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Gale's collection of GMVs

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Work(s) in Progress:

  1. Jacob/Jack the Ripper Fanvid - 70% done. 



  1. Jacob/Jack the Ripper Fanvid
  2. Robert de Sable/Altair Fanvid




Feel free to let me know if you think one of these things listed would be interesting to see. 

  1. "Does the wolf apologize?" Arno-centric [Character Study]
  2. "Strange Young World" Bayek-centric [Character Study]
  3. "Immortalized" Aya-centric [Character Study]
  4. "Warpath" Shay-centric [Character Study]
  5. "Every Breath You Take" Dark!AC Characters
  6. "Killer Queen" Elise-centric


Notes (Software, basically):

Wondershare Filmora and recently experimenting with Media Composer First.