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There is something tragic in Deku’s all-consuming desire to be a hero. It's a fire that never stopped burning in his eyes, not after he was designated Omega, the preconceived weakest gender. That encompassed, statistically speaking, the weakest Quirks and had the highest percentage of Quirkless. Not when he was the diagnosed Quirkless, and not even when Katsuki bullied him into submission.

Maybe that eternal fire, and simultaneous sorrow, is what made Katsuki want to break him. Force him to cry, and run away to his mother. Singe his hair, or have an explosion pop by his ear, causing a flinch. Or maybe, he just liked the feeling of being above Deku. Just liked that Deku was consumed with him in those moments, what he was doing, thinking of nothing else. Wide-eyes looking at his tormentor, nothing else even flitting through them but Kacchan. Nicknaming him Deku, another facet of his twisted desire, ensured that every time someone called him that, his brain linked back to Katsuki. That he could never go a day without thinking about him. That he associated his name with Katsuki. That, Katsuki thought, was a distinct possibility. Either way, Katsuki’s fascination with the bookish kid was unshakeable.

In some twisted form of affection created by an arrogant and presumptuous 7-year-old, Katsuki thought that by destroying Deku’s dream, that he could save him from future heartbreak. Furthermore, he thought by assuming that dream himself, it would somehow alleviate the pain of Deku being, well, useless. And also put him on a pedestal so high that Deku would never, in a million years, forget him. Or see past him. Of course, these thoughts were not made consciously as a child, especially not as he ran around the playground lighting Deku’s dark, curly hair on fire.

When Deku’s decision to apply to U.A. was announced in class, Katsuki was filled the kind of rage the people associated with chasing after and repeatedly bulldozing a car that cut you off. Hot, loud, fiery. Why didn't Deku know that, as Quirkless, he was soft and would be easily devoured by U.A.’s cutting edge academic approaches, and the other students themselves. Incinerating his notebook was meant to be a sign that he should never even step foot on the sidewalk in front of the goddamn academy.

During the time the sludge monster had ensnared him, and was slowly suffocating the life out of him, while he was desperately trying to explode the asshole off of him, Katsuki imagined Deku. And then, in a burst of green and black, he was there running to him, tears in his eyes. Screaming “Kacchan”, high and terrified. The distraction Deku gave sludge-fuck was enough to grant him a second of respite, and more importantly, oxygen. In that moment, he had never been so pleased with Deku.

Yes, of course Deku would run straight to his own fucking doom to save me. He would for a fucking dying bird.

He realized then and there how stupid of a child he had been, trying to destroy that little boy’s dream. Deku was just as stubborn, if not more, than he was. In that moment, as All Might obliterated sludge-fuck, he wished for nothing more than Deku to have a Quirk of his own. After he could breathe, and after the pansy-ass superheroes praised his inability to escape and hammered Deku with reprimand after reprimand, he wanted nothing more than to apologize and ask Deku for forgiveness, but he realized that was only a measly 2% of his psyche. He was a prideful, arrogant, temperamental asshole. He didn't do apologies. He burnt shit to the ground. And Deku, the small little weak boy that he had been infatuated with since he saw the curly haired brat walk down his street, would have to fucking deal with it. After all, he’d be damned if he ever let anyone touch what was his. Poor Deku, he thought, he’ll have to deal with all of me until we die, the impertinent mate that I am.

After clearing it all up with Deku, reaffirming that he did not need saving, he hummed a little melody on his way home, mind swirling with all of the possibilities of their “courtship”.






Izuku had no actual problem in being an Omega. It was just a part of him, something innate and steady, akin to his heartbeat. While he may fight fate on the Quirkless side, he embraced being an Omega. It was as natural to him as taking down meticulous notes on each and every superhero.

Besides, Izuku quite liked all the nice soaps and body washes that Omegas got to use. The titles always brought a small smile to his face, “Show that Alpha who’s the boss!”, “Ready to hole up in your room for a week? Don't forget to shower ;)”. To compound his infatuation, some might say, with Omega toiletries, he liked that something about him was a little out of the ordinary. Omegas make up about 15% of the world’s population, and of that 4-5% are male. For Izuku being a male Omega was something to cling to when he thought he would fade into the back drop, becoming a faceless extra among people that can fly.

For a while he treated being Omega as his Quirk. But then he wasn't the only one in the school. Or his grade. Or even his class. For some reason, in his neighborhood there was the highest percentage of Omega’s born in about 75 years. And so even in his designation, he faded into the crowd.

He’d heard other Omega girls talk about their heats- and the severity of them. It was then that he was so grateful that his seemed to be rather moderate. He couldn't leave the house or really function as a normal human being but he wasn't tearing at the walls and screaming in pain. That may have to be related to Kacchan’s influence, as it has been shown in some “cases” when an Alpha shows distaste in an Omega, their heats are weaker to not offend said Alpha. The people that conduct those specific studies are questionable at best, malpractice suits at the worst, and heavily lean towards Alpha supremacy. Izuku let a breath out and tried to get out of that line of thought before he sat and thought about the dynamics of Alpha and Omega’s in modern day Japan for the rest of the day. Calm down, Izuku thought to himself, slow down. We are just sitting through a scintillating math lesson. No need fly off the rails and think about upsetting topics.

While Izuku really did enjoy class, when his mind started to wander, especially to his dreams and aspirations, he found it only too dour and depressing to refocus on whatever lesson was being taught to him. And most of the time, the teacher never noticed when he drifted, unless he was mumbling to himself, due to his lack of presence. When his homeroom teacher announced to the class that his top choice was U.A., he thought he would die from humiliation. Or at least cry a little. Izuku found it highly ironic that the only time someone really paid attention to him was when they were trying to ridicule him.

What none of them understood, not even his mother all that much, was that he had specific constants in his life. His mother, being Quirkless, Kacchan, being an Omega, and his never ending dream to be a hero. Not just any hero, not a police officer as it had been recommended to him over and over, but a pro-hero the same caliber as All-Might. Not in terms or popularity, or ything like that, but in respect to the people he can save. When someone is down, hurt, in trouble or otherwise incapacitated his legs move before his mind does. For Izuku, being a hero fits.

As a child, first came being a hero. Always. But second, in a far-far away dream, slightly hazy, was a family. And while he didn't fully understand the logistics, he knew the who. And even the why. Kacchan had been the center of his universe as a child, All Might aside. There was no one that he felt the same attraction to, that he knew would protect him (and now looking back, any children they had), and frankly speaking Kacchan has an energy to him that is painfully unique. His incredibly brash attitude didn't bother him all that much either, as a kid he perceived it as bullying the one you like. All the girls in class had talked about it, the TV shows even had large segments rationalizing it. Plus, when he got on the internet, there was so many different stories of Alpha/Omega pairs mating and having happy relationships with those that taunted them.

But then the bullying didn't let up. It didn't subside, or vanish. Oh no, it only got worse. Deku was belittled and looked down upon. Kacchan might not always say what he’s feeling but, his dark, angry eyes do a good enough job of getting the message across. As they entered middle school, and Deku faded even more into the scenery, they interacted less. He didn't hear ‘Deku’ bellowed down the halls, or called on the way home. He felt invisible even to the boy that he had known practically since birth, and once upon a time gotten along well with.

And while doctors can distinguish genders based on DNA after they are born, the scents that others use as indicators don't fully activate until around eleven to thirteen. Once everyone’s scents are fully developed, they ranged from deliciously intriguing to downright disgusting. Sometimes, it’s better to just walk down a different hall and avoid certain classmates, especially because Izuku had an incredibly sensitive nose. And for a long time Izuku watched all of them interact, the flirting, the looks, all of the secret hushed plans to meet by the gym. They were in on something that he couldn’t touch- and no longer just because of Quirks. Something that he should have-but didn't.

