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Two Days Past 15

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For two months, Claude Faustus waited.

For two months, he resided under the bridge just a short few minutes’ walk from the largest manor he had stumbled across in all the time he had been without a home. Every day, he sat and watched carriages come and go from the manor. He observed the gardener’s routine, took note of how a trio of butlers cleaned the windows every three days. He knew that the master of the house left in the most grand of the carriages every afternoon and would return shortly after the sun had set. He had watched as a convoy of horses had arrived two days prior in the evening, all drawing carriages which held well-dressed men and even better dressed women.

He was certain that the manor he observed was full of all the riches he could ever hope to imagine.
So, for many weeks, he schemed. He planned his entering for the time where the master of the house went for his afternoon trip. He knew he could get in by climbing up the wall of vines to the master’s window, which was always opened before he left – Claude supposed it was to let in the evening air or something of the sort. Two days after the party, he was to take what he could and disappear. Then, finally, he would have his old life back.
As it was every other day, the grand carriage left the manor and Claude set off on his mission.

~ * ~

Alois Trancy was a rare breed of Earl. Known by other nobles for his charming nature and energetic personality. Known by his servants as a man with a whole other personality, indeed. Demanding at the best of times and violent at the worst, he had caused more injury to his maid than a man could bestow upon any other. The only way he was yet to violate her was through penetration. While he had put his hands on her in a less-than-innocent manner many times before, his actions never extended beyond that.

Mostly because he had no attraction whatsoever for any body part a woman may be able to provide for him.

He hated himself for that fact, and it was the source of a great deal of his anger. He, of course, knew better than to blame himself for his attraction to his own gender. It was common knowledge among the members of his household that he had been sexually exploited by his own uncle. The man had been his carer since his parents passed when he was two years old. Only a short time after was when the abuse began. Alois had been touched by that vile being for so many years, that it was a man’s love engrained into his being. He had been brainwashed into believing that what had been happening to him was right – that it was the natural order of things. Now that he was older, he knew that was far from the truth.

Two days past fifteen, he was already being groomed into a bachelor. It was only a matter of time until he would be expected to take a wife. He needed to be able to touch a woman for his future marriage to be consummated. He needed to be able to bestow his seed upon a womb in order to pass on his blood line.
An impossible task for someone such as him.

Every afternoon, he would go to another noble’s house and meet their daughters. They would discuss dowry, and he would walk through gardens with all the young women a normal teenager could imagine. He would always be invited to stay for dinner but he would always refuse, citing obligation to dine at his home residence with some relative or another (not that were any relatives left to mention). The real reason he left was because there was no way he would be able to stomach any sustenance with the guilt and repulsion which clawed at his insides.

As such, he went without supper for many weeks, until he reached the point where he was struck with fever and his servants left him to visit as many doctors as possible to find the appropriate medicine.


After much struggle, Claude managed to climb up the vines – which were not as secure as he had imagined them to be – and reach the window he knew to be to the master’s chambers. He had seen the master open the window himself every afternoon and had reached the conclusion that it must be where he slept.

Unlike every other day, Claude found that the window was only opened a crack, as opposed to being left wide open like it normally was. He figured that this was not too much difference from the normal routine for him to be concerned about, so he pushed it open further and let himself in.

The room was lavish, he could tell as much, despite the room being quite dark from the curtains being drawn on all the windows other than the one he had climbed through. He chose not to let his eyes roam on this particular room and instead focused on the door. He knew that all the documents of importance – the real money – would be kept in the study. He assumed that if he hurried, he could find the room and loot it and still be able to escape before the master of the manor returned home.

With nothing else on his mind for such a long time, he figured his plan was fool-proof. With a smirk, he started toward the wooden door. His prior life was well within his reach now, all he had to do was turn the handle and –

“Just who do you think you are?” A low voice rasped from behind him.

Claude’s heart stopped.

“Well?” The same voice questioned, louder this time. “Turn around you disgusting piece of shit, show me the face of the man who thinks he has the right to enter my mansion.”
No. No. No. No. This is impossible. The master ALWAYS leaves in that carriage, how could he be here?

Claude’s heart had resumed beating, only now it was racing faster than any horse ever had. He was sure it was near beating out of his chest.

Death was imminent.

There was no way he would escape now. He would be sent to gaol for life. Or, better yet, his head would be cut from his shoulders where he stood.

Claude guessed that if he were to listen to the instructions he was given by the master, he might buy himself some more time to live. He knew there were four permanent servants in the mansion, and he knew he saw all four leave today, so no one would be rushing to kill him right this very moment.

Although, I can’t even be sure of that fact now.

So Claude turned, keeping his head lowered so as to not offend the master any further.

“Life your head, you disgusting peasant. Meet the eyes of the one you planned to rob.”

Claude followed the instructions given to him, and was rewarded with a sight from heaven.

An angel sat up in the bed which was close to the window he had climbed through. Hair like spun gold sat, slightly dishevelled, upon a face graced with delicate features and milky-white skin. The young boy was clad in a white bed shirt. The only thing to taint that perfect appearance was his scowling expression.

Fortunately for Claude, even the master’s furious expression was absolutely adorable.

“Get on your knees, mutt.” He followed the order given to him, shameful arousal curling in his gut. Never had he pitted himself as someone who could be turned on from submitting to a pipsqueak.

The boy slid from the bed, seeming to take a moment to gather his bearings before he slowly walked to stand before Claude. Even though Claude was on his knees before the young man, he could still tell that the master was quite slight. Claude’s head came to the boy’s stomach, he would have to tilt his head down if he were to –

The master coughed violently, one hand against his stomach and his mouth in the crook of his arm. For what seemed like minutes, this went on. Claude was wincing in sympathy for the young man – he could imagine how painful it must be. His whole body doubled over as the coughs shook his slight frame.

Finally, the fit subsided, the young master taking a moment to settle his breathing before he restored his shaky posture.

“So,” he cleared his throat, “what is the name of the feral creature that saw fit to break into the Trancy manor?”

Clear blue eyes bore into Claude, urging the answer from his tongue. “Claude Faustus,” he answered quietly, dropping his gaze to the floor again. He felt so undeserving to look upon the angel. Especially considering his eyes were surely betraying his lust.

A pale hand snagged his chin and harshly tugged his head up so he was meeting the eyes of the boy again, “did I say you could look away?”

“No, my Lord.” Claude instantly replied, surprised at the sheer force the small man contained. His grip was causing genuine pain.

“Tch,” he scoffed, “it’s ‘Your Highness’ to you, Claude Faustus.”


He had a man in his bathtub.

It was a strange series of events that led to Claude Faustus making himself so at home in Alois’ chambers. Mostly, it was because there was no way he would ever let such a treat to escape from his clutches (no matter how filthy he may have been). The reason he was going to give though was that he was in absolute dire need of a new butler. Which, of course, was untrue and his servants would know it to be such. Not that Alois was obliged to explain himself to anyone, though providing a legitimate reason would prove no harm.
The sight of the tall, lean man on his knees was enough to make him drool. He knew that one way or another, he would have the man to himself.

He was going to keep him…much like a pet. Claude had proved to have no objections thus far.

Upon commenting on how absolutely horrid Claude smelt, Alois sent him to the bath his servants had prepared for him earlier. The one he had refused to take and chucked a tantrum about. It was a little less than lukewarm by that point, but that was the least of either of their concerns.

Rather than just leaving his new man-slave to bathe himself, Alois insisted on watching the man strip and wash. There was a man who was willing to do anything he said in order to avoid his death, of course he was going to indulge in his suppressed homosexual tendencies. He also hadn’t shied away from making a remark about Claude’s obvious half-erect manhood.

Once the tall man had finally stripped completely and submerged himself in the tub, all words ceased to fall from his usually-sharp tongue. He knelt on the floor beside the bath and stared down at the cock that was pushing against his white nightwear, dampening the fabric where the wet head was pressed against it. He was painfully hard but he also had half a mind to be embarrassed. Sure, he had seen that Claude was also somewhat aroused but that didn’t mean the man was attracted to him. For all he knew, he just had a humiliation kink or something of the sorts.

Young Trancy sat in silence until Claude’s voice disturbed him, “are you feeling well, master? You look rather ill.”

Of course, Claude only had good intentions with his concern but as was typical for the young lord, he blew everything out of proportion.

Head snapping up so he could scowl at the peasant, Alois snarled, “What exactly is it that you are implying? You’re a dirty sewer rat, who are you to comment on the appearance of the Earl who holds your very life in his hands? If you want to survive as a servant of this household, it would be best you learn how to hold your tongue when it comes to expressing your opinion.”

Claude’s eyes narrowed to slits and for a moment, the older man had the desire to grab the small boy by the collar of his shirt, drag him into the tub and drown him. He was aware, however, that such a move would result in him being sent to gaol, or being killed, or both. Right now, his goal was to stay alive. Dealing with a troubled brat in return for shelter and the illusion of a rich life was quite a good trade off in his opinion. It was certainly better than living under that bridge and stealing scraps of food.
Schooling his expression, Claude turned his head away from the boy. “I beg your pardon, your highness. Please excuse my behaviour.”

Scoffing, Alois picked himself up from the floor, using the fact that Claude was facing away from him to his advantage. Certainly, it would be quite embarrassing for his new pet to see that he was painfully aroused by the whole situation. “I’m glad we understand each other. You will begin your duties immediately after you are clean…and for Heaven’s sake, do us all a favour and find some clothes.”


Hours later, Alois was once again in bed. His stomach remained empty, but he could hardly eat when he felt like he was burning. The servants had, of course, made the assumption that the young boy’s fever had flared up but they had all agreed that with his new medicines and a good night’s rest, he would be right as rain in the morning.
Ah, yes, the servants. It had been obvious that the appearance of a new and mysterious butler had sparked their desire to kick up a fuss. However, they all new better than to question their master. They all knew from experience that it was best to just ignore rather than engage. They had quite a few battle scars administered to them by the Earl, over matters that most would not see to abuse their help.

Alois new better than them, especially on this particular matter. He knew this was no fever. His face, his body, they were burning with lust – not illness. Every since the boy had seen his new butler emerge from the bathroom, clean and clothed, he had not been able to stop himself from wishing the elder man was naked once again.

He ached for it.

Claude had been attending to him all evening, acting as though he had lived his whole life in servitude. He said nothing to Alois, but was diligent on watering him and keeping his forehead cool with damp cloths. It was almost as if he had been born into the work. The man had left Alois to himself but a moment ago, so that he could acquire the boy a herbal tea remedy one of the triplets had obtained from a doctor in the next town over.

He had enough time, surely, to relieve himself before his new servant would return. He knew how long it usually took Hannah to get tea, and Alois was so wired up he assumed he would be able to achieve release in what most would consider a particularly short period of time.

Without another thought filtering through his teenage, hormonal brain, Alois removed the covers from his body and hitched up his night shirt. Cool air immediately greeted the member which stood to attention, sticky head already leaking. Throbbing as if it were to spill itself any second.

He rubbed himself quickly, desperately, smearing his pre-cum to lubricate himself. He squeezed, thrusted into his own fist, mewled desperately, eyes shut, back arched. Thinking of nothing more than topaz eyes piercing his soul. He imagined doing this just for Claude, the man sitting in that chair at the other side of the room. Mostly watching, but sometimes directing him to increase pressure, to slow down, to say his name.

Alois was panting heavily, moaning loudly, and unabashedly expressing his deepest desires. It was almost pathetic when his fingers slid over the tip and he released unexpectedly, gasping and trembling like he had been possessed.

For a moment, he lay there basking in the afterglow. Blonde hair tousled, blue eyes shining, cheeks and chest flushed a pretty pink. He had absolutely covered his own stomach, thighs and hand with his release but he hardly felt shameful. It had felt too good for him to be regretful, even if he had been thinking of a man the entire time. For just that moment, he truly felt relaxed, without a worry in the world.

He felt like he could go for a snack.

“My, my, highness. It seems to me like you are in need of a wife.”

His breathe escaped his body and he tensed up completely, wide eyes sliding over to the man who was pouring tea at the end of his bed. His pink flushed progressed to red as he realised his new butler – the object of his fantasy – had just seen what the boy had been doing.

Pretend he’s just another butler. Pretend you don’t care, that you’re not ashamed.

“I’m sure there are plenty of ladies of marriageable age who would be more than happy to wed the Earl Trancy, I’m surprised you find yourself in this position, highness.”
Schooling his face into his signature scowl, Alois faked a scoff. “I’m hardly interested in taking a wife, not that it’s any of your business.”

Not making eye contact and continuing to brew the tea, Claude raised his eyebrows. “Perhaps a mistress then, I am aware of a gentleman’s club with quite the selection. Plenty of young girls to sate your desires until you find an appropriate wife.”

Alois was genuinely angry at this point. The talk of women right after he had expelled himself to thoughts of a man made him want to tear the entire house apart before slaughtering himself for being what he was. “I have no desire for a mistress either,” Alois hissed. “Women are of very little consequence to me, particularly whores. Christ, seeing Hannah every day is enough whore for anyone.”

“Ah,” Claude exclaimed, “I suppose your interest lie elsewhere then, am I correct? In that case I also know of such a place where you can hire out the most well-trained boys. I wouldn’t suggest becoming too attached to any particular one of them, however, I have heard that they perish from disease quite quickly. In fact, I’m surprised you aren’t aware of this particular establishment. It’s owned by one Arnold Trancy-"

That was enough.

“SHUT UP!” Alois launched himself forward, with little care for his current state of undress, and latched onto Claude’s collar. “Shut up, shut up! Don’t talk about them like that! Don’t ever talk about those poor boys like that ever again!”

