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7 Minutes in Heaven

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Jimin has to beg his mother to be allowed to go. His mom has always been really protective of him, and it doesn’t help that the last time he went to Jungkook’s house for a sleepover Jungkook’s step brother had friends over and they all decided it would be a good idea to throw toilet paper all over the house next door. Jungkook’s neighbor, their jerk of a science teacher, called the school and had somehow gotten every single one of them written up for it even though Jimin and Tae hadn’t done more than just stand and watch, laughing.

“Jimin-ah, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with letting you spend the night there again, especially since I don’t know Jungkook’s parents or if they’re even going to be there,” his mom says even though it’s been months, and this isn’t just any sleep over, it’s Jungkook’s birthday party. Jimin doesn’t know if Jungkook’s parents will be there either, he doubts it since they work a lot and Jungkook’s older step brother, Yoongi, was going to be a senior and therefore old enough to hold down the fort.

“Please, Jungkook only invited me and Tae! He’ll be really upset if I can’t go.” Jimin pouts, thinking about how Yoongi will be there and how embarrassing it’ll be if Jungkook tells his step brother that Jimin couldn’t come because his mom said no.

“Tae’s parents are letting him go?” she asks with a sigh, like she’s giving in. His mom is friends with Tae’s parents considering he and Jimin were almost inseparable since elementary school.

“Yes, you can call them!” Jimin says confidently, and she finally nods.

“Okay, you can go, but Jimin-ah, I better not hear about you vandalizing anybody’s property again,” she says sternly.

“Mom, I told you, it wasn’t me I—”

“And I told you, that it doesn’t matter. You’re guilty by association.”

Jimin deflates with a huff. TPing a house is hardly vandalism anyway, but he doesn’t want to argue and risk his mom changing her mind.

“And Jimin-ah, I won’t waste my breath by telling you not to, but if you’re going to drink, make sure it’s only a couple drinks and you’re drinking water. I know how it works. I was your age once, too, okay?”

“Mom, we’re not going to drink! We’ll probably just watch movies or play games and just stay up late,” Jimin complains.

“Okay, okay, but I know those older boys will be there, just don’t let them pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to, okay?”

“Yes, mom, I know,” Jimin says, blushing. No one had pressured him into watching them TP the house, but he had known it was a bad idea. He just didn’t want to look lame in front of Yoongi and his friends by saying anything. Besides, Jungkook was eager to join in, and Jimin was also there to watch his friend throw roll after roll of toilet paper in competition with his hyungs to see who could throw the furthest.

There’s no way he would follow them out there again even if he did look lame. He’d learnt his lesson from his mom’s yelling.



The sleepover takes place the weekend before school starts back up again with him, Tae, and Jungkook as sophomores. The night before it’s set to go down Jimin gets several texts from Tae asking what he’s packing to wear for the night. In his excitement, Jimin has already packed his bag. Jungkook has already said he just wanted to stay in, and doesn’t want to go anywhere so Jimin didn’t feel the need to pack anything too special so he tells Tae that.


But, but Yoongi-hyung will be there! Don’t you want to impress him?


Jimin blushes at the text. His long standing crush on Yoongi isn’t a secret to Tae or even Jungkook who thankfully isn't too weirded out by it. Yoongi is just so cool, everyone at school knows him.

On Jimin's very first day of high school, before he reunited with Tae at the unfamiliar school and met Jungkook, Jimin hadn’t known where to go for homeroom and was too shy and embarrassed to ask anyone so he sat down alone in the courtyard to wait for Tae to get there. Yoongi had seen him sitting lonely and overwhelmed and even though he was walking and chatting with a large group of people he'd told them he'd catch up and hung back to sit across from Jimin. Jimin had been flustered, but Yoongi had asked him if he was okay, if it was his first time at the high school, and seemed generally interested in hearing his answers and whatever else Jimin had managed to say about himself. Yoongi had sat with him until Taehyung made it to the courtyard, already deep in conversation with another incoming freshman Jimin didn’t know at the time, but who quickly became one of his best friends, Yoongi’s step brother Jungkook.

Since then Yoongi shoots Jimin smiles and quick hello's whenever they pass each other in the hallways heading to class, but their exchanges have been limited, though Yoongi is always kind to him. Occasionally he, Tae, and Jungkook sat next to Yoongi’s friend group at lunch, and they’d get to talk then where Jimin learned Yoongi isn’t always kind in his quips about his surrounding friends when they're being rambunctious. He has quite the sharp tongue, which Jimin finds really attractive, and maybe it’s just him projecting but he feels like Yoongi is especially kind to him in a way he isn’t to anyone else except maybe Jungkook. Yoongi is always careful to check in with him and show him special attention on the rare occasion they’re alone at the table first.

Jungkook doesn’t always want to sit next to his hyung, though, even if Jimin pouts and says he wants to sit with their hyungs. There are some things Jungkook doesn’t want his step brother to hear him say, especially when it comes to personal stuff that they share.

Jimin understands, but this is why he has to take advantage of the time he gets with Yoongi and do his best to impress him. And maybe Tae is right, maybe he can’t do that in a pair of loose sweatpants and an old t-shirt he’d packed to stay the night in.


What do you suggest then? I don’t know what Yoongi will like.


Jimin blushes as he sends the text even though no one is there to see him. Tae has always been better at fashion stuff than he has.


You know those thin track pants that are basically leggings?


Jimin knows exactly the ones Tae is talking about because he remembers wearing them to school and having most of the people sitting at their lunch table poking fun of him for wearing them. Jimin had been embarrassed even though they were really comfortable and hadn’t worn them since then, even though Yoongi had told everyone off for teasing him.