Scenting is a very important part of society, and is commonly used as a tool by mostly everyone. Anyone with scent de-sensitivity was both blessed and cursed, they can escape the cacophony of scents but they also miss out on subtle nuances in any group of people. In classes, most people huddle around Alphas because they have the strongest scents, and are typically more dominant. Strong scents bring along a sense of security and safety, and people inherently seek them out. Izuku was never surprised when he arrived to school to see half the class clustered around Kacchan. Because of course, Kacchan had to have the strongest, most consuming scent physically possible. So even when Izuku went home, closed his door and curled into ball under layers of blankets- Katsuki Bakugou followed him. It didn't help much that Kacchan’s scent was the first to manifest.

Izuku waited for his scent. It took a painfully long time to manifest, seemingly isolating him even more. Until one day as he was lazing around in his room, he noticed a very delicate, breezy scent. Almost like the ocean, as it too ebbed and flowed. It would never be something that anyone could notice in the hustle and bustle of life. Quiet, soft-spoken and unobtrusive. When he went to class, with all the loud, powerful obvious scents, his would be crushed in to nothingness. And that was fine, because finally, after he had spent so long waiting for anything, the scent arrived. And while it is slight and fragile, the people that truly cared, that focused on him, would be able to distinguish it. He was no longer some strange in-between thing. Better yet even, it was something that could never in a million years be taken from him.

Putting those memories back into a small cubby in the back of his brain, he refocused on the present. After the mud incident, Kacchan has almost completely left me alone, Izuku realized. Immediately his heart fell. As a very small child, if nothing else, Kacchan talked to him. They may not have been kind words, or even genuine, but sometimes when Kacchan had forgotten about Quirks and designations, they could laugh and roll around in the mud. It was in those moments that Izuku’s heart tightened painfully, at the time he had no inkling as to why.

There was a gentle, caring side to Kacchan buried deep, deep inside him. That piece of him only proceeded to burrow and hide itself away the more adults praised his Quirk. Izuku didn't fully mind the bullying, because if it wasn't Kacchan, Lord knows it just would have been someone else. And in a twisted, cracked way, it felt like a special thing between Izuku and Kacchan, a space that both could occupy and interact in.

But now, after his valiant attempt to save Kacchan, and becoming All Might’s new trainee, their interaction was cut to class time only. And even then, they no longer sat next to each other or even close. They were separated by an entire expanse of a room. On the days that Izuku is dead tired, and just wants something it feels like the Pacific Ocean has opened up between them. Catching up seemed impossible, even with half the beach clean. Succeeding was a mere dream, at this point. A glimmer of a thought on the horizon. But still, the idea of being on equal footing was still a desire that consumed. That made him shiver in delight when just thinking of it being a mere chance.

Because maybe, just maybe, if Izuku worked hard enough, not only could he be a hero, but his other small, miniscule dream, shrouded in doubt and insecurity could also come true. Maybe, Kacchan would see him as more than useless. More than a Quirkless kid stumbling behind him.

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Katsuki knew mad. He knew enraged. Furious. Angry. Incensed. He knew all of them, being part of his default character settings as they are. In fact, he woke up annoyed. But, when he found out that Deku had a Quirk, for that there were no words to explain his level of fury.

Anger had lit his blood aflame and pumped it throughout his body. It was kind of anger that hurt, that left the stomach empty as all the blood in your body is suddenly pumping only to your brain and fists. Anger that left him panting. He almost couldn't breathe, the fury clogged his throat, constricted his lungs. There was the telltale roaring in his ears, sweat in his palms.

Grabbing Deku after their teacher congratulated them both, was nothing. He simply grabbed his wrist, hard, and tugged him to the back of the school. Where is the Quirk that got you in U.A., the heroics program to boot, Deku? He thought, the words pounding into his skull. Deku wasn't safe at U.A. And until Katsuki actually saw and felt this miraculous Quirk, it didn't exist. That was his school, not Deku’s. Katsuki might have certain feelings for the idiot, but right now in this time and place, they were unbalanced childhood friends.

And if, a possibility crept into his head, Deku did have some Quirk all these years and never told me………

Katsuki couldn't even comprehend that, or emotionally compute it. Not that he actually dealt with his emotions either way, but the possibility that Deku would hide something from him, that made Katsuki actually think.

“Deku, I fucking told you to go to another goddamn school. U.A. is mine, remember? How the fuck did you even pass the entrance exam? Didya, cheat or something, Deku?” Katsuki ground out angrily, pushing Deku into the wall with his grip on the boy’s uniform. This close, Katsuki could easily scent Deku. This close, Deku’s scent made him want to calm down and breathe.

“Kacchan, I got into the school, it’s my right to go! I’m attending regardless of what you think or want!” Deku said, gripping the arm that Katsuki was holding him with. “I won the right to be a Hero, Kacchan.”

Deku’s eyes had never been clearer. Or bolder. And that chilled Katsuki. Releasing the boy and turning on his heel, he could feel his hands tingling. The anger hadn’t recessed, but it had cooled some. If the kid wanted to get obliterated into nothingness at the goddamn hero school that was fine by him. Katsuki had better shit to worry about. Not that he was ever worried for the brat, but there was a level of possessive concern. Deku was his to fuck over, and eventually comfort. Eventually.



Seeing the brat use his quirk, and break his finger for the first time, took him past enraged. First, he couldn't believe that kid had been hiding a Quirk from him this entire goddamn time, and that it was so physically damaging he broke bones just to use it. Where in the goddamn world did he manage to get that kind of fucked Quirk?

His mind, typically so fast and nimble, actually couldn't process this information. WHERE does this fucking nerd get the nerve, he thinks vehemently,to hide this from me. To hide anything. Somewhere in the depths of his mind, was a little, spoiled brat of a boy screaming, so hard that his voice went horse, He’s mine, and he lied to me.

And now he’s breaking himself.


Hearing his feet smack the ground over and over again was the only thing that soothed him. He could’ve (should’ve) taken the train home. But he couldn't today, not with all the heat pouring throughout his body, physical torment aside. Today, his emotions were too high to be so close to people. And the running, it helped. He was nothing if not physical, he thought sardonically.

The fight-that goddamn battle- was bad.

Running faster, pushing himself even farther, he tried to shake off the thoughts.

Thump, thump the sound his sneakers beating the ground. The sound echoed in his mind. Ricocheted off the walls of his head, leading him back to where he started.

This game of hide and seek kept up with his brutal pace, each time he came too close to his feelings, he ran faster. Again and again he played this game. Up until he ran up to the playground that was his kingdom.

Then he stopped, squatted down and placed his hands on his neck.

God damn it Katsuki. Couldn't help yourself, could you? That fucking insecure? Not only did you fucking lose, his arm broke. His other was literally crisped.

What’s wrong with you, Katsuki? Will you ever get it together? We aren’t kids anymore.

And that's when he cried the second time that day.


The fight was a combination of his own roiling insecurity and obstinate pride. And the fact that Deku had been drawing a lot of attention. Not just with his quirk, oh no that's too simple. This godforsaken school is swimming with Alphas. Alphas with good noses. Alphas that have the goddamn audacity to wait outside the classroom for Deku. To actually try and scent him. Some even gave the fucking nerd gifts. With fucking bows and shit. Sparkly.

The amount of growling Katsuki had done since school started was truly unfathomable. When students got too close to Deku, an ominous rumble and the smell of burning would fill the room or hallway, and the Alpha in question would turn a little green and stumble away. Being top of the class was good for something at least. Not that useless Deku ever noticed, though. Deku seemed totally unaccustomed to the attention- to the point that he didn't even see it for what it was. He didn't see the suitors lining up to him. He didn't even realize that he was one of the only Omegas in the goddamn school. Does he just think Alphas hang out by their class for fun, Katsuki thought vehemently, that they just happen to have assortments of chocolates?

Sometimes it was even worse in class when Todoroki or Kirishima would all of a sudden go stiff and tilt their head in search. As if they caught the tail end of that soft sea breeze. But, no. Only Katsuki knew that delicate, waifish scent. The only one that could pinpoint it in a crowd of hundreds, or track it down. In those moments, Katsuki’s scent got so strong, it all but obliterated the faint tendril.

