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Through windows

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You were on the top of the building, air rushing through your hair, your clothes and blowing in your ears. You looked up and saw the bright blue sky with the clouds moving fast through it, sign of an intense wind activity. When you looked down you saw the thirty meters that were separating you from the floor, the streets looking like long grey snakes with colorful ants on them. You felt your blood leaving your face and your stomach making knots. 

 You had never liked high placed space. Only one step forward and gravity was ready to remind you how it worked. Part of you was strangely drawn to it, desperately wanted to jump just to see how it felt to fly for about ten seconds. Another part of you felt extremely scared and just wished to step back and curl into a ball. The tension between those two parts caused your legs to wobble and become weak, but you held tight and clutched your hands to resist it. You turned nervously the ring that was on your index with your thumb. Whenever you felt yourself in a difficult situation, your turned it obliviously. 

 Was this how it was going to end ? A fall from the top of the building where you worked ? What a pitiful and common death. 

 Your turned around to face the barrel of a gun, a few inches away from your nose and you stared into its deep dark hole -like the eye of a beast – with fear and somehow, fascination.  

 “If you move, I’ll shoot you.” The man behind the gun hissed, the firearm slightly shaking between his hands. He had lost the control of the situation. 

 Deep inside, you almost scoffed. Move? Behind you was the void and in front, a bullet between your eyeballs. It wasn’t like you had a choice. If you weren’t that scared you would have found this comical. But there was nothing to laugh at. 

  Your body was shaking and you felt tears picking at the corner of your eyes. Even cynicism couldn’t help you from being terrified. And even though you didn’t want to obey him or found his words foolish, you quietly nodded, your throat too tight to even pronounce a syllable.  

 A gush of wind passed through you and your jacket started hitting your hips violently. You grasped it with your shivering hand to make it stop moving. 

The man in front of you trembled and drew the gun closer to you. 

 “I said don’t move!” 

 In a reflex strictly human, you stepped back, trying to set a distance between you and the deathly weapon. But you realized too late that you stepped on nothing but the emptiness and started falling backwards. A scream got stuck into your throat and you stared with wide opened eyes at the gunman  who seemed to be shrinking in size, your brain still processing what was happening. And you felt it, this uneasy feeling of butterflies trying to burst open your guts with this impression to weigh a ton. 

 You were falling. 

 You saw the windows of the building succeeding each others at an alarming rate and for a split second you thought to yourself: How did this all happen? 

 You remembered working in your office, struggling to get your files in order. A warm cup of coffee was steaming next to you and you could smell its spicy and strong perfume. You could hear the steps of your coworkers in the hallway and the faraway sound of a phone ringing in the distance. Then the minute after, this man had burst into the room. He had tried to rob the bank just next to the building and failed, therefore he went into your building, not knowing what to do and decided to take someone in hostage so the police would not arrest him. 

 You were the closest to the door, hence you were the one he chose. He had grabbed you by the hair to pull you closer to him then had pointed the gun at you, ordering your coworkers to not do anything potentially dangerous or he would shoot you. You were terrified, you didn’t even move. Then everything went really quick. 

 He heard the police men and the heroes already surrounding the building and obviously decided that the better option was to go on the roof. With you of course. He had thrown you there, closed the door and broke the handle with his gun so no one could follow him. You knew that he had no idea of what he was doing and was in fact panicking. While he had let go of you, you had stumbled backwards, trying to find an exit. But the only escape was obviously either death or the edge of the roof. And that’s where you went. 

When you were little you often felt frustrated to not have a hero-like quirk. Like flying. Instead you had a useless one that couldn’t help you in any case in this situation. 

Yeah flying would have been great. 

You felt your head spinning and you closed your eyes tightly preparing yourself for the shock on the bitumen. Even though you almost felt like everything was happening in slow motion, your thoughts were buzzing fast inside your head, numerous and uncoordinated like a swarm of bees. How many seconds was separating you from the floor? How many seconds before your consciousness and life fade away and your brain got turned into marmalade? Apart from the sound of the wind blowing in your ears and the blood pouring in your temples, you could hear the voices of the crowd at the bottom of the building getting closer and closer. The voices started screaming and you knew why. 

 That was the end. You were about to hit the floor. 

 When you could almost feel the smell of the people’s feet, suddenly you were stopped in your fall and you blew all the air that was in your lungs as something held your back as well as the back of your knees. It wasn’t hard like the floor, it wasn’t soft either then what could it be? You opened your eyes and saw two strong and muscular arms holding you tightly. You blinked and turned your head to face chest muscles with blue, red and white colors. 

 “HAVE NO FEAR BECAUSE I AM HERE!” a deep, loud and American-like voice chanted. At first you didn’t quite hear it because of a high pitched noise . You realized soon that it was your own voice and that you were in fact screaming since the beginning. You coughed and

stopped, your throat harsh and sore. 

 You looked up to see the bright and comforting smile of a hero that you knew too well with his two blond locks of hair pointing at the sky in a V shape. It was All Might, the number one hero. He had caught you just before hitting the floor. You weren’t that much into the hero culture but it was definitely difficult to avoid his exploits when that was everything that the medias talked about every single day. He was much more imposing than on pictures, that was sure. 

 “Are you hurt?” he asked without stopping to smile and you shuddered as if he was waking you up from a bad dream -which was probably the case- . 

 You shook your head and he burst out laughing in a warm and booming laughter which caused you to be shaken. Confused, you looked around and saw all the crowd staring at you both with admiration and envy for some of them. You spotted the paramedics that were waiting for All Might to give you to them. You realized that you were still shaking and had curled your fist around the fabric of the hero’s costume, holding it tight. 

 “I am going to put you down. Can you walk?”  

 You glanced down and even though you were only two meters above the ground -since the Hero was a giant- you felt your blood leaving your cheeks and your stomach twist. You gripped his costume even more tightly. 

 “Please don’t leave me.” You finally managed to articulate, looking straight into the shadows covering his eyes. In fact you wanted to say “please don’t let me go” but you mixed up your words. This sounded so clingy in your mouth, the color that had left your cheeks suddenly came back to color your face with a bright red. 

 All Might stared at you with his endless smile, looking slightly confused and somewhat impressed.  He laughed and you were once again shaken by the tremors of his chest. 

But that was true, you didn’t want to leave him. Maybe it was the shock but you were terrified that he would let go of you. You felt safe in his arms and since your head was spinning and throbbing, you were afraid that if he dropped you, you would collapse on the ground.  

 You hunched your shoulders and buried your head into his chest, the knuckles of your hand turning white with the pressure. You finally realized that you were about to die, that you were only a few inches away from Death and everything that had happened, -the man, the gun and the fall- just hit you like a train. Your body started shaking because of your sobs and tears started pouring down your face as waterfalls. All Might’s costume was starting to get wet because of it but he didn’t let you go. Instead he started looking around for help, looking very confused and anxious as he tried to think about something to comfort you. 

 “Hum It’s okay now! You are safe!” He exclaimed with a hearty laugh trying to reassure you. Obviously you knew it, it was the post traumatic shock that was making you look like a crybaby. But it didn’t make you feel less stupid to be crying like this. Each sob was making your head throb and giving you nauseas. 

 And suddenly you felt yourself go, you saw blackness surrounding your eyes and everything spinning around you. You gargled a few incomprehensible words before blacking out, your head flopping on his arm. Your hands that were gripping the fabric flabbily fell on your sides and you heard All Might’s voice in the distance as you were losing consciousness. 

 “Oh! They are fainting!” 



You woke up at the hospital but you didn’t stay there for long. The doctors told you that you fainted because of the shock but that everything was fine otherwise. They made a simple check-up and a few hours later you were able to leave.  

 You learned that All Might gave you to the paramedics and arrested the gunman that was trapped on the roof. You felt bad because you probably held him back when he had to do his superhero work. But as polite as the media described him, he didn’t manage to tell you. You wished you would have thanked him though. 

Just when you were about to pass though the exit, a nurse ran towards you with a paper in her hands. 

 “Here” She said handing you the small piece of paper, “That’s from All Might.” 

The nurse seemed to be reticent to give it to you -maybe was she a big fan of the Hero- but she did it anyway. You took it with a rather confused look and thanked her. You started walking again, turning the paper between your hands. 


“Get well soon! 

    -All Might “ 


That was simple, yet very nice. You smiled and put the paper into your pocket. He took the time to write you a little note just so you would feel better. All Might wasn’t the first Hero for nothing. You had interacted a little with him and it was probably the first and last time you did. It was fine though, it was better than nothing. You wondered for a second how a man with such big hands -like seriously his hands were the size of your chest- could have written on such a small paper. 

 You realized while you were walking home that you felt extremely uneasy. It wasn’t a feeling like when you feel that everyone is staring at you because your shirt is on backwards or that the sock in your shoe is slowly sliding down your foot. You literally felt unsafe. 

You glanced around and each person walking past you seemed like a potential danger. You felt somehow really anxious. You could hear the blood rushing in your ears and your hands getting disgustingly moist. Someone walked a bit too close to you and you jumped on the side while the person stared at you in confusion. You smiled awkwardly as you sputtered a few excuses before stepping up the pace, feeling a cold sweat running down your back. 

 “Now you are just being paranoid.” You said to yourself as you tightly grabbed the straps of your bag. 

 Someone with a dog walked towards you and you literally pressed yourself against the wall of a house to avoid it. The dog barked and you squealed, entirely persuaded that he was going to attack you. The master firmly grabbed the leash and excused himself before walking away. You stayed there, your body pressed so much against the wall that you thought you were going to pass through it and your heart pounding inside your chest as if it was about to explode. 

 Why were you acting this way? You took this road every single day so why were you suddenly feeling so scared of your surrounding?  

 You waited for your heart race to slow down before continuing to walk, even more uncomfortable than you were before. Your street wasn’t too far you thought, it was going to be okay. Only a few steps and you were in front of your doorstep, easy right? There was definitely nothing to worry about. Danger was something hero faced, not common citizens like you. 

  Just when you saw your door you noticed the mail man searching through his letters in front of it. 

 You don’t know, maybe he has a gun hidden in his pocket. 

 This thought had just popped into your head and you brushed it off by shaking your head. You were definitely getting paranoid. You knew the mail man, you’ve known him for about five years and yet you couldn’t let go of this insecure feeling telling you that he wanted to harm you. You tried not to look at him but each step getting you closer to him echoed in your ears. 

 You were persuaded that your heart was going to burst out of your chest.  The influx of blood was making your head dizzy.  When you finally reached your door and that the mail man was about to greet you, you stumbled into your house and slammed the door on him before locking it up. You pressed your back against the door, gasping for air, your heart still pounding. You still didn’t understand what had gotten into you. You heard the mail man walking away and tried to catch your breath. 

 What you just knew was that you had just experienced a panic attack. Everything outside was frightening. The people seemed to mean you harm and the whole world wanted to kill you. Was it…The after effects of the attack? You slid a shaking hand on your face, removing the sweat that had fallen on your forehead. 

 “It’s ok…I probably just need to sleep, right?” you said out loud, trying to convince yourself that tiredness was the cause of your reaction. 

 Even though your head was throbbing once again you walked upstairs to get into your room, your index obliviously  stroking your finger. You realized soon that the ring wasn’t on your finger anymore. 

 “Oh no!” you whimpered as you nervously delved into your bag , finding nothing, “I probably lost it when I fell!” 

 You gasped when a flash of your fall came back into your mind and you clutched your chest, feeling the beginning of a panic attack coming. You felt your eyes burning, desperately wishing to drop the tears that was picking at the corner of your eyes. You flopped on your bed, your bag still in your right hand and muffled a scream in your pillow. That was an utterly disastrous day. The gunman, the fall, your public humiliation, your behavior and now the loss of the most precious object you had. 

 Without knowing it you started slipping into a deep slumber, even though you already slept a lot at the hospital. The sun was setting on the horizon and in your last moments of consciousness, you thought about All Might. 

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Despite what you thought a few days ago, your state of mind didn’t change. You didn’t want to leave your house, even more: you couldn’t physically do it. You were utterly afraid of what was outside. You tried to leave to buy groceries once and you ended up in a panic attack on your doorstep, unable to move. Even opening the door was an obstacle and you had closed every curtains in your house, in fear to see something from the outside. You barely left your room, only to eat or go to the bathroom. 

 One night, after panicking over the phone when your family told you to try to go see a doctor, you searched on the internet for your symptoms and the truth hit you like a train: 


 You read it out loud “Anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives the environment to be unsafe with no easy way to get away”. You read that it was sometimes post traumatic and when you called a doctor, he confirmed it to you. When you heard it, you stayed on your bed, laying on your back and staring at the ceiling for about half an hour. You knew that being that afraid for things that would never happen was illogical. But you just couldn’t help it and the only thought to prove yourself wrong and go outside made your body shake and your stomach twist. It wasn’t rational, it was a phobia and you were totally under its control.

You had never been in such a state or ever experienced something like that. It was something that you usually thought "it happens to others but not to me". And you were. You felt helpless, hopeless and frustrated. You called your work and asked for a sick leave. They granted it to you without even hesitating, calling it “justified” and “well deserved”. You thanked them but inside you wanted to cry. 




When the last episode of your series ended, you turned off your laptop and deeply sighed. It was the third time that you watched it and it was getting tedious. You yawned and stood up from your chair before stretching your back. You wanted to make yourself a tea. 

You jumped above a pile of clothes and slalomed between a few bags of snacks to reach your door. Your room was getting messier and messier each day. Since you stayed here most of the time, your bedroom was accumulating trash and cups. While you were going down the stairs you thought that you should clean it at least a little. 

You got into your kitchen and poured some water into a kettle to make it boil. While you were putting a teabag into a cup you heard your phone ringing in your pocket. You picked up and heard the voice of your friend Betty: 

“Hi there! I was just checking on ya to see if you were doing better!” a joyful and high pitched voice greeted you. 

“Hi! thank you, I am.” You lied as you leaned on the counter of your kitchen. There was no need to worry her, you weren’t doing good but you weren’t doing bad either. 

“Have you left the house a little?” she asked, a hint of hope in her voice. 

“No not yet…” you sighed as a shiver ran down your spine, “I’m working on it.” 

Truth was that you had given up and were waiting for your phobia to pass even though you didn’t have high hopes. But there was no point in worrying her so you thought that lying was in fact the best choice. You started rubbing your index with your thumb and, realizing your ring wasn't there, you sighed.

“Tell me Betty…Do you have any other series I could watch? I finished the last one you showed me.” 

Betty was a huge fan of series, hence when she learned that you were getting bored she proposed to give you a few series that you might enjoy. You accepted her offer but you had finished them all since it was the major occupation you had. 

 “Already? Well no I think I’m out of propositions…” 

You sighed and poured the hot water into your cup.  

 “Nothing? Even a movie?” you tried as you turned the tea bag into the water. You were afraid to lose your mind if you didn’t find an occupation. If she was to say that she couldn’t find anything y- 

 “Oh I know!” she interrupted your thoughts, “There is this really cool movie about All Might? You should definitely check it out.”  

 “Uh I don’t know if-“ 

 “You met him right? That’s why I thought about it. Your story was crazy by the way, you should totally talk about it on a forum!” 

 You raised an eyebrow and stopped stirring your tea. 

 “On a forum?”  

 “Yes! There are a lot of forums dedicated to All Might. People that he saved tell their stories and chat with other people about it. Sounds like you!” Betty  said. 

 “Yeah that might be fun…” you mumbled, not really into forums but still interested by the idea. You didn’t meet a lot of people now that you were stuck in your house. You missed to talk with friends and having real conversations. This might be a good idea you thought. 

 “What’s the link?” 

You heard Betty squealed in happiness, glad that her idea was taken. 

 “I’m sending it to you!” 

 A millisecond later, you received a text message with a link.  

 “Thank you Betty. I’ll tell you about it.” You said with a smile. 

 “You’re welcome! Well I gotta go back to work, Ciao ciao!” 


You hanged up and stared at the link in your inbox while you were throwing the used teabag in the trash. Maybe it was going to be fun? Who knew? It was definitely going to be more fun than watching your eternal series over and over again. 

 You went upstairs and sat behind your laptop with your teacup. You inhaled deeply and entered the link in the search bar. Your screen showed you a red and blue website with the title “All Chat”. You scoffed at the title and scrolled a little. You could see that a few people were online and it was actually interesting to read their stories. Apparently even cats were saved by the hero and their masters were here to talk about it. There were diverse topics, some of them about the hero saving the writer’s life and some of them about meeting him in the street.  

 You noticed that sometimes, people were talking about their mental illness. Some about how All Might cured them and some about how they fought against it thanks to him each day. People seemed to be struggling as you were. And for the first time in days, you actually felt like you weren’t alone. 

  You spent several hours reading stories and conversations. You forgot your boredom, your isolation and your condition. It felt good. Everyone seemed friendly and attentive so you ended up creating an account. Alright, the first step was accomplished. You remembered Betty's words asking you to talk about your experience. 

 Therefore you clicked on a rectangular button with All Might’s hair on it and with written “Create Topic”. 

A text box appeared letting you the choice to write the title and below, to write your story. When you were about to tap, you held your hands in the air, trying to think about a title. You remembered that a few topics had a pun or a good catch-phrase as a title so more people would read it. You had no idea how you would call it so you just wrote: 

 “I fell into his arms” 

 You stared at the title before shrugging. Fair enough. You clicked on the text box below where you had to write your story -which was indicated by a little text “A STORY IS HERE”-. 

For a moment you didn’t know what to write. You didn’t really tell to your family what happened since you had not left your house for days and didn’t call them because you didn’t want them to worry. Plus you still felt like everything that happened wasn’t real and had trouble remembering exactly in details the incident. But then you thought: maybe talking about it was the first step to be cured? You took a deep breath and started typing. The words flew to the tip of your fingers and you felt like you would never be able to stop writing. 



It took you long enough  but you were almost finished writing your story and were actually happy about how it turned out! You felt almost like a weight was taken off your shoulders. You finished your sentence and corrected a few mistakes. You noticed that you could leave notes just at the end of your story and you decided to write something. 

You stared at your screen and wiggled your fingers. 

“Thanks to All Might I am now alive and I am forever grateful for it but after the incident I am no longer capable to leave my house, in fear to be attacked again. Hence I am happy to be able to talk about it since I don’t meet anyone. Thank you for reading this story!” 

Was it really useful and interesting to ramble about your problem online? Didn’t it feel like you were seeking for attention? Maybe.  But also perhaps other people were living the same thing as you. Perhaps those same people were now cured and could help you understand better your situation? 

You hit send and saw your topic popping in the “Topics of the day” section. You sighed and sipped your tea now cold, waiting for people to read it. You realized that it was now pretty late -almost midnight- . 

“Maybe I should sleep…” you thought to yourself while yawning. 

But then you remembered that you didn’t have work tomorrow and wanted in fact, to stay a bit longer on the forum. You had read a lot of topics but there were still hundreds of them. You scrolled a bit and noticed a chat box literally called “The Might Box”. You first didn’t see it because it was small and you thought that it was an ad -since the title was flashing-. You looked at the meter at the top of the website, indicating the number of people online and saw that you were barely ten still online. You subconsciously licked your upper lip and decided to give it a try. 

 When you clicked on it, the chat box grew a bit bigger and went in the middle of your screen. You could see everything displayed: 


YOU: Hello is there anybody here? 

You waited for a bit wondering if anyone could see your messages. You feared for a moment that nobody ever went there but a beep sound notified you that someone entered the chat box as well. Your heart bumped into your chest: finally! 


TOSHI: Hi there! Welcome on the All Chat forum I’m Toshi 

You smiled, feeling excited to talk to someone new. It felt so good! Why didn’t you go on this forum before! 

YOU: Thank you! I’m really glad to be here 


It was an All Might pixel art doing a thumb up. You chuckled and answered by sending him a smiling emoji. 

YOU: Have you been on this forum for a long time? 

TOSHI: Yes. A friend of mine showed me this forum and advised me to get an account. I am one of the moderators here, we are three. You might see them some day but since it’s pretty late, I think they are sleeping. The admin is “All Might”. If you have any question, we are here to help you. 

YOU: Wait…Is it the real All Might? 

TOSHI: Haha no 

YOU: How can you be so sure? Maybe he is hiding behind that pseudo and think that no one would suspect a guy literally called All Might! 

 You were having fun. Toshi seemed nice and it was good to chat with him. You waited for his answer but all you could see was “Toshi is typing” flickering as if he was writing something then immediately deleting it. 

 TOSHI: I just know it’s not him 

 You squinted your eyes, wondering if Toshi had met in real life the person called All Might. You were about to type something when a “beep!” notified you that he had started talking before you. 

 TOSHI: I saw that you posted a topic called “I fell into his arms”. 

 YOU: I did...I suck at writing don't I lol 

 TOSHI: Oh no it was good, really interesting to read 


 TOSHI: Are you the person that fell from the building a few days ago? 

 You wondered for a second how he knew this. You didn’t know that the media had talked about it –however you didn’t take the newspaper anymore -… All Might was famous, maybe a few reporters were there the day  it happened. 

 YOU: Yes 


 TOSHI: I’m sorry about you had to go through. I read your note , is it true that you can’t leave your house? 

 You felt your heart pounding inside your chest, remembering suddenly why you were on this forum and the fear of the outside. It took you some time to answer. 

 YOU: Yes 

 For a moment you didn’t see him typing as if he was thinking about something to say.  

 TOSHI: Do you b 


 TOSHI: Sorry I hit send before finishing my sentence 

 TOSHI: Do you blame him for what happened? 

 When you read the sentence it was almost like Toshi was personally worried about what you might think of All Might. You often wondered what had gone wrong but you never thought that he was the one to blame for your illness. You started typing fast to correct your mistake. 

 YOU: No not at all!! I am so grateful that he saved my life, the only person to blame is myself! I am more concerned about All Might whom probably was ashamed to hold a crybaby 

YOU: Also I fainted into his arms which is pretty humiliating 

 TOSHI: I’m sure he doesn’t mind 

 TOSHI: You went through a lot and he probably understands 

 When you saw Toshi writing this, you could feel a single tear rolling down your cheek. You sniffled and wiped it away. Wow it was like you had been seeking for someone to say that for a long time. This forum was amazing. 

 YOU: Say Toshi... 

 TOSHI: Yes? 

 YOU: Have you ever met All Might? The real one I mean 


 TOSHI: We could say that 

 You stared at your screen. This wasn't an answer. You could feel that there was much more behind those words. But you didn't question it. Toshi had been really nice to you. 

 YOU: That means you did right? He is a really nice person isn't he 

 There was a short amount of time where Toshi didn't write. 

 TOSHI: Do you really think so? 

 YOU: Well duh! He is amazing, charming and is the number one hero?? 

  TOSHI: He doesn't save everyone and probably has a side which isn't so heroic

 YOU: Nobody can save everyone and has to be a hero all the time! 

  YOU: He is human (well probably) and humans make mistakes. We aren't perfect, are we?

 You felt like you were defending a member of your family or a friend. Toshi seemed really doubtful about All Might. And still he was on this forum? You couldn't quite understand him. 


 TOSHI: I guess you're right 

 TOSHI: Sorry it's just that sometimes I question his actions. What you think of him is really nice

  YOU: I wish he could read that lol

  TOSHI: Yes...

 TOSHI: I have to go to work now but it was pleasant to talk to you, I hope we can do it more in the future 

 TOSHI: If you have any question about the forum or All Might, I'm here to help you.  I hope you'll get well soon 

 YOU: Thank you that's actually what All Might said to me 

 TOSHI: Is that so? Well goodbye now! 


 YOU: Bye! 



 You stared at your screen, a faint smile on your face. You had a real conversation with someone! It felt so good and so refreshing! It was not in real life but it seemed like a start.

 You had escaped for a short amount of time the oppression of your walls. 

You left the forum and turned off your computer. Once you got on your bed you felt a bit sleepy from all your time on screen. But you were happy. Talking about people that you couldn't see had something exciting and it reminded you when you were younger and played online games on your parents' computer. Someone normal could not have seen why you were so pleased. It was just talking to someone on a laptop, anyone could do that. But to you, it was a step forward on the way of healing. 

 You clutched your pillow and sighed joyfully. Tomorrow was maybe going to be better than the other days. You wondered for a second what kind of job started in the middle of the night but without knowing it, you fell asleep and dreamt of All Might. 

 The night went fast and in no time it was already morning, the sun rising in the horizon. A faint ray of sunshine was passing through a gap of your curtain, gently warming your left cheek. You didn't feel it though, you were deeply asleep.  


You didn't even hear the sound of something knocking on your door. 


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In the mist of your sleep you heard the faint sound of something pounding. At first you thought that it was the woodpecker that sometimes went on the tree in front of your house. You imagined it pecking at the wood with strength and energy. But the sound was too loud, too near, how a simple bird could make such a noise? 

 You ended up waking up, slowly emerging from the depths of slumber. You soon realized that it wasn’t a bird but someone knocking on your door. You sat on your bed in a hurry, suddenly feeling anxious. Someone was knocking on your door, you said it one more time in your head. You felt your pulse racing in your carotid and cold sweat starting to roll down your back.  

 What if it was someone that wanted to kill you? 

 You shook your head. An irrational thought, you knew it. It was probably the mail man. He was going to go away eventually. 

 You waited, your arms clutching your knees tightly. He just wouldn't go away.

 “The knocking seems really near though...” You thought. 

 Knock...Knock – Knock – Knock? 

 It almost  seemed like the person wasn’t really sure of what they were doing. You scooted to the edge of your bed and sat there. You listened, your heart pounding into your chest. It wasn’t the sound of someone knocking on a wooden door. Was You turned your head to the right, and stared at your window with the curtains closed. The noise was coming from here. 

 You stood up and gulped, trying to get rid of the pressure. Birds often waited on your window to get some crumbs that you gave them. Maybe were they pecking at the window? But you noticed some kind of large shadow behind your curtains. A big bird? You laughed nervously. 

 Definitely not. 

 Without knowing it, you were in front of your window. Whatever was outside noticed you and immediately stopped knocking. You shivered and grabbed the edges of your curtains with your shaking and sweaty hands.  

 “It’s probably the shadows of the tree.” You said out loud, nearly convincing yourself. 

 You somehow found the courage to open your curtains in a swift movement. 

 “Ah! I am here!” the loud and energetic voice of the number one hero echoed behind the window. 

 All Might, in a yellow striped suit with a blue tie was literally crouched on the barrier of your window, smiling bright as always and raising a flat hand to greet you. 

 “Good morning!” he added with a booming laughter. 

 The scream that you let out wasn’t human -and honestly was more like shrieking than screaming- nor was your expression. You stumbled backwards and fell on your butt, staring at him with wide opened eyes. Your muscles were still shaking because of the shock and you stayed there, on the floor, wearing pyjamas and socks and looking like you just had witnessed the devil himself. And what an handsome devil! Your jaw dropped. 

 Meanwhile, All Might looked deeply concerned. 

 “I startled you! I apologize, I didn’t mean to!” he said in a guilty voice which made it comical because of the glass which stifled the sound of it. 

 You mumbled a few words but couldn’t take your eyes off of him. All Might was here, at your window. Were you dreaming? Probably. 

 “Are you ok (Y/N)?” you heard him say, looking more and more worried. 

 You stood up and nodded quietly to make him understand that you were fine before walking slowly back towards the window. You opened it, still with the feeling that you were having a dream. The fresh morning air blew into your face and you stood there, holding the window in your right hand while the other was hanging on your side. 

 “All...Might?” You whispered, your brain still trying to process it. 

 His smile grew bigger. 

 “It is I! May I come in?” 

 You blinked twice, surprised, but stepped aside to let him jump on your floor.  When his feet hit the floor you could feel the walls slightly shaking. God! He was big! Your head was at the level of his ribs and his two locks of hair were curved by the ceiling and his skull was brushing against it. You didn’t really notice it when you were in his arms but what you read on the forum was true: he truly was gigantic. 

 “Oh a bit low your ceiling!” you heard him muttered while looking up. 

 All Might...The number one hero, the man who saved countless lives , was in your bedroom. And complaining about your ceiling. There was something absolutely surreal here. 

 “Am I...dreaming?” You asked while scratching the back of your neck. You were convinced that at some point he was going to change into a rabbit or something and that little fairies were going to greet you. There was no way All Might was standing right in front of you. But you were in the reality weren't you?

 All Might turned around to face you and smiled -but was that even possible to smile even more?-

 “I am pretty much real and so are you!” he answered with another booming laughter that made you smile awkwardly, “At least, I hope!” 

 You kept staring at him in total disbelief, looking like a cheap doll with your eyes round as plates. All Might tried to make his way through your room, trying to not step on the mess covering the floor. You regretted not cleaning yesterday. You felt a bit embarrassed. 

 “Sorry for the mess.” You mumbled, blushing heavily when you glanced at an underwear lying mercilessly on the floor. 

All Might waved his hand, showing you that he didn’t mind. 

“I came here without warning you before. I am not in position to question your environment.”  

You looked at him to be sure and he smiled to reassure you. You just couldn’t process what was happening. Yesterday you were talking about All Might on a forum, convinced that you saw him once but were not going to twice, and now here he was standing right in front of you. In your bedroom. Which, by the way, really disturbed you. 

“Why were you on the window?” you finally asked as you sat on your bed. 

The Hero who was looking around as if your room was a new scenery to discover, turned his gaze towards you. 

“I knocked on your door but you didn’t answer therefore I knocked on your window!” 

You couldn’t see what was logical with this kind of reasoning and stared at him in confusion. Why the hell would someone knock on the window if knocking on the door didn’t work? Plus your window was rather high, he literally had to jump high to get there -which wasn’t so strange considering his super powers- but still! What if you weren’t there? Worst, what if you were changing with the curtains open? You were going to ask him a few more questions but he sat on the bed next to you. The mattress literally bent under his weigh and you had to hold your sheet tight to not fall on him. 

“I am terribly sorry if I disturbed you.” 

“Oh uh it’s okay...I only was sleeping.” 

“I woke you up! I apologize, I wanted to give you back something and since I’m often busy I wanted to do it while I still had time!” 

He put his hand in his pocket and got something small out. When he handed it to you recognized your ring who appeared to be the size of a pea in his massive hands. 

“My ring?!” you exclaimed, a smile coming upon your lips. You thought it was lost for good! You couldn’t describe the feeling you got when you saw it. 

“...I found it in the fabric of my costume and I assumed that it was yours.” 

You took it and your hands looked so small compared to his. You could feel the heat radiating from his skin and it reminded you of this moment of security you felt when you were in his arms. 

“Thank you so much...I was looking for it.” You said as you raised your head to meet his shadowy gaze and smiled heartedly, “It is something really precious to me...” you added as you turned the small ring between your fingers. 

The big hero stared at you with somehow a fond expression, while you were looking down at your ring, unaware of his intense gaze. 

“How did you find where I was living?” You asked, and he looked away. 

“I merely went to your work and asked to see you. But you weren’t there and your co-workers explained to me that you were sick. They gave me your address so I could give this to you.”  

“Oh I see.” You whispered absently. That's why he knew your name too. Your co-workers probably told him. 

You hoped that he wasn’t going to ask you if you were doing better or something. You didn’t want to talk about it. You were ashamed to feel so mentally weak and, thinking about what Toshi said, you didn’t want him to blame himself for something that wasn’t his fault. 

“However,” he turned his head to look straight into your eyes, and you shivered, feeling it coming, “You don’t look sick to me! I am not judging, I am merely happy to see you in good health!” 

He was smiling bright and you felt guilty for what you were about to say. You sighed and turned the ring -which was now where it belonged: on your index-  with your thumb.  

“I am sick but not that kind of sick...” you muttered, avoiding his gaze and gesturing at yourself, “After the incident, I...well the doctors call it a post traumatic shock and turns out I don’t know for how long it is going to last but...” 

You stopped to look at him, hoping that it was enough. But he was looking at you patiently with his hands on his knees, obviously waiting for you to tell him more. 

“I -uh- became agoraphobic. I can’t leave my house, barely my room. At all. It’s too scary.” You finally admitted, turning the ring with your thumb even more quickly. 

It was like something heavy had just laid on your chest and you felt your throat tightened.

Admit to your hero your weakness really hurt. It was like admitting that you were only good to be saved, and weren’t any more special that all the people in danger in this world. Maybe it was selfish, but you did want to be special to him. Who wouldn’t? You knew he had a few associations that offered handouts and it was probably normal to him to give back lost objects or check on ill people. Hence, yes, it was normal to him, even worst maybe it was his hero duty. And realizing this, when he was the first person to come to your house in days, really was painful. You clenched your fist.

Somehow, he didn’t seem more surprised than that. He nodded and hummed quietly, his smile fainting for a split second. You suddenly feared his reaction, your breath got stuck into your throat. 

Please don’t show me pity, not you, not you All Might. 

You closed your eyes shut, the same way you did when you thought you were going to hit the floor. In both cases you thought you were going to get hurt. But once again...nothing happened. 

“I hope you can find activities to do then!” he exclaimed, his booming laughter unexpectedly warming you inside. 

You opened your eyes. 

“M-me too.” You sputtered, still unsure about what to say but smiled anyway. You really thought he was going to say something like “sorry” or “how hard it must be”. But instead, he decided to be concerned about your boredom. You didn’t know if he felt that you didn’t want to be pitied for it or if it was just the way he was:  


It made you feel better. All of this. You had your ring back and All Might personally came to talk to you. That was sweet. Better than that, that was awesome. 

“I didn’t propose but...Do you want a tea or something?” You asked, a smile brighter than before on your lips, “I’d like to thank you properly.” 

All Might laughed and stood up. You could almost hear your bed cry out of relief. 

“That would be lovely but unfortunately I have to go to school. Not as a student but as a teacher of course!” He burst into a new laughter as he put his hands on his hips. 

“Oh that’s right you are a teacher at the famous hero school.” You said, a bit disappointed to see him leave. But unlike you, he had a job to do. He nodded in agreement then walked towards the window. 

“I deeply apologize again for the sudden intrusion. I hope I was not too much of a bother!” 

“No don’t worry that was, well, unexpected but rather pleasant.” You answered as you stood up as well, “Thank you again for the ring.” 

“You’re welcome!” 

He gently put his hand on your shoulder and you felt once again the warmness of his skin. It felt good. You almost wanted to tilt your head on the side so he could warm your cheek. You blushed at this thought which was far more intimate than your relationship with him allowed it. 

“Get well soon!” He said as he spanned over the window. 

“Thank you..." You answered while waving your hand to say goodbye. 

All Might jumped into the air and you had to protect your face with your arms because of the wind his jump created. You heard his laugh echoing in the distance and you stared at the sky, your pyjamas falling from your shoulder, looking like a fool.

You stayed in front of the window for a long time before closing it. You were left at your initial state, alone in your bedroom. It seemed so surreal...but when you started doubting about what happened, the familiar feeling of your ring on your index reminded you that it was real. You ran your hand through your hair and sighed. 

If someone had told you that, of all people that could visit you, All Might would come, you obviously would have not believed them. You looked around your messy room and felt bad. 

“I should definitely clean it if he were to come back again.” You sighed while you put an empty pack of biscuits in the trash. 

You thought about what you just said for a second then scoffed. “If he were to come back again”? What a silly idea that was. He came to give you back your belonging and as far as you knew, you had not lost anything else. Plus he probably did this all the time right? Visit people. Or sent someone from time to time when he couldn’t. You nodded in agreement to your own thought while throwing a used tea bag in the trash. 




Your morning and afternoon passed slowly. You cleaned a little but not that much. But you were in a much happier mood. You couldn't stop thinking about this visit. You were so happy about having your ring back and the kindness All Might showed you. You watched a movie and even though it wasn't that great, you didn't complain. You even phoned Betty to thank her for the forum. After this phone call, you thought about going again on the forum.

You went upstairs to get to your room and turned on your laptop. Your screen shined back to life and you saw that you had a few messages on your story. You sat on your chair -forgetting all about cleaning your room- and opened the forum.

There were a few comments, mostly about how awful it must have been to live and how great it was that you were alive. A few of them were arguing about All Might's work and how he was always on time and a few more cheering for you. You smiled and answered to all of them. Since it had gotten pretty successful, you thought about writing more. You wondered if you should write about your meeting with the number one hero. In a way you wanted to keep it to yourself because it felt like keeping something secret which was exciting, but you also wanted to talk about it, after all it was amazing!

You stayed a long time staring at the "Create topic" button, unsure about doing it or not. Your gaze fell on the little chat box and you noticed that Toshi was there. You felt somehow really excited and happy to see their username. If you couldn't write about the last event, you could at least talk about it with them! You remembered that they seemed doubtful about All Might's true intentions. They might be interested about your story.


TOSHI: Oh hi there!

YOU: Hi Toshi! What's up?

TOSHI: Not much, I'm in the subway and going back home. I had a lot of papers to fill for my work.

Oh so they worked in the daytime and night-time, they seemed to be a really hard worker. From what you could see it was an adult and of mature years because of the way they talked. Man or woman, you had no idea.  You wondered what kind of job they had. Maybe they had two of them?

TOSHI: Are you feeling any better?

YOU: Yes! Thank you, something amazing happened today, like, you probably won't believe me!


TOSHI: Good to hear that! What happened?

YOU: All Might came to my home


TOSHI: All Might? Were you in danger?

YOU: No no! So remember what I said in my story? Well I had a ring and I lost it, All Might found it and returned it to me!

You felt happy just thinking about it again.

TOSHI: That is really nice

YOU: I know right!

TOSHI: Did it make you feel better?

YOU: I guess, it didn't cure me but it sure was a nice visit...Plus I really care about this ring, I was really sad when I realized I had lost it

TOSHI: Is it important to you?

YOU: Yes, my mom gave it to me just before she died, don't worry I got over it it's just that it reminds me of her so yes it is important

TOSHI: I know the feeling of losing someone close to you, hence I understand

TOSHI: I am glad that All Might could give it back to you, those kind of objects are irreplaceable

You thought that Toshi was a really caring and compassionate person. You felt like there was some kind of connection between the two of you. It would be nice to meet them in real life.

YOU: Glad you understand!



TOSHI: I have to go, I am going to meet someone and won't be able to talk to you any longer I'm afraid

YOU: Oh it's okay, what are you two going to do? Is it a date?

TOSHI: N;;§     t

YOU: What


TOSHI: Sorry I dropped my phone

TOSHI: It;s not a dzte, he is a youmg boy wth whom I spend a lot of time.. I guess we coujld say I'm his mentor

Toshi seemed to be the kind to be flustered easily according to the number of typos they made when they were typing fast. You chuckled.

YOU: Sorry I was just joking! It's cool though I'm sure he must be happy to have you as a mentor

TOSHI: I hope so too, he is a really competent and intelligent boy, I really appreciate him. I am sure he will become an even better person than he is now when he grows up.

You could feel love emanating from his messages. You didn't know who was this young boy but Toshi definitely liked him a lot. It made you smile.

YOU: You sound like a proud parent


TOSHI: One of my colleague often tells me that I look like in fact a proud dad. Maybe I nurse him too much haha

You laughed out loud. That was such a cute thing to say. You read the sentence again. Oh Toshi was a man?  You heard a "beep!" and looked at your screen.

TOSHI: I see him, I have to go

YOU: Wait Toshi!


YOU: Can you keep for yourself what I told you about All Might? I was thinking about writing a topic about it but...I think I'd just like to keep it for myself. Like a secret you know? Plus maybe he doesn't want to receive dozens of letters asking him to come to people's home.

TOSHI: That's very considerate of you. Don't worry I won't say anything

YOU: Thank you. Goodbye Toshi, have fun

TOSHI: Goodbye!



You wondered how much of a fan Toshi was but somehow you trusted him to keep your secret.

Chapter Text

You noticed that it was getting cold outside. You had to wear your hoodie all the time as well as comfy socks. The weather service confirmed it to you when you were watching the television and skipping through the channels. It wasn't winter yet but the weather was already getting colder and the sky greyer. You were not complaining though, it felt nice to warm yourself under the blanket or have a burning cup of tea between your hands.

You were walking to your kitchen, listening to the TV which was in your living room. Thinking about tea, you wanted to make one. You took your kettle and poured water into it then left it to boil. You could hear the presenter speaking about the news.

"...A big storm will be coming in a few days therefore we advise the whole population to stay home with their family until it is over."

You shrugged while getting a mug out of the cupboard. You learnt this morning that your family was going for a road-trip on the country side and were only coming back in two weeks or so. For your part, you weren't going to leave the house any time soon, hence there was nothing to worry about. You continued to listen to the show anyway.

"In other news, the number one hero, All Might, saved yesterday a school bus that was being attacked by a group of super villains." when you heard his name, you stopped what you were doing to look at the screen.

"All Might defeated them then proceeded to save the bus as well as all the children inside."