Topaz eyes were wide as they stared straight into vicious blue. “Master…” Claude whispered, shocked when tears started falling from the boy’s eyes. When he said what he had, Claude did not expect this. He thought he would be doing nothing more than sparking desire up in the boy, he didn’t expect trembling hands clutching his shirt, pulling it tight around his neck. He didn’t expect that lithe body pressed against his with the boy looking at him with murder in his eyes.

“You have no idea what that disgusting pervert has done to them! Done to me! How do you know about it anyway?” Breaking down, Alois pressed his forehead against Claude’s chest, hands loosening their grip slightly. “You’re a gross beggar, how do you know about a place like that? Do you know Arnold? Were you sent here to trick me? To kidnap me and take me to that place?”

“I-I wasn’t always like this. I used to live very differently, that’s why I know. But I’m not here to take you away, I promise. I only brought it up because I know what it’s like to not want women. I thought it would help you like it helped me…”

Pulling back again, Alois looked at Claude, terrified. “Arnold never helped me! He destroyed me! I didn’t want to be like this, I never even had a choice!”

Falling back on the bed, Alois stared at the ceiling, unable to stop the tears streaming down his face. “Then, when I was old enough to make decisions regarding my estate, I told him that if he ever touched me again, he would never see another dime of my father’s money. So…he…he took Luka…” Alois wailed, clutching his heart at the pain of saying his little brother’s name once more. “He took my brother to that place! And now he’s gone…dead.”

There was a gentle touch to his ankle, “Alois…I’m so sorry.”

Training his eyes on his new butler, standing over him with more empathy in his eyes than he had ever seen from a man before, Alois reached out a hand. “Please hold me, Claude. I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

All the air left Claude’s lungs as he looked down on this fallen angel, spread out on the bed with a halo of golden locks and pale skin. A dainty hand reached out to him, inviting him into his heavenliness, to taint his soul.

Claude couldn’t help but thread his fingers through Alois’ and let himself be pulled down on top of the boy. Everything felt right, it felt like destiny. Inhaling his scent as they were face to face, only an short width apart, Claude felt his whole world narrow down to this one person.

“Tell me everything, Alois, and I’ll tell you everything that happened to me…”

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Alois did not tell Claude everything, nor did he hear the story of Claude.

Once Claude lay next to Alois and cradled the frail boy in his arms, the young one's tears fell harder and his sobs became louder. His whole body shook with the force of his pain. So, Claude did not press. He lay there with the fallen angel pressed against his chest, arm around him and tangled in his golden locks.

He allowed the boy to wail his despair, patiently waiting for the storm of his emotions to calm so that his story could be told.

However, the crying was relentless, and when the tears did cease and breathing evened out Claude discovered that Alois had fallen asleep. And so, each of their stories would have to wait.

Claude gazed upon Alois' sleeping face and found no comfort in the boy's expression. While his faced was relaxed, there was no mistaking the redness of his skin, the puffiness around his eyes, the tear tracks drying on his face, and the wet and mattered eyelashes. Rather than the sight invoking any feelings of pain or empathy within him, he rather felt a sense of calm and comradery. Claude understood this boy, even without knowing the entirety of Alois' journey of pain. Rather than experiencing any distress from the situation, Claude felt as though he could prove himself rather useful to the young Earl Trancy. Claude would be able to coach the boy into recognising that his experiences could build his character beyond anything he thought capable.

While Claude's own experiences had led him to be in a situation in which he was living under a bridge, counting the days until he could rob a young Earl, he now realised that had only been a stepping stone towards his true journey. He may now be a butler and some sort of beacon of comfort for the young boy, but he was also in a very desirable position. He was able to live in circumstances similar to that of which he originated, which is more than he ever hoped of having in more recent times.

Claude pulled himself slowly away from Alois and manoeuvred the boy so that he would be lain in a more comfortable position. He then pulled the quilt over him to make sure that his master would not catch cold and further worsen his less than exemplary physical condition. Claude had yet the chance to hear of the full extent of his master's physical ailments, but he had not long ago heard the carriage arrive with the other servants. He was briefly introduced to the servants, with Alois giving them no explanation as to how Claude mysteriously happened about becoming the new butler. Claude had no desire to try and elaborate upon his position to the other staff, but he knew that brief interaction would be necessary in order to keep the estate in order.

Ensuring he was presentable (and that there was no sign of his master's tears on his waistcoat), Claude made his way downstairs to find the other staff. He happened about them in the kitchen, all cleaning and organising new ingredients they must have collected while out to get medication for their master. When Claude entered the room, they all stopped their work and silently looked to him.

There were four servants in total - three identical boys no more than twenty and a particularly tall and well-endowed female. The woman's name was Hannah and Claude already knew that Trancy considered her a whore and despised her presence. Claude found she seemed rather charming, and of a calm and quiet disposition. Well suited to be a servant. As for the three boys, Claude knew that the likelihood of knowing them from each other was slight. Though he supposed it may come to him with time.

He inclined his head slightly to them in acknowledgement, "I did not wish to interrupt the course of your duties. I just wish to ask you about the circumstances of our master's health and collect the medicine which you have brought for him."

The triplets nodded in acknowledgement but did not respond, simply going back to their duties. Hannah, however, looked down at the floor as she addressed him. "Master has not been well over the course of his life. He is prone to fever as he eats very little and often finds himself cold. He has been warned by doctors many times that he must eat more and try to remain warm, but he does not choose to follow the advice for long. For the past few months, he has been particularly unwell, though none of us are the wiser as to why that may be."

"Thank you, Hannah. I shall try and ask master about his circumstances myself when he awakes. May I have the medicine you collected?"

Hannah nodded before turning to collect a small bag of what smelt to be pressed herbs and handing this off to Claude, "Be careful. Master does not like to take such things. The doctor recommends you brew it like tea."

Claude was perplexed by how scared Hannah seemed to be as she said this. She was almost whispering, as if she was worried her master would overhear what she was saying. Hannah still would not lift her eyes to meet Claude's, though he suspected that if she did, he might even see fear within them.

Inclining his head once more to the other servants, he turned his back on them and made his way up towards his master's chambers. He learnt little from the information he was told, other than that Trancy seemed to be of a permanently sickly constitution and was too stubborn to do anything about it. Claude would have to change this. He found little interest in parenting, especially when he was attracted to the young man he was supposed to care for. But he couldn't have his fallen angel rise back to heaven so soon, so he would have to change the current circumstances.

Claude opened the door to the large room, finding that his master was still asleep as he had left him. Though he wanted to simply allow the boy to sleep and escape within his dreams, he needed to make sure that his master was fed and that he took the tea which the doctor had prescribed him.

Claude set down the bag of herbs and set to warming the kettle he had prepared earlier by the fireplace within the room. It would need only a short time until it was boiling again, and Claude assumed that the simple meal of bread and cheese that he prepared was still edible, as it had only been but an hour or two since he originally brought it to his master for consumption.

Once the water was heated once more, he removed it from the fire and set to brewing the medicinal tea. The smell was questionable, though there was enough lavender present to make it bearable. After completing that small task, it was time to wake his master.

Somehow, he knew that Alois would not take too kindly to being disturbed, though Claude deemed it necessary enough to endure the lashing out he would most likely receive.

Standing near the bed, Claude reached out to touch the boy's shoulder. It was so small and frail, the skin under the nightshirt so clearly soft and sensitive. Just the simple act of touching the boy sent shivers down Claude's spine, a sensation so far removed from anything he had experienced thus far in his life. He had no idea the feelings he was having for Alois, but he knew that somehow they had a connection that ran deeper than most other butlers and their masters.

He gently shook Alois' shoulder, lightly calling his name. He was apprehensive to do any more than the absolute minimum in order to wake the boy, in hopes of producing the best outcome possible. He would have much rather just opened the curtains and woken him with light, though there was none remaining as it was now early in the night.

Surprisingly, Alois woke with very little effort, his eyes cracking open to reveal hazy blue that still remained a little bloodshot from the force of his emotions. A scowl instantly graced his face, and he closed his eyes before mumbling out a simple, "What?"

Claude couldn't help the small smirk that graced his face at the sight, his master was adorable. "You need to wake, your highness. Though only briefly. I wish to feed you and give you the new medicine from the doctor."

Alois scoffed and sat up quite promptly, an angry expression marring his face. "Why would you think that important enough to wake me? I don't want any of that garbage."

Claude frowned back, he knew his master would not be happy, but he didn't think that his services would be outright refused. "That is all well and good, Highness, but you must eat and drink. If you do not, I cannot guarantee you will be fifteen much longer."

Claude's only warning of Alois' sudden rage was a flash of anger in his eyes, before the boy launched forward and grabbed him tightly by the neck. Once again, Claude was shocked with his strength. He was not choking, but the pressure around his neck was certainly uncomfortable.

"You think I want to live much longer? I'd rather die alone and young rather than alone and old. What purpose is there for me living, other to avenge the death of my brother, which I do not have the means to do?"

Alois' sky-blue eyes were shining with rage and unshed tears, and once again, Claude didn't feel sorrow. But that feeling of understanding came over him once again, and it felt as if his heart reached out and held to the young boy's. Claude finally felt as if someone understood exactly how he felt - the overwhelming desire to die, but not before you get the opportunity to kill.

"Highness," Claude whispered to the blonde - not necessarily because his throat was still being somewhat constricted, but because he wanted the boy to hear him, and whispering seemed to be the only way to catch his attention. Slowly, he reached up and brushed his fingertips along the back of one of the hands that was holding his neck. "Please, eat. You will never have the means for revenge if you do not improve your health."

Claude brought his other hand up to press against the side of Alois' head. He laced his fingers through Alois' hair, while rubbing his thumb under a bright eye.

After a brief moment of gentle physical contact and unwavering eye contact, the younger diverted his eyes and released his hands from Claude's neck. He pulled away, and Claude felt as though he could see the angry part of the boy retreat to deep inside of him - leaving a sad a docile angel in its wake.

With his master seemingly at ease and ready to comply with fulfilling his basic human needs, Claude placed the tray of tea and bread and cheese on the bed in front of the boy. Normally, he would require his master sit in the small dining area at the side of the room, but he knew better than to push his luck once more in his first day.

Shockingly, Claude did not have to force feed his master, as he set about eating with no further complaints. He chewed slowly, and swallowed each bite with a grimace, but he was eating all the same. Once half the bread was gone, Alois started on the medical tea. Claude grimaced as he saw Alois' face scrunch up when he took a sip.

"What the fuck is this shit?" He said, before sticking his tongue out in disgust. Claude supposed the beverage tasted as questionable as it smelled.

"It's from the doctor," was all Claude said in response. There was no use insisting the concoction was good, when the only positive to it was the hope it would improve his master's health.

Alois cringed before taking another generous gulp, "It tastes like the garbage he gives me to try and stop me from having bad dreams." He stated, before holding his nose and polishing off the rest of the cup in only a few mouthfuls. When he placed the teacup back onto the tray, Claude instantly removed it from the bed and back onto the stand he used to prepare it.
"Goodnight, master. Is there any particular time I should wake you in the morning?" Claude said as he gathered the dishes to take back to the kitchen. After such a day, and such an effort to act as the best butler he could, Claude was exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in the servant's quarters he had been shown earlier in the day.

"What? You're not leaving, I want you to stay here and sleep with me. You can wake before me and clean this mess and prepare my tea, my first meeting of the day will not be until 11 o'clock." Alois was back to glaring at Claude, as if he were truly offended by the suggestion of Claude leaving and attending to his duties.

Truly, Claude wanted to stay. He wanted to hold Alois in his arms as he slept in the bed that looked as though it were woven from clouds. "That wouldn't be proper, your highness. I'm your butler." Claude actually cared very little for propriety, though he supposed declining in the first instance was, at the very least, a gentlemanly gesture.

"Please, you bumbling idiot, inform me of one aspect of our arrangement that has fallen within the scope of propriety? If not, then strip those stupid clothes and come into this bed with me. All the lavender in that goddamn tea has made me exhausted." Alois lay down, cradled by fluffy pillows. He looked gorgeous and absolutely delectable with his pale skin surrounded by the white of his bedding.

Claude spared no hesitation in removing the many pieces of his suit, until he remained in nothing more than his underclothes. Alois instantly lifted the quilt up to accommodate for Claude's entrance.

As Claude slid into the bed and his skin came into contact with the soft sheets, he felt all the tension in his body melt away. He was looking forward to not only his first comfortable sleep in a period of time, but likely the most comfortable sleep of his life. And he got to enjoy the company of a gorgeous young man while he was doing so.

The second Claude was laying down completely, the beautiful little minx plastered itself against him and buried its face into his neck. Claude wasted no time in wrapping his arms around the blonde and tracing his fingers up and down his spine.

The final words from the young one's mouth before he drifted to sleep were, "If you hear me screaming in my sleep, don't try to wake me."

Chapter Text

Claude did, in fact, hear Alois screaming in his sleep.

He didn't stir at first, when he heard it, simply too lethargic to recognise that there was something wrong. Within moments, though, he shot up in bed to see that Alois was clinging tightly to his blankets, wringing them in his hands and yelling a chorus of "No."

Claude's immediate instinct was to shake the boy awake, but the warning he was given before they fell into their slumber sat heavy in the back of his mind. His desire to help was vastly overridden by his fear of the boy. Despite his youth and his lacking stature, Claude wasn't an idiot. Alois was the one who held the power here, he could easily cast him back out into the streets or worse. This opportunity was too good for him to pass up - the one shot he had left of living a comfortable life, like the one he once knew. He would have to play his cards and obey these simple orders that were given to him in order to ensure his safety and security.

