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Fate Led Me To You (Now Let Me Love You)

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"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby girl! Do you have a name in mind for this little cutie?" The nurse asks, setting the screaming bundle on Seokjin's chest. Despite the baby's cries, Seokjin thinks the sound is angelic to his ears. With tears in his eyes he smiles down at his screaming baby, as he tiredly answers the nurse.

"Y-Yeah. Eunmi. Kim Eunmi." He mutters, eyes never leaving his baby's face. No matter what happens, he'll always make sure to give his baby the best life possible. He'll make sure she never feels alone or abandoned, even if that's what happened to them. She's all he needs, and he's all she needs. They'll make it. 



2 Years Later


"Eunie! We're going to be late baby! Appa's got to be at work in 10 minutes! Turn the TV off. " Seokjin shouts, hastily packing Eunmi's bag. He packs in some fruit along with some milk bottles. He hears his daughter's giggling before he sees her. Her chubby legs round the corner into the kitchen and goes straight to Seokjin's legs, attaching onto him. " 'Ppa ah!" She blabbers, making grabby hands at Seokjin. He sighs, zipping up her bag before picking her up. "Come on. You have to work with me now Eunmi. If you don't want me to get fired you won't fight with me when I put you in the car seat, right?" He asks, grabbing his car keys and both of their jackets before making his way to his second hand car, locking the apartment on the way out. "Mmm." She answers and Seokjin sighs for the second time this morning. "Somehow I know you're still going to throw a tantrum." He says and she smiles in response. Yep. Definitely.





"Okay, Appa's got limited time here. So let's get going kiddo." He says, unlocking her from her car seat and taking Eunmi out. He grabs her bag filled with healthy snacks, bottles of milk and extra clothing, and races inside the daycare center. "Morning Chaeyeong. I filled in that form you asked me to fill in and it's in Eunmi's little book. Uhm, I put in some pineapple slices to give her since she didn't eat the kiwi slices. Oh, and she's been sneezing all night so I put in some allergex in her bag. And-"   "Jin! Calm down. I've got it from here. You're gonna be late again." Chaeyeong cuts him off, chuckling as she takes Eunmi from Seokjin's arms. Seokjin lets out a ragged breath, cheeks puffing out. "Sorry Chaeyeong. I'm just stressed. Our company is going under new management and I just-"   "I get it Jin. Don't worry. I can handle Eunmi. I have been since she was a little baby. So stop stressing. Relax and kiss your baby goodbye." She says and Seokjin smiles, leaning in and kissing a giggling Eunmi all over her face. "Be good for Appa and Chaeyeong-ah. I'll see you in a few hours okay?" He says and Eunmi pouts, her bottom lip quivering. Seokjin holds his breath hoping she won't burst out in hysterics. " 'Kay 'Ppa. See late'ah. Huv you." She says and Seokjin lets out a breath of relief, kissing her chubby cheeks. "I love you too my baby. Have a good day." He says and with a quick wave of his hands, he leaves the daycare, rushing to his car and pulling out of the parking lot, breaking every rule of the road as he races to his work building.





"And... He makes it! Ladies and gentleman. The one and only Kim Seokjin has made it and lives to see another day in this hellhole." Taehyung dramatically greets a sweaty Seokjin, who takes a moment to catch his breath. The younger grins at him and hands him a much needed cup of coffee. "You're actually 5 minutes late but God seems to have it in for you today because the new bosses haven't arrived yet, and word says they won't for another hour at most." He says and Seokjin groans into his cup, taking a sip as he and Taehyung walk to their adjacent cubicles. "Sing his praises." Seokjin mutters sarcastically. Loosening his tie a bit, as he takes his seat at his desk. "So, how's my little Eunie? Did she put up a fight again this morning?" Taehyung asks, sitting down at his respective desk. Seokjin sighs, thinking back at the five minutes it took to get her to sit still as he strapped her in the car, and not to forget her almost tears when he dropped her off at daycare. "As usual, but God must've seen my struggle, because she barely made a fuss when I handed her to Chaeyeong and had to leave." He says and Taehyung smiles fondly. "She's growing up. Sooner or later she won't even blink an eye when you drop her off. Kookie and I will make plans to come over soon. I saw this cute yellow outfit that I just had to get so I'll come over and let her try it on!" Taehyung says, smiling excitedly. Seokjin simply rolls his eyes, not bothering to tell Taehyung he's spoiling her, because the younger will continue to anyway. Seokjin adores him for that. When Seokjin had just started this job two years ago, barely making it through the day with having to support himself and a crying baby he had to leave at daycare, Taehyung had been a great friend. He's thankful for meeting the younger man who had helped him a lot when he needed it. And when Taehyung had met his mate Jeongguk, the two often took Eunmi off Seokjin's hands for the night so the Omega could catch up on lost sleep. So if Taehyung wants to spoil his daughter, who is he to stop him?


After the two talk over their coffee they immediately get back to work. Working as an administrative assistant is not the best job or one Seokjin would have wanted, but he just had to take it when he had a baby to support. Back then all he had to do was answer calls and emails for a man in higher power, but over the years he started to do a lot more, like sitting in on meetings, taking notes, handling finances. It was a big deal for him-an Omega in this type of business-,being more than just a personal assistant. He was lucky enough to have a boss who mind you, an Alpha, never treating him as an inferior, but as an equal. His boss would often ask Seokjin's opinion on certain business deals and always valued his input. He's kind of sad that he will no longer work for the kind Alpha, that Seokjin will be eternally grateful for the opportunities he was given. He doesn't know what his new boss will be like and it terrifies him. It's not often you meet an Alpha who doesn't have his status shoved so far up his ass, so he is weary his new boss won't treat him with the respect his old boss did.



"Hey hyung, want to take a quick break before our new bosses arrive? I need more coffee if I want to stay awake through this meeting. Last night I didn't get much sleep." Taehyung says, and Seokjin would have been sympathetic towards his younger friend for not getting enough sleep, if it wasn't for the way he said it. "Jesus Taehyung. TMI. But yeah, let's go." He says, sighing as he saves a document on his computer for the meeting. The two make their way to the coffee room, Seokjin greeting some of the people he's friendly with. When they get to the coffee room, Seokjin sees already two of their very close friends at the coffee machine. Seokjin smiles at Hoseok who waves enthusiastically upon the arrival of the two Omega's. "This is the second time you're in here today in the span of an hour, Taehyung. Rough night?" He asks and Seokjin groans at the suggestive grin that appears on Taehyung’s face. "Don't. Even go there." He says and Taehyung shrugs. "Hey Jimin-ah." He greets the other male, an Omega who smiles up at him. Seokjin had met Hoseok and Jimin a little after meeting and befriending Tahyung, the two had started at their company about a year and a half ago, and Seokjin and Taehyung had been the ones to welcome them and show them how everything works. They all became quite close and are also people Seokjin is extremely thankful for. Considering all that had happened to him when he fell pregnant, his then boyfriend leaving him and disappearing, having a baby to care for on top of that was difficult. And having these people around him, helping him when things became too much is such a blessing to someone like him. They made his bleak days much brighter, and are a big part of the reason he was able to come to work every day even when he absolutely hated to.


"Hi hyung. I heard you were early for once today. No tantrums from Eunie today?" He asks and Seokjin chuckles. "Not the usual. You'll be happy to know she was such a good girl today." He smiles and Jimin giggles. "She's always a good girl hyung. Well, with me anyway. "   "Yah that's because you let her do whatever she wants when she's over at yours. I swear if she wanted to break your TV, you'd let her." Hoseok rolls his eyes and everyone chuckles at Jimin's sheepish grin. "How can I not, have you seen her?" He says, to which Hoseok replies he obviously has. "You did great with raising her hyung. She's the cutest." Hoseok says and Seokjin grins, a blush adorning his face at the compliments. "Thanks Hobi." He says and after they all get their coffee and talk about meeting up sometime in the week at Seokjin's place, they all dispel out of the coffee room to their respective desks.


"Oh shit. The new bosses are here. Gear up hyung, I smell Alpha's, lots of them."






Seokjin sits next to Taehyung, Hoseok on his one side and Jimin on the other. They all have their necessary files and documents, ready for their new bosses to enter the meeting room. Seokjin bounces his leg nervously, awaiting the arrival of his soon to be boss. When the door opens and a strong smell of dominance fills the room, he feels his throat thicken. His two other Omega friends seem to be affected as well,Taehyung only slightly because of having a mate, and Hoseok is the only one passive at the moment thanks to him being a Beta. It's always nerve-wracking meeting new unknown Alpha's to any Omega, especially unmated ones. Alpha's tend to be headstrong breeds. Domineering in every sense of the word. They demand attention the moment they step into a room. These Alpha's are no different. The first thing Seokjin notices is the tall Alpha at the forefront. His posture demands respect and his features are striking. His eyes, sharp as they take in every person in the room, focused as if he were trying to look into their soul. The next thing Seokjin notices is the man’s hair. A honey brown, gelled back to expose his face. The Alpha can't be older than 25, his aura screams maturity but Seokjin still sees the youth clinging onto his face, especially around his cheek area. Lost in his analysis of the Alpha, he doesn't realize said Alpha's scrutinizing gaze is now boring into his. When he does, his mouth falls open and his cheeks blush at being caught. He is quick to drop his gaze from the Alpha, in favour of scoping out the rest of them. The next Alpha to enter behind him is rather short compared to the taller Alpha, but his height does not affect the dominating smell and aura radiating around him. His black hair matches his suit perfectly and his eyes are fierce as he too scans the room. He sees the shorter Alpha's gaze linger a few seconds longer on Jimin before he looks away to look at the rest. He hears Jimin let out a short breath and he grimaces. The meeting hasn't even begun and he's already wishing it to be over. He looks down at his documents and notes, not seeing the need to look at the other men who walk in, the rest looking pretty passive, and Seokjin hopes he end up working for one of them. They seem rather friendlier than the two who walked in first.


After they are seated, the meeting begins. One of the friendlier Alphas introduces himself first and greets everyone in the room with a bow, which is a rather uncommon characteristic for an Alpha. Seokjin tries not to smile at that, his mind begging for the man to be his boss. When everyone introduces themselves, Seokjin learns the names of the two hostile Alphas. The taller one is Kim Namjoon, the one who had bought over their company and son of a wealthy well-known businessman. His deep voice resonates the power he has and Seokjin has a hard time keeping his skin from breaking out in a sweat. The shorter Alpha's name was Min Yoongi. He introduced himself as the co-owner and business partner of Kim Namjoon. The short Alpha's voice matched his aura perfectly, deep and commanding. Seokjin pays great attention as they discuss the new plans and agreements. He jots down important key factors to remember, and things his new bosses require from their employers. He wants to do a great job in keeping their new bosses happy because he knows he's lucky to still have this job and having not been fired because of new ownership.

When the meeting comes closer to an end, a burly man starts informing everyone of who their new boss is and the things they are required to do. Taehyung's new boss happens to be the friendly Alpha who had first introduced himself, Mr Choi. Seokjin curses inwardly, jealous of his younger friend. Jimin is then told that he'll be working with Min Yoongi and Seokjin feels sympathy for the younger. Jimin is a sweet, soft spoken type of person and his new boss's personality is the complete opposite. Hoseok is paired with another Alpha, Mr Jeong, who smiles when Hoseok bows towards him. Another lucky ass. And when Seokjin hears his name being called, he goes rigid as he bows at the man who addressed him.

"Seokjin-ssi. I've hear great things about you from your previous boss. He sang your praises at our last meeting about how stellar you are at your job. He deemed you quite competent in what you do, so we deemed you fit enough to run under Mr Kim. We hope to sing your praises too. You'll all be doing the same work as usual with minor adjustments. You've been sent an email that will alert you in greater detail of the tasks that have been set up for you to complete. We can now end this meeting on a good note. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this company. We hope you will find it pleasant to work with us, as we do with you." The man says, standing up along with the rest of the other men. Seokjin and the other workers stand up as well and bow to their new employers as they all exit the meeting room. With a breathy sigh, Seokjin gathers his notes and exits the meeting room with his friends.


"That was..."




"All of the above." Seokjin answers, brows creased as he follows the youngers to the coffee room. Third cup of coffee for the day be damned. Seokjin is in need. "They're... Different. In a sense. I mean they all seemed rather friendy. Except for that Mr Kim guy and that Mr Min. They're.... Very.."   "Alpha-like?" Hoseok answers Taehyung who grimaces but nods. "Oh man. If I weren't already mated to an Alpha, I would have broken down and cried right there. I've never met Alpha's with such strong scents. And shit Jin-hyung. You and Jiminie have to work with them." Taehyung says and Seokjin groans into his coffee. "Fuck. I mean, maybe we're misjudging them right of the bat and they could actually be nice. But shit. They were pretty intense. And young too! I'm pretty sure I'm older than the two of them. But I can see why they'd be in charge. They were so professional, it was quite scary." He says and everyone agrees. "We'll just have to see how these few weeks go. Who knows. They might not be that bad." Jimin says and Seokjin hums in the agreement. He hopes Jimin's right.






When Seokjin gets to Eunmi's day-care, he feels a headache coming on. Although he had been appointed with a new boss, he didn't see the man again after the meeting. But his new boss left a lot of work for him in the email he received. So like the good employee he is, he managed to get most of his tasks done until his shift was over. He checks his watch to see the time and sighs when he sees it's only 4pm. He feels like he should be in bed already. But with a hyperactive toddler, sleep will have to be put on hold.


He enters the daycare, tie left in the car and his shirts first three buttons undone. When he sees Chaeyeong in the corner of the room with Eunmi, building something with the soft blocks given to the toddlers, he lets a tired smile grace his face at the sheer look of concentration on his baby's face. He makes his way over to the two and plops down next to Chaeyeong who smiles at him when she sees him, his daughter still completely unaware of his presence. He watches her face furrow as she stares at the mess of the structure in front of her, he smiles, grabbing a block before holding it out. "I think you're missing this." He says, and when she raises her head and finally sees him, she squeals, knocking over her- whatever it is- and runs straight to him. " 'Ppa! 'Ppa! Ish here!" She says and Seokjin giggles as he holds her tightly. "Oh my baby. Appa's missed you. Were you a good girl today?" He asks and she pulls away to nod furiously. "Yesh. Goo' gir'  'ppa!" She says and Chaeyeong chuckles. "She really was. She ate all her food, her fruit and even took a nap. She was great today." Chaeyeong says and Seokjin smiles, kissing Eunmi's forehead as he stands up. "That's great Eunie. Appa's so proud of you. I think we should go get some ice cream at the store for later after dinner. Then we can watch Moana after yeah?" He says and Eunmi bounces in his arms, chanting " 'Oana! 'Oana!  I creams! I creams!" In his ear as he gathers her bag and jacket. He puts her down, pulling the jacket over her dress, and fixing her skew tights. Once she's ready, he thanks Chaeyeong and bids the rest of the daycare workers farewell before making his way to his car.

Eunmi was too excited about the promise of Ice Cream and Moana that she simply sat still and let Seokjin strap her in, hassle free. He rolls his eyes, knowing his daughter will only ever behave like that if she's promised something. Spoilt is the word that comes to mind and he blames his younger friends who think bribing a child with treats is the only way to get them to behave. So with a compliant Eunmi, he drives off in direction of the closest store, which happens to be the one a few blocks from his workplace. 

After finding a parking close to the entrance and getting an excited Eunmi out of the car, they make it into the store rather effortlessly. Seokjin grabs a cart and let's Eunmi sit inside so that it’s easier to browse the aisles without worrying about his toddler running around or trying to escape. Once she’s content sitting inside, her curious gaze flitting around the half empty store, he begins pushing the cart through the aisles to get the necessary items, like bread, milk and fresh fruits and vegetables. He then goes down the frozen food section, grabbing a few boxes of those chicken bites Eunmi likes to snack on. He’d prefer she eats only home-cooked meals, but when times were tough and that was all he could afford, she’d gotten hooked on the stuff. So once in a while he’d buy a box or two. He then goes to the ice cream section and lets her choose which flavour. After adding the mint chocolate treat to the cart, he makes a swift turn, wanting to get some more fresh meat. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going, so his cart had bumped into someone, causing a gasp to leave his mouth. “I’m so sorry Sir! I didn’t look where I was going.” He bows, mortified when he smells that it was an Alpha he had bumped into. He doesn’t want to cause a problem with his daughter with him so he straightens up, ready to apologize again, when the apology dies in his throat. Before him, stands his new boss. “Oh my God. Mr Kim, I’m deeply sorry. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t mean to bump into you.” He stutters, cursing at himself. His new boss must be thinking he is a clumsy Omega. “It’s alright. I can understand your head must be out of it with having a baby.” He says and Seokjin freezes. Not in fear, but in bewilderment because not only did his boss speak to him in such a warm tone, said boss is busy smiling down at his 2 year old, giggling from the jostling of the cart. His mouth opens when he sees dimples appear on the man’s face, making him seem so unlike the cold, stoic man in the meeting who was purely professional in every sense. But right now, said man is smiling down at his daughter and waving at her, chuckling deeply when she clumsily waves back. What is happening?