You heard his laugh that you knew too well erupting in the distance while the camera was zooming on the bus. You saw him, always true to form, smiling bright and shining like the sun. He was holding in his arms a young child while laughing loudly.

"It's fine now, why? Because I am here!" He recited his famous catch-phrase and you felt your heart swelling with an indescribable feeling, something warm, something soft.

Maybe it was love.

You shook your head and poured the hot water into your mug. It wasn't love. Admiration maybe. All Might was someone really good and kind, you saw it two days ago when he came. It was normal that you admired him a lot.

Still...When you saw the little child in his big arms you couldn't help but feel a twinge. It was you some days ago. You were in these very arms. You inhaled then sighed deeply to remove this uneasy feeling that had set into your chest.

You were about to grab a tea bag before noticing that the box wasn't there. You remembered that you left it upstairs earlier and sighed.

"Now you just have to go search for it..." you grunted with annoyance as you walked towards your stairs.

You were in the middle of your staircase when you heard a noise coming from your room. You stopped and listened carefully. There was some kind of muffled sound. What could it be? As far as you knew, your laptop was turned off and your phone was in your pocket. You felt your heart suddenly pounding into your chest, but not of fear: of excitement.

Maybe it was All Might?

This single thought made your heart skip a beat. You climbed the stairs faster and opened your bedroom. It was empty but there was irrevocably something behind your window, you heard it. You walked towards it -"ran" would actually be more accurate- and opened your curtains so quickly that you thought you were going to rip them off.

But in front of you was no massive body or shimmering smile. The smile that had come upon your lips fainted to be replaced by a confused and deceived expression. You looked down and noticed a tabby cat, meowing desperately in front of your window.

"A...Cat?" you muttered in disbelief.

You opened your window and the cat came in without hesitation, meowing against your legs. What was this all about? As far as you knew you didn't own a cat. You bowed to pet it and noticed that its fur was cold.

"Oh it's the weather! You must be pretty cold outside, right little guy?" You said while petting it more. The cat purred against your hand.

You closed the window and watched the cat walking around, staring at your room with curiosity. It wasn't shy and seemed completely comfortable with you. Maybe it was used to humans. But you had no idea it had chosen your house in particular.

When it was finished with its visit, it came back to you, meowing even more and looking at you. You kneeled to pet it once again but it kept meowing.

"Are you hungry?" You asked as if it was going to answer, "Is that so?"

The cat let out a plaintive meow. You didn't have cat croquettes but you remembered that you had some ham left in your fridge.  You closed the door and went downstairs to get it. The cat followed you, its tail wagging with curiosity behind it.

You opened your fridge and grunted. There was indeed some ham but not much else. Two yogurts were sitting in the back of your fridge and a single tomato was dying on the right. You had not made any groceries since you got stuck here and your food was slowly running out. You knew you could purchase some and make it deliver to your home but you weren't sure you could open the door. You knew that a lot of newspapers were sitting on your doorstep because they were too big to get into the mail slot and you didn't find any courage to take it.

But there will be a time where you won't have anything to eat and will be compelled to order some food.

You sighed and took the ham to cut it in small pieces before putting it on a plate. The kitty was still meowing between your legs. It had noticed the ham and apparently was really interested. You poured some water into a bowl then put both of them on the floor.

The cat pounced on the plate and hungrily devoured the defenceless pieces of ham. It was making little happy noises and you chuckled. It was cute.

You never had a cat but really liked those animals. You found them friendly. You didn't know why it had chosen your home but you were happy to be helpful.

"You are not All Might but I'm still glad to have you here." You smiled while looking at it lapping the water.

You didn't think that the cat was going to stay but it felt good to have someone else at home. You pet it and you felt that its fur was already getting warmer. You hummed quietly and when the cat finished, you removed the plates to put it in the dishwasher. The cat started walking around again, licking its muzzle with satisfaction. You saw it brushing itself against the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh you want to go now? Well that was quick."

For the umpteenth time, you went upstairs and once again the cat followed you. You felt a bit stupid to talk like that to a cat but a lot of people did this. Plus what if it was someone that had the quirk which allowed them to transform into an animal? You thought about it for a second.

"Hey if you know someone that cures mental illness, just hook me up alright?" You scoffed. You didn't laugh a lot alone here, there was nothing bad with a little of humour right? You were about to open the door of your bedroom when you heard a noise coming from inside. You sighed.

"Hey don't tell me you brought your friends too, I don't have much ham left."

You glanced down at the cat who stared right back at you with innocent eyes. God it was cute.

You opened the door, ready to see several cats waiting for you outside the window. But there was no cat.

Only All Might.

He was smiling and waving at you behind the window in a dramatic pose -you could almost see sparkles all around him-

"Hi there! May I come in?"

Your heart didn't skip a beat this time, it literally stopped. When you thought you were going to faint from the lack of blood in your brain, your heart started pounding hard into your chest. You heard it knocking against your ribs, echoing through all of your body. You walked towards the window, smiling at least as much as he did and opened it.

"All Might? You came back?" You gasped, a hint of genuine relief in your voice. He apparently was decided to enter by your window. You were not complaining.

"Am I disturbing you?"

"No, not at all, please come in." You said as you opened the window wider.

He jumped inside and you closed the window. You kept staring at him with this familiar feeling that everything wasn't real. This time he wasn't wearing a suit, only a white shirt and green cargo pants. You had to admit that it suited him, the shirt was tight and perfectly casting his muscles. You stared at him in awe.

"Why are you here? Is there a danger in the neighbourhood?" You suddenly asked, worried that the reasons of his visit were far more serious than just a courtesy visit.

All Might waved your worries away.

"Nothing, do not worry! Your neighbourhood is safe. I was only checking on you!"

"Checking" You repeated as if you didn't quite hear it. Were you blushing? Oh you totally were.

"I was around and decided to see if you were doing any better! I hope I am not bothering you."

Your jaw dropped in surprise. All Might had thought about you? Like, he literally thought at some point "oh I'm going to visit that person who fainted into my arms once". You could barely believe it.

Still, he was smiling to you and maybe it was only an intuition but you felt that he was genuinely happy to see you somehow.

"That's...That's nice thank you." You sputtered, not knowing what to say.

The cat -which was still in the room with you- walked past you to greet All Might and brush himself against his legs.

"Oh you have a cat!" He said as he patted its head with two fingers.

"Well not really...It was cold and hungry and kept meowing behind my window. I let it in and now it doesn't want to go." You explained as you scratched the back of your neck. You stared at him while he kneeled to pet it. The cat was purring loudly and rolling its back on the floor.

"It's a female!" The hero said while scratching her jaw.

There was something incredibly cute with All Might, massive as he was, carefully petting the cat and restraining his strength to do it. You couldn't help but chuckle.

"Hm? What is it?" All Might asked, holding the cat in his hands and looking at you. You pursed your lips and looked away.

"Sorry...It's just that you are really cute."

All Might stared at you and you stared back at him.

No way you just told him that.

You clasped your hand in front of your mouth and backed away.

"I-I mean uh..."

All Might turned his head and curled his fist in front of his mouth to muffle a cough. You were convinced that for a split second he had blushed. But maybe it was the reflection of the light. You meant, there was no way a pro hero was flustered for so little. You saw him wiping something away at the corner of his mouth.

There was an embarrassed silence and both of you were looking in different directions. You were hitting yourself mentally: why did you say that?!

"I...brought some tea." All Might suddenly said while handing you a small plastic bag.

You blinked and took it. Inside was a cylindrical box.

"I didn't want to intrude your house without a present." He explained, regaining his joyful expression.

"That's really kind! I'm going to make some then!" You blurted out of excitement, "Just stay there, I'll be right back!"

You rushed towards the door with the little box, followed by All Might's gaze. Your heart was hammering against your chest, causing your face to flush red. You were so embarrassed and so happy!

You took your kettle and started boiling some water.

All Might came back.

You couldn't believe it. All Might was waiting patiently in your room for some tea. And then you realized: You were going to have tea with All Might? Oh God what was happening?!

You remembered what you said to him and felt yourself cringe.

"Why did I say that?!" You grunted while slapping your forehead.

You sounded like a teenage girl that for the first time talked to her crush and instead of engaging a conversation with him, had vomited on his shoes. You felt incredibly cheerful though. Of all the people he could have visited, he chose you. You smiled fondly and grabbed two cups and put them on a tray. When the water boiled, you removed it from the fire and added the tea. You put it on the tray as well and took it to the stairs.

"You just gotta keep it cool alright?" You murmured to yourself, "He isn't All Might, he is your guest. You just gotta treat him normally."

You entered the room and saw him holding a small piece of paper in one hand while the other was on his hip, his back facing you. He had removed his shoes to not dirty your floor and had put them in a corner. You stared at his back muscles and felt your grip around the tray tightening.

All Might was attractive.

You didn't notice it when you saw him twice, you had other things in mind. But now that he was there, you could actually see him and felt your body warming up. You really liked tall guys.

"Uh tea is ready." You mumbled as you put the tray on the Japanese coffee table in the middle of your room.

All Might turned around and smiled. You kneeled in front of your table and invited him to do the same with a gesture of your hand. He thanked you and kneeled at the opposite side of the table. Even once kneeled, his height was about yours when you were standing. You poured the tea -which had a reddish coloration- in one of the cups and handed it to him.

"I took a big cup for you." You smiled awkwardly as he took it. Your hands brushed together and you felt the warmness of his skin. You shivered.

The cup was big but still looked like a normal cup in his giant hands.

"Thank you!" He said joyfully, "I hope you'll like the tea."

"I'm sure I will. Say, what were you looking at just before I arrive?"

You hoped that it wasn't something weird you forgot about years ago.  Like one of those fidelity cards for free underwear if you have enough stamps on it.

"I have taken the liberty to look at the card that was on your table. You kept it!" He said while showing you the card he had written when you got in the hospital.

"Oh! Yes, well it wasn't something I was going to throw away, was it?" You sighed out of relief. Your underwear secret was safe, "It was really nice, thank you by the way."

"You're welcome!"

He seemed really happy that you kept it. You didn't tell him that you sometimes took it to look at it when you were feeling a bit low.

You took your own cup and closed your eyes to smell it. It was soft, and vaguely smelled like red fruits. You tasted it, being careful to not burn your tongue and it was sweet, fruity and wooded -which reminded you of a forest- and slightly acidic in the end. It was a good tea. You opened your eyes and noticed that All Might was staring at awe? His eyebrows were raised, his mouth half-opened and was still holding the cup with his hand. He could also be looking at you like you were an alien but you had no idea since you were really bad at deciphering emotions.

"Sorry I always do this when I taste a new tea." You chuckled out of embarrassment.

All Might seemed to blink back to reality -which was not easy to say since his eyes were in the shadows of his brow bones- and chuckled.

You heard it well. He literally chuckled. All Might (The number one hero), a seven feet high man, chuckled. Just to make that clear: He chuckled!

That was adorable.

"No that's not it, I apologize I didn't mean to stare at you that way."

He sipped his tea and you stared at him with a gaze that was far from looking clever. Why was he looking at you then? You discreetly rubbed your face to see if you had anything on it.

"Your tea is really good." You said, "I wish I could offer you biscuits to go with but I'm afraid I'm out of any kind of food..."

"Is that so?" He asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah...Since I don't leave the house I don't go for groceries either. I know I should order some but 'guess I'm too much of a coward for that."

"You are not a coward." All Might said quietly in a serious tone that made you raised an eyebrow, "You are in a state that prevents you from acting normally. And there is nothing to blame you for."

"I'm far from being a hero though." You laughed but your laugh sounded fake.

All Might turned his head and with his free hands patted the cat's head who was curled into a ball next to him.

"Hero save lives. And you saved one today, am I wrong?"

You wanted to say something but your words got stuck into your throat. You glanced down at the cat who was purring softly against the hero's palm. All Might really made efforts to make you feel better. And you really appreciated it.

"Cat Savior sounds like a good hero name right?" You smiled while sipping your tea.

He burst into a booming laughter.

"It does!"

Your laugh added up to his. You liked the way this was going. The ambiance in your bedroom felt friendly and warm, like a family meeting for thanksgiving. You still felt a little pressured to be around All Might but you didn't feel any kind of discomfort anymore.

"Thank you All Might."

The pro hero blushed and laughed even more loudly to cover his embarrassment. How a grown man could be so adorable?

"Talking about hero activity...I saw that you saved a school bus yesterday."

"Yes! Fortunately I arrived in time and none of the children were hurt!" He held the cup to his lips and glanced at the watch on his wrist, "Furthermore, I have to go to their school to-

All Might stopped in midsentence, his eyes stuck on his watch. He looked up and smiled but in such a way that made it looked like he was having a stroke.

"I'm going to be late."

There was a silence and you both stared at each other. He was smiling but it was almost like you could hear him screaming inside.

"I deeply apologize! I have to go!" He stood up in a flash but gently put his cup on the table.

"Oh uh okay." You answered, standing up as well.

It was comical to see him stressing over being late. He was dancing on his feet, obviously facing a dilemma: staying with you or going to this school. His smile was twisted into a worried one.

"I'm not even in costume!" You heard him whimper while trying to tie his shoes. His fingers were too big for his laces and he was struggling to make a knot.

You chuckled. What a goofy man.

"Don't forget your tea." You said while handing him his tea caddy. You sounded like his spouse or something.

All Might turned around and stopped you with his hand.

"I offer it to you, please accept it. I would very much appreciate it."

"Really? Well I guess I have no other choice than to accept it." You laughed when you saw him bearing a pleading face.

His smile grew bigger.


He turned around, already walking towards the window. You raised your hand, unsure about what to do next. Maybe you wanted him to stay for a little longer. Maybe he could drink tea with you until the evening. The tea was still hot. Your hand fell softly on your side. You didn't want to get him late...right? Your hand clenched the tea box tightly.

"Well, goodbye." You said, trying to hide the disappointment in your voice.

All Might stopped right in front of the window and suddenly snapped his fingers.

"I forgot something!"

You blinked out of surprise. Forgot something? An object? You didn't remember him carrying anything though.

"You said you didn't have anything more to eat, am I right?"

"Uh yes but don't worry I can manage."

The pro hero turned around, and even though it was difficult to see his eyes, you could feel that he was looking straight into yours.

"Would you care to have dinner with me?" He stretched his hand forward, like an invitation to join him.

Obliviously you let out an "Eh?" out of surprise. Have dinner...With All Might?

"But I can't leave the house."

"I will bring what we need to make dinner! How does it sound?"

Your words got stuck into your throat and you stared at him in total disbelief, not knowing what to say. That was so sudden. Your mind and body were screaming to accept his offer but your reason was wondering the meaning behind it.

Guess your reason was weak.

"I gladly accept." You said with a tiny smile that made his own smile grow bigger.

"It's Thursday...How about Saturday? At eight o'clock?"

"Sounds good to me."

All Might burst into a new booming laughter and you couldn't help but smile with a fond expression.

"See you on Saturday then!"

You nodded and said goodbye. All Might waved at you then stepped over the window before jumping into the air as always. You were still clenching the tea caddy and looking through the window opened.

Was it like...a date? You couldn't help but wonder.

Fresh air was gently blowing through the opened gate. The cat meowed softly behind you. You closed the window.

The tea was now cold.

Chapter Text

Friday morning.

You were laying on your bed, your forearm covering slightly your eye from the sun rays. You could feel something hot and a bit heavy on your stomach: it was the cat. She was curled into a ball, purring slightly and you could see her tabby fur raising and falling slowly along with her breathing. You stroked the top of her head softly, she didn't wake up but you saw her ear twitching. She trusted you. You assumed that you had a cat now.

Yesterday, she left a bit later after All Might and you thought you were never going to see her again. But she came back, late at night and she stayed here to sleep. You still had a bit of ham left but there would be a point where you will not have any more. You definitely had to go shopping soon.

"Would you care to have dinner with me?"

You heard his voice echoing in your mind. You hummed quietly and moved your arm so it would cover both of your eyes.

Was he really going to have dinner with you tomorrow? You felt bad because courtesy wanted that you denied this offer because it was too much. But you didn't. He had stared at you with his hand stretched in front of you, like an invitation, and you were ready to grab it. It was like inviting you to dance. You chuckled when you imagined the both of you, dancing in your dining room on an old song. You imagined him smiling as always, squeezing your hands tightly and following your feet as well as your hips. You would be turning and turning, not even according to the song. But he would be with you, and that would be enough

You felt your chest burning but you had no idea if it was in a good or a bad way. You felt weird, numb but more awake than ever. If you were to be in a book, you would have said "I don't know this feeling, what is it, what is its name?".

But you knew it, didn't you?

It was something similiar to Love, but not as mature and not as deep. Maybe it was called "a crush". The word "crush" was appropriate for that kind of thing. It crushed your heart but let you alive.

You sighed, knowing how childish it was. You were an adult, you were done with those silly things. Having a crush on All Might was as common as having a crush on the most beautiful guy at school. Everyone had a crush on All Might but he already was in a relationship.

With the justice.

You rolled over, forgetting the cat that meowed with annoyance and jumped out of the bed.

"What am I going to do today?" You muttered to yourself.

You were really looking forward for this dinner but it was only tomorrow. You had to find something to do. You heard the cat meowing and you saw that she was waiting for you to open the window. You yawned and got out of bed but took the blanket with you. It was a bit chilly. You opened the curtains then the window and the cat jumped outside. You let it open, if it were to come back soon.

You had, for now, no idea what to do. Hence you went on your laptop to join the forum. You were now aware that not many people went on the chat box. There was often Toshi but only once or twice you saw someone else there. You weren't complaining though, Toshi was nice to talk to. You hoped that he was connected now.


YOU: Toshi are you here?

You waited a bit but no one answered you. There were a few people online though, someone was eventually going to answer.

YOU: Hello? Anybody there?


YOU: am

YOU: Bored

You were typing random words, expecting someone to answer sooner or later.


KINGxBOMBERxKILL: Quite typing alone or I'll ban you

You raised an eyebrow, wondering who was this  person.

YOU: Sorry I thought nobody was here

KINGxBOMBERxKILL: Yeah well here I am and I think you should really shut up

KINGxBOMBERxKILL: You know what? Maybe I'm going to mute you

YOU: What

KINGxBOMBERxKILL: Im one of the mods here I can do whatever I want!!


You frowned, staring at their username with confusion. They sounded like a child that finally turned seven and was ready to ride motorcycles.


MIGHTIEST BOY: Kacchan they are new here, please be nice to them



MIGHTIEST BOY: And here we go...

MIGHTIEST BOY: It's the fifth time this week

MIGHTIEST BOY: He'll be back in fifteen minutes

YOU: Did I do something wrong?

MIGHTIEST BOY: No nothing! Sorry he can be a bit impulsive sometimes

MIGHTIEST BOY: I hope you are not offended


YOU: No it's ok I was just a bit surprised

MIGHTIEST BOY: Let's introduce ourselves then! I'm mightiest boy! You can call me Deku too I guess! I'm the third moderator

YOU: I'm (Y/N), nice to meet you

MIGHTIEST BOY: You are new here am I right? You wrote the "I fell into his arms" topic

YOU: Yes I did!

MIGHTIEST BOY: I liked it! Sorry about the consequences though, I hope you'll get better...


What a nice person you thought. He seemed to be a bit like Toshi in a way. He was compassionate and kind just like him.

MIGHTIEST BOY:  I saw that you were looking for Toshi?

YOU: Ah yes, he is the one I often talk to here, do you know if he is connected?

MIGHTIEST BOY: He is busy at the moment but I think he'll come back soon

Deku seemed to know him well. You wondered if they knew each other in real life.

YOU: Is he with the boy? His disciple I mean. I don't know if you know about him


MIGHTIEST BOY: He called me his disciple??

MIGHTIEST BOY: What did he say exactly??

YOU: Wait...Are you his disciple?

So they knew each other in real life. You had no idea he was a moderator with him.


MIGHTIEST BOY: Yes he is my mentor! I admire him very much

MIGHTIEST BOY: Did he really talk about me?

YOU: He said that you were intelligent. Trust me when I say that he likes you that's, like, really obvious.


MIGHTIEST BOY: If you want to know he talked about you too!

You stared at your screen with your eyes wide opened. Oh he told his disciple about you? You met him several times but you had no idea it would be enough to be a subject in a conversation.

YOU: What did he say?

You almost sounded like someone that craved to know what their crush thought about them.

MIGHTIEST BOY: He said that you were nice, really nice and also brave

YOU: Lol Are you sure we are talking about me?

MIGHTIEST BOY: He also said you had a low self esteem


MIGHTIEST BOY: But I see him less now. He doesn't always say where he is going or what he does in his free time, he can be very discreet

YOU: Hey I wanted to know...

YOU: What kind of person is Toshi? In real life I mean

MIGHTIEST BOY: Hard to tell...

MIGHTIEST BOY: He doesn't really tell what's in his mind. Maybe it's because he wants to protect the ones close to him. He really cares about everyone and does his best! That's pretty much what I know


 BREADSTICK: Are we talking about me?

YOU: What


BREADSTICK: It's me Toshi

YOU: What's up with this username?

BREADSTICK: I forgot to disconnect myself at work and someone took the opportunity to change my username

MIGHTIEST BOY: Why didn't you change it?


BREADSTICK: Don't know how to do it

MIGHTIEST BOY: If you wish I can change it tomorrow when I see you!

BREADSTICK: Thank you my boy that would be very nice

You smiled. They seemed to get along very well. No judgment or patronizing. Relationships like this were really precious.

BREADSTICK: But wait a minute

BREADSTICK: Why are you not at school?


MIGHTIEST BOY: I'm at school!!! It's break time!!


BREADSTICK: You should use this time to study though

MIGHTIEST BOY: I'm so sorry sensei!! I'm going to study right now!

MIGHTIEST BOY: Bye then! And welcome (Y/N)

YOU: Thank you!


BREADSTICK: He has to study hard if he wants to pass his exams

YOU: I guess you are right!

YOU: I'm happy that you are here


YOU: Yes I really enjoy talking to you!



YOU: Where were you by the way? If you don't mind me asking

BREADSTICK: I was with my doctor

Your heart skipped a beat.

YOU: Are you sick? Are you okay?


BREADSTICK: Just like you I am ill, but physically, and living with it each day

BREADSTICK: I'm used to it don't worry

YOU: Does it hurt?

BREADSTICK: From time to time

YOU: And what did the doctor say?

You genuinely were worried about him. He really did seem like a nice person and, being ill yourself, you wouldn't wish anything to anyone. Especially him. He didn't deserve that.

BREADSTICK: What he usually tells me, that I should rest

YOU: Then why don't you do it?

BREADSTICK: I have to do my work. If I don't who will?

YOU: You are not alone to work are you? Why don't you ask your colleagues to do it for you?

BREADSTICK: There are some things only I can do

BREADSTICK: But don't worry, I'm going to rest.

BREADSTICK: Can't wait for the week-end


Well at least he said he was going to rest. But it seemed like he tried to ignore his condition. You didn't know the true nature of his illness but what you knew was that you just can't get rid of your illness by ignoring it.

YOU: Are you doing something special?


BREADSTICK: Yes I'm going to see a friend

YOU: Is it a date?

You wanted to tease him a little. Since he seemed to be the kind to be flustered easily.

BREADSTICK: ghj :: ; x

YOU: Did you drop your phone once again



BREADSTICK: I don't know, I don't think they think about me that way haha

YOU: Don't know about your appearance but talking to you in real life must be really good since I already enjoy it that much online

You wondered for a second what could Toshi look like. Maybe you could ask Deku later.


BREADSTICK: Do you do something special too?

You were about to type but stopped. If you said that you were going to have dinner with All Might he would probably say that you were lying. Better stay vague about it.

YOU: I see a friend too

YOU: I'm really excited to see him

BREADSTICK: Do you appreciate him?

"Appreciate is a word so far from what I feel for him" You wanted desperately to write. But you didn't want him to know anything. You blushed and started typing.

YOU: I do

BREADSTICK: What do you think of him?

You remembered yourself a few moments ago, ridiculously thinking about dancing with him. You flushed even more red than before.

YOU: What is it, an interrogation?

BREADSTICK: Sorry I didn't mean to

BREADSTICK: I only was curious about your friend since you don't leave your house

YOU: You wonder why someone as lonely as me would have friends right?

BREADSTICK: Not at all!


BREADSTICK: I'm sorry I can't express what I mean online. I'm much more into oral conversations

YOU: Well I can't really  do that can I?

You felt bitter because Toshi was going to see a friend, probably hang out outside with them and have fun while you were stuck here by the only power of your mind. That felt so unfair.

YOU: You know what it's okay, I have to go anyway. I have something to do.

BREADSTICK: Are you upset?


YOU: I don't know


You left the forum. You sighed and raised your knees to your chest to clutch them. Deku said that the other user what impulsive sometimes, but you probably were worst. Poor Toshi probably didn't understand your reaction. You just didn't want people to know what you thought of All Might. Maybe you didn't want to be judge for it. Maybe you knew that it wasn't special and that if All Might knew it he would probably brush it off with a joke. How many love declarations did he receive each day? A hundred? A thousand? It's not like you were any special.

You clenched your head between your hands. All of this was messing with your brain. You couldn't understand why All Might wanted to see you, because, there was no reason right?  You were unable to leave your goddamn house, you couldn't even look people in the streets in the eyes anymore. How pitiful was it?

You came back on the forum but saw that Toshi wasn't there anymore. You mentally hit yourself hard. He probably was one of the only person to understand you and now he thought that he hurt you. Great.

You left your laptop to go downstairs. A tea sounded like a good thing. When you arrived at the bottom of the stairs, something caught your gaze. It was your front door. The lights weren't on in the corridor which gave it an ominous impression. You had not approached it since the incident. You were pretty sure that there was dust on the doorknob.

Instead of going to your kitchen, you stayed there, staring at it with fascination and fear. Maybe fighting your fear was as easy as opening this door. Maybe it was just a question of will. You stepped towards it, slowly and with apprehension. With each steps, your heart was beating faster, harder against your ribs. You felt like the walls were getting closer, crushing you with their presence. You stretched your hand towards the doorknob, your fingers were shaking and your palm felt sweaty. Your whole being was screaming you to run, your legs were wobbling. You heard a hissing noise and realized that it was you wheezing. Sweat was running down your back and falling in your eyebrows.

You just had to get a little closer...

But you were already a mess, several emotions clashing inside of you and your brain screaming you to stop. The door felt so unattainable, it was like it was moving backwards, taunting you with the distance. There were sobs in your throat but no tears to go with.

You ended up kneeling on the floor, a meter away from the door. You clutched your shirt where was supposed to be your heart and tried to catch your breath. You were whimpering, making disgraceful noises with your throat. You gasped several times and thought about collapsing on the floor.

"I am...not ready." You said to yourself between two chokes.

It felt so frustrating to be so close and have all the desire in the world to do it and still not have the mind ready for. You wanted to cry out of anger. That was so unfair!

You struggled to get back on your feet but ended up stumbling away from the front door. You looked over your shoulder and saw it, still waiting for you in the gloomy corridor for another day.


You went into your dining room, shaking your head to get rid of the tension that had settled inside of you. How reckless was it to try to go outside when you were already an anxious mess. Your muscles hurt from the effort and the stress. You mechanically turned on your television. You chose the news channel.

While you absent-mindedly listened to it, you opened your cupboard, searching for tea bags. You saw the cylindrical box and stopped for a second. All Might's tea. You grabbed and opened it. A sweet smell of red fruits came at you and you smiled. You could almost feel that moment of security when you were in All Might's arms or when  you were having a cup of tea with him. It filled you with some kind of tranquillity that made you sigh deeply. Your shoulders relaxed and your face seemed to be less tensed. All the muscles in your body appeared to loosen up. That was the All Might effect. You prepared your kettle.

"...All Might saved two people near a hospital this morning!"

You turned your head, reacting to this name you couldn't ignore.

"The Hero is here with us right now! Hero, Do you have anything to say to the public watching you?"

You stared at the screen and could see the man you had a cup of tea with yesterday. There was something different about him. He was smiling but it wasn't the same smile he had when he was with you. Maybe you were over thinking it. You thought that it was bright but not in the same way. Maybe you just wanted to feel special though.

"Vaccinate your kids!" The pro hero answered in the screen while raising his thumb. You heard people cheering behind him.

"All Might," The interviewer continued, "We are inviting you to an interview tomorrow evening, are you going to come?"

Without realizing it, you stopped breathing. What was he going to answer? You turned the ring around your finger with your thumb. What if he said yes? Was he going to come tell you to reschedule it or just leave you alone when time had come?

No he would never do that.

You don't even know him that well!

Your thought were contradicting themselves. As if agoraphobia wasn't enough, you had to be schizophrenic or something. You waited for his answer.

"I am afraid I will have to deny your request!" You felt your heart shuddering against your thoracic cage, "I have something special tomorrow!"

All Might was looking straight into the camera and you felt that somehow, he was looking right at you. A smile of pure relief came upon your lips.

Maybe you were special after all.

You thought about Toshi and was decided to apologize to him as soon as you were going to see him again.

You turned off the TV and saw your reflection in the dark of the screen.

"Maybe I should do something if I want to look good tomorrow." You thought to yourself while stroking the top of your hair.

Chapter Text

You saw the sun that was disappearing behind the houses, comparable to shadows under the reddish sky. Well, it wasn't that reddish since black clouds were accumulating and the wind was already blowing hard. You could hear it pounding against your window and the sky growling between the clouds. The storm was coming and you hoped that All Might could arrive before it was utterly impossible to go through it. You had not opened your window but you had not locked it up.

You were waiting on your bed and brushing your hair. You were wearing something simple but classy of a deep red. People had already told you that you looked good with it. You glanced at yourself in the mirror and had to admit that you looked pretty good. It boosted your confidence. You stood up to get closer to the mirror to check out any imperfection on your face. You felt so stupid to be so focused and careful with your appearance. It wasn't a date, was it? Plus a date was about hanging out outside or something, not basically chilling in your own house. But you were concerned about what was going to think All Might. You wanted to look good to his eyes. You blushed and inhaled sharply.

You took a bottle of perfume that had been sitting on your desk for decades and sprinkled yourself with it. It smelled like red fruits.

"It reminds me of his tea..." You thought to yourself.

You sniffed your clothes and assumed that you had enough. You turned around to look at the window. You wondered when he was going to arrive. It was past eight already.

The tree in front of your house had its leaves being ripped and its branches being swept mercilessly by the wind. It was going worse. You heard a thunderbolt crashing into the air.

Suddenly the lights went out and you were plunged in the dark of your bedroom. You shuddered out of surprise and tried to find the switch. But when you finally found it, even though you were switching it on and off, your room was still dark.

"Maybe the light bulb is dead..." You wondered and immediately searched for the stepladder in your closet.

You groped for it and settled it in the middle of your room, just below where should be your lamp. You could see the light bulb faintly shining with each lightning. You grumbled because you didn't like much climbing high things after the incident. But you didn't want to stay in the dark either. When you got up there, you unscrewed the light bulb, shook it to see if the filament was still intact then screwed it back. Nope, wasn't the light bulb.

You could feel your legs wobbling because of the fear. Even a meter above the ground was too high for you. You had to go down.

You were about to step down but a thunderbolt, louder than before, burst into the night and you squealed, missing the step. You fell backwards and a memory of you falling from the building flashed before your eyes. You yelped and this simple thought of reviving this pure moment of terror, gave you nausea. You were pleading God to not make the fall too painful and that your brain was not going to make a new trauma out of it.

Fortunately, you fell on something familiar that grabbed you effortlessly.

"Is it going to be a habit?" All Might said jokingly, his right hand holding your back and his left hand, your knees. It was exactly like when you saw him for the first time.

"All Might!" You cried out of surprised while wrapping your arms around his neck and shutting your eyes tightly.

"Whoa there! Have no fear!" He told you, squeezing you slightly between his arms. He was joking but you could hear the hint of concern in his voice.

You soon realized what you just did and gasped. You quickly removed your arms from his neck.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I-I panicked when I fell!" You blurted as you flushed red. A tomato would have been less red than you.

It was still very dark but you could see him smiling bright as ever. The ambiance was now different. You were filled once again with this feeling of security that happened whenever you were in his arms and that you enjoyed so much. You could hear the thunderstorm through the opened window with the rain and the wind, coming along  with each of your heartbeats. Something strange was floating in your room, some kind of sweet tension. Your cheeks were burning and you knew you had to leave his arms or you were going to melt or explode -you hadn't decide yet-

But before you could say anything, you heard him goes "hm?" softly and he suddenly leaned his head towards you.

A squeal got stuck in your throat and your face felt so hot now that you were convinced it was steaming. At this point, there was no way he couldn't hear your heartbeats: it was like a cluster of drums had settled inside your chest. He was so near! Too near! Your heart was going to burst out of your torso by one way or another! Your head felt dizzy because of the blood rushing through your body. You were incapable of moving, having astral-projected so far away that you may as well have been a dead person.

You could feel the warmth of his skin and his hot breath on your face. What was he doing? The idea of a potential kiss flashed through your head. No way! He wasn't going to...

"Did you put on perfume? You smell like strawberries." All Might asked you as he raised his head to look at you.

You pursed your lips out of surprise and felt so stupid for your reaction that you looked away, trying to hide your embarrassment.

"I -uh- I did." You managed to answer without your voice sounding too much like a muppet. You cleared your throat.

"That really suits you!" He said joyfully.

The moment he finished his sentence, the light flickered before shining back to life. All Might smiled and glanced at your lamp.

"There we go!"

You touched your face and the difference of temperature between your hands and your cheeks horrified you. You were probably still very red. He couldn't see you like this! You wiggled between his arms, turning your face away.

"Can you put me down? Please?" You pleaded, wishing to be as far away from him as you could -for once-

"Oh, yes!" He chuckled and put you down.

You pretended to smooth your clothes so you could calm yourself. When you were finally able to look at the pro hero without blushing, you turned around to face him. He was wearing a blue suit with a red tie. It oddly accorded to your own clothes.

"You look really good." You said to distract yourself from the past events.

All Might was staring at you and took some time to answer. There was a little bit of pink on his cheeks.

"So do you."

You finally noticed the plastic bags in his hands and as you closed the window, you tried to glance inside of it.

"What did you get us?" You asked as you put the stepladder back into your closet.

All Might raised the bags so you couldn't look inside. You pouted and he tut-tutted you.

"It's a surprise! You'll know what it is once finished!" You chuckled and pretended to be mad. He smiled at you, "May I see your kitchen?"

You nodded and showed him the way. You could hear the rumble of thunder, the screams of the wind and the shots of the rain. The storm was here.

You explained to him where were all the utensils, containers and how worked your gas cooker. He listened quietly, nodding from time to time.

"Why are all your high shells empty?" He asked.

"I am a bit scared  of what's high or just higher above the ground." You muttered and shrugged, "I removed all the things up there so I won't have to climb on a chair to get them. I guess that's another thing that broke inside my head because of the incident."

All Might stared at you for a second but didn't say anything. He put the plastic bags on the counter and removed his jacket that he put on the coat rack. You watched him as he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, a bright and confident smile on his lips.

Somehow there was something really attractive about All Might and his sleeves rolled up. You could see each muscles of his forearms flexing with each movement. It was almost hypnotic. And really hot.

"Can I at least help you?" You asked as you saw him taking some food out of one of the bags.

"Of course! Cooking is always better with someone!" He answered as he set fire to the gas, "Can you cut the tomatoes?"

You nodded and grabbed an apron -you wanted to protect your clothes- before washing the tomatoes and cutting them. All Might was preparing what seemed to be some rice and humming softly. He seemed really happy to be here. You were both side by side and chatting about everything and nothing. The ambiance had something really soft and cozy with the heat of the gas cooker and the sound of the rain behind the windows. You admired how he cut the food which was quick, precise and controlled.

"Do you often cook?" You asked and he glanced down at you while sliding the food into the casserole with the knife.

"I cook a lot indeed! But only for myself. I always, in fact, cook alone." He said as he mixed the tomatoes in the casserole with a spoon, "It is refreshing to do it with someone." He added.

You stared at him with confusion. How could someone as famous as All Might, always cook alone? You thought that he had at least ten people at home each day to keep him company. You realized that you didn't know much about his life.

How was he, once you took off the hero costume? What did he do?

"Are you often alone All Might?"

You saw him stopping to turn the spoon for a moment before continuing but in a slower gesture. His smile was still here but it had a slightly different form than his usual hero smile. Since he wasn't answering you were going to reiterate your question but he burst into a new booming laughter.

"I'm not alone! I have people I care about at the hero school and on the hero side."

You nodded slowly but kept a puzzled look. You wondered if he had anyone waiting for him at home.

"I...don't cook a lot. I am not really good at it." You admitted as you washed your hands, "So...If you ever want to cook here with me...well you can."

Your voice had lowered for the last part and you weren't sure he had heard you. You blushed heavily and helped him cooking.

"Thank you." He simply said and turned his head towards you to smile.

You smiled back and felt butterflies flying inside your stomach.

God you loved him.

You watched him tasting the sauce with the spoon. He licked his lips and took another spoonful of sauce before handing it to you.

"Does it taste good to you?"

You grabbed his hand so it would stay still and tasted it while closing your eyes. The tomatoes that had simmered with herbs and onions made the sauce really tasty and pleasant. You removed the little bit of sauce that had fallen on your lips with your finger and licked it. All Might gripped the spoon tighter but you didn't notice.

"That's really good! You are a cooking master All Might!"

His smile grew bigger and he thanked you with a proud and bashful expression that made you chuckled.

The dinner was almost ready. You were washing what you used to cook while All Might was putting the meal in the plates. You noticed that there still were a few plastic bags with food in it.

"What is it for? Do you plan to make something else?" You asked while searching through them. There were fruits, vegetables, bread and more.

"That's for you (Y/N)." All Might answered, "I thought that I could help you since you can't leave your house."

"What?" You gasped as you glanced at him then at the food with astonishment, "But All Might! You didn't have to do this! I told you I could manage! Here let me pay you back!" You sputtered while trying to remember where you had placed your wallet. You were so embarrassed, you didn't know what to do to show him your gratitude.

All Might stopped you with a movement of the hand.

"It was my pleasure! You don't owe me anything except maybe eating this dinner!" He laughed.

"I don't know what to say...How can I thank you?"

All Might took both of the plates and smiled.

"By sharing this dinner with me!"

You chuckled awkwardly, still very embarrassed to not be able to repay him. Maybe there will be a time where you could do it. You tried to relax a little and followed him to the dining room where you had set the table.

You started eating and it turned out that it was delicious! Maybe because it was something you had made with him, but it was still really good. It was rice and pieces of chicken with a tomato sauce. It had been so long since you ate a normal meal and you would have eaten like a pig if All Might wasn't there. You could feel yourself shiver with each bite. It was delightful. You noticed that All Might had taken a really small portion of food.

"Are you not hungry?" You asked out of curiosity.

"I am! I am simply not allowed to eat a lot." He laughed while taking a bite of some chicken.

You wondered for a second why would he restrained himself. Did he want to be on a diet on something? But he was already so muscular! You even read somewhere in a magazine that he had lost a few pounds over the years.

"Are you on a diet?"

"No it's something else."

You felt that he tried to avoid the question so you didn't ask. He didn't push you to talk about your illness, you might as well do the same on this subject. There was a lot of things you didn't know about him. But there was also a lot of things he didn't know about you. You guessed that it was fair.

The dinner was great. All Might was feeding the cat with chicken under the table even though you had told him not to or it was going to ask for food each time you ate here. You were both chatting and having fun and you realized how much you craved for that kind of evening. For the past days you had been alone and usually spent the day sleeping to avoid the boredom and the oppression of your walls. And here you were, dining with your hero and you realized how lucky you were. You were smiling and laughing and even more: you were with him. You felt so happy.

When you were both finished, you cleaned everything and decided to have a tea to finish this meal on a high note. Of course you chose the red fruits one. The storm outside was raging and you could see your windows shaking because of the wind. Soft steam was going out of your drink and you stared at your door thoughtfully. Going outside would be suicide.

"You should stay here tonight." You suddenly said as you were both sipping your tea.

All Might raised his head, his eternal smile on his face, and stared at you in bewilderment.

"I beg your pardon?"

You flushed and pretended to admire the tea inside your cup.

"I-I mean it would be dangerous to go outside with the storm...I have a room for my friends or my family when they come -well when they came- so you could sleep there tonight. It's the door just next to the kitchen."

All Might seemed perplexed for a second but his expression changed to wonder. He hummed quietly and looked through the window then looked back at you.

"I don't want to bother you."

You felt your heart pounding inside your chest out of excitement.

"That wouldn't bother me at all! That would actually really makes me happy since you've done so much for me!"

Did it sound too needy? Too excited? You didn't want him to know about your feelings. Or maybe you did? Now was not the time to talk about your feelings! He was your guest, you had to treat him right.

