of the class and out the door, making a beeline back to your dorm. If you were honest with yourself it probably looked as though you had ran away. Really though you just wanted to put your backpack up so you could go get lunch. It was already the afternoon and you were starving.

Katsuki cursed under his breath when he watched you get up and leave. Why couldn’t you have waited for fucking one minute? He wanted to see if you wanted to study together still. If you wanted to study tonight. Why was his mouth so dry when he tried to ask you? Fuck what was wrong with him? He grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the room, heading to the table in the big student lounge his friends always ate lunch at.

When he made it into the lounge, Eijirou was the only one there. Thank fuck. Bakugou walked over and threw his stuff into one of the chairs. “Watch this while I grab food.”

Eijirou looked up from his phone and smiled brightly, “Got it Katsuki!”

Katsuki grumbled the whole time he was in line to order, and the whole time he waited for his food. As much as he wanted to say it was just the way he usually was, he knew it was linked to his last interaction with you. He wanted to study with you. He craved one on one time with you. Like a date? He wanted a study date. He wanted to study with you in a somewhat romantic atmosphere so that maybe he could later ask you on a real date. But no, when he went to ask he froze up and you looked him in the eyes and left.

When he sat down Eijirou asked him what had him so down, so he relayed it to him. As much as Katsuki hated it, this idiotic red head was his best friend, and was way better at understanding social norms and cue than he was. Maybe there was something to it he wasn’t reading. That tended to be the case.

When Katsuki finished venting to his best friend, Eijirou smiled. “You know you have her number. You could just ask her. Then you don’t have to worry about speaking at all.”

Katsuki gave him a blank stare, “Oh....I do don’t I?”

“You forgot she gave it to you?”

“I haven’t needed to use it!”

Eijirou threw his head back in loud laughter. Holy shit Katsuki forgot he had gotten your number even though he was so eager to get in in the first place.



You were scrolling through a social media timeline absent mindedly on your bed when you heard your text tone go off. You weren’t super used to text messages, most of your friends used any number of online apps. When you checked you were surprised.

[xxx-xxx-xxxx: It’s Bakugou. We should study tonight.]

You blinked and smiled. You gave him your number like a week ago and he finally texted you. And it was so blunt. You shook your head and added him to a contact, with that great picture of him cropped and put as his picture.

[Y/n: Now he speaks!

Cherry Bomb: stfu do you want to fail this test?

Y/n: I’m not going to fail this exam I’m gonna study. You want to study together?

Cherry Bomb: No shit.]

You laughed. He was so fucking jumpy. It was obviously so funny the way he hid behind anger.

[Y/n: Tonight?

Cherry Bomb: yeah

Y/n: Okay I can do that. Should we go get dinner?

Cherry Bomb: I’ll make something

Y/n: Cool. It’s a date.]

You felt your face heat up with your last text. Hopefully he’d be casual about that. Knowing him he’d either ignore it completely, get super flustered, or be smug and fucking make fun of you.

Katsuki stared at his phone. A date. It’s a date. She said it’s a date. He got up and cracked his knuckles. He was gonna make such good food for you you were going to love it, and him. He was going to spoil you with delicious food. And fuck Kaminari it’s not his idea. Katsuki quickly headed downstairs to the communal kitchen, prepared to kick out whoever was in there. Kicking open the door, the place was almost empty. The only person in there was...fucking Deku.

Fuck. If he kicked him out he’d probably cry to you. He stomped over to the fridge and looked through it. It was fine until that whiny, high pitched voice piped up. “Oh hey Kacchan, what are you making?”

“Fuck off Deku I’m making curry.”

Deku’s eyes lit up. “Oooh your families curry is sooooo gooood, what's the occasion?”

Bakugou hunched his shoulders and grumbled almost inaudibly, “Studying with (y/n)/”

“You have a date? Awesome!”

Katsuki jolted and pulled out some beef and veggies. “I don’t need you congratulating me. Don’t tell a fucking soul okay? I don’t need you starting fucking rumors, I know you’re a goddamned gossip.”

Deku gave him an innocent look, that ass. He knew within the week all of their friends would know. Deku couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. Not that you two dating needed to be a secret. He just didn’t want to be teased by any of his friends.

Katsuki was calmly cutting the veggies when he heard a noise behind him. Deku had gotten out the rice cooker and was adding some good jasmine rice. “The fuck do you think you're doing?”

“Helping you Kacchan. You can focus on making your curry and be done faster. Then you can have your date and it’ll be nice. I’m happy you have someone you like so much. I haven’t seen you this happy in like....over a decade.”

Heat pulsed through his skin and ignited the sweat on his hands. “Why are you talking like that you fuckass?! Leave me alone. I have a knife!!”