Claude knew there was little he could do to assist his master, but he decided to leave the room in the meantime to both ensure his own comfort and to give his master some privacy. He was sure Alois would be relieved to hear that Claude witnessed little of the midnight hysteria.

Brain more than awake, Claude decided he best preoccupy himself by taking the tray of items he used for his master's supper back to the kitchen. Surely tidying a little would relax him, and hopefully by the time he finished his master would be settled enough that Claude would be able to return to bed with him. While there were many rooms in the manor, Alois had not assigned one to him, and he would find it safer to return to his master's bed rather than sleep in another and risk his life.

While he made his way to the kitchen and began cleaning, Claude contemplated his emotions surrounding the young Trancy. Part of him strongly disliked the boy, for he was arrogant with flaunting his power and was a bitter little boy. It was evident that he thought himself above all others and would likely have immediately offed Claude if he hadn't had some form of attraction to him. Claude could also tell that there was something not quite right with the boy, he could see it in his eyes at times. They would flash with pure evil, like the devil himself resided within him. Those moments were terrifying and made him sick. They reminded him of the complete power and control Alois had over him.

At the same time, when he saw that evil shine through, Claude couldn't help the burning passion that raced through his loins at the sight. There was no denying that he had a - perhaps unhealthy - desire for the boy. How could he not? Alois was sin personified, as if he was perfectly crafted by God to be the temptation that challenged him. So when Claude saw the murderous intent within the boy's eyes, he desired nothing more than to assert himself. He wanted to grab Alois by the throat the way the boy had done to him, only Claude would use the leverage to pin the boy to the bed and ravage him in a display of his strength and dominance.

It wasn't his youth that attracted Claude to him, far from that. When Claude was once in a position to frequent establishments which catered to his sexual preference, he was shocked at first at the meagre age of some of the boys. At first he was angry that the young ones were even being forced to do such a thing (for he knew they were very much unlikely to be there by choice). He almost refused to give his funds to an establishment that permitted the use of such young whores. Soon, he realised that there was not much choice. Everywhere he visited, the circumstances were the same. He soon realised that if he wished to have any outlet for his desires, he would have to settle on someone who was less than mature. He swore that he would never sleep with a boy who couldn't at least pass for 16. Whether they were or not, he had no way of knowing. There were times where boys who were clearly younger would represent themselves to him as being 16, in hope that he would line their pockets.

While Alois was a little younger than what he preferred, he couldn't help but feel the attraction. He could easily envision the boy older than he is now - legs longer, muscles and jaw more defined - still underneath him, writhing on his cock. He could hardly deny that he hoped he would one day see the sight.

Then, there was a matter of the other emotions he had been experiencing. Brief flashes, where something akin to affection arose within him. He couldn't describe it exactly, but he knew it was more intense than the simple lust and hatred he felt. Claude wasn't entirely sure he wanted to explore those particular feelings any further.

Once the work was done, Claude made his way back up to his master's chambers. He hesitantly opened the door, glancing inside to see the state of affairs.

Thankfully, the boy had gone back to sleeping peacefully. Though, it was evident from the state of the sheets that he had been fitful.
Quietly, Claude padded over to the bed and slid in behind the boy. He was close enough to feel his body heat, but not close enough to be pressing against him. Still, he gently rested an arm over his waist. Reassurance that he was there with him, as well as providing Claude with his own sense of comfort. It had been a long time since he was able to get close to someone. As a person very fond of displaying affection, he had felt repressed in his time alone.
"Claude," a small whisper came from in front of him. Alois hadn't moved at all, but Claude supposed he had not been quiet enough to stop himself from waking the boy.

"Hmm?" Claude responded lazily. It was dark and he was tired, and the bed made him want to instantly fall back asleep. He supposed he could stay awake longer if his master desired conversation.

But there was no response, and Claude supposed that the muttering of his name had been nothing more than a dreamlike acknowledgement of his presence. With nothing more on his mind, he fell into slumber.


He woke to the pleasant sensation of fingers carding through his hair. Staying silent, Claude kept his eyes closed to simply enjoy the gentle treatment he was no doubt receiving from his master.

After a few moments, his joy ended when his hair was grabbed and pulled. "Wake up, you dog!" Alois hissed into his ear as he pulled Claude towards him.

Eyes shooting open, Claude instantly grabbed the young boy's dainty hands and pulled them free of the harsh grip on his hair. Sitting up and still holding on to Alois' hands, Claude held on to what little shred of sanity he had from his rude awakening.

Claude wanted to pull Alois' hair back in punishment and then choke the boy until he was blue in the face and begging for forgiveness. But, no, he had to remember his place. He had to remember that this was the only way to maintain a good quality of life.

"Yes, your highness?" He hissed out, barely maintaining his restraint. His grip on his master's wrists may have been slightly too tight for what was strictly necessary to ensure distance was maintained.

Unexpectedly, Alois broke into a grin before cracking up in laughter. So much so that Claude was slightly concerned the boy would piss himself. A moment passed and Claude let go of Alois' hands.

He didn't know what to think. How was he supposed to deal with such abrupt changes in emotions?

Soon, the boy stopped laughing and sat up on his knees so he could be eyelevel with Claude. He still had a smile on his face. Claude could almost say he looked gorgeous like that, if only the laughter wasn't at his own expense. "Oh, Claude." His tone and gaze were almost affectionate as he reached forward again to put his hands on either side of Claude's face. "Don't tell me that hurt? Don't you remember? You're my dog now, you do as you say. When I hurt you, you're supposed to moan and beg for more. Doesn't that sound nice?"

He stared straight back into blue eyes, "I can't say it does, your highness."

Alois just chuckled in reply, hands sliding back to lock together behind his neck. "You say that now, but I'll have you on your knees for me, if you know what is good for you."

Unfortunately for Claude, his mouth worked faster than his brain upon occasion. So he couldn't stop himself from saying what slipped out of his mouth next, "I don't know what pleasure I can possibly give your stomach, your highness, but I promise I will make use of what I can and do my best on my knees."

Fortunately for Claude, luck was on his side today and his words got him in less trouble than he had expected when he uttered them. Alois simply tilted his head back and laughed, "you should thank God that I'm in a good mood this morning. Otherwise I might have to gouge out one of your eyes for saying something like that."

With one last grin, Alois flopped back so he was laying once again. He was so beautiful, sprawled out on those sheets, his cheeks rosy and eyes shining with joy rather than the fever of the previous day.

Claude could see that the boy's condition had significantly improved from that of the previous day. It was extraordinary what food and herbal tea could do to a person. Though Claude fathomed how the boy managed to get in such a condition in the first place. Claude had been living under a bridge for some time now, and he thought himself to be in better health than the noble living in a large and warm manor with all the riches he could ever ask for.
Claude was finding himself hungry, realising that he had not found time to give himself a real meal in all the hustle of the day before. He, of course, helped himself to morsels of bread when he was preparing food for Alois the day before, but he had yet to enjoy the privilege of a servant's meal. He hoped that the sooner he took his master to breakfast, the sooner he would be able to enjoy food for himself.

"Highness, I believe it would be best that we rise now and prepare you to go down for breakfast. I'm sure your other servants are already seeing to ensuring there is an appropriate meal for you. I gather they would have predicted your health would improve after the herbs they acquired from the doctor." He said as he rose from bed and started towards the wardrobe to find garments for Alois to wear.

Alois scoffed in response, "Don't go acting like the good little butler now, Claude. I believe I remember telling you to be awake before me with my tea ready?"


Claude may have forgotten that minor detail but it wasn't like he could be expected to awake so early when he was having his first decent night's sleep in some time. He would need to be more careful in the future to ensure that such a thing didn't happen again.

"My apologies, your highness." He said as he continued to select clothing for him. He would also need to change clothes, having just slept in his dress pants and button-down shirt from the day before. He supposed wearing the same clothes again would have to suffice until he had a moment to himself. Thankfully, he had only worn those clothes since the afternoon, so they weren't dirtied in any way and were still very much wearable.

He dressed Alois, making sure his eyes didn't trail anywhere undesirable (or perhaps anywhere considered too desirable in his case). Once that task was done, Claude pulled his own coat on and let Alois lead him down to the dining room.

The other servants were certainly very apt and diligent because they had, in fact, fully prepared breakfast and were waiting to serve. Claude briefly considered his potential usefulness if the other servants were clearly highly competent.

Pulling out Alois' chair for him so that he could sit, Claude stood idly by while his master ate…alone.

What a sad life it must be to have no one who you can converse with on equal terms, only those so inferior to yourself in rank that having close relations would be viewed as improper.

Claude thought back to his childhood meals, surrounded by family and warmth. Of course, that was all gone now, but he had the pleasure of knowing that he had a loving childhood. This boy was left on his lonesome with no one to love.

He was pulled from his reminiscing by the sound of Alois shouting, the sight before him highly disturbing.

The boy had the fingers of one of his hands digging into Hannah's eye socket, all manner of fluids on his hand and running down Hannah's face. Claude's first instinct was to vomit, but he tampered the urge. Instead, he focused on how Hannah was just taking it, not making a sound.

One would think that having your eye punctured and gouged out of your skull would cause quite a chorus of screams and quite a slew of profanity to be uttered. Not in this case. Hannah was just dead quiet. Claude supposed that it was for her own benefit, Alois seemed like the type of person to extend his torture if he faced much protest.

Though it felt like Hannah's torture was going on for a prolonged period of time, it was actually over after only a short moment.

When Alois let her go, Hannah simply slumped back to the floor, no one making a move to assist her without being given express permission to do so.

"Claude! Clean me, now!" Alois called to him, rage pooling in his eyes and blood dripping from his fingers. Claude rushed forward, grabbing a napkin from the table and using it to clean the blood from Alois' hand. Again, he felt the urge to gag but suppressed it.

He had witnessed a great deal of horrors in his life, but never had he been faced with a teenage boy dealing such grievous bodily harm to his servants. Claude was thankful he had managed to convince the boy to spare him, and this was just evidence that he needed to do his best to ensure he remained in the good book.

He now had proof that something was very, very wrong with Alois Trancy.

With his hand clean, Alois gestured to the chair next to him. "Go grab yourself some food and come and eat next to me. I'm bored, now."

"Yes, your highness." Claude responded quietly. He was famished not a moment ago but now he could not possibly comprehend eating after the sight he just witnessed. He knew he would have to, though, so that he did not share the same fate as Hannah.

As he was exiting the room, he heard him address the other servants, "Get this ugly slag out of my sight. I will lose my breakfast if I have to look at her any longer."

Claude realised he would have to come up with a plan - one to ensure his prolonged safety and comfort, and hopefully quell the sadistic tendencies which lay in his master.

He could easily think of the latter, but the former was going to take a considerable effort.

He needed to find out about Alois' past.

Chapter Text

"Claude, I'm bored. Entertain me."

A few hours had passed since the horrific breakfast events, after which Claude had found time to eat (though he could hardly stomach it when the sight of Hannah with a gouged-out eye lingered in his brain). They had moved to the office, where Alois had been working on property deeds for only 30 minutes before this declaration. Claude was coming to find that the only thing shorter than Alois was his attention span (and perhaps his fuse). He was now lounging back in his chair with his boot-clad feet propped up on his desk. Though hardly the picture of grace expected of an Earl, he still looked absolutely gorgeous to Claude. Blonde hair falling into those gorgeous blue eyes, he looked the picture of youth. At the same time though, it was obvious he had seen more in his 15 years than most of his standing.

"How do you suggest I entertain you, your highness? I'm not sure I know how to make property deeds exciting." He rebutted, tone and face placid as usual. Claude was certainly not the most expressive of all people. If he had one talent, it was being able to mask exactly what he was thinking. Not like Alois, he wore his every thought in his eyes. Claude wished he could reach into his mind and extract the memories from it, so he would know exactly how he could assist his master and ensure his own safety.

Alois scoffed at him, "Don't sell yourself short, Claude. I am sure if you knelt under my desk, you could provide me with all the entertainment necessary to get through these documents. Though I cannot guarantee I would be able to complete them to my best standard with such a distraction." The smirk on his face and the mirth in his eyes carried the same demeanour of the many catamites Claude had come across in his time. He was reminded of Alois' confession about how his uncle corrupted him. Though the details had not been revealed, Alois very much resembled an Arnold Trancy house boy.

"Are you suggesting fellatio, Highness?" Claude rebutted, entirely too keen to see the response he would receive. Alois seemed to switch so quickly between nymph and terrified that Claude was unsure about what reaction following through on such a request would manifest.

Yes, Alois was younger than the age he generally held himself to enjoy but he wasn't violating the boy if Alois participated entirely of his own volition.

He playfully scowled at him as he stretched his arms above his head, "All I am suggesting is that you use your mouth too much for the completely wrong reasons."

"Such a dreadful shame you have a meeting in only an hour, Highness. Otherwise, I might be able to impress you."

Now Alois was grinning like the Cheshire cat, "Oh, I'm very sure Phantomhive can wait."

Now that caught Claude's attention, his posture snapping to be stiffer than it was a moment ago. He had hardly realised he had got so lax during his flirting. "Phantomhive?"

That was a name very familiar to his past, he had crossed paths with Vincent more than once in his time.

Now Alois was narrowing his eyes, "Why do you say that like you know of them?"