“She’s really cute, Seokjin-ssi, right?” He says and Seokjin nods at his question. “You and your mate must be really proud of her.” He says and Seokjin grimaces. When he mutters that he is mateless, his boss raises and eyebrow in question. “Oh. So I guess boyfriend then? Where is he if you don’t mind me asking?” The thing is Seokjin does mind. But before he can stop himself he mutters a ‘You tell me.’  that has the Alpha frowning upon hearing. Seokjin would prefer the man to smile.

He can see the man has another spout of questions to ask, but Seokjin would rather not have to answer them because talking about it leaves a great pain in his heart, and he's reminded of his misfortunes. So with whatever sense of sanity he has left, he quickly bows, cutting off the question about to leave his employers mouth and utters out an apology. “I really have to get going Mr Kim. And I apologize again. I’d love to continue this but I have a little mouth to feed before she causes havoc. Please have a wonderful evening further, and I look forward to being at work, bright and early tomorrow. Take care, Mr Kim.” He says, bowing once more, before pushing the cart to the till with his giggly 2 year old, who turns to wave back at the dumbfounded Alpha.




Seokjin manages to grab Eunmi and the groceries at one time out of the car before making his way into their small apartment. It might be small but at least it’s in a good area and the building is maintained well. Also, it’s cheap. But Seokjin hopes to one day buy a house with a backyard so that Eunmi will have more space to play, instead of in their tiny living room. His apartment is big enough for the two of them, but he fears she’ll feel suffocated when she’s older, and won’t want to be cramped in a tiny space. He’s working hard to save up for that, but he knows it will take a while with all the other payments he needs to make. But he knows they’ll make it work. They always have.


He puts Eunmi down on the kitchen counter, the toddler busying herself with a small toy he bought her at the till. He puts all the groceries away, taking out necessary ingredients for a stew. He takes out leftover beef cuts, and decides to make galbi jjim with them. He manages to cut up all the vegetables before Eunmi eventually gets bored and whines to get off of the counter. He wipes his hand with a dish towel before picking her up and making his way to the tiny dining room that’s part of the kitchen. He sets her down in the high chair Hoseok had bought for her after she had just turned two. He then hands her a toddler’s rubik’s cube he had gotten her, and makes his way back to the kitchen, knowing she’ll be content for a while, trying to match the colors like he had shown her how to. After 35 minutes, he completes the dish, getting out two bowls, one ceramic and one plastic. He puts some stew in the plastic one, and adds some of the side dish he had made along with it. Eunmi loves bean sprouts so he adds a little extra for her. He grabs her plum juice from the fridge and puts some into her sippy cup. He puts her food down in front of her, taking the half completed rubik’s cube from her and hands her a plastic fork, her little hands unable to use chopsticks yet. With a kiss to her head, he then goes and puts food in his own bowl, before making his way over to the small table, sitting beside her, a dishcloth over his shoulder for the mess he knows she’s going to make.


After a satisfying meal and a shared bath, Seokjin puts on his pj’s before quickly drying Eunmi’s damp hair, and braiding her long brown hair so that there’s nothing in her face. He then sets her down on the couch in the small living room, and goes to fetch the ice cream. He only grabs one spoon and just brings the whole container, not wanting to make any dishes he’ll have to clean tomorrow before work. He sets the ice cream on the table, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. He doesn’t bother checking if the Moana CD is put in the DVD player because it’s permanently inside. He presses play on the movie, and Eunmi squeals, plopping herself on Seokjin’s lap, her attention focused on the movie. He grabs the ice cream, opening the lid and spooning a little to feed to Eunmi. He then takes a spoonful himself before settling and watching the movie with his daughter for the hundredth time.




By the time Moana’s grandma dies, Eunmi is asleep on Seokjin’s chest, leaving him to cry by himself as he spoons some more ice cream into his mouth. No matter how many times he watches the movie, or the fact that it’s a children’s movie, he ends up crying. It’s probably because Moana’s grandmother reminds him a lot of his own. She was free spirited, didn’t care about what people had to say and had a strong voice that wouldn’t hesitate to tell you off when she didn’t agree with you.  He misses her so much since she passed away 3 years ago, a year before he had Eunmi. He had been devastated. He was always close to her. He loved that she had such an open mind and outspoken voice about how society works. He always looked up to her, glad to have someone who reminded him daily that he didn’t deserve to be told how to be, or how to live, that he could be his own person without an Alpha trying to tell him what to do. She would have been the only person to stick up for him when he was kicked out of the house after he told his parents he was pregnant. They didn’t want him to disgrace them, being an unmated pregnant Omega. And because Eunmi’s father had just up and left after Seokjin told him, he had to struggle on his own. He was glad he had enough money in his bank account from odd jobs to survive for a while, but he still had to find a job, so he had worked as a cashier at a convenience store around the corner from the flat he is currently in. The owner had been a Beta who was kind enough to let Seokjin work until he was 8 months pregnant with good pay and manageable hours. With the money he saved, he was able to buy everything he needed and still had a a lot of money over. So when Eunmi was born, he quit his job to stay and look after her for the next 4 months before he had to look for a job again.

He ended up working at BH Corporation as an assistant, and from there the rest is history. He thinks back on how if she had been here, she would have helped him every step of the way. Like Moana, he lost his only hope and had to face things on his own. Sometimes he wishes he had some guidance, or just someone to tell him he was doing fine. His friends often do, but sometimes he feels like he doesn’t do enough. He’s all Eunmi has and sometimes that thought scares him. When he looks down at his daughter, fast asleep on his chest, he wishes he had made better choices. He’s not saying he regrets her, not at all. She is the best thing to have ever happened to him. He just wishes he had her under better circumstances. He’s not sure he’s ever going to give her a complete family because no Alpha would want an Omega with a child. He’s all she’ll ever have and he’s scared it’s not enough. But he pushes these hurtful thoughts away and gets up off the sofa, turning the TV off, before making his way to her bedroom. He puts her under her sheets, turning the night light on and kissing her head softly. He brushes a stray strand of hair out of her face, and admires her soft features for a few minutes. She looks just like him, but there are certain features that remind him of her other father. Like her defined eyebrows and sharp chin. He thinks back to the time he had been happy with Mingyeon and how sometimes when Eunmi smiles a certain way, she’d look just like him when he was happy. To have things ended the way they did broke Seokjin. The person he thought he’d spend forever with, dropped him like he meant nothing and abandoned him when he told him he was pregnant. Sure, they weren’t mates but they almost were. But Mingyeon didn’t want a baby so young and did what he thought was better for him. He had been selfish and ran away from his responsibility like a coward. Wherever he is, Seokjin hopes he is happy living his life and forever feeling like a worthless Alpha for abandoning his own child. Seokjin could live without Mingyeon by his side, but his daughter did not deserve to. He hopes one day she’ll forgive him for bringing her into the world like this, broken and incomplete. He hopes she’ll turn out fine and live a happy life even if it’s just with him. He smiles sadly down at her sleeping figure before placing a lingering kiss on her forehead, before leaving her room, the door slightly ajar.


When Seokjin gets into bed and promptly falls asleep, utterly exhausted, he dreams of a white house and a big backyard, Eunmi giggling as she is chased around the garden. But she’s not chased by Seokjin, but rather someone else. And in his dream, he sees a complete family, instead of a broken one.


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Seokjin sighed as he entered the office, bags under his eyes. After the dream he had, he wasn't able to sleep well, his mind in overdrive of the meaning behind his dream. Is it guilt he feels for not giving his daughter the type of life she had in the dream? He's confused as to why he had such a dream, having never had one like that before.


Today he feels is not going to be a good day at all. He read his emails before he came to work and saw they have another staff meeting. He's not really in the mood for one but he supposes he has no choice to go. So with a tired sigh, he heads to his desk, groaning in relief when he sees a hot cup of coffee waiting for him. He takes the cup, taking a sip and releasing a satisfied  groan. "I'm glad I got you that coffee. You look terrible." Taehyung says in concern, sitting at his own desk with his coffee. "You look like you barely slept hyung." He says and Seokjin huffs as he sits down. "Because I didn't." He says and Taehyung stares at him in concern. "What happened? Did Eunmi have nightmares again?" He asks and Seokjin wishes that was the case. He shakes his head taking another sip of his coffee. "More like I did. Though I don't think you'd see it as a nightmare." He says and Taehyung hums, waiting for Seokjin to continue. "I had this weird dream.... I mean it felt so real you know?" He says, gulping as he remembers what happened in his dream. "From what I can remember is, Eunmi must have been about three or four. We were in a backyard of what I assume was our house in the dream. And she was laughing and running around while she was being chased. But it wasn't by me. All I saw was the back of someone, he was quite tall. And I could hear him talking to Eunmi, and it sounded so familiar but I can't remember who it sounded like. But that's not what kept me up." He says, gulping as Taehyung listen's intently. "She called him Abeoji. A-And I saw that I was pregnant again. I freaked out and woke up, because it felt so real Tae. And it scared me a bit because I always assumed Eunmi and I would never have something like that you know, a complete family. And I don't know if it was my guilty conscience of not being able to give her that caused me to have that dream, but it scared me." He says and Taehyung coos, getting up from his desk to go and give Seokjin a hug. "Hyung, things like this shouldn't scare you. It might have just been a dream, but you shouldn't ever feel scared about something like that in your dream. Maybe it's a sign that that's what's going to happen, a premonition or something! It shouldn't be a bad thing! You're the one person I know that deserves something like that, and I have no doubt in my mind you'll have that in the future. Don't see it as a bad thing, but rather a good thing because it means you're open to it happening." Taehyung says, letting go of Seokjin with a squeeze. "When's the last time you went on a date hyung?" He asks and Seokjin winces. "Uhm, before Eunmi was born I guess?" He says and Taehyung gawks. "Oh my God. That's fucking sad." He says and Seokjin splutters. "Hey! I had a baby to worry about, not stupid dates." He huffs and Taehyung rolls his eyes. "She's almost three years old hyung! I think it's time you thought a little about yourself for once. Come on, take a night off this week from Appa duties and Kookie and I could babysit! We'll set you up with a good guy, and you could go to dinner or something. Kook has a few friends at his gym who I'm sure would love to go on a date with you. Plus you'll know they're not assholes because Kookie will choose them personally and he knows them. Come on, what do you say hyung?" He asks excitedly, pleading eyes directed at Seokjin. The older scrunches his nose up, thinking of all the ways this could go wrong, but he supposes Taehyung has a point.


All he's ever done is steer away from relationships because he was scared to let his guard down and get hurt again, and to have a baby in the midst of all that was too much to go through. She's older now and she's growing up way too fast for Seokjin. What harm can come from going on one date? He sighs, giving in and turns to Taehyung. "One date. If it ends badly I'm never agreeing to this again." He says and Taehyung squeals nodding fervently at Seokjin. "Of course Jin-hyung! You won't regret it." He says and somehow Seokjin thinks he just might.




The day's almost over but they still have this meeting to go to. Seokjin has been working non stop in spite of his obvious exhaustion, wanting to get his work done to please his boss. He hasn't seen the man much, which he is glad for because he's still embarrassed about the whole shopping cart fiasco, but he's also a bit worried. His old boss would always communicate with Seokjin face to face instead of sending emails. He appreciated it because then he would immediately know if his boss was satisfied with his work. Mr Kim has never spoken to him besides at the store when he bumped the man with his cart, so it's unnerving to him because he doesn't know if he's doing a good job or not. As much as Seokjin hates to admit it, he craves to have his boss praise him. Not because he's a praise whore, but because praising encourages him to work harder, improve himself, figure out any mistakes he has made and better them. He hates his job, but he's damn good at it. BH Corporation deals with marketing plans, advertising and also investing in different kinds of products that the public will react well to. He was often involved in campaigns and ads to sell all types of products. BH also acts as a talent agency, often helping young singers, artists and actors to get their names out, and they've worked with many record companies helping their artists. In retrospect, his job seems amazing, and he should enjoy it, which to an extent he does, but he doesn't see himself doing this forever. He's 27, almost 28 years old, and he still wants to do so much more with his life than some office job. Before he had Eunmi, Seokjin was doing his last year in culinary school. He dreamed of opening his own little cafe, or even a restaurant. It's rare for Omega's to do something as big as opening their own business, and Seokjin wanted to be the one to change that notion. But as you know, that didn't happen. But at least he could support himself and his daughter because of this job, which mind you, was not easy to get. But now he's here and in a better position that he could have never imagined.



"Hyung, the meeting's about to start, where's Jimin? I asked Hobi-hyung already but he says last time he saw Jimin was when he went to run an errand for Mr Min." Taehyung asks, interrupting Seokjin from his deep thoughts. "Uhm, I haven't seen Jimin. Maybe he's still working with Mr Min or something. But anyway you said the meeting's about to start?" Seokjin answers and Taehyung sighs nodding, gathering his notebook. "Yeah. Hobi's in the meeting room already. So we should get going." Seokjin nods and gathers his own notebook and following Taehyung along with some other employees to the meeting room. When they enter the room, most of the executives are seated and their assistants nearby. Seokjin scans the room for Hoseok, but he feels someone looking at him so he finds the pair of eyes boring at him, and a deep blush sets on his face when he is met with the eyes of his boss. Any trace of the man he saw yesterday in the store is gone. There are no soft eyes or dimples, but a calculated gaze and firm mouth. Seokjin shrinks under the attention and immediately goes back to looking for Hoseok. When his eyes land on the younger, he goes to sit right next to him. "Hey Hobi." He greets and Hoseok grins widely at Seokjin, wrapping his arms around the Omega. "Hey hyung. So Tae told me about this whole 'you going on a date' thing. Pretty exciting I must say." He grins and Seokjin huffs, cheeks blushing. "Shut up. I only agreed so Tae would stop nagging me and never bring it up again. Now I have you doing the same." He rolls his eyes and Hoseok let's out a soft laugh. "I'm just teasing hyung. But I'm happy for you. You deserve a night out to be wined and dined." He says and Seokjin let's out a happy smile and bumps his head against Hoseok's affectionately. He was about to say something when a throat clears. He immediately turns his attention to the cause of the sound and gulps when he sees his boss slightly glaring at him and Hoseok. "Seokjin-ssi. I'd like you to stay seated after this meeting please." He says and Seokjin nods, pulling himself away from Hoseok who bristles next to him. "Yes Mr Kim." He says and the man nods in his direction, dismissing him. Seokjin takes a deep breath and turns to Hoseok who has his eyes raised at him, his shoulders shrugging. They all sit in silence then as they wait for the rest of the executives to show up. 


About 3 minutes later, Mr Min walks in with a blushing Jimin behind him. Jimin refuses to meet anyone's gaze and simply sits on an empty seat, head still facing down. Taehyung, Seokjin and Hoseok share worried gazes at each other, but before they can dwell on it further an executive begins speaking.



"Good afternoon everyone. We'd like to apologize for keeping you from your work but we have received a new project that will need everyone's utmost attention. This will be our first big project as the new executives of the company and I'd just like to give our two CEO's credit for landing us this. As you know, the last Incheon Korean Festival to happen was back in 2013. Funds played a big issue in this production and therefore was shut down. But thanks t Mr Kim and Mr Min, they were able to organize another festival with the help of several sponsors. Now our job is to work out a market strategy to get people interested. Not only that, but we have to come up with some bands and acts to perform. It's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I won't say too much, but I'll allow Mr Kim to elucidate further." Mr Choi bows, taking a seat. Seokjin was intent on blanking out most of the time, but now his interest has been spiked. Although it aches him to, he remembers attending one with Mingyeon back when they were teenagers fresh out of High School. It had been an experience he'll never forget. And although he was with someone who brings bad memories, he's able to appreciate the good ones that came out of the night he attended the festival.