Deku smiled and laughed, “You’re not going to stab me, Kacchan. Anyways that’s cooking so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Katsuki grumbled, knowing Deku was right. The fucking know it all. He sauted the veggies and threw the meat in a pot with the curry sauce. It helped his pulsing heat relax. Art and cooking were the two things Katsuki knew would render him calm.

In highschool, he was a punk ass kid who fought everything. It had gotten him in trouble way too many times, and finally his mom forced him to do different anger management classes. That’s where he realized he loved art. It started his love for art, although the love for cooking has been with him his whole life.

He was lost in thought while cooking until he heard the clink of dishware. Turning he saw Deku once again. He had set down two matching bowls, and utensils. “Deku what are you fucking doing just leave.”

“You wanna make a good impression on your study date right?”

Katsuki fixed this twerp with a look. He continued.

“Having matching bowls would be really really cute and I bet she’d think your all romantic. B-but if she thinks it's weird or anything y-you can say I made you do it!”

That idea put Katsuki at ease some. As long as he didn’t get ridiculed for it he was fine. The matching bowls were... pretty cute to be honest. And you liked cute things, right? You’d cooed over baby animals and stuff.

With the food finally finished, Katsuki put all of it in tupperware containers. He took that and the diningware up to his room. He planned to make the bowls up really nice at his writing desk when he got into his dorm. Speaking of his dorm, he needed to kick Eijirou out of it so you two could be alone. Not like he expected anything to happen between you, but Eijirou would talk and talk and distract you both and make fun of him if he stayed. He had to go.

Katsuki came into the dorm and set the food on the desk. Immediately Eijirou came over to the desk, sniffing like a fucking animal. “Oh what did you make?”

“Nothing for you. No food for you. This is for (y/n) and I, we’re studying.”

Eijirou smiled brightly. “You got your date, yay!!”

“Oh shut up, I need you out of the dorm.”

Eijirou grinned, “So it’s one of those kinds of dates.~”

Katsuki set the food down and spun on his best friend. “Shut the fuck up it’s not like that! I just know you're gonna do this shit all night if you don’t leave!”

“I get it, I get it. I’ll get out of your hair. Text me when you're done for, so I can come home late to sleep. You two don’t need to be pulling an all-nighter or anything.”

Katsuki shrugged and opened the container to make the bowls. It smelled heavenly and Eijirou couldn’t help but drool a tiny bit. “If you have any lefto-”


Eijirou took that as a yes, laughed his ass off, and went to go see Denki to go play video games all night.

Finally Katsuki was alone. By himself in his dorm. Not for long though, you were going to come fill in the space. He had a date with you, holy shit. He had a date with the cute neighbor that punched him in the face. A girl crazy and spunky enough to keep him in check. It was intoxicating and to be honest he wasn’t sure if he could keep his head on his shoulders. Looking around, he noticed clothes on the floor, and art supplies all over. He quickly cleaned up those things, and a few other odds and ends. The dorm needed to be perfect, he didn’t want you to think he was a slob. He’d slap the shit out of Eijirou for being so messy later.

When he felt satisfied he sat on his bed and pulled out his phone.

[Kasuki: Okay I’m ready. Come over.

Y/n: Okie dokie I’ll be right over]

Katsuki stared at his phone. Why was the way you talked so fucking cute? He hated it. He loved it. Fuck you for making him feel so funny.


About five excruciating minutes later, you came to the door and knocked. Katsuki would deny that he rushed to the door, no way. He’d just been waiting for you, no big deal. When he threw the door open, you were standing there with baggy sweatpants on and an oversized tee. You looked casual and comfortable, like coming over wasn’t a big deal at all; on one hand it offended him that you could look so calm when he felt so clammy and nervous, but on the other is relieved him that you actually felt relaxed enough around him to wear lounge clothes. It also made him hate just how cute you looked in sloppy clothing. What the fuck?

The only thing he could vocalize was a grunt and he let you into the dorm. “I have food.”

You looked around and saw the bowls, smiling. “Oh is that curry? How hot is it?”

Fuck. Fuck. Did you like spicy food, what if you hated it. Why did he fucking make curry god dammit! He should have been a little more careful about what he made. “Uh it’s hot.”

You smiled widely and grabbed a bowl and chopsticks. Taking a bite of beef, you sighed in happiness. “Oh my god...oh fuck that is hot.”

Despite the look of shock, you kept eating. It was like the shock was the fact is was so good, not that it was so hot. But he knew that you knew he was a good cook. He grabbed the other bowl and ate his quietly. “Was it a test?’

Katsuki blinked. “Hah?”

“Was the curry a test of my strength or something? Badass-itude?” you continued, smiling playfully.