Katsuki wasn't used to people having an interest in his mate, and now that it was happening, he decided there was nothing worse. He could smell Deku’s scent infected with hints of others, and it got to him.  Even the scent of those Betas he hangs out with, the mingling of their scents bothered him. Whenever he got home, Katsuki went over different plans of attack to lure Deku into a full mating bond. Some, with roses and serenades. Heartfelt, poetic apologies. Others with a stronghold and dragging.

He always meant to apologize. To say sorry, beg for forgiveness. After they were mated at the very least. Say that he was a stupid kid, that the only subject he didn't understand was Izuku Midoriya. That he didn't understand emotions, his head too large and stuck in the clouds.

Either way, mating was going to happen. There was no future in Katsuki’s mind that didn't involve being with Deku. Preferably mated and married. Bound intrinsically together for all of the time, legally and emotionally. In his head, should the brat have gone to a different school, it all still would have fallen into place. Based on his experience now, his reaction to other people’s interest in his mate, he would have established the bond and scented Deku the first week of classes. He would have moved so fast, to claim and possess, that Deku’s head would have flown right off. Just to make sure those unseen Alphas would know better.

If he had just gone to a different school, he wouldn't be in danger. Katsuki wouldn't be in a constant state of rage and worry. He wouldn't have to seethe fuckers follow Deku around campus. Of fucking course, UA has to be the biggest congregation of Alpha motherfuckers in the goddamn nation.

If he had just gone to another school, there wouldn't be as many alphas crowding him in. And even with his freakishly strong quirk, the kid wasn't undefeatable, not by a long shot. Every time he used the quirk something broke. What if that other Alpha was an upperclassman? With some goddamn ungodly Quirk? What would Deku do? What would Katsuki do?

What would Katsuki do if someone caused even the slightest harm? The hero and villain community is swarming with small-brained, raging dick, sexist assholes that love nothing more than defiling and humiliating an omega.

So instead of protecting him, instead of watching and caring for him, Katsuki’s anger and insecurity turned into the most violent and painful of attacks. Seeing Deku in a hero uniform, in that battle simulator, triggered every instinctual need to protect his mate in existence. Unfortunately, it also fueled every ounce of his tumultuous mix of prideful arrogance and insecurity as well. There had been no way in hell of Deku beating him, that would be akin to a butterfly moving the sun.

But once again, Katsuki underestimated Deku’s resolve. Underestimated his courage and nerve. He mistakenly wrote Deku off. However, on some level he realized he deserved the defeat, after everything he had done throughout the years, Katsuki had it coming, plus some.

Not only had his pride been beating at him, realizing that small, soft Deku could have been fighting someone else, without him, drove spikes of fear into his mind. And seeing a woman standing by his side, who Deku even protected, drove Katsuki past insanity.

He had to, once and for all, show Deku that he will never achieve Katsuki’s level, no matter how much he struggles. Oh, how wrong he had been, though. Deku’s stubbornness and dedication knew no bounds. Deku, he should have realized, will always crawl back up when he falls. And he should have expected nothing less from his wonderful, magnificent mate whose heart never stopped.

The humiliating defeat made him realize that no, he was not the biggest fish in the sea. That he too had been stagnant for too long. That he was not impervious to others, and that he was desperately in need of revisions.

Not only did he need to rethink his plan to become a hero, the reasoning behind it and everything else involved, but he also needed to fix his relationship with Deku. He needed to start taking the small steps away from bullying asshole to mate. It would take time, he knew, but it would be worth all of patience, heartache, and pain. It would be worth it to hold Deku in his arms and not feel the other quiver in fear. Worth it when he walked by him, the boy's smile didn't slowly evaporate from his face and tension didn't grip his body. Worth it when Katsuki stopped being a brash child and grew into a man able to share his life with his soulmate.

Because for now, it seems, only to Deku is Katsuki a villain. Only with Deku does Katsuki feel such a range of emotions. Only in regards to Deku does he open up and feel.

And that day, in more than one way did Katsuki change.




His arms healed. His heart healed. He reaffirmed his need to be a hero. His need to be better. To grow. To strengthen and progress all the more. The training exercise was a win, but only technically. In any real-life situation, the casualties would have been sky high and Izuku would have been incapacitated too quickly. He won’t ever be able to beat Kacchan with the control of his Quirk so low. Kacchan didn't accept losing, not from himself or anyone close to him.

And Izuku will not be able to prove his Quirk if can't use it without breaking his entire arm.

Izuku’s strongest dream is to be a hero, and now that he got to the starting line, he will not let anything stop him. He will crawl if he has to. Izuku no longer has any room in his heart for weakness or wavering emotions. Even seeing Kacchan crying just further proved to him that he can’t stop.

Not for a mate, not for a crush. Not for anyone.


After using his Quirk, and subsequent healing, it was like a flip went off in his body. It shifted the previous equilibrium of his body, completely throwing him through a loop. No longer were his heats quiet, unobtrusive things. No, now they were loud and seemed like anything would set it off. Instead of the typical heat schedule ranging between six to eight weeks, his heats seemed to come every three weeks.

To top it off, they were heats that went soul deep. He screamed. He cried. He called on every God he could name to just make it stop. To give him his sanity back. Everything just hurt, all of his nerves were on fire. Nothing could satiate him, so he would just lay there, his body so sensitive it hurt to even brush against the sheets. He felt so disgusting, damp and sticky and in pain. Oh God, did it hurt. His mother had to stay over at a friend's for the first couple of days, and only came by to leave food and water, because the screaming was so heart wrenching. It was as if Izuku was screaming out for the other half of his soul. As if he was left adrift and alone in an alien world. As if he had no one to love him. After hearing so much about the heats that were painful to the point of insanity and wishing for one, he wanted nothing more than to go back.

And school, he missed so much school. It felt like another betrayal from his body, pushing him even further away from his hero studies- from his dreams. Worse yet, every time he came back his classmates would give him sad smiles and pitying looks, because they all knew what had happened the last 4 days, his under eyes sunken from the painful hours spent crying. The bad jokes and half-assed laughter were the worst.

When he asked the nurse about it, she said that sometimes all Omega hormones need is a push and all of a sudden they lit up across all the boards, suddenly going into hyper-drive activity. She tried to put him on medication, to suppress the heats, but nothing seemed to work. Even worse, he got mini-heats too. The mini-heats were triggered by scents and incapacitated him for a couple of hours at the worst, but they were beyond embarrassing and annoying. Because, of course, they had to be triggered by Kacchan’s scent if he got just a little too close. If he did, he had to desperately avoid all attention, excuse himself from class and book it to the nurse’s office.

When Izuku applied he didn't truly realize how few omegas were at this school, and didn't realize how big the impact would later be. Because, while in middle school he missed classes, so too did many other omegas. Here, it was virtually only him. And while the nurse was kind and understanding, in such an Alpha rich environment, he felt like a burden. He felt out of place. No one else’s body trapped them into lust filled stupor for days on end. No one else missed class because they were dry humping a pillow. The shame was sometimes unbearable. With all the alphas skulking the halls, he felt jumpy too because not only would they know his designation, they knew when his heat would come. And unfortunately, in recent media, it had become popular to assume that those omegas whose heat came faster than normal were whores for alpha knots. That their sluttiness actually caused the heats to come faster, instead of the horrid cocktail of pheromones, hormones and teenagers all mixed together.

While Izuku was jumpy and almost constantly in a flight or fight mode, the friends he made at the beginning of the year, betas uncaring of alpha omega dynamics, did everything they could to lessen the burden. They brought him the homework he missed and took meticulous notes that he could copy. They even went as far to research omega heat research facilities, and send him encouraging articles of heat schedules leveling out by age twenty-five. He was always truly touched by their kindness, as he lacked that friendship for so long. They even stood abnormally close to him during break to protect him from the alpha scoundrels, and rub their scent on him to mask his own heat riddled scent.