Yeah? Why those?


I’m pretty sure they made Yoongi choke on his water. Also that large striped shirt with the wide neckline! The long sleeved one that you always say is really soft even though I made fun of it that one time.


Jimin is starting to wonder if any of his clothes are safe from teasing, but he sets about to re-packing his bag with Tae’s guidance.




Jimin’s mom drops him off at Jungkook’s with a repeat of all her concerns even though Jimin spends the whole time in the car reassuring her that this time will be nothing like the last time he spent the night. He kisses her on the cheek before he grabs his bag and goes before she finds some reason to hold him back.

When Jimin knocks on the door, it’s Yoongi who answers, leaning lazily against the door frame. Jimin’s only mildly flustered.

“Hey, Jimin-ah, Kook and Tae are in his room. Remember the way?” Yoongi asks as he moves out of the way for Jimin to come in and slip out of his shoes. Jimin’s only been to Jungkook’s house a couple of times, but he knows his way around pretty well.

“Y-yeah,” Jimin says, clutching onto his bag tightly and not really making eye contact with Yoongi who looks good in a relaxed pair of sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Jimin doesn’t think it’s fair that Yoongi doesn’t even have to try.

Jimin heads upstairs to Jungkook’s room and knocks, not waiting for an answer before he enters. Tae is sprawled out on Jungkook’s bed while he kind of watches Jungkook play Overwatch and kind of plays on his phone.

“Hey, happy birthday, Kook,” Jimin says as he sets down his stuff even though Jungkook’s birthday was the day before and he already called him to say happy birthday then.

“Hey, thanks, hyung,” Jungkook says without taking his eyes off the screen. Jimin nudges Tae out of the way so that they can share the bed.

“Wait, don’t get in bed with jeans. Go change first.” Tae pushes him off, probably harder than he needs to, and Jimin scrambles to hold onto the bed so he doesn’t fall on his ass.

“Tae! No, what if we’re doing something?” Jimin asks even though everyone else is already in their chill clothes.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Jungkook says, eyes still glued to the screen. “Yoongi said he feels bad for getting you in trouble last time, and plus I don’t really feel like going anywhere.”

“Yeah, hear that Chim? He feels bad for getting you into trouble.” Tae wiggles his eyebrows and Jimin blushes.

“No! He probably said both of us.” Jimin doesn’t see why Yoongi would single him out specifically. Tae didn’t do anything either and he got into trouble too.

“No, Hyung said you specifically because you were the only one crying when we got yelled at, and I told him how your mom was so mad she probably wouldn’t let you come over again,” Jungkook deadpans and Jimin is glad when he gets eliminated on screen.

“I wasn’t crying! And I’m here now anyway.” Jimin could really hit Jungkook for telling Yoongi that. Nothing says ‘I am an undateable child’ more than being restricted by your parents from coming over to a friend’s house.

“Chim, you teared up a little bit...but it’s okay! Yoongi-hyung admitted that it was a stupid idea to TP the house anyway. I don’t think he thinks any less of you,” Tae says trying to comfort him.

Jungkook just snorts.

“Now go change! The hyungs left to go get drinks. You’ll drink, won’t you? It’ll be fun and Yoongi-hyung said we could order pizza for dinner when we get hungry,” Tae says and he seems excited about it at least, but Jimin’s a little uneasy about it. He’s no stranger to drinking, despite what he told his mom, but they usually do that at Tae’s house and not somewhere he can make a fool out of himself in front of his crush. Jimin just shrugs as he grabs his bag to get his stuff to change in the bathroom.

He takes his time in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror and huffing at his reflection after he changes. He runs a hand through his hair, wishing it wasn’t so fluffy and wishing his cheeks weren’t so naturally flushed. He leaves the bathroom when he realizes that poking at his cheeks won’t actually make them less pink and touching his hair won’t make it less fluffy. It’s just how things are, he knows that and he’s accepted that, and if Yoongi doesn’t like it then well, that’s his loss, or at least that’s what a voice that sounds suspiciously like his mom in his head says.

Jungkook’s room has been vacated with the tv powered off. Jimin thinks he’ll have to go find everyone, but Tae comes in just then.

“Hey, drinks are here, but Yoongi-hyung is insisting we eat first so you better go tell him what you want,” Tae says so Jimin follows him out to the front room where everyone is gathered with more bottles of liquor than is smart for one night, even between the seven of them. Jimin doesn’t see Yoongi before he senses someone behind him and there’s a hand on his waist.

“Hey, Jimin-ah, I’m about to order food. Want anything special? Chicken wings?” Yoongi asks when Jimin turns a little to see him.

“Y-yeah, wings sound good,” Jimin says because they do, but also because he can’t really think of anything else while Yoongi’s large hand is on his waist.

“Okay.” Yoongi takes his hand off his waist and disappears behind him again, presumably to go call their order in. Jimin goes to join the others on the floor and to investigate what their hyungs bought, not that he actually plans to drink it.

“Hyung, do you actually even like absinthe or do you just drink it to look cool?” Tae asks, looking up from where he’s holding the bottle to ask Namjoon. Namjoon swipes the bottle from him and pushes him into Jimin who’s sitting next to him. It jostles him, but it’s more of a surprise to have Tae suddenly half in his lap than it is painful.

“None for you then,” Namjoon says to Tae. “Sorry, Jimin-ah, blame Tae for being a brat. Don’t tell Yoongi I hurt you.”

Jimin blushes at the very mention of Yoongi, and Hoseok coos at him, getting closer to poke his cheeks, before he pushes Hoseok away.

