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Taking Normandy

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Settling back on board with yet another Krogan seemed impossible to Garrus, yet here it was happening again. This time it was a female, and Mordin seemed to have rather extensive ties to her which made saving her only that much more bittersweet.

The Dalatrass was on his ass about the krogan and he’d been dodging her calls for hours.

But he was willing to be the buffer until he got an opportunity to speak to Eve and Mordin about what was happening at this facility. It was the one little thing these councilors seemed to forget: he works for the galaxy and the population at large, not to do the dirty work for whiny councilors sitting up on their white thrones.

At least there wasn’t all that much red tape in the way, and at the end of the day, he could undermine each and every single one of them.

The seat he sat in grew uncomfortable quickly, the hard surface pushing into all the wrong places. Perhaps it was his lack of focus and attention towards certain topics lately.

He’d been doing his best to hear everyone out but he couldn’t lie, focus was becoming hard to come by. Li had been right. Always fucking right. But to pursue such needs...

”Spectre. Still here. Ready to see Krogan, Eve?” Mordin quick and decisive voice cut through his thoughts, bringing him back to the moment.

”Sorry, Mordin. Yes.”

Mordin stood unmoving as he stared at Garrus, before nodding to himself. “Sense something problematic.”

Garrus stood up, stretching to his full height ready to leave and not really ready to confront whatever was about to happen. Mordin watched him curiously. “Stress relief normal for turians. Perhaps hormones unbalanced. Unable to focus?” Mordin reached up to his face, tapping on his chin. “Interesting. Shepard was perhaps bonded to you? Not just marked?”

He really didn’t want to delve into the intricacies of his nonexistent relationship with Shepard with Mordin. He missed her enough already, talking about hormones and sex and whatever else wouldn’t make him feel any better.

Garrus rolled his neck around across his shoulders loosening the tension that had built up there. “Mordin, I don’t really-“

”Garrus, please sit.” Mordin pointed to the stool. Garrus made no move to sit. Garrus and Mordin stared at each other for a long moment, neither moving. 

Mordin was the first to break silence. “Matter of galactic safety. Wasn’t question. Sit.” Mordin pointed to the chair and Garrus took a seat with a sigh. 

”Emotional distress. Unwillingness. Inability to focus. Aggressive.” Mordin turned and wrote a couple things down. Before looking up to Garrus again and studying him. “Restless, obvious lack of sleep. Could cause potential issues in future. Any active outlets for stress relief?”

Just as Garrus was about to tell Mordin to fuck off, sudden realization flashed across Mordin’s face. “Never thought could happen. So little data as is. Will have to be sure.” Mordin looked at Garrus again, drawing him into the conversation that he had been having with himself.

”How long has it been since you’ve been with Shepard?”

Garrus questioned the question. “Like sex... or... when I last saw her?” Garrus wiggled uncomfortably in his seat.

”Likely both are same answer. Doubt anything could get you...“ He took a deep breath before looking away a lithe smirk on his face. Mordin and his absolute interest in turning anything and anyone into a science experiment was unsettling. “...erect at the moment.”

“Okay.... I’m done.” Garrus moved to get up. Mordin quickly stopped him.

Mordin held up two of his long fingers in the air. “Likely only have two options. Can synthesize patch or pill to assist lack of dopamine and serotonin. Number two, continue on same road. Likely will have manic episodes of anger, intense aggressiveness before mounting next thing that moves.” Mordin shrugged and wrote a few notes down before smiling up at Garrus. This sounded a whole lot like bond breakage. He’d heard of it, but obviously never experienced it himself. The symptoms were likely the same since the outcome was very much the same, intense and aggressive behavior. He couldn’t be like that on the ship, but why was it happening? Why Shepard? She was a human, she couldn’t directly bond with him. Not in the traditional sense, or so he thought. 

”I can explain.” Mordin stood up straight and crossed his arms before speaking nearly a mile an hour. “Normal turian bond. Same feelings towards each other, yes? When broken apart for long periods of time or broken all together one or both parties will experience a Bond Dissolving.”