"I mean, if it's okay with you." You added shyly.

All Might looked once again through the window and sighed.

"I gladly accept your offer then!"

You smiled fondly, happy to be useful. You drank your tea and realized you had forgotten the kettle on the counter. You stood up.

"I'm going to get more tea."

You started walking towards the kitchen and suddenly the lights went out once again and you were left in the dark.

"Wha- "

You couldn't finish your sentence that your feet got stuck into something and you started falling, letting go of your cup. Why were you so darn clumsy?

"No! My cup!" You thought trying to grab it in the dark, totally forgetting that you were going to hit the floor as well.

There was a gush of wind and, as you thought you had let somehow the window opened, you felt familiar arms grabbing you from behind. You gasped and tried to catch your cup but a clinking sound told you that he had grabbed it too and put it on the counter. You sighed in relief.

"This is really going to be a habit..." You joked as you put your feet on the floor. All Might was holding you tightly and you could feel your heart pounding progressively inside your chest. Ooh not good. You could barely stand being near him, if you were to stay in his arms you were a goner!

All Might was grabbing you from behind and had still not let you go. You were pressed against his chest, feeling his warmth at its fullest. But you could feel something else...It was like something was knocking hard and fast against your back. You soon realized that it was All Might's heart pounding inside his chest. Had he been scared when you fell? Or was it something else? He still hadn't said anything and you were starting to get concerned.

"All Might?" You yelped, unable to have a normal voice in this situation. You noticed that his breath was also sharp and heavy and you were being pushed by each of his inspiration.

You felt his face close to your neck and your breath got stuck in your throat. His hot breath was blowing in your neck and your back and you could hear him breathing. A shiver ran down your spine and you gulped, trying to get a hold on yourself. You were literally melting into his arms and were struggling to keep standing up. Your cheeks were burning and you couldn't hear the rain anymore with the blood rushing in your temples.

"Your perfume does really suit you." You heard him whisper in a hoarse voice that made your heart almost jumped out of your chest.

He slid his hands on your body and you suddenly felt his lips brushing against the base of your neck. You couldn't repress a moan as you twitched between his hands. Each of his inspiration was raising the hair on your neck, giving you goose bumps. You were gasping for air, your whole body boiling and threatening to explode.

His arms were squeezing you tightly and you were getting hotter and hotter. Had he always been that hot? You couldn't see his face but you knew that if you turned your face to look at him, you would not be master of your own actions. You were clutching his arms and shutting your eyes, his words turning in your head like the wind against your window. The sound of his voice had given you chills. Was everything happening real?

You thought you were going to lose your mind.

In a superhuman effort, you turned your head, gasping as your face got dangerously closer to his. It was still dark but your eyes were getting used to it. There was something bluish shining in the back of his eyes that made your heart fluttered. His skin was so hot and almost burning your palms. You heard some kind of hissing noise and, worried, you stared at him.

"A-All Might...You are smoking!" You squealed as you saw literal steam going out of his body. It was like those athletes that ran in a cold weather and the difference of heat between their body and the ambient air made them steam.

All Might seemed to blink back to reality and realized that he was, indeed, smoking.

He let go of you -you kind of regretted it- and you heard him cursing under his breath.

"I apologize (Y/N), I feel very tired, do you mind if I go to sleep now?" He said, his voice still husky but with a hint of urge.

In the darkness, you could see his smile that was twisted into a tired and nervous grin. You were still very perturbed by what happened and quietly nodded, trying to catch your breath.

"S-Sure no problem." You sputtered, not even asking what was happening.

You heard him getting into a heavy and serious coughing fit.

"Are you okay? Do you need water?" You asked in a worried tone, already groping for your tap. You cursed the power to have ran out. You couldn't see a thing even with your eyes a bit used to the dark.

"Don't worry." You heard him say between two fits of coughing, "I just need to rest."

You felt that his voice wanted to be reassuring but there was a hint of stress in it.

"Goodnight (Y/N) thank you for your hospitality."

He walked past you while coughing and steam still going out of his body with hissing noises, and you stayed there, blind and totally clueless of what had just happened. You heard the door of the room closing behind you followed by a few coughs.

You stayed in the dark, motionless, still processing what had just happened. Without realizing it, you were rushing through your dining room to get upstairs. You didn't even take the time to check on him. You stumbled into your room and closed the door in a hurry before pressing your back against it. You stayed there, panting in the dark, before slowly sliding to the ground. You sat and clutched your chest, desperately trying to calm your beating heart.

You could still feel the soft pressure of his arms against your stomach and the warmth of his skin. You whimpered, the blood rushing in your head making you dizzy. What was this hug all about? Because it was something utterly different from simply catching you so you wouldn't fall, wasn't it? The ghost of his breath on your neck made you delightfully shivered. You clutched your chest even harder, pursing your lips with despair.

The emotions he made you feel were consuming you alive, like a fire devouring the logs in a fireplace.

"Be still my beating heart..." You whispered in the corner of your room.


It took you several minutes to get a hold on yourself. The power went back a little after and you decided to take a shower while you still had the lights on. When you watched the steam floating around your bathroom, you wondered about All Might. Was it something that often happened? When you heard him, he seemed to be used to it. You hoped that it wasn't something bad.

You left the bathroom, feeling a little refreshed and put on comfortable clothes. Your classy clothes were nice but a bit uncomfortable. What happened had made you thirsty and you went downstairs to get a glass of water.

You glanced at the bedroom's door in wonder. It was still closed and you knew that he hadn't left it. You didn't hear anything anymore, no movement or coughing.

You were concerned about his health, therefore you knocked on his door. Your heart had started to beat fast again. Traitor!

"All Might, is everything alright?" You asked softly, wondering if he was asleep. You were almost pressing your ear against the door, listening to the slightest sound.

You didn't hear anything and you thought for a moment that he was definitely asleep. But after a few seconds, he answered you.

"Yes thank you I am feeling much better now."

You raised an eyebrow in a surprised gesture. Was it his voice? There was something utterly different about it. It was deeper with a noticeable tired tone that you never remembered him having. He seemed to be so extenuated that you felt your heart sink. It was almost the voice of someone else. The coughing fits had probably hurt his throat.

"Is there anything I can do?"

You heard him chuckling weakly.

"Well yes there is something..." You waited and it was like he was hesitating to say his request, "Can you...not enter this room while I'm in it please?"

You stared at the door in confusion, wondering what was wrong. What could be so terrible that he wouldn't even see you? An intrusive thought told you that it was maybe something you did. You felt a painful twinge that made you clench your fists.

"I won't disturb you in your privacy don't worry." You reassured him but feeling a bit sad. Your curiosity was pushing you to open the door but your respect for him was sticking your feet to the ground.

"Thank you (Y/N)."

His voice sounded so relieved and yet so tired...He probably wanted to have a full night rest and not be disturbed with questions. You sighed deeply and laid a flat hand on the door.

"Goodnight...All Might."

You didn't hear an answer but you knew he had heard you. You turned around and walked away.

There was still a faint smell of red fruits in the air.

Chapter Text

The storm had raged all night long but had stopped in the morning. Between the curtains you could see raindrops falling on the glass with a few leaves stuck to it. It was still a bit dark outside and the sun was lazily rising as if the storm had drained it.

You did not sleep well last night but not because of the storm. You didn't know how to explain it but you felt...cold.

There was something special in knowing that All Might was sleeping in your house. And maybe you wished that he had come to sleep next to you. You liked how warm he was and the way he touched you sometimes. You wondered how he looked when he slept.

You stroked your belly subconsciously while staring at the ceiling. It was still early, around seven, and you wondered if he was still asleep.

You stood up and tossed the blanket aside. You shivered, your room being cold. You sneezed and sniffled. You hoped you didn't catch a cold. You put a warm hoodie on and went downstairs. You were tip-toeing, trying to not wake up your guest. He seemed really tired and exhausted last night, he probably needed to rest a lot.

When you got in your kitchen, you noticed the plastic bags which were still there. You smiled, still very grateful. You put in the fridge what had to stay cold and stowed what was left in your cupboards -he even bought croquettes for the cat, how nice was that?-  He also took a few eggs and you remembered that you still had flour and sugar somewhere, as well as butter.

"Maybe I could make some pancakes?" You muttered to yourself while you were getting the sugar off a shell.

You started preparing the dough, humming quietly a song you had long forgotten the lyrics. From time to time you glanced at the bedroom, expecting him to open it. He was probably still asleep, you didn't hear anything coming from it. Maybe it would be a nice surprise to bring him pancakes. You smiled, imagining him smiling brightly as you entered the bedroom with hot pancakes in your hands.

Then you remembered what he told you just before you left.

" Can you not enter this room while I'm in it please?"

You also remembered the moment when the lights went out, and you almost dropped an egg on the floor. It was like trying to remember a dream: you had the scene in your head but couldn't explain it. Yet it was so vivid in your mind! You said that a lot now but it felt so surreal. It was like someone was writing your story and making all your fantasies come true. You desired to see him very much.

You looked through the window and saw the sun rising slowly. The sky was red and pink, with purple clouds floating in the horizon, and what was left of the night above all that. It was a beautiful morning.

As you were cooking a few pancakes, you heard some kind of puffing noise -as if something had just blown out- coming from All Might's room. You raised an eyebrow, wondering what could have made that noise. You lowered the fire and walked towards his door.

"All Might? Are you awake?" You knocked and waited for an answer.

"Yes! Please come in!" You heard him answering with his usual cheerful voice. He didn't seem tired anymore. Your heart jumped inside your chest.

You opened the door and saw him in front of the mirror, his back facing you, buttoning up his shirt. You could see a piece of his naked chest and you quickly turned your gaze away.

"Good morning!" He greeted you with his heroic smile while grabbing his tie and putting it on his shoulders.

"Did I wake you up?" You asked.

"Not at all! I am an early bird!" He burst into a booming laughter and you answered with a smile.

"Did you get some rest? You seemed really tired yesterday."

"I did! I apologize if I worried you, I tire really easily and simply need to regain my strength. A good night sleep is sufficient." He explained while looking at you through the mirror, "And you, did you sleep well?"

"I did." You lied


There was a silence where you hesitated to ask him your question.

"About yesterday...all the smoking thing was...normal?"

He nodded.

"It was. It happens when I'm tired."

"Oh okay."

You watched him tying his tie, leaned against the door frame. There were a lot of things left unsaid. Both of you -or was it only you- seemed to avoid that "particular" moment. You were in fact both ignoring what had happened last night -and by that you meant that odd hug. You were acting like nothing happened. In one hand you wanted to talk about it and ask him if there was a reason but in the other hand you felt like you had imagined things and you were afraid he denied what happened.

"I -uh- I am making pancakes. Do you want some?"

All Might turned around, pulling his tie to tighten the knot.

"I apologize but I have to go to my office. I don't think I'll have the time." He told you with a genuine apologetic look.

"I understand...I can put them in a bag for you to eat later then."

"That would be great! Thank you!" He smiled.

You smiled back but it didn't feel sincere. Now that you had him in front of you, you realized how much you craved for his touch. You wanted to feel his arms around you again, his breath on your neck and his gaze on your back. You bit your lips, trying to repress those desires that were impossible to satisfy. Avoiding the question and small talking, hurt you in ways you couldn't have imagined. Why were your emotions so big and your mind so little to express it? You had to doubt and keep your mouth shut and it hurt your heart as if thousands of flaming needles had pierced through it.

All Might walked towards you and seemed to notice your gloomy expression.

"Is there something wrong?"

You raised your face to look at him and his smile, for once, didn't make you happy. You wanted to cry.

"All Might I..." You started, ready to talk about everything. The hug, the dinner, your feelings. Because it was deeper than a simple crush wasn't it? You were in love with him. And it wasn't just because he was All Might, but because he was so caring towards you and -it had to be said- he was the man who saved your life! And you knew it was foolish to believe that he would love something else than justice itself. It was even selfish. Everyone loved All Might but All Might didn't love anyone.

You avoided his intense gaze as he waited for the next part. You sighed.

I think I love you.

"It's nothing."

Another lie, another silence. You turned your back on him and were ready to step forward when the door suddenly slammed right in front of your nose. You gasped and saw that All Might's hand had pushed it. His immense shadow was covering you and you glanced at his arm, just above your head, keeping the door firmly shut. You didn't want to dare turning around.

"Please tell me what's wrong." You heard him say and his voice had something awfully similar with the one he had yesterday night.

You tried to swallow but your throat was sore. Your words were sitting at the edge of your tongue, ready to be spilled. You clutched your hands, desperately trying to keep them for yourself.

"All Might...Why do you keep coming here? Why do you want to see me?"

Your voice was almost a breath. You were looking at the ground but you felt that he had removed his hand from the door.

This question had been burning your tongue for a while now. You really liked when he came. Not only, you in fact were longing for each of his visits. But what about him? You were so terribly afraid that he came here out of pity. What happened last night gave you hints that it wasn't just that. However, it was always difficult to know what the other person thought.

"Do I need a reason to see you?"

The question had such a heartbreaking connotation that you turned around, facing him. He was only a few inches away from you and looking at you with a puzzled expression. His question was genuine, he didn't understand your point of view.

"Why, Yes of course!" You exclaimed as if it was obvious, "All Might, there is absolutely no reason for you to come here!"

"No reason?"

"Yes none! You are All Might, everyone loves you, you're famous and cool and - and I am nobody! I am simply a freak that can't even leave its god damn house!"

All Might furrowed his brows, shocked by your answer.

"Is it truly what you think?"

His voice had a serious and almost angry tone that made you shivered. His smile had slightly fainted. There was something incredibly powerful and oppressing when he was even the slightest mad and you could understand why villains feared him. All Might was overwhelming in every senses possible.

"Yes." You muttered, unable to bear his gaze.

Silence fell and both of you stared at each other. You clutched your hands, your nails digging into your skin as a vain attempt to not cry. But your red eyes were obvious and you cursed yourself to be like this. These weren't only sad tears, they were the ones you get when you are angry, frustrated and powerless. Those were the worst because they were not supposed to be here in the first place.

You sniffled, angrily rubbing your eyes with your palm. All Might's expression softened and you heard him sigh. You shuddered when you suddenly felt his hand cupping your face. You raised your gaze towards him in confusion. His expression was so fond, so loving that it took your breath away. Was he really looking at you?

"I might be famous, but sometimes it feels good to be alone with...Nobody." He smiled and your heart fluttered.

He bowed and gently kissed your cheek with such tenderness that you thought you were going to melt. You croaked a few incoherent words and felt him smile against your cheek. He moved back, chuckling quietly at your shocked expression.

"And you're right. There are a few things I need to tell you..." He said, blushing slightly as he scratched the back of his neck, "I wish I had time but I do not. How about we do this around a movie...tomorrow night? Can you wait till then?"

"T-Talk about what?" You mumbled, still very perturbed by his kiss and the sudden change of ambiance.

"Things." He said in an enigmatic voice that somehow made you shivered, "I guess I now have a reason to see you!"

You smiled awkwardly but nodded.

"You're right."

Your cheek felt like it was burning but in a good way. You stroked it subconsciously, feeling almost feverish. Your nose was still red and you were still sniffling. You had stopped crying so why was it still running? You probably looked like a clown.

"Ah! And also!" All Might suddenly exclaimed, a bright smile on his lips. He took a piece of paper and wrote something on it before handing it to you, "This is my number. If you ever need anything: call!"

You took it and thanked him. Did he just...give you his number? Did you just get All Might's number? Your head felt dizzy.

"Holy shit! Time is flying so fast!" He said while looking at the clock. He had brushed off the conflict with such facility. You still needed answers but...tomorrow night right? You stepped aside and opened the door as he walked past you. All Might was a really busy man, you knew that. When you were the number one hero, you had little time for yourself. But you would have lied if at this moment you wouldn't have wished for him to stay.

"So...tomorrow night?" You muttered as you were both walking up the stairs.

All Might smiled, staring at you keenly.

"If you want to!"

"I do." You answered, not hiding your smile or your excitement.

You both got into your room and stopped in front of the window. You opened it and fresh air burst into your room, making you shiver and sneeze. Did you have a cold or something?

All Might stared for a long time at the sunrise, red lights shining on his smiling face. His two locks of hair as well as his tie were gently waving with the wind and shadows were playing with the light on his shirt. He was beautiful. And your heart approved fully. He turned his gaze towards you.

"(Y/N)...You are not worthless. You are so much special than you think you are." He whispered in a soft voice.

You gulped, staring at his face with wide opened eyes. If there was something you should have said at this moment, well, you couldn't find the words. Special? You have wondered about this word many times but had never heard it with his voice. You liked the way it sounded in his mouth. It felt so much...better.

His smile grew bigger and the second after, he was gone. You were now alone in your bedroom, shivering in the cold morning air.

"He didn't take the pancakes." You sighed.


Morning went fast, you almost didn't notice that it was now the afternoon. You had been sniffling and coughing all day and had to admit you might have a cold. You weren't surprised though: it was cold in your house. You had let the window open for the cat to go in and out but had not considered the consequences. You waited for the cat to come back to close the window. She usually came back in the afternoon to eat.

Now she was meowing around you, waiting for his croquettes and walking between your legs almost making you trip.

"Why don't you walk elsewhere while I'm making your food huh?" You grunted, pushing her nicely with your feet. The cat seemed to understand and started meowing a little further away, looking at you.

You sighed, coughing in your palm and pouring the croquettes in a bowl. You hoped your cold was going to pass eventually, it was already making you tired. You finally put the bowl on the floor and noticed that the cat was not coming. You grunted and searched for her.

"Hey don't tell me you're not hungry anymore!" You said as you put your hands on your hips.

You found her, sharpening her claws on a jacket. You gasped and ran towards her, to stop her from ripping apart the poor and defenceless piece of clothes.

"Don't do that! It's..."

You took the huge jacket and blinked. It was All Might's jacket. He had forgotten about it. You held it in front of you and it was so big that it could as well have been a blanket. You could smell his musk, even with your running nose. It reminded you of when you were in his arms and it made your heart pound inside your chest. You were so responsive by everything that touched him that it scared you. Being near him, touching him, feeling him, made your body react immediately. What if he were to kiss you...Or more? You blushed instantaneously and your grip on his jacket tightened.

"I should give it back to him." You thought to distract yourself from impure thoughts that had flashed through your mind.

However you couldn't leave your house. You remembered that he had given you his number this morning. Where did you put it? Ah! That's right, you had left it in his room. You took the jacket with you so the cat would not ruin it and went back into his room. The atmosphere here was different from this morning.

Maybe it was because he wasn't there anymore but it felt less hot and the air less heavy. You had not noticed but he had made the bed, which made you smiled. You found the paper and sat on the bed, next to the pillow. You took your phone and entered the number. You could at least warn him that you had his jacket. But to be honest, you wanted to see if it was really his number. Not that you didn't trust him but you wanted to test it. Having All Might's number had something thrilling, you guessed that not a lot of people must had it.

It rang in your phone and you waited, your heart beating fast in anticipation. A few seconds later you heard someone picking up the phone.

"Huh...All Might?" You tentatively asked, listening to the breathing on the other end of the line. Your voice was a bit hoarse and you hoped that he would recognize it.

"Hello, who is it?" You heard someone answered but it wasn't All Might. This voice had something familiar but you couldn't recall where you heard it. The voice was masculine but you were sure that it wasn't All Might, "This is Toshinori Yagi, All Might's secretary. He isn't available at the moment." The voice added, not hearing an answer from you.

Toshinori? This name rang a bell somewhere inside of you. You ignored it and decided to present yourself. Maybe All Might had talked about you.

"I'm (Y/N) -uh- a friend of All Might." You suddenly felt stupid saying "friend" because it sounded like a privilege, "All Might saved me a few weeks ago when I fell from a building and -uh- and last night he forgot his jacket at my house and I-I wanted to know if I could talk to him or leave him a message."

Why did you tell him about All Might saving you?! He was probably going to think that you were a creep, desperately wanting an autograph or something. Plus, why did you fall on his secretary? You thought that he gave you his number? Maybe he made a mistake.

"(Y/N)?" You heard the voice say with a hint of surprise, "Oh right the number!"

You squinted your eyes, trying to understand. Had All Might told him about it? Maybe he knew he couldn't talk to you at the moment and warned his secretary about you that might call.

"(Y/N) it's me Toshi!"

You frowned and stayed silence for a few seconds. You had no friend of the name "Toshi". But suddenly it hit you like a train. Toshi? There was only one person of this name. No...He wasn't...? You opened your mouth to talk but no sound left your lips. No-way. You could have talked to anybody -anybody!- and you fell on a person that you knew! And it wasn't just anybody!

"To...shi? You are Toshi on the All Chat forum?" You muttered with confusion, "You are All Might's secretary?"

"Yes! Sorry I didn't tell you...But you can understand that it wasn't something I could say on the forum."

"I-I guess so..." You mumbled, feeling dizzy, "I am a bit confused, this is so crazy."

"You said All Might forgot his jacket but he can't come right now. May I come instead? We could talk about it."

You nodded and then remembered that you were talking to him on your phone.

"S-Sure! Do you need my address?"

"No, All Might gave it to me. I'll be there in fifteen minutes."


"Thank you for calling (Y/N)."

You hanged up and stared at your phone thoughtfully. It had been the briefer call you had ever made and yet you felt as dizzy as when you had just finished a series of ten seasons. Toshi was All Might's secretary? All Might apparently had talked about you since he knew your address. Did it mean that Toshi knew who you were in real life before you did? That was so crazy.

You sprawled onto the bed, trying to process what was happening. You usually would have not invited a stranger to your home but it was All Might's secretary...More of that: it was Toshi. The situation you were in was so strange that you could barely believe it was reality. All Might that appeared to like you, Toshi that was his secretary...It was like the world wasn't turning right. Or maybe it was turning too right.

You don't know for how much time you stared at the ceiling but by the time you did, you heard the bell ringing. You stood up in a hurry, realizing who it was. You burst out of the room and ran towards the door.

"Y-Yes?" You said, pressing your ear against the door.

"It's me, Toshi."

Your heart literally burst out of your chest. You unlocked the door.

"The door is unlocked. I-I don't like being too near it so I'm just going to step back and let you enter." You explained shyly, suddenly afraid of what he might think.

"I understand, please do." Toshi said behind the door.

You took a few steps back, feeling uneasy but preparing yourself. The door creaked and opened, revealing Toshinori. He stepped inside, a faint smile on his lips.

He was tall and really skinny, he was in fact so thin that he looked like a skeleton that had coated a skin costume. His hair looked like a blond mane with two locks of hair falling on his face; his clothes were too big for him but gave him an adorable look. Your noticed that, as All Might, his eyes were lost in the shadows of his brow bones but two blue pupils were shining in the dark.

It was him, Toshi. Toshinori Yagi.

"Hi there (Y/N)." He said softly.

Chapter Text

Toshinori closed the door then proceeded to walk towards you. He was smiling but his smile was so different from All Might's. It was a little shy smile, like the one you get when you receive a present. It was the first time you saw him and still, you felt like you had met him several times before. He wasn't like All Might but he had the same respectful aura. You didn't know why you kept comparing Toshi to him but you couldn't help it.

"I've been meaning to meet you for a long time." He chuckled as he stopped in front of you.

"This is so crazy." Was your only answer.

"That is sure a change from our usual screens."

You inhaled deeply, trying to get rid of this feeling of surrealistic. You had no idea that you were going to meet him in real life one day. You had thought that it would be nice but to actually meet him...

"I'm sorry, All Might never mentioned you once...I am a bit surprised." You admitted timidly. You hoped that he wasn't going to be offended. You didn't know the exact nature of their relationship.

Toshinori giggled and waved his hand to signify that it was no big deal.

"Only a few people know that I exist. I am charged to treat his social matters."

"Oh okay, I understand. I just thought he had given me his personal number." You muttered, a hint of bitterness in your voice.

"Don't worry, it is! It's just that I am the one to answer when he is unavailable."

You nodded but you wondered why he didn't tell you about it.

You invited him to sit on the couch next to you. You wanted to know more about him and, in addition, about All Might. The cat noticed this new person in your home and unexpectedly jumped on his laps, friendly meowing. Toshinori let it curl into a ball on his knees, as it started to purr loudly.

"Wow she seems to really like you, it's almost like she knows you or something." You said as you watched her scratching his pants.

"I have a good feeling with cats." Toshinori murmured as he pet her. He had a really soft and fond expression for a moment. You observed him as he looked at her thoughtfully. You didn't know him much but it was "so him" to like animals. After all, someone who cared so much for humans as he did, couldn't be awful with cats.

"She also has a good feeling with humans. She really is cuddly, especially with All Might."

Toshinori hummed and nodded absent-mindedly.  You stared at him with mixed feelings. You had him enter your house so easily, when you couldn't even answer your mailman. His presence felt so friendly and inviting. You had never met him before and yet, you felt like you could trust him. Where did this feeling come from?

"I'm saying it again but I deeply apologize for not telling you that I worked with All Might." He sighed as he smiled tiredly, "I mostly go on this forum to check on people All Might saved. It's some kind of reassurance. I didn't know if I could tell you since I didn't know you very well but I also didn't want you to think that I was some kind of show-off."

"Don't worry that's perfectly understandable, I was just...surprised that you worked with him. I thought he was some kind of lonesome cowboy." You chuckled, miming the cowboy hat.

That was true though. You had seen him working with heroes but never in a team. He happened to have worked with a teammate a long time ago but that was all.

"Ah, well, I guess he is a little..." Toshinori scoffed, scratching the back of his head.

"How is it to work with him?"

The question almost left your mouth without you realizing it. You were genuinely curious about him outside his hero work. Was he the same than when he was with you? Or was there more?

Toshinori stared at you in bewilderment that turned into awkwardness. He was opening his mouth then closing it, pursing his lips before opening them again, as if he didn't know how to explain it.

"I guess that it's like being taken in a train wreck: it's fast and phenomenal."

"In a good or a bad way?"

"Well neither. It's exhilarating but it's also overwhelming, you know? But he cares about everyone and that's what I like about him."

"Yeah...I like this a lot too." You murmured as you blushed heavily. You coughed a few times which distracted you from Toshi's gaze.

"You know he..." He scratched once again the back of his neck, shrugged and blushed for a few seconds, "He talks a lot about you."

"He does?" You asked, leaning towards him with wide opened eyes.

It was funny because even though you were sitting on the same couch, Toshinori was way taller than you and you had to raise your head to talk to him. His blue eyes widened when he saw you leaning forward and he covered his mouth with his hand to cough hard. You noticed a trickle of blood between his fingers.

"Oh my God, Toshi are you okay?" You gasped fearfully. Was it normal? He didn't seem very alarmed but maybe he had not noticed the blood yet.

"Yes, don't worry I'm used to it." He sighed as he wiped the blood with the back of his hands, "It's part of my condition."

You remembered him saying that he was physically ill. You thought about something and hesitated before asking the question.

"Is your quirk doing this to you?"

"My quirk?" He asked in confusion.

"I had a friend who had a poison quirk. He could poison people but would also poison himself. He was often ill." You explained.

"Oh, no, my quirk doesn't make me sick." He said with a smile, "It was...the consequences of a fight."

You raised your brow but didn't say anything. A fight? You had trouble imagining him fighting anyone. He was indeed tall but his body was as thin as a straw. You weren't the kind to judge on the physical look though. Maybe he was stronger than he looked. Toshi looked away for a second before staring at you with hesitation.

"That reminds me...I'm sorry if this is an issue of some kind but...What's your quirk?"

"Oh, my quirk?" You shrugged and sighed, "Well it doesn't make me sick if that's what you mean. I can do it myself." You said with a dark laugh, "I guess it can be useful  but I can't use it ninety-nine percent of the time."

"Why so?"

"Technically I can see the future in visions but only when I fall. The longer I fall, the longer and more vivid is the vision. Unfortunately it is erased from my mind thirty seconds later and  it isn't even trustworthy."

You chuckled and Toshinori stared at you, waiting for you to say more.

"For example, when I was in high school, there was a test I had not studied for and I jumped from a ladder to get the answers for the test. I fell, got the vision of me receiving the test, and quickly wrote the answers on a paper before forgetting it. Turns out I broke my arms when I fell and couldn't make the test."

"I see the issue there. But it's a pretty powerful quirk though." Toshi said, stroking his chin.

"Well the problem is that I have trouble controlling my visions -I am entirely powerless when it happens- and it doesn't activate every time I fall. For example, when I fell from the building I didn't see anything."

"Do you see the future of other people though?" He suddenly seemed nervous.

"Only mine."

He nodded quietly as he seemed to relax for a moment.

"All Might asked me why I had removed stuff from high shelves. I told him that it was because of my accident but in fact, I've been meaning to do this for a long time. I hate it when my quirk activates without my consent. Do you know how it feels to lose total control of your body? Something that happens every time you fall when you are really clumsy and fall all the time?"

"I am quite familiar with the feeling, yes." Toshi muttered more to himself than to you, subconsciously stroking his ribs.

"I've fallen a few times since the incident though and...It seems like it is broken somehow? I've only had flashes of my fall since."

"Maybe it's the post traumatic shock?"

"Might be."

There was a blank and both of you looked down while an uneasy silence settled. You didn't talk much about your quirk. People usually told you that it was a powerful quirk that needed to be trained but to you it was simply a burden. You didn't see the necessity of seeing the future, it was against the normal course of things. Toshinori petted the cat and you played with your fingers while coughing from time to time.

"What does he say about me? All Might I mean." You whispered, not looking at him. You were so curious about his earlier statement. What could he say when you weren't there?

"Is it really important to you?"

You raised your gaze to meet his. You knew it wasn't a rude question or anything, he was genuinely asking for your opinion. It reminded you of a bit earlier when All Might asked you if he truly needed a reason to see you. You quietly sighed and flushed red.

"It is. I...I really like him."

You lowered your voice for the last part and looked away. You didn't notice Toshinori flushing red too and trying to control his shaking hands.

"H-He says nice things about you. Really nice things. You're so nice, strong, caring and lovely. Being with you is a real pleasure. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you weep, it has something only you can do. And it's beautiful and different each time." Toshi told you softly, a light blush on his cheeks. He had a faint smile on his face and a faraway look in his eyes.

You blinked and stared at him. Had All Might really said this? He had told you many things but never like that. But the way Toshi had said it felt like his expression was the same as when All Might told him these things. At least you hoped.

Toshinori finally seemed to remember that you were still here and his eyes somehow widened in fear.

"I mean that's what he said!" He blurted out as blood was spilling from his mouth. You had no idea why he was so embarrassed about it and wondered if All Might had told him other things. But you had to admit he was adorable.

You laughed at his  embarrassed expression before it turned into a harsh cough. It was starting to hurt your throat and you were gasping for air, grasping at your chest that was shaking with each hiccup. Toshinori got concerned and patted your back in hope that it would calm you. You doubled over, unable to stop the coughing. Toshi got up and went to the kitchen to  pour a glass of water. He quickly came back and handed it to you.

"You should drink, it will calm your coughing."

You nodded and coughed one last time before drinking the whole glass. The cold water removed that itchy feeling in your throat and you were able to breathe again, feeling slightly dizzy.

"Are you sick?" He asked in a worried tone, "You've kept getting redder."

You shook your head slowly, sliding your hand on your face. You felt hot. Well at least if he thought that you were sick, it gave you an excuse for your intensive blushing.

"No I don't think so. Maybe I have a cold."

You felt a bit dizzy and your eyes had trouble staying opened. You sniffled and put your glass on the table. Toshinori was looking at you, concern knitting his eyebrows together. He raised his hand and gently put it on your forehead. Your mind was so foggy that you didn't mind. His hand was cold and it felt good.

"Your hand is cold." You muttered.

"It's not. It's your forehead that's burning." He answered with a tiny smile. Oh this one was cute you thought. He had a nice smile, the kind of ones that make you feel butterflies in your stomach. "I think you should go to sleep."

You sighed and rubbed your eyes. You felt sleepy now. Either you were definitely sick, or he had a good persuasive power.


"Go to your bedroom and lay down for a bit. I'll bring you tea." He proposed, already standing up.

"Uh, you're the guest here. I'm supposed to be the one saying that." You said as you stood up to face him. You wobbled and felt your head throb but you held up.

"The guest is fine. The host, on the other hand, needs to rest." Toshi chuckled but his tone stayed serious.

Welp, guess you didn't have much choice. Maybe laying down for a bit would do good you thought. Plus as a host, sick you could do nothing. You tried one last time to convince him that you were okay but he shook his head and led you to the stairs. You ended up going upstairs and it turned out that your bed felt deliciously soft and comfy. You snuggled with your blanket, sighing in satisfaction. You felt hot but didn't want to leave the bed. You kept coughing and it was getting annoying. Your mind was wandering and you were struggling to focus on your thoughts. Maybe you really needed to sleep after all...

Toshinori came back a few minutes later, a cup of tea in his hands. You wondered how he had managed to find the tea and your room in such a short amount of time but those thoughts vanished with a new fit of coughing.

"I've added some honey in it for your throat." He explained as he put the cup on your bedside table and sat on the bed next to you.

You hummed quietly and sat up to drink your tea. You immediately recognized the smell: it was All Might's tea. It was softer because of the honey but it was still really good. You stared at the reddish liquid thoughtfully, feeling Toshi's gaze on you.

"Hey Toshi...Do you remember what I said to you last time I talked to you on the forum?" You asked as you took a sip of your tea, "I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad or anything. I just felt a bit frustrated. That wasn't your fault."

You raised your head to look at him and you saw him smiling. It was a warm and soft smile, a forgiving one. You felt butterflies in your stomach but these were different from the ones you had with All Might. They were still not mature, not strong...But they were there.

"It's all forgotten. I can understand how you might feel, what you are living is not easy."

"But you're so nice...You didn't deserve that."

"Mistakes are human."

His smile brightened and you let out a laugh which ended up in a coughing fit. You sighed, sniffled, and finished your tea.

"Thank you for the tea and taking care of me. I feel a bit embarrassed that it is the first time we meet and that you end up seeing me like this though." You chuckled weakly.

"It's nothing. I was really happy to finally meet you. The rest is not important."

You nodded quietly and laid down, pulling the cover to your chin. Toshi stared at you, his blue eyes shining with something that you couldn't place. You couldn't decipher his expression. But it was soft like honey.

He, once again, laid a hand on your foreheadl and you welcomed it, feeling the coolness of his skin. It was so different from All Might who radiated heat hotter than a boiler. But it felt just as good.

"You're getting hotter...I'll leave now so you can rest."

"Toshi, wait." You stopped him as he moved to get up.

"What is it?"

"If All Might ever asks you...Can you not tell him that I am sick? It might get better tomorrow and...We are going to watch a movie together. I'm looking forward to it and I don't want him to cancel because of me."

You smiled at him in a pleading gesture and you noticed that a bit of pink had settled on his cheeks. He cleared his throat.

"Alright. Just...take some rest okay?"

"Okay." You answered in a breath.

He stood up and was going to leave when you stopped him once again.


"Are you ever going to listen to me?" He sighed with humour.

"I just wanted to say...I am really glad that you came. It was nice to meet you. Do you think we could see each other again? And for a longer amount of time."

Toshinori turned around to look at you, a perplexed look on his face. It was like he didn't expect you to ever want to see him again. He truly seemed surprised.

"Do you mean see All Might again?" He asked and you thought that it was weirdly asked. As if there couldn't be a Toshinori Yagi, that he didn't exist. He thought that you had a low self-esteem...But you thought that he beat you to it.

"No. I mean you. Toshi. Toshinori." You coughed in your palm.

His face appeared to lighten. Had he never heard someone asking to see him?

"That would be with great pleasure."

You smiled weakly and started to doze off. Your vision blurred and you couldn't quite see him with the backlight coming through the window. He was shining and his blond mane made him look like a burning sun. You were slipping into unconsciousness, with the face of Toshinori as the last thing you saw.

You were going to feel better tomorrow, you thought.

Chapter Text

You didn't get any better.

In fact, it got worst.

You were switching between moments where your body was burning, sweating bullets -as if it had decided to sweat your disease out-; and moments where it was shivering, feeling like your own skin was sandpaper and begging for the pain to stop. You couldn't decide if you wanted to get another blanket or outright remove the one you had. You were constantly sticking your leg in and out of the blankets, trying to reach the perfect balance. But nothing worked.

You had a really bad cold, a big and awful one. You shouldn't have let the window opened when it was freezing outside.

You didn't quite remember when Toshi left. You vaguely remember him staying a bit with you and talking to you even though you were already long gone. You remembered that he had told you about the jacket but that's all. He probably took it.

You don't know how much time passed. You woke up in the middle of the night because of a violent coughing fit. As if you weren't sweaty enough, you had cold sweat spreading in your back each time you woke up. Your slumber was interrupted by nightmares of you, falling continuously and screaming in terror. But you didn't just dream of your fall.

You also dreamt of Toshi and All Might.

Those weren't clean and continuous dreams. They were more like confused and delirious. You dreamt of kissing, embracing All Might, taking him in your arms and touching every part of him. But sometimes his face changed to be less square, more thin and his hair shifting into the shape of the sun, two blue eyes looking right through your soul making you forget all your yesterdays.

But each time you woke up, panting, sweaty and your head throbbing and you couldn't remember all of it. It just vanished somewhere in the back of your mind. And you were too tired to even try to remember.

You were curled into a ball on your bed, wet and sticky, your hair almost glued to your forehead and your throat as dry as sand. Your thoughts were spinning meanderingly inside your head and you were whining and groaning in your half-sleep trying to get read of this feeling of discomfort.

Your mouth was so dry! You could almost hear the sound of your tongue rasping against your palate. You had to drink something or you were going to end up as a dry mummy in a lonely desert. You just had to get up. It wasn't going to be that difficult...right?

Your joints cracked and ground when you tried to sit and you had to focus real hard to not fall backwards. You had no idea what time it was, maybe morning because you could see the red sky through your window. It was probably early.

But God, it was so cold! You were half naked under your sheets and even though you had decided to take the blanket with you on your trip to the bathroom, it felt as if you were rolling naked in the snow. The hair of your legs and arms was raising and giving you goose bumps. Blinking and trying to get a hold on yourself, you stood up, your legs wobbling and your head spinning. You leaned on the wall, breathing heavily and shutting your eyes tightly. You felt like someone had laid rocks on your eyelids and were struggling to keep them open. For a split moment you thought about giving up, going back inside your sheets and just , maybe, die there from dehydration. But that stabbing pain in what was left of your throat convinced you to at least drink a glass of fresh water.

One step after another, you stumbled inside your bathroom which was just next to your bedroom and pounced on the sink where you started to take big and long swigs of fresh water, your throat welcoming it like dry dirt in a plant pot.

When you were done, you kneeled on the floor, still gripping the edges of the sink,  gasping for air and the blanket on your shoulders. With all the things that had happened to you, being ill was just another burden you had to bear in your cursed life. Besides, you were going to see All Might tonight and with how you looked he was probably going to say that you needed rest, just like Toshi.

But you needed him! Not rest or calm, just him...

You only craved to be by his side. You felt so exhausted though...You could barely walk, how could you expect to feel better by the evening? Deep inside, you knew how it was going to end.

You felt sleepy and didn't actually find the courage to stand up. You flopped on your bath mat which seemed more comfortable than the bare floor, and curled into a ball. Your eyes were closing by themselves and you clutched the blanket tightly. You knew that if you dozed off, you would never stand up. Your strength was leaving you but your mind was still struggling, sending you messages telling you to get up. You had to get back to your bed and not stay on the floor like some kind of fool.

You brushed your fingertips against the soft material of your bath mat, your thoughts fraying one by one and your will getting weaker. You closed your eyes and started sinking into a new sleep.

"Just...a few seconds..." You thought as your were getting deeper and deeper into the darkness.

You didn't know what happened after that. You slept, then woke up but had still not the strength to stand up. You slept again but this time, something perturbed your nap on the floor.

It was something warm.

It was warm...On the back of your neck. It was soft too. Oh now your whole body was being warmed up. Were you against a heater or something? It felt good. You didn't feel anymore the cold bite of the floor. Was your head being lifted too? You wanted to lose yourself in that warm and soft feeling.

Weakly, you opened your eyes to meet something big and blurred. But even blurred you could recognize him.

"All Might..." You breathed, a faint smile growing upon your lips.

He was kneeled on the floor of your bathroom and holding you in his arms, his left hand lifting your head. You looked at him and you noticed that there was something different. It was easy to know: he wasn't smiling. Maybe he was trying but it was twisted into a worried and concerned one.

"I...wanted to drink but I -uh- didn't have the...the strength to go back." You explained, your voice trailing off. Your mind felt dizzy and you could barely have coherent thoughts.

He seemed to notice that you were -almost- conscious and his heroic smile came back. Maybe because it reassured him or maybe it was to reassure you.