Izuku missed his fresh, gentle breeze scent, now it was loud and hot and blaring to all the alphas in a five-mile radius, it felt like. Most of the alphas had an almost childlike naivety when they looked at him with their curious eyes. Like they just wanted to pet his head and sniff his neck. But there was a few that moved like predators around him, all but stalking him on all fours. Whenever they switched classrooms he felt their eyes follow him. It sent chills down his body, but he knew better than to ever show weakness. Whenever the creeps got just a hair too close, Izuku swore he heard a faint growl, and for just a second the air grew hot with aggression. And then all of sudden they backed off. And for now, Izuku didn't have the strength to analyze why they did so.

Izuku wasn't necessarily frightened of them, so much as their presence disturbed him. They felt wrong, unnatural. During their combat course, he always imagined them on the other side of his fist. It was during those combat sessions that Izuku took out all his rage on the unfairness of life, the injustice of his body and the eternal rage of feeling all alone. They always said that loneliness broke more Omegas then heats did, and he never believed it until now. How tragic that his own genetics made him feel emotionally isolated.


Upon one particularly grueling combat class, instead of immediately following suit with the rest of his class and heading to the locker room, Izuku laid down on the grass and tried to center himself. He could feel the heat coming soon, and he dreaded everything about it. His classmates' reaction. The pain. The loneliness. But pushing that aside, he tried to think of how he had developed his powers, his abilities growing in front of him. How he had met so many heroes that he had idolized and dreamed of before. How All Might continued to believe in him. He thought about the future of Omegas, if he managed to become a hero. About how the world was changing, adapting to the idea of inclusivity. He thought about some of the recent research papers about omega bodies, conducted by Omegas themselves.

And lastly he thought about the teeny tiny stolen glances between him and Kacchan. The slight brush of their hands as they walked down the hall. About how whenever his heat was approaching, Kacchan seemed a fraction smoother, less fractured. Almost, just almost, more gentle. Kacchan even covertly threw him an apple today and gruffly said, “eat more meat or you’re gonna be scrawny forever.” Brushing off those thoughts before they became all-consuming and a borderline wet dream, Izuku jumped up finally and headed for the shower. He didn't know exactly how much time had passed but he got the sense that school had just ended.

As he walked to the shower room, he realized just how close his heat was. Cursing softly under his breath as he turned on the water faucet, and closing the curtain, he grabbed the soap and started scrubbing off the dirt and whatever else was thrown at him during class. As he rubbed down his back he lingered on the body parts that had so recently begun to betray him, just to get a sense of where he was at. He gently prodded, only to find soft slick slowly covering his fingers and the normally tight muscles, falling lax under his ministrations. Scoffing, he moved down his legs.

As he was applying shampoo he heard several locker doors bang in the distance. Tensing, he told himself to take a calming breath and finish up his shower. As he quickly and methodically rinsed the shampoo out of his hair, he couldn't help but feel a sense of impending doom. Shaking his head he tried to chalk it up to his overactive imagination but any good hero knows to trust their gut. Reaching for the towel he set aside he quickly dried off before wrapping it around his waist and opening the curtain.

Leaning against the wall opposite him were three alphas casually leering at him. Deku froze, distress immediately running through his body.

“Uh, hi, hello is there anything you guys, uh, need?” He mumbled out while gripping his towel even harder.

“Yeah, I think there is something we need, ain't that right boys?” the tallest of the group stated in an uninterested tone. But his eyes, they were churning, his stance relaxed but ready to spring into action at any second.

“Um, well if you need the shower stall I am just finished up and leaving now so, uh, go ahead…” Izuku prattled off.

“Looks like little bitty Omega here misunderstood what we need, Shouhei, maybe we need to be more clear. You know Omegas can’t do much without an Alpha around.” The one crouching on the ground sneered, looking up to the tallest.

“Hmm, it appears you are right, Aki…” the informal leader said cavalierly, “Mr. Midoriya we are looking for something a bit more, how do you say, intimate and warm then a shower stall.”

That was when Izuku’s heart went into overdrive, and he looked towards the exit which seemed to grow farther and farther away. Looking towards the top of the stalls he prayed that he could jump to the top of one and leap over them to the exit. His true fear was that he didn't know what kind of quirks these men had, the damage they could inflict.

Taking a deep breath he readied himself to leap, energizing his body and quirk as much as he could covertly.



Katsuki knew the moment that something was amiss. Recently he had started lingering around Deku more, due to his obvious softening. And with that came the extra awareness of his mate that he hadn’t allowed before. Nothing like mind reading or psychic awareness perse, but increased synchronization. After so many years of pushing away and cutting the bond that connected them, he finally allowed it slowly slide back into place. Sometimes he wondered if Deku noticed its existence but he quickly threw any ideas like that out of mind. Deku’s thoughts on their future mating were close to irrelevant. If Katsuki wanted it, it happened.

He had just started to leave the gates of the school, held up because of some bullshit Kirishima and Denki were going on about. He felt all of the hair on the back of his neck stand up and felt a tremor of danger pulse through his body. His hands, always ready for destruction, tightened and squeezed, growing ever ready.

Turning swiftly, tilting his head to find the scent that always called to him, he broke into a sprint. Suddenly all the speed training and practice lining up his explosions with jumps, became worth all the hours spent repeatedly falling on his face. Yelling to Kirishima, who looked taken aback, eyes lit with surprise, “Call a goddamn teacher, some seniors are fucking with an Omega. P.E. locker rooms.”

“On it, Bakugou.” Kirishima hollered back.

Running and jumping like his life and pride were on the line, he all but grew wings and flew to the locker rooms. What normally would have been a ten-minute leisure walk was a two-minute demolition path. Doors were thrown off, walls left half standing, the ground seemed to quiver even after Katsuki was long gone.

Pulling up to the to changing rooms, he could hear the sounds of struggle, harsh breathing, and growls. Scenting out the alpha assholes that filled the entire room with their shit pheromones, his growling became an uncontrollable drum beat. It wasn't just heard, it was felt. As he approached the showers, he saw that someone had broken a tiled wall and there were ripped clothes by the entrance. Turning his head quickly back and forth, he followed the sounds. A few quick steps down a hallway of lockers he saw the scene.

Some prick had Deku pushed up against the wall, hand on his neck, and his weird shit eyes slit and glowing like a snake. Hypnosis, if he had to guess. The quirk was good but not quite powerful enough because he could see the fury radiating off of Deku. The lines of his body were rigid with hate, his eyes all but on fire. There was one alpha laid up against a column of lockers moaning and clutching his crotch. The other was a couple steps away from Deku, semi-crouching with a wary look in his eyes. His body was slick with water, and looking around Katsuki noticed that the ground and surrounding area was wet. He must have emitted his water-based quirk and caused Deku to fall in his panic. Bastard.

“So what we got here, shit for brains?” Katsuki thundered out.

“Get lost, first year. This is our business. My little omega here is going into heat and… needed a little assistance from his betters.” Bitch ass number one said without breaking eye contact with Deku. Katsuki could see beads of sweat dripping down the other's face. A couple more minutes and Deku would have broken this bitch baby anyways, Katsuki thought.

“Oh, well that's where you appear to be wrong. That omega over happens to be… involved with me”, Katsuki said grinning cruelly, his hands gripping and then releasing. “I would say release him and I won't hurt you but that'd be a lie.”

Having had enough of the small talk, Katsuki struck. In one fluid motion, Katsuki blasted the water bitch on the side of the head and threw him head first into a cement column. Turning in the air, he ricocheted into the other guy, breaking his hold on Deku and set and explosion off on his lower abdomen. Bringing the asshole up close to his face he growled obscenities right into his ear before he smashed him into the lockers.

Breathing heavily more so from rage then exertion, he tried his best to center himself. Deku had scuttled to a different wall, clutching his towel and shaking ever so slightly. Hs breathing was heaving and uneven. As Katsuki heard the teachers approaching, he whipped around to his locker, grabbed his exercise clothes and threw them at Deku.

“Put those on, before the teachers arrive,” He said harshly, but without his regular menace.

Katsuki watched the brat slowing and awkwardly put on the clothes, joints getting stuck and caught in the sleeves, head not popping out immediately. The primal alpha in him was soothed by having Deku covered in his scent, in his power. No one would mistake the brutal claim. But the rational human was still furious over the attack.