"Thanks Mr Choi. So as my colleague mentioned,  we've managed to resurrect the Incheon Korean Music Wave. And it's something both Mr Min and I have said could be a turning point for this company. We firmly believe if we are able to pull this off, have this festival advertised on a larger spectrum, this company's credit will skyrocket. We'll be given bigger and better opportunities if it's all a success. And so with that being said, we've decided to involve the best handful of workers to help with this production. In no way was this decision based on preference but rather a calculated plan on ensuring the festivals success. I won't be naming anyone specific, but everything will be sent through your emails. Everyone has a part to play and no matter how small, it is very significant in this production. So without anything much to add onto, I'd like to thank you again for your hard work and dedication. I know we've barely been in charge for more than a few days, and we're making so many changes to this company already. But I believe that a company doesn't thrive on who's calling the shots, but the people who help them make everything happen. So I want to thank you for staying with this company and doing your best. Have a lovely rest of your afternoon." He nods, dismissing everyone. Seokjin smiles when Hoseok and Taehyung smile excitedly over their new project and tells them he'll see them later. He watches as Taehyung and Hoseok walk over to Jimin who seems out of whatever state he was in before and smiles a bit at them. Seokjin waves at his friends, watching them leave. He takes a deep breath and turns to the board of executives all still seated and looking at him. He squirms under their gazes and has half the mind to run out of the room. He's not sure why he had to stay behind and he wonders if he's done something wrong. 

But before he can bristle any further, the once cold smile on Mr Kim's face melts away and he nods, smiling a bit in Seokjin's direction. "Seokjin-ssi. I know you're probably wondering why I had asked you to stay behind but I assure you, it is nothing bad or worrisome." He says and Seokjin nods, shoulders relaxing under the assuring words. "The reason I asked you to stay, was because I'd like to commend you for your hard work you've done this past two days. From the get go you've done a lot in handling the tasks I've set for you, and in such a record time too. Which is why we all think that we could use your talent for the Incheon festival project. Your previous boss mentioned how skilled you are in audience targeting and marketing. He mentioned that you have an eye for knowing what people want, what will attract them. Which is why we decided as executives to put you in charge of coming up with a marketing plan. We think it's best to leave it all up to you, for you have proven yourself quite capable. We'll let you choose a handful of people to help you with it, but you have free reign. We have roughly a month to prepare said marketing plan and then another month to put it all together. But before I can say any more, I have to ask if you will accept it." He says, and Seokjin's mouth drops open slightly. His head is swimming a bit and he is trying hard to comprehend what a massive opportunity he has been given. He may have done a lot in this company but he was merely on the sideline, like a second voice. But to be given a project completely by himself? He doesn't know if he'll be able to do it. The hours he'll have to put in? How late will he be leaving? What will happen to Eunmi if he is going to be working late? "And don't worry Seokjin-ssi. All of this will happen within the working hours. We don't plan on letting anyone overwork themselves." Mr Kim adds, and Seokjin wonders if he could sense his worries, especially when he knows Seokjin has a daughter.

"Then I don't see a reason why I should not accept. Honestly, thank you so much Mr Kim and everyone else for giving me this opportunity. You won't regret it one bit and I promise to work my hardest and make this a success." He says, standing to bow at the executives. They all stand and bow back, and Seokjin goes to shake everyone's hands. When he gets to Mr Kim, the man tightens his hand very subtly and holds on for a few seconds longer. "I look forward to working with you Seokjin-ssi." He says and Seokjin blushes, bowing again before leaving the room. He makes his way to the coffee room where he knows his friends will be since it's their last break before they all go home. When he gets to the room, he is suddenly crowded with questions from his nosey friends. "You're not crying so you weren't fired. What the hell was that about?" Hoseok asks and Seokjin sighs, not sure where to begin. 

"They want me to do the marketing plan for the festival." He says and everyone congratulates him with a hug. He smiles thanking them and grabbing a cup of coffee. "But that's not all. I was told to gather up my own team to put it together. So I don't know what you guys have planned for the next month, but I will definitely need your help with this." He says and they all beam at him. "I'd love to work with you hyung! I can't wait to have a brainstorming session. I have so many ideas and thoughts that I'm so glad to be able to share!" Taehyung says excitedly and both Hoseok and Jimin share the same sentiment. Taehyung and Hoseok begin sharing ideas, and Seokjin decides to use their distraction as a way to talk to Jimin really quickly. So he pulls the younger to the side, Jimin sighing because he just knows what Seokjin is about to ask him.

"So, I don't mean to pry or try to be nosey, but I just wanted to know if everything was alright? I mean, you looked kind of.... Upset? Ashamed? Embarrassed? When you walked into the meeting room. I'm just concerned because you looked really troubled Jiminie." He says and Jimin bites his lip, contemplating on whether or not he should tell the truth. But he doesn't know how to so he instead tries to put on a convincing reassuring smile that Seokjin will believe. "It was nothing hyung. I just had a lot of work that stressed me out but everything's fine now. Seriously." He says but Seokjin is not convinced. But he senses the younger's apprehension and decides to let it go. For now.





They all decide to have dinner at Seokjin's house tonight, so Hoseok offers to fetch Eunmi from Daycare and take her to get some ingredients for tonight's meal, and give Seokjin a small break before he has to see to Eunmi and the food. So he waves them goodbye and begins walking to his car. He opens his satchel to look for his car keys but huffs when he has to look through a lot of the shit in his bag. He learnt having a kid causes you to have any and every bag prepared for anything. So he rummages through a pack of wipes, some medicine and a box of band-aids as well as even small toys before he eventually finds the car keys. But because he is Seokjin and never watches where he is going, he bumps into someone and he loses his balance. He closes his eyes waiting for the impact of him falling, but it doesn't come. Firm arms grip onto him and he gasps when they catch him before he falls. He looks up to see his savior and his eyes widen when they meet a familiar pair staring back at him. "Is this always how we're going to bump into each other? By literally bumping into each other?" Mr Kim smiles down at him, and if Seokjin wasn't embarrassed he would have laughed at the lame joke. "Oh God. I'm so sorry Mr Kim. I'm normally not this clumsy, I swear." He says, straightening up and moving out of Mr Kim's warm hold. "Don't apologize Seokjin-ssi. And please. Just call me Namjoon. I feel so old when someone calls me Mr Kim." He smiles, and Seokjin can't help but smile back when Mr Kim's-Namjoon's-dimples make an appearance. "Okay. Well, Namjoon, I really apologize. I normally have it together but these days my head is somewhere else." He says and Namjoon waves him off. "Don't sweat it Seokjin-ssi. I actually have been meaning to talk to you. I wanted to apologize for that time in the store. I was rather invasive and didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." He says honestly, and Seokjin feels horrible for making the man feel like he crossed a line. "No, it's okay. Sometimes it's... Hard to explain my life to someone, no less my boss at that. But it's okay. You were just curious and to be honest I was a bit rude to you for cutting you off. But I hope that what you know doesn't change the way you saw me before." He says and Namjoon nods. "Don't worry. Nothing has changed. Trust me." He says and Seokjin nods, eyebrows furrowing a bit as he notices an unexplainable look cross Namjoon's face as he says it. "Anyway, I'd hate to have to cut this short, but I have to go. Got some friends coming over. I look forward to working with you Namjoon. I'm very excited for this project and thankful to have been given such an important task in it." He says and Namjoon smiles at him. "I am too. I look forward to working with you as well, Seokjin-ssi. Have a good evening." He says and Seokjin bows to him. But before he turns to leave he calls out to Namjoon who was half way to his car.

"Seokjin." He says, turning red when the man furrows his eyebrows at him. "Call me Seokjin. Or Jin. Only fair if I get to call you by your first name." He says and Namjoon smiles, dimples and all. "Alright then. I'll be seeing you Jin."





Seokjin's house is in chaos.

But a welcomed chaos. Eunmi is busy giggling as Taehyung and Jeongguk chase her around the small living room where the rest of his friends are seated and laughing at the three of them and their antics. Seokjin watches on fondly as he fills coffee mugs with ice cream for everyone, a plastic one for Eunmi of course. They all had enjoyed a nice dinner that Seokjin had made, a simple Yukgaejang dish along with Samgyeopsal which everyone praised him for. Hoseok had bought some ice cream for afterwards for them to have. It's only 6pm so Seokjin allows Eunmi some fun time before her bed time at 8. Hoseok helps Seokjin bring the mugs of ice cream and everyone cheers for the delicious treat. Eunmi runs to Seokjin and clings to his leg, her face flushed from running around and giggling. He hands over one of the mugs to Jimin while Hoseok gives the other two to Jeongguk and Taehyung, and then Seokjin picks Eunmi up to sit on his lap. "Cho' chi'?" She ask and he nods, feeding her some of the chocolate chip ice cream. " Ank you" She says cutely after every bite, that has everyone cooing. "So hyung. I've got a guy who I think you'll be interested in. He's really nice and a Beta. I mentioned you and he seemed interested." Jeongguk says around a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. "First of all, don't speak about that type of thing around Eunmi, and second of all. Swallow your food before you talk you overgrown child. You look like a bunny with your cheeks so full." He says and Jimin bursts out laughing at Jeongguk's offended expression, his cheeks puffing even more when he pouts. Eunmi begins giggling as she points to Jeongguk. " 'Ppa! Tootie bun'ie." She says and Seokjin laughs along with his daughter, everyone joining in the laughter including Jeongguk. "So I'm a bunny now? If I'm a bunny, then you're a carrot. And since it's bunny rules. I have to eat you." He says, putting his mug down. Eunmi scrunches her face cutely, wondering why she's being called a carrot, but then her eyes widen and she's jumping off Seokjin's lap and running behind the couch, Jeongguk running after her. Her giggles fill the room as Jeongguk catches her and begins softly nibbling on her arm, scrunching his nose like a little rabbit."Bunny Kookie is gonna eat carrot Eunie all up!" He says, tickling her sides as she shouts. "No tootie! No' ca'hit! Eunie o'ly. Ca' eat Eunie! No' foo'." She says and everyone begins cracking up as she says this, and Seokjin feels his heart warm at the scene.


He loves these moments because it reminds him of how a family should be like, and though they don't do this often, Seokjin appreciates having his friends there to give Eunmi happy memories like this one. 


Chapter Text

It's been a hectic week for Seokjin.


Things have been going smoothly ever since he was appointed as lead marketing planner and Seokjin is excited for what he has planned. So far they've come up with poster sketches, a Facebook page and other social media accounts that will appeal to the youth who spend hours on their phones. So far there's been slight talk about the festival and who might be performing, but nothing has been confirmed by the company yet. It's a good start because at least people are getting excited about it. Now to add more reasons why his week has been hectic is because Eunmi's birthday is coming up, and Seokjin has been busy thinking of what to do for her. She'll be turning three, and to Seokjin it calls for a big celebration. She'll no longer be a baby but a toddler. To him, that's a big deal because it means she's growing up and he's scared. She's always going to be is baby but it scares him because before he knows it she'll be 18 and he's not ready to deal with that. But growing up is part of life and honestly he wishes she'd stay his little girl forever.


So between working on their new project and planning a birthday party, Seokjin is swamped. And to add even more onto that, Taehyung has been bugging him about the blind date and Namjoon has been talking a lot more to him these days. Both things are driving him up a wall because he's having second thoughts about this date, and having Namjoon around him so much has him feeling anxious. The Alpha has been checking up on him and asking him how far he's come and giving him his opinions, which is not what has him anxious because he appreciates the second opinion. It's the fact that the Alpha is always there hovering. More so now that they've overcome that awkward tension. It confuses him because while he doesn't mind it, it's almost like Namjoon is trying to hard to be nice to him. Again, it's not something that someone would see as an issue, but to him it's a major one. He appreciates that the Alpha is trying to be nice to him, but it's proving to be an issue in the workplace because Namjoon is always seen smiling around Seokjin, but the moment it's someone else, the Alpha goes back to being stoic. There are rumors in the office that Seokjin might be sleeping with him which is why he got such a big part in the project. It's so far from the truth but people are still saying that that's the case and Seokjin hates how they discredit his competency like that in favor of believing some stupid rumor. That's why it bothers him so much that Namjoon has been around him a lot. But he can't tell the Alpha, his boss, to back off, because not only would that be horrible to do, it would be highly unprofessional and could jeopardize his position in the company. So having all of his problems piled up in one week, is starting to take it's toll on him, emotionally and physically.


"Hey hyung, I got in contact with the poster printing company and they've made the sample of the design we sent them. They're going to mail it to us, but they said it will take a few days." Taehyung said as he leans against Seokjin's cubicle. The elder hums, looking up from his computer to look at Taehyung. "A few days? How much days are that exactly? Because we have a deadline in two days to present the poster design." He says, sighing as he rubs his temples. "Well, they said three to four days. They'd mail it sooner but they are having problems with their mailing service. Said something about an accidental shipping so their mail is jammed." He says and Seokjin groans. "Shit. Uhm, do you think you can ask them if we can come down today to fetch it ourselves? What time does their factory close?" Seokjin asks, checking his phone to see the time. "Uhm, they're closing down at 5 today." He says and jogs over to his computer to send and email to the company. "This is just great." Seokjin mutters, frowning at the time on his phone. It's 1pm which means if they get the green light to go down, he'll have to leave immediately because it's a 2 hour drive to where the company is situated, just outside of Seoul. "Hyung, they said it's okay for us to come down. Do you want me to come with you?" Taehyung asks but Seokjin shakes his head grabbing his car keys and phone. "I'd love for you to, but I don't have anyone to pick Eunmi up since the place is like 2 hours away. By the time I'll come back it will be too late to fetch her myself. So I'm gonna need you and Kookie to pick her up and look after her, if that's okay." He says and Taehyung nods, waving him off. "Of course hyung. You can have dinner by us tonight so you won't have to worry about cooking when you get back." He says and Seokjin sighs gratefully. "That would be amazing. Thanks Tae. I'm gonna head to Mr Kim's office to let him know. I'll see you later then." He says and Taehyung salutes him, getting back to his own work load. Seokjin grabs his satchel as well and quickly makes his way to Namjoon's office. He knocks tentatively on the door before entering after Namjoon says he can come in. The Alpha is furiously typing on his computer, eyebrows furrowed in sheer concentration. Seokjin is almost afraid to break it, in case the man gets angry with him. 


"Yes." He grunts, not sparing a glance at the Omega. Seokjin takes a deep breath, toying with the strap of his satchel. "U-uhm. Sorrry to disturb you sir, but I just got word from the printing company and the poster sample is done, but unfortunately their mails jammed so they said they will only be able to get it here in three to four days. So I offered to go fetch it myself so that we would have it in time for the meeting in two days to present it. I just wanted to check in with you to ask if it was alright to take a few hours off to get it." He says, and Namjoon immediately turns to look at him, eyebrows thinning out. "Oh. Uh. Yes sure. You and who else will be going?" He asks, standing up to grab something out of his desk drawer. "Uhm, just me sir." He says and Namjoon looks up at him. "Just you? Are you sure that's a good idea? It's a bit of a drive and I wouldn't want you to go by yourself." He says but Seokjin simply shakes his head. "I would have had someone but they had other things to see to. I'll be fine by myself." He says and watches as Namjoon checks his expensive watch. "Well, I haven't got much work to do, thanks to you, so I'll go with." The Alpha says and Seokjin's eyes widen. "N-no. Thats-thats okay. You don't have to. I'm sure you'd rather do something else." He says, watching as the Alpha grabs a few things on his desk. "Don't worry, I want to go. I think it would be good for me to go with you to see it myself as well." He answers, and Seokjin bites his bottom lip, knowing there's no way he can convince his boss to stay. "A-alright then." He says and he is momentarily frozen when his boss smiles warmly at him. "Then it's settled then. We'll take my car. I'm just going to make a quick call and then we can leave." He says and all Seokjin can do is nod in reply. He blanks as Namjoon makes his call, not hearing the words the Alpha says to the person on the line. 


Oh boy. If the staff sees him leave with the Alpha, it's going to cause even more rumors to spread since they'll be gone for a while. It's not like he can do anything to prevent it, so he'll just suck it up, and ignore anything they'll have to say. 