"You frightened me. I was worried when I didn't see you in your room."

"W-Why are you -hum- here? I mean...It's still morning right? We said in the evening."

All Might tilted his head on the side in a confused gesture.

"It is evening."

You probably made the possible ugliest face in an attempt to look surprised.

"Wow. Okay. Well I don't know if you noticed but I'm kind of sick so I can barely think properly."

"Maybe we can cancel our movie night then." He said softly as he lifted you up, holding you tightly in his arms and being careful to not hurt you. He carried you outside of the bathroom.

"No! I want to watch the movie with you!" You exclaimed, grasping his black shirt.

"(Y/N)...It is not reasonable to- "

"I really want to, please." You cut him off, being clearly more awaken, "I've been waiting for  this evening with great eager." You admitted, not knowing if it was your fever or if the blush on your cheek was the emotion.

All Might stopped in front of the bedroom, staring at you with hesitation. Apparently pleading seemed to work a lot on him. Gosh he was adorable.

"You are really tired." All Might said in a vain attempt to make you change your mind.

"I really want to watch a movie."

The pro hero bobbed his head and sighed, obviously against your stubborn behaviour but unable to say no.

"Just one movie, okay?"

You smiled and nodded, pressing your cheeks against his pectorals. He turned around and walked down the stairs, being careful with each step to not shake you too much. You could have probably walked but someone would have needed all the archangels in heaven to take you out of his arms. It was warm, you felt safe and you were with him.

"I saw Toshi yesterday." You suddenly said, coughing in your fist.

"Yes. He told me." All Might answered but not looking at you.

"He is a very nice guy."

"Is he?"

"You should give him a salary increase."

He chuckled softly, which was his answer.

"He is attractive you know." You added.

You were staring at his face, waiting for a reaction. Maybe was it because you had trouble thinking straight or rationally but you wanted to test him. Was he going to get jealous? Oh that would be hot.

All Might glanced down at you. His expression was strange, a mixed of emotions you couldn't quite tell. There was no jealousy but there sure was disbelief.

"Attractive? What do you mean?"

"He is -uh- tall. And nice. He has a cute smile too. He is a bit like you in a way. But you know...different." Your head was spinning and you had no idea what you were telling him.

"A bit like me...?" All Might whispered more to himself than to you. He hummed quietly as if he was deeply reflecting about what you just said. But you couldn't even remember what you had just said a few seconds ago.

"Can we watch Beauty and the Beast?" You mumbled as he put you on the couch.

"Beauty and the Beast?"

"I like this movie. Is it too childish for you maybe?"

"No. I like movies! Classics too." He smiled as he took the DVD that was put on the coffee table and inserted it into the DVD player.

You followed each of his moves quietly. Was it you or did he look hotter? He was wearing a tight black shirt, a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. It was the most normal outfit he could have found but it looked so sexy on him. All Might in casual clothes was hot. As he was kneeled on the floor to set the menu with the remote control, focused on the screen, you were shamelessly leering at his body, laying like a bag of potatoes on the couch. You were pretty sure that the fever had increased your libido. The last traces of reasons inside your foggy mind were telling you to just focus on the movie and shut those thoughts up.

The theme song of Beauty and the Beast started playing and All Might came back to you. He sat next to you and you crawled towards him to put your head on his laps. He seemed to be a bit surprised for a bit but ended up gently putting his hand on your back.


You gloated inside, feeling warm and comfy on his thighs. He had nice thighs. Like...Not average nice thighs, a hero level nice thighs. You were probably smiling like a dumb baby.

"Are you comfortable?" All Might asked, stroking your back slowly. You could feel his hands shaking against you. You had noticed it for a while. You wondered what it meant.

"I am." You yawned as you were pretty sure you were going to doze off again.

The movie started and you felt once again this warm and comfortable ambiance, just like the one when you were having tea. He was hot and it was warming you. Outside, it was almost completely dark, there was a bit of wind, gently shaking the branches of your tree.  The soft music of the movie was echoing in your living room and you were listening to it, as well as All Might's breathing. It felt deliciously good. Like passing a cold winter next a fireplace, listening to the crackling sound of the logs burning.

You had trouble watching the movie and were doing your best to stay awake. You couldn't see All Might's face but if you did, you would have noticed that he was much more looking at you than at the screen.


In the middle of the movie, All Might started stroking your hair, playing with your locks and caressing the top. You were pretty sure that he didn't realize what he was doing because you could see in the reflection of the screen that he was deeply into the movie, almost not blinking.

Your eyelids were fluttering, desperately trying to stay opened. You liked when people played with your hair but when it was All Might...You had to say it : it was orgasmic.

You moaned softly and you felt him tensing up against you.

"Sorry I just really like when you play with my hair." You sighed happily.

Since you didn't get an answer you turned around  and saw him coughing against his wrist. He was red too. Did he catch your cold somehow? He looked at his wrist for a moment before brushing off something that was on it.

"I apologize. I was a bit surprised by that noise." He said with a smile.

"What noise? That noise?" You faked a moan, keeping a straight face.

All Might's brows rose so high that you thought they were going to leave his forehead for good. His smile twitched for a second and you could swear that you had heard his heartbeats going faster. Was he blushing too? You wanted to laugh.

All Might was flustered?

Oh no, that was cute.

"Yes, that noise." The pro hero muttered as he was desperately trying to focus on the movie.

You were going to say something when you heard Belle sobbing in the screen. It was almost the end of the movie.

You turned your head to watch it. The Beast was transforming back into a beautiful young man under Belle's fascinated gaze. His fur was being swallowed by his skin, his claws turning back into nails, his horns disappearing inside his skull. All Might seemed to have totally forgotten about your moan and was watching the screen with some kind of fascination too, absent-mindedly stroking your hair.

"What are you thinking about?" You asked, turning around once again to face him.

"Oh I was thinking about something silly." He entered into a booming laughter but you felt that it was to hide the true nature of his thoughts.

"What was it then."

"Well...As I said, it's really silly. But what if the story was reversed? What if Belle had met a beautiful Prince that turned out to be a beast. Would she still love him?"

"If that's true love I guess the answer is yes." You yawned, not really knowing why it seemed to disturb him.

He turned his gaze towards you bearing a somewhat serious face.

"Would you still love someone even though they turned out to be less than what they pretended? Less beautiful, less fantastic, less everything?" He asked, looking away for a split amount of time.

You reflected for a moment, humming quietly.

"Would that person still have the personality I've known?"

All Might seemed puzzled for a second. Maybe he expected a one word answer.

"Uh yes, almost."

"Would they be still nice as they've been to me?"

"Of course."

"Then the answer is yes. I would still love them because despite what they might look, it would still be them right? If you don't love people for what they are then what's the point?" You shrugged.

He stayed silent and stared at you as if he was trying to know if you were lying or not. But you were being a hundred percent honest. When someone died, you were sad because the body you had known wasn't inhabited by the soul you had loved. You are not mourning the body, it would not make sense. That was your point of view.

"I guess you're right!" All Might smiled, scratching the back of his head. He seemed relief in a way. Maybe was it something that had been nagging him for a while.

The movie was over and the credits were rolling on the screen. You were congratulating yourself for not falling asleep. You could say that you deserved a medal because All Might's thighs were really comfortable.

"Now you should sleep! You are probably very tired." All Might said as he turned off the TV, "Can you walk to your room?"

You sat up, stretching yourself for a while and waved your hand.

"Pssht! Of course I can."

You stood up before falling right forward, your head spinning at high speed. All Might caught you by the waist in extremis before pressing you against him.

"Hm...Allow me to doubt your words." He chuckled as he lifted you effortlessly from the floor once again. You didn't protest and instead enjoyed his warmth that never failed to make you melt.

As he was carrying you like a baby, you buried your face into his chest, deeply inhaling his musk. Was he wearing perfume? It was spicy and exhilarating and reminded you of a fresh evening in the mountains of Montana. Did you ever go to Montana? No. But you were sure that All Might did and smelled like it.

You embraced this feeling of security, welcoming it with opened arms as you were cradled by his steps.

"Hey you know what's funny?" You asked in a sleepy tone.

"Hm-m?" He hummed as he walked up the stairs.

"I'm afraid of heights but even though you're super tall, when I'm in your arms I feel safe."  

All Might stopped in mid-step before continuing to walk. You had your palm laying on his chest and you were pretty sure his heart raced. You closed your eyes for a moment and smiled.

"I could fall a billion times, if I fell into your arms I could overcome fear itself, for you would be here." You whispered as you were both entering your bedroom. It was bad poetry, if ever. In fact, you had hoped that it was going to make him laugh but you only felt him gripping you tighter.

The room was dark with only the light coming from the corridor dimly lighting it. There was no sound except All Might's steps on the floor and his heartbeats against your ear. The ambient air was heavy for you had not opened the window, but it felt cozy.

When the pro hero was near your bed, he put his knee on the mattress and bowed to gently put you on it, your head resting on the pillow.

You stared at him as he removed his hands from your body, his fingers brushing against the soft and hot skin of your cheek.

"All Might...Don't go just yet..." You breathed as you caught his hands.

He looked at you, stopping in his movement before sitting on his leg and putting his hand next to you. His chest was just above you, raising and sagging in his black shirt, his head steady and his gaze laying on you. You could feel his breath on your face. You raised your hand and cupped his face where a ray of light was laying. You could see his smile, less heroic but softer, his square jaw, his tanned skin. You stroked his cheekbones with your fingertips and he let you, probably shutting his eyes for a second.

You carefully lifted your chest, your face so close to your hero -so awfully close!- that you could feel his breath on your nose.

You couldn't quite see him in the dark but you were sure that he knew you were there: his breath was sharp and shaking in his throat.

You tilted your head and kissed him softly, your lips barely touching his, as a leaf falling at the surface of a lake. You did it out of reflex, as if it just had to be done. But maybe your fever was only making delirious.

 His lips were hot -burning! Flaming!- against yours and your whole body was speared by thousands of electric shocks. You knew that since you were already febrile when he simply touched you, this reaction was more than normal.

Then, slowly, you felt him opening his mouth for a fuller kiss, playing with the outline of your lips, his teeth knocking against yours. You felt his hand cupping your head, pulling you closer as he kissed you back. You had been scared for a moment that he pulled away and started talking about how it wasn't reciprocate...But he actually kissed you back! And it felt so good! So good to feel loved and desired by someone that you cherished so much! Your heart was pounding inside your chest, hurting you in such a good way. You could hear it beating fast and hard, along with All Might's. It was bouncing with joy and you had trouble thinking straight with the blood roaring in your ears and your head spinning mercilessly.

This kiss felt so gentle yet so exhilarating. And suddenly it was like fire meeting gasoline, and your body was catching fire, desiring more than it already had. Both of your mouth were separating, brushing against each other before meeting again, even more passionately than the time before. You were sharing the same breath and it was so overwhelming, yet so insufficient! All Might seemed to be hungry of your taste, your touch, your essence, devouring your lips like candied cherries and pulling you always closer.

But you were a fool if you denied that you weren't doing the same. You were pulling him towards you as well, craving for his warmth as if a wintery cold was inhabiting you. You could feel his heart knocking forcefully against your ribs.        His shaking hands were tracing the curves of your body with such carefulness, as if he was afraid to break you. But maybe you didn't want him to go easy on you. Maybe you wanted him to leave bruises, traces of his love on you or hug you hard. Those kisses were too chaste, too gentle and it was almost unbearable to live. You simply wanted more.

And then you felt it, the slick and sweet taste of his tongue venturing inside your mouth. You welcomed it, making it yours, opening your mouth wider and every single thoughts in your mind vanished. It was big and yet felt perfect inside your mouth. His tongue was melding with yours, accurately making you melt.

There was only him, only his mouth.

You let out a heated moan against his lips and played along with his tongue. It seemed to arouse him and he deepened the kiss even more, grabbing your waist to push you against him. Your blood was boiling inside your veins and if fire wasn't enough, you felt like a volcano had settled inside your whole being. Flames would have been more gentle than his touch which was consuming you alive, turning you into ashes between his strong hands.

And even though it was already a lot to process inside your mind: you still wanted more! Your whole body was aching for flesh, for skin! You could hear how desperate your moans sounded and it was mortifying. But you knew that he liked to hear you so much, cursing under his breath between two kisses as he pulled you closer again and again.

Maybe him too, was craving for your touch. You could feel how his hands and his breath were shaking as he tried to control his body to not give in to pleasure.

He was nowhere and everywhere at the same time and it was like you could feel his hands all over your body as you were  being pressed against him. And something else was pressing against your groin, hard and eager. And you knew what it was, what else could have it been? You were pretty sure that he had the beginning of an erection. He was giving unwilling light thrust against you with each of your movement and that just added to your lust.

In a desperate attempt, you groped for his pants with the firm intention to unbutton them -or rip them off with how this was going!-

You had no night vision but you had a very sensitive touch, and oh my! You could definitely feel something big stretching his jeans. A shiver ran down your spine and you felt him twitching when you brushed the tip of his bump. His whole body tensed up and you heard him trying to hide a moan that had left his lips. God all above in all heavenly Heaven: that was the hottest sound of all. And the fact that he tried to suppress it, made it even hotter. You gulped quietly, your hands trembling with excitation. Whatever was under that annoying pair of jeans: you wanted it here, and now.

But All Might gently grabbed your wrist, stopping you as you were going to unbutton his deformed piece of clothes.

"We should...We should stop here, don't you think? You're still convalescent." He gasped in a husky voice, breathless, against your cheek.

Why did he want to stop now? You could feel your crotch pulsing with need and even thought your head felt dizzy, you were sure of one thing: you didn't want everything to stop now.

"I feel fine...Please..." You muttered and this sounded so needy in your mouth but you were, in fact, craving for him.

You brushed your lips against his, biting his bottom lip and you felt that he had to use all of his hero self-control to not give in and devour you. His hands were cupping your face, hesitating between pulling you closer or pushing you away, and the tension between those two needs made his body almost ache. You could feel his gaze, wandering on the parts of your face as his thoughts were trying to reason with his desire.

"You're not yourself...You're sick." He ended up whispering and the noticeable hint of regrets and disappointment made your heart sink.

Did he really think that you were out of your mind and that if you had been in a normal state, you would have not kissed him? But he was wrong! You ached for his touch every single day of your miserable life and if there was one thing that you were sure, was that you loved him with every inch of your being.

The sudden stop of rushing blood in your brain made you dizzy and you rested your head on your pillow, feeling everything spinning around you. All Might stared at you in the dark and removed some hair that had fallen on your face. You hummed quietly when his hand touched you and you realized how sweaty you were. He was right though, you were still sick. But he was still on top of you and you couldn't denied that you still wanted to go on.

"I feel...weird..." You mumbled as your vision was blurring. You were so excited that you had been hyperventilating. No wonder you wanted to sleep now.

All Might smiled but physically, he seemed as exhausted and sweaty as you somehow. You wanted to ask what was wrong but your words got stuck in your throat. You dozed off and closed your eyes, cursing yourself for being so weak in such a moment.

"Shit. I'm out of time." You heard All Might's voice echoed in the distance as a hissing sound followed.

"I didn't let the kettle on the fire though..." You thought as you blacked out, slipping into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

You were falling, and you were falling. You couldn't stop it, you were falling and you couldn't do anything. You were just waiting for the end of it. You were falling and yet you had forgotten.

What did you forget?

It was on the tip of your tongue...How could you have forgotten something like that?

You forgot.

The sensation was horrible, you couldn't bear falling and falling again. When was it going to stop?

Something soft, something that felt familiar touched you. All of this pain flew away in an instant, leaving you in a total void. It felt better. You were not falling anymore.

You thanked this sudden benediction that removed all the pain. But a question remained.

What did you forget?


You woke up suddenly with the uneasy sensation to wake up from a nightmare.

Was it really a nightmare? No...It felt more like a memory.

"What did I forget?" You muttered in a hoarse voice, rubbing your eyes in confusion. What was it about? You couldn't remember.

What time was it? There was a sweet smell in the air. What was it? It smelled like a hot pie just out of the oven. You sat up and looked around.

Where was All Might?

Your throat hurt but you didn't feel feverish anymore. Your mind was clear and your head didn't feel heavy. In movies, sick people couldn't remember what they did the day before. But you did, you remembered every single second from last night. How could you forget such a thing? Your first kiss with All Might. You subconsciously brushed your lips with your fingertips. Shaking hands on your burning body, tongue tracing the edges of your lips. The memory was so vivid, so real, that you felt a shiver running down your spine and butterflies inside your stomach. You would give anything for it happening again. It felt overwhelming.

You inhaled sharply which gave you a breath of that sweet smell. Was All Might downstairs? You knew how good he was at cooking, so it was probably him.

You grabbed a sweater as well as pants and left your room. You first went to the bathroom to drink. Your throat was dry and it felt good. You could hear someone cooking. It was definitely All Might. Who else could it be? You in fact, were desperately hoping that it was. Nothing was going to be the same after last night, wasn't it? And if he was still here now...It meant that he wanted something to happen between the both of you right?

You slowly walked down the stairs, a lump forming inside your throat. You were anxious. What was he going to say after that? He kissed you back, that was true, but he also was the one that asked to stop. Maybe his feelings for you were not as clear as they were to you. You had a lot of questions. You scratched your hair and grunted.

Love was complicated.

When you arrived, the smell of pie was even more present. You hummed quietly, feeling your stomach growling in agony. You had not eaten anything in days.

"All Might?" You said as you entered the kitchen. Your heart was beating fast. You just couldn't wait to see him.

Toshinori turned around, his hands still holding the steaming pie.

"Oh, (Y/N)! Good afternoon."

The skeleton man was standing beside the oven, wearing his usual large shirt and pants but those were white, covered in flour. You stared at him in confusion as he smiled at you brightly.

"Toshi...? Where is All Might?"

He turned his back on you to put the pie on the counter then cleaned his hands with a cloth.

"He had an urgent meeting to attend to. He didn't want to leave you alone so he asked me to stay with you." He explained as he patted his pant to remove the flour, "I made some pie because I thought you would be hungry."

"Oh...He is gone then. I see..." You smiled weakly, having trouble to hide your disappointment. You felt bad because you were happy to see him and felt glad that he took care of you...but you couldn't help but feel a little deceived. That was so cruel to have given you so much, just to leave without letting anything the day after.

"That looks delicious." You added with a tiny smile. But it was a fake one.

You walked towards the counter and his gaze followed you.

"Are you okay?" He asked as you leaned to smell the pie. It was a cherry pie.

"Yeah, I don't have any fever anymore."

"No I mean...Are you okay?"

You turned around to face him. He looked concerned and his eyes were sad with somewhat a hint of guilt. Toshinori was cute...And caring. You were horrible for showing him such coldness. But you couldn't help. You had a slight feeling of betray that you couldn't shake off. But All Might had an important business to attend to right? It wasn't like it was his fault. Then why did you feel...So sad?

"Did All Might say something else when he asked you to take care of me?" You asked without looking at him.

"No. I don't think so." He answered as he observed each of your reaction.

"I see."

You took a bit of whipped cream that was toping the middle of the pie with your finger and ate it. It was sweet and soft. You smiled at him and even though it was a more sincere one, it felt as sad.

"Thank you for the pie. I was hungry."

Something seemed to break inside Toshi's mind. His expression darkened and he pursed his lips into a thin line. He got closer and wrapped his arms around you with such tenderness that you didn't even protest. It felt sweet, like the cream. Somehow he smelled like All Might and it made you relaxed. Without realizing it, you wrapped your arms around his waist as well. It felt good. Maybe you needed a hug after all.

"I told you, I'm fine." You said in a vain attempt to not be pitied for.

"Listen (Y/N)...I have something to tell you."

His voice was unsure, but extremely serious and it worried you. His chin was resting on the top of your head so you had no idea what his face looked like at this moment.

"It's about All Might...And me."

Your ear pressed against his chest, you could feel his deep voice vibrating through his shirt. You suddenly feared what he was about to say. What if...

"Are you guys, like...In love?" You asked, genuinely worried about it. Maybe that's why All Might couldn't go any further with you.

You heard him coughing, probably spilling blood.

"What? No!" He blurted out, holding you tighter in his arms, "That's not it at all."

His heart was racing and you were wondering what did he want to tell you then. What was so terrible? Had he been lying to you about something? You had no idea of what was going on. You had no idea why you were still in his arms either. But you stayed. Maybe because you liked it.

"(Y/N), I..." He started and you raised your head to look at him.

His words got stuck in his throat as he was looking straight into your eyes and for a second he looked panicked, thousands of thoughts spinning inside his head. His expression was heartbreaking, and you could see that something important was tormenting him and yet he just couldn't say it.

"...I wanted to say that we were both worried to see you sick." He sighed in defeat, releasing you.

It was obvious that this sentence wasn't the one he was thinking about. You stared at him for a few seconds, waiting for him to say more. But he didn't and instead, smiled at you with such pain in the eyes that you weren't sure anymore you wanted to ask him. Just like him you swallowed your words and smiled.

You had rarely seen such a painful look.

"Thank you. I feel better now."

Physically at least.

Toshinori nodded then turned towards the counter.

"Do you want some? It would be a shame to let it cool."

His gaze was still heavy with untold truths but you didn't  say anything. You knew that he wasn't going to give you an answer anyway. But you still wondered what seemed to bother him so much.

You nodded quietly and he took a knife to cut you a slice. Cherries and red juice fell from it when he put it in a plate and you could see steam coming out of the golden dough. Your mouth was watering just by looking at it. And the smell! Oh God the smell! The sweet smell of hot cherries and cooked dough threw you back into your childhood when you ate some pie made by your mother on the front porch.

You took a bite out of it and the syrupy flavour of the cherries  made your tongue twitch with delight. A shiver ran down your spine and you closed your eyes, sighing in satisfaction.

"Toshi you're such a good cook! That's so good!" You yelped, almost forgetting what had happened. Toshi smiled proudly, a light blush showing on his cheeks.

"Thank you."

You took another bite then another one. It was burning your tongue but you didn't care, it was just awfully delicious!

"That brings back so many memories..." You chuckled as you tried to talk with your mouth full of pie.

"What memories?" Toshi asked, a faint smile on his face, happy to see you enjoying his food.

"When I was a child...I used to sit on the front porch to watch the rain with a slice of pie in my hands. That might seem really boring but I just liked to watch the rain you know? It has something relaxing."

You looked down for a moment and something dark nested inside your chest.

"Now...I can't really do it, can I?" You scoffed sadly while taking another bite of your slice, "I'm not going to leave my house anytime soon".

Toshinori thoughtfully stared at you, a hint of pity glowing in the back of his eyes.

"Rain, you say..." He murmured, softly stroking his chin. Then, something flashed in front of his eyes and a smile illuminated his face.

"Have you seen the weather outside this morning?"

"No I didn't."

"I think there is something you might like."

You raised an eyebrow, wondering why was he so cheerful all of a sudden. You had no idea what was outside because your curtains were closed. You watched him as he cut two other slices of pie and put them on a plate. He took it then with his free hand, he grabbed your hand.

"Come. I want to show you something!"

As he pulled you towards the stairs, you followed him, a puzzled look on your face. Why did he seem so happy all of a sudden? But his smile was contagious and you quietly laughed behind him. He had warm hands. They were slightly calloused but it didn't feel bad.

You both entered your room and he finally let go of your hand. You watched him as he put the plate on your bed then patted the space next to it to invite you to sit there.

Perplexed, you slowly walked towards him and sat where he was showing you -which was just in front of the window- , trying to understand his sudden change of behaviour.

"Toshi, what are you- "

Without letting you finish your sentence, Toshinori opened the curtain and a bright light almost blinded you. You protected your eyes with your hands until you were able to look through the window without squinting your eyes like an old man. You gasped in pure delight when you saw the scenery.

"It's snowing!" You exclaimed, almost jumping off your bed.

The houses and trees around were covered with white powder. Thousands of little cotton balls were falling from the sky in slow motion and your eyes were sparkling with joy and surprised as you watched them flowing against your window.

Toshi slightly opened it -enough for you to feel a cold breeze but not enough to make you sick again- and turned his palm upwards to catch a few snowflakes that melt inside of it.

"It's not rain but...I think it might be as enjoyable to look at, don't you think?" Toshinori chuckled, his eyes squinting a little because of his smile.

You didn't answer but nodded quietly, your mouth slightly opened, looking at the window in awe. Toshi closed the window and sat next to you. He stared at you with a tender expression and took the plate. He handed it to you, breaking your contemplation. You took it and stared at the pie before staring back at him.

"It's not the front porch either...But it feels like it, I hope." He smiled and you felt butterflies in your stomach. That smile...Had something familiar. Something warm nested inside your chest. You liked this feeling.

And you liked him.

You took a spoonful of your pie and ate it while looking at the snow falling. The contrast between the hot pie and the cold weather made such a beautiful experience. Memories of your childhood flowed inside your mind. A single tear dropped from your eye and fell on your knee. You sniffled.

"Are you crying?" Toshi asked softly.

"No, I'm not." You answered without turning your gaze away from the window.

You took another piece of your pie. It felt sweeter than before.

"I'm happy." You added.

You leaned towards him and gently put your head on his shoulders. You felt him tensing up before relaxing slowly. You had no idea why but you wanted to be close to him. You wanted to share tender moments with him and tell him how nice and caring he was. Toshinori Yagi was the purest soul you had encountered. And you realized how lucky you were to have met him.

"Thank you for this." You muttered against him.

"I didn't do anything."

You smiled.

"At least you stayed." You whispered not high enough for him to hear you.

Both of you stayed like this, in the silence of your bedroom,  snuggled against each other. It felt good, it felt warm, it felt special. You could hear him breathing and his breath was calm and relaxed.

Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump

Toshi's heartbeats. They felt loud against him. As if he had a heart too big for such a frail body. You closed your eyes for a moment, listening to it.

"What did you want to tell me earlier?" You murmured, a bit sorry to break that moment but your curiosity kicking in.

His muscles tensed up for a second and his heartbeats raced.

Ba-bump! Ba-bump! Ba-bump!

His gaze was stuck on the window, looking at something that wasn't there. His eyes narrowed in a distressed expression. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before sighing.

"That was not important."

He leaned his head to gently put it on top of yours. One of his golden locks was falling in front of your face. Things were left untold.

Maybe was he going to tell you soon.

His slice of pie was now cold.


The snow stopped falling but both of you stayed in your bedroom. You almost fell asleep on his shoulder. You couldn't quite describe what you felt for him. Was it friendship? No it was stronger than that. Was it love? But what kind of love? Because you sure were in love with All Might...But it was so ambiguous with Toshi. You wanted to spend time with him, laugh with him and see him smile. His smile was like a ray of sunshine shining through a lake: it was beautiful and you could wait all day just to see it once more.

Still...You couldn't love two different people at the same time.

When you realized that, you removed your head from his shoulder, an awkward smile on your face. Toshi stared at you, unaware of the thoughts that were going through your head.

It was getting dark outside and he looked at his watch before letting out a gasp.

"I should head home. There is work waiting for me." He sighed.

You stared at him and those last thoughts vanished in an instant. You were having such a good time...

"Oh, you're leaving...too..." You muttered, the "too" leaving your mouth without you realizing it.

Toshi seemed to understand what was going on and put his hand on yours in a comforting gesture.

"Please don't be too hard on All Might. Sometimes he simply...doesn't have the time." He said, stroking subconsciously his ribs, "But he truly cares about you and can't wait to see you again."

You raised your gaze to meet his and he smiled heartedly, giving you butterflies in your stomach. How could a smile be so powerful? It was like all your worries just flew away when he stretched the corner of his lips.

"I know...I'm sorry."

Toshi gripped your hand tighter to let you know that it was okay. Silence fell between the both of you but it didn't feel awkward at all. It felt intimate and soft.

When he realized that he still had his hand on yours, he removed it quickly and started blushing.

"I should really get going..." He chuckled out of embarrassment as he stood up.

You followed as he left the room.

"Thank you for looking over me." You said as you were both walking down the stairs.

"You're welcome. I spent a really good day so I guess it was a win-win situation." He answered with a smile. You wondered about his words. Since when was he here then?

"Were you here since the morning?"

He shrugged.

"Well, yes. All Might -uh- called me early."

Your heart skipped a beat. Did that mean that he saw you half naked and probably drooling in your sleep this morning?

"Did you come into my room?" You nervously asked as he was taking his coat and putting it on.

"Once or twice. You were deeply asleep and groaning in your sleep. I think you were making a nightmare."

You remembered your nightmare. You still couldn't remember it fully.

"Toshi, that might seem weird but...Do you think I have forgotten anything?"

Toshinori tilted his head on the side in a perplexed gesture.

"I don't think so?" He hummed quietly, stroking the tip of his chin as he reflected, "Maybe you forgot to feed the cat." He joked.

You glanced at the cat's bowl that was still full. It hadn't moved since you got ill and you thought that you, in fact, had not seen her in days. Where could she be?

However you were pretty sure that you had not forgotten about that. Then about what?

"I don't know. If I forgot that must mean that it is not important."

You noticed that he was now ready to go. It wasn't snowing anymore but it was still very dark.

"Be careful outside." You said and you thought that you awfully sounded like a proud spouse.

"I will."

Toshi glanced outside then glanced back at you. He leaned and tenderly kissed your cheek. Your eyes opened wide and you flushed. He giggled, a light blush setting on his cheek as well.

"Goodnight (Y/N)."

He turned around and this time, left for good. You stayed, dumbstruck in front of your door, your hands cupping your face. Woah what was that? This kiss...Felt different.

Toshi left your house and started walking towards the street. He stopped halfway  to turn around and stare at your house. He glanced at your bedroom's window where he could see a faint light coming from it. His thoughts wandered on this morning when he came in your room. You were still asleep and he tried to be careful not to wake you up. But you were having a nightmare and your eyebrows were knitted together in an upset expression. You were moaning, saying words he couldn't understand and all your body was shaking. It broke his heart to see you like this and he sat next to you, hoping that you would find solace in his presence.

His hand delicately removed the hair from your eyes and caressed the red skin of your cheek. And finally, you stopped moaning and shaking, leaving your face restful and calm.

"To...shi..." You murmured in your sleep and his eyes widened.

His hand twitched on your face and stared at you in silence. Words could not express how he felt at the moment. God, he loved you so dearly. He had not loved someone this way in a long time. And it hurt in such a wonderful way.

He bowed slowly so his mouth could be near your ear.

"Have no fear...Because I am here." He whispered, a faint smile upon his lips.

Chapter Text


Two days passed and All Might didn't come back. You watched the news and you saw that apparently, a lot of villains were attacking the cities. A lot of heroes were solicited, including All Might, to help contain them. Home videos were going around, showing the pro hero stopping the villains and handing them to the police, as always bearing that fearless smile. He was very busy, you knew it. And yet you couldn't help but feel melancholic.

You wanted him by your side.

You knew that it was selfish to desperately wishing for him to come back and stay with you, when thousands of people needed him. You were aware that, as a pro hero, he had a lot of work to do and had to be always ready to take action.

And yet....And yet....

You selfishly waited for him to come home. To come back to you. And it hurt so bad, like a bag of snakes endlessly squeezing your heart with their cold skin. It hurt so bad to be left behind with hopes and needs that could not be satisfied. You were stuck in your house, not able to come to him and tell him how you felt.

You had his phone number though, but each time you had tried to call him you fell on his voice mail -well actually Toshinori's voicemail-

"Here Toshinori Yagi, I am not available at the moment, please leave a message."

Simple and sober.

As a matter of fact, Toshinori didn't come see you either. You didn't know if you felt relieved or sad. Because you liked Toshi so much too but that was cruel towards All Might. You couldn't love two people at the same time. But each time you were with one of them, it felt like the world had stopped turning, that gravity had no power on you anymore and that you were spiralling boundlessly into an ocean of wonders. You felt good, great even, thanks to them. But you didn't want to have to choose between the both of them.

However, with the both of them gone, you were left in your house alone with your thoughts. It was like going back to the beginning of your situation, the silence of these walls getting harder and harder to bear.

Two days. It was only two days since you've seen one of them and you were already feeling like you might lose your mind. You couldn't handle the silence. You were craving for warmth, for touch, for something that you couldn't have at the moment. And you felt desperately alone.

The cat had disappeared too. Her bowl was still filled with untouched croquettes. You had no idea where it had wandered. You had not seen her in days and you were worried that something might have happened to her. It was freezing outside and you hoped that she had found somewhere to keep her warm.

You were laying on your bed, curled into a ball and staring at the window. The sky was gray, filled with a formless mass of gray clouds. The sun was hidden completely but you could guess where it was because of clouds brighter than others. No bird was flying, making it look even more dull and boring. And yet you kept staring at it as if something extraordinary was going to come out of it.

A pro hero maybe.

You sighed and closed your eyes for a moment. It was stupid to mourn someone that wasn't even dead or gone. You knew he was going to come back eventually. He was just very busy, no need to be so dramatic. You turned your ring with your thumb, listening to your own breathing. Your house was so silent. You missed his laughs echoing in your whole house.

Your hand slipped on the sheets, brushing the fabric with your fingertips. It was those same sheets where you had kissed All Might for the first time. You could still feel the burning sensation of his lips against yours, the weight of his tongue in your mouth. Those last and intimate moments with him kept turning inside your head as vivid and strong as if it had just happened. You were in trapped in the grip of those memories that you cherished, captive of something that belonged to the past.

Hands on your body, shaky breath on your skin, lips brushing your cheeks.

You hummed quietly, enjoying those ghostly feelings where your brain loved to lose itself.

A hissing sound interrupted your daydream and you opened your eyes grudgingly. What now? Couldn't you even numb yourself in a memory, peacefully? You grunted and sat up. Another hissing sound echoed, followed by a threatening growl. What was it? Animals fighting in your garden?

You stood up and opened your window to look outside. Your eyes widened in surprise when you saw your cat, standing in the middle of your garden. It was the only colourful stain in the whiteness of the snow.

You were going to call her when you noticed her hair raised on its back, her ears laid back and her tail puffed and shaking. You glanced in the direction she was staring at, and noticed a big black dog staring right back at her, a few meters away.

Your cat seemed so tiny and weak compared to this hound dog coming out of nowhere. And yet she was standing fiercely in the snow, spitting and hissing at this massive dog which didn't move an inch, growling dully between his closed jaw. Whose dog was it? It didn't have a collar, which meant that he was probably a stray dog. Your cat was standing still, a few feet away from your front door, almost not blinking, her head lowered in a menacing gesture. Even as tiny as she was, you couldn't help but feel impressed by her strong will.

Suddenly, something snapped in the air and the dog dashed towards your cat, angrily barking at it, to which she aggressively hissed in response.

"Oh, no! It's going to kill her!" You thought with horror , snapping from your contemplation.

You dashed through your bedroom and ran down the stairs in a hurry. You couldn't let this hellhound tear her apart just in front of your house! Even though she seemed to stand up to him, it was five times bigger than her. It was going to kill her for sure.

You ran in your corridor, your hand stretching forward to grab the doorknob. Your mind was numb, focused on the security of your cat. The door slammed opened against your wall and you were greeted by a freezing gush of wind.

Your cat had climbed the tree and was hissing at the dog -who was barking and growling at the bottom- from here. You took a big stick who was laying on the snow and raised it in a menacing gesture.

"Leave her alone! Get the fuck out of my garden you...You, turd!" You shouted, holding your stick as if it was an axe.

The dog didn't seem to hear you and kept barking at your cat, clumsily jumping around the tree, drooling like an enraged beast.

You grunted in a desperate tone, fear creeping inside of you. That dog was so big! It could definitely crush your skull between his jaws as effortlessly as if it was only a sugar cube. You gulped, your hands shaking because of the fear and the cold.

In a hopeless attempt, you pushed the dog with your stick -hard enough to make him move but not enough to hurt him- which finally seemed to realize that you were here.

It backed off, growling now at you. Grasping the stick tightly between your clutched hands, you started moving it around.

"Back off! Back off!" You howled, aggressively swirling the stick in front of his black muzzle. It wasn't like it was going to understand but you hoped that the urge and rage in your voice would be enough to make it leave.

The hound tried to bark at you, moving forward and you hit him involuntarily on the snout. He whined and backed off, his tail hanging between his legs and his ears laid back.

"I said...Back off!" You screamed one last time before whipping the space in front of him with your stick in a swift movement.

The dog finally moved back then retreated, whining and running out of your garden.

You lowered your stick as you watched him leave, your shoulders raising with each of your breath, mist escaping your mouth. You threw the stick on the ground then walked towards the tree, your legs still wobbling in shock.

"Come here kitty..." You said softly, your hands raised to catch her. You stared at your hands that were shaking and tried to control them.

Your cat was turning on its tree, hesitating to jump and meowing in anticipation.

"Come on...The dog is gone. Let's go back in- "

You stopped in mid sentence, your eyes widening in fear.


You looked around and you suddenly felt that your feet were frozen to the ground. You were...outside? You saw your garden, for the first time in weeks not from your window. Everything was too big, too scary! Inanimate objects seemed to grow bigger, to get nearer, making you suffocate. A feeling of pure terror crept inside of you,  a primal, overwhelming fear took possession of your whole body. Your heartbeats started racing, more and more mist was coming out of your mouth as your breathing was increasing in speed. It was freezing outside and yet, cold sweat started running down your back.

The cat jumped in your arms and thankfully your members were as stiff as stone or you would have dropped it. A muted scream left your opened mouth and you dashed towards the door, your legs carrying you by themselves back inside your house. You slammed the door, clutching the cat against your chest. You stumbled and fell on the floor but still didn't let go of her. She hissed, confused and scared by those violent movements. All of your limbs manifested uncontrollable tremors, each of your muscles painfully tensing up by themselves. You were gasping for air, your throat tightening with each breath. You let out a cry, your thoughts flying inside your mind like a swarm of bees, clashing and buzzing. Panic took over your body and you were left on the floor, unable to do anything apart from crying.



All Might was jumping from roofs to roofs, on his way to your house. He had been very busy for the past few days and felt bad because  he had been unable to see you.  Even when he had a break during which he tried to call you, journalists always found a way to interrupt him. And when it wasn't the journalists, it was a new villain who wreaked havoc in the city.

He knew that he had to see you in his hero form but when  he finally had the time to check on you, his hero time had expired. He was deeply afraid of your reaction. What if you thought that he didn't want to see you anymore? Last time you had seen him was just after that night where you both...

All Might almost tripped off a building and bounced back on a wall to not fall. His dark shadows could barely hide the blush on his face and he had to focus hard on his step to not trip again. Holy shit, the power you had on his body was inescapable.

« I didn’t even have the time to change… » He muttered to himself as he glanced down at his hero costume. 

When he finally spotted your house, he landed smoothly next to your window, bearing his usual bright and heroic smile. 

“I am here!” He exclaimed in a cheerful tone, his red cape flowing behind him. 

He waited a bit but didn’t see any movement. In fact, with the curtains open, he could now see that you were not in your room. He hummed thoughtfully and opened the window. Maybe you were downstairs, probably making some tea. He carefully entered your bedroom and closed the window behind him -didn’t want you to catch a cold once again!- 

“I am in your bedroom!” He said, wondering if you had heard him the first time. He didn’t want you to be scared or anything. What if you were in the bathroom and, unaware of his presence, you came out undressed? 

All Might flushed red and walked towards the bathroom’s door before gently knocking on it. 

“(Y/N) are you here?” He waited for an answer then cleared his throat, “I’m coming in.” 

He covered his eyes with his hand then pushed the door. The light was off and obviously, no one was here.

 Not in the bathroom either then.

 He closed the door and that’s when he suddenly heard something. He listened and noticed that it was coming from downstairs. It seemed to be some kind of hissing sounds, or an animal growling. His hero instinct took over and he walked down the stairs, thinking that something wasn’t right. You had still not answered and it was starting to worry him. 

All Might looked around, and that’s when he saw you, curled into a ball next to the front door. You were squeezing the cat against you, your head buried in his fur, while the animal was trying to escape, hissing and clawing your clothes. The pro hero rushed towards you, fear taking over his heroic self-control. If only he had been there sooner...
“(Y/N), what happened?” He asked as he kneeled next to you, concern knitting his eyebrows together.

 He touched your shoulder and you twitched. 

“Don’t touch me!” You shouted as you violently pushed him back with your arm, “Don’t touch me!” You repeated, your voice breaking on the last word. 

All Might flinched and moved back, his hands raised in a reassuring gesture. He had seen several times this kind of reaction when he came to rescue victims after an accident. That was a normal reaction after a traumatic experience. The victims were in a state of shock and pushing him away even though he came for help. You first had to calm down before he could do anything.

"It's okay (Y/N)...Calm down." He said softly, his hands still raised.

You raised your head and he felt a twinge, seeing the teardrops on your cheeks and your shaking hands desperately gripping the cat's fur. You were heartbreaking to look at.

