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Sharing an umbrella

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Kirishima considered himself a cool manly guy. He was the reliable kind, the type that people could just chill with, he always had a grin on his lips and would always go that extra mile to help. He was what could be considered a buddy. He treated everyone as a pal, a friend, he was the one that people went to when in need for a strong and cooperative person. His personality was always the same, he emanated a caring vibe. There was no issues at all until he met you.

He had just said hi a couple of times ever since you asked him for help getting a soda bottle open, that he did in a fraction of a second.

“Thank you Eijirou.” you said with a tender smile. People usually called him Kirishima, but in order to be as nice you could, you decided to treat him by his name. You usually did that with people you kinda of knew, the rules of Japanese etiquette still confused you.

Kirishima’s face went as red as his hair. He wasn’t used to be called by his first name, even less to be thanked with such a sweet smile. He rubbed his back a bit and only answered going back to his usual manly mood: “No problem, if you need something else, you can always ask for it.” he walked past you, you could swear that he almost tripped over his feet, but you stayed polite and didn’t pointed that out.

At the end of classes, you went out just to see that the weather had changed a bit, the sky had turned gray, you let out a sigh: “I guess I should have brought an umbrella… But the weather was so nice this morning.” you took off your school uniform jacket and got it above your head, two steps back prepared you for the run that you would start in order to get to your house as soon as possible, you held the jacket strongly against you and let out a determined sound from your lips that actually got interrupted by a familiar voice.

“If you want, I have an umbrella...”

You looked behind you to see Kirishima, that was a bit embarrassing. For how long had he been there? Did he saw you trying to get balance to run? You took your jacket from your head and dressed it back. “Really? That would be very helpful.” you replied.

Kirishima let out a grin, you could see his pointing fingers at you cheerfully, he looked really cool and kinda of handsome with that expression. You ended up shaking your head and walked towards him: “I live at the east part of the city, is that okay?” you asked him to be sure that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to help you afterall.

“Not at all, I don’t live that faraway.” he said and leaned the umbrella over your head. He started walking out with you, there was silence between you and him. No matter how nice he had been, it was still hard to get some conversation going.

“So, I heard your classmates call you , is that right?” Kirishima said breaking the silence. You met his eyes and nodded positively: “yes, that is my name. But you can call me .” a smile filled your lips. The boy only became red has he had been before.

“I will then...” he ended up looking infront. At half way home, you felt a warm touch on your hand, you looked down to see that Kirishima had actually held your hand. You couldn’t avoid not to blush at that, you surely weren’t expecting that he would do that. Not that you mattered it much, he was tall, good looking and a sweetheart… You just didn’t think that he would actually like you to the point of holding hands.

“Eijirou...” you said.

His face only got more red after you said his first name. He looked at you and pressed a kiss into your lips. It was so sudden, so… delicate. He didn’t moved, you felt your cheeks burning with what had just happened, but you ended up closing your eyes, Kirishima sure had sweet lips…

After a while he ended up breaking the kiss and said: “You shouldn’t treat people by their first name so easily…”

You tilted your head and replied: “Is that a Japanese thing? I am not native from Japan… so I am not into the surname thing yet...”

That reply of your earned a couple of blinks and a small laugh from the boy: “That explains a lot then. Well, from now on don’t treat anyone by their first name okay?” and then a blush followed on his face: “You can only treat me by my first name okay?”

You smiled understanding quite well why he said that: “Are you saying you like me?”

He rubbed his arm and grinned at you: “yes, I am”

You two ended up kissing yet again. Kirishima was such a sweetheart... At the end you discovered that he actually lived the opposite way of your home, he was also a sneaky one.