“Why would I tell him? Besides, it was an accident and it didn’t even hurt. Tae is cuddly,” Jimin says and Tae grins at him, wrapping his arms around him. Namjoon snorts.

“Yoongi is just very protective of you,” Jin says elbowing Namjoon in the arm hard if the pained face he makes is anything to go by. Jimin guesses that’s a little true, Yoongi is protective of him, but Jin’s suggestive tone of voice makes him deny it.

“Not just me, Kookie too!” There’s nothing special about the way Yoongi treats him. He doesn’t single him out. Jimin is sure Yoongi would act that way toward Taehyung, too, if Tae wasn’t so playful toward their hyungs and didn’t call them informally all the time.

Everyone turns to Jungkook who’s holding three bottles of soju to his chest as if he plans to drink them all himself.

“He has to treat me nicely; I’m his step brother. I live with him and I know all of his secrets,” Jungkook says and of course while everyone is oh-ing and trying to get Jungkook to spill, that’s when Yoongi comes back in.

“What are y’all yelling about and why did you guys get so much fucking alcohol? We’re not drinking this all in one night,” Yoongi says.

“Nothing, hyung, and it’s my birthday, we’re celebrating,” Jungkook says.

“Your birthday was yesterday and we’re not celebrating with alcohol poisoning.”

“Hyung, live a little, no one is going to get alcohol poisoning. We’ll be responsible and we’ll watch the babies,” Hoseok says. Yoongi turns to look at Jimin, and they lock eyes before Jimin looks away, flustered just by Yoongi’s gaze.

“No one has to drink if they don’t want to,” Yoongi says and Namjoon boos.

“We’re not babies, hyung, we’ve gotten drunk before,” Jungkook says and Jimin wishes he would be quiet.

“Yeah, they’re not babies, Yoongi-yah, besides they’ll be other options than drinking. We’re going to play a game,” Jin says and it sounds like he planned this, but Jimin thinks he’s probably making this up on the spot because it’s the first he’s heard about it.

“I don’t want to play hide and seek again, hyung! That’s boring, and there’s not enough places to hide in this house, and I don’t want anyone under my bed,” Jungkook whines.

“Do not interrupt me!” Jin says. “Do you not know how to respect your elders?”

“Wait, what’s under your bed?” Hoseok asks with a grin and Jungkook just scratches at his neck.


Hoseok cackles and Jimin looks at Jungkook curiously before he turns to Tae who looks equally as confused.

“No, not hide and seek! We’re going to play spin the bottle,” Jin says like he’s proud of himself despite the interruptions.

“Ew, I’m not kissing any of you,” Namjoon says and Jin shoots him a look. “I mean, other than you, babe, obviously…”

Jin pushes him before he continues.

“There’s no kissing involved. It has different rules,” he says but pauses, making Jimin really think he’s making this up on the spot.

“How do you play then?” Tae asks.

“Well you spin the bottle…” Jin says.

“Hyung, if you say we hug instead of kiss I’m…” Jungkook starts.

“Jeon Jungkook! When will you respect your elders, and I would never say something so juvenile,” Jin says, but Jimin isn’t entirely sure that’s not exactly what he was about to say and a look around the room shows he’s not alone in this thinking.

Jungkook holds up his hands in surrender.

“It’s a fusion game. The person who spins the bottle gets to ask the person it landed on truth or dare, and if that person doesn’t want to answer or do the dare then they either take a shot or take off an article of clothing,” Jin says like he’s proud of improvising such a fantastic game.

“I’m not playing that,” Yoongi says.

“Hyung, don’t be a party pooper, are you scared we’ll learn your secrets?” Hoseok asks and Namjoon ah’s dramatically.

Yoongi shakes his head and puts his tongue in his cheek before he smiles at their antics, pushing Namjoon over closer to Jin so that he can sit down.

“Please, hyung, it sounds like fun!” Jungkook says. “It’s my birthday.”

“Yesterday was your birthday, but fine, after we eat. No drinking on an empty stomach.”

“Yes, dad,” Tae says and Yoongi groans, but he gave up on telling Tae off for calling him dad a long time ago.

When the food gets there, Tae tries to go after the wings Yoongi hands off to Jimin, but Yoongi holds him by the shirt.

“Not uh, those are for him,” Yoongi says.

“What? But hyung! I asked you for wings and you told me no!” Tae complains.

“That’s because last time you were over here you didn’t eat them, you ate my entire fucking pizza.”

“Tae, you can have some of mine!” Jungkook offers, but Tae just shakes his head like he changes his mind.

“No it’s okay, Kookie, I have pizza,” Tae says with a pout and Jimin watches as Jungkook looks down at his wings and back at Tae with widened, innocent eyes.

“Are you sure? I don’t mind,” Jungkook asks and Jimin is sure he’d only do that for Tae, but Tae shakes his head and takes his pizza over to sit next to Jungkook.

Jimin looks around to see that it’s only him and Jungkook who have wings and he wonders if Yoongi did that on purpose before he quickly shakes the thought out of his head. That’s ridiculous.


By the time they’re done cramming food into their mouths, a lot of bottles have already been opened, some mostly empty. Yoongi had allowed it when Hoseok wanted a drink with his food. Jimin stuck to water with his food after drinking one of the concoctions Tae pushed into his hand. Hoseok and Namjoon already seem tipsy and it makes Jimin wonder if they’re even going to get to the game.

Apparently he has that thought too soon because Jin makes them clear away the food and make space for the game. He picks the bottle that they’re going to use. It’s a mostly empty bottle of soju.