As the teachers scurried in Katsuki quickly rushed to sit next to where Deku was. His body still ready to fight, energy pumping through his system. As the teachers surveyed the scene, Katsuki put his hand out, in between him and Deku, as a nonverbal peace offering. At first, Deku just stared at it,  thinking of the recent terrors, and all of the emotions between them. But then he clutched it in his hand, grabbing it with a grip so strong Katsuki’s knuckles cracked. Deku pulled the hand close into his body and curled his head around it.

The teachers talked quietly to themselves for a while before slowly approaching the boys. While both felt they should chastise Bakugou for his violence, neither felt they could or should. Especially as he glared them down with a mate's fierce protection.

Katsuki whispered to Deku, the softest his voice had ever been, “ready to go home?”, while slowly wrapping his free arm around the other boy's shoulders and lightly rubbing his back. Deku seemed to let himself go into Katsuki's body, his head resting on his chest, and released a breath. He nodded ever so slightly, hand still gripping Katsuki’s. Katsuki rubbed one final circle on smaller boy's back and started to detangle himself. In quick efficient movements, he managed to position Deku onto his back, the delicate boy's arms wrapped around his neck, head resting in the crook of his neck, also while Katsuki held the boy's thighs and body up, ever so close to him.

As he started to move quickly but without jostling his precious bundle, the teachers said, “Wait we need a statement….”

Over his shoulder he called out, “There are video cameras, use those. We all know what happened here.”

With that he started the slow and steady journey home. Humming slightly, the warmth of his mate seeping into his bones.



Katsuki seemed to glide as he walked them home. Clutching the taller boy's neck, and hopefully not choking him, he rubbed his head even closer to Katsuki. Breathing him in calmed the nerves and panic still wreaking havoc on his system.

Izuku had thought he had known terror, but never in his life had he expected to be assaulted that way. While the attackers never had the chance to be intimate with him, they had gotten considerably closer then he wished. A shiver ran through his body.

He focused back in on the steps, on the sounds around him. On the feeling of the sun beating into his neck. Kacchan's hands on his thighs. Kacchan’s relentless energy. The walk seemed to drag on for days, for which he was grateful. He was able to reorganize his thoughts and feelings, and tie them up into neat boxes ready for dismemberment later.

As the winds shifted and the familiar scents of his neighborhood park tickled his nose, he felt them approaching his house.

Mumbling so quietly into Kacchan’s neck he softly asked, “ How did you find me?”

Kacchan rumbled back, the words flowing confidently, “I can always find you Izuku.”

Izuku felt Kacchan's chest rise and fall, the words all but being absorbed physically into his body.

“How did you know?”

“I always know when it's involving you”


As they made the final steps to the front his building, once again as if by magic, Kacchan was able to gently place Deku down onto his feet. Turning in Deku’s still tight grip around his neck, their bodies faced each other. Heads so close there wasn't enough oxygen between them, Kacchan looked into his eyes, his powerful gaze commanding attention.

“I will always find you Izuku, you will never be alone.” He said before wrapping his own hands around Izuku’s shoulders and gripping him hard and close. He breathed out once more “Always.”

Kacchan released him, and Izuku loosened his grip as well. Separating and slowing walking away from each other, Izuku no longer felt the isolation he had become accustomed to. He felt… centered, at least in some way. As he turned and walked towards his building, he felt Kaccahn's gaze beat into his back all the way until he opened the door and closed it behind himself. As he fell back onto the closed door, he finally allowed himself to weep.

Chapter Text

Izuku took a couple of days off of school. Some teachers visited, and he answered their questions, while his mother hovered over him. She never left his side, not even for a moment. He begged them not to tell her everything that happened but they did anyway.

By some grace of God his heat totally cleared up, seemingly beaten by the strength of his rage. After that, his heats were more regulated. Still destructive and heartbreaking, but at least they no longer appeared from thin air.

The mental healing was rough, but his determination was stronger. When he returned to school, he pushed past the concern. Pushed through the sad looks, the pats on the shoulder. He didn't want to be known as the Omega that got abused by Alphas. He wanted to be known as the best Omega hero ever. He was further determined to help those just like him, those stepped on by Alphas, and by people that abuse their quirks. He worked harder, pushed himself farther, and rested less. That first month back to school was brutal, and he still skirted around the locker rooms. Izuku isn’t sure he’ll ever be comfortable entering them again.

What he dwelled on, what lurked in the recesses of his brain, however, was not just the Alphas actions. What the Alphas did was horrible, and he still had nightmares about it, but what was truly debilitating was how weak he felt. He felt powerless, just like how he was before All Might passed on his Quirk. He knows that he fought back, that he could have defeated them in just a minute more. But all he can remember is being paralyzed at the hands of those assholes. Unable to move, weakness seeping into his bones. That is what he dreams about. The crippling fear. The endless weakness and vulnerability. Every night it jolts him awake, his body covered in sweat, heart ready to jump from his chest. Lungs working double-time. Every time he startles wakes up, jolting up in his bed; with one-word, a silent gasp on his lips.
“Kacchan” he cries for wordlessly.

After each nightmare, if he can fall asleep, he dreams of the times that Kacchan held him when they were little. Nestled together for nap time. Or when he carried him on his back home, the heat radiating off of him. He dreams of Kacchan gently playing with his hair, of tracing circles on his skin. Of light kisses on his forehead. He dreams of the warmth of his love.

Then he wakes up to the morning sun blaring into his eyes, to the pain of reality.

After “the incident” school was different. People hovered around him, the entire class became a blockade against outsiders. Even casual friends stuck up for him in the halls, growled when others spoke bad about him. Uraraka and Iida never left his side. The duo was his ever-present guards, ready to put everything on the line for Izuku. Thinking about their incredible kindness both brought tears and strengthened his desire to become even stronger.

It wasn't just his classmates; he was obviously changed as well. He was hyper-alert, his sense of smell accentuated. It was overwhelming, how many scents there were. How sensitized his nose was. He started taking breaks in the nurse office, and would all but huff her coffee beans to get some form of inner calm. It made him crazy, being able to smell everything, the sheer amount of information it gave him. He could smell so much, sense so much, and yet he never felt so isolated. His soft delicate scent was erased, washed in the ever-changing sea. He was but a small cog in a very large, powerful machine. He had never felt so lost in the mass of people on Earth. The information was too much; he wasn't able to process it fully. All he could do was narrow down other designations. But…. there was one scent that he could grab on to. And hold on for dear life.
One scent that led him home. Led him to when they were children splashing around in the river. One scent, that no matter where he was, how close or far, how many people there were, he could smell.

And he held on to that smell until he was able to better navigate the cacophony of the world. He was so aware of all the smells around him, the people, the quirks. He only let his guard down with select few, and even then only in some areas.

Many things changed about Izuku after the attacks, some of his pure-hearted innocence stripped away. But he refused to allow himself to be taken in by negativity, by darkness. He resolved to lift himself, and those around him, up.

And some other… more complicated relationships changed. Relationships that had been balls of tightly wound knotted string had started to unravel.

Wherever he went, a certain energy followed him. Distant, somewhat unseen, but there. From the instant his left his house, to the moment he arrived back to it at the end of the day. In the halls, during class breaks, everywhere. Even in-class activities, he felt those eyes trained on him. Instead of feeling trapped or scared, it felt right. Like this was always how it was meant to be. Kacchan watched him, guarded him, protected him everywhere he went. And it made his battered heart warm just thinking about it. Sometimes, Izuku would turn quickly and their eyes would clash. In Kacchan’s eyes was the surety of a tiger watching its prey. They contained heat of an Alpha ready to claim him. But Izuku never backed down, he would stare back with the same taunting confidence. Something would have to pull both of their attentions for the staring to end.

Neither noticed, but the entire classes would hold their breath in those moments. As if they were watching the romance of the decade unfold before their very eyes.