"I do," oh Lord, why was Claude suddenly scared? Alois already looked like he wanted to cause someone grievous bodily harm. He could only hope it wouldn't be to him.

Alois dropped his feet to the ground and instead put both his elbows on the desk, fingers laced together and propping up his head. "Pray tell, how is it that a sewer rat like yourself seems to acknowledge the Phantomhive name with more than just the familiarity of the regular commoner?"

Claude had to consider his words carefully. On one hand, he would be willing to tell Alois the story of his past - so long as he could hear the boy's in return - but on the other he knew they did not have sufficient time. Claude chose not to answer Alois' question directly for the moment. "Which Phantomhive are you meeting with? I heard the family perished in a fire. Did Vincent have a brother?"

Alois blanched, "For all you seem to possess knowledge off, you astound me with how little you are aware of! I am meeting with Vincent's son. He survived and is now the Earl of the Phantomhive Estate."

"Which son?" Claude responded.

It would be impossible for Alois to look more horrified then he did in that moment. "There is one son, Claude. I swear to God the absolute nonsense you spout is beyond absurd. Now run along and see to it that the servants are preparing tea and cakes for the meeting, I'm sick of looking at your idiotic face."


Alois seemed nervous, pacing the front room of the manor for the ten minutes prior to when the Earl Phantomhive was to be expected. Claude was regulated to stand at the side of the room and watching the restless display. He could not begin to try and deduce why his master was experiencing such an emotion. It was becoming more and more apparent to Claude that it would be some time before he would understand the nuances of Alois' behaviour.

A knock on the door caused Alois to startle and stare towards the door. He took a deep breath and straightened, "Answer the door."

Claude didn't know what to expect but was cautious upon opening the door as to what he may see. To his surprise, he was met with then sight of a tall, dark haired butler next to his miniature master. Claude did not expect the new Earl of Phantomhive to be so young. Though he knew Vincent's son could not be very old, he expected he would at least be older than Alois. Instead, it appeared to be quite the opposite.

The boy was thin with dark hair which appeared almost navy in the light. He wore a black eyepatch over one eye, while the other was a lovely blue, matching his blue suit clearly made of the most expensive of fabrics. His butler was dressed almost as well as his own master and the butler was a dashing man indeed. If Claude was so inclined to be attracted to men who were tall, dark and handsome, he might even consider the butler desirable.

With the opening of the door, Alois has switched demeanour yet again. Gone was the nervous boy and in his place was a happy, shining beacon of joy. "Ciel," Alois clapped his hands together and beamed, "How nice to see you once again. Thank you for agreeing to take this meeting at the manor."

Ciel Phantomhive did not match Alois' enthusiasm. In fact, he looked like he would rather be anywhere else in the world. "Well, yes, I agreed on account of the many reports that you have been in ill health. Though you appear quite recovered, if I may say."

Alois laughed and maintained his smile, "I am simply fortunate to have acquired a new butler. I am sure his wonderful care has led to my speedy recovery. Regardless, please do follow me to the study. We shall proceed with business quite immediately and take our morning tea."

Ciel stepped towards Alois and they proceeded up the staircase, side by side, butlers diligently following behind. Claude silently contemplated Ciel from behind while they walked. Though beautiful, the boy was much too young to be considered in any romantic fashion. He was too slight, too narrow, and much too innocent. His entire demeanour portrayed nobility and propriety.

Nothing alike the Earl Trancy, whose manner of walking could even express the vixen he was inside.


The meeting itself was mostly uneventful, the two discussing property owned by the Trancy Estate which the Funtom Company was seeking to purchase while drinking tea and eating cake. The sight of it all was quite entertaining, looking little more than two children playing at being grown-ups.

Within two short hours, all negotiations and matters had been settled and Earl Phantomhive and his butler were preparing to leave. Alois and Claude saw them to the door, of course, for final pleasantries before their departure.

"Thank you once again for attending to the manor today, Ciel. Always a pleasure to do business which such pleasant company," Alois beamed. Claude was impressed with how long Alois had been maintaining the pleasant, excitable demeanour. He usually changed moods much more swiftly.

Ciel nodded back to Alois, "Yes. I will be in contact if we require the services of the Trancy family in the future." It was obvious from his dismissive tone that Phantomhive was wanting to leave more than anything else. (In fact, it had been evident from the moment of his arrival).

"Wonderful! I am hoping to hold a ball when I am completely recovered, I am sure I can trust you to be in attendance?"

A ball? Why in the world would he want to hold a ball at the manor?

Claude could only assume this announcement was the result of an impulsive decision his master had just now decided to make. Lord Almightly, Claude was having a difficult enough time dealing with Alois alone. The last thing he wanted to experience was all the dramatics surrounding a ball. High society had a tendency to behave its stupidest when congregated in the presence of alcohol and music.

Phantomhive raised an eyebrow, "I am afraid I quite dislike dancing. I thank you for your invitation; however, I must depart now. My presence has been requested in town this evening."

Alois smiled but Claude could now see bitterness in the expression. He then bowed respectfully, "Phantomhive."

"Trancy," Ciel bowed in return. He promptly took his exit thereafter, his butler closing the door behind them.

With the closing of the door fell the façade Alois had been wearing the past hours. He looked infuriated, the same way he had this morning, seconds before he gouged Hannah's eye out. After a moment he huffed and straightened his posture, "Hannah!" He yelled, Claude instantly fearing for Hannah's remaining eye. The servant had remained perfectly out of sight since breakfast, so he sincerely hoped she wouldn't be dealt punishment for reasons out of her control.

Hannah must have been remaining nearby the entire time in case she was requested, because she rushed into the room as soon as she had been called for. She instantly bowed her head, careful not to make eye-contact with her aggressive master. "Claude and I are retiring for the evening. Have Thompson bring dinner later this evening but have him leave it outside the door. I do not want anyone entering my chambers."

She immediately bowed deeply in acknowledgement before promptly returning to from whence she came. Alois then turned to Claude, "We are going to my chambers. You will listen to whatever I say or there will be repercussions, do you understand?"

His tone was harsh and his eyes were narrowed but Claude felt as though his mater seemed sad more than anything. He wondered if he would find out why that was this evening.

The blonde then stormed up the stairs and towards his own chambers, Claude following him closely. He hardly wanted to be chastised immediately for not following his highness at an acceptable pace.

"Close the door," the boy said as soon as they had entered the room. This direction was followed immediately and the next instruction quickly followed, "Sit on the edge of the bed."

Claude did as he was told and Alois was quick to stand before him, reaching out and putting his hands on Claude's shoulders. It was adorable how they were face level when Claude was sitting so and his master was still standing. "You were looking at Ciel today, were you not?" His hands tightened where they were resting on Claude's shoulders, his glare accusing.

Claude knew it was probably not best to be snide in this situation, but he simply couldn't help himself. "Of course I happened a glance at him, your highness. If you wished me to not look at the Earl Phantomhive, perhaps you should have requested I wear a blindfold?"

Alois practically growled in response, "Fucking hell. You make me want to choke you half to death, Claude. I mean that you were appraising him."

"I was doing no such thing," Claude responded staring into blue eyes. It was true, he did not appraise Ciel, though he did contemplate him like he does any attractive male.

He was met with a scoff, "And why is it that you were not doing so? You were not attracted to him?"

Of course, Alois was insecure that my attentions were being held elsewhere.

There was no hesitation in Claude raising his hands to rest on either side of the boy's waist. It was obvious he needed the affection, and Claude was not going to lie that he had not been craving it himself. He must be a saint to restrain himself all day while the nymph was parading around in shorts and boots in front of other desirable men.

"Your highness," he said quietly, "It is impossible to appraise potatoes when they are placed next to solid chocolate."

Icy blue eyes shone with unshed tears and he made no response at first, other than straddling Claude's lap and wrapping his arms around his shoulders, burying his face into the larger man's neck. The blonde's forehead seemed abnormally warm against the skin of his neck, but Claude suspected it was the lingering effects of the fever he had not yet completely shaken.

Claude wrapped his own arms the whole way around Alois' waist, pulling him even closer. He couldn't help but appreciate the lightness of the waif in his arms. Claude would hold this boy in any way he desired to ensure his own safety, though now that he held him here, he could not be sure if his only desire would be his own safety and personal gain.

Alois pulled his head back so they were face to face once again and laced his fingers through Claude's hair. Pale blue gazed at him like they had never seen such wonder before as he said, "I want to tell you everything."

Chapter Text

When exactly the torment began, Alois did not know. All he knew is that his parents died when he was two years old and he and his newborn brother fell into the care of Arnold Trancy. Of course, a businessman such as himself did not have the time to raise two children and he hardly had the means to nurse a baby, so the boys did have a nurse. Alois has more memory of that woman than he does of his own mother and so he felt her loss more profoundly then he ever did the death of his own parents.

His mother died while giving birth to Luka. Alois had a vague memory of the Countess Trancy being weak and bedridden during her pregnancy and he remembered he used to cuddle against her warmth in bed and daydream of all the games he would play with his new sibling. He does not remember if she was a good woman, but he sometimes imagines he can still feel the sensation of her fingers caressing his forehead and lulling him to sleep. He knew that she was beautiful, that much was evident from the portraits of her which still remained in the manor. Alois was lucky to have inherited his wide eyes from her, rather than the beady eyes of his father.

When Alois looked at portraits of his parents, he often wondered how a man such as his father could have married a woman as beautiful as his mother. Though he suspected his father's wealth had something to do with it.

The former head Trancy was a vile looking man and though Alois had long since stopped believing in God, he could only pray that he wouldn't grow to look like his father in his old age. Johann Trancy was not a good man. When Alois was 13 and old enough to formerly manage the estate, he discovered that his father had only sought to expand his wealth through less-than-appropriate means. While his father owned and managed all the property acquired by the Trancy men before him, his further investments quickly became of the unsavoury nature.

What began with the normal gentlemen clubs frequented by men in high society expanded into the kind of gentleman clubs which were concerned with raking about and fulfilling the desires one could not satisfy with the debutants. This soon delved into owning lower-class brothels and casinos, before finally succumbing to the acquisition of houses of catamites. Alois could certainly see the financial appeal of owning these establishments. As they were frequented secretly by noble men who were willing to pay large sums to quench their desires for the male flesh, they were just as profitable as the gentleman's clubs and vastly more profitable than the brothels.
It took very little investigation to find that his father had been physically involved with these houses and was clearly a pederast. Whether this was known by his mother, Alois was not sure. He assumed that the disease Johann perished off shortly after his mother's death was likely the kind that spread around those establishments. Alois could only be thankful that his father had died early, or else he may have found himself at risk of more than one abuser.

Alois does remember some joyful times in the first four years of Luka's life, when Arnold was their guardian but they were under the care of the nursemaid. The would often play outside and the nurse was as kind to them as he imagined any mother would be. Sometime during this period, Arnold started violating Alois, though he does not remember the first time as some kind of distinct memory. He had no reason to fear Arnold's ministrations at that time. Arnold told him they were doing the right thing, so he believed they were. He had no reason to be scared and he had many joyous times with his brother and nurse to override any fear he may have felt in this period.

He does remember the night he realised that the way his uncle treated him was not proper or normal. He was six years old. They were in Alois' room, Arnold laying back on the bed while his nephew pleasured him with his mouth. The nurse had come into the room, checking to see if Alois was faring well after coming down with one of his frequent fevers. When she saw the display, she had screamed and hurled profanities at Arnold. He had grabbed her by the throat, pinned her against the wall and choked her to death while Alois watched.

When her lifeless body slumped to the floor, Arnold had pinned Alois face down into the bed and taken him. He cried the whole time, hardly registering own physical pain and instead mourning the death of the woman who was practically his mother. It was in that moment he knew his uncle was a bad man. Not only was he a murderer, but now Alois recognised from the nurse's reaction that the touches his uncle liked to give him late at night were not proper.

After he was done, Arnold left only pausing briefly to give a threat. "Think about uttering a word about this to anyone and I will do to Luka what I did to you and this bitch tonight."

Alois lived only to protect Luka after that point. He cared for his brother in the day and served his duties to his uncle at night. He could swear he remembered every single encounter he had with his uncle after the night of the murder, each engrained into his very soul - increasing his thirst for revenge. Everything was fine this way. Sure, Alois had to suffer, but his pain was of little consequence when it guaranteed the protection of his brother.

He should have kept things that way…but he couldn't help himself. One night, it became all too much and his instinct of self-preservation kicked in.

Arnold had brought a group of men to the manor and they had stayed up until an ungodly hour drinking, smoking cigars and playing billiards. Alois had assumed that the presence of company would ensure his own safety that night. He was looking forward to a night of undisturbed peace. At ten years of age, he was still small but he hoped that the one night of good sleep would help him grow tall so he could fight off his enemy in the future. He was so sure that he would be undisturbed that he ended up terrified when he was shaken awake only to be greeted with the sight of four very large men. One being his own uncle.

"Here we are, men. You can all enjoy this boy here, I keep him separate from the others." Arnold had said with a smirk, cigar still in his mouth, likely dropping ash all over Alois' bed.

"No wonder," one of the men responded. He was faceless in the way Alois was remembering. He could hardly remember if it had just been extremely dark in the room or if his memory had chosen to forget the extras who took part in the events. "This one is a lot prettier than all the rest," the man caressed Alois' hair, letting the hand settle on the back of the boy's neck.

He was too scared to even comprehend allowing all these men to have him. His uncle, he could handle. He was familiar and predictable. Alois did not know these men, he did not know if his body could handle it. He wasn't thinking at all when he noticed the door was open. He slapped the hand off his neck and darted from the bed, avoiding the slow and drunken men and bolting through the door.