He stared at you. Well...that was a good cover I guess. “Sure. That.”

You laughed and he felt his heart jump up his throat. What the fuck was that?

You two ate in silence for quite some time. It wasn’t awkward though. It was nice. Katsuki appreciated anyone who could be in close proximity to him without feeling a need to fill his silence. So he was quiet, he liked quiet. So this room, blanketed in only the sound of utensils hitting the side of the bowls, was a safe haven for his mind. This was why he liked you so much, his nervousness was ebbed away and now he could eat and watch you eat without any tension.

If you noticed him watching, you didn’t let him know. It was not normal for him, to be this calm. He looked cute, his eyebrows weren’t screwed into a scowl, his normal snarl was replaced with a relaxed pout. Smiles weren’t normal for him, so you weren’t surprised that he wasn’t smiling. He still looked very, very cute, eating his curry and watching you like he hoped you liked the food he’d made you. Like he was kinda nervous.

You couldn’t help but smile into your bowl. The abrasive boy was trying to be good. How cute was that?

When the food was finished, you both knew it was time to get started on your studying. Katsuki put both of your food bowl in a little bucket to take down to the sink and clean later. “Do you have your study guide?”

You gave him a smug look, “I printed it out last week. I wait to do the image analysis until she gives the study guide that way I know my images are possibly on the test. It helps me do better.”

While he had a sneaking suspicion that it had more to do with procrastination, he really couldn’t see the flaw in your reasoning either. He knew you did well on the exams. He just nodded, “So did I.”

Getting both of your study guides out, some pens, and highlighters out. You both sat on the floor and organized your stuff. Katsuki nudged you, “Go ahead and start.”

You went through the panels, listing everything you knew about the painting or sculpture. Katsuki watched you, intrigued by the way you went about it. It was juxtaposed to the silence of your eating, you talked as though you were vomiting words. It wasn’t like the mumbling fucking deku did, or the mindless rambling of Kaminari. You just, talked. It was all important and all factual information, but you said it in a way that made him want to listen. “So here’s the Porch of Maidens in Athens. So these women were like, meant to represent women taken as slaves as punishment for this uprising that happened? Their punishment was that they were forced to hold up the temple for the rest of eternity. But every single one of them is unique. Their poses are different, their hair is different. And they’re beautiful and still structurally sound. They have these beautiful thin necks but still hold up a solid stone roof. Like holy shit. And there are supposed to be eight of them but their are only seven now because some british fuckwad decided he’d just take one and put it in his fucking house. Fucking colonialism at it’s finest.”

Katsuki listened, smiling to himself. The way you spoke was so cute. He knew you weren’t going to call someone a fuckwad in the exam, but every time you cussed it just struck him as cute.

When you finished up with the study guide you peeked up at him and saw him smiling softly. It felt like you’d been blessed. Hopefully that blessing was an A on the exam.

An hour later, after a well deserved break, you were both trying to memorize dates and names. For the most part you had names of the paintings down, and sometimes the century, but dates were your weak point. Normally you wouldn’t stress about it, but Bakugou’s natural competitive attitude made you want to have them all down just so you could kick his ass. It was hard, trying to recall numbers with art, but the smug look on his face when he got one right that you didn’t made you desperate to get them right.

At one point he got really conceited about getting three right in a row and you threw a highlighter at him and hit him in the face. His smug look was replaced with shock, but then you got him to laugh. He fucking laughed holy shit. Holy shit were you dead? Bakugou Katsuki laughed, and all you had to do was try to poke out his eye with a highlighter.


Around one in the morning, Eijirou left Denki’s house to head back to his dorm. Katsuki and you had been studying for a long time, if you two were even still studying. If he didn’t go home soon he’d fall asleep on Denki’s floor and then what? So he got his stuff together and headed back to his room.

The door was unlocked when he got there, which was unusual for Katsuki. That gave him the feeling you were still there; Katsuki would never leave the door unlocked if he was alone in the dorm. While Katsuki wasn’t paranoid or anything, he tended to zone out when he was doing art, and someone could sneak in. Denki did it once and Katsuki almost broke his nose.

Peeking in, Eijirou had to cover his mouth to not giggle. You and Katsuki were both asleep. Katsuki was one the floor, back against his bed. He was sleeping with a soft blanket around his shoulders. You were asleep on Katsuki’s bed, on top of the covers, totally wrapped up in a blanket. Eijirou couldn’t help the water in his eyes. This was so cute, his best friend was so manly for sleeping on the floor and making sure she was comfortable. Before he put his pajamas on, he took one quick picture on his phone, just to make sure Katsuki got to see it later. Then he changed, turned out the lights, and crawled in bed. In the morning, hopefully Katsuki would make them all breakfast.