“Hyung, doesn’t it have to be empty for it to spin right?” Jungkook asks before he snags it and opens it to finish the final dregs. When he finishes it, Namjoon claps.

“Our Jungkookie is a man now, Hyung,” Namjoon says to Yoongi who huffs a laugh.

“Everyone form a circle! Scooch in real close so it’s clear who the bottle is pointing at,” Jin says and they all slide in. Jimin somehow ends up between Taehyung and Yoongi. Taehyung purposefully scoots closer to him and makes him scoot closer into Yoongi’s space. Jimin’s face is red, and he doesn’t look at Yoongi.

“Who’s going first?” Hoseok asks loudly.

“You spin first, Hyung!” Jungkook says.

“Ah, the birthday boy has spoken. I will spin first.” Hoseok places a hand on the bottle and spins it hard.

When it finally finishes spinning, the bottle points back at Hoseok who squawks indignantly.

“Don’t spin it so fucking hard then,” Yoongi says as if that’s the issue.

Hoseok spins again and Jimin gets nervous when it almost lands on him, but ultimately goes to Yoongi. Hoseok yells in triumph like it’s what he wanted all along.

“Truth or dare, hyung?”

Yoongi shrugs, not looking afraid at all. “Dare.”

“I dare you…” Hoseok pauses and grins. “I dare you to kiss Jimin!”

Jimin freezes, tensing up, and Tae grabs his hand to comfort him.

“Hey, you can’t punish Jimin like that! What’d he do to you, hyung?” Taehyung says and it diffuses the sudden tension in the room.

“Yah, you brat, my kiss is not a punishment. I’ll drink anyway. I’m not drunk enough for this game,” Yoongi says and Namjoon hands him a full bottle of soju for him to take a swig from.

No one says anything else about it, but Jimin still can’t help but feel a little bit uneasy. That could have been a disaster. Yoongi grabs the empty bottle in the middle and gives it an easy spin. It lands on Namjoon.

“Truth or dare?”

“I really don’t know which one is worse, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Truth.”

“What stopped you from jumping out of the window when Jin’s dad caught you two having sex in their bed?” Yoongi asks.

Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok all laugh loudly, but Jimin is too shocked to react because there was no hesitation in that question meant to expose them. It makes everything about the game a little more serious, and it makes Jimin think how many secrets Yoongi must have on Namjoon and Jin to not fear a retaliation.

Namjoon sputters before he looks at Jin hesitantly. Jin claps him on the back hard.

“I thought we agreed not to tell anyone about that!” Jin yells. “How long have you known?”

“Since the night it happened,” Yoongi laughs.

“I told him not to tell anyone! Apparently that doesn’t mean anything tonight, okay, Yoongi-hyung. I see you.” Namjoon has a twinkle in his eye that would make Jimin worried if he was Yoongi. As it is, Yoongi looks unaffected.

“Hyung, are you going to answer the question or not?” Jungkook asks.

“Honestly, Jin was holding onto my wrist in a death grip that told me he’d leave me if I tried it. Other than that nothing could have stopped me, not that we were on the second story, and definitely not the screen on the window. You guys don’t know. I heard the voice through the door and I was ready to fall to my death if it meant not having to deal with that situation. We both went so pale, I know. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

“Oh please, the door was locked. It was fine. We weren’t even all the way undressed. We were presentable by the time I opened the door and they didn’t suspect anything,” Jin says.

“Are you kidding me? I wasn’t even supposed to be there. They knew exactly what was happening. I can’t even look your dad in the eyes anymore. He shakes my hand so hard that I think it’s going to fall off sometimes.”

Jimin leans into Tae with his laugh at Namjoon’s horrified face. He almost can’t stop laughing until he thinks about his parents catching him in that position. It’s a sobering thought, and it makes him sit up straight. Yoongi is staring at him with mirth in his eyes.

“Like that, Jimin-ah? I’ll pay for that one,” Yoongi says nudging him and Jimin can barely hear it over Hoseok’s laugh even though he’s sitting right next to him.

“You’re brave, hyung, I hope they don’t have anything on you.”

“Worth it. Namjoon, it’s your turn to spin,” Yoongi calls over the noise. Namjoon grabs the bottle and makes a face like he hopes it lands on Yoongi for revenge. He spins it, and the neck of the bottle points at Tae.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” Tae says bravely. He doesn’t seem hesitant at all.

Namjoon looks like he’s struggling to think of something that’s worthy of a dare for Taehyung. Jimin wonders if he’ll go easy on him.

“I dare you to suck on Jungkook’s big toe,” Namjoon says proudly. Hoseok makes a face of vivid disgust and Jimin also cringes.

“Hyung, that’s so lame and gross,” Jungkook says, but his face is turning red at Tae assuming the position near his feet. Tae seems unbothered even as Jungkook flinches away. Tae takes it into his mouth and sucks hard before he pulls back with an audible ‘pop.’

Jimin makes a face of disgust as Jungkook sputters. Tae laughs and moves back into his spot. Jimin unconsciously moves further away from him in disgust, bumping into Yoongi who squeezes his shoulder—bare, courtesy of the wide neckline of his shirt.

“Fucking gross,” Yoongi comments and Jimin nods in agreement. He would’ve never taken that dare.

Tae grabs the bottle and spins it. It lands on Hoseok.

“Hyung, truth or dare?”

“No one is making me suck on a toe. Truth,” Hoseok says.

“Have you ever thought about someone here while masturbating?” Tae asks seriously, and Hoseok looks put out by the question for approximately two seconds before he answers.