He had nowhere to go. If he left the house, he would easily be found. And even if he did manage to run away, he had no idea how to care for himself. So he found a place to hide in the manor. He ran to Arnold's study, for he knew it would be the last place the man would think to look. He hid in one of the cabinets in the room, staying as still as possible and hardly even breathing. He knew he would be found out eventually but he hoped that enough time would pass that they would grow tired of looking for him and the other men would return home. Then, he would think of coming out, for he knew perfectly well how he could satisfy his uncle and relieve him of the anger he felt.

Alois hid in the cabinet for what felt like hours. And it was. When he heard the clamour of the servants downstairs preparing for breakfast, he quietly exited the room and tiptoed to Luka's room. He wished to cuddle up against his brother and ease his own fear until they were summoned for breakfast. However, when Alois tiptoed over to Luka's bed, he realised that it was empty.

He hoped that his brother had just left the room and snuck down to the kitchen but he couldn't help his immediate panic. His heart fluttered with dread as he made his way down to the kitchen, checking every room for his brother. At first, he tentatively called out his brothers name, but with every moment he received no response he became louder and more frantic with his calls.

By the time he got to the kitchen, Alois was holding back tears and his heart was racing in his chest. He felt like he could be sick at any moment. He knew even before he looked that Luka wouldn't be there. In fact, he knew the moment his brother wasn't in bed that the unthinkable had happened.

When Alois entered, the servants immediately turned to look at him, their expressions sad and providing all the answers to the question he was yet to ask.

He asked anyway.

"Do you know where Luka is?" He choked as his tears finally fell. For the first time in a long time, the blonde felt like the weak little boy he truly was. He tried so hard to be strong but it was all for nought.

There was a pregnant pause before one of the maids finally decided to respond, "Gone, sir."

Sobbing, he fell to his knees. Tears were rushing down his face so heavily he could choke from the taste of his own salty tears in his mouth. "You have to help me!" He pleaded, gut-wrenchingly. "You have to do something! I cannot live like this!"

The rest of his body crumpled its way to the floor. He curled up in the foetal position, sobbing inconsolably. Never in his life had he felt pain like this. Luka was his very reason for existence, without him, Alois would never have been able to tolerate years of torment at the hands of his uncle.

The servants made no move to assist him or provide any care. They just stood there, witness to his pain. The only service they were providing was the glaring reminder that the blue-eyed boy was utterly alone in this world.

When Alois had calmed slightly, he went to bed. He didn't want to go back to his own room as he was too afraid to be there after the events of the night before. As much as he wanted to lay in Luka's bed and bask in the remaining comforting scent of his brother, he didn't dare do that either. If his uncle were to come home, the blonde didn't want to risk being molested in his baby brother's bed. He also didn't want to go to one of the many spare rooms in the manor, for he was afraid that he would be punished if he made himself too difficult to find.

So instead, he went straight to the lion's den. He hoped that Arnold would at least be somewhat satisfied if he found Alois in his bed when he returned. It was there that Alois decided he would no longer resign himself to his emotions. The crying he had done on this night would be enough. He would repress his feelings until he was only enough to inherit the estate, then he would have the power to live his life freely. Until then, he would just be the good little sex doll his uncle so desired.


"What happened when your uncle came back?" Claude asked tentatively, drawing his eyes away from sky blue to leave a feather soft kiss on the alabaster skin of Alois' neck. The story had made Claude feel many things - empathy, anger, sadness, and overwhelming understanding and admiration for his master.

Alois closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Claude's own, "He replaced all the old servants with the ones who are here today. He brought them from squalor, so he knew he could do whatever he pleased and they would not speak of it to another living soul. He could no longer keep the others when they knew so much and he did not trust that they would refrain from telling their friends and family. He told me he had taken Luka to one of those houses, claiming that there were people there who could look after him the way Arnold looked after me. And after that day, he did whatever he pleased with me and cared not whether the servants saw us."

So Arnold had become careless and shameless after that event, it seemed. Right now, with this angel on his lap looking so vulnerable, Claude wished he could find Arnold and stab him right in the heart for all he had dared do to defile such a young boy. Claude could hardly fathom how those pederasts could defile those who were hardly more than babies. It made him murderous.

"And when you were old enough to seize claim of your estate?" Claude questioned, caressing Alois' sides and laying another kiss to the hollow of his throat.

He felt the boy huff as he smiled, "I was thirteen, of course. Gave Arnold the titles to all the whore houses and told him to piss off. I kept the servants rather than replacing them because they are the only people who know what happened and will tolerate me. I think they just feel sorry for me and that's why they let me treat them so poorly. Now, I only see Arnold when I am feeling well enough to attend Church. Therefore I am conveniently unwell almost all Sunday's." Alois let out a small laugh before instantly sobering, his voice becoming even softer. "I decided to let my emotions back in when that happened. I thought I would be normal, only fuelled with the need for vengeance. The vengeance I have, but normal I am not. I am sure you noticed, but I am quite unstable."

Claude laid down another kiss on the slender column of Alois' throat. "I may have noticed, your highness. Though I am willing to pretend I haven't if it will make you feel better."

Alois pulled his head back from Claude's and looked him in the eyes again, "You are doing quite an amount of kissing and none seem to be making their way to my mouth."

Claude supposed the emotional telling had left the boy craving physical affection, so he gave in and laid a soft kiss upon perfect pink lips. A part of Claude had expected Alois to have lacklustre kissing skills, likely because he still associated the young age with innocence. He should have known better. Even though the kiss was short, the boy certainly knew how much pressure to apply and which way to tilt his head to make them fit just right. They came together as two pieces of the same puzzle, even just for a short moment.

The blonde smiled, genuinely. He bit his own lip and gave Claude a look of pure sin, "You need to tell me your story now before I resign myself to doing something which will leave the both of us distracted."


Claude was the youngest of the four sons of Baron Moore, set to inherit basically nothing. His whole life, he was acknowledged as little more than an afterthought, and as a result spent the majority of his time with this two sisters born either side of himself. Margaret was his older sister by only a year, and Barbara younger by two. The Baron Moore and his wife spent most of their time seeing to the affairs of Claude's oldest brothers and sister.

His eldest brother was set to inherit the title, so he was always being coached by their father and paraded around high society. His second eldest brother was also a large focus, as the parents were obsessed with acquiring him a position in the military and marrying him off to the lady with the largest dowry possible who would be willing to wed a second son with a life destined only for service to the Queen. His eldest sister was newly presented to society as a debutant, so any remaining attention was spent parading her about and trying to find a suitable match.

His other brother was away at Cambridge, so Claude spent little time with him and as such lacked any definitive masculine presence in his life. Therefore, he grew up playing house Margie and Barb as a young boy and then accompanying them on their walks to the town near their estate.

Claude wasn't sure if years of listening to his sisters gush about the attractiveness to certain men played a part in his own attraction, but he was sure it at the very least led him to realise that his attraction did not rest with the pretty girls from school. He barely appraised them for any time longer than it took for him to notice that Jane's complexion did not suit green, or that Mary wore the most flattering petticoats.

His parents took very little notice of him at all until he was 18 and they realised that perhaps it was time to see about him getting a profession of some kind and presenting him to society as another eligible bachelor of good name but with no copper to line his pockets. As a fourth son, he would be immediately be every lady's final choice - not that it bothered him - and he would do best to seek a life that would at least allow himself to be comfortable.

His father was set on him joining the clergy, even though it would be evident to his father if he ever paid him any attention, that Claude could hardly stand to stay awake during Church every Sunday.

There was no use arguing with the path his father had chosen for him, but Margie came up with the grand idea that if he could at least convince his father to let him go to school first then he would at least be able to have a few years of freedom before being forced into a life duller than one he could ever hope to imagine for himself.

His father agreed to allow him an education and so Claude was able to waste a few years of his life away. It was there that Vincent Phantomhive became an acquaintance of his.

The raven was introduced to a whole manner of things during this time - opium, whiskey, and most importantly, whore houses. At first he was completely repulsed at the thought of paying to rake about with some person he didn't know, no matter how high class the establishment came to be. That was, until he stumbled across another kind of establishment. It was a brothel, that was for certain, and it appeared no more or less different from any of the "high class" whore houses. This one, however, was filled with boys prancing around in all sorts of attire (or lack of therein).

His interest was immediately sparked and for the first time in his life he felt overwhelming desire. The way he supposed his friends felt when they went to the brothels filled with women.

The first boy who approached him was clearly no more than 14 and Claude immediately turned him away. He had to turn away quite a few more for appearing to be only between the ages of 10 and 14, but eventually he found the boys who looked older. These ones looked to be about 16. Whether they were or not was up for debate, but Claude would rather leave those details unconfirmed. He was so aroused at the sight of all these attractive males that he was hardly going to ask for some way of proving their age.

Claude had payed for the boy and taken him in one of the rooms of the brothel, he had been clumsy but the young man had shown him the ropes of how to pleasure someone of the same sex. It had been amazing and after that he was hooked.

He visited various establishments of this kind at least once or twice a week for the duration of his studies, and when he managed to find a job as an assistant to a theologian in London, he remained doing so for very many years. His father allowed him to retain the assistant job and stay in town. Claude found it hardly mattered what career he had chosen, as long as his father felt like he had some control of it. He suspected his father was only satisfied because a theology assistant was in some way similar to joining the Church.

Claude had a great life in London. He could live the way he wanted to, work a simple job with a nice old man, and was paid money by his father just for being one of his children. Lord knows it would be unacceptable for a child of the Baron Moore to be parading about in less than the finest attire, whether he be the fourth son or not.

Approximately two years prior to the day Claude met Alois, he took a trip back to the estate to celebrate the marriage of his younger sister. She was to wed a Colonel and the whole family was gathering together to celebrate the event.

He made the journey out to the country and had a rather pleasant time. Though it was starkly less entertaining than the life he had in London, he had missed his siblings and had not yet met the majority of his nieces and nephews. All was going well until the night before Barbara was set to marry her beau, Conrad.

It was late at night and Claude had thought he was the only one left awake. He kept strange hours due to the nightlife he lived in town and so he was awake reading in the library. Conrad came into the library, at first just making small talk with him. Claude had thought that perhaps his future brother-in-law was suffering some pre-wedding nerves and needed to talk to relieve some of his anxiety.

It turned out that his sister's dear fiancé was seeking more than just that kind of relief. Conrad began flirting with Claude, and again Claude gave the other man the benefit of the doubt and thought that perhaps he wasn't meaning to flirt and was impaired from drinking.

That was, until Conrad decided he had enough talking and pinned Claude to the sofa he was resting in, laying on top of him and kissing him.

Claude did push him away but by the time he did, it was too late. When you have so many siblings, it is impossible to ever have secrets. His eldest sister had apparently woken and was wondering about the house in search of something and had poked her head into the library when the act occurred.

The entire family was awoken to hear about the disgraceful act between Conrad and Claude. Although it had been Conrad who kissed Claude and had climbed on top of him, the man received none of the blame. Conrad was a Colonel, he could not possibly do any wrong. Not like the deplorable Claude - least favoured of all the Moore children.

Conrad and Barbara were still wed in what he knew would be a loveless marriage, and Claude was cast out of the family. They forced him to change his surname from Moore to his mother's maiden name, Faustus. He was sent back to London to live, where he would receive no more financial aid from his family.

Claude was so distraught he threw himself into a prolonged opium haze. After eight months, he quit his job so he would have more time to smoke opium and have sexual relations with boys from the Trancy whore houses. He managed to live his London life for quite a while longer before his funds ran out. A few months after quitting his job, he had to stop smoking opium so that he could afford to sleep with boys. A few months after that, he had to stop that as well so he could afford his rent. Eventually, even that money ran out and he was homeless.

That was when he started wandering, eventually making his way to the bridge near the Trancy estate, where he lived for a period - observing, waiting. Hoping to steal, only to climb through that window and fall right into the arms of the first gift he had ever received from God.

Chapter Text

Alois caressed the lines of Claude's cheekbones and jaw - this man in front of him was so handsome and so hopelessly flawed just like himself. "I'm sorry that happened to you," he muttered quietly. He looked into golden eyes in wonder, he was so impressed that Claude suffered through that and was still here today. Sure, he may not have been abused, but he had lost those who cared about him and his fortune. At the end of the day, Alois always knew he had money. Always knew he would live comfortably, with a bed and a warm fire and servants to cater to his every need. He knew he could never live in poverty like this gorgeous man whose lap he was perched upon.

"Don't be sorry, I feel nothing in particular towards the situation. It has been enough time now that the pain has passed," the man replied, perfectly stoic as always. It was infuriating, really, how he managed to always be so expressionless. It reminded him of…

He chuckled and put his hands on Claude's shoulders, squeezing them. "You know what? You remind me of how I used to be, before I found my independence. You are so shut off. I used to be just like you. We just need to find your independence."

The raven narrowed his eyes slightly at the remark before planting another kiss under Alois' jaw. The young boy was absolutely revelling in the attention, nothing felt better than the soft and slightly damp pressure of the man's lips against his sensitive skin. "I thought I was the old man who should be giving life advice here but I suppose I was wrong." He squeezed Alois' waist, the sensation ever so slightly ticklish.

"Besides," he continued. "I'm yours now. I live to serve you. Now that I know what that man did to you, I will do everything I can to help you avenge your brother."