"You have to let the cat go, okay? Just let her go." He asked, not moving and giving you a reassuring smile. The cat seemed to be really angry and a bit of blood was dripping down from one of the scratches she had made on your chin.

You gasped, your eyes wandering around, as if you were not really understanding what was happening. He wasn't sure if you had heard him. You looked like a wild animal that had been captured and put in a cage.

"(Y/N), look at me." All Might said in a firmer voice and you shuddered, finally looking at him, "Let go of the cat, please."

Slowly, you started unwrapping your arms from the cat which took the opportunity to jump away from you. All Might sighed in relief.

"That's good. Now, I am going to come closer, is that okay?"

You stared at him, your bottom lip trembling slightly, then nodded slowly. All Might smiled then scooted closer and opened his arms in front of you.

"Come here." He murmured, inviting you in his arms.

"A-All Might..." You gasped before breaking down crying as you flopped on his chest. You buried your head in his neck and he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly. Your tears were dripping down his hero costume and he shushed you softly as your body was being shaken by each of your sob. It felt like soothing a child after a nightmare.

"T-The c-cat was being attacked by a do-og, so I-I went outside to help..." You spluttered against his neck, curling your fingers around the fabric of his costume.

"I know, it's okay." All Might whispered, kissing you tenderly on the top of your head.

"I didn't realize..."

"I know."

"I didn't want to. I was scared."

"I know. I'm sorry."

Your sobs died and your tears stopped, leaving you hiccupping and gasping against him. Your heartbeats stopped racing and even though he was squeezing you tightly, you could feel yourself breathing again. You relaxed between his arms, taking a big whiff of his musk. You could feel his hand, stroking your back slowly, and his chest raising with each of his breath. It felt good. It had been so long...

"I missed you." You ended up whispering, squeezing him tighter against you.

All Might leaned his head to kiss your cheekbone.

"I missed you too. I'm sorry I didn't come sooner."

You nuzzled up against his neck, smiling weakly. It was okay now...Because he was here.


When you felt a bit better, All Might helped you to get back to your room, where you could rest. You laid down on your bed and when you saw him moving back, you tugged his costume.

"Please...Lay down next to me." You muttered, pleading him with your eyes.

All Might immediately did so and you heard your bed squeaking in protest under his weight. He once again wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, your body pressed against his and your forehead touching his chin. You were embracing his warmth and this familiar feeling of security took you. You didn't feel panicked anymore and all the recent events seemed to be washed away by his presence alone.

You sighed in relief, brushing the fabric of his costume with your fingertips. Your thoughts started wandering on other things. You had always seen his costume on TV but never in real life. It had vibrant colours, red blue and white. It felt smoother than it looked but it seemed also very resistant. His red cape was covering your ankles and you could feel that it was heavy. You glanced up and down at him. He looked good in it -well, he looked good in anything but he looked even better with his hero costume-

His hand was gently stroking your back and you listened to his breathing in silence, none of you saying a single word. No need to say anything. The heart could offer the infinity, in the depth of silence.

The sun was setting and it was already getting darker. A tender and intimate ambiance settled and you welcomed it, like a hot bath after a long day of work. You wondered what was thinking All Might at the moment. You raised your head to look at him and you winced in pain because of the scratches on your chin that rubbed against the sheets. The pro hero noticed it and lifted your chin -carefully avoiding the wound- to observe it.

"Maybe we should do something about it..." He whispered as he rubbed off dried blood.

His hot breath gently blew on your face as you shook your head.

"I'm fine. It's nothing." You answered, your voice somehow husky. Your heart was starting to pound harder in your chest. It had always been this way when you were close to him. And you liked it now, because it made you feel alive.

All Might stared at you for a few moments, bearing an unfathomable expression. Your foreheads were touching and you were losing yourself in the black hollow of his eyes and the endearment of his hands. He suddenly tilted his head to lick the rest of blood off your chin and you shivered, feeling his tongue sliding on your skin. What was this for?

The atmosphere of the room changed, the air got thicker and your skin felt hot. His lips brushed against your skin to catch yours slowly, softly, almost in a hesitant way. And your eyes fluttered, your mouth searching his, your soul chanting inside your body.  Your kiss was chaste, volatile, like the wings of a butterfly. Then it got intense, burning and your lips were locked together, separating and sealing again. Your hand slid on his neck, on his jaw, and you cupped his face, pulling him closer to you. All Might was hungry for your taste, you could feel it, his kisses were eager and oh god so perfect.

You knew that you both needed it after that stressful moment, you maybe more than him. Maybe science could explain such a reaction -with the adrenaline effect or something- but it felt so welcome that you just let him.

He slid his tongue inside your mouth and you opened your lips so easily. You had been missing his taste, the sensation of burning fire inside your veins. His body was like flames, taking you in a ardent embrace and as the ancient witches on pyres, you accepted your fate.

His hands drifted on you, shaking, searching for something that wasn't there, grasping your skin with need and desire. And he was not kissing you anymore, he was devouring you, letting out desperate groans as he pressed his lips against you.

"I cannot...stay away from you. I cannot bear it." He suddenly confessed between two kisses, his voice delightfully hoarse and full with avidity.

And he sounded so desperate, so needy and never, he had said something like that to you. Your heart jumped inside your chest and you couldn't answer anything, your voice stuck inside your throat.

All Might let go of your lips and lowered his head to kiss your neck, nibbling and sucking at the sensitive skin. You gasped and tugged his costume, his two locks of hair tickling your face.

"I want you." He continued, his lips pressed against your carotid. You were pretty sure that he could feel the blood rushing through it.

His words sounded like a request, asking for permission to keep going. Only a fool would have refused such request! Your mind was numb, desiring more than it already had.

"Please..." Your words trailed off, almost unheard, "Please, All Might."

And you both knew what it meant, you couldn't say more anyway. Something changed inside of him, he pressed you harder against him and you felt it again, this hardness in his pants. His erection was already rising, waiting to be touched and pressed. But this time, you didn't want  everything to stop. You wanted to go all the way down.

You groped at his pant and you heard him hissing between his teeth with each of your movement. He grunted and rolled over to be on top of you. You gasped and both of you stared at each other, his hands on each side of your head.

"God, I can barely control myself when I am with you." He growled and you gulped, seeing two shining blue pupils staring at you in the shadows of his eyes. There was something wild, something primitive in the way he looked at you, and it made you so goddamn excited. It also reminded you of someone but the moment his face flashed before your eyes, you shook your head to make it disappear. No. Only All Might.

Your fingers dug sharply inside his shoulders as you pulled him closer for another heated kiss. It’s feverish madness and his hands go down to your hips, gripping them hard, almost bruising, lifting them up encouragingly. He pressed his hard member against your hips and you can't help but rock them, begging for more, and your head is dizzy, fogged by lust.

You can feel him thrusting against you, his shaky breath blowing on your collarbones and you are catching fire, losing your mind with those burning movements against your pulsing sex.

Then there’s a gasp, the tiniest of breaks and air filters in between the two of you  – cool and not wholly unwelcome until your voice comes out, a ragged, husky mess, and you barely recognize it.

"As much as I fantasize on men in costumes, I would much appreciate you without it."

And you can feel him smiling -grinning would be more accurate- against you and he gave you soft, light kisses, descending to your chest as you saw him taking off his costume. And you're gasping for air, not knowing what's happening and the minute after, he was almost naked, the thin layer of his boxer separating you from the object of your desire.

It felt like a daydream, so surreal and so real at the same time and you're filled with emotions you've never had before. Your hands slid on the surface of his hot skin, detailing each of his muscles with your fingertips. You couldn't seem to think straight and you simply took off your own shirt as he helped you with your pants.

You stared at each other in your underwear and it's almost like the first time, where you discovered your bodies and enjoyed the view. And God, All Might was beautiful, even more: he was akin to Apollo. His muscles were finely carved, tensed to the extreme, the only difference with a Greek statue being the heat of his skin. And suddenly you're scared to look bland, unattractive, so much less than him. But he kept staring at you, with a loving and fond expression that made you melt, his hand brushing your burning skin, from your collarbones to your groin and you shiver, your breath stuck inside your lungs.

He lowered his head and kissed you again, his fingers moving to roam through your hair, pulling you closer. The air is filled with the sounds of it – your gasps and moans and the soft, slick clicks of your lips meeting again and again, tongues tangling and duelling – exploring and searching-  and the passion comes back, first shy and hesitant, before growing intense and required.

His hand slid along your body and you feel his fingers curling around the fabric of your underpants, you let him taking it off and you gasped when he -voluntarily- rubbed his thumb against your sex while removing it and you were in such need that you arched your back, a muted noise leaving your parted lips.

All Might cursed under his breath, turned on by your movement and you heard something being ripped off and when you glanced down, you saw him holding the shreds of what was left of his underwear. You held your breath. He had ripped it off in the heat of the moment and was now tossing it aside.

Oh God. Oh God that was hot.

You flushed red and contemplated the anatomy of your lover. His erection was now free, rubbing against your leaking sex and your mouth watered, seeing the size of it.  That thing was enormous. You doubted for a second the ability of your entrance to greet it. Even though it was dark, you could see the perfect shape of it, delightfully red and swollen by his arousal. You could hear his heart thump-thumping forcefully against his ribs, pumping blood to his appendage in need.

And then you thought "I am going to get fucking murdered, impaled by this Giant's sword of flesh but if that's how I am going to die, I welcome death with opened arms".  Your fingers dug inside his skin and you tugged his hair to bring him closer.

"Make me yours." You whispered against his ear and you literally felt all of his hair raising on his body.

All Might let out some kind of growl, his hands gripping you tighter. And then you felt it, his cockhead rubbing against your entrance and you gasped, your hips unwillingly rocking to get more. You were so desperate, aching for flesh and fulfilled desire, you only wanted him.

His left hand grabbed your thigh, while the other grabbed your hips and he leaned to kiss you before finally -finally!- pushing himself inside of you and you jerked your head backward, a heated moan leaving your mouth without you realizing it.

Your eyes rolled inside your skull as you felt him going deeper inside of you and it felt so big and hot and you already felt so full! But you knew he wasn't even half inside, and God, it felt so good already and you still wanted more. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you, twitching with each of your breath and you wanted to stretch yourself even more to welcome him whole and take his full length.

All Might jerked up his hips and the head of his penis hit something inside of you, your sweet spot,  that made your body arched in delight. You let out a cry, nails digging harder in his skin, your body catching fire again and consuming what was left of your thoughts. And -Oh God- All Might was smiling, grinning like the devil itself. He knew what he was doing, he knew he was making you lose your mind and he liked it -he was enjoying it!- and it was so fucking arousing.

 His lips brushed yours and you’re not really kissing, mouths just making wet contact as the pro hero breathed, "Honey, you feel so good..."

And his voice, God  -you'd been swearing so much God's name that you might as well go to hell right away- it seemed so broken, so hoarse and you know that he is losing himself too and it made you so happy because, you wanted to give him pleasure too, wanted him to feel good with you and share this very intimate moment in his company.

Finally, you felt his hips starting to move, first slow and rhythmic, like waves on a beach at night. And his breathing was getting heavier and more urgent and the cadence of his hips was racing, getting faster and stronger. You're taking his length fully, and you felt yourself being filled by his girth and it's already so much!

 Your hands slid under his armpits to grab his broad shoulders from behind and you can feel each of his muscles working as he is fucking you relentlessly. He nuzzled up inside your neck and you hear him gasping, panting against you, his hot and ragged breath blowing on your naked chest. Oh Christ, this was so hot.

And soon it was no more gentle, it was wild and passionate and he was rocking his hips hard, pinning you down against the mattress.

You were so ashamed of the noises leaving your mouth -like  lascivious cries and heavy moans- but it just felt so good and you were losing your mind as he kept hitting your sweet spot. And his voice was driving you crazy, he kept breathing your name against your skin and it echoed in your brain and you were not able to hear anything else.

A new thrust and you felt the beginning  of an orgasm growing inside of you, like tickles rising from your thighs to your spine and you were gasping for air, losing control over the sensations and it's too much -too much to bear and too much to take. Your fingers and toes were curling and you thought that you might lose your sanity if you ever went further.

"A-All Might I -aah- I'm going to..." You finally managed to blurt out as your eyes fluttered. You were on the verge of collapsing, your mind swallowed by waves of pleasure.

And All Might smiled, and this smile was so fond and yet so malicious, you couldn't help but blush heavily.  You panted softly, working that growing feeling inside of you and each of his strokes were driving you crazy, your consciousness sinking in a torment of pleasure.

And suddenly you saw fireworks exploding behind your eyes, your orgasm hitting you with the force of a freight train. You gasped as your body was pierced by intense waves of pure voluptuousness, your heart about to burst out of your chest. The earth stopped turning and fire turned you into ashes. Your hands trembled, almost slipping from the sweaty back of your lover and you slowly came down from the high of your climax.

You bobbed your head, dazedly looking at him. His breathing was tight as he was getting more and more strung out, thrusting inside of you with heat and eagerness, his face focused and sweat dripping from his brow.

The friction against your sensitive sex was far too much! The overstimulation was making your body twitch and sweat, reducing you to a panting mess. You gasped with each of his thrust and you could barely look at him because -ô sweet Lord above- his expression was so needy, so desperate for satisfaction, his bottom lip caught between his teeth, and this simple view made a tingling sensation growing inside your guts. And it was like the sky was falling, stars dancing before your eyes and you were moaning against his ear, unbridled and enthusiast, and your blood was roaring in your ears, like a torrent of madness.

There was only the sensation of his shaft stroking your swollen edges, you could feel it twitch and push inside your walls. You knew that he was close, his erratic breathing fastening by the minutes. And you wanted him to come inside of you, you wanted him to pleasure himself thanks to your body and those thoughts kept spiralling inside your head endlessly, like a prayer. And soon you realized you were saying them out loud, in a soft whisper, and you could feel his hips moving back and forth faster, pounding into you with frantic and his hands digging deeper in your skin. At this point, he was going to break your bones, bruise your skin and the fact that he didn’t even realize, made you excited in so many ways. It was pure bestiality, his thoughts focused on needs he had to satisfy and you were his prey, caught in his massive arms and impaled relentlessly on the sheets.

And all of a sudden, All Might grabbed your jaw and pressed his lips against yours, his tongue parting your lips and tangling with yours. And you felt like you might suffocate, drowning in sensations you couldn’t quite grasp, like a swarm of butterflies escaping and fluttering away from you. He's devouring your very essence, tasting your lips and you feel like a piece of cherry pie in a plate of lust. And maybe that was a little sharp, maybe that was not very heroic, but that was exactly what he needed to come.

In the fog of your post-orgasmic state you felt something hot and sticky flooding inside of you and coating your core. A hoarse sigh left his lips and you felt him shuddering against you as he unloaded. He pressed his forehead against yours, his mouth opened against your lips, long, deep and hot breaths leaving it. His hands trembled, brushing against your skin as he caught his breath, his brain still processing the violent orgasm that had hit him.

He was smiling weakly, looking so vulnerable for a moment. You couldn't hold back this feeling of pure endearment that settled inside your chest when you looked at him, and you cupped his face, kissing him gently and he kissed you back in an exhausted, yet grateful way.

All Might rolled over to lay next to you, and you nestled your head against his sweaty chest as he wrapped his big arms around you in a tight hug. You could hear his heartbeats still pounding hard in his thoracic cage and you hummed in satisfaction, closing your eyes slightly. You now felt a bit sleepy, the rest of your climax still running inside your veins. His large hand was caressing your hair slowly in a regular pace and the warmth of his skin was making you doze off and you wondered for how much time you could still stay conscious.

This had been...something. You had sex many times before this but never you had lived something as intense as that evening with All Might. Maybe because it was him, maybe because he was a super hero.

Or just maybe because this time, you felt like love wasn't a word strong enough to describe what you felt for him.

You wondered what he was thinking at the moment. He wasn't saying anything -maybe only enjoying the moment- stroking your hair absently and you had so much to say, yet no strength left to do it, and you ended up slowly falling asleep, breathing along with him.

That night, you fell into a deep slumber. You only remembered one thing -for what seemed to be a dream- where you woke up in the middle of the night and a skinny and tall man was peacefully sleeping by your side.

Chapter Text

Your forgot. Nothing is real and time is an illusion.

What did you forgot?

You woke up this morning with a slight sensation of dizziness, like when you wake up from a nightmare. You didn’t remember having a bad dream though.

You rolled over and you winced in pain, your hips somehow hurting you like needles had pierced through your skin. The events of last night had probably left your body sore and aching. After all, it had been months -years?- since your last sexual encounter and this one hadn’t been the smoothest.

But you felt so happy, so glad, because you had finally shared something intimate, the very action of love, with the person you cherished the most and it was a victory, a punch in the unfair game of life.

Smiling, you laid your hand on what you thought was going to be All Might, but your fingers only met the cold fabric of your sheets. You opened your eyes in panic and discovered that you were alone in bed. You looked around, hoping to spot a glance of his two pointy locks of golden hair, but it had become clear that you were the only one in your bedroom.

You sat up, fear taking control of your heart. Was he…gone? Again? Why had he not woken you up? Was it something you said, something you did? Worst…Was it because of last night? You were scared that you did something wrong, something for what he could hate you. You tried to rationalize, maybe he was in the bathroom or maybe he had an urgent business to attend to. Somehow, the last supposition made you incredibly anxious. A more urgent business…than you? You shook your head, thinking that you were acting extremely possessive and needy. All Might had a busy life and if he had to leave you after such a night without saying anything -your heart sank, thinking about it- maybe he had his reasons. And you knew it was selfish and you felt horrible about it but you couldn’t help it.

You stood up and winced, a burning sensation irradiating all along your thighs. Jesus, you felt so stiff! You thought that stretching yourself before doing anything again with him would be useful. Since you were naked, you grabbed your underwear laying like a flat tire on the floor and put it on. Before thinking about anything negative on this fine morning, you had to make sure that he was gone for good. You noticed that his shirt was gone as well. It was hot enough in your house so you didn’t take the time to find yours and quickly walked out of your room.

Your inner thigh was sticky because of his release that had dried and you blushed, embarrassed to be so filthy. Memories of your night with him flashed before your eyes and you felt your heart skip a beat.

That was truly a magical night.

“Croquettes are good for you. Plastic is not! Understood?” You suddenly heard All Might saying from the kitchen, as if he was talking to a baby.

You sighed in relief when you heard his voice and felt stupid. Of course All Might would not be the kind to just leave you in the morning after a night of sex. He would never hurt you, and you trusted him with all your will. Your heart swelled with joy and you couldn’t repress a smile that came upon your lips when you entered the kitchen.

All Might was kneeled on one knee, only wearing a black shirt and what seemed to be his red cape around the waist, his hands stretched towards the cat -which was licking his paws, not really paying attention to him- his left hand holding a croquette and the right one holding a piece of plastic.

“Croquette: Good!” He said, showing her his left hand with a smile, “Plastic: bad!” He added, shaking his right hand in a disapproving gesture while miming a frowny face.

Seeing the plastic in his hand moving, the cat’s pupils dilated and she tried to catch it. All Might gasped and raised his hand to get it out of her reach.

“No, no!” He exclaimed as she was hopping around him and meowing. You couldn’t help but chuckle and that’s when he finally noticed your presence.

He stood up, a huge smile brightening his face.

“(Y/N)! You’re awake!” He smiled and stepped forward to greet you. He looked so dorky with his cape wrapped around his waist and his huge grin, you felt your chest puffing with tenderness. God, he was such a cutie.

“What were you doing?” You asked with a laugh, glancing at the cat that had given up and was laying peacefully on the ground.

“I was making breakfast!” He explained as he turned around to show you a pile of pancakes, “I saw the cat chewing on this piece of plastic and I tried to teach it to not do it.”

You laughed once again, amused by how serious he looked.

“I don’t think you’re going to teach her anything.”

“Cats are very clever animals!”

“If you say so!” You chuckled softly and pointed at his waist, “And…What is it for?”

All Might scratched the back of his neck in an embarrassed gesture.

“Well, I…unfortunately ‘damaged’ my underwear.” He blushed heavily, and you remembered what he was referring to, “I don’t think I will be able to wear it soon. Hence, I am using my cape as a temporary solution.”

He put his hands on his hips and you stared at him. He looked like a Greek emperor, getting ready for the next gladiator fight. He was actually looking charming with his red cape, barely covering his bare feet. A tingling and soft sensation nested inside your guts. Something close from that uneasy feeling when you’re falling from a high place but not as sharp and not as suffocating.

You felt reassured because there seemed to be no tension between the two of you. It was like nothing had changed and the fond expression he was bearing when he looked at you, made these good old butterflies fluttering inside your stomach. But there was something else in his eyes. Embarrassment? He was still blushing as if he was thinking about telling you something embarrassing but also kind of avoiding your gaze. Was it…Guilt?

You wrapped your arms anyway around his neck -tip toing to reach it needless to say- and he put your hands on your hips before kissing you tenderly. It was warm and soft, like a spoonful of honey taken in a jar that warmed up under the noonday sun. All your worries and fears vanished with the taste of his lips, and you closed your eyes, enjoying the moment and-


You winced in pain and twitched under his touch. He had only brushed your skin with his fingers and a sharp pain had pierced through your thigh. All Might frowned and lowered his head to stare at the spot he had touched. His eyes widened -well supposedly because you only saw his eyebrows raising- before narrowing in a guilty way. You followed his gaze and discovered bruises all along your thighs, as well as on your hips. From red to blue, they were circular, taking the shape of finger prints. You moaned in pain. Had All Might done this last night? You knew he had been a bit rough, a little eager with his touch but you had not realized how much he had squeezed you between his hands.

“(Y/N)…I am so sorry.” He whispered, bearing a disgusted expression. You knew that the bruises were not the subject of his aversion, but the fact that he had hurt you, was.

You smiled heartily and cupped his face to kiss him on the lips.

“Hey, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

All Might absentmindedly kissed you back, his gaze resting on the bruises. You truly didn’t mind what he had done to you. It happened sometimes, plus it wasn’t like he had done it on purpose. You wanted him to see how happy you were, just to be close to him.

You walked towards the counter -followed by the pro hero’s gaze- then jumped before sitting on it. You steadied yourself with your arms, swinging your legs happily.

“See? I’m fine!”

All Might scoffed sadly and walked towards you. You opened your legs and he stood between the two of them, pressing his stomach against your crotch, before putting his hands on each side of your body. His silence was heavy with words he wished to say.

“Last night I…I utterly lost it.” He confessed, his gaze focused on your thigh, his hand sliding on your arm, “When I am close to you…I can barely control myself. My mind goes numb, it is like there is nothing anymore apart from you.”

Your heartbeats raced as he spoke. Those words were so sweet and said with such despair…You wanted to hug him, tell him how much you cared for him. Once again, he looked so vulnerable as he admitted things he would probably rather keep to himself. And you were so grateful that he had the courage to tell you this. It asked a lot of strength, more than a pro hero could give.

“I can usually control my strength when I am doing my hero work.” He continued, staring at his own hands, “It isn’t even hard now. But when I’m holding you in my arms, it’s like those years of training just vanish and I…I just want to let go. I try not to surrender entirely -God, do I try- and my hands are shaking with the effort I give and yet, it is still not enough.”

His words trailed off and you knew how much it pained him to confess something like that because that meant he had weaknesses. But All Might, the number one hero, wasn’t supposed to have weaknesses.

Even more when that weakness was you.

“It’s okay.” Was your only answer. But you took care to say it with forgiveness and understanding, “Bruises go away eventually. But I won’t stop loving you.”

“I’ve been rough with your body.” He said, still trying to show how awful he was. Maybe he expected you to be mad or maybe he was deeply afraid that you reject him. It sounded like something you would say because you thought that you didn’t deserve someone.

“I know, it’s okay.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“I know.”

He stared at you, his eyes searching for the slightest hint of hate within you. But you only had love to give him. His expression softened, a faint smile coming upon his lips.

“I love you.” He whispered so softly that you felt your hair raising on your arms.

“I know.”

You cupped his face and kissed him fully on the mouth before sensually biting his lower lips. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your back.

“It is like you know everything.” He murmured, brushing his lips against your shoulder.

“Maybe I do.” You shivered, your heart pounding inside your chest.

“Then you know what I am going to do next…”

Without letting you answer, All Might lifted you effortlessly from the counter -carefully avoiding your bruises- and put you delicately against the wall, holding you steady with his hips. You didn’t weigh nothing but to him you surely were a featherweight. His muscles didn’t even flinch with the effort. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. With his height, your head was almost touching the ceilling.

He was pressing you against the wall but not enough for you to feel trapped. He really had decided to go easy on you, even his grip wasn’t tight. You liked when he hugged you until you ran out of breath, feeling loved and cared in a tight embrace, but the prudence with which he touched you, was making your skin burn with an underlying eagerness.

You locked lips with him, and he moaned softly as if he had been waiting for this for long time. Your mouths played together, separating and fusing, smiles brushing against the skin. All Might tilted his head and you felt the slick and sweet texture of his tongue sliding between your parted lips. You let it enter, your own tongue welcoming it and tangling with his. It felt sweet, yet intrusive but in such a pleasing way. Your teeth knocked together, the kiss deepening but getting hesitant. Your hands slid on his neck, your fingers curling around his blond hair, golden as if rays of sunshine had been trapped in them. Your eyes closed by themselves as a shiver of pure delight ran down your spine. Each time he kissed you, you felt butterflies fluttering inside your stomach and electric shocks at the tip of your fingers, and it was like the world was ending or maybe only beginning, lost in the warmth of his lips.

You broke the kiss, gasping for air. Something was pushing against your crotch, brushing your sex through the thin layer of your underwear. You were pretty sure that it wasn’t his hips anymore.

“Aah- All Might are you…?” You gargled, as he put light kisses all along your collar bones. You had trouble thinking straight, your thoughts focused on the thing growing harder under your crotch.

“As I said…” He croaked, his voice husky, “The influence you have on me is as uncontrollable as it is immediate.”

Your heart jumped inside your chest when he spoke. Ooh, that was so sexy. You liked when his voice betrayed his real emotions, because then he wasn’t just All Might he was…he was…

Who was All Might in fact?

His kisses turned more passionate, his tongue traced the contour of your neck. He felt the thump thumping of your blood rushing through your whole body, vibrating against his lips. You involuntarily squealed when you felt him giving a light thrust. You could feel your blood cells running along your thighs, tickling your skin like raindrops. Your body already desired, craved for it.

You heard something falling and you glanced down, noticing the red cape laying miserably on the floor. There it went! Now, only your underwear was separating you from his erection. It was pressing against you, hot and hard and growing by the minutes. You felt that All Might was trying his very best not to rip your underwear off.

His hands were shaking under you, not from the physical effort at least. You smiled, your voice soft and shaky at the same time.

“We’ll go easy this time, okay?”

All Might raised his gaze on you, almost in a pleading way.


You kissed him fully while gesturing to pull your underwear so your entrance would be free. You felt the warmth of his cockhead immediately pushing against your sensitive area and you moaned softly, already thinking about the sensation you will feel when he’ll thrust inside of you. It felt so dirty to think about things like this but...You couldn't help it. All Might let you positioning yourself, helping you with his hand. You squeezed him between your legs and you heard him hissed when you accidentally touched his ribs.

“Is everything alright?” You asked, stopping your movements and starting to lift his shirt to see what was wrong. Even though you doubted it, maybe you left bruises on him too.

But All Might stopped you, grabbing your wrist gently.

“It’s nothing. Keep on Honey…please.” He kissed you, sliding his tongue in your mouth smoothly. Your thoughts vanished and you forgot the shirt part. God, he knew so well how to kiss.

He tilted his hips so you would be comfortable. His cock was starting to get inside of you, the tip brushing against your inside walls. You panted softly, your fingers digging in his shoulder as you worked him bit by bit. You wanted to take him whole, have him deeper than you never had. You wanted him to feel good, to desire you with every inch of his being. You wanted, you wanted, you wanted…Was it wrong? Was it wrong to feel so good?

All Might was giving controlled and light thrusts to help you, whispering words of encouragement against your ear.

“That’s good…” He panted, pushing his forehead against your chest, “You’re doing amazing.”

You hummed quietly almost nodding like an obedient pet. In fact you couldn’t do much more than nod, if you were to try talking, the sound that would leave your mouth would probably gross you out.

A final thrust as well as help from gravity, and you fully took him inside of you, clean and clear. You swallowed him all, as precipitated as it was desired. You gasped, your jaw dropping, that sensation of fullness hitting you like a train. A shiver ran through your hips and you contracted your walls around his length in reaction.

“Oh- God!” All Might gasped unwittingly as he felt you tightening around him.

He had not started thrusting in you yet, waiting for you to get used to him. But you already wanted so much more! Your wet walls were already twitching with need, waiting to be stroked and pushed. Your whole inside was begging, screaming for even the slightest of movement, a single touch. The sensations were so different from last night, gravity was pulling you on him and it added even more sensations than before. You could feel the tip of his cock pressing hard against your sweet spot, over and over, like lava against the exit of a volcano. And maybe you were about to explode just like one.

You cried out when he started pounding you against the wall, jerking your head backwards and shutting your eyes tightly. God, it felt like he had woken up every single nerves in your body and was stimulating them one by one. His shaft was stroking your sensitive muscles and you could feel it throbbing inside, the tip pounding your limit mercilessly. The moans you were letting out were so indecent and so needy, you couldn’t even believe you were the one creating them. You couldn’t even dare opening you eyes, in fear to utterly lose it with the simple sight of his face. You only heard his erratic panting, the sound of his hips hitting your crotch and your goddamn desperate moans that were pretty close from the whining of a dog.

“Look at me Honey, I want to see you.” You heard All Might muttered as he gently caressed your cheek.

You timidly opened your eyes to look at him. He had a few locks of hair falling in his face and the light blush colouring his cheekbones gave him some kind of adorable look compared to the sharp features of his face. He was breath taking.

“Darling you’re so sexy…” He murmured in an emotional tone, his voice almost breaking. You had been called a few times “sexy” but never like that, never with such passion in a voice. However, you thought that you were far from looking sexy with your red face, saliva slightly falling at the corner of your opened mouth and your dilated pupils. And yet he stared at you with adoration, as if you were his world, or at least the most precious thing there was on it. And you hoped -selfishly hoped- that you could read him right.

He pressed his lips against yours and the way your lips elevated in sync and adapted wholly together emitted a muted moan from you, as he raced the cadence of his hips. Below, you noticed the sudden growth of his member, amplifying the sensations. Was the sight of your face, the source of his arousal? It almost seemed like he needed to look at you to come. And if you were right, it truly meant that it was beyond sexual attraction.

He loved you.

And that simple thought, simple feeling to be loved, made you smile against his lips and you kissed him back harder, passionately, with everything that your heart could give. All Might felt the change, and answered your heated kiss with even more passion and desire. It wasn’t aggressive or hard like last night, it was soft, it was overwhelming and felt like love. Not quite like a fairy tale, not quite like a dream, just with what it needed to feel like it was true.

“God, (Y/N) I- I think I’m going to…” He groaned, your breaths mingling when he broke the kiss. He sounded a bit ashamed.

You shushed him softly, licking the corner of his lips.

“Come for me.”

You clearly felt goose bumps appearing under the palm of your hands, a chill running down his spine. He let out some kind of gasp and gave a powerful thrust -lifting you of a few inches- that made you gasp as well. His voice clearly had an effect on your lust but you never had considered that the opposite was possible too.

He was now panting softly, focused on the movements of his hips, his hand pressed against the wall to steady himself. Truth be told, you were about to come too. You were trying to cover those filthy moans trying to leave your mouth, focused as well on the pace of his cock. It was pounding hard, even though he was trying to contain himself, because of the gravity. You were tightening around him by the minutes, feeling the beginning of an orgasm coming. It was like a breathing, a rhythmic sensation always getting stronger. One, two, three thrusts and you felt it rising, tickling, making your heart beat faster. Then it faded, almost disappearing completely, before his shaft stimulated it again and it was like fire intensifying inside your chest, your sex leaking in need, ready to reach its peak! It was like a rollercoaster of emotions -sensations- hitting you over and over, and you were spiralling endlessly in this ocean of marvel.

All Might moaned and his hips trembled, his orgasm finally hitting him. You felt his hot release spurting against your walls then trickling along his cock inside of you and on your thighs. He grunted as he kept jerking his hips, searching for the last drop of climax. But his moan! His moan engraved in your memory. It was hoarse and full of lust, filled with mixed emotions and satisfaction. But above all, it was so goddamn sexy.

And suddenly it became too much, it became not enough at the same time and you felt your lava rising in your guts, in your lungs, your volcano ready to explode! Your orgasm hit you unexpectedly, and you were not seeing fireworks anymore but entire galaxies colliding before your eyes, stars crashing into black holes, meteors blasting on foreign planets. You saw something, and maybe it was the sun, it was as bright as one and with the same colour. But these weren’t sunrays, these awfully looked like hair. A face appeared in the back of your mind. You arched your back in reaction, a surprised gasp coming out of your parted lips. Your hands clutched his shoulders and you gasped for air, your body twitching between his hands.

You numbly fell forward and All Might caught you, wrapping his arms around you.

"You're beautiful when you come, Honey." He whispered tenderly as you nuzzled your face in his shoulder.

You hummed as an answer, your mind still foggy, your face warm and flushing red. How could a pro hero say something like that? Also, how could he say it with such a bright smile? His expression was so fond and sincere...With the little bit of sweat on his temples and the dust of pink on his cheeks, he looked adorable. He also seemed so happy. Was it because of the endorphin released by his orgasm or was it just because he was with you? You wondered. You breathed his perfume, that had something erotic mixed with the smell of sweat.

All Might slid his hands under your thighs so you wouldn't fall down and gently pulled out. You moaned softly as his cock brushed against your sensitive walls with a slick sound. He stared at you -almost with heart eyes- and smiled, gently removing a lock of hair from your eyes.

"Now...Shall we take breakfast?" He chuckled, pecking your lips.



"Can you pass the syrup?" You asked.

"Of course!"

All Might passed it to you and you stretched your hand to catch it. You pressed the bottle and poured it on your pancakes.

"May I have the orange juice, please?" He asked as well with a bright smile.

"Sure thing."

You gave him the bottle of orange juice and he thanked you. You stared at him while he was pouring the juice in his glass. This felt so odd.

You were having breakfast, like a normal couple, as if nothing happened. But here was the thing...Something did happen! Both of you fucking had sex in your goddamn kitchen! And not just anywhere: against the wall! You could still feel the pressure of his cock inside and the taste of his lips that was now mixed with the syrup's. You could still see his semen staining the wall when you glanced sideways, even though you both cleaned it afterwards.

You had taken a shower and All Might had put on his hero suit again after taking one as well -without the cape that was in the washing machine-

And here you were, having breakfast with pancakes, eating and chatting politely. You weren't mad at all, you just thought that it was...Odd. It was like waking up from an intense dream and coming back to reality. It didn't feel good, nor bad...Just weird.

 Plus, there was a few things you had in mind. Things you wondered while you were making love. And now that you were both out of Lust's arms maybe you could ask him a few things.

"...Said, is something wrong?"

You blinked back to reality and stared at him in confusion. You had not heard him.


He chuckled.

"I tried talking to you but you appeared to be far from where we are having breakfast."

You noticed the piece of pancake that was still hanging on the tip of your fork, syrup dropping from it on the table. You cursed, eating the pancake and cleaning the table before it got sticky.

"What were you thinking about?" He cheerfully asked, drinking a bit of his orange juice.

"About when you fucked me against the wall." You answered spontaneously.

All Might flushed red and chocked on his juice. You snorted, acting all innocent as he coughed in embarrassment. God, he was so easy to fluster. You raised an eyebrow, reflecting about your last words. You said that to someone too...Who was it already?

"I - " He cleared his throat, "I see." He said, rubbing a ridiculous small tissue against his lips to clean himself.

"All Might..." Your words trailed off as you got serious again, "I wanted to ask you a few things."

The pro hero raised his brow in a puzzled expression. He had trouble hiding his nervousness for a moment.

"What is it?"

"First of..." You pointed at his ribs, "What's here?"

"My heart!"

You rolled your eyes.

"No, you idiot. I'm talking about your ribs. I think I hurt you in the kitchen." You muttered,  truly worried about it.

You thought that he was going to say "Oh no there is nothing here" or "I guess you hurt me a bit" -which you doubted by the way- but instead, his answer was far more scary than you thought it would be.

"I don't think you want to see this."

You furrowed your brows, staring at him in confusion. Wait...What did he mean by that? Your gaze slid to his left side. What was here?

"See what?" You tried to catch his gaze but he avoided it, instead staring at his glass, "All Might, you saw my bruises. You can show me yours."

His smile was hesitant, almost scared. Whatever was here, it seemed to be a concern of his. You felt stupid for not spotting it before.

You waited for an answer but he stayed silent. A few seconds later, he stood up and sighed in a defeated tone.

"Alright...Just, don't talk about it to anyone." His voice had something different, maybe something similar from one you knew. Who's voice was it?

He removed the top of his costume, showing you his chest. You gasped, clasping your hand in front of your mouth in a shocked expression. You tried not to look horrified but you truly didn't except any of this. He had a huge scar on his left side, red and bumpy, as if it had not totally healed. It had the form of a spider with thousand of legs, each leg being a scar. You had seen a lot of scars, your owns, other's, but seeing something like that on the man you loved...Broke your heart in million on pieces. No wonder you hurt him when you touched it, it seemed to be really painful.

"What...What happened?" You asked in a breath, feeling a twinge in your chest. You couldn't take your eyes away from it. You stood up from your chair, without you realizing it.

"What happens to every hero at some point: they get hurt while fighting."

He was smiling but his smile seemed fake. Like a mask to hide the pain. He put on his costume and sat back on his chair. That was a lot to take in. An uneasy silence settled and you looked down, feeling tears at the corner of your eyes. They didn't fall. But they were here.

"How are you not dead?"

You raised your gaze to stare at him. He didn't even looked shocked or surprised by your question. That was a legitimate one. No one was supposed to survive this. Observing the scar, it looked like something had literally exploded on him. It was a patchwork of skin.

"I survived, I sure had to face a few consequences but in the end, I am still alive."


You squinted your eyes, trying to understand what he meant. But he kept smiling, as if it was nothing. But you, you felt bad. You never asked about his past, about his fights. You just asked for someone to be by your side, to stay with you. But maybe he wanted to talk about it, worse...Maybe he thought that you weren't worth knowing something like that.

He entered into a booming laughter and you shuddered, not expecting it.

"Honey, there is nothing to worry! That happened a long time ago, it's over now."

"Maybe, but..." You sighed, clutching your shoulder tightly. Was it really nothing indeed? You were probably the only one knowing about this, you didn't remember seeing any of this on the forum either.

You jumped when you felt All Might wrapping his arms around you.

"Hey, don't cry! I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner..."

You blinked and noticed that you were, in fact, crying. You touched the wet surface of your skin and sniffled.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. I'm just...A bit surprised." You quickly answered, sending mental vibes to your brain to make the tears stop. You took a deep breath then buried your face in his chest. He gently caressed your hair in a reassuring gesture. You ended up calming down a little.

"All Might, please don't hide things from me." Your tone was somber, you weren't reproaching him anything -after all, who were you to judge people on vulnerabilities they would rather hide from anyone?- but you wanted things to be clear between the both of you. No more secrets. Just truths.

"You can ask me anything." He said softly, kissing your scalp.

You tried to reflect about questions to ask him -and there were many!- but there was one that came first in mind. You even thought about it earlier.

"There is something that had been bugging me for a while and...Well, I guess it's normal to you after all but to me it's kind of important." You stopped, hesitating for a moment, "All Might, what's your real name?"

You raised your head to look at him. His eyes widened, his head tilting in a perplexed gesture.


He apparently excepted any kind of question...Except this one.

"Yes. I mean...All Might isn't your real name, right? It's a pseudonym, every hero has one. Now, it's kind of weird to scream your hero name when we are -huh- doing the do. And since we are together -I guess- I'd like to know it."

You had to admit, that was a shitty excuse. But it was important, wasn't it? What was your relationship with him if you didn't even know his real name?

All Might appeared nervous once again. His smile twitched, his thoughts focused on what you just said. He was taking an awful lot of time to answer such a simple question. Did he really want to keep his identity secret…Even from you? You couldn’t see clearly in him. You just learned about his scar and a bit of his past and to him it seemed like it wasn’t that important. It was like a fog of mystery had settled around him. The same question came back:

Who was really All Might?

“I like when you call me All Might.” He ended up saying, slightly blushing.

“Maybe, but…” You sighed and shrugged, “All Might I’ll be honest with you. I know that heroes want to keep their identity hidden, that's their right after all. But...I-I don't think you trust me.”

His smile disappeared, replaced by a concerned frown. And if the smile was gone…That meant shit was going down.

