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Underworld (the Etruscan pottery remix)

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In the style of Etruscan or Greek vase painting - terracotta-red figures on black background, with the gods having cream-coloured skin and wings. Karun has a leather hat shaped like a soft pith helmet, his traditional wooden mallet and a short chiton. Velia is in a long chiton, with long unbound hair. Vanth is in a short huntress's chiton, rolled at the top, leather boots, and is bare-breated with straps crossing her chest. She has snakes coiled around her arms and in her hair. Thana is in a long tunic-dress with a shawl - she and Vela both hold a coin. Tuchulcha at far right has an eagle's beak, wild hair and beard, and snakes coiled around his arms, a short chiton and boots. All the figures are posed profile-on to the viewer. There is a decorative border at top and bottom.


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