The proclamation stirred something inside Alois which he both loved and despised. He loved the part which revelled in the promise of finally bringing about Arnold Trancy's demise. He detested the part that wanted to cry with the pure adoration for Claude which coursed through him at that moment. He practically had to blink back the tears he felt prickling at the corners of his eyes. "Why? What makes you want to help me?"

Claude suddenly flipped their position so that Alois was no longer perched upon his lap but instead sitting on the bed, the older man dropping to his knees and beginning to unlace his boots. He didn't make eye contact as he answered, "Well, I would not be a very good butler if I did not try to please you, your highness."

The blonde boy couldn't help but cringe at the word 'butler', it seemed wrong now that this man knew such intimate details about himself. 'Butler' just reminded Alois of how truly lonely he was, that so long as Claude held the title he could never truly be his companion and confidant.

He turned his head to the side, "I changed my mind." He announced, "I don't want a butler. I have plenty of perfect servants, I have no need for another. Let alone another who is so blatantly inadequate in skill for such a position. I want you to be my companion. As far as anyone else is concerned, you're from a distinguished family and we happened to make good friends."

He could now feel Claude's eyes on him but he kept his own head turned away, he could feel his face redden and could hardly do anything to stop it. Why did he feel this way? How could simply declaring a change in position make this entire situation seem far more intimate?

Eventually, Alois exhaled and managed to return Claude's gaze and was surprised to find that the man was displaying an emotion.

Sure, he simply seemed only very slightly puzzled, but it was something for the boy to work with.

"Do you not want my help to seek revenge? You mentioned you wanted revenge more than anything and said you did not have the means. I do have the means, I can enter any of those places and no one will think anything of it. I can advance on the problem at its very source and create an opportunity for you to do what you need." Oddly enough, Claude seemed almost pleading in describing his intention. Though Alois had by no means been rejecting the proposition of revenge when proclaiming his intention to alter Claude's station, he found it absolutely mouth-watering to hear this gorgeous man talk of targeting his evil uncle.

He couldn't help the heat that pooled in his groin as he began to harden. God, he must truly be sick if the thought of Claude helping him to be able to wrap his hands around Arnold's fat neck and choke him out the same way that old man choked his nurse all those years ago.

"And what better way to do that than for you to not be bound as my butler? Suppose you were spotted on one of your outings and people knew you as my butler? You'd bring the upmost shame to my name and I would have to cast you out. If you were to simply be a gentleman I associate myself with, well, one could hardly do more than turn a blind eye to your behaviour." He couldn't help but grin and relish in the way his blood pumped harder through his veins. His heart was racing at the mere thought of all the fun they would have.

Claude pulled Alois' boots off and stood up, still between his legs. The young boy couldn't help but appreciate the way the raven-haired man towered over him, golden eyes baring down into his soul. He wanted nothing more in this moment to have that body over his own, swamping him with the sheer size of him.

The man grinned, though it was in his own way. The expression didn't reach his eyes, but Alois liked to think that someday it would.

The blonde's own eyes widened when Claude shed his blazer and placed the garment on the dresser next to the bed. "Well, my dearest companion, we need to exact a plan. No detail can be spared."

This man had to be sent by Satan, surely, because it was pure sin the way he could say that like he was saying it to seduce him. "Claude, honestly, I can hardly think about planning anything right now." He practically had to choke the words out, for he was practically salivating over this Greek god before him.

Now Claude looked amused, but only ever so slightly. Only enough that Alois could only tell because he was staring so intently at that wonderful face before him. "What do you mean by that, sir?"

Blue eyes had to turn away once again as he felt himself blush. God, this was so unfair. He could hardly resist this man. "Oh come on, please do share, your highness."

Alois practically growled, blushing even harder as he grabbed Claude's hand and put it on his pants, over his straining erection. "Shut up will you!"

Claude lets out a puff of air which sounds suspiciously like a chuckle, "are you embarrassed, your highness? Need I remind you that I saw you in the throes of passion just last night?" The man lightly squeezed the bulge of his shorts and Alois couldn't help but let out a moan. It had been so long since someone touched him and it had never felt this good.

"Yes, alright. I am embarrassed. I know I shouldn't be for I have plenty of experience, but I can't help it. I've never felt like this before," he admitted. Lord, he wishes his goddamn face would just cool down already. He could hardly take it. He felt like his fever had surged up again.

"What do you mean by that, your highness?" Claude squeezed again and Alois moaned loudly. It felt so good and if he didn't have Claude tonight he would definitely come down with fever.

Alois clenched his teeth and explained, "I've never been attracted to someone. I've never had to worry that I won't know what to do to please you. You're so goddamn expressionless that I can't tell if you actually even want me back or if you're just doing this to me to keep your position here." He almost wanted to cry at the admission, he felt so vulnerable. And his cock was so hard it was making him lose his mind. He could feel his shorts dampening now and sticking to his tip, sticky with the pre-ejaculate he was leaking profusely.

Claude says nothing, simply grinding the palm of his hand harshly against Alois' clothed cock, prompting another moan. God, he wished Claude would just say something. He needed confirmation that he wanted to do this because he was attracted to the boy as well. Of course, the blonde knew there had to be some attraction there. He saw the way Claude was hungry for him when they first met. He hadn't seen that again though and despite the teasing suggestion of fellatio earlier that morning and now the kisses and touching, Alois still wasn't convinced.

He didn't get his answer though. Instead, Claude kicked off his own shoes, grabbed Alois by the thighs and manoeuvred the boy so that he was laying down with his head on the pillows. Fuck, it felt amazing to be pushed around by the man so easily. It reminded him of how strong his new companion was, and how weak he was in comparison.

Claude pulled Alois' thighs apart before laying between them, practically crushing the smaller boy with his weight as he rested on top of him and went to work laving kisses on the exposed column of his neck. Alois wrapped his arms around the large body and threaded his fingers through obsidian hair. He felt so tiny underneath him and loved the feeling of it being difficult to breathe with so much weight holding him down. He bet that if someone were to walk in, they would hardly even be able to tell Claude had anyone at all under him.

He laced his ankles together over the broad back and ground up into the body, moaning out Claude's name over and over again. It had been so long since he had been touched like this, he knew he could cum just like this if given enough time.

He bit the larger man's ear, the only part of his skin he had access to, and moaned right into it. "Please, fuck me, please. I don't want to wait anymore."

He wanted to cry with the pure sexual frustration he was feeling, he needed to come and he wanted this beautiful man to be the one to help him get there.

Claude pulled back off of Alois and he immediately pressed his legs back together. Why was he pulling away? Didn't he want him? He couldn't help the irrational part of his brain that immediately began panicking. It was immediately quelled, however, when Claude unbuttoned his own dress shirt and threw it to the floor. His body was like a sculptor had carved it from marble. He was lean and muscular and Alois had half a mind to wonder how he had retained such good condition after so long without proper care.

"We need to prepare before we have sex," the man announced as he reached down and began unbuttoning the younger one's own shirt. He shivered as the buttons were opened to reveal skin to the cool air of the room.

"Do you want my mouth?" He enquired, he had never had to have one as large as that of which he could feel his partner sported, but he would have to try his best. It was daunting, to say the least.

He received narrowed eyes in response, "I don't mean me." He reached forward and unbuttoned black shorts, slowly peeling them down. Alois couldn't help but blush once he was exposed to those golden eyes. Sure, Claude had already seen him naked but not like this. His socks were kept on - God knows why - and his legs were pushed apart, the older man lowering himself so his mouth was hovering over his painfully hard cock.

Arctic blue met amber as their eyes met and Claude took the small - no, not small don't be mean - shaft in his hand and gave a slight smirk before lowering his head and swallowing it into his mouth.

Alois couldn't help the gasp that left his mouth at the sensation, one hand flying down to grasp at dark locks while the other clenched the sheets beside him. Claude laved his tongue against him and sucked on the tip and Alois clenched his thighs around the head which held that sinful mouth. "Claude, Claude, it's too much. Too much."

He felt Claude looking up at him but his own eyes were squeezed shut now, the mouth thankfully moved away from his cock. "Too much, is it? Don't worry, your highness, I won't do that anymore."

He cringed, cracking one eye open to give a half-hearted glare, "Don't call me that when you've just had me in your mouth. That's what my little brother used to call me."

Claude raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement but simply grabbed under his thighs and tilted his hips further back, "Let's see if this is too much." A tongue laved across the pucker of his asshole and he cried out a moan, every muscle in his body tensing in response.

"Jesus Christ, Claude, are you trying to kill me?" There was a slight chuckle against his ass before that salacious tongue slid inside of him. His walls clenched around it as he felt the man lick inside of him, caressing him with his tongue and making his insides wet. Both of the boy's hands were laced in Claude's hair now, squeezing to the point where it was probably painful. The feeling of the pleasure he was being inflicted was foreign, making his toes curl. "No one…N-no one has ever -"

He couldn't finish the statement, but it was true. His uncle had never taken it upon himself to do this to him before. It felt odd, but it was so GOOD.

Claude pulled his mouth away again and while the relief from the onslaught was appreciated, the boy instantly craved that mouth back on him. The pleasure was too good for this man to ever be allowed to stop giving it.

A hand did, however, wrap around his cock, stroking it as Claude pulled himself up so he was hovering over Alois. He stared him right in the eyes as he caressed him, "You poor boy. No one ever pleasured you with their mouth before. Now, that is a sin. I can never begin to imagine how one could not want to eat every inch of your sweet ass. You're so lucky I'm here to show you how a real man does it."

While Claude sung his praise, Alois reached into the draws beside his bed, fumbling for the bottle of oils he knew was there and eventually dropping it on the bed beside Claude's hand.

Claude looked down at it and planted a kiss on a pale white collarbone. "Such a good boy for me," he took the bottle and pulled back so he was on his knees. Sock clad legs were still spread as the older man poured oil over his own fingers, gently pressing one of them against the rim. Despite how long it had been, the first finger slid in easily with just the slight stretching from the tongue which had just been inside him.

The gentle glide of the finger against his inner walls left Alois feeling the best he had felt in a long time. He let out gentle moan after moan, eyes hooded as he watched the way Claude looked at his fingers disappearing inside the small body. Quickly, a second finger joined the first and the stretch was so good Alois couldn't help but start to cry. Tears steadily rolled down his cheeks as he appreciates the fullness.

It had been so long and he couldn't deny that he missed the feeling of being filled. His body felt wrong without it and finally he was getting that sweet, sweet relief. He hadn't even fingered himself in about a year, feeling to ashamed to come home and do so after spending every afternoon having tea with pretty young girls desperate for his money and manor.

Now he truly got to enjoy a man who was so beautiful he could only have been pulled from one of the boy's dreams, fingering him open, making him burn up. Finally, a third finger joined, and his back arched as it entered, stretching him deliciously further. "Hnnn, Claude, please. Please, I want you to fuck me."


No words were wasted, Claude simply removing his hand and wiping the residual oil on the sheets. He unbuttoned his own slacks, Alois finally having the opportunity to appreciate the way the fabric was strained over the erection. He practically salivated as that gorgeous cock was exposed to his hungry eyes. God, he was big, much bigger than his uncle. He knew he would feel the ghost of that beautiful shaft inside of him for days after this.

The man used one hand to hold small hips in the air, while the other grabbed his own dick and rubbed the head over the puckered hole that was begging to get fucked. Alois wanted that inside his so bad he was going to die if he didn't get it. He started crying once again, muttering "please" over and over again as that cockhead passed against his asshole over and over again. Finally, he felt delicious pressure and Claude finally sinks home.

He moans and his partner grunts as they finally join. The blonde's insides are burning, but the stretch is more than welcome. His legs are wrapped around that lean waist, Claude is raised up on his knees, holding hips in the air. The boy's shoulders and head are still against the bed and from this angle he swears he can see his flat stomach raised where Claude's huge cock is inside him.

Claude is still, waiting for the both of them to get used to the feeling after it has been so long for the two of them. Alois keeps one hand clutched in the sheets to cope with the slight pain while the other hand lets go and strokes over his own stomach where he can see the skin raised. He moans and lifts his gaze to Claude's face, "Move."

The command is easily followed, the older man sliding out of him and slowly driving back home again. Every time he pulls back, Alois pushes his hips to follow, not wanting the two of them to be apart for even a moment. When Claude slides back in again, he stays for a moment and grinds their hips together. It's slow but feels rough just the same.

Claude moans and puts Alois' legs over his shoulders, leaning forward and placing his hands either side of the boy's shoulders. One small hand is placed behind his neck and the other is on the side of his face. They stare each other down as Claude finally picks up the pace and starts pounding him.

At this angle, it's so deep it's almost as if Alois can feel that dick in his throat. The two of them grunt as he pushes into him over and over again, the force just enough to make Alois crave more. The younger searches amber eyes as they fuck, desperately hunting any expression in their depths. Instead, all he gets is pure focus in response. Rationally, he knows Claude is pleasured, he should be able to tell that from the feel of the rock hard cock pistoling into him.

Alois is hardly rational though, he needs some confirmation.

"Please kiss me," he begs desperately, trying his best to convey in his expression how much he wants Claude right now, even closer than he already is. He needs him to claim his mouth. The man doesn't entertain the request, instead he simply flips him over onto his hands and knees, immediately pushing back in and giving a louder moan this time.

Alois is pissed off but he can't help but relish in the slow drag of the shaft inside of him and the gentle kisses that are being pressed down the length of his spine. He kneads the blonde's ass and gives it a gentle slap, "It's an absolute miracle that you have any ass left at all when I've been told you have a habit of refusing to eat."