“I trust you.” He argued, his voice slightly dull. He seemed upset.

“Then can I know your name?”

All Might opened his mouth to talk before closing it without saying anything. He tried a second time, this time at least saying “I…” but ended up doing the same thing. He clearly didn’t know what to say. Or clearly couldn’t. His expression grew worried as he saw yours getting sad.

Finally, he sighed deeply and unwrapped his arms from you. You raised your gaze and something shattered inside of you. His face was so...Broken. His shoulders slackened and for a second he looked utterly hopeless, as if the world had fallen just before his very eyes.

"(Y/N)...I..." His words trailed off, he tried to smile but miserably failed, "I can't tell you."

Your jaw dropped and you stepped away from him. A tear dropped from your eye and you angrily wiped it away. You just frustrated. And betrayed. Whatever he said, the truth was here: he didn't trust you. Not enough to even share his identity with you. Then...What was your relationship about? Was it real? Was it true?

"You know what?" You sniffled, giving him a shaky smile, "It's okay, I don't mind. You can have secrets, we all have some. At least I trust you and I can do it for the both of us if you want."

Again, it wasn't a reproach. You loved All Might. You loved him with all you could give. You loved him to the stars and beyond, and maybe you were desperate, or dumb, but if what you had now was everything he could give...Then you accepted it. You didn't have much anyway. That meant it was enough...right?

Then...Why did you still feel so betrayed?

All Might's heroic expression shattered when he saw your smile. He didn't want to see you like this, he didn't want you to feel this way. Why were things so complicated? Why did he have to be like this? He felt so guilty, so ashamed, you didn't deserve any of this. But did he have a choice? Should he tell you the truth? He was being cornered, whatever choice he made, you were hurt in the process.

"(Y/N), it's not what you think, I- "

You both a phone ringing and All Might glanced to his pockets. Out of reflex, he picked up his phone, apologizing with a look.

"All Might here, sorry I am not able to..." He stopped, frowning for a second, "Naomasa?" He stopped once again and listened. You didn't know who was this Naomasa but it seemed to be important, "I don't know if I can, I...Is there any hero around? Are you sure... ...I see. I'll be there soon, wait for me. You too. Bye."

He hanged up then slowly turned his gaze towards you. There was no word to describe his expression at this moment. You looked down, unable to bear his look. You were both feeling really uneasy.


"Don't worry All Might. I'll clean the dishes, it's okay. People need you."

You sounded like a parent, trying to not get in conflict with their kid. When you said his name it almost seemed ironic. You didn't want to appear so mean. You were both having such a good day...How did it end up like this?

He stared at you, untold feelings hanging on the tip of his tongue. But he didn't say anything and instead, nodded slowly. He leaned down to kiss you softly on the cheek, but somehow it felt cold.

"Goodbye, see you later Honey."

You nodded, smiling weakly. The air was heavy and had something melancholic you couldn't quite explain. You watched him walking towards the door and grabbing the doorknob. For a moment, he stayed there, not moving. He turned around to look at you and you saw him mouthing something that you didn't understand.

He then opened the door and left, going into this world you didn't belong to anymore.

You cried a little.

Chapter Text

All Might had done his hero work: saved people, beat villains up, helped the police and saved the town. That was his usual job, he did it all the time. But this time…He felt that something was different, that something in him was off. It didn’t stop him from doing a good job though, but that heavy feeling in his chest prevented him from smiling like he usually did. People didn’t notice but when he saw his reflection in a broken window among the debris caused by his fight…He saw that something just wasn’t right. Didn’t feel sincere, didn’t feel…well, like All Might. 

He waited for the police to bring the victims to the hospital and the villains to jail, before sitting on a pillar that was laying on the ground, out of sight. 

 He was utterly exhausted. He had used a lot of his hero time with you and even though he didn’t regret any minute of it, he now had to face the consequences. He didn’t have much time before he ran out of time.

 Steam started leaving his body with a hissing sound, and a few minutes later, smoke exploded around him and he was Toshinori Yagi again. He sighed and brushed the dust off his costume -too big for his thin body-

“Thank you for your intervention All Might.” 

Toshinori turned his shining blue gaze towards Naomasa who was walking towards him. 

“You’re welcome.” 

Naomasa smiled and sat next to him. He put his elbows on his knees then crossed his fingers. 

“Sorry if I disturbed you on your day off. That was an emergency.”  

“You did good by calling me. The situation was getting out of control.” He shrugged. 

Naomasa stared at him and noticed his dark expression. He knew that in this form -his true from- he naturally appeared tired and sad. But this time, this physical feature seemed to be unusually pronounced. 

“Is something the matter?” He asked softly, “You sounded upset on the phone.” 

“No, it’s nothing.” Toshi muttered, staring at his own hands. 

The police man waited a few seconds for his friend to explain his situation anyway but seeing that he wasn’t moving, he started talking. 

“Is it something concerning that person?” 

Toshinori raised a surprised gaze on Naomasa. 

“How do you…” 

“I’m a police man. That’s my job to know when someone is lying.” He chuckled, patting Toshi’s back gently, “You’ve been telling me about them for quite a time now. I think this is the first time since you two have met, that you don’t talk about them.” 

“Guess I’m pretty predictable…” Toshinori scoffed sadly. 

“Did you two fight?” 

Toshi sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose while bowing slightly. 

“I guess we could say that. And with reasons. I’ve been awful to (Y/N).” He grunted, clenching his fists tightly, “Naomasa…I don’t know what to do. I’ve been lying to them about my true form. I should have told them, I know this, but I never did. It’s eating me from inside, I can’t keep up like this, they don’t deserve it. And if I said that it was to protect them, this would just be another stupid lie. I only did it to protect myself.” 

His voice broke for the last part and he shut his eyes tightly. He could feel it in his chest, a painful, stinging sensation, as if something was rotting inside of him, putrefying close to his heart. And it wasn’t his scar. 

“If you had seen the look on their face…God…” He sighed and curled his fingers around the fabric of his costume, “What a pathetic hero I make. I am supposed to save people. Not make them suffer.” 

His gaze darkened and he lowered his head to look at the ground. 

“Maybe…Maybe I shouldn’t have brought them into my life. I know they were going to suffer in the end. And still…I decided to stay by them. I wish I had told them since the beginning.” 

Naomasa stared at him thoughtfully. He had no idea what had happened but it seemed to have disturbed his friends. He knew that he wasn't the kind to stress over futile things.

“Do you think things could have been different?” He suddenly asked, crossing his arms. 

“What do you mean?” Toshinori frowned, staring at him in a perplexed expression. 

“If you could go back in time, do you think you could have changed anything to your current situation?” 

“I guess so.” 

Naomasa smiled. 

“Alright, but here is the thing: you can’t go back in time. At least not with your quirk.” 

Toshi was totally clueless about his point. What did he mean by that? 

“…People make mistakes, things they would rather not do again. They learn from them or don’t. But you know that you did something wrong. That’s a start.” He stopped and chuckled when he saw the puzzled look on Toshi’s face, “Now, mistakes are not made to be erased. You’re supposed to face the consequences in order to grow.” 


“I am a police man, and I am not making an apology of your case. But I don’t think that you are a bad person.” 

“I…I still really don’t know what I should do.” Toshinori sighed deeply. As a pro hero he had been in numerous dangerous or complicated situations. And it was the first time in years that he really felt cornered. All Might, the number one hero, asking for help? He felt strangely hypocrite. 

But he had to face it…He wasn’t All Might. He was Toshinori Yagi, nothing more, nothing less. 

Naomasa stood up, cleaning dust from his pants. 

“I am no expert in love.” He shrugged, putting his hat on his head, “But based on my experience, good relationships are based on a mutual trust.” 

Toshinori stared at him as if he had been an angel falling from the sky. Mutual trust…That sounded so simple. But he was right. You and Toshi had built a strong bond over the weeks and when your trust in him had been shattered, things between the both of you went down. And he was the cause of it, which meant that he was the one that had to fix it. 

Naomasa checked his phone and saw a few texts from his colleagues asking him to come back. He sighed. 

“I have to go. See you later.” Naomasa said as he waved at him to say goodbye, “I hope things will get better for both of you.” 

Toshi stood up as the police man started walking away. 

“Thank you Naomasa. I think…I think I know what I have to do.” 

His gaze was determined, strong and somewhat caring. Naomasa thought that there was a bit of All Might in it. He smiled. 

“Plus ultra.” 

Toshinori scoffed and grinned. 

“See you around, old friend.” 

Naomasa nodded and turned around, the gravel crunching under his heels.  Toshinori watched him walking away, a light breeze flowing between his two locks of hair. He didn’t have much All Might time left but that would not stop him from seeing you. 

He looked up and stared at the sky which was of a light blue despite the wintery cold. It was sunny. 

You’re not a bad person.              



“He is an idiot.” 

You angrily took the wet clothes out of the washing machine. You grumbled a few words as you put them one by one in a basket.  

When All Might left, your first felt extremely sad. You felt bad, you felt awful, you felt like you weren’t worth anything. Your chest hurt and you were trying so desperately to understand his words. 

I can’t tell you. 

Why couldn’t he tell you? You trusted him with all your will then why couldn’t it be reciprocate? You were not going to tell the whole world about his secret identity. You just wanted to have something special -that no one else had- to call him. Did he think that you weren’t mentally stable enough for such a common thing? Sometimes you could read in him like an open book and sometimes, the same book seemed to be closed, locked and sealed in a closet. 

Sadness turned into bitterness, that turned into annoyance. That was the way humans were. When they couldn’t understand a situation, even as strong minded as they could be, it always ended up in frustration. And yes, you were frustrated. You had been rotting in your cell, waiting for a miracle, on the verge of paranoia until he came, and everything seemed to magically get better. The only person that had given you a hand, a path to salvation, couldn’t even trust you. You weren’t even sure anymore that you knew him. But it was more than just physical attraction, right? He wasn’t just some kind of famous person that collected fans and saw how much he could fuck per year, was he? You weren’t in fact, just a toy that he could throw away, given the occasion? No, he wasn’t like that, he would never do that. Still… 

You weren’t so sure anymore. 

You took the last clothes out of the washing machine and saw All Might’s cape. You held it in front of your eyes for a second. It was soft, resistant and heavy. Quality material. You smelled it and even through the scent of the softener you could smell his musk. You had the sensation to have him in your arms in a tight embrace. 

You pushed the cape against your chest, your chin resting on it as well. You thought about your last exchange and something inside your guts seemed to twist, burn, like a wound that never healed and which at the same time felt like a stab wound, stinging and bleeding.

You clenched your chest and moaned in pain. Why did it have to hurt like this? It was already so painful, you couldn’t imagine the pain if he were to leave you. You hated being like this because you sounded so goddamn dependent of him. But thinking that he didn’t trust you…really broke your heart.  

Your heard a noise coming from the doorway and recognized the sound of a newspaper falling on the ground. The mailman was here. You thought that there was probably a pile of newspapers in front of your doorstep. You threw the cape in the basket and went to the corridor. 

“He can trust me though…” You muttered to yourself, “Who am I going to talk to about his name? My friends?” You scoffed, “I don’t leave this house and barely talk to people on the phone.” 

You grabbed the doorknob and turned around to stare at your cat which was silently sitting in the doorway and staring back at you. 

“I stopped going on the forum as well! I would never betray him.” You told her while gesturing as you spoke, “I didn’t even tell Toshi about our relationship…” 

The cat meowed and you turned the doorknob, opening the front door. 

“Yeah you’re right. I should probably talk to All Might about it. I have to know, I have the right to know.” 

It was cold and you thought that you probably should have taken something warmer than your hoodie. You bowed to grab the pile of newspaper sitting on your doorstep then turned around to look at your cat -still sitting on its butt in the doorway- 

“Do you think that he would be upset if I asked him again about it?” You asked, gesturing with your newspapers. You stared at your cat which meowed as an answer. You realized how stupid you looked and pinched the bridge of your nose, “Aaand…I’m talking to a cat.” 

A gush of wind made you shiver. You were about to get back inside when something finally tingled inside your mind, as if someone had rang a bell. You stopped and slowly glanced at the newspapers you had in your hand. 

“I am…outside?” 

Before your accident you had the habit to take your newspaper before starting the day. Why did that old habit suddenly come back? But more importantly… 

Why didn’t you feel scared? 

You were standing outside and could feel the sun on your head and the snow under your shoes. You didn’t feel like panicking at all. Your heart was beating fast but only because you were trying understand how you did this. You stared at your newspapers once again in total disbelief. How did you… 


You turned around, recognizing the voice which called you. 


He was standing a few meters away from you in the snow, wearing a long black coat and a thick blue scarf. He stared at you in awe but also with a hint of concern. 

“You’re outside!” 

“I…I am?” You whispered, staring at your tree which had its branches covered in snow. It felt odd. As if it wasn’t quite real.

 A dead leaf slowly fell on the ground, not even sinking into the thin layer of snow and you watched it slightly shuddering in the wind. 

“Are you feeling okay?” Toshinori asked softly, clasping his hands around yours. You gasped when you felt the contact of his hot hands. You had not heard him getting closer. You blinked and stared at him in confusion then glanced at his hands. It was warm. You did not realize your own hands were cold. 

“Yes, I think so.” You muttered as you smiled awkwardly, “I don’t know what happened. I was walking and suddenly I was outside…” 

Your words trailed off and you froze. You were starting to get anxious again. There was rising feeling of fear at the bottom of your stomach, like bugs crawling inside your chest. You started having trouble breathing and Toshinori noticed it. 

“Let’s get back inside, okay? It’s cold.” He murmured, gently rubbing his thumb on your wrist. 

You nodded slowly, trying to control your breathing. 

“Yes, you’re right.” 

You both got back inside and Toshi closed the door behind you. You weren’t sure about what to feel. Fear? Excitement? It didn’t feel like the other times. You knew your body and you were pretty sure that you weren’t even close from a panic attack. 

Toshi removed his scarf and coat before laying a hand on your shoulder. 

“How do you feel? Do you want to sit down?” He sounded very worried. His two blue pupils were searching for the slightest sign of discomfort on your face.

"I assure you, I am fine." You said softly, "Surprisingly." You added.

You glanced at your front door thoughtfully. You wondered for a moment if you were able to do it again. Two voices were fighting in your head, one saying "hey, that was just a fluke, if you do it again it's going to be scary" while the other one whispered "hey...turn the doorknob and go outside, coward". But for the first time in weeks...You actually felt proud of yourself. You had accomplished something, not on purpose obviously, but still! It felt really gratifying.

You raised your gaze on Toshi.

"Did you see this? I went outside!" You cheered, a smile coming upon your lips.

He seemed to relax a little and chuckled.

"Yes, you did."

You laughed out of joy and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arms around as well and suddenly, all the stress and pressure you had accumulated just vanished. His hug was incredibly soft and he kind of smelled like All Might which was normal since he worked with him. You liked when he hugged you. You liked him and you had faith in him. You still had trouble explaining what you felt for him. The only person that you could hug like this was All Might. You wished that he had seen you doing this too...

You pulled away, thinking that this hug was getting too intimate. You cleared your throat and blushed a little.

"Do you want to do something to celebrate?" He asked, not noticing your embarrassment. He seemed actually really proud. It warmed your heart a little.

"Sorry I don't have any alcohol..." You apologized while you were both walking towards the dining room.

"I don't drink anyway." He shrugged, "But there are different ways to celebrate."

"Like what? Dance?" You scoffed.

He turned around, looking flustered.

"Why not?"

You got serious again and stared at him in a perplexed expression.

"Do dancing?"

He chuckled softly out of embarrassment.

"When I was younger, I used to dance a lot. My mentor told me that dancing was a way of exercising because it gave a good balance and coordination. Hence, I trained almost every night and danced till dawn." He explained and a hint of nostalgia shined in the back of his eyes.

You had never seen him dancing but it actually fit his personality. You could totally see him dancing and chanting in his kitchen on an old beat.

"Do you want to try?" He asked with a shy smile, stretching his hand towards you.

You scratched the back of your neck in an embarrassed gesture.

"Sure, but...I don't know how to dance. I'm actually pretty bad at it. Also you're like, super tall."

He slid his hands in the crook of your hips and pulled you closer to him as he grabbed and held your hand gently. You gasped and grabbed his shoulder out of reflex.

"May I?" He asked.

You didn't know if it was the intensity of his gaze or the soft pressure on your wrist, but you found yourself unable to say a word. You nodded quietly.

"Okay, follow my steps." He said as he stepped backwards. You obeyed and followed him, your gaze focused on his feet.

You both made a few steps like that, in the silence of your house.

"Don't look at your feet. You got to feel the beat and go with it." He whispered and you felt his breath blowing on your face.

"But..there is no song?"

He smiled and started humming something. You knew this song but couldn't remember the name of it. It had been so long since you had heard it, it was probably from the eighties.

"Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body, I know not everybody had a body like you." He chanted and his deep voice had something somewhat mesmerizing.

The pressure of his hand on your hips was gentle, his fingers tangled with yours felt warm. The beat was rhythmic, not fast nor slow and without hearing the melody you could easily imagine the sound of the drums. Without realizing it, your feet followed the beat and you found yourself in sync with him. One step, two steps backward, one step on the left, right foot going backward, twist your hips and turn.

He was a really good dancer, he moved confidently and with grace. He almost seemed to float above the ground, his steps were light and precise, and you knew that he wasn't even showing all of his capacities.

"But I've got to think twice before I give my heart away and I know all the games you play, because I play them too." He hummed the rest of the song, shutting his eyes for a moment and you stared at him.

He was so different from All Might. His face was thin, his features sharp as a knife. He did look like a skeleton but wasn't scary at all. He looked like a lost scarecrow in a field of pumpkins, with his hair sticking up everywhere. He had this rare beauty that wasn't noticeable at first sight but which once was noticed, could never be something else than apparent. Your heart was pounding hard against your ribs and you wondered if he could feel the vibrations through his shirt. Why was it beating like this? It was just a dance. And you weren't in love with Toshi. But his expression was so soft, so gentle and tender, and the first thing that came to your mind was: he would never hurt me.

And you felt awful for thinking this because it was being unfair towards All Might. He had hidden a few things from you but he had never been bad. And what would he think if he saw you dancing with another man? Moreover, a man who was his secretary? You were acting like a child, falling in the arms of another man after one single quarrel.

"Is everything alright?" Toshinori suddenly asked and you blinked back to reality.

You rubbed your face with your hand and noticed a single tear that had dropped from your eye. Betrayed again by your lachrymal glands.

"Yeah, Yeah, I'm sorry." You sniffled and shook your head, "Can we stop dancing please?"

Toshinori stopped his steps but didn't let go of your hand or your hips.

"Is it...About All Might?" His voice seemed pained. You shuddered. How did he know?

"We...We kind of fought earlier. Well it wasn't really a fight since I probably was the only one upset, but it's just that..." You stopped, pursing your lips in hesitation. He didn't need to know. You didn't need to tell him about your fears or your pain.  Then why did you feel pushed to do it anyway?

"I don't like that he doesn't trust me, that he doesn't feel the need to tell me his secrets. I don't like when he leaves and doesn't come back. I don't like not knowing what he expects from me. I just want him to..."

You shrugged and smiled sadly.

"I just want him to love me."

I want him to love me, I want him to need me, I want him to trust me. I want to be the one with whom he wants to live all his tomorrows. I want him to want me.

And it was so selfish and it was so needy but all of this -all of this!- was true. Because love was selfish, because love was arrogant and all about desires, and because love was love, and it was supposed to be true and never easy.

Toshinori didn't answer, he let go of your hand and lowered his head. You couldn't see his eyes, they were lost in the shadows of his brow bones.

His hand slowly slid on your jaw to cup your face. He leaned forward and when you least expected it, he gently pressed his lips on yours.

And this kiss felt new and somehow familiar, with a little bit of despair. It was soft and careful but also violent because of the emotion with which it was fuelled. His other hand came to cup your face as well, pulling you closer to him, stealing your breath and your will. And suddenly, your body seemed to relax and you closed your eyes, losing yourself in the warmth of his skin.

It was such an innocent kiss and yet, you felt something igniting inside of you. He kissed you again, and again, the song of your lips clicking together echoing in your ears. You heard him panting, his body asking for more that it had. And you liked this, hell, you loved this. And could you tell? You felt loved, it was burning, flaming, spreading! It felt so much like All Might and yet so different. But...

It wasn't All Might.

Your eyes opened wide and you felt your heartbeats racing. No....It wasn't right. No, no, no, this was wrong. You were already in a relationship and Toshinori couldn't be a part of it. You couldn't love two people at the same time.

 You pressed your hands on his chest to push him away and broke the kiss. Toshinori stared at you in confusion and, not able to bear his gaze, you looked away.

"I'm sorry Toshinori. I-I can't do this." You whispered, your voice almost a breath, "I'm already with All Might."

You finally had the courage to look at him but when you raised your gaze, the look of utter distress that you could read on his face made your heart sink. It wasn't just dismay, it was a mix of sadness and disappointment, and you had rarely seen such a painful gaze.

Something seemed to flash in the back of his eyes, as if he was realizing something. He confusedly looked away, his hand grasping a few locks of his hair.

"I see...You love All Might...You can't possibly be in love with me." He muttered to himself, his bottom lips trembling slightly. You somehow had the feeling that his words didn't have the same meaning as you heard it. He almost seemed about to cry.

He covered his face with his hand for a moment and you stared at him, not knowing what to say. You felt awful because you gave him false hopes by not pushing him away immediately. But you knew that you could never had done it and you also felt awful because of it.

"I apologize (Y/N), I thought that...I thought that..." Toshinori tried to say, his eyes searching for something that wasn't there, "...I don't know what I thought." He ended up saying, his shoulders falling at the same time your heart broke.

You didn't want to see him like this, you didn't want any of this. But did you have a choice?

"Toshi, I- "

You raised your hand in an attempt to touch him but he politely refused it. He wasn't mad, he just seemed really disappointed.

"I have to go, I'm sorry." He said as he walked past you. His eyes were cold as ice and you shivered. Those were the eyes of someone that had made his mind. But you had no idea on what.

When you saw him getting his coat and scarf, you suddenly felt scared. No, not you too, please don't be like that.

I don't want to lose you.

You wanted to call out for him, to explain yourself to him but your feet stayed glued to the floor. What could you say anyway? You couldn't go back in time.

You shuddered when you heard the door closing. Toshinori was gone and you had a strange aftertaste of bitterness. You brushed your lips with your fingertips, still trying to figure out what had happened. You sighed and covered your eyes with your hand, standing alone in your dining room.


The hours that followed that event were difficult to manage. A lot had happened this day, a lot of unpleasant things. It had been a roller coaster of emotions and it really had messed with your brain. All Might, then Toshinori...It was almost like a curse had settled on your miserable life. You had no idea what to do to make things better. Call Toshinori? But to tell him what? You had wondered if you were in love with him but you had not suspected that he might be in love with you.

You played that kiss in your head several times and the more you remembered it, the more you felt awful. Because you kissed him back, you actually kissed him back! You couldn't even justify it, you had liked each second of it and for the moment it lasted, you forgot All Might. How could you forget him? You felt heartless, and you probably were. You couldn't stay like this and you had to talk to him.

You were laying on your bed and staring at your phone just next to your head. You had left a message on All Might's phone, asking if he could come see you. You were well aware that Toshinori could see this message too but after what happened you were pretty sure that he wouldn't show up. You couldn't blame him though. All of this was your fault. You felt like a horrible and cruel person. But you reflected a lot about this and before trying to explain yourself to Toshi, you first had to talk a bit with All Might.

He still had not answered though and it had been two hours since your last text. Maybe Toshi had told him about your kiss. You didn't want to think about it.

After what felt like days, you heard someone knocking on your window. You stood up immediately and came to open the window. All Might was here, crouching next to your window as usual.

"You got my text." You said, feeling anxious.

"I did."

You shivered. His voice was dull and tired which contrasted with his heroic smile. You could barely recognize it.

You stepped aside to let him enter. You noticed that he sweated a lot. His body was tensed and his muscles were shaking. Was he cold?

"Why did you want to see me? You said that it was important." He asked, turning his gaze towards you. There was a bit of urge in his voice, as if he was in a hurry.

"It-It was. I wanted to talk about what happened this morning." You explained. There was something strange with him. For the first time you actually felt uncomfortable in his presence.

He grunted in pain and cursed under his breath. You could see his veins pulsing under his skin. It almost felt like he was fighting against something. But against what?

"All Might, are you okay?" You asked in a worried tone.

"Yes, do not worry. I am sorry but I can't stay. We'll talk about this later." He muttered between his clenched teeth as he already turned around to go through the window. You didn't understand what was happening to him but you wondered for a second if it was a way to escape this conversation.

"Wait, please. This is really important to me." You stepped in front of him, blocking the way to the window, "It's also about...Toshinori..."

He sighed.

"I know, but can we please talk about this another time?"

You shuddered. What did he mean "He knew"? If he knew why didn't he seem more worried than that? Toshinori had obviously told him about your kiss. Was it nothing to him?

"No! I want to talk about it now." You exclaimed, convinced that he wanted to avoid the subject.

He nervously glanced towards the window then towards you.

"Why are you trying to avoid it?" You asked, a noticeable distress in your voice. You didn't want things to go the way things went with Toshi. You didn't want things to be nebulous between the both of you.

"I...I am not trying to avoid it, I assure you!" He stuttered, desperately trying to move on and go. But you were stubborn and wanted answers.

"Then, please stay."

Suddenly, smoke started going out of his body with a hissing sound.

"Shit!" He swore, obviously panicking, "I thought I had more time than that..."

You frowned, staring at him in surprise.

"All Might, what's happening?"

It was like last time, when you were in the dark. This was also another thing that he had not explained.

"Nothing! I just....I can't stay!" He tried, sweating more and more.

That's when you got angry. He couldn't stay? He could never stay. But you needed him to stay now more than ever. You were lost, you were helpless. Why couldn't he see it?

"You can't tell me, you can't stay, what can you do then!" You burst out, the pressure accumulated exploding within you.

"I just can't!" All Might exclaimed, steam exploding around him.

You squealed and covered your face with your arms to protect yourself from the blast of hot air coming from him. What the hell was that?! You suddenly felt worried about him. The room was filled with steam and you couldn't even see him anymore. You tried to look around, searching for the slightest movement.

"All Might? What happened? Are you okay?"

He didn't answer and for a moment you wondered if this had something to do with his scar. And suddenly, you heard that deep voice coming from the spot where All Might stood. It wasn't All Might's voice, but you knew who's voice it was. Your heart stopped beating for a second.

"A few days ago I tried to tell you about something."

You subconsciously stopped breathing. This voice...No, it couldn't be.

"...I couldn't find the courage to tell you the truth because I couldn't bear to lose you if you didn't accept it."

The smoke started clearing up and you were now able to see the person in front of you. He had a thin silhouette, sharp features as a skeleton. You recognized that hair shaped like a sun and those two falling locks of hair. His blue eyes were shining sombrely in the shadows of his orbits. He sighed deeply.

"Do you know how it feels to be jealous of your own self?" Toshinori asked, All Might's clothes floating around him as the fog disappeared gradually.


Before this river
Becomes an ocean
Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh baby I reconsider
My foolish notion

Chapter Text

When you were little you were scared to watch Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hide because the transformation was horrifying to you. When you grew up, you learnt that this movie was in fact about the duality of the human nature: the compassionate and kind side, facing the cruelty and wicked side always hiding in the shadows. Two faces of the same coin, one which cannot live without the other.

Now, it was just a story. You had no idea that in the future, you were going to encounter a similar situation. And this time, it wasn’t about a bad and a nice man, it was about a simple man that couldn’t reconcile his two appearances and was trying to give them a life on their own. But as doctor Jekyll, he erroneously thought that he could control the situation alone.

You stared at him with wide opened eyes. He wasn’t moving, simply staring right back at you with eyes cold as ice. He was probably waiting for a reaction. But you had no idea what to say or what to do, your brain was still trying to understand what had happened.

“Toshi…What does that mean?” Your voice was hoarse and slow like the sound of a creaking door. You weren’t stupid, you knew what all of this meant. But you wanted to hear it from his mouth, you wanted to be sure.

Something broke his frozen gaze and you could finally read an emotion: guilt. He coughed a few times then slowly stared at his wrist that was covered in blood.

“Do you remember the scar I showed you this morning? Do you remember what I told you?”

You shivered, glancing at his ribs.

“Heroes always get hurt in the end.” You breathed mechanically.

Toshinori tugged his shirt revealing his scar. It was even more apparent on his skinny body. It almost seemed like it was eating him, devouring his skin and his hopes. Now, there was no more doubt about his identity. Toshinori was All Might.

“That’s right.” Toshinori sighed, glancing at his own scar, “That wound caused important damages to my body, I lost my bladder as well as half of my stomach.”

You shuddered, remembering him coughing blood several times. You had no idea how bad it was. You felt even more guilty for not asking him further questions about it. But how could you know? He didn’t tell you anything.

“…I can keep my muscular form a few hours a day. The rest of the time I look like this.” He explained, gesturing to himself with some kind of pity. He looked even more tired while telling you this. You felt that it wasn’t the first time he had to tell this story, “Not a lot of people know about this. It’s something I usually keep secret.”

He stopped, staring at you carefully. Your jaw dropped but not sound left your mouth.

You realized that you had been switching with the same man for the past weeks. He was the same man with whom you made love and the same man to whom you told your deepest fears. He had been playing a game, like some kind of theatre play, switching roles as easily as if he was switching interrupters. Suddenly, you felt really scared. Was it his goal all along? Had he been preparing this? You thought you knew him, but how wrong were you in fact?

“Why did you do this?” You asked in a broken tone. “Why did you do this to me?” You wanted to say.

Toshinori noticed your expression: a mix of sadness, betrayal and confusion. He felt a twinge in his chest. He stepped forward, his hand stretching to cup your jaw.

“I didn’t want to see this look on your face…” He whispered so low that you almost didn’t hear it.

You gently pushed his hand away as you looked down. You didn’t want to be touched right now. He breathed deeply, searching for your gaze.

“Are you…Mad?”

You clenched your jaw and raised your gaze to stare deep into his eyes.

“If I’m mad?” You scoffed, squinting your eyes. He was seriously asking you if you were mad? You stepped away from him but he didn’t stop you, “Toshi, why didn’t you tell me since the beginning? I could have understood.”

“I know.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed as he closed his eyes, “I know…” He added in a lower tone, “I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t want you to be disillusioned by my appearance.”

And suddenly you realized that he was utterly and hopelessly disgusted by his own body. It wasn’t just because he thought you could never like him, that you would think less of him because of how he looked. It was something far more superior than just disgust, it was a deep, irrevocable and embodied fear.

But it also meant that somewhere, he thought that you could only be in love with All Might because he was famous, strong and attractive. Was it what you really looked like? A superficial person that only cared about appearances? Why couldn’t he understand that it was going far more above that?

“I don’t care what you look like for Christ’s sake!” You exclaimed, taking your head in your hands, “You’ve always meant so much for me since you’ve entered into my life! When I was in the bottom pit of despair, you came and helped me getting better. I don’t know any hero who would have done the same…”

You sighed and clutched your arm, like a child who just got grounded.

“…At first, I had no idea why you wanted to be with someone like me. I mean, I am not special nor am I a hero, I’m just a regular person who happens to have fallen into your arms. I bet thousand others have done it before me. I thought that you were mistaking or that I was making assumptions. But you showed me love, safety and…happiness.” You sadly laughed and gave him a bitter smile, “I even ended up thinking “hey, maybe he actually trust me”.”

“(Y/N)…” Toshinori breathed, sadness shining bright into his eyes. He had no idea what you had been thinking the whole time, and it broke his heart.

“But Toshi…You just proved me the opposite.” You sighed, the corner of your lips twitching with the emotion, “You waited for the last moment to tell me this. How long were you going to keep this lie?”

After admitting all of this you now felt empty, like a shell resting at the bottom of the ocean. You knew that you wanted to cry, you felt sad indeed, but no tear was picking at the corner of your eyes. It was like you had already cried enough. Maybe that was the case. You were tired of crying.

Toshinori had trouble facing you. After all you said, he didn’t know if he could look at you in the eyes again.

“You asked me if I were mad.” You continued and he raised his head to look at you, “No, I am not mad. In fact, I…I don’t know what am I.” You shrugged. You closed your eyes for a second and the silence of your room swallowed you.

“…I think I’m really disappointed. Not because of your appearance.” You stared deep into his eyes and he shivered as you spoke calmly: “But because you lied to me.”

Your voice was dull, not even aggressive. There was no point in blowing up or insult him. You weren’t like that and he didn’t deserve this. But even though you understood why he did that you just couldn’t approve of his actions.

Silence fell once again, like calm before the storm. You were both standing a few feet apart, none of you making a move. Toshinori looked devastated, you didn’t have a mirror but your expression was probably similar. Your words had been hard, violent, like a punch in the guts. You knew that it had hurt him to hear this. But what else could you have done? You didn’t want to stay silent about truths as he did.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in the most defeated tone you had ever heard. He slowly stepped forward and seeing that you didn’t move, he wrapped his arms around you, taking you in a soft and warm embrace.

Maybe you should have pushed him away but you didn’t and instead, closed your eyes tightly. He smelled like All Might. And then you realized, he didn’t smell like All Might, he was All Might which meant that All Might actually smelled like him. But it felt so good…

You hated this because you knew, you knew that you needed this hug and you needed him too. But it hurt, it hurt in so many ways, this contact burnt your skin and your heart because it was so desperately needed and still, not wanted. Why was it so hard to let go? Why was it so hard to resist such a primal urge?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He pressed you against him and you noticed that his voice was shaking. You wondered if he was crying, you couldn’t see his face.

“I know.” You muttered against his chest. Of course you knew. Toshinori wasn’t a bad guy, he was the sweetest, the kindest person you had ever met. But you needed time, you needed to digest all of this because it was too much to accept. He had hurt you, not on purpose and not really bad but…like any wound, it needed some time to heal.

“Toshi, I…I think we should stop seeing each other for a time.”

It pained you to say this because, being away from him was unbearable but not as unbearable as it would be to act like nothing happened. You just weren’t strong enough for that. You needed time, maybe a lot maybe not so much but you had to think about it. You felt him holding his breath for a moment as if it had been stuck in his throat. His fingers twitched against your skin and then, he slowly let go of you, his arms falling on his sides.

“I…understand.” He quietly answered, his pupils swallowed by the darkness of his orbits. You couldn’t tell what was he thinking at the moment. Maybe you didn’t want to know either.

The silence that followed had something incredibly uneasy and heavy. Even though you both just shared what your hearts bear, it still felt like untold things were hanging in the air. Toshinori stepped backward then turned around to reach the door. He was going to leave. You raised your hand as if you wanted to stop him. But to tell him what? That in fact his actions didn’t need to have consequences? That you loved him? Because yes, you loved him till the stars and above, you loved him so much that you could lose your mind just by standing next to him but…You couldn’t say it now.

 He never saw your movement and your hand fell on your side.

“Please don’t leave me.”

You shuddered when he spoke and stared at him in confusion. He had stopped just in front of your door.

“Do you remember?” He said slowly, not moving an inch, “Those are the first words I heard from you.”

Your eyes opened wide as a memory from your first encounter flashed before your eyes. He was right…Just after your fall, this was the first thing you told him. You had almost forgotten about it but you had to admit that the fact he remembered it made your heart race. But you didn’t know why he was telling you this now.

“…Those words, they stuck in my head. When you collapsed into my arms just after saying them, I felt…something.” His hand gripped the fabric of his shirt where his heart was supposed to be, “I don’t know what it was but I wanted to feel it again. I didn’t know if following that feeling was a good idea but I had to find out what it was. I came to the hospital and left this note. I thought I wouldn’t see you again.”

You stared at him, not knowing what to say. He glanced at your hand before continuing.

“But then I found your ring in the folds of my costume. I usually send back lost objects in a package with a letter and All Might’s signature. But I really wanted to see you again. At first, I wanted to meet you as Toshinori and tell you that I was All Might. I unexpectedly found you on the forum where I learnt that your incident left you a trauma. That’s when I thought that maybe you needed more All Might than anything.”

You remembered those conversations on the forum, place that you left and forgot. That was the first time that you actually met Toshi. Or All Might. You thought that you had met him thanks to a turn of events but now you realized that he was the one who planned all of this. You felt relieved in a way because it meant that there was a mutual attraction since the beginning.

“I’ve tried multiple times to tell you…” He sighed, raising then lowering his hands, “God, I’ve tried. I couldn’t stand lying to you because it was unfair and I knew that one day, I was going to pay the price…But you looked so happy when I held you in my arms, when I kissed you, I could see your face brightening each time I entered your house. I ended up convincing myself that you didn’t need to know more. And I thought that maybe, maybe I could keep on like this as long as you wanted me by your side.” He smiled sadly, shadows of nostalgia passing through his gaze.

You had trouble swallowing at this point. He sounded so heartbroken.

He sighed then opened the door.

"I wasn't trying to make you forgive me. I just...wanted to tell you this." 

You remembered those times he seemed faraway, his eyes lost in thoughts that you couldn’t hear. You remembered that time he tried telling you something but gave up immediately, keeping the truth for himself. It was obvious that he had been suffering from this as much as you did, and for a long time. But even though you empathized with him, you strongly thought that there could have been another way, because there always was one.

You pursed your lips and clenched your fists, deep emotions getting stuck inside your throat and making you gag. You knew that if you started talking you were undoubtedly going to cry and you didn’t want to, not now. He had turned his back on you and you couldn’t see his face. But he couldn’t see yours either.

Toshinori stayed silent for a few moments, as if he was thinking if he should say something else. Eventually, his shoulders relaxed and he opened the door.

“(Y/N)…” His words trailed off and you saw him slightly glancing at you before facing the corridor again, “Goodbye.”

He never said what he wanted to tell you and walked out of your room without looking back. You wished you had seen his face just before leaving. You heard his steps echoing in the house, getting fainter and fainter as he got closer t your front door. You heard the door opening, then closing, then nothing. That’s when the silence overwhelmed you, that you flopped on the floor, clutching your arms as if you were cold.

You let out a loud sob and for once was grateful to live alone. You craved for comfort, for something to hold on but the only person who could give it to you, was now gone. You wanted to stop sobbing, stop those tears which burnt your skin but above all, stop that pain in your chest. It hurt like flaming arrows in your guts, like a hammer beating your ribs, like someone squeezed your heart and throat as if they were oranges. You wanted to hit your chest, beat the pain out of your body because the pain unbearable but still, not real, like the ghost of an opened wound.

Several poets had tried describing the way a broken heart felt like. But in the end, no one managed to describe it with exactitude. 


It just hurt. 

Chapter Text

The three days that followed were strangely blank. You were doing what you usually did when you were alone -cooking, washing your clothes, feeding your cat, watching a movie- but nothing seemed to get to you. You were in a weird state of apathy, doing things mechanically and almost sleepwalking. You felt like you were living in a silent black and white movie, playing the role of a bland background character. You didn’t remember saying a word once. In fact, you stayed most of the time in your bed, sleeping sometimes during whole afternoons. You didn’t sleep well though, having nightmares which you couldn’t remember, waking you up in a cold sweat. And yet you kept sleeping, going to bed at any hour of the day without sometimes removing your clothes. Maybe you wanted to sleep because you couldn’t stand the silence between these walls or maybe because you didn’t want to be confronted to your own thoughts. 

It was like a void had settled into your chest, swallowing each of your feelings and emotions. 

You were in your kitchen, pouring hot water into a cup. You raised your head and looked through the window. It was sunny outside. Snow was starting to melt because of the sun rays and people were going out, enjoying the warmer weather. You watched two people walking side by side, one of them had beautiful blond hair. You stared at it, your thoughts wandering on things you had been trying to avoid for the past few days. 

Toshinori has the same hair color, you thought. 

Lost in your contemplation, you didn’t notice that you were pouring too much water in your cup and it overflowed, burning your fingers. You cried out of pain and immediately poured cold water on your hand. You cursed, wincing as you felt the pain radiating throughout your fingers. Gosh, you were so stupid. 

No matter how much you tried not to, your thoughts were always going this way. There was always something, someone, reminding you of him. And each time it was the same song: your heart started pounding, your stomach started twisting and you were left clutching your chest in a vain attempt to make this feeling stop. It was like your body was aching for his presence, begging for his touch and pleading for him to come back just to stop the pain but your mind was rejecting this idea, making your head throb. The duality of your emotions was making you confused, lost. You knew you didn’t want to see him now. 

Then why was this hole still in your chest? 

When you thought that it was enough, you cut the water off and dried the counter. You sighed and walked to your dining room where you flopped on the couch. Your fingers hurt and so did your chest. These were just emotions, then why did it feel like a stabbing wound? How could you make it stop? 