When Izuku first returned to school, the walk was long, slow and meandering. He just couldn't find it in himself to have the same pep, the same energy to learn and grow. The world had brought him down. He felt dirty, and his mind was unable to escape the actions. The path to school felt like a treacherous trail, slippery and sharp. With mud to his knees, that dragged his legs down.
But then, as he crossed trhough the local park to school, a scent so familiar and warm that it made his eyes water, started to tangle around him. It caressed his cheek with love, whistled through his hair, and settled around him. It let him know he would never be alone again. He didn't have to look behind to know who was escorting him to school.

Under his breath, a tiny tear forming in the corner of his eye, he said; “Thank you Kacchan.”
That tiny bit of support was enough for him to keep going. To persevere.

At first, when he walked home, Katsuki would just follow from a safe distance. Eventually, Izuku realized and grew tired of unnecessary distance. So he started to wait. He would walk so slow, or sit on a bench until Katsuki ran out of patience and stomped up to him and demand he go faster.

“Goddamn, if you don't hurry it up we won’t get home until midnight.” He would say gruffly, his voice like smooth gravel to Izuku.

This went on for a while, and gradually the distance between them shrunk more and more. They circled around each other almost, both trying to figure out what they were becoming. How fast to go, how slow. Izuku was still not used to Kacchan being so open, but he would never let this opportunity slip through his fingers. He would push Katsuki, enter his space. Their shoulders would be brushing each other, hands lightly touching.

First Izuku curled his pinky finger around Kacchan’s, just to test out the connection. Kacchan would freeze up, lightly grunt, and move closer to him. He would tightly grip the little finger, before completely entwining their hands.

“Just ask Deku, I’ll give you anything,” Katsuki would say with no shame.

Izuku’s face instantly went beet red, and he had to look down to cover a smile.

Katsuki grinned, “Hmm…Deku is there anything else you want? Maybe… something special?”

Izuku bumped the taller boys shoulder and started walking fast. Not that he could get far since Katsuki had a solid grip on his hand. Kacchan’s laughter flooded his ears, melting his heart even more.

The rest of the walk home Katsuki would move in closer than strictly necessary, breathing near his ear. He would rub the sensitive skin on his wrist. And sweet, sweet Izuku was overwhelmed by the feeling of belonging.

Neither fully noticed how their scents became to mingle, creating something new.

These were no silent walks either. They would talk about what they learned in class, their friends, the different teachers. They talked about each other’s quirks, critiquing each other.

They talked about everything, from the sun and stars, to their designations, to everything that was left unsaid between them. They even talked about class drama and gossip.

“You know, Kaminari and Kirishima have a thing for each other? They start blushing and leaning into each other when they think no one is looking,” Izuku says with a grin.

“Those losers?” Kacchan laughs, “They’re incapable of hiding anything, but you know, I do wish them the best. The world can be harsh to Alpha Beta couples.” He says while looking down into Deku’s eyes.

Blushing, Izuku holds his gaze for a second more before looking to the ground. “It can be harsh to Omegas too.”

All of sudden Deku is thrown back into those terrifying moments, and he freezes up. Katsuki slows down and doubles back, looking at him with stubborn concern etched into his face.

Looking off into the distance, frozen in place Izuku says in a toneless voice, “Those assholes…they got sent to an ‘Alpha correctional facility’, after being expelled. I hope they never see the light of day again.”

Turning his face up, he looks into Kacchan’s eyes, “My goal is to show everyone that Omegas are just as strong as Alphas. I want to be the role model that All Might was to me to the next generation. To become the greatest hero ever.”

Katsuki pauses for a moment before quietly saying, “You’re the strongest Omega I’ve ever met. Maybe even the strongest person, body and spirit.”

And just like that, all the tension drains from Deku’s body. Blood rushed to his face and reddens his cheeks. He stammers out “N-no way, Kacchan, did you just compliment me?”

Grinning while grabbing the other boys hand, twining their fingers together, “Maybe, dumbass. You’ll still have to beat ME to the top hero spot.”

They walked home slower that day, laughing and leaning into each other. Sharing jokes and little things that no one else knows about them. Their hands were both warm and sticky, but they never let each other go. Not until they reached Izuku’s house, and they stared into each other’s eyes. Katsuki touched his forehead to Izuku’s, and said “Tomorrow.” And lightly brushed his lips to Izuku’s forehead.

Izuku hurriedly rushed into his house, and right after he shut the door, he collapsed in the entrance. Hands covered his heated face, and he tried to find his breathing again. And even after Kacchan left, his scent surrounded Izuku.


After carefully reintegrating himself into Deku’s life, he started to be more public. He knew that everyone noticed how he and Deku arrived and left together, how they all tracked Katsukis blatant movements towards Deku. How he waited for him at the school entrance and walked him into class every morning. He knew everyone noticed how the atmosphere had changed between the two. How he had started to claim his mate, ever so subtly.

Deku, that sweet boy, seemed oblivious of the moves that Katsuki was making. So, he decided to up the ante. He pushed into Deku's life during school too.

After walking to and from school together for weeks, Katsuki decided it was time. He talked to Izuku at lunch. He walked with him during breaks to get a drink. He sat by him before class started. He wants to become so integrated into Deku’s life, that the nerd doesn't even realize that they are attached at the hip.

His carefully laid plans started to finally take shape. And his desired outcomes finally started coming to fruition, he could almost taste it. He wanted to be bonded mates so bad, he dreams of it. It is all he thinks of, all-consuming thought of how to ensure that they are inseparable.

He made sure to ask Deku to study with him, eat lunch with him. He filled his time courting Deku. And made sure that the entire school knew it. In front of all the other Alphas, he would wrap his arm over the other boy's shoulder. Would lightly nip at Deku’s ear, to make sure everyone got the idea. Deku would blush and push him off playfully, but Katsuki would just move back even closer.

All this time together was doing what he wants: strengthening their ever-present bond. The bond that he had let hang and weaken for so long. He wanted to go back and scream at himself for the stupidity, for letting so many other Alphas ever get close to Deku.

Now, due to Katsuki's very consistent contact, they seemed to bonding on a physical and mental level. Katsuki craves for everyone to see him and Deku as an unbreakable pair, to be THE mated pair of a lifetime.

He starts talking with Iida and Uraraka, gaining their trust and friendship more and more every day. They love his little mate, and before, that wouldn't have mattered to Katsuki. Now, he wants them to accept him as well. To earn their respect, and hell, even friendship.

And more than anything, he wants to cut off Deku’s escape routes. It doesn't sound nice, and really, it isn’t. He wants to make sure that he is a center, for the most part, of Deku’s world. That his little mate has to come running to his arms. By integrating himself so completely, that Deku would no longer be able to recognize where he ends and Katsuki begins.

It isn’t a pretty love, but it is a love that will never burn out. Never will he let Deku be harmed, he will care and watch his mate till the end of his days. Deku is his, and no one will ever take away what is his again.



Katsuki planned on a beautiful apology, with words made of gold and silver. Words that sparkled in the sun, and would make Deku forgive him. But when they entered Deku’s room, when it was just the two of them in that small space, the words he practiced for so long never came.

His throat tightened, the fear of losing this magnificent boy overwhelmed him, and nothing came out. Standing there in the middle of the room, his bag fell from his trembling hands, and tears started to crawl from his eyes.

Deku with his never-ending patience led him to the bed where they held each other.

Katsuki with his back pressed to the wall, and Deku nestled in-between his arms and legs. Safe. Secure.

And still, Katsuki wasn't capable of fancy words. Of pretty words meant to soothe, of grand apologies crafted with delicate, elegant words. His words would never be able to smooth the rough edges and broken glass between them. His language was quick, cutting and to the point. There was no room for frivolous words, words with no substance.

When he speaks, his words are concise, all filled with meaning.

And that day, the sweltering sun melting the house, the wind flowing through the window ruffling the sheer curtains, that day he said very little. No words were strong enough, or meaningful enough, to overcome the divide between them. None had the necessary weight of pain and time.

And so all he could do was open himself to Deku. Peel back the layers of insecurity and shame, to the raw heart of himself.