"Ready?" Namjoon asks, breaking Seokjin out of his thoughts. The Omega nods, beginning to walk out the office when Namjoon motions for him to. He stands outside, seeing a few employees turn their heads to look at him as Namjoon comes out behind him. He turns his eyes away from their judging gazes, and smiles tightly when the Alpha tells him they can go. He passes his and Taehyung's cubicles, and sees his friend raise a questioning brow at him. He shrugs lightly, the younger nodding, knowing that Seokjin will explain later. Namjoon presses the button on the elevator, and motions for Seokjin to enter it first when the doors slide open. He thanks the Alpha and moves inside, Namjoon doing the same once he is in. The ride down is spent in silence, and he's sure the Alpha can sense his unease because he does nothing to break it. Once they're at the ground floor, Seokjin follows the Alpha to the parking. They stop at a black SUV, and Seokjin marvels at the matte paint coat. He thinks the car suits the Alpha rather well. Namjoon unlocks the car and opens the passenger door for Seokjin. "Thank you." He says, hopping inside and waiting for Namjoon to close the door. He then gazes around the car, humming at the interior designing. Beige leather seats and a GPS built in. He then watches as Namjoon opens the driver's side and gets in. He watches the Alpha put the address into the GPS, then start the car. "Did you eat anything yet? I know it was your lunch break coming up before this." Namjoon asks and Seokjin turns to look at the Alpha before turning away and looking at the passing buildings. "I'm fine, thanks. I ate a muffin an hour ago." He answers, hands fiddling in his lap. "You can't think a muffin constitutes as having eaten something. It's a long drive and an even longer one back. I haven't eaten either so we can stop at a cafe and both get something." He says, leaving no room for Seokjin to decline, so he mumbles an okay, and the car is left in silence after that.


About 20 minutes into their trip, Namjoon pulls up on a street where a quaint cafe sits. He kills the engine and pulls the key out of the ignition. "We can eat here or just get something to go if you like." He says, turning to look at Seokjin. The Omega looks back and bites his lip in thought. "Uhm, we can sit and eat. I don't think it would be wise for you to drive and eat." He says and Namjoon smiles at him. "Okay. Let's go then." He says and Seokjin nods, getting out of the car, following Namjoon into the cafe. "You can find us a seat. Just tell me what you'd like." He says, and Seokjin looks to the menu hung up on the counter. He's actually really hungry so he's actually thankful Namjoon suggested they get something. "Err, I'll just have a chicken banh mi." He says and Namjoon nods. "To drink?" He asks and Seokjin scrunches his nose. "Just water. Thank you." He says and Namjoon smiles at him, moving towards the register. Seokjin swiftly turns and looks for an empty booth. He spots one by the window and goes to sit where Namjoon will be able to see him. He takes out his phone to see he has a few messages from Taehyung.


From; TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


From ;TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Of course everyone is talking about it. He thought as much but it still unnerves him how people can take so much time talking shit about him.


To; TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Let them talk. Idc. I just went in to tell Mr Kim that I was going to fetch the sample poster and he didn't want me to go alone so he said it would be a good thing if he came too. I couldn't exactly tell my boss no. 


He sends, putting his phone down to rub his temples. He can already see everyone's faces at work tomorrow. All judgmental, and he is in no mood to have to deal with that. His phone pings with a message, breaking him out of his existential crisis.


From; TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Didn't want you to go alone eyyyyy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


To; TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


From; TaeTae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Isn't it obvious. Mr Kim wants a piece of your a-


"Here you go." A voice speaks, and Seokjin yelps, dropping his phone on the table. He blushes as Namjoon quirks and eyebrow at him, and he quickly pockets his phone. "Everything alright?" He asks, taking in Seokjin's flushed face. "Mhm? Oh, yes. Everything's fine. Thank you." He says and Namjoon nods, sliding into the opposite booth. Seokjin looks down at his plate and feels his stomach growl. "This looks really good." He says eyeing the sandwich. He then looks to see Namjoon with a similar looking sandwich. "Yeah they said it's a really popular sandwich so I ordered myself one too." He says and Seokjin nods, picking up the sandwich and taking a bite. He hums as the flavors burst on his tongue, and is unable to stop the sound of appreciation that leaves his mouth. He hears a deep chuckle, and looks up from his sandwich to see Namjoon smiling at him. His face blushes and he looks back down, suddenly finding the table interesting. "I see it must be pretty good." Namjoon comments, taking a bite of his own, humming in appreciation. "It is good." He says and Seokjin wills himself to calm down, and continues to eat. "So, I'm not sure if I should ask this, I don't want to seem invasive again, but how's your daughter doing?" Namjoon asks, breaking the bit of silence. Seokjin swallows the food in his mouth before answering, not at all bothered by the question about his daughter. "She's, she's doing as good as any two year old, well almost three year old would. Very hyper." He says and Namjoon grins. "That's good...I think. But almost three you say?" He asks and Seokjin nods, smiling as he thinks about his baby. "Yeah, it's her birthday next week. Turning three years old." He says and Namjoon hums. "Must be exciting for you. You know, her growing up and becoming a beautiful young lady." He says and Seokjin groans. "No, it's not exciting at all. She's supposed to be and stay my little baby forever." He pouts and Namjoon laughs. "She's got to grow up sometime." He says and Seokjin glares jokingly at him. "Never." He says and both of them fall into easy laughter at his expression, Seokjin's embarrassment and apprehension towards the Alpha long forgotten as conversation flows easily between them as they eat.




With full tummies, they both continue their long ride on the road. Conversation didn't stop at the cafe and they continued talking idly about anything and everything. Seokjin gets to learn more about his boss and vice versa. Luckily no touchy subjects is brought up and Seokjin is thankful for that. Soon their two hour ride comes to an end and they're pulling up at the printing factory. Seokjin and Namjoon both get out of the car and head through the entrance. Namjoon takes the lead and asks all the important questions as they're lead through the factory to the office where the poster is. When Seokjin sees the sample, he can't help but feel giddy, proud of the work Taehyung and Jimin put together in designing it. It looks amazing, and with Hoseok's neat wording the poster looks ready to be put up everywhere for the public to see. He sees Namjoon look pleased as well and knows the rest of the executives will like it too. "You and your team did an amazing job with this." He says turning to Seokjin, who bashfully thanks the Alpha. Namjoon then thanks the printer who made it, and takes the poster which they rolled up and put in to a big plastic container. "We'll talk again once we place our order." He says and both Seokjin and Namjoon shake hands with the printer before leaving. "Isn't it a bit heavy for you to carry like that?" Seokjin asks, watching as the Alpha holds the container under his arms. "Nah, not really. It might be a big poster but it's not that heavy." He says and Seokjin nods leaving it at that. When they get to the entrance, Seokjin can't stop the loud laugh from leaving him when Namjoon walks into the door without turning the poster,blocking him from leaving. The Alpha has the decency to turn red at his clumsiness as they make their way to the car. "That didn't happen." He says as he starts the car and Seokjin has to stop himself from laughing as he nods at the Alpha.




Namjoon offers to drop Seokjin at home but the Omega declines, asking to be dropped at the office since his car is still there. It's way passed 6pm, which means there's barely any body in the building. Namjoon parks his car in the vacant lot before getting out and walking Seokjin to his own car. Seokjin blushes because his car is not as grand as Namjoon's but the Alpha doesn't seem to mind and waits for Seokjin to unlock it. "Uhm, thank you for.... Coming with me. I enjoyed your company. And thank you for lunch as well." He says, scratching the back of his head as his face blushes. "It was no problem, and you're welcome. I actually had a lot of fun too. Which is saying a lot since I'm always drowning in work. So it was a nice change." The Alpha says and Seokjin looks up to see Namjoon smiling down at him. His stomach twists and he swallows down the funny feeling in his throat. "Yeah, me too." He says softly, unable to look away from the Alpha. Something stirs between them, and Seokjin can feel his heart racing. He sees Namjoon's eye's flicker down to his lips and he can't help but wet them. He feels his throat dry when Namjoon moves towards him, but he can't seem to move, and instead braces himself for whatever is going to happen.


Just then his phone goes off, and he startles, backing away from Namjoon, his heart pounding as he slides his phone to take the call. "H-Hello?" He says, flicking his eyes to where Namjoon is standing, the Alpha's face bearing an emotion Seokjin can't bare to figure out. "Hyung! Are you back yet? Kookie and I just came back from getting some food since I didn't feel like cooking, and Eunmi misses you!" Taehyung says, and at the mention of Eunmi, Seokjin's heart aches. "I just got back Tae. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Tell Eunmi I love her and will see her soon to give her a lot of kisses." He says, smiling when he hears Eunmi's laughter in the background. "Okay Hyung. See ya in a bit!" Taehyung says and Seokjin ends the call. When he turns to look at Namjoon the Alpha is already looking at him. "I-I should go." Seokjin says, and Namjoon nods at him, stepping away from where they were both standing. "I, I should probably go too. Uhm. I'll see you at work tomorrow." He says and Seokjin nods. "Goodnight Jin." He says softly and Seokjin feels his stomach churn again. "Goodnight Namjoon." He answers, equally as soft, and watches the Alpha retreat to his car. Seokjin then turns to his own, unlocking the door and getting in himself. He sits for a minute, going over what had happened, or rather what almost happened and his throat burns.

Was Namjoon going to kiss him? Was his boss going to actually kiss him? And why was Seokjin going to let him?


Chapter Text

A sigh escapes Seokjin as he stops the car at Taehyung and Jeongguk’s apartment complex. His mind is still at unease from what happened moments ago, but for the sake of his sanity he decides to put it at the back of his mind. He is not even sure what to make of it, so why bother trying to. He gets out of the car and makes his way to the front entrance, greeting the doorman who smiles at him. He takes the elevator up to the penthouse, marveling at the view he has seen so many times, yet still becoming in awe of it all. He’s proud of how well Jeongguk and Taehyung do for themselves to afford this luxury. Jeongguk works as a personal trainer, often working for celebrities or other important people, hence why he can afford this penthouse. But the two of them are so modest about it all and it warms Seokjin’s heart because he thinks they deserve what they have because of the humble people they are. It took hard work and effort to get to where the two of them are, and though Seokjin might be older, he feels motivated by his donsaeng's and strives to work hard as well so he too can afford his dream home.




When the elevator dings, he enters the passage that leads to the front of the penthouse. He presses in the code, having been given it a long time ago, and smiles instantly when he hears the sound of giggling. Wanting to hurry to his daughter whom he has missed, he rushes inside, but nothing can prepare him for the sight before him, his heart clenching at the adorable sight. Eunmi, dressed in a little carrot costume, with Jeongguk chasing her around with bunny ears on his head, as her giggles echo through the spacious penthouse. Her face is bright with smiles, giggles escaping her each time Jeongguk gets near her, only to have her dodge him every time and her running away from him. Seokjin can’t help the giggle that escapes him, seeing how out of breath Jeongguk is, being a trainer and all. At the sound of his laughs, Eunmi whips her head in his direction, and a squeal escapes her as she begins running towards him, allowing Jeongguk to fall onto the nearby couch to catch his breath. “ ‘Ppa!” She giggles, running into his awaiting arms. He picks her up and immediately begins peppering her face with kisses. “Eunie!” He giggles as she begins pushing his face away, tucking her head into his neck. “Mis ‘Ppa.” She says and Seokjin coos, kissing her forehead. “Appa missed you too my baby carrot. Did you have fun with TaeTae and Kookie?” He asks and she nods against his chest. “Too’tie and Tae go’ ca’hat ‘stume, and Too’tie bun’hi ‘stume! Los ‘a fun!” She giggles and Seokjin smiles warmly. “That’s so nice of them. Are you tired yet? You were running around so much.” He says but she immediately shakes her head, saying she’s not tired at all, and Jeokgguk groans from the couch he is practically passed out on. “Honestly hyung, I don’t know how you do it, but she’s one energized carrot. I’ve been playing with her for the past 3 hours, non-stop.” He says and Seokjin rolls his eyes. “When you become a parent one day, you’ll see for yourself. By the way, where’s Taehyung?” He asks, seeing that the younger is nowhere to be found. “He’s gone to pick up the food. He should be back soon, he left about twenty minutes ago.” Jeongguk answers, taking his bunny ears off. Seokjin nods, setting his bag down before sitting with Eunmi on his lap. “Hey baby, wanna take this carrot costume off? You must be sweating buckets in it.” He says, wiping the sweat off her forehead. She pouts shaking her head and crossing her arms. “Like it ‘ppa. No take it off.” She pouts and Seokjin clicks his tongue. “Alright then. But if you don’t take it off, you won’t be able to eat the yummy food TaeTae’s going to bring.”He says, counting till 3 in his head before she gasps and climbs off his lap to run to the spare room Taehyung had decorated for her when she sleeps over sometimes. “Gon take it off ‘ppa!” She shouts and Seokjin smiles satisfied in getting Eunmi to take the costume off. He hears Jeongguk snort, and turns his head towards the young Alpha who shakes his head in disbelief. “I’d be in awe of her agreeing to take of the carrot costume so fast with the promise of food, if I didn’t know she was your kid. At the mention of food she ran. Like father, like daughter.” He says and Seokjin chuckles, throwing one of the couch pillows at the younger who chuckles.


Eunmi rushes back into the living room, and Seokjin huffs at her shirt that’s back to front and her mismatched shoes. “I should have known to come and help you. Sometimes I forget you’re two.” He says, fixing her clothes for her. Jeongguk gets off the couch and makes his way into the open kitchen. “Want a drink hyung?” He asks and Seokjin scrunches his nose before asking for water. As Jeongguk fills a glass for him, and juice in a sippycup for Eunmi, the front door opens and in comes Taehyung with bags of food. “Jesus. A person would think you’re feeding an army with so much food.” Seokjin huffs, and Taehyung snorts, placing the food on the table in the living room. “With Jeongguk’s appetite, mixed with yours and your daughters, this much food is needed.” Taehyung says, ducking when a pillow comes flying towards him. Jeongguk gets back with the beverages, before kissing Taehyung’s cheek and going back into the kitchen to get some plates. “So hyung, how was it driving for 3 hours in a car with your boss?” Taehyung cheekily asks, and Seokjin glares at the younger who shrugs evilly. “What’s with that face? Do I need to cancel this blind date I planned?” He asks, and Seokjin groans as he’s reminded about the fact that he had agreed to Taehyung’s blind date. “Oh god. Stop. And about the blind date-“  “Nope. You’re going. I’ve met Hyosang, and he’s such a great guy, I’m sure you’ll like him. He’s pretty excited to meet you. So you can’t bail on this.” Taehyung cuts him off, effectively making Seokjin sigh in defeat, because he agreed to it, so he’ll just have to suck it up. But that doesn't mean anything will happen after it. He can guarantee that. “Fine. But I don’t want to hear about it anymore. I had a long confusing day, and what I need right now is food.” He says, thanking Jeongguk who hands him a plate. He puts some food in the plastic bowl for Eunmi, then hands her a plastic fork before seeing to his own plate, completely missing Taehyung’s curious gaze. “What was confusing? Did something happen hyung?” He asks, and Seokjin pauses, looking at Taehyung who eyes him suspiciously. “Confusing? No no, what I meant was tiring. Anyway, you should see the poster. You guys did a great job on it” He says, trying to change the topic, but Taehyung is not buying it. “No, you definitely said confusing, and in the way you said it, tells me something happened. Either you tell me now, or I get it out of you later, and trust me when I say, I’ll find out.” He says and Seokjin momentarily curses Taehyung’s easy perception. “Ugh, fine. It’s not a big deal, at least I don’t think so. And in any case I could have read it the wrong way. But, as Nam- Mr Kim, dropped me off at the office, we were talking for a bit, and I swear, it looked like he was about to kiss me. Maybe I was delusional from the exhaustion of the long drive to and back from the printing company, and I totally read it wrong, but for a second, I thought he was going to kiss me.” He says, unable to look up to see his friends’ reactions. He dishes some more food onto and oblivious Eunmi’s plate, before finally lifting his head to see his friends’ shocked gazes. “Holy shit, I knew he had a thing for you. He was way too friendly towards you, and he always stood so close to you. Damn hyung, imagine if someone from the office saw that. The gossipers would have a field day!” Taehyung says, making Seokjin groan in annoyance. “ Fu- fudge- them. Honestly, I don’t even care if anyone saw because nothing happened! It was probably all in my head anyway.” He says in finality, taking a bite out of the noodles on his plate. “Wait hyung, if you’re sure this was all in your head, does that mean you want him to kiss you?” Jeongguk asks confusedly, making Taehyung snort and Seokjin choke on his noodles. “W-What!? No. Wh-why would you think I’d want him to?” He asks, face turning red when his two friends smirk at him. “Come on hyung. We’re not dense. I know how hot Mr Kim is. I’ve got eyes, and its okay to want someone that hot to kiss you! No need to be all shy about it.” Taehyung says, shrugging nonchalantly as he slurps his own noodles, patting Jeongguk’s thigh as the younger scowls at him for calling Seokjin’s boss hot. “That’s the thing, I don’t want him to kiss me! It was all just a misunderstanding, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” He says, ending the discussion there, and going back to eating. Taehyung and Jeongguk share a look with each other, before deciding to drop it and change the subject into lighter conversation.