Now Alois is mad, he doesn't want the joking around. "Claude, if you don't hurry up and fuck me proper I swear I will starve myself to death." He isn't joking, his dick is leaking globs of precum all over his bed and he feels like he's going insane with the need to be pounded into the sheets. If Claude isn't at least going to kiss him on the mouth, he doesn't want to be fucked all slow and gentle, like the man gives a shit about him. He wants to be thrusted into like he means absolutely nothing.

Claude must take his threat seriously because in the next moment he is shoving his cock so fast and hard in and out of him he feels like he's being fucked to an early grave. Alois moans loudly, his arms losing all strength to hold himself up for the harsh treatment. His upper body is flat against the bed, head turned to the side with Claude holding his hips up. The hands are holding him so tightly he knows there will be bruises on his skin the next day.

The man's cock glances over his prostate with every thrust and it leaves Alois with tears streaming down his cheeks. It's infuriating to be teased just so.

Not long after, he feels Claude's hips start faltering in their pace as he begins freely letting out moans. Alois is no stranger to sex, so he knows now it's only a matter of time until his partner cums. He is prepared to feel disappointed - he's so close to the edge but he knows he cannot come untouched. He's used to sacrificing his own pleasure though.

Unexpectedly, Claude suddenly changes the angle of his thrusts and is hitting the younger boy's prostate completely. Alois practically screams his moan and with only two thrusts, he is cumming untouched all over his bed. And holy fuck, holy Jesus, he's never felt so good in his life. He's never cum from sex before, only when he's got himself off.

Claude is close behind, giving a few short thrusts and pulling out to expel himself over Alois' back. The hot cum feels wonderful splattering across his skin and Claude's debauched moans are music to his ears.

The older man wraps an arm around Alois' waist and pulls them down to lie on their side, out of the way of the younger boy's mess. They're both panting as they spoon on the bed, Claude occasionally planting a gentle kiss on exposed skin.

Alois wonders how he can feel so satisfied and painfully alone at the same time.

Chapter Text

Claude had filled a bath for the two of them, Alois staring blankly at the wall while he did so. The young boy felt so empty. He had been pleasured so well, yet still felt as if he was unsatisfied. Why couldn't Claude have just kissed him? What was so wrong that Alois couldn't even get a kiss? How could Claude have his dick inside of him but not want to press their lips together?

The blonde was starting to shiver as his body temperature dropped and the winter night's air settled around him. His skin was clammy, and his feet were drenched in sweat under the socks which had failed to come off during their coupling. Claude would need to be quick, or Alois would come down in fever once again. Alois no longer wanted to be held back by his fever-prone body. Now that they were committed to avenging Luka, the boy wanted to make sure he remained in good health so that they could proceed hastily.

"Alois," Claude prodded, standing behind him. Hearing that name from the older man's lips almost made him jolt in surprise. It would take time for Alois to adjust having someone address him on equal terms but he supposed he had better get used to it.

Alois looked over his shoulder and up at Claude, the boy's eyes clearly showing how empty he felt inside. He wanted Claude to know how he felt. He wanted Claude to know he was mad at him. Alois was never one for sitting around and pretending things were fine and dandy, at least, not in the times he wasn't expected to keep up appearances for formality's sake.

"I have a bath ready for you, I'll carry you." He didn't protest as he was scooped up into strong arms and carried to the bathroom. His socks were removed and he was lowered into the steaming water. It was almost a little too hot, but he welcomes the discomfort. It was making him feel something physical. Something more than this limitless emptiness, tinged with anger.

Straight away, he went to using the water to wipe the drying cum off his skin. He didn't mind that he had been marked up that way but he secretly would much rather it had been put inside of him.

Claude climbed into the bathtub, sitting behind him but with enough space between them that they weren't touching. He went about wiping himself down to get the sweat and mixture of other fluids off his own skin. When he deemed himself sufficient, he reached out and trailed his fingers down Alois' protruding spine.

Alois tensed in response, wanting the touch but also refusing to allow himself to enjoy it. He didn't want to like it, he wanted to be mad at Claude for being an idiot who wasn't even worthy to kiss. "Let me wash you," Claude said. His voice was deep and as smooth as honey, it made the young boy want to press his ear against that broad chest and listen to him talk forever.


He was mad.

So, he frowned, not even casting his eyes over to the dark-haired man. "You're not my servant anymore, you don't need to keep acting like you are."

"I just want to take care of you. I would very much appreciate if you told me why you are angry at me, Alois." He hated that Claude could read him so well and wasn't afraid now to point out his moods. The boy was almost wishing he hadn't changed Claude's position, so that he could order him to shut his mouth. But, no, this was necessary. Both for avenging Luka and for Alois to finally have the opportunity to interact with someone on equal terms. He was unused to not being able to demand whatever he pleased of those who resided in the manor, but he knew the frustration would surely be worth it.

"I'm not angry for any particular reason," he said, clearly pouting.

Much to his chagrin, Claude lets out a huff of air that could almost be considered a chuckle. "You sound just like my sisters used to, always denying that there's a problem whilst making it evident that they're quite bothered."

A large hand was back on him, this time carding through his hair, making it damp with the bath water. This time, he didn't tense and make it known the action was unwelcomed. He felt too relaxed, too pliant with Claude talking of his family and releasing the ghost of a laugh.

He pouted for a different reason now, allowing his eyes to finally gaze over at the object of his desire and frustration. He was so handsome it was almost unfair. Black hair was slicked back with water and golden eyes were set on his own face. He was perfectly proportioned, even if his eyes did appear smaller when they weren't bespectacled. It was almost like he was some sculpture of a Greek god, carved from marble and come to life.

"Are you calling me a girl?" His tone was, quite unfortunately, verging on playful. He couldn't help it. Though he supposed he could let his grudge against Claude go, just this once.

Now Claude's expression switched to something almost predatory as he grabbed Alois' hips and pulled the boy towards him. They were face to face, almost flush against each other, with the blonde's legs on either side of Claude's hips.

The man lowered his head to nip at Alois' earlobe, "You sure sound like one. Moaning and calling out my name, all girlish." The low whisper and slight sting sent a shiver down the boy's spine and his groin immediately started stirring back to attention. Claude moved his head again, now placing a gentle kiss against a pale cheek. "You're so pretty."

Alois tried to chase Claude's lips with his own but the man kept moving, planting more kisses down his neck and across his collar bone, to his shoulder. The boy was beginning to be frustrated, annoyed that his obvious attempts to connect their mouths was being ignored. He laced both his hands through obsidian hair, tightening them to a degree which surely must have been painful. "Claude, why won't you just kiss me?" He practically hissed, too impatient now to not be confrontational.

He was going mad with want, for heaven's sake!

Claude's head snapped up, realisation clearly dawning on him as he gave a teasing look. "Ah, I see. That's what has you so bothered," Claude pressed their foreheads together. "Just a habit after last being kissed by my sister's husband, I'm afraid. Silly boy, all you had to do was ask."

With that, he finally pressed their mouths together, that sinfully long tongue instantly finding its way inside his mouth. That tongue caressed his own, curled around it, licked against the roof of his mouth. He tried his best to respond just as enthusiastically but he was easily overpowered and overwhelmed. Alois ended up going little more than holding on to Claude's shoulders, eyes rolling back in his head and shaft hardening fully as he revelled in the stimulation.

When Claude eventually pulled back so they could both properly catch their breath, Alois was left with a mixture of their saliva leaking from the corners of his mouth. "You're such a good boy," Claude praised. He wiped the spit from Alois' mouth before dropping his hand between their bodies, grabbing both their cocks in one hand and rubbing them together.

"Ah, Claude!" He cried out, wrapping his arms around the man's neck and resting his head under his chin. His ear was pressed against Claude's throat and he listened as his companion let out small moans and grunts under his breath.

Once again, the boy was mostly useless. All he could do was hold onto Claude for dear life, using his body as leverage to cant his own hips up into the man's hand and against the much larger cock.

Claude used his free hand to tilt Alois' head up to join their lips once again, they kissed briefly but settled for panting into each other's mouths when they were both too overcome to give any more effort.

They didn't last long after that, too riled up in the closeness and still sensitive from their respective orgasms a short time ago. Unsurprisingly, Alois came first, whimpering Claude's name as he dirtied their bath water. Claude followed not long after, tilting his head back to let out a low, debauched moan. Alois couldn't help but nip and kiss at the exposed column of skin while his partner caught his breath.

He could almost go again, but he was starting to feel the exhaustion from their activities tugging at his eyes.

They got out of the bath, Claude needing to let Alois lean on him because his legs were shaking like a newborn foal. They dried their skin and Alois caught his bearings. Still naked, they returned to the room and stripped the soiled quilt from the bed only to replace it with a new one from the chest at the end of the bed. While Claude started the fire, Alois dumped the dirty quilt in the hallway and collected the tray of food that he instructed his other servants to leave for them.

Surprisingly, he was quite hungry. There were two bowls of a heaty meat stew for them to enjoy. For the first time in a long time, he was so excited to eat that he had barely handed off Claude's bowl before he started scarfing down his own.

Claude himself looked surprised to see the boy eating so enthusiastically and without any prompting but he decided it was for the best to not comment on it. Best not to acknowledge behaviour that was normal of those in ordinary circumstances. He was just glad that his new, young companion was feeling in good sorts.

When they finished eating and cleaned their teeth, they climbed into bed. Claude was spooned in behind Alois, face pressed into blonde hair and arm over his body and clinging to him tightly. If Alois tried hard enough, he could almost imagine that it was a lover's embrace.

Before either of them were aware of it, and before Alois could remind Claude he may have violent nightmares, they were both asleep.

[ x ]

Sunlight streaming through open curtains woke Alois in the morning. They had evidently forgotten to close them the night before and he was paying for it now. If the sun was still rising, it was too early for him to be awake.

Though he supposed there was no time like the present.

He laced his fingers through those of the hand that was flung over his body. Claude was breathing so deeply he was bordering on snoring, the man still clearly very much asleep.

How is it that Alois once again found himself to be the one waking the man he originally intended to be his butler?

He half-heartedly elbowed the man to try and wake him but that evidently didn't work. He was comfortable as he was, so he didn't want to turn and try pulling at Claude's hair to wake him. Instead, he turned his head to the side and bit Claude's shoulder that was near his head.

"Ow," he grunted, voice deep and riddled with sleep.

"Wake up, I want to start planning the demise of my disgusting uncle." He said, bluntly. Really, he did just want to lay in bed and enjoy the warmth of the naked body half thrown over his own. That being said, he was excited to figure out their plan. He had been waiting too long for a chance at revenge.

Claude groaned, "It's too early to be formulating devious plots." Eyes still closed, the man moved his hand to in-between Alois' legs, gently giving a squeeze to his morning hardness.

Alois rolled his eyes - nevertheless enjoying the contact - and scoffed, "Evidently it seems to be early enough for you to be fondling me."

"We wouldn't be in such a predicament if you didn't look so gorgeous in this morning light," he said as he rut his own morning wood against Alois' back.

Now the young boy had to outright laugh, "You haven't even looked at me yet! You've still got your face pressed to the top of my head, you idiot!"

Needless to say, they stayed in bed a little longer - rutting up against each other until sheets and skin were dirtied once again.

Chapter Text

Much later that morning, they sat together to eat breakfast in the dining room. Claude took note of how Alois was in such good spirits that he didn't even cast a look at Hannah. The man was grateful that he wouldn't have to witness any of the servants being abused over breakfast, or else he might be at risk of losing it.

The servants didn't question Claude's new change of status within the household, quietly accepting it without even seeming surprised. They were all generally so stoic that Claude wondered what they were actually thinking.

"Claude, I absolutely cannot wait to choke my uncle to death. Please, do share how we are to get to that point?" The boy was practically bouncing in his seat, so excited to plan his revenge. Claude was also looking forward to it, he hoped that when his little lover was able to wrap his hands around the neck of his uncle that he would allow Claude to have his hands there too, squeezing the life out of the person who dared to corrupt a perfectly innocent child.

He could only hope that he would be allowed the pleasure. He supposed it was unlikely, though. Claude was only in the position he was in because he was useful. He knew that once he helped Alois to get where he needed to be, the boy would caste him out. There was no purpose for him beyond this one thing.

"Well," Claude began. He had some vague semblance of a plan in his mind but he truthfully had not had the time to flesh out the details. He had been…preoccupied as of late, to say the least. "We first need to find out where he is and learn his schedule. We need to pinpoint a time when he is alone. Once we know that, it's as simple as that. I'm sure once it is done, you can acquire the titles back to the brothels and do with them as you wish."

He watched Alois lift his teacup to his perfectly pink lips, sipping at it and glaring at Claude over the rim. Yes, there was another mood swing. The boy lowered his cup with a clatter and looked away, "I suppose you will find yourself quite unsatisfied if I were to end those places and help all those boys go home?"

Maybe he was so dense that he didn't realise his little princess needed a kiss but he was no stranger to detecting jealousy. Alois was just a little boy who didn't like having his toys played with by other children. Claude was his newest play thing and no doubt he couldn't stomach the thought of him being with another. For now, at least. He was sure the young blonde would find that feeling would come to pass. The time Claude would be in Alois' life would be but a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of thing. He knew the day would come where Alois wouldn't be able to remember what his name was and just remember that at one point there was an old man who sodomised him in exchange for shelter and safety.

And where would Claude be when that day came? He didn't know. But he supposed he would be long gone from this planet.