He held on to Deku from behind. Held on as if his life depended on it. And he cried. Ugly, wet tears pouring from his eyes. His breathing was uneven and struggling. He couldn't see anything. The tears covered everything, like a never-ending well from his eyes. He cried into Deku’s shoulder for hours, only able to mumble “I’m sorry”,

“I’m…….so sorry.” He would manage to repeat occasionally.

And Deku just sat there, his back against the larger boys chest. He let Katsuki cry, and cry and cry.
He let the emotions of guilt and regret pass over him.

And eventually, Katsuki stopped. His eyes could produce no more tears, and both his body and spirit were drained. The boulder he had carried on his chest for so long, was finally gone.

Lifted by Deku’s small noises of assurance. Of how he had massaged his hand. Of how he had listened to Katsuki cry for so long. He had held him. Deku’s warmth eventually spread to Katsuki and told him all was well now.


Deku, ever so gently, turned and faced Katsuki. Cradling Katsuki’s face in his hands, he said “It’s ok Kacchan. We were children. I know you didn't mean it.”
With a small tear running down his cheek, he whispered to Katsuki, their foreheads pressed together, his eyes bright with many unsaid things,
“But thank you.”

And then, they shifted seamlessly, Deku cradling Katsuki in his arms, gently brushing his hair, leaving light touches here and there. And together they stayed, half asleep, leaning into each other. Drunk on the other's presence. They had mumbled small things, only to hear the other talk. To hear their mates voice resound into the space between them. It let both of them know this was no dream, just a blissful reality. The sun went, and even as darkest night settled into their city, neither moved. With their bond so new, so fragile, they couldn't have borne to be apart.

So together, for the first time in a long time, they slept on the same tiny bed together. Hands held loosely, arms wrapped around each other. Hearing the other’s breathing, smelling their scent.

Deku held Katsuki to his chest, and the last thought that passed thought Katsuki’s mind before they fell into a long slumber was

“I love you mate, and I will never let you go.”



It was a normal hero in training exercise. That’s all it was supposed to be. Another day in the gym practically.

Expect it wasn’t.
It was the day Katsuki’s mind cracked just a little bit.

It started off the same as any other day, the teachers broke everyone up into teams and began the training. When the two teams battled each other, the rest of the class watched from above, critiquing them. Normal. Ordinary. Safe.
They had done it a million times.

Deku’s team was the last to go. Katsuki was thinking about their walk home together, hoping they could stop to get Deku’s favorite taiyaki. Then maybe, just maybe, they could sit in the park. Watch a movie. Something stupid like that. It was dumb, but it made his heart flutter a little bit, the thought of making his omega happy.
Thinking about it made him a little giddy, his heart speeding up.

But just at that moment, everything changed, he looked up to see Deku and some kid from Class B fighting. And something….happened.

Deku just crumpled. His body hit the ground all wrong. He looked like a broken bird that had flown too soon.

A visceral scream erupted from Katsuki. He was lurching towards the glass barrier before he could even register his own movements.

He was all instinct.

All the breath left Katsukis lungs, flushed out with true fear. His heart stopped, and he could hear everyone else gasp.

Growling he said “WHY ISNT HE GETTING UP”

Seeing red, he started to launch himself through the glass protecting them from the battle area. Teachers and classmates tried to stop him, reel him in, but he was all muscle and explosions. He was completely feral in those moments, growling and unhinged.

Growling, he got to Deku’s side in an instant.
His breath ragged in his throat.

He felt around for a pulse, reassured himself that his mate was breathing. He looked over his injuries, saw a broken leg and maybe a couple of fingers too. The fury didn't subside. He held the other boys head in his hands, touching his face gently reassuring himself that Deku was fine. His hands trembled and sweat dripped down his back. Keening low in his throat, he gently hovered his trembling hands all over the other boy's body, moving up and down unsure what to do. His eyes were frenzied.

Under his breath, he whined “Deku, please…open your eyes, mate. Please”

Deku, his beautiful, pure mate, said nothing. He didn't move, his breathing remained a weak hum.

His voice a storm of calm fury as he said roughly “Did you call first aid”
The other kids surrounding him bobbed their heads and meekly said yes. He smelled their fear, but he cared for no one but Deku. And Deku stayed unmoving, color drained from his face.

He heard another boy saying over and over again “I… I didn't mean it… all of a sudden he just fell… I don't know what happened”

Katsuki’s head shot up, his eyes burning with incandescent rage, “Get the hell out of my sight before I tear you to shreds.”

The boy scuttled off, dissipating into the wreckage around them.

In the next moments, the nurse arrived with her medical team, calm and efficient. They lifted the boy into a gurney and took him off in the car. Katsuki would have followed, wanted to, but his legs gave out. He couldn't get air in fast enough, his lungs finally working again. His mate, his mind reminded him, will be alright. But those moments of uselessness were not forgotten.

He couldn't move, all of a sudden his fear and relief hitting him again.

He couldn't protect his mate. When his mate needed saving, needed help, he was trapped behind a barrier of glass. He left his defenseless mate, his instinct’s screamed at him. You did this, he screeched at himself. You knew he couldn't handle this school, he was too soft, too gentle. His heart so easily wounded.
His soft gentle mate, with fluffy hair made of clouds, and eyes of pure joy. He let that mate crumble and fall right in front of him.

First, you hurt him, then you can’t even protect him. From yourself, from himself, let alone villains.

And then he screamed, the Alpha instincts in him breaking lose before he could do anything. The teachers had to hold him back from going after the other student. He couldn't see or hear anything, just the red hot blood coursing through his veins. His mind was feral with rage. Rage at being useless, of being so close and so fucking far at the same goddamn time.

He couldn't calm down, explosion after explosion going off around him, the shock finally wearing off. The teachers had to bind him and put his hands in water to calm him down. Breathing hard and struggling against the chains, he growled out, looking Aizawa in the eyes, “Take me to my mate”

“Not until you calm down.” Aizawa said firmly, “You aren’t safe for anyone to be around.”

“Boy, Midoriya will recover, he is a fast healer.” All Might tries to saying soothingly using his somewhat maternal Omega scent to try and unruffle Katsuki, “He will be good as new soon.”

It took time, but he managed to reel in his anger and find that calm inner mind he hid from most people. His breathing evened out, and his eyes lost the crazed look to them.

Katsuki, the fatigue of being so furious for so long finally setting, collapsed into himself on the ground. The chains falling around him, his knees hitting the floor, he muttered “Ok… Fine… I’ve calmed down. Please, just take me to my mate.” As one tear of pure frustration appeared in the corner of his eye.

The teachers looked at each other before giving him a small nod. They both had been separated from an injured mate before, knew the damage that can be done psychologically and physically. They didn't want to make this young couple suffer anymore.

They escorted the younger man to the infirmary, where the nurse was carefully treating and taking care of Deku. By the time they arrived, Deku’s stats were up, his breathing normal. Color had returned to his face, and his eyes fluttered under the lids. He no longer looked like a crumpled doll that had been slammed against a concrete wall. Katsuki slowly separated himself from the teachers and went to sit beside the bed Deku lay in. He fell into the chair with a loud thud, but Deku didn't move.

The nurse smiled, her voice full of time and patience, “He’ll be up in a couple of hours. These things happen, don't worry yourself too much.”

Katsuki said nothing, was barely able to hear her words he was so focused on his mate. Every aspect of Katsuki was working to convince him that Deku was ok. And for long, long minutes that stretched into ever longer hours, Katsuki was Deku’s guard. He watched his breathing, his chest going up and down ever so slightly. He gently held his hand and would touch his cheeks to make sure they were warm. All soft fleeting touches, to convince himself that his mate was fine.

He smelled when Deku started to awaken, his scent swimming delicately through the air, giving him the reassurance he needed. His smile was shaky, water coating his eyes, and making his throat tight. It stung, how much emotion was trapped in his throat, his words almost trapped within him.

“Deku……” He started to say softly before he took a deep breath and paused. Swallowing all of the fear and pain, he said

“Izuku, welcome back.”