Seokjin tries to banter lightly with them after, and laugh at their funny jokes, but he finds it a bit hard when his friend’s words struck him deep, not because he’s angry at being teased, but because they weren’t all that wrong.












Seokjin smiles as he leaves the meeting room, happy that the executives approved the posters. They loved the design and want them to put it up as soon as possible. With that out of the way, Seokjin can now focus on working on the social media pages. They’ve got about two weeks left to plan it all out, and the next two weeks are definitely going to be chaotic. Eunmi’s birthday is in two days and Seokjin is a bit stressed about it. He has to make invitations for her friends at the daycare and Seokjin is stressing a bit because he doesn’t know where he’s going to keep it. His house is way too small to have the party there, which means he’ll need to find a venue for it. He sighs, walking into the coffee room, where Taehyung and Hoseok are already sat, Jimin nowhere to be found. “He’s not here again?” Seokjin asks, fixing himself a cup of coffee. “Yeah. It’s the third time this week he’s been missing from the coffee room. When I do see him, he barely speaks to me before his off with Mr Min. I don’t know if I’m being silly. But I think something’s going on with the two of them.” Hoseok says worryingly, a lip between his teeth. Seokjin hums, taking a sip of his coffee. “What makes you think that?” He asks, curious to know Hoseok’s reasons, his own suspicions there as too. “Well, for one, the day we had the meeting when we first met the new owners, I saw Jiminie go rigid when Mr Min walked in. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Which leads me to believe that they know each other, because Mr Min had looked a bit surprised when he saw Jimin too. Then after that, we had another meeting where he came late to, and he was all flustered. Right after he walks in, Mr Min follows and he had this smug smirk on his face. Then a week later, Jimin came in late to work, and his shirt was a bit undone. I had a small peak at his chest before he fixed his shirt, and there were hicky’s! And they’re both always leaving the office together, sometimes for hours. I swear they’re fucking.” He says and Seokjin’s eyes widen, everything suddenly making sense. “If that’s the case, why doesn’t he tell us? I mean it’s not like we’re going to judge him or disapprove of it. Jiminie’s a grown man and he can sleep with whoever he wants, as long as he’s being safe.” Seokjin says, confused and a bit hurt that his younger friend is keeping something like this from him. Seokjin always doted on him, and they are pretty close, Jimin always coming to him when he was sad or needed to talk. So now that he’s not coming to Seokjin any more, he’s a bit hurt. “Maybe he’s embarrassed. Imagine having to tell your friends you’re sleeping with your boss. I wouldn’t tell you guys either, unless it was serious. We should just be patient with him and let him come to us.” Taehyung says and Seokjin frowns, but thinks Taehyung is right. He’ll let it go and let Jimin figure things out first before he tells them. “I just hope he’s not getting himself into trouble, and he’s being safe. I don’t want him to be taken advantage of like that.” He says and the others hum. “I don’t think it’s like that, but if it is, we’ll kick Mr Min’s ass.” Taehyung says, making Hoseok and Seokjin giggle in agreement. Seokjin then curses when he forgot what he came in to tell them before the whole Jimin conversation. “Oh right. Guys, our posters have been approved! They loved the design and want us to put them up around town as soon as possible.” Seokjin tells them, and they both cheer, before high fiving each other. “That’s amazing hyung! I wish Jiminie was here so we could tell him.” Taehyung says and Seokjin smiles sadly. “Well, Eunmi’s birthday is coming up and I’m going to throw her a party. Once I’ve gotten a venue, Jimine is surely going to come, and we can tell him then and maybe try to get a better understanding of what’s his deal.” Seokjin says and Taehyung nods and squeals. “I’m so excited for her birthday party. I’ve bought her some cute clothing to give to her and I can’t wait to see her in them! And what do you mean find a venue? You do know you can throw her party at Kookie and I’s place.” He says, and Seokjin shakes his head. “You know I can’t ask that of you guys. You already do so much for Eunmi and I.” Seokjin says, frowning when Taehyung swats at his shoulder. “Hyung, I love you, but shut up. We do it because we love you and Eunmi, and I want you to have the party at ours. Kookie and I have been talking about all the decorations we were going to buy. And before you protest, we want to do it hyung. Please don’t feel bad, or feel like you’ll owe us. You didn’t make me her godfather and not expect me to go all out for her birthday. For her past birthdays I respected your wishes to throw her party yourself, but this birthday I’m going to help you, whether you want me to or not. So let me do this hyung. And don’t for a second feel guilty about it.” Taehyung tells him, hugging the elder when he starts to cry. Hoseok coos, joining the hug as well, heart constricting at seeing his older friend cry. “Aww hyung. Don’t be sad!” Hoseok says, pinching the elder’s cheeks, causing him to smile watery. “I’m not sad. This is just, I’m so happy and thankful for you guys. I don’t know what I did to deserve you in my life.” He says and Hoseok smiles, brushing away Seokjin’s tears. “I ask myself that same question. You and Eunmi have impacted my life so much hyung. I don’t know what my life would be if I didn’t have the both of you in my lives. If I didn’t have any of you in it. I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been since I’ve met you guys, and you know how my life was before.” He says, and Seokjin nods in understanding. When Seokjin first met Hoseok, he thought the man was too happy to be real, and for a while he was always happy. Until he had a bad day. Seokjin was confused at how different Hoseok was acting, and when he confronted the younger on why he was so upset, Seokjin was shocked to hear the younger was suffering from depression and would always have days like that one. Seokjin’s heart ached at knowing the younger was struggling with something so serious, so he had vowed to always involve the younger in going out, and if Hoseok had a bad day, he’d bring the younger with him when he took Eunmi out to the park.  So to hear Hoseok say that he’s thankful for having Seokjin in his life, has him spouting even more tears. Hoseok yelps as Seokjin grabs him and hugs him tightly, the two of them giggling, before someone clearing their voice interrupts them.


Seokjin quickly wipes at his eyes, before turning to see who interrupted them and his throat dries. Namjoon raises an eye at the scene before him, confusion lacing his features. “Uhm, sorry to interrupt you. But Seokjin, can I steal you away for a bit?” He asks, and Seokjin swallows thickly, before pulling out of his friends hold, and smiling at them both before nodding and following Namjoon out the coffee room. The Alpha doesn’t say a word as he leads Seokjin to his office, closing the door behind him. Seokjin was hoping to avoid the Alpha today, especially after the meeting he was in earlier. The Alpha had been staring at him, and Seokjin did not want to delve into that just yet, especially after the confusing conversation he had with Jeongguk and Taehyung some nights ago. But it seems that won’t be happening, as he is in said persons office. Namjoon doesn’t say anything for a few moments, simply staring at the floor, unable to look at Seokjin. “Namjoo-“   “Are you seeing that Beta?” Namjoon cuts him off, finally looking up at Seokjin. Seokjin stares at him confusedly, irritation in his voice as he answers him. “That Beta has a name. And no, I’m not seeing Hoseok. He’s one of my best friends! And why are you asking me that? Is that what you want to see me for? To asks if I’m seeing him?” He asks incredulously, angry that he was being dragged away from his friends to be asked something so ridiculous. “You two seemed close and you’re always hugging each other, so I just assumed. He seems to adore you a lot.” Namjoon says, his voice on the brink of jealousy. Seokjin is so confused. “Well I adore him too. But that’s not the point. What is going on Namjoon? Why did you bring me here to ask me that?” He asks, folding his arms in front of him, staring at the Alpha questionably. “You really don’t know?” Namjoon asks, stepping forward and into Seokjin’s space. The Omega, opens his mouth ready to ask what the Alpha is talking about, but Namjoon beats him to it. “That day we went to the printers, and when we came back, we were in the parking lot and talking, then something happened. I know you’re not dumb, and I know you know, that I was going to kiss you. Surely you must know, what this is about.” Namjoon says, causing Seokjin’s heart to beat erratically in his chest. Seokjin mouths around air, completely taken back by Namjoon’s confession. “I-I don’t understand.” Seokjin stutters, frozen in place as Namjoon puts his hand on Seokjin’s face, making the omega look into his eyes. “I don’t know if I have to actually kiss you to get you to see that I’m infatuated with you. Have been since the first time I laid eyes on you.” Namjoon whispers, stroking a trembling Seokjin’s cheek. “Why?” Seokjin asks softly, unable to move away from the Alpha. “There are so many reasons why. When I first met you, I thought you were the most beautiful person I have ever met, and you smelled so beautiful too. Then when I saw you with your daughter, it stirred something in me, something I can’t explain just yet. And when I got to know you more, and got to know the caring, hard working person you are, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting you more.” He says, and Seokjin’s heart is ready to beat out of his chest. “How can you want me, even when I have a child? I don’t get it.” He says, and Namjoon sighs, stroking his cheek softly. “Having a child doesn’t matter to me. It never did, even when I found out you had one. I can’t help my feelings for you, and I can understand why you’re so wary. I’m your boss first of all, which to me shouldn’t even matter. I know you’re someone who doesn’t trust easily, but I want you to trust me, to give me a chance. I might be totally insane for wanting you, but I do. I just need you to tell me if this is something you want too. Something you’d be willing to give a try for. And if not, I’ll understand. But I won’t stop trying to change your mind.” He says and Seokjin stares at him, completely shocked at the Alpha’s words. His heart clenched at the confession, and his stomach fluttered with butterflies, but this is too much to deal with right now, and he needs some space to think. So he grabs the Alpha’s wrists, pulling the warm hands away. He sees Namjoon deflate a bit, but the Alpha remains headstrong, even when Seokjin’s words are going to twist at his heart.


“I-I can’t do this right now, Namjoon. I need, I need to think. I just- I need to go.” He says, walking out of the office as fast as his legs can take him. He doesn’t dare to look at anyone, scared they’ll see the fear in his eyes, and ask him what’s wrong. When he gets to his desk, he immediately hangs his head down, willing the tears to go away. That was too much for Seokjin to handle. Namjoon was right, he doesn’t trust that easily, and he is scared to have his heart broken again. But that’s not why he’s crying.


 His crying because he wants to give Namjoon a chance. A part of him has been aching to have someone want him. But his hurting heart won’t let the Alpha in. 



Chapter Text

Seokjin groggily gets up at the small hands tapping his face. He groans, opening a tired eye, to look at his daughter, who smiles when she successfully gets him up. “Eunie, it’s way too early for you to be up.” He says, tilting his head to check the clock, whining when he sees it’s only 7:20. But his eyes widen when he realizes its Saturday today, which means it’s Eunmi’s birthday. “Oh my god. Baby! It’s your birthday!” He smiles, pulling her up and into the bed with him. He peppers her face in kisses, smiling when she giggles. “Happy birthday baby girl. Appa feels horrible for not getting up early to make you your favourite pancakes.” He pouts, kissing her head. “ ‘ancakes?” She asks, eyes going wide at the mention of the food. “Yeah, pancakes. How about we go and make some?” He asks and she nods, jumping up from the bed, and sliding down the side. She runs to the door, and waits for him there. Seokjin’s heart warms as he looks at her, not believing she’s three years old today. He can still remember when she had just been born, and he brought her home from the hospital two days later.





Seokjin manages to push open the front door, baby carrier in hand and the hospital bags over his shoulders. He turns on the lights, and enters the half bare room. Seokjin had moved in two months ago, and with having to get little Eunmi’s room ready for her arrival, he didn’t have time to furnish the rest of the house. He supposes its okay, because it’s not like he’ll have anyone visit him. He sighs, dropping the bags down, and walking to his bedroom, which is at least furnished completely, and puts the carrier on the dresser so he can take a sleeping Eunmi out. She makes soft content noises when he puts her against his chest, and he smiles, moving to lie on the bed.


He’s honestly so exhausted. He’s not sure how he’s even awake right now. Doing all of this on his own has taken its toll on him, and for the past two days he felt like crying, because he’s had to be at the hospital all on his own, with no one even visiting him. He had sent his parents a text that he had given birth with some pictures attached, but it seems they still want nothing to do with him. He hated the pitying looks he received from the nurses. One was kind enough to stick by him when Eunmi would wake up crying, and he had to feed her. Seokjin’s had a rough few months, and these past days haven’t been any different. But when he looks down at Eunmi, lying on his chest and letting out the softest tuffs of breath, he can’t help but think the last few months mean nothing, if she’s the end result of it all.

She’s so tiny and Seokjin was afraid he’d break her. He can’t wait for the next few years to watch her grow and become a beautiful little lady. But as he snuggles her to his chest, he can’t help but also hope she stays the small and precious forever, completely oblivious to the horrible world out there.



“ ‘ppa? ‘Ppa?” Seokjin hums, breaking out of his little flashback. He turns to Eunmi, smiling when he sees her standing impatiently at the door. “Alright, alright. I’m coming.” He grins, following his little girl to the kitchen.





After breakfast, Seokjin ran a bath for Eunmi, getting in with her so he can wash the flour out that they both managed to get drenched in. Eunmi may be older, but he’s definitely not letting her help him in the kitchen until she’s at least ten. Once they’re clean and dressed, Eunmi in her pretty(expensive) blue dress that Taehyung bought her(when will he stop spoiling her, read: never) they hopped into the car to get to Taehyung and Jeongguk’s flat. Eunmi doesn’t question Seokjin on where they’re going so he takes that as a win, not having to lie to her, which he hates. He received a cryptic text from Taehyung before he left and is confused as to why he should not freak out when he gets there. Knowing Taehyung, and having been freaked out plenty of times by the things the man gets into, Seokjin doesn’t heed into it much.

Seokjin parks the car in the apartment lot, and helps Eunmi out of her car seat. He smiles remembering how she had complained of being old enough to not sit in the car seat before they left and begrudgingly let him strap her in after he told her she still had to sit in it. She seems less upset about the car seat issue once she realises where they are. “ ‘ppa? We go to TaeTae and Tootie?” Seokjin holds her hand as they enter the building. “Yes baby. We’re going to TaeTae and Kookie.” He says, exaggerating the ‘K’ sound hoping she’ll pick up on it and help her speech improve. He loves how cute her pronunciation is but people won’t think it’s cute when she’s older, and he’d hate for other kids to pick on her if she still speaks like that.