“Sure,” he says simply and Tae looks like he wants to ask who, but it’s not his turn anymore.

Hoseok spins the bottle and cackles when it lands on Jin.

“Truth,” Jin says without being prompted, but Hoseok doesn’t look discouraged.

“If your dad and Joon switched bodies, but retained consciousness, and you had to have sex with one of them to switch them back….who would you fuck?” Hoseok asks and Jimin has to believe Hoseok had that in his back pocket because there’s no way any one person could be that evil.

Jin thinks for barely ten seconds before he’s reaching for the bottle of soju.

“Fuck you, Jung Hoseok,” Jin says as he takes a gulp. He lowers the bottle a little before going in for another mouthful. “I need more to cleanse myself of that question.”

“That’s really fucked up, hyung,” Jungkook says.

“And you know that’s a sensitive subject for us, too,” Namjoon complains, but Hoseok just laughs.

“I love it,” Tae comments and Jimin just slaps a hand over his eyes in disbelief, even if he shouldn’t be surprised by Tae’s comments anymore.

“Hyung, ask me, I haven’t gone, and it’s my birthday!” Jungkook says to Jin when he reaches for the bottle to spin.

“It was your birthday yesterday,” Yoongi corrects again even though everyone ignores him.

“Why don’t we just skip the bottle and go around in a circle after everyone goes?” Namjoon asks and everyone seems to agree that’s a good idea even though Jin looks at the bottle longingly for a moment.

“Truth or dare, Jungkookie?” Jin asks when he finally pulls it together.

“Truth,” Jungkook says hesitantly like he knows he might regret it.

“Did you like when Tae sucked on your toe?” Jin asks and Hoseok high fives him with a laugh. Jimin wonders how intoxicated they are before he turns to watch Jungkook’s eyes go wide and his cheeks go red before he reaches for the bottle to take a shot. It’s more telling than if he were to say yes, and it doesn’t stop everyone from hooting and hollering at him.

“Don’t tease Kookie!” Tae says seriously but it doesn’t make anyone stop teasing.

“Kook, that’s gross...We don’t know where Tae’s mouth has been,” Jimin jokes and Tae pushes him, hard, into Yoongi. Jimin just laughs into Yoongi’s chest, feeling it shake with laughter, too.

“Can we move on? It’s Jimin’s turn. He’s the only one who hasn’t gone yet, right? Truth or dare?” Jungkook asks, and it makes Jimin freeze and sit up so he’s no longer leaning on Yoongi. He knew it was coming but he feels unprepared, especially since Jungkook looks like he wants to expose him. Jimin really doesn’t want to give anyone a hint about his crush on Yoongi and he feels like they’ll know if he picks truth and doesn’t answer.

“Dare,” he says finally before he shushes everyone who makes answering noises at his response. It makes him more nervous when Hoseok is screeching in the background.

Jungkook seems to struggle to come up with something before Tae leans in to whisper something in his ear. The smile on his face doesn’t bode well.

“I dare you to read the last 5 texts you sent aloud.”

Jimin pulls out his phone. The last 5 texts he sent were probably to his mom or Tae. He doesn’t get the big deal until he opens the thread with Tae and sees all his texts about wanting to dress to impress Yoongi.

“No,” Jimin says, turning off his phone before anyone can read them over his shoulder. Tae grabs the bottle of soju to hand over to him, but Jimin doesn’t plan on drinking anymore so he pushes it away before he grabs the hem of his shirt to pull off. Namjoon wolf whistles.

“Are those abs? Park Jimin!” Hoseok yells and Jimin knows his face is red as he tries to shield himself with his arms. Tae tries to pry his arms from around him.

“Chim Chim!” Tae yells when he finally accomplishes his task, holding Jimin’s wrists away from himself. “Look how hot you are!”

Yoongi grabs Tae’s arm.

“That’s enough, Tae-yah. You’re giving me a headache,” Yoongi says and he makes Tae let go so Jimin can cross his arms over himself again.

“Hyung, I really think you should share what the texts say,” Jungkook says.

“No, I already took off my shirt! That’s the rules!” Jimin is quitting if they change the rules now, but everyone agrees that he doesn’t have to share them now.

“Who’s next if we’re not using the bottle?” Jin asks.

“Jimin, just pick someone to ask. It doesn’t really matter,” Namjoon says. Jimin looks around, but quickly decides on Jungkook, curiosity winning.

“Truth or dare, Kook?”

“What’s under your bed?”

“Nothing,” Jungkook answers, but Jin quickly shoves the bottle of soju in his hand.

“Drink up, you liar,” he says and Jungkook doesn’t even argue before he takes a gulp. Jungkook seems ready for his turn because he quickly asks Yoongi truth or dare.


“I dare you to hold Jimin’s hand for the rest of the game,” Jungkook says and Jimin should have known he was going to get punished, but he didn’t think his friend was cruel enough to do it through his step brother.

Yoongi reaches out for his hand, and Jimin just wants to get this over with so he grabs Yoongi’s pinky to hold on to. He doesn’t look at Yoongi when he fixes his grip and intertwines their fingers, too embarrassed of being embarrassed at such a simple gesture. Jimin wonders why Yoongi didn’t just take a drink.

He vaguely hears the others cooing at them, but he doesn’t pay them any mind. He just stares at their intertwined fingers. He never really got to see how much larger Yoongi’s hand is to his up close.

“This okay?” Yoongi asks, leaning in close so only Jimin can hear and Jimin turns to look at him finally. He’s closer than he anticipates though, and they’re practically breathing the same air when Jimin nods. Jimin can see the goosebumps all on his arms, despite feeling relatively hot, and he hopes Yoongi doesn’t notice.