Mordin walked to the other side of the room, his white lab coat hot on his heels as he turned around swiftly. “I’m sure you are familiar.”

Garrus’ father went through it when his mother died, though the symptoms and the emotions were highly unique to each turian. His father was plagued with a different sort of emotions than the ones Mordin had been describing. 

”Intense mood swings. Temporary loss of short term memory, attention span whittled to nothing. Experiences of anger and loss of ambition. All very common.” Mordin sighed and leaned onto his work station to peer at Garrus from across it. ”Comes from shared bond. Shepard as human and you as turian cannot have a traditional shared bond in which symptoms predictable. Instead your mental state has altered, the bond feels real to you.”

Garrus stared at Mordin. He was catching on but still a little lost. His mental state was altered? What?

”Perhaps this is too broad. Emotional well being. More specific. The bond feels ever present and real to you. Therefore effects you and only you.” Mordin shook his head and looked away. “Unlikely Shepard will experience such variations other than normal ‘heartbreak symptoms’ for humans.”

Mordin moved around the table and stood next to Garrus. His two fingers popping up again. “Two options. Will suggest the first over the latter.”

Garrus nodded slowly. It had been a month and a half and it was true his mood swings and irritability were getting worse. How much worse could it get? Could it really get to the level of need that he has to relieve himself inside of anyone?

He didn’t want that for his crew. 

”How badly will the pill or whatever alter things?” 

Mordin shrugged. “From level currently. Only improve.”

”I mean, if Shepard and I get back together?”

Mordin turned his head slightly before tapping his chin again. “Is it possible?”

Garrus shrugged and played with the test tube on the table. “I will try.”

”If true. Would suggest not entangling self with another turian. Unsure of outcome.” Garrus nodded and told Mordin he’d take whatever would fix his mood issues so he could get back to what he does best. 

“I don’t think that is something to worry about.”

Mordin clapped his hands together. “Perfect. Will be ready in two days. Max.” He walked around Garrus heading to the door. “Vakarian, shall we? Eve is waiting.”

Garrus had almost forgotten what he’d originally came down here, he got up out of the seat following Mordin to Eve who was hiding in Chawkwas bay.

When they found them, they seemed to be having a pleasant conversation both letting out a laugh as Garrus and Mordin stepped into the room.

Eve was different; she was unlike any Krogan he’d met before and probably will ever meet again. She’d been at the facility for a couple of years in hopes of being able to provide the next line of lineage for the Krogan. It was a true endeavor, one he wouldn’t be so sure was the best decision.

Mordin and Eve had a very obvious history together. The way they interacted with each was unlike he’d ever seen between a krogan and a salarian. Normally tensions were high because of their history with the genophage, but these two skirted around each other like old friends. It was a positive note to the galaxy, that even though everyone was at odds for things they’d done there was always a way to move forward. Forgive and never forget to ensure it was never repeated.

“How are you holding up Garrus?” Chawkwas sidled up next to him her gaze on the two in front of them. “Well, everyone keeps telling me something’s off about me, so not well I suppose. But I feel fine.”

Chawkwas turned her attention to Garrus. “I’m sure it has been hard, managing the crew and dealing with Shepard gone.”

He nodded in agreement. Shepard had done a lot for the crew, and for him. He didn’t really have another outlet like her, one that he could talk to about anything like he did with her and he was missing it. Missing her. He was getting tired of it. 

”Sometimes I want to message her, and sometimes I think it’s best that I don’t. I didn’t realize that with her gone....” He paused unsure if he should even be sharing these thoughts with the doctor. 

But she nodded and finished for him. “...that you would be missing a part of yourself that she took with her.” She ran her hands up and straightened out her coat. “I’m sure she feels the same.”

Garrus nodded in hope. He really did hope Shepard was missing him every second he was missing her, and that she really did have a goal to get back together with him. It felt like he could trust that, and he would.

”Should I message her?”