They reach the top floor rather quickly and Seokjin tries not to smile too much, getting excited as if he’s attending his own surprise party. He can’t wait to see the look on Eunmi’s face. They never threw her a surprise party before because she was still too young to really grasp it, that and they never went big for her previous birthdays, so he’s excited that he gets to do this for, and have her birthday be special for once, surrounded by love and happiness. He looks down at her, and hears her hum, completely oblivious to what they’re about to walk into. He takes a deep sigh and punches the penthouse’s code and walks in. They walk the short distance through the passage to the living room, and Seokjin can hear soft voices murmuring that they’re here, and he’s pretty sure it’s Taehyung, because he wasn’t that soft to begin with and might as well have shouted it out loud. He shakes his head, but continues walking. They barely step two feet into view before shouts of ‘happy birthday Eunmi!’ resonate the living room. Seokjin startles a bit, but laughs it off when Eunmi screams in response. He felt her hand tightening in his, and he turns to look at her hoping the shouting didn’t upset her, but he sees her smiling so widely, giggles escaping her. Taehyung is first to rush to her and scoops her up in his arms. Seokjin watches fondly as Jeongguk, Hoseok and Jimin join in and wish her a happy birthday while kisses are being peppered onto her face. Eunmi just giggles and pushes them away every time they get closer to her face. Seokjin begins taking off his jacket and hangs it up on the coat rack with the many other coats and jackets. He feels a bit overwhelmed seeing all the people who are here, and the kids from Eunmi’s class all coming to crowd her after Taehyung puts her down. Seokjin smiles happily as she begins talking utter nonsense with her school friends. Seokjin decides to be social and goes to greet the parents he knows, thanking them for coming. Taehyung comes up to him and offers him a drink. Seokjin takes it, before scrunching his nose. “Seriously Tae? You’re serving alcohol at my child’s party?” He tsks, but Taehyung sheepishly smiles. “No, just to you. You’re going to need it.” He says and Seokjin stares confusedly before he remembers the text Taehyung sent him about not freaking out. “Right. Anyway, you texted me not to freak out when I got here earlier. So I’m assuming the alcohol is for that reason?” He asks and Taehyung nods . “Yeah. I don’t think you’ll actually drink it because you have to drive later, but I thought you might need it for what I’m gonna say.” He says, and now Seokjin is worried. Taehyung seems to be fidgeting and Seokjin takes that as a bad sign. “Tae.” he says warningly and Taehyung groans. “Honestly I blame Jimin for this, but it’s also kinda my fault.” He says and now Seokjin is starting to get annoyed. “Jesus, stop stalling and tell me what the hell I’m supposed to be freaking out over!” He whisper yells, and softens when Taehyung flinches a bit. “Fine, fine! Uhg. Okay. So let’s talk about why this is partly Jimin’s fault. I kind of told him he could bring someone with when he had asked me to yesterday. I didn’t think much of it since it was the most we spoke in a while. But I didn’t think he would bring Mr Min here! Who by the way, is actually a nice guy and told me to call him Yoongi outside of work. And to answer your question, they’re a thing, or were a thing? But then something happened and then they weren’t but now they are again. Confusing stuff but Chim said he’ll explain better another time. Okay. Sh- Shizz, I need to breath a bit.” Taehyung says, taking a deep breath and allowing Seokjin to process what he has been told. Jimin and Yoongi? He had his suspicions but now it’s been confirmed but he’s so confused still. “Right, as I was saying.” Taehyung continues, scratching the back of his head, a nervous habit Seokjin is very familiar with. “Jimin brought Mr Min- Yoongi- along. But that’s not what’s the biggest issue here. Uhm, I don’t know how comfortable you will be with what I’m about to say, but here it goes. Yoongi, kind of brought..... Mr Kim?...... Along with him?..... And yeah. This is the part where I let you freak out before I tell you something else.” Taehyung grimaces, as he watches Seokjin freeze, his mouth opening and closing as he tries to form a verbal response to the absolute clusterfuck he is about to be in. He groans, grabbing Taehyung and pulling the younger in the kitchen before he blows up in front of people. Taehyung senses Seokjin’s oncoming meltdown and whines as he’s dragged away. Seokjin makes sure, no one is in the kitchen and then let’s loose.

“MY BOSS IS AT MY CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY!?” He shouts, keeping his tone down, but making sure it’s loud enough that Taehyung gets how pissed off he is. Taehyung gets the message loud and clear, and attempts to move away from Seokjin whos face turns red, like it always does when he gets upset. “It’s not that big of a deal so I don’t know why you’re making such a big issue out of it. Having your boss here is weird and awkward, but Namjoon is pretty nice. That’s his name by the way.” He says and Seokjin sighs, pinching his nose. “I know.” he says and Taehyung raises his eyebrow at Seokjin. “You know?” He asks curiously and Seokjin curses knowing he’ll have to tell Taehyung how he knows and why he’s reacting the way he is. “Yes, I know. Shit. Okay. Look, in retrospect, this shouldn’t be a big deal, and I know Namjoon is a nice guy. But I’m freaking out because well, god how do I put this.” He sighs, giving up on being upset. He can’t ignore this situation, especially when the main reason for his outburst is in the other room, and he doesn’t think he can ignore the actual person, or the situation he is in, because of said person. “So remember that day Namjoon and I went to the printers?” He asks, waiting for Taehyung to nod so he can continue. “Well, I told you about how I thought he was gonna kiss me right, and I wrote it off as a figment of my tired imagination? Well turns out it wasn’t and I was in denial.” He says, groaning when Taehyung lets out an exaggerated gasp as if he was actually shocked. “Anyway.... So yesterday, he called me into his office to talk. And Uhm, I acted strange after, well, because. He kinda said he liked me? And uhm, I panicked when you told me he’s here because I kind of rejected him? So I’m panicking a bit, because he’s here, and how am I supposed to act normal knowing he’s here, because I can’t’ possibly ignore him, so I’ll have to speak to him at least, but how when I know I rejected him, and-“    “Hyung! Breath, breath.” Taehyung interrupts Seokjin’s mini panic attack, and helps the elder calmed down before he bursts a neck vain. “Shit. Okay. Now I feel bad.” He says, and Seokjin looks at him, having calmed down. “Why? You didn’t exactly know he’d come or Jimin would invite him.” Seokjin says confusedly, and watches as Taehyung smiles nervously. “Yes I know. But that’s not why I feel bad. But just know, I thought it was a good idea at the time, well before I knew about the whole ‘you’re boss actually wants to bone you’ thing. So try not to kill me.” Taehyung says, and Seokjin now thinks he should not promise Kim Taehyung a thing.

“Jesus Christ. This keeps getting better.” He murmurs, and Taehyung sends him a look of apology. “I didn’t think this would turn out this way hyung, so I’m sorry. But uhm, remember that guy I told you about the other day? Hyosang?” Taehyung asks carefully, and Seokjin already knows where this is going. “Uhm, I kind of invited him? Uhm, because I was really excited for you to meet him, and didn’t want to wait till you decided you were ready to go on a date, and now I realize it was a dumb idea but he’s like on his way here and I’m just sorry?” Taehyung says in one breath, awaiting what is about to come. Seokjin needs that drink right about now. He needs a few. Jeongguk and Taehyung have spare rooms so he’ll just crash here. But he needs to be drunk to handle this absolute shitshow his friends and life have cast him in. “Alcohol. Lots.” Is all he says and Taehyung winces and just grabs a bottle of wine that was on the table and fills Seokjin’s cup to the brim. Seokjin takes a big gulp, wincing at the drink, having not drank alcohol in a while or liking it for that matter.

“Okay. I- I think that’s all I’ll have just to get me to calm down as I walk into my impending doom. This is my daughter’s day and I will not let my shitty luck ruin it for her. So here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna go back out there and make sure my child has the best birthday ever. We’ll worry about everything else when the time comes, but for now, I’ve wasted enough time fretting over this and need to concentrate on Eunmi's birthday. I will not, let anything ruin that. And neither will you or so help me god, I will never let you plan her birthday again.” Seokjin says, humming approvingly when Taehyung nods his affirmative. With a nod to each other they leave the kitchen and get back to the party. Seokjin ignores the eyes he can definitely feel on him, and goes to his daughter who happily  giggles with Jeongguk and Hoseok who have taken it upon themselves to be the source of entertainment for the big day, and are face painting all the children. Seokjin reminds himself to send the parents hand written apologies when they’ll have to clean the mess off later. He goes to the little plastic chair Eunmi is sitting on and smiles when he sees Jeongguk painting beautiful flower designs on her forehead and cheeks. “Wow. Kookie’s doing a great job! You look like a flower princess!” He says and Eunmi giggles at that. “ P’cess Appa!” She laughs and Seokjin giggle. “Prettiest princess ever. Are you enjoying your party, baby?” He asks and Eunmi nods, Seokjin laughing when Jeongguk yelps as he tries not to mess up Eunmi’s face with her movements. “Oops! So’ie Toot- Tookie.” She says and Seokjin grins at her almost correct pronunciation, Jeongguk smiling at her. “It’s okay Eunie. I’m almost done anyway.” He says and she beams. “Yes, well I’ll let Kookie finish up. Appa’s going to talk to some people for a bit and when you’re done you can have some food yeah?” He says and she nods excitedly at the mention of food. He fondly rolls his eyes, and goes to look for Jimin or Taehyung in the crowd. His eyes, land on Jimin who is talking to Mr Min, but unfortunately, so is Namjoon. Seokjin weighs the pros and cons. He can either skip going over there and having to talk with Namjoon, or he goes and gets it over with in case he’ll have to speak to Namjoon alone. The latter seems the smarter idea because he doesn’t think Namjoon would talk about anything personal with other people around. So with a huff, he makes his way over to the three men, smile plastering his face as he interrupts their conversation

“Hyung! There you are! I saw you disappearing earlier and was wondering where you went to. Uhm, I wanted to introduce you to Yoongi. I mean you know who he is but I wanted you to meet Yoongi, and not Mr Min.” Jimin says, beaming when Yoongi smiles at him. “Right, of course. Uhm, Yoongi? I’m happy to have you here, though I was a bit surprised to see you here. I know a kid’s party is not something you’d want to attend.” Seokjin bows lightly and Yoongi bows back. “Seokjin’ssi. I know it might be odd but I’m happy to be here as well. And don’t worry about it, I wanted to be here. We’re not at work so I don’t see the reason for this to be awkward. Jimin spoke so much about you to me and I think we’d be really great friends. So don’t be awkward with me at all.” Yoongi says and Seokjin smiles nodding. “Alright then. Well I’d prefer you call me just Jin, and then things won’t be awkward at all.” He says, and Yoongi smiles at him. “Alright then Jin. You’ve got a wonderful kid. She’s beautiful.” He says and Seokjin blushes, nodding his thanks. “Namjoon has told me quite a lot about you, and he mentioned you had a cute kid, but I did not think she’d be that adorable. I’m kind of a sucker for cute things(cue Jimin), but don’t let anyone at the office know. Gotta keep my cold image or else no one would listen to me.” he jokes and Seokjin grins, eyes darting to Namjoon at the mention of his name, and he swallows thickly seeing the Alpha looking at him intently. Right. Namjoon is here. He totally forgot(he did not but let’s pretend he did). “Mr Kim.” Seokjin bows, seeing Namjoon’s jaw tick. “Namjoon.” He says and Seokjin falters. “Excuse me?” He asks politely and sees Namjoon huff. “I told you. Call me Namjoon when we’re not in the office.” He says and Seokjin flushes, ignoring the look Jimin sends him, and Yoongi’s amused smile. “R-Right. Uhm, thank you for coming as well Namjoon.” He says and the Alpha nods at him, regarding Seokjin with a certain look in his eyes. Seokjin ignores that and bows the two Alphas. “Anyways, I’ve got to get the food out before we have grumpy kids. Please enjoy yourself as much as you can, and just find me if you need me. Jimin-ah, would you mind helping me?” Seokjin asks, the younger nodding and whispering something to Yoongi before following Seokjin into the kitchen. Taehyung is already in side, preparing the snacks for the kids and adults. “Oh good, you’re here. So, before we do anything. Jimin. Spill.” Seokjin says, turning to the younger who looks surprised for a second before sighing. “Okay. So, long story short. Yoongi and I were a thing, met 4 years ago, slept around, but we were so young and we fought a lot so we broke it off then he appears out of nowhere and suddenly my ex is my boss, then things happen, feelings resurface and now we’re back together. End of story.” Jimin shrugs, moving on to help Taehyung. Seokjin mouths around air before moving to help them as well. “Jiminie. Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, I’m happy for you if he makes you happy, but what if people from the office find out? You could lose your job you know? Yoongi could get into trouble for sleeping with an employee.” Seokjin says worriedly, thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to Jimin. “Hyung, you don’t get it. I know we’d get into trouble if people found but we’re careful. And we’re not just sleeping together. I know you won’t understand but Yoongi means a lot to me. I never told you about him before, but he’s the first and only person I’ve ever loved. Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, and our relationship was proof of that, but hyung, what are the odds that I would have ever see Yoongi again? When I saw him that day we had our first meeting, all those feelings came back. It was the same for him. And he does make me happy. It’s barely been a couple of months, but with him it feels like it never ended, you know. We’re careful. I promise hyung. You have nothing to worry about.” Jimin says, a heavy sigh leaving him. Seokjin smiles, and grabs the younger into a side hug. “I’ll always worry. But I’m really happy for you Jiminie. And I quite like Yoongi. Though he’s a bit too formal, jesus.” Seokjin jokes, revelling in the giggles that escape Jimin. “God no hyung. He was actually trying to impress you. He knows how much you mean to me, and how you’ve been there for me, so he wanted you to like him.” Jimin shrugs, giggling when Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Well, consider me impressed. But next time, tell him to be more loose. We’re not in the office, so there’s no need to be so formal.” He says and Jimin nods, smile on his face, that Seokjin is so glad to see. “Alright, so food will be served and after we can sing happy birthday and then present opening after!” Taehyung claps excitedly, and Seokjin wonders if it’s his child’s party or Taehyung’s.


They leave the kitchen and serve the food, the kids happily munching on the chicken nuggets and veggie slices, while the adults enjoy the platters of Gimbap and Mandu. Seokjin socialises some more with the parents, and as he’s busy telling a parent the basics of his job, the doorbell goes. He sees Taehyung go to answer the door, and he has a feeling who it is. He excuses himself from the conversation and sprints to the kitchen, ready to hide for the rest of the party if he has to.


When he gets to the kitchen, he sees Jeongguk and Hoseok talking. They both turn to look at Seokjin who goes to duck behind the counter. “Uhm. Is everything alright hyung?” Jeongguk asks, going to peer at Seokjin’s crouching form. “No Kook. Everything is not alright. You’re damn boyfriend invited your damn friend that you two were trying to set me up with, and now I am damn hiding because this is too damn much. So no. I’m not alright damn it.” He groans, ignoring Jeongguk and Hoseok who have started laughing at him. “Oh, come on hyung. He’s not that bad. You’ll like him, I promise.” Jeongguk assures him, going to help Seokjin up from behind the counter. “That’s not the problem Kook.  My boss is here, and I don’t think I can explain that mess right now, but trust me, this is not going to end well.” Seokjin says, huffing and grabbing a piece of Gimbap and shoving into his mouth. He would prefer something to drink but he decided not to get drunk, so food will do. “Knowing you, you’re probably blowing this way out of proportion, but okay. How about you just say hi to the guy, offer him some chicken nuggets or something and then see how it goes from there.” Jeongguk offers, shrugging when Seokjin glares at him. “Uhg. Fine. If things go to shit I’m blaming everyone but Hoseok because he wouldn’t do me dirty like this. You’ve just become my favourite dongsaeng.” Seokjin pats, a gleeful Hoseok before leaving the kitchen, sighing when he hears Jeongguk complaining.

Seokjin scans the room, and when his eyes land on Taehyung, it immediately goes to the tall handsome man next to him, and okay, he’s good looking, like seriously. Seokjin is a bit shocked at the man’s appearance, but he breaks out of it, cursing himself for even going there. Now is not the time, especially with his mixed feeling he has for a certain Alpha, standing five feet away from him. Okay Seokjin, just say hello, and that’s it. He tries psyching himself up, and with one last determined intake of air, he begins walking towards Taehyung. Seokjin relaxes his face so the smile he forces looks natural as he comes up next to Taehyung. “Hi.” He says politely, giving a short bow to the man. “There you are hyung! This is Hyosang, Hyosang, this is Jin.” Taehyung introduces them, and the Beta smiles at Seokjin, giving a small bow towards the Omega. “Jin-ssi. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you don’t mind me here. I was a bit sceptical of coming when Taehyung invited me and didn’t want to intrude on your daughter’s birthday. But I was hopeful in meeting you since Taehyung and Jeongguk have spoken so highly of you.” The Beta apologizes and Seokjin kind of feels bad. “It’s nice to meet you too Hyosang-ssi, but don’t fret too much. I appreciate you coming anyway. Taehyung has told me a lot about you as well. It’s really nice to finally meet you.” Seokjin nods, and he blushes when Hyosang gleams in response. If he thought the Beta was good looking, he’s even more with that smile of his. No, Seokjin, stop.