His eyes were hard to open, lids sluggish and heavy. They felt like weighted marbles, impossible to move and uncomfortable in his head. He was able to slit his eyes just barely open, but the lights were overwhelming and he immediately shuttered his eyes again.

“Take your time,” Katsuki said in a low soothing voice that Izuku had never heard before. Katsuki also held his hand and gently rubbed circles in his palm. It made Izuku pause, to take account of his body and his current capabilities.

His throat was dry, parched as if it was filled with paper. His fingers could move, his toes as well. He could even just barely raise his arms, mere millimeters off the bed.

This time when he reattempted to open his eyes, he was able to sustain it. He searched out Kacchan’s bright eyes, and what he found was eyes gleaming with water.

“I’m back Kacchan,” Izuku said, his voice rough from disuse. “How long was I resting?”

“Too long,” Katsuki said, all of a sudden his eyes sharp, his voice carrying the threat of anger. Katsuki was seemingly aware of this and took a deep calming breath. “About 7 hours. I’ve been waiting in the nurse's office with you.”

“Thank you,” Izuku said, and tightly grabbed Katsuki’s hand. He lifted himself a bit on the bed, positioning himself into a more proper seated position. “This was an accident, things happen in training. It was no one’s fault.”

Katsuki looked tormented, as if he knew these words to be true, but could not accept them. “Kacchan, listen to me- things like this will keep happening. Injuries are inevitable.”

“Deku…No, Izuku, I cannot see you like this ever again. It was like my entire world crashed down in front of me and disintegrated. When I saw you fall, all I saw was death.”

Deku smiled, eyes crinkling, and mouth widening “Don’t worry Kacchan, I’m going to be the best hero this world has ever seen, and no one will be able to bring me down. Just give me a couple of years ok?” Deku said, his voice brimming with confidence and charm.

Katsuki froze and took several moments to respond, “You’ll still have to beat me, dumbass. But you better get stronger or I swear to God I’m taking you out of this school myself.”

Deku’s grin turned into a soft smile, “Of course...honey. Anything for you.” And for the first time in his life, he saw Katsuki blush.

Not beet red, but a faint color that spread across the tops of his cheeks and tips of his ears.

“I love you,” Deku said, his words soft but his grip on Katsuki hand firm. “I will love you until all my bones are frail, and my hair is white and brittle, my face etched with time.”

“Damnit Izuku,” Katsuki said, his throat tight, “What did I do to deserve you, I’ll never fucking know. But I will never let you go, not even when I can’t walk, or talk or see. We will be together until the end, fighting every last step, Mate.”

Deku’s heart felt whole, their bond cemented with words of love and kindness. Their scents mingling to create a new one, one of fire laced with air, spices and gentle leaves. For so long, their scents seemed to dance around each other, intertwining only slightly, but now they were completely wrapped around each other as all mates are.

On a final note, Katsuki said, “Even with all the other people in the world, with all their scents and chaos, I would always find you. Your delicate scent that calls out only to me, I would find you even half a world away, Mate.”

For so long Deku was ashamed of himself, for being Quirkless, for being a mockery of an Omega, and for being so… lost. And despite having grown so much, and gaining so much strength and confidence, the feeling of being found and loved made his heartbreak all over again. That Katsuki had the ability to notice his fine, faint scent made him weak.
And this time Deku cried, soft broken tears of happiness, and Katsuki cradled him like the precious cargo he was. Kaccahn softly hummed reassurances into his ears and tucked Izuku into his chest.
“You will never be alone again, Izuku. This I swear to you.”



Inko was berating herself heavily for taking the business trip. She should have known something bad would happen to Izuku the moment she left the prefecture. When she got the call from his teachers, she was in such a state of panic and disarray that Mr. Yagi had to calmly tell her to stop for a moment figure out what she needed to do next. He helped her get the next fastest train back home, and she sat on the train, back hunched and clenching a tissue for hours. When she finally heard her stop, she sprinted off the train, out the station and hailed a taxi.

All she could do was chant in her mind “ My baby, my sweet child… injured again.”
Her breath hitched every time she remembered them saying broken bones, and “He is still sleeping”, on the phone.

It took forever, the traffic stop-start from the station to the school but they finally arrived. It was dark, and the school otherwise closed except for the infirmary area.
She ran through the gates, past the teachers that tried to stop her, and only slowed down when she heard her boy's animated voice.

He was laughing she realized, and she waited just a moment on the other side of the wall, listening to her son. He was talking in a chipper voice, about different classmates and all of his notes on hero’s, about his plans for the future. He talked a mile a minute, about every subject on the planet. And the other boy next to him, hummed and chimed in.

She could tell it was the spiky-haired boy from their neighborhood, who was humming and voicing an occasional opinion. His voice sounded sharp, but the words were soft. After a moment, she sighed deeply, and slide against the wall into a crouch. She could tell, form the soft looks they gave each other and the gentle voices that their bond had finally snapped into place.

Izuku and his mate had finally rekindled, were no longer estranged. Small tears leaked out of her eyes, and before she could help herself she was up and running to the door.

“Izuku!” she cried running to the bed, to bundle her son in her arms. However hurriedly it seemed, she was careful not to jostle his injuries or hug him too tightly.

And she felt his happiness, his contentedness, and his mate's love for him. All of this made her cry even harder, and Izuku laughed nervously and blushed while patting her on her back.

“I’m ok Mom", he said softly against her hair. While he left himself to be swept into the hug. “I’m ok.”



They didn't tell the class so much as show up standing close to each other, Deku’s face red and Katsuki wearing a triumphant grin. The entire class noticed the scent change, and all their classmate's heads tilted for a moment before bursting around them with a million questions.

Katsuki, now happy with his claim, cared not about the other alphas in the class.

However, during their P.E. class, he and Todoroki were doing a practice drill together, and Todoroki asked him several pointed questions.

“So, how long did you cover Deku’s scent with yours?”, Todoroki said, looking the other direction while practicing his icy maneuvers. “Most Alphas wouldn't notice, and would just think Deku had an insignificant scent.”

“But I know that you must have been scenting him for years, to get his scent so mild and relaxed that it didn't feel the need to call out for an Alpha.”

Katsuki grinned sharply, “He’s been my mate since he moved in down the street from me. Of course, there was never any need for any other fucking Alphas.”

“And Deku’s scent was already soft, to begin with, but it faded even more through the years.”

Todoroki looked mildly shocked but also in awe. He couldn't fathom scenting and claiming a mate from the age of four.

“Don't worry about it half and half. Deku knows deep down, but he just never really realized we’ve been weakly bonded mates this entire time.”

Todoroki scoffed and said, “Let’s get back to the rest of the class.” And after that, he never brought it up again.

Katsuki knew he was a different kind of possessive, the kind that could ruin a weak mate. That could ruin their soft bond. But Deku, now he was strong and powerful. He wouldn't let Katsuki walk all over him, would stand up and defend himself.

And there was nothing Katsuki loved more than seeing his mate so strong, so happy and so fucking his.


School went on. They got separated into different training groups so they wouldn't interfere with each other’s learning. But other than that, they stayed close. Always within each other's line of sight, only ever just an arm away. It was odd to the others, to see them so close now for such long stretches of time. But, after being apart for so long, so estranged. So angry and hurt. Being close just helped them heal the wounds of the past, helped them reaffirm their bond. It helped them both feel whole.
School went fast, they trained and trained. They fought villains and allies that betrayed them. They fought together, for each other, and apart.

There were many nights in hospitals, many injuries and too many tears shed. But, despite it all, all the stress and intensity, they stayed strong. Their love never wavered, their dedication to their dreams and to each other never failed.

And every night, they fell asleep hearing the other's voice, or in the other’s arms. Never again, would either of them be afraid, lonely or wanting. While they slept, their scents swirled together and became a new one perfect harmony. Izuku’s delicate scent of freshness and the sea, mixed into and accentuated Katsuki’s harsh burnt wood and sage. Together, they created a new scent, and a wonderful enduring love together.