By talking to him again. 

You shook your head, trying to get rid of these intrusive thoughts. You had already thought and argued about this. You told him that you needed some time alone, if you wanted to show that you were serious, it had to last at least a week. He had hurt you and even though he said that he was sorry, you couldn’t just let this go. 

 But it had only been three days and you felt like you couldn’t bear it anymore. It was hard, yes, but relationships were not meant be to be simple. You had to be strong and behave wisely.  

“I wonder what is he doing though…” You muttered to yourself, stroking your fingers thoughtfully. 

You wondered how was he living all of this? Maybe it was easy for him to fake a smile and act like nothing happened. Maybe he was actually working as All Might, saving people with his heroic smile and getting praised by the police. Maybe he was holding someone in his arms, someone that fell for a building for example. You grunted and ran a hand through your hair. You were getting jealous now, how pitiful. But you couldn’t help it, you knew that you were the one who made this choice and you had to face the consequences. 

He didn’t send you any message but so did you. In fact, at least twice a day you opened your phone, stared at your screen and checked if you had any message then immediately closed it. You even checked the forum but you saw that he had not logged in for days. That was really desperate, wasn’t it? You said that you didn’t want to see him anymore but you were hoping to see him coming back nonetheless. Humans were really contradictory creatures, weren’t they? Or maybe it was just you. 

You wanted to get over this already and turned the TV on. Maybe watching something could distract you from your thoughts, if not, you were going to sleep. You fell on the news channel and were going to change when you stopped your thumb from pushing the button. You noticed All Might’s picture in the background with a question mark on it. 

…As we were saying, The number one hero, All Might, is nowhere to be seen since his last apparition in town, three days ago.” 

You raised an eyebrow and leaned forward to stare at your screen in confusion. 

…People are already speculating and inventing theories about his disappearance. Is he taking a few days off? Did a villain defeat the pro hero? Even heroes seem unable to answer that question. Our reporters are currently investigating and we will tell you more about it, in the evening.” 

Your heartbeats raced as you heard the presenter speaking. All Might…was missing? There was barely a day where journalists didn’t talk about him. Which means that if they reported him as missing, absolutely no one had seen him. Perhaps you were the last one to have seen him alive. 

You shivered, horrified by your own choice of words. He seemed pretty down when he left last time. You hoped that nothing bad went through his mind at this moment.  

You turned off the TV, even more stressed than you were before. Maybe there was nothing to worry about, maybe he was having a few days off indeed…Just after you told him that you didn’t want to see him anymore… 

You started biting on your nails in an anxious gesture. You didn’t like that. Your stomach was already making knots as you considered worst-case scenarios. You had to stay rational. Until something induced you the opposite, All M- , well, Toshinori, was fine. But you had to be sure and have proofs.  

You took your laptop and went on the forum. As expected, people were arguing about the authenticity of information circulating on the internet. No one had seen him and even fanatics who tried to follow him everywhere, didn’t get the slightest glimpse of him. You even saw someone arguing about the possibility of a secret life and All Might going places incognito thanks to a secret quirk, but no one took them seriously because “a seven feet tall man couldn’t possibly travel incognito”. 

You sighed. If only they knew how close from the truth they were. 

You tried nonetheless searching for him on the forum. 

This user is not connected. 

Alright, he wasn’t on the forum either. You closed your laptop and took your phone. You hesitated and started at your screen for a second. What if he actually answered and told you everything was fine? What were you going to do next? “Hey Toshi I kind of regret my decision, in fact I’m deeply in love with you and it’s almost unbearable for me to stay away from you so come back? Please?”. You pinched the bridge of your nose. Your pride could wait, first, you had to make sure that he was okay. Better late than sorry. 

You composed his number and waited, but you immediately fell on his voicemail. Great, he turned off his portable. You hanged up and sighed. Was he avoiding your call on purpose or was it something else? You called one last time but this time, waited for the voicemail to end so you could leave a message. 

“Toshi, it’s me, (Y/N).” You stopped and pursed your lips as you tried to think about something to say, “If you have this message, can you call me back? I’m -uh- I’m concerned about you. I just want to…I…Just call me back okay? Bye.” 

You quickly hanged up and gripped your phone tightly. You weren’t really good with leaving messages but at least you made it clear. He was going to call back eventually. 

But Half an hour later, you still had no answer and were starting to get really worried. You were moving your legs up and down in a stressful way, glancing at your phone from time to time. You had lost count how many times you refreshed your calls, hoping to see something appearing. Was he really ignoring you? In a way you hoped so. Because if he did, that meant he was feeling well enough to be petty.


You stood up as fast as if a bee had stung your butt. Someone just knocked on your door. Could that be...? You ran towards your front door and opened it in a hurry.

"Toshi!" You shouted, a smile rising upon your lips. But you stopped in your movement, noticing that the person in front of you had nothing to do with him. You frowned and stared at the stranger standing awkwardly in front of you.

"Huh...H-Hi?" You mumbled out of embarrassment. God, did you really scream his name in front of...of whom? Who was this boy?

He seemed to be a teenager, with green hair and wearing a grey uniform. You had never seen him before. He looked extremely shy and uneasy.

"H-Hi, are you...(Y/N)?" He timidly asked, glancing at a piece of paper he was holding.

You stared at him in confusion. Okay first of all, how such a tiny body could sweat so much, second of all, how did he know your name?

"Yes, I am." You answered with a hint of suspicion, "And you are?"

He shuddered and straightened as if he suddenly realized an important mistake.

"I-I'm Midoriya Izuku!" He exclaimed, blushing slightly, "I think we've met but not in real life. I am Mighty Boy on the All Chat. I apologize for disturbing you but I needed to talk to you." He explained, bowing repetitively to show the genuineness of his apology.

Something tingled inside your mind and you remembered that boy who chatted a bit with you on the forum. He was Toshinori's...

"Do you know where is To- All Might?" You immediately asked, forgetting about his request.

His eyes saddened.

"No, I don't know. In fact that's why I came here for." He sighed then stared at you with hesitation, "Are you...In a relationship with him?"

You blushed like a teenage girl and looked away. Even though you were on a break, remembering that you were, in fact, in a relationship with him always made your heart beat. Well, now you were both looking utterly uncomfortable.

"I -uh- yes. I guess we could say that. But...We fought recently...I don't know where he is either." You muttered as you uneasily scratched the back of your neck. You felt an aftertaste of bitterness as you spoke.

"I see..." He pursed his lips and looked down as if what you said confirmed his thoughts.

He looked really worried. Was he hoping to find his mentor with you when he came?

"But wait...How did you find me? And how do you know about us?" You asked as your eyes narrowed.

He shuddered once again and you could swear that he was sweating even more -God, how couldn't he be dehydrated at this point?-

"W-well I noticed recently that All Might was...different. I often caught him in some kind of daydream or staring a lot at his phone. Once, he arrived late to one of our trainings and I asked him if everything was okay and he told me that he was seeing someone. I first thought that he was talking about another student but I soon realized that he was in fact in love with someone."

Your heart sank when you thought about all those moments you couldn't be with him and he was maybe thinking about you.

"...But a few days ago he sent me a message, asking if I didn't mind cancelling our training session for the day. The day after, our teacher told us that All Might was unavailable at the moment and couldn't teach."

“Yesterday, I found this.” He handed you the piece of paper which he was holding and you took it. There was your address on it with your name. You recognized Toshinori’s handwriting. There even were little red hearts scribbled around your name and you couldn’t help but smile. He was such a helpless romantic.

“…He forgot this in a book he gave me.” He blushed heavily and played with his fingers, “I know that he would rather keep his personal life to himself. I may be his disciple but he draws the line for his intimacy -which I understand- but I was worried and I wanted to help. I came here just before going to school because I don’t know where he lives and I wanted to know if you knew anything. I didn’t know that something happened, I’m sorry.”

You stared at him then glanced at the piece of paper. Your fears were confirmed, Toshinori wasn’t feeling well. You thought that you should go see him and talk to him about what happened, or at least check on him.

You smiled kindly and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright, you couldn’t know and you did good by coming here. Thank you Izuku for telling me all of this, even though I’m a total stranger to you. You can go to school, I’ll take care of it.”

His eyes brightened as a feeling of hope shined through his gaze.

“T-Thank you! I wish I could come with you.” He said, a noticeable hint of regret in his voice.

“It’s okay. It’s something I have to deal with alone anyway. I’ll bring back your mentor, I’ll find a way.”

And you were serious. You started everything and you were going to be the one to put an end to it. Izuku nodded energetically in a decided way. You nodded as well and smiled. He seemed like a good and careful kid. You understood why someone as All Might had taken him under his wing. He was probably destined to become a remarkable hero.

“I’m going to be late, I have to go.” He apologized while taking a few steps backwards, “It was nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure was mine, Izuku.”

He glanced at his watch and gasped, noticing how late he was. He started running and just before leaving your garden he waved at you to say goodbye. You waved as well and watched him disappear behind a corner of the street. You closed the door and stared at the piece of paper thoughtfully. Toshinori probably got it after meeting your colleagues when he wanted to meet you and kept it ever since. It was cute in a way and you felt a painful twinge. Toshinori…What could he be doing? But above all, where was he and how could you find him?

Even if you went outside and searched for him, there was a really slim chance to fall on him.

Something tingled inside your mind when you thought about your last words. Fall on him…And then it hit you like a train, that possibility you had not considered yet:

You could use your quirk.

You had not used it on purpose in years and it seemed to be kind of broken since your incident but it was worth a try. You had to find him or you were afraid that something bad might happen if you didn’t get to him in time.

You had to find something high. You didn’t have a ladder and your stepladder wasn’t high enough for a vision long enough. In fact, the only high spot from where you could fall was your stairway. You stared at it with dread and swallowed with difficulties. Jumping from a high spot did not appeal you at all. You still felt pretty scared after what happened.

You glanced one last time at the paper with the little hearts and took a deep breath. You had to do it. For him.

You took every blankets and pillows you could find in your house and threw them at the bottom of the stairs so you wouldn’t get hurt too much when you hit the ground. If there were camera in your house, you probably looked like a fool. When you got everything you needed, you grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil then ran at the top of your stairs. Okay, the plan was simple: you jumped, you fell, you had your vision, you hit the ground and then you had thirty seconds to write down what you saw. Your actions and decisions influenced your future and since you were decided to find Toshinori, your vision was probably going to be you searching for Toshi and hence, seeing where he was. Inter alia, what you saw in your visions was most likely to happen because of what you chose to follow your vision, it was a never ending but useful loop.

You hesitated, your legs wobbling in fear. Your whole being was screaming to stop this, to find another solution. You had no assurance that your vision was going to show you what you wanted. But it was the best option you had for now. You tried to call Toshinori one last time and fell on his voicemail once again. Well…Here went nothing.

You jumped as high as you could and your quirk activated.

A vision flashed before your eyes. You heard yourself panting and walking fast. You saw a succession of apartments’ doors as you ran past them. Not his name, not his name, not his name. You kept running. You stopped in front of a door. A golden plate with “Toshinori Yagi” was engraved on it. Your vision trembled for a second, you had almost hit the floor. You glanced at the paper you were holding: it was the good address, written in a smudged and shaky handwriting. He had to be here. You knocked on the door.

Your vision blurred and your eyes opened wide as you roughly hit the bottom of your stairs. Your blankets and pillows mostly cushioned your fall but your right arm hit the corner of the last stair and you cried out in pain. You clutched your arm tightly as the pain radiated through it.

“I have to write down the address, I only have fifteen seconds left!” You thought as you grabbed your pencil that had rolled over and started writing down his address. Your arm hurt and you could barely write but in the end, you were able to do it.

Thirty seconds later, your vision was erased from your mind, the only trace left being that piece of paper. You recognized the name of the street, it wasn’t so far away from your house. Maybe that was the reason why he was able to see you so often.

You stood up, painfully wincing as you held your arms. It got you pretty bad but the pain was already fainting, less strong than before. It didn't matter anyway. You could now search for him. You had to make sure that he was safe and sound.

You grabbed a coat and shoes -leaving your house in a perfect disorder- then ran to your front door. Everything was going to be okay. You did it before, you could do it now. You opened the door to save your cat, you opened the door for your newspaper, you opened the door for Izuku thinking that it was Toshinori. You could do it, you could even do more. You could go outside and search for the man you loved. You could defeat your illness because you had the motivation, the will and the strength to do it. You weren’t weak. He had made you stronger.

Things do get better.

You grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. A gush of wind blew onto your face, your heartbeats raced but your legs didn’t flinch. You were never trapped in your house. You could always go outside. Your only limit was your own mind and you were going to break it today.

You stepped forward and started running.




You missed the wind blowing in your hair, the concrete crushing under your shoes. You missed the smell of the streets -some that smell good, some that smell bad- the cold on your cheeks and that feeling of humidity in your throat. You missed running too. You didn’t know why you were in such a hurry, there was no evidence that Toshinori was in danger. But you didn’t remember running that fast in your life before. It felt good to feel your muscles working hard again, the air rushing inside your throat -almost burning your lungs- then rushing back out of your mouth. You had walked these streets countless times before, but you never felt the excitement that was possessing you at this instant. You felt like a wild wolf in a field of poppies, running only for the sake of it. It was liberating, overwhelming! -And yet so scary-

Maybe you ran to get faster to him because you missed him too, because even though he disappointed you, you still loved him with all your heart. And maybe you ran because you fled that feeling of terror -your illness- that might catch you if you ever stopped running. Because you were outside, finally. And you didn’t regret any second of your decision.

You finally reached the street then the building which you were looking for. You looked twice at the paper to be sure that it was the right address. You had left several messages on your way but he still had not answered. You were getting really anxious. What if Izuku was right? What if he really was in a bad state?

You got inside the building and took the stairs. That was funny, many people had wondered what could look like All Might’s house. Some people said that he lived in a castle far away, some said that he lived in one of the highest and most expensive building or on the contrary, in some kind of bat-cave. But from what you could see, he lived in a simple yet comfortable apartment that any normal person could have and somehow, you felt that it couldn’t have been something else. Toshinori was inside a simple man.

You walked in the corridor leading to his door, panting and trying to catch your breath. You had not run like that for a long time and you had lost your endurance. You glanced at the golden plates, searching for the right one.

“Toshinori Yagi, Toshinori Yagi…” you muttered as you read, your eyes searching for his name. You were scared that you had the wrong vision, that this place wasn’t the one you were looking for. But when you reached the last door, at the end of the corridor, your heart jumped inside your chest when you read what you were looking for: Toshinori Yagi.

For once in your life, you thanked your quirk. You had found him.

You took a deep breath then knocked a few times. You waited, your heart pounding against your chest. You couldn’t hear anything, was he really home? Your vision showed you the place where he was supposed to be, but maybe it only showed you where he lived and he wasn’t actually home. After a minute, you knocked again, this time harder.

“Please be home…Please be home…” you whispered to yourself as you knocked a third time.

But no one came. You stared at the door, expecting it to open all of a sudden. But nothing.

Was it all? You were left here, with nowhere else to go to find him. You were so confident to find him here and now it turned out that he wasn’t. Your earlier excitement fainted, to be replaced by a deep feeling of despair. A ball formed inside your throat and you felt tears of bitterness picking at the corner of your eyes. It was unfair. You didn’t want to stop now, but what could you do? You stood alone in this empty corridor, lost and desperate. You could only feel the pain in your arm and the pain in your heart. You pressed your forehead against the door and shut your eyes tightly.

“Toshi, please.” You muttered, your voice almost a breath. You pressed your palms against the door as well and you added even lower: “Please don’t leave me.

Silence swallowed you and you stayed there, motionless. And then you heard it, the mechanic and tingling sound of a lock unlocking. You shuddered and stepped back.

The door opened.

Chapter Text

You were ready to fall on Toshinori, Hence you were really surprised when you saw -well Toshinori- him in his All Might form. He opened the door and you noticed that something was different. His hair was messy and falling a bit in his eyes, he had facial hair that had started growing on his jaw and his eyes were circled as if he had not slept in days. He was also wearing a simple shirt and boxers, completing his look of a man who had just woken up.

His eyebrows were knitted together in a puzzled expression and he was staring at you with haggard eyes as if he was trying to understand what was happening.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” He croaked, his voice hoarse and uncertain as he opened the door wider.

A feeling of pure relief flowed through your whole body and you couldn’t repress a blissful smile to come upon your lips. He was here! You could hear your heart chanting with happiness as you stood there, forgetting everything surrounding you.

“All Might!” You exclaimed as you rushed towards him to wrap your arms around his chest. He shuddered out of surprise and hesitantly put his arms around you as well. He seemed pretty confused but when he saw you tightening your grip and shutting your eyes, he slowly relaxed and hugged you back. You heard him taking a deep breath then letting out a satisfied sigh as if he had been craving for your touch. It felt good…It felt so amazingly soft and needed and you thought that you were going to cry just out of satisfaction. Everything was back, everything you were desperate for: his touch, his warmth, the sound of his heartbeats, his smell. Him. You felt whole once again, and for a split moment, you forgot everything that happened.

You both stood there on his doorstep, not moving an inch as your hug got more and more comfortable. You were so relieved to have him back, even more than you could admit. You hummed quietly, enjoying the moment at its fullest.

Toshinori removed his arms to cup your face and raised your head to stare into your eyes.

“What are you doing here?” He repeated in a whisper, his voice bearing a hint of relief and confusion. Up close like that, you could see how tired he looked. You noticed his features sharply drawn out, as if he had been emptied of his strength. It was like he had aged of ten years in the space of a few days. You felt a twinge as you stared at him. What happened over the past three days?

You suddenly remembered that he had been avoiding your calls and your messages. You felt the frustration and pain from earlier and it made you angry.

“I was so fucking worried, why were you ignoring my calls?” You shouted as you tried to punch him. He effortlessly avoided it and trapped your fist inside his palm.

“I don’t see what you’re talking about.” He answered as he dodged a second punch and grabbed it in the same way.

“I’ve left at least a dozen of messages! You have not be seen in days and even your disciple came to see me because he was worried! I was worried!”

He winced and rubbed his forehead as if he was feeling the beginning of a headache.

“Wait, Izuku? Messages? And…Wait. You’re outside? I am quite confused. I was sleeping, I didn’t notice anything.”

You stopped shouting in an instant and blinked. Sleeping? You squinted your eyes and felt like someone just hit you with a pan. You thought that he was dying or something, you made the most dramatic scene and all of this happened because…He was actually sleeping? Your jaw dropped. You felt a bit dumb.

“You were sleeping. Right.” You muttered as you mentally hit your forehead, “But what have you been doing since…Since last time? I’ve learnt that you disappeared.”

All Might looked away in an embarrassed gesture and sighed deeply.

“Come in.” He said as he stepped back to let you enter. His voice was serious.

You stepped forward and just when he was going to close the door, you turned around to face him.

“Toshi, If we are going to talk…” You cupped his jaw with your left hand and looked straight into his eyes, “I want to see you. The real you.”

At first his mouth opened in a surprised expression but he soon closed it and stared at you, his face bearing an expression you couldn’t decipher. You felt his skin getting warmer under your palm and saw steam leaving his body. Smoke exploded around him and you could feel his muscles melting under your fingertips, and his bones getting sharper. A few seconds later, he was the Toshinori that you knew, looking at you in a sad and ashamed way. You knew that he had transformed himself into All Might just before opening the door. There was no other reason for him to do it outside his hero work. He probably still didn’t like you seeing him like this, and it was heartbreaking. But you were going to talk about this too.

It was warm inside and you removed your coat as well as your shoes. It was dark too, there was no light on and he had closed all the curtains, preventing natural light to come in. Otherwise, his apartment was normal, nothing extravagant, just what he needed to live comfortably. There were a few All Might items in a corner -probably given by fans- and his old costumes folded and displayed in some kind of small vitrine just next to his couch.

You noticed an unopened bottle of whisky on the table and frowned. You had a strange feeling when you looked at it.

“I thought you didn’t drink.”

Toshinori followed you and scratched the back of his neck.

“I don’t.”

“Then why is it here?”

He sighed and sat on the couch. He looked exhausted. He pinched the bridge of his nose then rubbed his eyelids.

“I-I don’t even know. Maybe I thought that could help.”

You felt your heart sinking inside your chest. Was he feeling so bad that at some point, he thought alcohol was a way out? You sat next to him but he didn’t look at you. You tried reaching for his face but he avoided your hand. Was it too painful for him? Did he think that he didn’t deserve it or was he angry against you?

“Help you for what?” You asked as you searched for his gaze.

He shrugged.

“That feeling.” He simply said as he pressed his palm against his chest. He spelled it as if it was some kind of incurable disease, something which was a part of him and yet, which made him suffered.

The worst was that you exactly knew what it was because you felt it too. That burning feeling, that suffocating sensation as if your thorax was crushed by a thousand of rocks. You felt it when he was away, when words couldn’t describe it anymore. Just like him, even though you had found him, you still felt it deep inside your chest.

“When you said you wanted to stop seeing each other for a time, I thought that was fair. I’ve made a mistake and I was well aware that I hurt you. But still…” He crossed his fingers and rested his elbows on his knees, “I was ashamed to admit that I couldn’t bear this decision. “

“In my hero work, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I’ve made difficult choices and went through painful situations, but nothing compared to this. It was like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and I couldn’t fill the hole that was left.” He looked away as he spoke as if he couldn’t bear your judgment, “It was driving me crazy because I desperately wanted to see you but I knew I had to respect your decision and I didn’t have the strength to face you again after…after what I did.”

He stopped talking and pursed his lips as if he was afraid that he had said too much. He probably didn’t talk a lot about his inner feelings. He shook his head as if he suddenly regretted his words.

“I don’t even know what I did these last few days. I wanted to be alone for a time so I stayed here. I’ve been sleeping most of the time -I think- but I don’t feel well rested. I was like living inside a nightmare.”

You wanted to ask him why he didn’t call you but you already knew the answer. He felt too guilty for it. And so were you now. You both had been suffering from your broken heart and both had been living it differently. Toshinori felt it like losing his grip on reality, and you, as if you had lost every single one of your emotions. But in the end, both of you couldn’t handle the pain.

And you felt bad because you had been thinking for a long time that you were the only one to feel that way. Because you weren’t special, because you thought you were less than him, such powerful feelings couldn’t be reciprocate. But if loving someone hurt so much, if loving someone made you want to be nowhere else than by their side, such love couldn’t be any less than true.

He still couldn’t look at you, his face hidden by his two locks of hair. You reached for his face once again and gently turned his head towards you. His gaze slowly rose and you were pierced by the intense guilt emanating from it.

“Toshi…I’m sorry I did this to you. I was lost, I felt betrayed…” His gaze saddened but you continued, “I just couldn’t stand acting like nothing happened. That’s why I decided to do this. But I realize now that maybe, the right solution would have been to talk about it. Together. I should have listened to what you had to say because in the end…You suffered from it too.”

“It’s not just that. I feel like this situation could have been avoided. I knew that you were going to be hurt in the end and yet…I chose to keep lying. To you and to myself.” He said as he shook his head in a distressed way. He sighed and grabbed your wrist to remove your hand from his face. His grip was gentle but you still felt a stinging sensation running through your arm and you hissed in pain.

Toshinori immediately let go of your arm and gave you a concerned look.

“What’s wrong?”

You rolled up your sleeve and noticed that a big bruise was forming under your arm. You winced in pain and his eyes widened.

“What happened?” He asked as he took a closer look at your arm.

“I used my quirk to find you. I jumped from my stairs so I could have a vision and accidentally hit my arm. It’s nothing, don’t worry.” You explained as you covered your bruise with your sleeve.

Despite what you said, his eyebrows knitted together in a concerned expression and his gaze became cold as ice.

“You used your quirk…Even though you hate it. You got hurt, you went beyond your limits so you could go outside and find me. After everything I did to you…” He muttered, as his hand rose to softly caress your cheek. You pressed your hand against his, your gaze delving into his eyes.

“It’s because I love you, you idiot.” Your voice broke for the last word, “I love you so much, it hurts, it hurts so bad! But I would not wish to suffer from anything else.” You smiled.

You pressed your forehead against his and he bit his lips as he shut his eyes tightly. You did the same.

“I wanted to make you happy…” He murmured and you tangled your fingers with his.

“You did. You did it so well. But a relationship is not made to be perfect. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you argue and yes, sometimes it hurts. But what’s important is that you can forgive. And I forgive you, I forgive you, do you hear me?” You said still with your eyes closed and pressing your forehead harder against his. Your heart was beating fast as always when you were near him.

You felt him nodding slightly against you.

“And you, do you forgive me?” You asked in a breath. Because that was important too. You needed to be both in phase in order to love each other fully.

He chuckled softly as if he thought you weren’t serious or as if the sudden question surprised him.

“Yes, I do.”

You smiled fondly then slowly reached for his lips. The contact made him shivered and he didn’t answer right away. But you pressed your mouth against his -insistent and beseeching- and soon he opened his lips and you felt your soul chanting. This kiss was different from all the other ones you had with him -and you were not talking about his facial hair. It wasn’t chaste, it wasn’t deep -and even though it was tender- it wasn’t kind. You could feel the need and relief with this kiss, and could taste some kind of bitterness as well as if it was your own. It was desperate, it was sad, and the darkness and sticky heat of the room made it deeply intimate.

Your mouths played together, opening then closing in a rhythmic and relaxed way, similar to the monotonous languor of the waves on a beach of fine, golden sand. Tension blended between the two of you, without disappearing completely. Each time your lips met, you felt these sparks spreading along your cheeks and jaw, running in your fingers and tickling the tip of your tongue. It felt like finally eating when you had been starving for days, drinking when your body was desiccated and as dry as dust.

You listened to the slick and wet sound of your lips clicking as they separated then met again. You opened your eyes slightly and saw his focused and somewhat pained expression, as if he had been waiting for this but couldn’t totally give in. But what was he holding up? What thought prevented him to feel good in your presence?

You broke the kiss and you heard him make a muted noise at the loss of contact.

“Toshi...” You croaked as your breath melded with his, “Toshi.” You repeated in a louder tone.

“What is it?” He breathed, canting his head to kiss you again. You felt that now he had tasted you, he wanted more. Your lips brushed together and you hummed quietly.

“Make love to me.” You whispered, your hand searching for his, your fingers brushing against his knuckles.

It wasn’t just the need for sex, you meant it literally. “Show me that you love me” was hidden behind those words. Because love could be expressed in many ways, but it was in the more intimate moments that the word finally had meaning.

“Now?” He asked softly, a light blush setting on his cheeks.

You nodded quietly and squeezed his hand as an answer. He coughed against his wrist and looked away as he tried to hide his flustered attitude. He stood up, still holding your hand and you did as well. He stared at you and his blue eyes were shining with tenderness in the darkness of the room.

“Fine.” He said and leaded you to his bedroom.

As you walked, none of you said a word, and some kind of light timidity settled as if it was the First time. His hand held you tight and you felt your heart pounding against your ribs. He probably felt your blood pulsing against his palm as well.

You entered his bedroom and he closed the door. As the other rooms of his apartment, it was casual, with a double bed which head’s was pressed against the wall opposed to the door’s. The sheets were of a deep red, crumpled because of his sleepless nights. The faint light of the last rays of sunset was falling on it, giving the room a peaceful and warm atmosphere.

You stepped forward and let go of his hand. Before his eyes, you slowly removed your shirt, pants and socks while turning your back on him. Toshinori held his breath, contemplating your body that he had seen in many secret heated dreams, and watched you climbing on his bed then sitting on it.

He didn’t move -or instead forgot to move- and stared at you in bewilderment. You opened your arms to greet him, your apparent confidence betrayed by the red on your cheek and your heavy breathing.

Toshinori finally joined you on the bed, his eyes staring at you in awe. You laid down and he followed your movement, his right hand getting him steady while his left hand gently brushed the surface of your skin. His two locks of hair fell on your face, tickling your cheekbones. You felt his shaky breath on your neck, his gaze on your skin and his heat wrapping you in a soft embrace. You stared at him and felt your heart knocking against your ribs, your heartbeats echoing throughout your body.

He was beautiful.

He had that singular beauty, not perceptible at first glance, as subtle as the perfect touch of color of a dead leaf on the snow. You reached his face, the tip of your fingers brushing his cheekbones, his jaw, his lips, drawing the features of his face. You lifted your head to catch his lips -sparks spurting along your skin- and he closed his eyes, gasping softly at the contact. You pressed your hands against his chest and felt the reassuring thump-thumping of his heart against your palms. You missed it. You inhaled sharply as he kissed the corner of your mouth, the angle of your jaw, his lips feeling like petals of roses rolling on your skin. You were almost panting, hair raising on your arms, the room filled with sighs of contentment.

You were only kissing, you thought, you were only kissing and it already felt like a garden of interdicts, as if the sky was falling and the earth collapsing. It had only been three days. Three days without the sound of his voice, the touch of his hands, the taste of his lips. Could love be so painful, so urgent, not enough and yet too much at the same time? Could a single person trigger so many emotions with their presence alone? You never believed in fairy tales, but maybe Toshinori wasn’t even part of this reality to begin with. You felt like he was so much more.

You tugged his shirt, in need for flesh and heat. He gently grabbed your hand, stopping you from going any further and brought it to his lips.

“Let me change into All Might for this.” He whispered, kissing your knuckles softly. You saw steam rising in the air and you twitched under him.

“No, please, stay like this.” You said, clutching his arm tightly.

Steam evaporated in the air and he stared at you in confusion. You smiled fondly and slid your hand on the back of his neck. You brought him closer, your foreheads touching.

“I want you Toshi. I want who you think you are. I want this side of you which you tried to hide for so long.” You breathed, your hands sliding on his back to press him against you. You buried your face into the crook of his shoulder and you heard him sigh as he pressed his cheek against yours.

“Are you sure?” You heard him mutter, his voice hesitating between relief and anxiousness.

You hummed positively, smiling against his skin. You had never been so sure in your entire life. You now knew what was missing him to let go. He needed to feel entirely loved, have the sincerity and security of your feelings for him. He had to know that you loved him for who he was and not just the image he gave. You wanted the parts of him he tried to throw away, the parts of him which he was convinced, no one could ever love.

Slowly, he removed his shirt then his boxer. You felt the hardness of his member half erect against your groin and a shiver ran through your whole body. Your hand traced the line of his collarbones, then his ribs and when you got to his scar he hissed quietly.

“Does it hurt now?” You asked, your eyes wandering on the swollen purple skin around the center.

“No. Not when I’m with you.” He replied as he brushed his lips against yours, his tongue tracing the contour of your mouth.

You whimpered softly as his tongue parted you mouth and came in to search yours. He crushed his lips against yours, his hand pulling you closer behind your neck to deepen the kiss. You moaned, the sound of muffled breath and tongues clicking, echoing inside your ears. You felt the weight of his now fully erect member, brushing against your thigh and making your body twitch in need. You glanced at his hips.

The form of his penis was slightly different from his All Might form, thinner and maybe a little more incurved. But the shape and color were still here and you felt the same lust for it.

You kissed him, then slowly slid your hand under his body to curl your fingers around his length. You felt him gasping against you, almost groaning, and his hips jerking up unintentionally.

“(Y/N), what are you…” You started stroking it and he stopped as he tried to suppress a moan.

You felt the blood pumping harder against your fingers as his heartbeats raced, his shaft growing under your palm as you gripped him tighter. Even though the picture seemed nasty, you felt like having a beating heart in your hand. But on the contrary, it didn’t repel you at all. You tilted your wrist and brushed the tip of his cock with your thumb while staring at him. You wanted to catch every glimpse of emotion his face could bear, the ones only you could see.

He whimpered, his eyelids fluttering with the sensation. His hips followed your movements, eking a little more friction out of the touch. His expression was soft but focused, his bottom lips caught between his teeth as he tried to stifle his desperate moans. His shaking hand was brushing against your stomach, indecisive on where to land.

“Aah…Honey, you’re…” He mumbled, unable to finish his words. You felt a tingling sensation growing inside your guts. Seeing him getting lost in his own pleasure when you were the one causing it, made you incredibly aroused. You could feel your own sex pulsing between your legs in excitement as you watched him, and your mouth getting dry.

You sped up the pace of your wrist and heard him moan loudly as he thrust inside your fist subconsciously. He was taking sharp and short whiff of hair, his breathing getting more erratic as you felt him hardening under your fingers. But you were almost out of breath too, bucking your hips completely unconsciously as if you were doing it to yourself, your eyes half closed, your mind focused on your own sensations. It was as if seeing him in this state of excitement, procured you some ghostly sensations of what he was living. Unfortunately, there was nothing to satisfy your own desire and you were left panting in need against him, gripping him tighter as your lust increased.

His lips searched for yours, clumsily knocking your teeth together. The kiss was sloppy and you were not really kissing, mouths just making wet contact as your breaths mingled. He wanted to kiss you but couldn’t actually do it because of the overflow of sensations going on below. You fully opened your mouth and let his tongue wander inside and you moaned softly -almost whining- as your body caught fire. You recognized it, that sensation as if your blood was boiling inside your veins when he kissed you. It was spreading, flaming and you enjoyed each second of it.

Toshinori soon noticed your hips rocking beneath him and pressed his forehead against yours.

“Do I…excite you?” He gasped in a breathless tone. He seemed almost surprised.

You nodded frantically, your expression almost pained from the lack of touch: “Yes…Yes, so much.”

His mouth wandered on the tender skin of your neck and you shivered, feeling his hand sliding along your body, getting lower and lower. He gently bit your shoulder and you felt his hot fingers penetrating you slowly. You gasped and your body arched in delight, finally receiving that contact which had been missing. Your grip around his shaft loosened and you heard him grunt as he thrust a little harder for just a little more friction.

You panted softly, your hand pumping his shaft nonetheless while the other one had its fingers digging into the skin of his back. You could feel him playing inside of you, exploring the right spots, moving his long and thin fingers expertly back and forth. You flushed red and let out a filthy moan when he tilted his fingers and inserted another one inside. Your eyes were closed but you could feel him looking at you.

“God, the things you are doing to me, Honey…” Toshinori groaned as he jerked his hips and moved his fingers relentlessly. You couldn’t agree more with his words, you were thinking exactly the same thing. It was like he knew exactly where to move, as if he could read your expressions like a map.

He brushed his lips against yours and you hummed, slightly opening your eyes.

“Honey, please…Let me inside of you. I-I really need it. Please.” He breathed almost in a pained expression.

Pre-cum was trickling between your fingers and you understood that he wasn’t so far away from having an orgasm. He needed to feel himself inside of you, it was almost vital.

You panted and stared at him before nodding mindlessly. He slowly removed his fingers and you heard yourself breathing a quiet whine at the loss, but it was faraway, distant. He shifted closer and you let go of his cock so he could position himself on top of you. His hand cupped your face and pulled you into another heated kiss, and down below, you felt his cockhead brushing against your entrance. You moaned quietly against his lips when he pushed himself inside of you with one controlled thrust. You shuddered in delight at this sensation of fullness, feeling him twitch inside.

“Take your time…I want this to last.” You whispered next to his ear when you felt him racing the cadence of hips, before kissing his earlobe.

He seemed to hesitate between pursuing his needs and listening to you but in the end, he chuckled softly and slowed down, humming quietly as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry…I have trouble controlling myself when I’m with you.” He breathed as he kissed your cheek and inhaled your perfume.

“I know.”

After that night, he will have multiple nights to go down on you in any way he desire. But that night was special, it was a night for love, a night for reconciling, a night for sharing an intimate moment and enjoying it as much as you could.

You hummed and shivered when his lips traced the curve of your neck, feeling his hot breath on your wet skin. His face was hidden by his blond mane but you distinctly felt the slick and wet texture of his tongue meeting your burning skin. You gasped and gripped a few locks of his hair when you felt it making circles around your nipple. He played with it, sucking then nibbling at the sensitive part that hardened under his lips and you couldn’t help but moan, your toes curling as you jerked your head backward.

“Aah, Toshi…” You gasped, your hand hesitating between pulling him closer and pushing him away. The movements of his tongue were driving you insane and he knew it: you were pretty sure you could feel him smiling against your skin.

“Don’t worry Honey, I’ll take my time.” He purred as he sucked on your second nipple that drew a quiet cry from between your lips. You had no idea that this part of you was so sensitive. Or was it just with him? Everything became extremely erotic when he was the one to do it and you couldn’t remember something like that happening to you before.

Your moans excited him at least as much as his tongue did and you felt him thrusting harder inside of you.

“God, your voice is so…” He grunted as a few drops of sweat fell from his forehead.

You heard him gasp as you tightened around him and he bucked his hips, hitting a sensitive spot inside of you. You arched your back in response to the stimulation as you blurted out a “ah!” half surprised, half moaned. Maybe he noticed the change or maybe he found the good balance too but after this he kept hitting it, leaving you to a panting mess. You couldn’t even say anything anymore, your body dominated by these impulses of pleasure. You could feel your legs going numb and the beginning of an orgasm building itself in your thighs and tickling the bottom of your spine. At this point, your breathing wasn’t sporadic, it was chaotic! You couldn’t think straight -even think at all- and you didn’t know if you wanted it to stop or it to keep on forever.

Toshinori cursed under his breath, moving back and forth inside of you at a rhythmic but eager pace. You could feel him stroking your walls and hitting that spot which sent like electric shocks of delight throughout your whole body. You felt yourself drowning in these waves of pure bliss, a storm of sensations trapping you without mercy. Your heart was knocking hard against your ribs: ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump! Your blood was rushing inside your veins, pulsing under his touch and coloring your face of a delicate red. You felt so hot, your skin burning, this flaming passion consuming you endlessly.

You felt so happy to feel this blossom of emotions again which only him could give you. You were smiling, leaving encouraging kisses on his skin.

What was love?

And then you felt your climax hitting you to the core, galaxies colliding before your eyes as your mind blanked out. Your whole body trembled beneath him, your eyelids fluttering, you toes curling as a throaty moan escaped your lips. Maybe you cried out his name, you weren’t sure, in fact your orgasm had shut down pretty much every single neurons in your brain so you weren’t sure about anything.

You kind of dozed off and then his voice slowly reached you through the fog of your post-orgasmic state, first low as a whisper before you could accurately hear it. You heard your name echoing repetitively and felt something falling then trickling along your cheeks. You slowly opened your eyes and discovered Toshinori bended over you, his face just above yours.

He was smiling, and he was crying.

Tears were dropping on your skin, seeming cold on your burning skin. Those weren’t sad tears though, those were happy tears. You could read it on his face, he was utterly and incredibly glad, elated even, and you couldn’t help but answer with a weak smile. He seemed so relief that it made your heart swell with joy and your smile widened.

You didn’t completely understand the reason behind this reaction. Was it because he made you come in this form? Was it because he was reassured to have you back? Was it simply because you were here with him and it was everything he wanted, everything he wished for?

Probably a bit of all.

He was still thrusting but the hazardous pace of his breathing indicated you that he was close too.

You cupped his face -your hands still shaking with the emotion- and dried his tears with your thumbs. You lifted yourself and dropped a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Toshinori. I love you.” You whispered in a hoarse voice before kissing him again.

He whimpered against your lips and suddenly his body shuddered and you felt something hot and sticky coating your walls. His orgasm finally hit him and he came in a long, broken cry, the tension accumulated evaporating in an instant.

How was love?

He hummed quietly as he nearly collapsed on your chest, unable to control his shuddering body. You felt his chest rising and falling quickly, and his heart knocking hard and fast against you.

You caressed his hair for a moment as both of you tried to get a normal respiration again. After a few minutes, Toshinori grunted and rolled over to lay next to you, wrapping his arms around you. You sighed in content as you pressed your head against his chest, slowly descending back on earth. His thumb was gently stroking your arm and you hummed, enjoying this peaceful moment. Now that your body was getting a normal temperature again, the room seemed cooler and you were happy to be in his arms to share his warmth.

You rose your head and stared at him. You smiled fondly and he smiled back at you in an exhausted but glad expression. It was good. It was maybe the best sex you ever had but most importantly you had felt no boundaries in that moment and you were pretty sure Toshinori felt it too. Just like you asked, he had made love to you, and your heart was chanting.

“(Y/N)…” He croaked, his words trailing off as if he was still trying to understand how words assembled, “You know when I told you about the feeling I felt when I met you?”

You stared at him, trying to read his expression. His eyes were lost, looking far away as a faint smile floated on his lips. Then, slowly he glanced at you and his smile widened.

“I feel it now.” He whispered as he squeezed you tighter against him and closed his eyes.

A tingling and warm sensation nested at the bottom of your stomach and you wondered for a moment if you weren’t going to cry too. You breathed a laugh and nuzzled up against his chest.

“I think I feel it too.” You replied, listening to the sound of his heartbeats slowing down.

Love was not kind, love was not perfect, love was painful but love was you and I

And it was enough.