“Well, I’ve got to get the cake out. You two talk. I’ll be right back.” Taehyung winks, leaving no room for Seokjin to argue and is off. Seokjin scratches the back of his head, before smiling at the Beta. “Uhm, would you like something to eat or drink?” He asks and the Beta nods in thanks. Seokjin gestures for the man to follow him, and grabs a plate handing it to the Beta. “There’s some Gimbap and Mandu. What would you like to drink? There’s water, apple juice, berry juice or orange juice?” Seokjin asks, blushing when the Beta smiles up at him. “Water is fine. Thank you.” He says and Seokjin nods, then bows with a promise to be back with the water. When he gets to the kitchen, he’s glad to see it’s empty so he can take a moment to breath. Hyosang is actually really nice, and Seokjin is lost at what to do. He thinks he wouldn’t mind getting to know the Beta, but then he thinks of Namjoon, and he knows he was the one who rejected the Alpha, but he also knows there’s something about the man, he can’t quite understand. He never thought he’d ever find someone interested in him, and he promised himself he wouldn’t let himself fall for anyone, because he didn’t want to get his heart broken again. But now he has two guys who are interested in him and he’s not sure if his heart is willing to give either a chance. Seokjin is once again, utterly perplexed at what to do. “Uhm, are you alright?” A voice asks, startling Soekjin out of his inner battles. Seokjin turns to look at the person and sees Namjoon standing two feet from him. “Huh? uh yeah, I’m, I’m fine.” He says, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard and opening the fridge to get a bottle of water out and filling the cup. “Why do you ask?” Seokjin ponders, not once looking up from the glass in his hand. “You were staring at nothing when I came into the kitchen.” He says and Seokjin hums, putting the glass down and moving to throw the empty bottle away. “I was just lost in my head for a bit. I’m okay. You don’t have to worry.” He says, grabbing the glass and making his way out the kitchen. A hand stops him, and before he can protest, he’s pulled against a firm chest. “You and I both know, it would be impossible for me to not worry.” Namjoon says, staring into Seokjin’s eyes. The Omega squirms, but stops when Namjoon puts his palm against Seokjin’s cheek. “I meant it when I said I’d keep trying for you. I know I shouldn’t have come here today but when Yoongi told me he was coming I needed to come too. I know you needed time to get your thoughts together and I’m trying to be patient, but when I saw that Beta smiling at you like that, and you blushing, I got just a little impatient.” Namjoon tells him, his hand stroking Seokjin’s cheek. The Omega gasps, unable to utter a response. Namjoon smiles down at him, his face moving closer towards the Omega, and for a moment, Seokjin thinks he’s actually going to kiss him. But then the Alpha simply plants a gentle kiss on his forehead, and Seokjin gasps at the feeling. “But I’ll wait as long as I need to.” He says and Seokjin is left speechless. All he can do is stare into the Alpha’s soft eyes. “I don’t want to make this any more troublesome for you, so I’ll go. Tell Eunmi I said happy birthday and I left her a little gift. I hope she likes it. I’ll see you Monday then.” He says, and pulls away from Seokjin, walking out of the kitchen and leaving a frozen Seokjin to comprehend what just happened.

“Hyung! We’re about to sing!” He hears Hoseok call and he shakes out of his stupor, almost dropping the glass of water he has in his hand. Then he remembers Hyosang and curses as he walks out of the kitchen. He sees the Beta at the table he left him, and goes over to hand him the water. “Uh, sorry for taking so long, I couldn’t find a clean glass.” He lies, but sighs when the Beta seems to buy it. “That’s okay. Taehyung was just here, so I wasn’t alone. But I think you should head over to your daughter. We’re about to sing happy birthday.” Hyosang nods toward the table that’s been set up, and his daughter sat right at the front where a giant cake is sat. Seokjin rolls his eyes, knowing Taehyung went all out, once again. He nods at the Beta and makes his way over to his daughter. “Wow baby, your cake is so pretty!” He says, picking her up and situating her on his hip. “ P’tty ‘ppa!” She giggles and Seokjin grins, planting a kiss to her forehead. “When we’re done singing, blow out your candle okay?” Seokjin says, nodding towards the big 3 candle lit on the centre of the colourful cake. Eunmi nods, and Seokjin begins singing to her, everyone following in after. Eunmi suddenly gets shy and buries her face into his neck. Seokjin giggles as he sings, and once they’re all done he whispers into her ear to blow out the candle. She lifts her head, and Seokjin bends down to let her blow the candle out. She struggles a bit, so Seokjin helps her out, and when the candle is extinguished everyone begins clapping. Eunmi giggles, hiding her face in Seokjin’s neck again. Taehyung and Jimin help to cut the cake and soon everyone is chatting happily as they eat the cake. Seokjin let’s Eunmi feed him a piece and he hums as the taste invades his mouth.

Once everyone has finished eating their cake, Taehyung announces that its present time. Eunmi claps her hands giddily as she sees the many wrapped gifts Jeongguk and Hoseok bring. Seokjin shakes his head, knowing at least 10 of the many gifts are from Taehyung alone. He spoils her too much honestly. But he loves how happy he’s daughter looks and decides maybe she deserves to be spoiled if that’s how happy she looks. Seokjin begins helping her unwrap a few, and they’re from her classmates and their parents, and one gift is even from Hyosang. She gets some colouring books, paint sets, dolls and plushies, and a few items of clothing. He thanks the parents and the kids as well as Hyosang, then has Jimin put them away. They then get to a rather big sized gift, and Seokjin splutters at the size. He shakes his head, helping an excited Eunmi unwrap it. It’s a mini kitchen, with little spatulas and plastic foods that come with it. Eunmi gasps and begins clapping her hands. “G’nna be like ‘ppa! Coo’ foo’ too!” She says and everyone starts cooing at her and Seokjin can’t help but smile. He grabs the card that comes with it and begins reading the message. “To Eunmi. I know how much you love food, and I thought you’d love to make your own! Now when your Appa cooks on a real stove you can cook with him on your own. Just don’t eat the plastic eggs! Love, Hoseokie.” He reads and Hoseok smiles when Eunmi goes to hug him. “Lo’ it Seotie.” She says and Hoseok hugs her back. Next Seokjin is handed a bunch of gifts and he already knows who it’s from. He sighs, beginning to help Eunmi unwrap them. The first few gifts are just clothes, but Seokjin knows they’re damn expensive if the Gucci prints on them are anything to go by. Taehyung and his damn expensive as hell taste. Eunmi loves them all and sadly so does Seokjin because they’re gorgeous pieces of clothing. Seokjin will scold Taehyung later. He puts them down and then goes to the last two gifts. They’re a lot bigger than the first few gifts so Seokjin begins unwrapping them, curious to know what they are. The first one is a small scooter that Eunmi absolutely loves, they then unwrap the second one which is a dollhouse they’ll have to assemble later, and it comes with four dolls. Eunmi absolutely loves it and Seokjin grabs the card to read the written message. “To Our little Carrot. I know you’re Appa is going to kill us for spoiling you but we’re going to anyway. We know how much you’ve always liked having Kookie ride you around the apartment on his scooter, like the child he is, so we got you your own one. And we know you love dolls so we got you a doll house! When you come over we can play all day with them! Hope you love it! Love TaeTae and Kookie.” He reads, and smiles when Eunmi bounds over to them to give them kisses for the gifts. Seokjin sighs at the mountain of gifts she has already gotten and they’re not even done. Seokjin decides to grab his own gift next and helps unwrapping it. Once the boxed playhouse is open Eunmi gets squeals when she sees the picture of the playhouse on the box. They’ll have to assemble it at home but he adores the look on her face. “We’ll have so much fun in this, and hopefully Appa will fit inside!” He says, chuckling to himself. Eunmi hugs him tightly and Seokjin’s heart warms. He bought her a lot of clothing too but left those at home. Next is not a big gift but rather an envelope. Seokjin wonders what it is, so he makes to open it and when he sees what’s inside. He gasps at the tickets for a kids museum Seokjin has been dying to take Eunmi to. But he’s never found the time to buy some, or the right time they could go(plus they’re hella expensive). But now with the tickets, he can, and when he looks at the date, he sees it’s on a public holiday. He opens the card inside the envelope. “To Eunmi. Your appa has been raving on about this museum for ages, so I decided to get tickets myself. I hope you’ll have fun there! From Jimin and Yoongi.” Seokjin pouts, wanting to cry. Because Jimin remembered when he talked about the museum months ago, and he just loves his friend so much. “Thanks guys. All of you. You’ve made my Eunmi’s birthday really special, and I can’t thank you all enough.” Seokjin says, choking up at the emotions that hit him. Taehyung wraps him in a hug and Seokjin breaths in so that he doesn’t begin sobbing like a baby. “Seriously thank you for coming.” He says and everyone smiles at him. Seokjin has never felt so happy in a long time. All Eunmi’s birthday’s have been emotional but for a reason not as happy as this one. Once they’re done, everyone begins leaving, thanking Seokjin for being invited. Once it’s just him and his friends left with Eunmi, as well as Hyosang and Yoongi, Seokjin begins helping to clean up, but is soon shut down and told to sit on the couch. Eunmi is sat next to him, playing with her new toys and Seokjin watches on fondly. He doesn’t know where he’s going to fit all of her gifts in his cramped apartment, but he’ll make it work. “Oh hyung, we forgot one gift.” Hoseok says, bringing a sizeable gift to Seokjin. Eunmi sees the gift, and puts the doll she was playing with down and watches Seokjin open the gift. It’s a box, and when Seokjin opens the box, he feels a gasp leave him. Inside the box are a ton of Moana toys. He pulls out a pillow, which Eunmi immediately grabs and holds on to, then he pulls out many little figurines of her favourite characters, then there’s a picture book with pictures and stickers, then there’s a sizeable doll which Eunmi grabs as well, hugging it to her chest. Seokjin stares in awe as he pulls out even a little Moana outfit that Seokjin knows will be great for Halloween. Seokjin feels like crying again when he sees how happy Eunmi is. He knows how much his daughter loves the movie, and he wanted to get her gifts that had to do with Moana, but no stores close by that he knows of sold them anymore since it’s been two years since the movie came out. So to see all these gifts has Seokjin’s heart melting at the effort put into it. He shakily grabs the card that was in the box and shakily reads it.

“T-To Eunmi. I’ve only known you for a short while, but I know you’re a wonderful kid. Your Appa told me how much you love Moana, so I hope you like your gifts. You’re a special little girl and I’m glad to have met you. From, Namjoon.” He reads, wiping his eyes. Eunmi sits on his lap, her Moana doll against her chest. “Joon?” She asks and Seokjin looks down at her. “Yeah, Joon is Appa’s friend from work. Appa will have to thank him for your gifts.” He says and Eunmi nods, moving off Seokjin’s lap to grab her toys and play with them on the floor. Seokjin giggles when she begins trying to sing a song from the movie, her words ending up being complete gibberish. “Okay, so this just put all our gifts to shame.” Taehyung says, plopping down to watch Eunmi play with her gifts. “Namjoon panicked two days ago when he didn’t know what to get Eunmi after I told him about the party. He spent hours searching for gifts and eventually found a shop a few cities over that sold Moana toys. He couldn’t go out and get the gifts himself so he had to ask his sister who lived a few towns away to buy it and mail it to him. He was so worried she wouldn’t like it, but at least now I can tell him she loved it.” Yoongi says, smiling at Eunmi. Seokjin is speechless.

Namjoon went through so much trouble just so Eunmi would like her gift. She loves it so much, and Seokjin can’t believe the Alpha would bother so much for his daughter. Knowing the trouble he went through warms Seokjin’s heart and he can’t help but see the Alpha in a different light now. He’s not sure what it means just yet, but he’s sure with time, he’d give Namjoon a chance. He just can’t ignore when someone takes the effort to make his child this happy. And in turn, making him happy as well.



Chapter Text

When Seokjin woke up, it was to the smell of food being made and soft giggles. He sighs, sitting up in Taehyung and Jeongguk’s guest bed, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. He flinches as his head pounds behind his eyelashes. Last night after opening Eunmi’s presents and then putting her to bed, Seokjin along with everyone who stayed behind shared a few glasses of wine. Hyosang didn’t stay long at all, and Seokjin is kind of glad because he went completely off last night.


Namjoon’s thoughtful gifts had truly put him in a situation where he is unsure of what his next move is. He wasn’t lying when he said he sees the Alpha differently but he still needs to sort out what this means to him. No one else was really helpful. Even Yoongi, Namjoon’s best friend, couldn’t give Seokjin advice on what to do. But something Yoongi said to him really took him by surprise. The younger Alpha had told him that the least he could do was give Namjoon a chance. And, honestly, Seokjin thinks he should. Namjoon has been nothing but nice, thoughtful and just wonderful to him and to Eunmi, without a thought of it. And all Seokjin has been was rude and totally disregarded the Alpha’s efforts. But he knows he should give Namjoon a chance, because saying he has no feelings for the Alpha would be a complete lie. He’s just scared, as scared as anyone who has been through half the things he has. It’s not easy opening your heart up to someone after having it broken so badly. But he wants to try, he’s just scared that if things do change between them and they become something, then, what about his job? What about Namjoon’s job? What about Eunmi? If she gets attached to him, which she will, and things don’t work out, she’ll be heartbroken. She’s never had two parents and if all of a sudden she has someone who isn’t Seokjin, there for her, and then all of a sudden gone, it will affect her badly.

What Seokjin needs is reassurance. And he won’t get that by worrying about the ‘what if’s’ and not doing something to get the reassurance he needs. He’s going to need to speak to Namjoon and the both of them need to talk about what they expect from each other. If this is just a case of infatuation for Namjoon, then Seokjin wants nothing to do with him. But if real feelings, honest to god feelings, are there and Namjoon actually sees them being together for a long time, then Seokjin has no qualms about giving them a chance. 

With his mind sorted out, he gets out of the bed and heads to the kitchen. Taehyung is the first to see him and sends him a small smile, which he returns. “Morning hyung.” He greets, flipping the omelette he was making. “ ’ppa!” Eunmi shouts from her seat on top of the counter opposite Taehyung. “Morning Tae. And good morning my big girl. Did you sleep well?” He asks, going to pick her up from the counter and setting her on his hip. “ Yes.  ‘ppa sleep weel?” “It’s W-e-ll. And yes, appa slept well. How about you Tae? And where’s Kook and Hobi?” Seokjin asks, sitting down on the bar stools, putting Eunmi on the stool beside him. “I slept great! And Kook’s out getting some orange juice. Hobi said he was going to meet his parents for lunch so he went home.” Taehyung says, putting the omelettes he had made on plates, and setting it in front of Seokjin and Eunmi. The older Omega thanks him and breaks Eunmi’s omelette in to little pieces. “Did Jimin and Yoongi get home okay? I had fallen asleep before they left.” Seokjin asks, taking a bite of the egg. He hums appreciatively at the taste. “Yeah they got home okay. Yoongi had called and asked if we wanted to meet them later for like an early dinner, late lunch type of thing. I said Kook and I were up for it but I would need to ask if you were interested before I could confirm anything. Hobi said he won’t be making it because he’s taking his parents to some place later.” Taehyung adds as he takes a bite of his own breakfast. Before Seokjin can reply, Jeongguk walks in with a grocery bag. “Oh, you’re up. Morning, hyung.” He grins, kissing Taehyung’s cheek as he sets the orange juice down. Taehyung preens at the affection before handing Jeongguk some food and getting some glasses out of the cupboard. “I was just telling Jin hyung about Yoongi’s plans for later. Where did he say we’d go again?” Taehyung informs his mate, setting the cups down, and a sippy cup for Eunmi. “Oh right, uhm some place a few miles out, I think it was Tavolo? Yeah, apparently it’s a really good place and is also great for kids. Yoongi hyung wanted all of us to hang out so he can get to know us better. It’ll be fun.” Jeongguk says, shovelling egg into his mouth. “Sounds like it could be. And I think it will be great to clear my head a bit, and having friends around me will be great. So I’m in. What time did Yoongi say to meet?” Seokjin asks, handing Eunmi her filled sippy cup. “Awesome! Yoongi hyung said about 4pm? He didn’t want to go too late since we all have work and he didn’t want Eunmi out too late.” Taehyung says, causing Seokjin to smile at the younger Alpha’s thoughtfulness. Seokjin is really starting to like him. He’s definitely a good match for Jimin. Both completely mindful of others.

“That works great. I’ll get ready at home and Eunmi could get done here since she’s got some clothes here, if that’s okay with you guys?” Seokjin asks, Taehyung waving him off. “Of course its okay. When you come back you can leave your car here and we can all go together in one car.” He says, and Seokjin agrees. “Great. This will also give me a chance to pack all her new gifts away. Hopefully the bigger ones will fit in my car.” He chuckles, standing up and going to rinse his plate. “Thanks Tae. The omelette was delicious.” He says, giving the younger a small hug in thanks. “No problem hyung. And how about you leave her bigger gifts here and Kook and I will hire a van to bring it over. I don’t think it will fit in your car.” Taehyung offers, and Seokjin shakes his head. “I couldn’t possibly expect you guys to go through that trouble. You already did so much for me and Eunmi. I’m sure I have some rope and cables in the trunk. If it doesn’t fit I’ll just rope it on the car’s roof.” He says, feeling bad that the youngers are doing so much for him, and now wanting to do even more. “Hyung, it’s funny that you think we were offering. I’m telling you I’m going to hire a van, because there’s no way you’re going to drive with heavy boxes roped down on your car. You could get into an accident and I’m not going to allow that.” Taehyung argues, Jeongguk nodding in agreement with his mates words. If Seokjin wasn’t so touched by their worry over him, he’d flat out refuse. “Okay fine. But I’m going to pay the fee for the hiring of the van. And I won’t take no for an answer.” He says, smiling when Taehyung rolls his eyes but agrees.