"I believe I will survive, Trancy." Claude shot back, annoyed. He didn't like that the blonde was insisting on bringing up the fact that he had almost certainly fornicated with boys that were devastatingly young. He did at least try to hold himself to some sort of moral code in only sleeping with boys who looked as if they could pass for at least 16, but if he was honest, he didn't really care. He was weak. He'd give into anyone who would spread their legs for him, because he was paying or otherwise. The angel before him was testament to that. He could easily be here without having sex with him but he was hardly a man of enough honour to do so.

Alois snickered but didn't try to discuss the topic further, though it was evident with the anger in his eyes that he was very much still considering it in his own mind. Claude decided it would be best to resume talking over their revenge plot, so that hopefully he could coax Alois back into that happy space he was just in.

Dealing with these moods was going to be exhausting.

"I suppose our first order of business should be to venture into town for some time to scope out the establishments to locate Arnold, from there we will be able to decide our next moves."

Alois groaned and rolled his eyes, "I absolutely cannot stand London and avoid it at all costs. Though I suppose it is necessary in this instance." He looked to Claude, eyes now shining with mischief, "When do you suppose we begin this venture?"

Claude gave a slight smirk back, "All the sooner, the better. I would suggest we leave after lunch, if at all possible."

Alois deflated again, "Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement this afternoon. Have to parade about with some ugly lady this afternoon, though I suppose we can leave tomorrow morning. I'll be able to put her off any further visits this afternoon. On that note, do you happen to speak any German, Claude?"


"How is it that you have been pushed into the company of this young lady?" Claude asked Alois as they travelled to the house of his lady-friend. They were cramped into the carriage together, hardly enjoying the uncomfortable ride. Since they had to prepare to leave, Alois had been looking almost depressed.

Claude wished he could tell Alois to not go and he could fall into bed with him. He could kiss the angel until it put a smile on his face and he could see joy in those ocean eyes. He longed to worship the porcelain skin that was hidden under winter clothes. Yet, he could not. He had to travel to the home of some young lady and watch as the object of his desires paraded about with her.

The boy sighed dejectedly, "We're related. My mother was German and I believe the lady of the house is my mother's cousin or something of the sort. The daughter, Wendy, isn't even marriageable age. Though I suppose that's for the best, considering I am hardly in any position myself to be wed. I've never heard of a single gentleman being married at 15, despite being advised by the pastor that I must marry with the utmost haste."

Claude narrowed his eyes. Yes, Alois was technically at an age where he could be married but it was becoming increasingly normal for couples to be older when they married. Especially men. Claude knew of hardly any man who got married before they were at least in their 20s. It was odd that the pastor would be pushing Alois to marry so soon.

He shrugged, "Perhaps your pastor has suspicion as to where your preferences lie and wants to prevent you from sodomy." He was only speaking in jest but the smile he got from Alois in response was of someone who was up to no good.

"Well, on the odd occasion I do attend church, I like to spend the whole time making eyes at the pastor. Just to make the old sod feel as uncomfortable as he makes the rest of us when he decides to read the entirety of Deuteronomy to waste our Sunday."

This boy.

Sin incarnate.

"This is a great opportunity for us to practice our cover story, though. I hope you payed attention in your theology lessons, Faustus, because you're now my dear friend who is learning under the pastor of my church. You're here to ensure that I am courting in accordance with the word of the Lord, or some shit."

Ah, yes, they were now supposed to act as the very best of friends. They were far from it, though Claude could certainly say he was very well acquainted with the boy's body. Hopefully he would soon be the very best of friends with his behind.

Not very long after, they arrived at a lovely manor. It was smaller than the Trancy manor, but it held a beautiful Western European charm.

When they stepped out of the carriage, they were greeted by a small girl and her servant. The two men bowed to the ladies and they curtseyed in return. As soon as that formality had passed, the young girl latched onto Alois, babbling at him in what Claude knew to be German, though he could hardly understand the language.

"Ja! Guten tag, Wendy. Können wir bitte Englisch sprechen?" Alois responded to her, placing a hand on her shoulder to settle her down.

"Ja, of course, cousin. This was very rude of me. Please introduce me to your friend," She chattered back in accented English. She was an adorable little girl but still very much a child. She could only be a few years younger than Alois but they seemed worlds apart. The boy's maturity was beyond anything he had seen. She seemed almost infantile in comparison.

Alois smiled widely to her.

His fake smile.

"This is my dearest friend, mister Claude Faustus. Claude, this is my lovely cousin, Wendy Fischer."

Claude bowed again, taking her hand to place a brief kiss there. This was going to be unbearable. He hardly wanted to play tea parties with two little children.

And he couldn't even ogle Alois to help pass the time. It was just about winter now, so the boy was wearing trousers. And he had decided to forgo his usual heeled boots in exchange for flat soles, supposedly so that he wouldn't tower over his partner. Claude may have been staring at a brick wall for all he could see of the boy.

Though, he supposed he could just play back the memory of the lithe creature under him to help pass the time.


Several hours later, when they were back at the Trancy manor, Alois stormed into the house in an absolute fit. Claude was trailing slowly behind him, not wanting to get in the way of his rampage.

He almost expected for Alois to go straight for Hannah and take his anger out on her, considering he was so riled up about spending time with a female. He supposed that was what usually happened when he came home from these meetings.

Instead, the boy stormed straight upstairs and to his room. Claude followed diligently behind, as much as he didn't want to. He would rather be as far away from Alois as possible when he was in this kind of mood, but he was more afraid of how the boy would react if he tried to walk away at a time like this.

Alois held his bedroom door open for Claude, only to slam it behind him when they were both inside. The boy was instantly stripping down until he was only in his undergarments and Claude couldn't keep his eyes off him. He was enthralled by the exposure of skin, as well as intimidated by the boy's anger. He wouldn't put it past the boy to take his trousers off only to try and choke him with them.

He watched as Alois fell face first onto the bed and screamed into his pillow and Claude couldn't help but chuckle. For all he worried that he would be yelled at, or that someone in the manor would be hit, Alois just wanted to go to his room and scream into a pillow like a child having a tantrum.

"Claudeeeeeeee," He whined as he rolled over onto his back. Claude approached the bed, ready to strip himself and get in. He hadn't wanted to leave at all that morning, he would be happy to get back in. He was desperate to get back inside that pert ass. He wanted to spend every moment inside that he could, considering he knew he wouldn't have a very long time to indulge. All too soon, he knew this would be over and he would have to move on. So, he wanted to treasure the greatest gift he would ever be given while he could.

"What is the problem, Alois?" He asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed and looking down at Alois. His golden hair was sprawled around his head like a halo and his cheeks were flushed with the reminiscent anger. He was stunning. Claude wished he had a semblance of talent so he could paint the picture, so that one day in the future people could look upon the painting and know that the pinnacle of beauty once roamed the earth.

The boy pitched a whine in the back of his throat, "I feel sick."

Claude instantly put his hand to Alois' forehead, feeling for if he had another fever. He felt fine, if not for a little flushed. Though he considered that normal as the boy had just been in a fit of rage not a moment before.

Alois broke into a devilish smile, "I'd feel much better if I could get something long and thick into my mouth."

Claude practically blanched, "Fellatio? Really?"

Alois had been mad a moment ago and now he wanted to put Claude's shaft in his mouth? He wasn't averse to the idea, not really. But with Alois' mood swings he was worried about something possibly being bitten off.

The boy sat up now, so that they were face to face. His eyes were bright with enthusiasm and he still had that terrible smile on his face. "Oh, come on, Claude. It's my turn. I know I'm out of practice but I promise I'm really good. I bet I can even get all of you into my mouth. It'll be a challenge but I think I can manage."

Oh, God, even imagining Alois with that pretty pink mouth stretched around his cock was enough to have him stirring to attention. He wanted to see those pretty blue eyes looking up at him, shining with tears as his entire length was held down his throat.

A better man might have turned him away but Claude was not that man.

He gave Alois a quick kiss and manoeuvred himself so he was sitting with his back against the headboard of the bed and his legs outstretched. Alois went straight to work at unbuttoning his pants, only pulling them down far enough that his dick and balls were exposed.

The blonde then sat back and took of the remainder of his own clothes, so that he was entirely naked. Claude felt himself harden even more at the sight of those small pink nipples and slightly hard penis. Everything about Alois was so little and the size difference between the two of them made him think about all the ways he could manipulate that tiny body into any position he desired. He would get there eventually but now he was going to enjoy having his cock in a small mouth.

Alois lay between Claude's open legs, knees spread so he was low to the bed. He took Claude's cock into a small hand and shot the man a teasing grin. Without further ado, he licked tentatively at the underside, swiping all the way up to the head and collecting the precum which was beading there.

Claude groaned at the warmth and smooth sensation against him, instantly putting a hand to Alois' hair and threading his fingers through his hair. He wasn't guiding him in anyway, just grounding himself to the one who was holding his pleasure in the palm of their hand.

The boy didn't tease unnecessarily or waste any time, that was for certain. He put Claude straight into his mouth, sucking the tip and then progressively working more into his mouth every time he pulled back and returned. His mouth was so hot and the suction was unbelievable. He couldn't help but moan out loud.

Then, Alois lowered his head until the entirety of his length was down his throat, the boy's nose nestled against his pelvis. He panted and looked into Alois' eyes as he held himself there. He watched as the blonde's eyes started watering.

When the boy pulled off, he came off completely and - of all things - starting laughing.

Actually laughing.

After taking his cock to the back of his throat.

Claude felt himself turn completely red, unable to help it when Alois was still cracking up with laughter.

"Alois!" Claude hissed, accusingly.

The boy laughed louder and then covered his mouth, "I'm so sorry! But your face was so funny, Claude! You looked like you were going to die or something." Claude was definitely blushing, intensely. He should have said no. This was incredibly emasculating.

Alois pouted now, "I'm really sorry, okay? I won't laugh at you again, I promise. You can cum in my mouth in exchange for me being an idiot."

Claude sighed but didn't object as Alois went back to sucking him, taking half into his mouth at a time and using his hand to jerk the rest. He was right about being skilled in this. He was so warm and wet and his mouth stretched so far around him that Claude was sure he was going to have to help massage his jaw afterwards to make him feel better. But he was stunning. He looked like he was born for it.

He couldn't help but grunt every time the flat of the boy's tongue rubbed against the head of his cock. He was very close, able to let go at any time. He couldn't wait to see Alois' cheeks puff up and his mouth overflow with his seed.

Before he could, Alois pulled back and slapped his own cheek with Claude's cock. He laughed - AGAIN. "Look, Claude, it's almost as big as my head."

Claude was going to break this boy in half.

He flipped them over, pinning Alois underneath him. "Alois! You said you wouldn't laugh again."

Now, the boy was really howling with laughter. As if sucking dick was the funniest thing he had ever done. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, Claude. I won't do it again," He was still laughing beneath his words.

Claude wanted to be mad, but Alois was so happy that the sight made his heart clench.

In the grand scheme of things, he may be nothing more than one of the pawns in Alois Trancy's game of life, but if he could at least bring a smile to that face once then he had lived a greater life than he ever previously hoped for.

Claude kissed Alois, hard. He slid their mouth's together, pushing his tongue into his mouth. He could taste the essence of himself yet, but he tried his best to ignore it in favour of bringing Alois apart with his tongue.

Claude was a good kisser, despite being out of practice himself, and he knew it. He had a long tongue and he knew how to use it to his advantage. He was sure that if he tried hard enough, he could probably make Alois cum from kissing alone. And the feel of the soft tongue and mouth against his own kept Claude hard himself. Alois gave everything he could to kissing, even if he was overpowered. His enthusiasm more than made up for any lack of skill.

The kissing got the laughter to stop, which helped Claude's embarrassment some. He was still painfully hard, though and he was going to take advantage of this position. He wanted to be back inside that ass? He was going to put himself there.

Claude reached into the draw beside the bed and grabbed the bottle of oil. He rubbed it on himself and then prepared Alois with it, only briefly considering he was still quite stretched out from the night before.

Just as Alois was moaning from being fingered open, Claude pushed inside of him, groaning as he slide home. He kissed the boy again, totally still as they made love with their mouths. Alois' insides were squeezing him so beautifully that he had to take a moment to indulge in the feeling.

They were incredibly close, pressed entirely up against each other, forehead to forehead. Claude's arms were either side of Alois' head to keep the majority of his weight off the smaller creature and Alois had both his arms wrapped tight around Claude's shoulders.

Alois was completely naked, and Claude was still entirely dressed, except for having his pants lowered. It was the perfect picture of a rushed and impromptu coupling but it was beautiful all the same.

As Claude thrusted in and out and they both panted, Alois had his arms and legs wrapped tightly around him. They kept each other as close as they could while also chasing their pleasure. Whenever they weren't kissing, they were gazing deep into each other's eyes.

Claude could see clearly that in that moment, he meant more to Alois than anything else in the world.

When Alois came, moaning and clenching his inner walls tight around Claude, the man tried to pull back to cum himself. Only, Alois locked his ankles tight and wouldn't let him pull out.

"No, do it inside of me, please."

He didn't need to be asked twice, he kissed Alois deep as he pressed himself the whole way into that small body, expelling his seed deep inside of him.

When he was done, he didn't pull out. He simply rested his head against Alois' chest and dropped his weight while he caught his breath. The orgasm had been so good that Claude could almost swear he saw heaven.

Alois' finger nails gently scratched against the skin of his back, lulling him into a trance. "We should just run away, when this is done. You and I."

Claude closed his eyes, allowing himself to indulge in fantasy, just this once. "Where would we go?" He responded quietly.

"I don't know. Anywhere. I have a home in Austria. We could go there and no one would ever ask of us. We could live in peace."

Claude wished that it could be true.