Chawkwas made a thinking face. “Do you believe that if you did and the worst came to happen because of it, that she wouldn’t be upset?” 

Garrus laughed a little to himself. “Actually, she would be so mad at me.” 

“I’d say it’s best to hold off, the universe has a mysterious way pulling those meant to be together back together. Just give it a little time.” Chawkwas took a seat into her little chair, and scooted up to her computer to get some work done.

Garrus stepped over to closer to Mordin and Eve. Mordin doing some uncharacteristically non-invasive blood tests, it was obvious he was taking the utmost care. 

Garrus leaned against a medical bed off to the side staying out of the way, butt he had questions he had to get to the bottom of so he wasn’t going anywhere.

”Eve, I hope you’re doing fine.”

Eve nodded, her guard down as she watched Mordin scurry around the room gathering items.

”Spectre. I am, and I am very thankful you were there in time.” Garrus waved her off, it wasn’t a big deal. However, they wouldn’t have known she was there if the Dalatrass hadn’t demanded that they stop there.

The Dalatrass could’ve mentioned that they were harboring krogan females at the facility before they landed, but she didn’t. He might've made his move onto Sur’kesh a little sooner than they had. But he had to know: why was she there like a prisoner?

”Why were you there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Mordin quickly joined the conversation. “My fault. STG research into genophage. Was unclear of mission parameters at first.” Mordin took a deep breath and put his tools down. “Thought mission was to fix what we had done.”

Eve turned to Garrus. “What he says is true, we believed we were being sent there because we were viable to assist in fixing or curing genophage, turns out their mission was not linear.” Eve’s predatory eyes shifted to the doctor.

”Those who were helping were taken away from the project, and I was left to watch my sisters fall one by one.”

Garrus shook his head at the grim outcome that he had seen at the facility.  Garrus put together the pieces, it made sense why she was there, and why the salarians were holding them captive. What was the end goal if the it was no longer to cure the genophage? 

”Why did they keep you there?”

Mordin stepped forward as he took all the samples from a willing Eve. “Likely to keep the krogans from repopulating. End results not pretty.”

Garrus sighed and rubbed his head. How would he go about talking to the Dalatrass or the council about this? Without starting an intergalactic war, that is.

They already had enough trouble with Cerberus causing one crime against the galaxy after another, throwing the krogan into that would be the last thing they needed.

“So I’m just going to ask this as a courtesy Eve. Am I taking you back to Tuchanka?”

Eve nodded. “It would be better to be at home with my sisters.”

Garrus nodded and stood up. He had a meeting with the Dalatrass he’d been putting off. It didn’t matter what the Dalatrass said, he would take Eve home. Besides, they were already half way there, no sense in turning back now. 

He had gone around checking in with the crew, one by one, making sure everyone was settled and any problems they had would be dealt with. It wasn’t a normal thing on a turian ship to do, but because of Shepard, he did.

”Spectre, thank you for saving the krogan. My men at STG are ready to pick her up.” The Dalatrass raddled off in her old voice. 

Garrus waited for a moment studying the implications of telling the Dalatrass to fuck off or to pretending that he should appease her, only to tell her to fuck off later. Might as well be now. ”Eve has requested we take her home, and that is what we are doing.”

The Dalatrass’ holo flickered as she crossed her arms and stared at Garrus. 

”You don’t have authorization to transport her to Tuchanka.” 

”Is she a prisoner?”

The Dalatrass quickly quipped. “Why would you even say that?”

”We are taking her home. Any questions or comments could be brought up to the rest of the councilors if you have an issue.” The best part was that he knew she wouldn’t say anything. There were heaving implications for even mentioning they had a krogan, had many krogan. And had been doing tests on them.

He would do his part. Regardless of the red lines, he knew what was right. He’d do it.

”Spectre, this is not a good look for you.”

”Equally so, Dalatrass.” The Dalatrass quickly hung up the call. She would be likely to call back again. Hopefully after Tuchanka.

He would be ready to take that call.