Chapter Text



You’re falling ! 


You woke up in a cold sweat, your mouth wide opened as if you wanted to scream but no sound could leave your throat. You gasped loudly, thinking for an instant that you couldn’t breath, your heart pounding hard against your ribs. Fear was still fogging your mind and you had trouble remembering where you were until two skinny arms wrapped around you to hold you tight. 

“Hey (Y/N), it’s okay, I’m here.” Toshinori’s soft voice told you and you immediately blinked back to reality. 

He pressed you against him in an attempt to calm you down, and you stopped gasping as you slowly returned to a normal breathing rate. You remembered that you were in his room, in his bed and in his arms. You inhaled deeply and realized that your whole body was tensed up. You sighed and slowly, the tension faded away. 

You hummed quietly and closed your eyes as you left sleepy kisses on his chest. 

“I’m okay. Sorry, I was having a nightmare.” You mumbled as he kissed the top of your head. 

“What was it about?” He asked. 

“I...” You shut your mouth and tried to remember your dream. But even though you tried your hardest, you couldn’t remember a single thing. It was as if it had entirely vanished from your memory, “I forgot.” You ended up saying in a confused tone. 

Toshinori stared at you for second but didn’t say anything. He was probably wondering if you were lying to hide it or if you truly couldn’t remember anything. 

However, you were telling no lie. You truly couldn’t remember a single thing. It was as if you were trying to remember the memories of someone else. You only felt a bit dizzy. 

“Did I wake you up?” You asked and yawned as you pulled the red blanket over your shoulders. It was a bit chilly in the room. 

Toshinori shook his head and grabbed the phone he had tossed on the blanket just before your brutal awakening and sat up. 

“I was awake half an hour before you. I was answering all the messages I got in the past three days. And there are a lot.” He explained as he glanced at the screen with a stark expression, “I was also listening to the messages you left on my voicemail.” He added. 

That was right. He was reported missing for the past three days, a lot of people must have been worried. You almost forgot about your messages. You were desperate when you left them and when you finally found him, everything erased from your memory. You didn’t even remember what you said back then. 

“There is only one left.” Toshi said as he pressed the button to hear it. 

At first you only heard the wind blowing and some kind of distant panting and you realized that you were probably holding the phone while running. You heard yourself gasp, tripping on something before starting to run again. You could hear the sound of your steps hitting the road. 

Toshinori...I swear to God...” Your voice was strained, interrupted by your panting and slightly annoyed, “Answer your phone, I’m begging you.” You heard your voice breaking for the last part. Then there was the sound of the wind again and you were pretty sure you heard yourself sniffling. 

You glanced at Toshi but his gaze was focused on the phone and also somehow faraway. When you talked again, your voice was shaking. 

...I- I can’t live without you. I-I care so much about you, I always did. It doesn’t matter what you look like, I just want you by my side, I just want us to be together!” You gasped again, exhausted from talking while running but when you heard your voice again, you could feel determination in it, “Don’t do anything stupid, please. I’m coming, I’ll be here soon.” 

Your steps echoed in the phone and you barely heard the last words. 

I love you.” 

You heard the automatic voice of the voicemail indicating the end of the message then Toshinori turned off his phone. You remembered clearly the scene now but had no idea how dramatic it sounded. You blushed a little and glanced at him. He wasn’t saying anything and his expression was blank as he slowly put his phone on the bedside table. You wondered if he was angry. 

“Better late than never, right?” You tried to joke to fill this awkward silence as you sat up as well. 

You were seriously wondering if it had disturbed him in one way or another, when he cupped your face and softly pressed his lips against yours. You hummed in surprise but quickly melted under his touch. You felt those sparks spurting at the surface of your lips and your brain shut down, numbing itself into the kiss. 

Toshinori gently broke the kiss and stared at you in a fond expression, his face two inches away from yours. You had never seen such a loving expression in someone else’s eyes. They were literally glittering with happiness and his keen smile sent butterflies fluttering in your stomach. 

“You don’t even know how glad I am to have you.” He whispered while stroking your cheek with his thumb slowly. His words were said with such love and endearment that you could almost feel tears picking at the corner of your eyes. 

You grabbed his wrists and smiled. 

“Maybe I have a hint of what it might be like.” You muttered as you closed your eyes and canted your head into his palm. 

You felt his lips brushing against your jaw and your cheek, and you shivered in delight. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to worry you.” He whispered as he left sloppy kisses on your neck and you moaned quietly, “I’ll do anything to be forgiven.” He added in a more husky tone and you could spot a hint of lust in his words. 

“Anything?” You repeated. He raised his head and his blue eyes were shining with a malicious and lustful light. 


You stared back into his eyes and grinned. 

“In this case, could you shave? Your beard tickles.” You chuckled and pecked his lips when his jaw dropped in surprise. 

He seemed pretty confused for a moment then blushed heavily, realizing that his thoughts were far  from what you said. But you would be lying if you said that the same thoughts didn’t cross your mind.  

Toshinori rubbed his jaw and noticed that he was, in fact, starting to have a lot of facial hair. 

“I must look quite neglectful.” He sighed and smiled as he pressed you against his chest. 

“Don’t worry you look hot.” You giggled as you kissed the corner of his lips, “But I must admit that I would rather have you without it.” 

“Alright, alright, I’ll shave.” He ended up chuckling, “But only if you accompany me to the bathroom.” 

“Word.” You replied and both of you kissed again as the sun rose through the window. 

It was a good way to start this morning. 




Both of you put on your underwear then went to the bathroom. You teased him a little about his beard and asked for a toothbrush. He gave you one, as well as a tube of toothpaste. 

Toshinori applied the shaving cream on his face and you started brushing your teeth, both of you looking in the mirror. You looked like a married couple like this. It was a scene incredibly normal and yet you couldn’t help but feel excited. You had a few mornings with him but never one that felt that comfortable. There was nothing hanging like the sword of Damocles above your heads, no untold things or lies. It was so simple yet so perfect. 

Toshinori was humming a song while pulling his skin to shave more easily and when your eyes met in the mirror, he smiled and you smiled back. There was a peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom and you liked it. 

“So, Honey...” Toshinori suddenly said while removing the cream from his razor with the water in the sink, “What do you want to do today?” 

You stared at him in confusion while holding your toothbrush, your mouth covered in toothpaste. 

“Wha’ ‘o ‘ou ‘ean?” You replied as you tried to not spit out the foam of toothpaste in your mouth. 

“It’s been a long time since you went outside, right?” He grinned and shaved the last bit of hair just under his nose, “I thought that perhaps you wished to do something special.” 

He washed his face and rubbed it to see if he had shaved everything, then emptied the sink. You stared at him through the mirror thoughtfully. What you wanted to do? You never really thought about it. You were all about leaving your house but never reflected about the first thing you would do after. You were already so glad to be with him, there wasn’t much left that could make you happy. 

“I have no idea.” You sighed as you spat out the toothpaste in the sink, “I never really thought about it.” 

“Is that so?” He said while staring at you as you washed your mouth. 

“I had other things in mind.” You grinned and looked at him sideways.  

Toshinori slid his hands on each side of your body then grabbed the edges of the sink so you would be trapped between the sink and his own body. You turned around to face him and felt your heart beating a little faster. His expression was soft, his gaze wandering on your face. His jaw was still wet and you could see a few drops of water falling on your chest. He was so close that you could smell the smell of shaving cream on him. 

“I could take you to the cinema.” He whispered and you noticed his eyes wandering on your lips, “Or maybe we could go to the rink, maybe to the restaurant...” 

He leaned forward and you stopped breathing. Your heart was now pounding inside your chest and you could feel your cheeks getting hotter. He was well aware of the emotions that bloomed inside of you each time he was close to you. He knew how to make you melt, how to turn your brain into jelly. 

He lifted your chin with his hand and stroked your bottom lip with his thumb. You opened your mouth unwillingly, gasping slightly when you felt him pressing his pelvis against you. A warm and tingling sensation settled at the bottom of your stomach. 

“What would you like to do, Honey? Just tell me.” He said beguilingly while playing with your lip, sometimes inserting his thumb inside your mouth. 

You knew that he wasn’t the seductive kind but when he was with you, he unleashed that part of him which wanted to seduce, which wanted to please you and make you desire him. He had this insatiable hunger shining in the back of his eyes which made butterflies flutter inside your guts.  

“Damn you Toshi, you know I -aah- can’t think straight like that.” You sputtered, looking at him with fake anger but real helplessness. 

He chuckled softly. 

“Okay, I’ll stop now.” He said slyly, “But before...” 

He pulled your bottom lip with his thumb and pressed his lips against yours before sliding his tongue inside your mouth. You moaned quietly and your eyelids fluttered as you felt the slick and wet texture of his tongue wandering inside your mouth. You could fully smell the shaving cream on him which gave something new to his kiss. His lips were soft and you almost lost yourself in the sensation of pure bliss which bloomed inside of you. Your thoughts were akin to bubbles, popping in the heat of a bath by the seconds. 

He was the only one who could make you lose your mind, numb your brain, and you loved it. 

Toshinori broke the kiss and you heard yourself letting out a quiet whine at the loss. He licked your upper lips before grinning like a handsome devil -which he was!-  

“There. You had toothpaste on your mouth.” He said cheerfully as if he had just accomplished a fundamental task. He was literally gloating and you scoffed because of the silly reason he found to kiss you. God, you loved him. You were deeply and utterly under his spell, which you knew no witch could ever break: a powerful Love spell. 

He still had not released you and because of the proximity, your heart didn’t want to stop pounding. You ended up wiggling against him to make him understand that you wanted to be set free. 

“I think I have an idea about what we could do.” You said as you played with one of his two locks of hair. 

“And what would it be?” He asked with genuine interest, finally getting a little more serious. 

You kept on playing with his hair, twiddling it between your fingers as dust pink settled on your cheeks. Toshinori stared at you with curiosity, waiting for an answer. 

“...I want to stroll at the park and maybe, I don’t know, have a cup of tea while we do it. That would be nice I think.” You said shyly. 

“Stroll at the park and have a cup of tea?” He repeated in a confused voice. Perhaps he expected that you asked him to fly you to the moon and beyond or something as magical. But you were sure of your choice, that’s exactly what you wanted to do, “Are you sure? I don’t want to seem rude but we were already doing this when you were in your house.”  

You looked down for a second before rising a determined gaze on him. 

“Maybe. But this time I want to do it outside.” You said dreamily, “I don’t want to change what we already have. I want to keep it that way.” 

Toshinori still looked surprised for an instant but his eyes softened. 

“Okay. If that’s what you desire.” He smiled. He looked incredibly happy at this moment. 




It was sunny outside but the weather was still cold, even the sunrays couldn’t warm you up. Toshinori held your hand as both of you walked along the streets, a soft smile on his lips. He seemed really glad to be here with you and you weren’t complaining either. You enjoyed feeling the warmth of his hand, protecting you from the cold bite of winter and also giving you reassurance. 

You had walked these streets several times before your incident and yet, it felt like it was the first time. You couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. It was the middle of the afternoon and it was crowded, you felt a bit oppressed. You now fully realized that you were outside and you had a little voice in the back of your mind telling you that it might start all over again. You could snap at any moment, fear taking over your body, unable to do anything.  

“Are you feeling alright?” Toshinori asked and you shuddered, realizing that you had not said anything since you two left his apartment. 

“I might be a little anxious.” You admitted. 

He squeezed your hand a little tighter which made you look at him. 

“It’s okay now, why?” He pointed himself with his thumb, “Because I am here.” 

He seemed so proud of his answer and looked like he had been waiting to say his favourite catchphrase for a long time. Even how silly his reply seemed, it was true nonetheless. Yes, you had nothing to fear anymore. 

For he was here. 

You nodded and squeezed his hand as an answer. You walked a bit further before reaching the park. There were less people now and you could breath more easily. 

“Hey, look!” Toshinori said, jerking his head towards a little shop at the entry of the park, selling hot beverages and pancakes, “Let’s have some tea.” 

You ordered a red fruits tea and Toshinori a green tea. He insisted to pay but you did it before he could do anything. 

“You don’t have to do it.” He sighed but smiled anyway. 

“But I want to.” You replied and gave him a malicious grin. 

In a way it was to thank him for the groceries he gave you. It wasn’t much but you wanted to show him that you weren’t dependant of others anymore. 

He took the two cups of tea which the seller was handing him when his gaze suddenly froze. 

“Do you hear this?” He said, his expression changing for a concerned one. He quickly turned around and stared at the building behind you. 

You followed his gaze, wondering what could be happening, but despite all your efforts, you couldn’t hear anything apart from the rumbling of the cars and the sound of people chatting. But the intensity of his gaze was starting to frighten you. 

“Toshi, I can’t hear any- “ 

The sound of an explosion echoed in town, cutting you in mid-sentence. You gasped and even though you were both far from the site of the explosion, Toshinori instinctively placed himself in front of you to protect you. Smoke was now rising somewhere behind the buildings and you could hear people screaming in the distance. 

“The bank is under attack. I have to help them.” He muttered, his eyes stuck on the smoke rising in the air. That was his hero side talking, it was almost a reflex. 

He stepped forward but immediately stopped. He stared at the cups he was holding before glancing at you sideways. You could see in his eyes that he didn’t know if he should leave you here or save the people that might be in danger. He was the one who wanted to do something special and he was also probably thinking that it wasn’t safe to leave you alone. 

He stared at you helplessly, unable to make a choice. 

“(Y/N), I – “ 

Before he could say anything, you took the two cups of tea from his hands. 

“Go save them, they need you.” You said encouragingly, “They need All Might.” You added. 

His eyebrows knitted together in a dismayed expression. 

“But we were here for you...” 

“"...And I’ll be fine. Don’t worry I’ll keep your cup warm for you.” You smiled heartedly. 

You knew that he needed to do his hero work. It was part of him, something he couldn’t quite control. He was the number one hero and it wasn’t for nothing, therefore as the person he loved, you had to show your support. 

He sighed and stared at you with a thankful expression. Both of you were now alone near the park since everyone had run to see what was going on. Even the seller had moved his cart in fear to be attacked too. Toshinori looked around and the second after, smoke exploded around him and All Might appeared, smiling in all his splendour. 

He still had Toshinori’s clothes but somehow you still had trouble realizing it was him. You spent so much time thinking that they were two different people that your brain couldn’t quite process it yet. You stared at him in awe as he removed his scarf and wrapped it around your neck. 

“I’ll be back soon.” He said in that deep and trustworthy voice that made you shivered despite the warmth emanating from his body. 

Then he bowed to leave a soft and chaste kiss on your lips. You hummed quietly and his smile widened. 

In the blink of an eye, he had jumped into the air, his booming laughter echoing in the distance. You watched him jumping from buildings to buildings with some kind of hidden pride. He finally found the strength to get back to his hero work after three days of pure hell. There was no doubt that you were the reason why. 

You couldn’t help but feel a little envious. It seemed so easy for him to get back to work. You wondered if you were able to do the same. 

Your thoughts wandered on your work and the routine you used to have. You had to admit that you missed it. You missed being busy, being useful and making your brain work. Maybe now was time to get back to all of this? You stared at the building where All Might had disappeared. Now that he was here, you weren’t alone anymore. You could get through everything by his side, you knew it. 

A few minutes passed. You didn’t hear anything anymore apart from the police’s sirens echoing in the distance. Since he wasn’t coming back, you decided to check it out. Streets were empty, maybe because of the explosion but probably because they ran to see what was happening. And when you arrived at the bank and saw this monstrous human sea agglutinated in front of the building -despite the police trying to set a distance of security-, you realized that the second option was the right one. 

There was some kind of concerned murmur going through the crowd as each person was looking for the slightest movement. The front door was wide open and smoke was going out. You tip-toed to catch a glimpse of Toshinori but it was obvious that he was inside and therefore out of sight. You feared for a second that something might have happened to him. 

Suddenly you heard screams and saw two hooded men literally thrown out of the building. The crowd screamed as well and moved back. But the two men fell roughly on the ground, completely knocked out. The police rushed towards them and scurried to cuff them. The moment after, All Might walked out of the building, bursting into a booming laughter. 

“Have no fear citizens! All Might is here!” He exclaimed and the whole crowd cheered for him. You sighed in relief and noticed that even the policemen seemed to be relieved. After his disappearance, people were probably happy to see him back. 

People started  rushing towards him, in need to see him closer, journalists joining them on their way. You had to move over so you wouldn’t be crushed by that wave of human skin. 

“All Might is back!” You heard someone scream in the distance, “Did you see this? He stopped the robbers!” Another one said. 

Dazed by the noise and movement around you, you stepped back, holding your two cups of tea near your chest so you would not drop them. That was what he lived every day? That was awful! You could see him smiling bright at the crowd, waving at them in a confident way. The journalists had made their way through the crowd and were pointing their mics at him, almost shoving it inside his mouth. 

“All Might, could you tell us where were you for the past three days?” One with a red mic asked, “All Might, All Might! Was a villain responsible for your disappearance?” Another one added. 

They were elbowing each others, trying to get the smallest word from the pro hero. He was looking helplessly around, not really knowing what to do and politely asking them to move back. 

You watched him smiling despite the fuss around him and realized that both of you were definitely not from the same world. He was bathing in fame and recognition meanwhile you stayed in the shadows and lived a normal life. You weren’t complaining though, fame wasn’t something you were looking for, but it was definitely the opposite life of your own. 

People kept flocking towards him, like planets gravitating around a star and you felt like the asteroid unsure on were to land. He didn’t notice that you were here and you didn’t dare calling for him. Maybe you were afraid that he didn’t answer or ignored you. But that was okay, you just had to wait, right? You stared at your two cups of tea. They were getting cold. 

While you stood in your corner, All Might tried to politely ask the journalists to leave him alone, unfortunately they didn’t seem to hear his request, focused on scoops he could give. He looked around, desperate to find something that could help him escape. He imagined you waiting alone near the park and it made his heart sank. 

“I said I was coming back soon...” He thought as he tried to hide his expression of distress with a smile. 

That was when his gaze flew over the crowd that he noticed you, waiting in a corner. You were looking at the cups which you were holding with some kind of slight dismay. 

Suddenly he didn’t see the crowd anymore, there was only you with that scarf too big for you and your two cups. Now was not the time to play the pro hero he thought. It was your day, your first day in a way. You knew how much his work mattered to him and even though this day was supposed to be only you and him, you agreed to let him go. And here he was blustering around, meanwhile you were waiting for him, alone. 

“I’m an idiot.” He said with a smile. 

He stood upright, looking in your direction. 

“Someone here is in distress!” He exclaimed, taking his best hero voice. 

The whole crowd followed his gaze and when you felt the movement you stared at All Might then turned around to see what was he looking at. 

Who is in distress?” You thought as you frowned, trying to understand what was happening. There was no one behind you. 

You saw a giant shadow laying on you and when you turned around again to see what it was, you gasped, All Might standing two inches next to you. 

“Toshinori? What are y- “ 

Cutting you in your sentence, he grabbed your legs and held your back. 

“Do you trust me?” He said with an enigmatic smile. The journalists who were already recovering from their surprise, were coming towards you. 

“I do.” You replied immediately despite not knowing his intentions.  

But when you saw him flexing his legs, keeping his back straight and looking above, a shiver ran down your spine. Uh-Oh. 

“Toshi, I swear to God if yo- Aaah!!” 

A terrified shriek left your mouth -cutting once again what you were saying- when All Might jumped into the air, leaving the army of journalists behind in a cloud of dust. You held tight to his neck as you saw the top of the buildings getting awfully closer, wind mercilessly smacking your face. Your breath got stuck into your throat and you almost chocked on your own saliva. 

You could barely imagine the phenomenal strength that dwelt inside his legs to make such a jump. 

You could now see the whole town and when you looked down, your jaw dropped. You were so high! In a second he had reached the top of the buildings and you could almost touch the antennas. You felt safe because you were in his arms but you could feel your stomach backing up into your throat. 

“Are you alright?” All Might asked loudly enough for you to hear it, “I’m sorry, it was the only way I found to get us out of here!” 

You stared at him then stared at the ground -very, very, far from your feet for your liking- before finding the strength to talk. 

“I-It’s okay, I trust you. I was just surprised.” You said as you held him a little tighter when he jumped on a building to keep his flight going. 

“Now, shall we have this tea?” He grinned and you answered with a crooked smile. 

“If I don’t drop it by then.” You joked, feeling a bit better when you saw how relaxed he looked. He probably did this often, there was nothing to be worried about. 

You were still afraid of heights but in his arms, it was different. You told him before about it and that was probably why he did it anyway. You could feel him holding you tight so you wouldn’t feel insecure. You ended up relaxing a little and enjoyed the view. A thin blanket of snow was resting on each roof, the sun making it look like diamonds. It was beautiful. The last time you saw the town like this was when you were on top of the building, a gun pointed on your forehead. But now that you thought about it, it didn’t feel like a bad memory. Maybe more like a bitter aftertaste. Because after all, you met Toshinori thanks to this event. 

In fact, you were pretty sure that even after everything you went through, after everything you endured, you could go through it again if it meant living all those happy memories again with the man you loved. 

A faint smile came upon your lips as you remembered what happened for the past few weeks, and you turned your gaze towards him. 

“Toshi...I think I’m going to get back to work. I think...I’m able to now.” You said, leaning your head on his shoulder and staring at the horizon. 

He bounced on a building, propelling himself into the air once again, before staring at you. 

“That is really good news!” He exclaimed enthusiastically, his smile widening. 

You nodded in agreement. 

“Yes. I think I’m finally ready.” You said softly, “Thanks to you.”  

You smiled and saw him flushing red. 

“Y-You did it all by yourself, I didn’t do anything!” 

You chuckled at how embarrassed he looked. For a grown man, he was very sensitive to compliments. 

“Maybe. But you were here with me all along the way and that’s why...I’d like that you stay with me when I’ll do it.” You said as you stared deep into his eyes. 

All Might seemed surprised for a second, as if it didn't occur to him that he was that important. But you truly needed him. He was your strength, your light in the shadows, the person you could count on the most and you couldn't thank him enough for that. So yes, you wanted him to be with you the day you'll get back to your normal life because it's the way it was supposed to be.

You didn't know if he saw all of that in your eyes but his expression softened, pride and love glowing in his eyes.

“Honey...I thought you knew it by now.” He said with a soft smile that sent butterflies to your stomach, “I’ll never leave you.” 

Chapter Text

« Come on Toshi…Not now… » You lazily whimpered as he left heated kisses on your back. You tried to get up but Toshinori gently grabbed your wrists and stopped you in your movement.

You felt his hot breath on your naked back, his two locks of hair tickling your shoulders. You shivered slightly when you felt his parted lips tracing the line of your spine and his thumb slowly stroking your wrists. You knew he had no intention to let you go.

“It’s my first day. I don’t want to be late.” You tried one last time but your voice didn’t sound very convincing. You could feel him now kissing your neck, sucking and nibbling your skin like a dog playing with his bone.

“It’s still early.” He said in his morning hoarse voice, “We still have plenty of time.”

He let go of your wrists to wrap his arms around your stomach before resting his head in the crook of your shoulder. You hummed quietly and wrapped your arms around his as well.

Even though it was a pretext to keep you near him, he was right. The sun had still not risen and it was pitch black outside except at the horizon, where you could see orangey pink lights glowing like the faraway lights of a fire. You stared at it from your bed, wrapped in the warmth of your boyfriend. You could feel his chest rising with each of his breathing, the slight caress of his fingers on your skin, his lips pressed against your neck and filling you with sweet love.

You closed your eyes for a moment and sank into that feeling of pure bliss. You felt like the happiest person on earth right now.

You were interrupted in your daydreaming by your cat. You turned your head and noticed that she had climbed on the bed and was staring at you both with insistence.

“Someone here is hungry.” Toshinori chuckled in your back.

“She isn’t the only one.” You scoffed when you heard your own stomach making the noise of a dying whale.

You felt him smiling against your skin as he loosened his grip on your belly.

“I’ll make pancakes then.” He said as he stretched his arms above his head.

You rolled over and climbed on top of him, resting your hips on his pelvis. He smirked, his two blue pupils shining in the back of his shadowy orbits. You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his. His right hand came resting on your thigh while the other grabbed your chin to pull you closer. You felt his skin under you getting warmer and air around him started getting thicker. You suddenly felt yourself rising and noticed that he had just transformed himself into All Might -your knees were now barely touching the mattress-

His tongue wandered inside your mouth and you shivered in delight as your hands explored the surface of his chest. His skin was warm, soft and tensed around his muscles. It was so different from Toshinori’s body, where you could feel his bones under your palm. But you liked both of them, they were different -indeed- but you loved them all the same because they belonged to the man you cherished the most.

You felt his hand slowly sliding up your thigh, his fingers wandering under the fabric of your underwear.

“What, again?” You breathed with a smile against his mouth, “Are you never tired?”

He giggled and kissed you once more.

“I am pretty resourceful.” He said in his deep voice that made you vibrate inside each time you heard it.

“Maybe you, but I’m not! We did it three times in a row last night and I’m pretty sure my butt is not ready to forget it.” You said as you pretended to wince in pain.

“Alright, alright, I guess I’ll just make pancakes to make amends for my crime.” He sighed in a falsely dramatic voice.

“Hm-m maybe I’ll think about forgiving you then.” You said as you pecked his mouth.

He burst into a booming laughter and you couldn’t help but go along with him. Then, he gently grabbed your neck to pull you for another heated kiss which was even better than the first one.

While Toshinori was making pancakes in the kitchen, you took a shower and dressed appropriately for your first day. You felt a little anxious about it but nothing really bad, in fact it felt like going to a job interview: it was exciting but scary at the same time.

You stared at yourself in the mirror. These were the clothes you wore when the robber attacked you. It felt odd. You had been avoiding wearing it -and for obvious reasons- but now you felt like you had to wear it, like you couldn’t wear anything else. It felt extremely gratifying somehow. You felt stronger.

“Pancakes are ready!” You heard Toshinori’s voice coming from downstairs.

“ ‘Coming!” You yelled back as you brushed your hair one last time before walking downstairs.

When you arrived at the bottom of the stairs, your foot hit something that rolled on the floor only to hit the wall a bit farther. You frowned and when you walked towards it, you noticed that it was your ring.

“I must have lost it when I hit my arm against the stairs.” You thoughtfully murmured as you subconsciously stroked your arm.

You bowed to catch it then held it before your eyes between your thumb and your index. You turned it between your fingers, playing with the light reflecting on it. Maybe the reason you forgot about it was because you didn’t really need it anymore. You found comfort and security in Toshinori, things which the ring could barely provide. Now that you thought about it, it had helped you through multiple difficult situations, however...This ring was only a dead memory, something that belonged to the past. Now was time to move forward, live your life plenty and enjoy the present. You had a shoulder to lay on, a hand to reach for now. It was time to move on.

You turned the ring one more time between your two fingers when something weird happened.

Bright lights flashed before your eyes and it felt like you were being swallowed by an interstellar void and at the same time, blown by the blast of an explosion. Reality ripped itself apart, colours flashing in front of you in a psychedelic way. And then you saw the sky, bright and cloudless, with buildings surrounding you. You gasped and realized that you were falling! You were falling, and falling and falling and it felt like the fall would never end and that your heart was going to burst out of your chest. You were breathing too much but also felt like you were suffocating and the pain would never stop. And then, and then...

And then it just stopped.

You found yourself back at the bottom of your stairs, eyes wide open staring at something which wasn’t here. You realized you had dropped the ring.

“Pancakes are getting cold, you know.” Toshinori picked out from the kitchen.

You blinked and stared at him with your mouth open like a fish out of its pool.

“D-Did you see that?” You mumbled as you carefully looked around you. You felt dizzy.

“See what?”

He stared at you as if you just said something silly. You realized that you were the only one who saw whatever happened a second before. The thought that it was a vision crossed your mind. But what contradicted it was that: you did not fall. Therefore, it had not been caused by your quirk. But what was it then?

Toshinori was still waiting for your answer and you ended up smiling awkwardly.

“N-Nothing. I thought I saw something but turns out I didn’t.” You lied and walked towards him. He wrapped his arms around you and you did the same, pressing your face against his chest.

“You look pale.” He frowned as he stared at you, “Are you sure everything is alright?”

“Yeah.” You said without looking at him. You looked down, pursed your lips, then added in a lower tone, “Yeah. It’s nothing.”

The human brain was full of surprises, wasn’t it? It was probably some kind of trauma remnants. You could always see a therapist or a neurologist for that. Yeah, it was probably no big deal.

“Let’s eat breakfast.” You said as you let him go and stepped towards the kitchen.

You let the ring on the floor.

Both of you ate the delicious breakfast which Toshinori had lovingly prepared. As always, it was a pure delight and you almost forgot about that incident.


In fact, it happened again when you were in the car with Toshinori.

“I wonder if I forgot anything.” You said as you repetitively tapped the wheel in a stressful way.

“We already talked about this when we left.” Toshinori grunted as he tried to find a comfortable position. The car was too small for him and his knees were almost touching his chest, ”You have your keys, you left food in the cat’s bowl and I packed your lunch in your bag. See? There is nothing to worry about.”

You stopped at a red light and took a deep breath as you gripped the wheel tightly.

“I know...I’m sorry, I can’t help but feel a little anxious.” You muttered and let out a nervous laughter.

“It’s okay. I am here, remember?”

“I know, I know...” You sighed as you glanced at him. He smiled in an encouraging way and you answered with a fond one. He was right. You had nothing to fear.

“...I’ll be at school all day but I will join you for lunch.” He explained as he turned his gaze towards the window and stared at the scenery, “Midoriya will come as well if you are okay with it. He wants to see you, he is really happy that you got better and can now get back to work.”

“Of course I’m okay with it. That’s really sweet of him and I’ll be happy to see him again.”

Izuku was such a sweet boy. He was probably relieved to see his mentor back and in good health.

Toshinori hummed and nodded approvingly without looking at you. Instead, he stared at his phone then turned it off before staring back at the window. His silence told you that there was something else. Maybe something he hesitated to say. You just knew him too well to think that it would be anything else than just a simple silence.

“Is there something else you want to tell me?” You asked as you stopped at another red light and stared at him.

He took a deep breath and scratched the back of his neck.

“Ah, well, I do.” He chuckled softly, embarrassed to be so obvious, “I just didn’t know if you wanted to hear that kind of thing today.”

“That kind of thing” ? What did he mean by that? As if you weren’t stressed enough! At least it didn’t seem bad because his expression had not really changed. But you wondered what he had in mind.

“What is it then?”

“Well, I got news from a friend who is part of the police. About the man who...pushed you off the building.” He said as he gestured to his phone. When he saw you tensing up and your eyes widening in fear, he quickly explained what he meant, “There is nothing alarming don’t worry! He is actually going to jail and will pay for his crimes, I thought that you might want to know this. But you also might wish to forget all about this so I didn’t know if I should tell you.”

You sighed and relaxed when you heard his words. You fixed your gaze on the road and clutched the wheel. He was going to pay for his crimes, these were indeed good news. You had not thought much about the man who yet, made a hell of your life. Why would you anyway? Men like him should not be remembered.

“It’s over now.” Toshinori said and you shuddered. You stared at him and noticed all his feeling which his eyes shared. Love, pride and a hint of relief. His gaze was soft and was waiting for your reaction. You realized that he probably knew this for a long time but didn’t find the right moment to tell you. He cared deeply about you. And you could never thank him enough for that.

You smiled.

“Yes. Thank you.”

You leaned forward to kiss him -he struggled to move his knees but in the end managed to kiss you too-

But the moment your eyes got back on the road...Well the road wasn’t here anymore. Instead, all you saw was a cloudless sky. Panicked, you turned your head to reach for Toshinori but your hand only grasped the wind. It was blowing in your ears, in your hair, almost ripping your clothes apart. The car had disappeared and only remained yourself and the emptiness surrounding you.

“This vision, again?!” You thought, fear taking over your body.

You couldn’t bear it anymore, falling was intolerable. That sensation in your guts, as if your organs were struggling to stay together, those tingling sensations at the tip of your fingers and toes, you hated them all. You didn’t want to fall again, you didn’t want to live this anymore.

“Make it stop, make it stop!” You screamed inside your head, unable to move or say anything.


“The light is green.”

You gasped when you heard Toshinori’s voice. The road was back at its original place and you were back in the car, next to Toshinori who stared at you with a puzzled expression. Your knuckles were turning white because of how tight you held the wheel.

You looked around, your heart beating fast inside your chest, blood pounding in your temples. The vision had stopped.

“W-what?” You mumbled, still unsure about being in the reality or not.

“The light.” Toshinori repeated while pointing at the traffic light, “It’s green.”

You realized that people were angrily honking behind you and you quickly drove off with the strange feeling to forget something.

This vision had been even more vivid than the one before. As if it was getting stronger by the minutes until...Until what? What could possibly happen if it were to take over your brain? Were you going insane? The day was starting so well, why did it have to happen now?

“Are you daydreaming?” Toshinori scoffed as if he didn’t notice the look of pure dismay on your face.

You tried to laugh but it sounded fake.

“Yeah, that must be it...”

You didn’t want to worry him. He had been through a lot of things -just like you- and he was so happy to accompany you for your first day. You could always talk about it in the evening, it was going to stop eventually, right? Just as you said before, it was probably nothing.

You comforted yourself in those last words and drove without any vision disturbing your trip. When you arrived at your workplace, you parked and as soon as you stopped the car, Toshinori burst out of it, moaning in pain.

“Next time, we’ll take my car.” He grunted as he painfully cracked his back and stretched his legs.

You chuckled and closed the car door before locking it.

“My car is fine, it’s you who is too big.” You mocked him as you comfortingly patted his back.

“I thought you liked what was too big.” He said in a seductive tone but still with a straight face, as both of you walked towards the entrance door.

“Shut up, someone might hear you!” You sputtered, blushing heavily.

As you passed the automatic doors, you couldn’t help but feel your chest tightening. Here you were...The dawn of a fresh new life. You took a sharp and deep breath then walked in, your chin raised in a proud and fearless way. Toshinori noticed it and a faint smile came upon his lips. At this moment he desperately wanted to kiss you and tell you how proud of you he was. But he also knew that now was not the right time. You needed to show to others -and to yourself- how strong you had become.

Therefore, he walked silently by your side, like a knight in shining armour, mostly here for support than for combat.

Everyone you crossed greeted you with warm welcomes, even people you didn’t expect to. You stared at the walls and rooms as if it was the first time you entered this building. But when you entered your office, and saw your desk with everything as it was when you left it, you couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation at the bottom of your stomach.

You gently stroked the top of your desk, as if it was a pet, your eyes staring into the void. Toshinori, as well as the rest of the people in the room, watched you in silence. You could smell a faint smell of coffee in the air, exactly the one before everything happened. It was as if nothing happened. It felt like a normal day, something which you had been longing for. But something was missing. There was something you needed to do before starting the day as if nothing actually happened.

You sighed and put the bag with your lunch on the desk before turning around to face Toshinori.

“Can you...come with me? I’d like to do something before you leave.” You said in a determined tone.

Toshinori quietly stared at you then nodded slowly.

“Of course.”

You smiled at everyone to excuse yourself then left the room. You weren’t sure about what you were about to do but maybe it had to be done. Toshinori followed you without saying anything until he saw you taking the stairs.

“(Y/N), what are you going to do?” He asked as he grabbed your hand to stop you in your movement. He stayed at the bottom of the stairs, meanwhile you had already climbed two steps.

You glanced at his hand then stared at him. His eyes were trying to decipher your expression, searching for a hint which could lead to your thoughts. You showed him a reassuring smile and squeezed his hand tightly.

“I want to go on the roof.”

He shuddered and his eyebrows knitted into a concerned frown.

“On the roof? (Y/N) are you sure about it?” He said in total disbelief.

You looked down for a second, feeling his gaze on your face. Then you raised your head, and you didn’t know what he saw on your face at this moment, but it made him almost look at you in awe.

“No, I’m not sure.” You said with a nervous chuckle, “That’s why I want you by my side.”

You sighed.

“That’s why I need you by my side.” You added in a lower tone.

His eyes widened before his expression softened. He climbed the two steps separating the both of you and faced you. His hands came to gently cup your face, his blue eyes shining with love.

“Okay.” He said with a smile -this gentle smile which made you melt inside each time- his face a few inches away from yours “Okay, if that’s what you want, we will go on the roof.” He stroked your cheek with his thumb before adding: “Together.”

“You won’t leave me?” You sniffled as a tear rolled down your cheek and his hand, emotions taking over your body.

“I won’t. Ever.” He whispered and softly pressed his lips against yours, in the most tender and -yet- emotional way you had ever experienced.

You closed your eyes while it lasted and inhaled the sweet perfume coming from his shirt. Red fruits.

“You stole my perfume, didn’t you?” You said as you broke the kiss, your breaths melding together. You wanted to reduce the tensions and therefore changed the subject -and took the opportunity to quickly wipe away your tears-

“I thought you would never notice.” He replied as he kissed the tip of your nose.

He held your hand and jerked his head towards the top of the stairs.

“Now...Shall we go?”

You took a deep breath and nodded firmly. Then both of you proceeded to walk up the stairs, not saying anything but tightly holding hands. When the door leading to the roof appeared in sight, you suddenly felt a headache knocking hard under your scalp. You winced in pain and Toshinori noticed it.

“We can go back if you want.”

You shook your head.

“No, I’m fine.”

You turned the doorknob but hesitated a few seconds to push it. You glanced at Toshinori, who was watching each of your movements carefully.

You weren’t alone anymore, you could do this.

Your breath got stuck into your throat when you opened the door. A gush of wind rushed through you, howling in your ears as it entered the small staircase. You stepped forward, staring at that place you had only seen in nightmares after the incident. It looked smaller than you remembered.

Your headache was getting worse now. You held your head between your hands and moaned in pain. Despite the pain, you couldn’t help but feel as if something was odd, off. Something just wasn’t right and you couldn’t tell what it was.

“I’m missing something.” You said to yourself without realizing it.

Since the incident happened, you had those weird dreams, nightmares which you couldn’t remember a thing. Why did you keep forgetting about their content?

You stood in the middle on the roof and everything appeared to be spiralling around you. Your words were stuck inside your throat, your head ready to explode because of the pressure. You wanted to scream, call for help, but it almost felt like you were in the eye of the storm and no one could hear you. You tried to reach for Toshinori, stretching your hand towards him. But he didn’t seem to see you, or instead, it seemed like you weren’t there anymore. He stood there, near the door, looking motionlessly at the place you ought to be meanwhile you were drifting, moving away and unable to stop it.

You tried to call his name but a new vision, stronger, wider, flashed before your eyes.

You were falling again.

You let out a scream.


No, no, this couldn’t be happening!

You tried to wake up, you even tried to pinch you but the vision just wouldn’t go away. The fall was bringing back that crippling fear you thought you had vanquished and you felt your mind losing itself into the terror. You saw a few tears flying away from you and those thoughts echoed in your mind:

Why? Why was it happening? Why couldn’t you go back to your reality?


Where was Toshinori? Why couldn’t you get back to him? That simple thought teared a sob off your throat. You couldn’t get through this without him, now more than ever. Where did he go?

What was happening?


And then it hit you. Like a smack on your face it hit you and your heart who was beating as fast as it could, skipped a beat.

You forgot.

This was the reality.

You had been falling the entire time.

This was such a long and violent fall that it had triggered your quirk, trapping you inside a vision which appeared like weeks to you. You ended up forgetting your own reality. But it was only a vision, nothing really happened. And when you realized that, you felt your heart shattering inside your chest.


But realization smacked the sadness off your chest. It wasn’t just a vision, it was a vision of the future! It was going to happen, you were going to meet Toshinori and you were going to live all those wonderful things with him in the end! You had to wait. Of course it wasn’t going to be easy for your future self, it will be hard, but it will be worth it. After all you said it yourself: you could go through everything again if in the end, you were to be in his arms.

Toshinori told you: there was nothing to fear. And even though it had not happened yet, you still trusted his words. Because if your vision was right, after this fall you ended up with...

You were interrupted in your thoughts by your landing, on something not quite soft and not quite hard but -oh- so familiar. You blew all the air which was in your lungs as a powerful and deep voice echoed in your ears.



You slowly turned your head to stare at the man holding you tight in his muscular arms. All Might. Your All Might.

A single tear, maybe of happiness, maybe of bitterness, rolled down your cheek. You curled your fist around the fabric of his costume.

Not yet.

“Are you hurt?” He asked, bearing his huge and bright smile, “I am going to put you down. Can you walk?”


You mouthed his name.


But he never saw it.


Those sweet, those bad, those important memories vanished in an instant from your mind, only leaving a feeling of emptiness and fear which were all was left without him.

You stared at this stranger, the hero who saved your life.

“Please don’t leave me.”

And it all started once again.