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After the Chaos

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She woke up and squinted at the clock.
“What time is it?” He asked.
“Around 4” she said. “Can’t sleep?”
“No.” He said grumpily. “I feel worse. Being a hero sucks.” She smiled and kissed his cheek.
“Would anything make you feel better?” She nuzzled his cheek and he turned his head to face her.
“Maybe.” He kissed her, trying not to wince at the movement. She kissed him back, shifting her position so she leant over him, her elbows either side of him. With his right arm stuck under her, he stroked her thigh, all he could really reach. He ran his left hand down her side, cupped her as and squeezed. They kissed each other slowly, taking their time. She shifted her weight and freed his right hand, which came to rest on her ass with his left.
“How are we going to do this?” she whispered as she shifted again “Would you be better sitting up or laying down?”
“Decisions, decisions….” He mumbled against her. He thought about it for a moment. “Sitting up, I think.”
“OK” She helped him up as he winced and propped cushions behind him. “Do you think this is what it will be like when we’re really, really old?” He laughed and stroked her hair, pulling her gently to him for another kiss. “Are you OK there?” she asked, rubbing her cheek against his.
“Yep, let’s do this. Practice for our old age.”
“Tell me if it hurts” she said, knowing he wouldn’t. She gently straddled him, careful not to catch his bruises or the stitches. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she rocked her hips automatically, rubbing herself against him as she leant forward to kiss him. It felt good, the friction of him against her, one hand squeezing her ass, the other slowly easing its way up her body to cup her breast. His lips were on her neck, working their way slowly down her body as she leant back to allow him better access, lifting herself slightly until her breasts reached his mouth. He greedily seized one between his lips, squeezing the other gently, causing her to gasp. He slipped this free hand between her legs and felt her shiver as he began to stroke her clitoris. She closed her eyes and rocked herself against his thumb, feeling the pleasure building. She knelt a bit higher, creating space between them so she could slip her hand between them and felt him smile against her breast as she wrapped her fingers gently around him and began to slide her hand up and down his thick shaft. “Are you ok?”
“Oh yeah” he mumbled against her. She smiled and kissed the top of his head, let herself relax into the pleasure of his hands, his mouth, her hand. She could feel his breathing coming faster and gradually eased herself down onto him, widening her knees to take him as deeply as possible, rocking against him. He gripped her hips and matched her movements, the pleasure building for both of them, eclipsing his aches and pains. They moved faster against each other, so close now. He brushed his thumb over her clitoris one last time and felt her come, squeezing him tighter, pulling him over the edge with her, rocking against him to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. She rested her chin on his shoulder, breathing hard.
“I think we’re gonna be fine, when we’re really, really old” he said breathlessly into her shoulder. She laughed.
“I think so too. Just don’t make a habit of getting injured.”
“I promise.”