“Joon, truth or dare?” Yoongi asks and Namjoon waves his hands.

“Fuck off, I’m not playing with you anymore. I’m drinking,” Namjoon says, reaching for the bottle for a large gulp before Yoongi can say anything else.

“Hyung, that’s not how you play. Jin-hyung, tell him he can’t do that!” Tae says, but Jin looks proud to have dodged whatever bullet Yoongi was about to speak into existence.

“No, it counts. Joon, it’s your turn,” Jin says.

“Jimin-ah!” Namjoon says. “Truth or dare?”

“Why is everyone picking on me?” Jimin whines. He’s not taking off his pants, too, he doesn’t have anything on beneath them. The pants he’s wearing are so clingy that he didn’t want his underwear showing under them so he’d foregone his briefs. But he also doesn’t want to drink anything else. He sighs and hopes it’s nothing too bad. “Dare.”

Namjoon cracks a smile like he was waiting on this.

“I dare you to sit in Yoongi’s lap for the rest of the game.” Namjoon gets a series of high fives for this. Jimin wonders if he’s that obvious that the rest of them are just using this game to put him and Yoongi in awkward situations because there’s no way he would say something like that without knowing. Yoongi must be really nice to not say anything about it because Jimin refuses to believe that he doesn’t also know if the rest of them do.

“Come on guys, don’t make him do something he’s uncomfortable with,” Yoongi says finally after a couple minutes of Jimin being frozen.

“Namjoon made me suck on a toe! This is nothing. Besides he can always drink or take off his pants if he would rather,” Tae says. Jimin shoots him a look. Some best friend, leaving him out to dry like this.

“I’ll do it. I’m sorry if I crush you, hyung,” Jimin says.

“You’re not going to crush me. You’re not even heavy,” Yoongi answers and they part hands for a little while so Jimin can crawl into Yoongi’s lap. Jimin faces sideways so he can stretch his legs out into the area he was sitting. He tries to situate himself so that he’s not going to hurt Yoongi. Yoongi puts a hand on Jimin’s waist and it’s a little cold so it makes him jolt a little. He thinks Yoongi is trying to guide him into a comfortable position for him, but the grip on his waist gets tighter the more he moves.

“Wait, wait, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says and his hands move to Jimin’s hips, holding him up a little. “Let me go to the bathroom first.”

Jimin scrambles off Yoongi’s lap before Yoongi hurries to the bathroom.

“I can’t believe you were in his lap for two minutes and you already gave Hyung a boner, Jimin-ah,” Hoseok laughs.

“Yeah, did you see the way he was walking?” Jin asks and honks a laugh when Namjoon gets up to imitate an exaggerated limped run.

Jimin looks curiously at Tae and Jungkook, expecting them to deny it, but they’re laughing too. They can’t seriously think that he did that.

“I did not!” Jimin says, face flushing.

“Hyung is an ass man, okay? He’s weak to your booty. You can’t just wriggle around and expect him not to pop a woody,” Namjoon says. Everyone is laughing so hard.

Jimin just sputters. What? He’s never once caught Yoongi looking, so the idea that he’s ‘weak’ to Jimin’s ass is insane. Jimin stays quiet.

“It’s your turn. You could ask him what he’s doing in the bathroom if he says truth,” Jungkook offers.

“You could also dare him to tell you what he was doing in the bathroom if he says dare,” Tae says helpfully, and Jimin doesn’t plan on doing either of those things.

When Yoongi comes back, he looks unbothered. Jimin really doesn’t think Yoongi was turned on by him sitting in his lap. They get situated on the floor again. Yoongi sits with his legs spread open so Jimin can sit between them more than on them. Yoongi intertwines their fingers again, their joint hands in Jimin’s lap with Yoongi’s chest pressed against his bare back. Jimin can feel Yoongi’s hot breath on the back of his neck and it makes him want to squirm, but he clamps down on the impulse, not wanting to wriggle around anymore.

Jimin looks around the room to decide who to ask next. It’s mostly a question of who hasn’t turned against him and put him in an awkward situation with Yoongi. He knows it’ll be there turn after he asks them, and he doesn’t need another embarrassing dare. He doesn’t really feel safe choosing any of them, but he doesn’t know what he would ask Yoongi if he chose him.

“Jin-hyung, truth or dare?”


Jimin hadn’t expected that, and it takes him a while to think of something that’s not too cruel but also worthy of a dare.

“I dare you to give Namjoon-hyung a lap dance,” Jimin says finally and Yoongi snorts behind him.

Jin looks offended that he’d ask that, but Hoseok claps excitedly. Namjoon doesn’t seem bothered by it, only looking between Jin and his lap expectantly. Jin scoffs, choosing to reach for the bottle instead.

“You’re funny, Park Jimin. Not everyone can be as good at giving lap dances as you,” he says before he puts the bottle to his lips and swallows a gulp.

“Boo, you whore,” Tae says in protest.

“Yeah, it’s boring when no one wants to do the dare,” Jungkook complains. “We might as well just get drunk without it.”

“Oh, shut up, you drank, too. Besides, Yoongi won’t let us down. It’s my turn,” Jin says excitedly, and Jimin wishes he could be surprised, but he’s not. It’s obvious that it’s everyone against him and Yoongi now. “Yoongi-yah, truth or dare?” Jin asks.

Jimin can feel the sigh Yoongi heaves. “Dare.”

Jimin wonders why he hasn’t been picking truth. Maybe he has something he’s hiding, too. Jimin deflates a little as an afterthought. He has to stop projecting and getting his hopes up.

“I dare you to go in the closet with Jimin and close the door for 15 minutes,” Jin says.

“15 minutes? Hyung, the game is 7 minutes in heaven, not 15 minutes,” Jungkook says.

“I am your elder! How dare you try to correct me!” Jin yells and Jimin thinks he’s actually about to get up and attack Jungkook.

“I actually wasn’t trying to correct you. I’m just saying, 7 is like the magic number,” Jungkook says with his hands up in surrender.

“Fine. 7 minutes. I’ll set a timer even,” Jin says before looking to Yoongi for his answer.

“Whatever, we’ll go sit in a closet,” Yoongi says and he scoots back so he can get up before he lends a hand to Jimin to help pull him up to his feet.

“Ooo,” Tae says dramatically, and Yoongi just flips him his middle finger. They don’t let go of each other's hands as they walk to the closet and pull the door open. The closet is full of winter coats and doesn’t have a lot of space, but they squeeze in before Yoongi pulls the door shut and plunges them into darkness.

The darkness only lasts a second because Yoongi pulls on a light a second later.

“Okay?” he asks Jimin who only nods in response. “I’m not sure what they expect us to do for seven minutes in here.”

Jimin shrugs before Yoongi pulls him down to sit. It’s darker, the light from the small light fixture doesn’t really travel past the thick coats, but there’s more room.

“So…” Yoongi says and Jimin doesn’t see why he’s intent on making conversation when they’ve been put through so much awkward situations, and Jimin doesn’t need to add insult to injury by saying something dumb and making a bigger fool out of himself. “You’re being quiet. Did they—they didn’t make you uncomfortable with their dares, did they?”

Jimin is sitting in a dark closet with his crush of over a year, shirtless, still holding his hand after sitting in his lap. But uncomfortable isn’t how he’d describe it. He’s nervous, for sure, and it makes him shier than usual, but Yoongi is too thoughtful to make him uncomfortable.

“No, no, they didn’t. I’m just...nervous,” Jimin admits sheepishly. He thinks that much is obvious anyway. It can’t be a secret to Yoongi that he’s nervous, but Yoongi tilts his head, confused, and Jimin realizes that he really doesn’t know. Yoongi has no clue how he feels despite their friends teasing him all night.

“I made you nervous?” Yoongi asks, skeptical.

Jimin huffs, taking his hand out of Yoongi’s because his hand is sweating and he doesn’t want Yoongi to hold his gross hand.

“Hyung,” Jimin says and nothing else.

“What? It was an honest question. I’m sorry if I—Look, if it was about the thing that Jin said about the lap dance, he was just joking around. I know you weren’t doing that on purpose. It’s no big deal,” Yoongi says with pouty lips that almost distract Jimin from what he’s saying.

“Wait, what?”

“I can’t help my body’s reaction to things. I mean, you’re you and you,” Yoongi gestures to all of Jimin, “Look like that.”

“Hyung, are you drunk?”

“Whoa, okay, has it been seven minutes yet?” Yoongi calls loudly through the door. They get back a resounding ‘no,’

“I, that’s not what made me nervous. I mean, couldn’t you tell that everyone has been trying to push us together tonight? It’s because of me,” Jimin finally admits, hoping that Yoongi doesn’t think differently of him after this. Yoongi only seems more confused in the low light.

“Jiminie, they were doing that because of me, because they’ve known about my giant raging crush on you since the day we first met,” Yoongi says.

“W-what?” Jimin stutters. “Don’t joke about things like that, Yoongi.”

“I’m not joking. They’ve been teasing me since I left them to sit with you in the courtyard before school started your freshman year. Why would tonight be any different? Except you’re wearing those fucking pants, and they know.”

“Oh,” Jimin says, finally coming to the realization that this is real. His feelings are mutual. Yes, his cheeks feel more warm than ever, and he has no idea what to do with this information.

“Shit, it has to have been seven minutes by now, what the hell?” Yoongi says standing up and opening the door.

Jimin stands up too to see the room empty, their mess put away, furniture pushed back into place, alcohol missing. In fact, even Jimin’s shirt is missing.

“Those fuckers,” Yoongi says and he marches out of the room to go upstairs. Jimin just follows behind him and watches as he tries to pull open the door to Jungkook’s room. The door is locked. Jimin can hear Jungkook, Tae, and Hoseok laughing behind it.

“Open the door, guys, my stuff is in there,” Jimin says, but he hears no movement to unlock it. “Please, I need my toothbrush at least.”

“Use Yoongi-hyung’s!” Jungkook offers helpfully.

“You two will be sharing mouth germs anyway,” Tae says with a laugh. Jimin turns to look at Yoongi and huffs.

“I have an extra one in my bathroom if you want. I bet Jin and Namjoon have locked themselves in the guest room, too,” Yoongi says.

“Yeah, and it’s okay, I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.” Jimin bites his bottom lip and watches as Yoongi scratches the back of his neck and his cheeks get a tinge pink.

“I mean, you can sleep in my bed...with me, or you know I’ll take the couch if you want my bed. It’s no big deal. Obviously, I’m not, uh—we, I,” Yoongi sputters and Jimin can almost see the wheels churning in his head at his attempts not to sound suggestive.

“Yeah, okay, we can share. Lead the way, Hyung, I’ve never been in your room,” Jimin says and he follows Yoongi down the hallway.

Yoongi pushes the door open and it’s not what Jimin anticipated. The wall space that isn’t covered in pictures and posters is a pretty pale blue, and there’s fairy lights tacked to the ceiling, spiraling around the ceiling fan. Yoongi turns the string lights on with a remote, not bothering with the main light. The room itself is neater than Jimin expected, the only thing out of place are the messy bed covers on the bed at the center of the room. Everything else seems to have a place.

“It’s nice. It smells better in here than Jungkook’s room,” Jimin says and Yoongi laughs.

“I would hope so, my step brother is kind of a slob. The bathroom’s through here.” Yoongi pushes the door open to the ensuite and gives him a toothbrush. They brush their teeth and wash their faces next to each other, and it makes Jimin feel warm at how comfortable and domestic it feels.

“Do you prefer a side of the bed?” Yoongi asks, but Jimin shakes his head, averting his eyes when Yoongi strips off his shirt. As soon as Yoongi turns to throw it in the hamper, though, Jimin’s eyes are glued to the exposed skin.

Jimin doesn’t get in the bed, not even when Yoongi closes his bedroom door and locks it. Jimin looks at him questioningly at that.

“Oh, I just don’t want those fuckers in here waking me up by drawing dicks on my face. It wouldn’t be the first time,” Yoongi says in answer. “You can get in bed, or did you want something to change into?”

Jimin shakes his head and climbs on the bed, smiling at Yoongi who watches him. Yoongi crawls in after him, careful to keep space between them. It’s not awkward, but Jimin feels his whole body buzz with anticipation like he’s waiting on something. So they both like each other. Now what? Jimin’s not even tired. It can’t be past 11. Jimin turns so he’s facing Yoongi.


Yoongi hums questioningly in response, and Jimin sees him lick his lips.

“I’m not tired at all.”

“Oh, do you want to watch tv or something?”

“No, not really.”

There’s silence for a while, and this time it is awkward. Jimin thinks it has to be the only awkward silence they’ve ever had between them. Jimin looks up at the lights.

“Are we a couple now?” Jimin asks, turning his head to look at Yoongi again and biting his lower lip.

“What?” Yoongi barks and Jimin blushes.

“Sorry, is that not right? I just thought, I mean, I like you and you like me...sorry, I’ve never done this before,” Jimin says sheepishly. Yoongi scooches closer.

“No, don’t apologize. I just, missed that, somehow. The you liking me part.”

“Hyung, they weren’t just teasing you. That’s what I was saying while we were in the closet. They were doing it to tease me,” Jimin says and Yoongi nods.

“Yeah, I got that now...And well, usually people go on dates before they become a couple, but I like the sound of that. I mean, if you want to. There aren’t any rules. We can do things a little out of order,” Yoongi says. His hand finds Jimin’s bare waist and the pads of his fingers trace small circles on the skin.

“Yeah, I want to. I like you a lot, hyung,” Jimin says and Yoongi grins at him, gummy, fingers stilling.

“Good, I like you a lot, too, Jiminie.”

Jimin smiles at Yoongi and scoots closer to Yoongi.

“When you said do things out of order, did you mean, like, us having sex?” Jimin asks because he’s never done that before, but he can’t say he hasn’t thought about doing it with Yoongi. Yoongi pulls the hand off his waist quickly.

“No! I mean, uh, fuck, Jimin, not now. We just got together. I mean, eventually, yes, I’d like to, but we don’t have to, ever, if you don’t want to,” Yoongi sputters out. “Jesus.” Yoongi covers his face with his sheets and Jimin laughs.

“Oh, it was just a question, hyung. I don’t think we should do that now either. I want to, too, eventually, but not right this second,” Jimin says and Yoongi just groans, embarrassed before he finally removes his head from under the covers.

“We’ve been together for like 5 minutes and you’re already trying to kill me.”

“Yoongi, you don’t have to stop touching me,” Jimin laughs, already missing the hand on his waist.

“Okay, just to be clear, I’m not trying to have sex with you,” Yoongi says before he puts his hand back on his waist and pulls him closer. Jimin giggles, loving the attention

They’re close when Jimin speaks next, breathing the same air like they were earlier in the night.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me, Yoongi?” Jimin asks and Yoongi doesn’t hesitate before he brings their lips together softly. It’s a quick peck, but Jimin still closes his eyes and hums happily. He doesn’t have to ask for more before Yoongi is kissing him, giving him pecks in quick succession. The hand on his waist travels lower until it’s smoothing over his ass and Jimin parts his lips in a surprised inhale. Yoongi doesn’t stop and Jimin doesn’t want him to.

The kisses change into open mouthed kisses in which Jimin follows Yoongi’s lead with his tongue. It’s probably a little more wet than it should be, but when Jimin’s small hands clutch his boyfriend’s bare back, he doesn’t mind.

When things start to get more heated than Jimin is comfortable with for tonight, he pulls back, trying to catch his breath. Yoongi trails closed mouth kisses down his neck, and releases where he’s been groping Jimin’s ass for the past 20 minutes. Jimin moans quietly at the kisses, and Yoongi pulls back.

“You’re not wearing any underwear, are you?” Yoongi asks, grinning.

Jimin huffs, slapping his hands away.

“Hyung, that’s private!” Jimin squawks when Yoongi pulls on the waistband of his pants to snap them against the top of his bare ass.

Yoongi laughs, trying to pull a squirming Jimin back into his arms, when they hear footsteps racing.

“Hyung! Jimin! We found what was under Jungkook’s bed!” Hoseok yells through the door and there’s a loud commotion.

“Give it back!” Jungkook says.

“It’s a diary!” Tae yells and cackles.

“It’s not a diary! It’s a journal. Hyung, give it back!”