“Great. Now that that’s settled. I should get going if I want to still have time to get ready and organise all these gifts. Eunie, appa’s just going to go back home to put all your presents away. You’re going to stay with Tae and Kookie. Please behave and listen when they talk to you, okay?” He says, going to the stool she is sat on. “Kay ‘ppa. I be good girl.” She says, smiling up at him. Seokjin grins, pressing a kiss to her forehead before gathering his things and heading to his car. Jeoonguk helps him bring all her gifts that were put into some spare boxes that were in an empty room. After getting everything in, he bids the young Alpha goodbye, saying he’ll see them soon.





Seokjin managed to pack all Eunmi’s gifts away and shower with time to spare. He uses the extra time to check on his emails. The printing company sent him an email saying all the posters and flyers were done and would send it out to the company that would be in charge of putting it up all over town. Seokjin sent them a thank you and forwarded the emails to Namjoon. He then saw an email from the company they were partnering with that’s in charge of setting up the venue for the festival. Seokjin along with a few other workers are going to go down to the venue next week to check it out. The festival is in two weeks and Seokjin is very excited. This is the biggest project he’s ever been working on and so far everything is going great. He’s been checking the social media accounts and has seen a lot of positive reaction, and people being very excited for it. So far over 4 thousand people have liked their Facebook page and have said they were going. It’s a lot of people and after the posters and flyers are handed out even more people will be interested in coming. Seokjin hopes the venue will be big enough. And the celebritiy line-up they’ve gotten to attend is amazing. So many great artists are excited to be a part of the festival. Seokjin is also very happy that 40% of the festivals profit are going to charities and 12% of the 40% is going towards the companies UNICEF project. He’s so happy to be a part of such a great cause.


Seokjin check the time after replying and forwarding emails and sees it’s 3:10. He grabs his keys and wallet and heads to his car, taking the short drive towards Taehyung and Jeongguk’s penthouse.



Everyone is dressed and ready by the time he gets there, so he leaves his car keys on the kitchen counter and pick Eunmi up then follows his younger friends to their car. Eunmi doesn’t protest when she’s being strapped in and Seokjin thinks she’s finally over throwing tantrums every time he straps her in. They get to the restaurant at 3:55, Taehyung and Jeongguk had to make a stop at a pharmacy to get Taehyung a new batch of suppressants and birth control. Seokjin reminded himself to do the same sometime next week since he was too running out. His heat is coming soon in about two weeks or so and he didn’t want to forget his suppressants because that would be a recipe for disaster. Since having Eunmi he’s only had his heat 5 times thanks to the suppressants he’s been using to keep his heats at bay.

They all exit the car and walk the short distance into the restaurant. The place is beautiful with a warm glow, and people happily chatting as they eat their food. The smells that invade his senses has his mouth watering. Seokjin spots Jimin and Yoongi at a large table near the back. His heart stutters when he notices Namjoon sitting opposite the couple. His stomach erupts in butterflies, becoming chaotic when the Alpha spots him as well. When their eyes meet, Seokjin gasps at the pure happiness crossing the Alpha’s face when he sees him. Everything is a blur in between them walking to the table and sitting down. Seokjin is sat oppostite Namjoon, with Eunmi next to him. A waiter comes to hand them menus, and Seokjin only gathers his bearing when she asks if he would like something to drink. He stutters out that a water is fine and asks for an apple juice for Eunmi. The waiter bows and then leaves the table with everyones drink orders.

“So, I asked us all to meet here because I wanted to get to know you better. I know everyone because of work but I wanted to know more because as I’m sure you know, Jimin and I have gotten serious with each other and I wanted to know his friends a little better.” Yoongi says, breaking the awkward tension that has risen after the waiter left. Seokjin then only realises that he has been staring too long at Namjoon, the Alpha no better. He nods, looking down to check on Eunmi only to see she’s quite uninterested in what happening around her and totally focused on the colouring book and crayons the waiter had set down for her. “Well, there’s not much to know about us. I mean we’re pretty normal people. I’m sure Jiminie has told you everything you need to know.” Taehyung says, smiling when Yoongi chuckles. “He has, but the things he’s told me didn’t seem normal. Especially things about you Taehyung.” He says jokingly, causing everyone to laugh a long. “Okay maybe I’m not as normal, but at hey at least I’ve got character, right?” He asks, pouting when everyone simply chuckles at him. Jeongguk kisses the side of Taehyung’s head telling him that he’s great. Seokjin smiles at their dynamic, being in awe of their relationship once again, especially when Taehyung let’s out the most adorable giggle and wide smile after. The waiter arrives with their drinks and asks for their orders.

They all manage to talk smoothly after, telling bits and pieces of their lives, things they’ve experienced and moments they’ve shared. Seokjin manages to talk about himself, and when he explains to Yoongi his situation and the things he’s went through, for once he doesn’t feel sad about it. But rather very brave, because he’s went through all of that, lost so much in his life and have had horrible moments, but he can still sit and smile with everyone and feel as if he’s gained even more than that his lost. Everyone smiles at him, and he sees no pity in their eyes, but rather admiration for him, and if he weren’t so happy right now, he’d probably cry.

Jeongguk get’s a call from Hoseok, and decides to put the beta on speaker. Hoseok tells them how he wishes he could have come and that they better do this again so he can be involved. The call ends just as the waiter comes back with their food, and everyone begins eating, small talk here and there in between bites. Seokjin looks to Namjoon, watching as the man talks to Taehyung and Jeongguk about why he went in the same direction as his father. He watches as the man talks with absolute passion about his job. How he loves the charities they’re involved with and the good things they’ve managed to do. Seokjin falls a bit for the Alpha when he begins talking about his partnering with UNICEF and how much the organization hits home with him. He then delves into his family life and how his sister had been in an abusive relationship, and how hurt he had felt that she felt like she couldn’t do anything about it, and it took him finding a bruise on her shoulder to find out. He is so passionate about his work with UNICEF because he never wants anyone to ever feel like they don’t have a voice to speak out, which is why he’s so thankful to be a part of the end violence campaign they’re busy with. Seokjin realises how good of a person Namjoon is, and this just made his decision even easier.


It’s nearing 6pm and everyone has had a great time and enjoyed amazing food and company. Yoongi argues that he will take care of the bill because he was the one who asked them out. After a good five minutes of arguing, Yoongi relents and only agrees to split the bill with Namjoon who had greatly argued. They all walk out happily, Eunmi is tucked in Seokjin’s neck, having fallen asleep while she was eating. Seokjin was about to follow Taehyung and Jeongguk to their car when he was stopped by Namjoon. “Uhm, hi. I was wondering if you’d like me to give you a ride instead?” He asks, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “Oh uhm, I-I’d love to but my cars at-“ “It’s okay hyung. Kook and I will bring it back when we come with the moving van tomorrow. You can go.” Taehyung says, smiling giddily at Seokjin, Jeongguk smirking behind him. He glares at them but sighs, turning back to the nervous Alpha. “Sure.” He says, heart fluttering when the Alpha smile, his dimples creating deep craters in his face. Seokjin says goodnight to Taehyung and Jeongguk before following the Alpha to his car. Namjoon helps Seokjin strap in a sleeping Eunmi and makes sure she’s strapped in properly, before he opens the passenger side for the omega. Seokjin thanks him, and tries to calm his beating heart as he waits for Namjoon to head to the driver’s seat. Once they’re all comfortably in. The Alpha starts the car, and pulls out of the parking lot.

“Uhm, so, where do you live exactly?” The Alpha asks, coming to a red light. Seokjin rattles of his address, and they drive in silence once the light turns green. 20 minutes later, they enter his apartment complex parking lot, Namjoon killing the engine. “Here you go.” The Alpha says, unbuckling his seatbelt as does Seokjin. Seokjin lets Namjoon help him with Eunmi and walk him all the way to his apartment. He struggles a bit to get the apartment keys out of his pocket, eventually letting Namjoon hold Eunmi while he opens the door. He nods his head for the Alpha to enter and guides him to Eunmi bedroom. He watches as Namjoon gently sets her down, helping her under the covers. Seokjin has to cover his mouth not to let a sound out when Eunmi’s hand grabs at Namjoon’s shirt refusing to let go. The Alpha looks at him in panic, unsure what to do. Seokjin bites his lip so he doesn’t let out a laugh as he goes to help Namjoon. He gently pats her head in a soothing manner, till her hand goes lack, and lets go of the Alpha’s clothes. Namjoon steps back and Seokjin tells him to be quiet as the exit the room. Seokjin stares for a bit at Eunmi’s face, tracing her features. He smiles, closing the door and leaving a small space open.

Namjoon looks around the living room, walking toward the pictures hanging on the walls. He sees a picture of Seokjin holding a newborn Eunmi, smiling at the camera tiredly. His face softens when he sees what appears to be tears in Seokjin’s eyes. “A nurse who was helping me in the hospital offered to take that picture. I had just signed her birth certificate and I remember being so emotional doing it. I couldn’t stop crying while I was holding her because in that moment, having her in my arms, it all became so real to me. I was a parent, and I was all alone. I kept feeling guilty because all that happened to me would affect her. But when she was in my arms, it felt like none of that mattered, you know? That I would be all she needs, and she was all I’d need. And that even with only the two of us, we’d make it somehow. And god, we did.” Seokjin smiles, staring at the picture. Namjoon turns to face Seokjin, a gentle smile on his face. “You did. But now you’re not alone. You’ve got all of these amazing people there for you.” He says, nodding towards the pictures of Eunmi with Taehyung, Jeongguk, Hoseok and Jimin. Seokjin smiles widely, nodding in agreement. “Yeah, they’re definitely amazing, and I know I wouldn’t have gotten through everything as well as I did without them.” He says, smiling fondly as he gazes at the many pictures of happy moments he’s had. “Namjoon-“ “-Jin.” They both chuckle at each other, Namjoon nodding to let Seokjin go first. “I, uhm. I wanted to talk to you about something, but uhm, I think it be best if we were sitting down somewhere more comfortable.” He says nervously, Namjoon nodding and allowing Seokjin to lead them to the couch. They sit down with some space between them, and Seokjin stares at the coffee table, his hands sweating.

“So uhm. Fuck. Okay. These past few months have been..... Confusing, and- and I’ve never felt this lost at what to do. You’ve been so nice to me, so nice to my daughter, and it confused me. I’ve been hurt so badly in the past, and when you suddenly took an interest in me, I panicked.” He says, taking a deep breath and then continuing. “I never thought I’d ever need anyone, or to have anyone want me. But then you show up, with your stupid dimples and charming smile and it freaked me out, because my resolve was breaking. And I could do nothing to stop it. And I’m scared. I’m so scared of letting you in, and to have history repeat itself. But someone told me to give you a chance. So here I am, giving you a chance to prove me wrong. I can’t guarantee that this could work out, and if you’re not sure what you actually want, and this is just some petty infatuation then I’m not in for it. You need to tell me what you want from me before things can ever go further. Wanting me comes with a package. If you are serious about me, you need to realise that there’ll be a little girl involved, and if that’s something you can’t handle then we should just leave this. Because I’m not putting her through that.” He says, letting out a stuttered breath, before looking up at the Alpha. What he sees in Namjoon’s eyes, has his eyes stinging.

“I don’t know what more you want me to do, to show you how serious I am about you. Since the day I met you, you were all I could think about. I’ve never been more serious about something in my life. I know it’s only been what, two months? But I’ve fallen so deeply for you and your daughter. I know you’re scared, because I am too. I’ve never wanted someone so much, or to want something to work out so badly. If you’re scared I’m not serious, you don’t have to be. I’m slowly falling in love with you, and I’d love to have you fall in love with me too. All I ask is to give me a chance to make that happen. We can go slow and try to get to know each other better. And when I manage to make you fall in love with me, there’s no way I’m leaving you after that. Not ever.” Namjoon says, sliding closer to Seokjin, reaching his hand out to wipe a stray tear that has fallen. “So will you give me that chance?” He asks, stroking Seokjin’s face. The Omega’s breath hitches, and his heart pounds in his chest. This could be a big mistake, but he can’t help but whisper out a yes.


And when Namjoon’s lips meet his, every negative thought, all his hesitation and worry, completely melts. His heart slows down, and a feeling of utter content washes over him. As Namjoon’s lips slot perfectly in between his, and the breaths intermingle, he can’t help but feel like it was meant to be. When the Alpha pulls back, and Seokjin is left breathless, his skin is tingling with emotions he has never felt. Seokjin believes this could be the greatest mistake he could have ever made.

Chapter Text

When Seokjin walks into the office this morning, he can’t stop the feeling of happiness spread through him. It’s unusual for him to walk in and smile, greeting everyone kindly as he makes his way to his cubicle. He knows this, that’s why, when he receives confused greetings in return at this oddity, he simply smiles.

He knows he’s never this bright in the morning, but after the positive turn of events in his life, he can’t help it.

Last night, after confessing his feelings to Namjoon and sharing a kiss (and a few more before the Alpha begrudgingly left), he has felt like a huge emptiness has left him. And he was terrified at that revelation. He had replayed the night’s events over and over after Namjoon had left and it scared him how quickly a deep hole inside was filled so quickly. But when he reiterated the Alpha’s words in his head, it put him at ease. He can’t allow his insecurities and fear to ruin something promising. So, when he woke up this morning, he couldn’t help but feel giddy when he opened his chats to see a text from Namjoon.


I miss you

That simple text erupted a flood of emotions through him, and made him feel on cloud nine as he entered the office.

He set his work bag on his desk and made a beeline for the coffee room where he knew he’d find his younger friends. None of them know what changed between Seokjin and Namjoon and he’s not sure how to bring it up. But when he sees his friends together, all of them turning to greet him, he can’t help the excitement in telling his friends about the two of them.

“Morning hyung. You look bright this morning.” Taehyung greets. handing Seokjin a cup of coffee. Seokjin blushes a bit at that, accepting the mug with a grin. “Okay now I’m creeped the fuck out. It’s 8 am and hyung is smiling. I’m actually scared.” Hoseok says, yelping when Seokjin leans over to slap the side of his head. “Oh, come on. Is it that weird for me to be in a happy mood?” He asks, taking a sip of his coffee and humming at the little kick he gets from the caffeine in his veins.

“With it being you, yes. You’re never this happy in the morning, especially when you have to come to work.” Jimin says, taking a seat. “You all are over-exaggerating.” He says, rolling his eyes when they all say nothing. “Ugh, fine. So, I may be happier than usual for a reason. But don’t freak out when I tell you. And don’t talk too loud. I don’t want anyone to hear it.” He says, sighing when they all stare at him intently.

“Okay, so.... I may have sort of confessed to Namjoon last night and we kind of kissed?” He says, wincing when Hoseok lets out a yelp and Taehyung and Jimin squeal. “Holy shit hyung!” Taehyung yells, wincing when Seokjin slaps his arm. “I said not to be too loud, Kim Taehyung!” He scolds, trying to hide his smile when Jimin and Hoseok start clapping excitedly. “Oh my god this is great! Namjoon hyung is such a great Alpha and I knew he’d eventually win you over! This is honestly so great, I can’t wait to tell Yoongi-hyung!” Jimin squeals happily. “Speaking of Yoongi, I should thank him. If he didn’t tell me to at least try, I probably wouldn’t have.” Seokjin says softly,his smile becoming increasingly fond. “God, hyung. I’m so happy for you. You deserve to be happy so much after all you’ve been through. And I’m so happy you’ve found someone to make you this happy.” Hoseok says, grabbing Seokjin’s hand and giving it a squease. “Seriously hyung. I’ve never seen you this.... glowing before. I think the last time I ever saw you this happy was when you had told me about the time Eunmi was born. And it makes me so happy that you have that same look on your face again.” Taehyung says, making Seokjin’s throat tighten with oncoming tears. “I’ve honestly never felt this good, content, in a long time Tae. And it feels so goddamn great.”







After talking over their coffees, they all retreated to their respective cubicles and began working. Seokjing was in the middle of typing out a confirmation on the hotel bookings for their trip down to Incheon for the festival, when he received a text from Namjoon.


Can you maybe come to my office?


He reads, blushing at the request before saving the email and getting up from his desk to make his way to Namjoon’s office. He knocks tentatively at the door, waiting for Namjoon’s confirmation to enter before stepping inside. Seokjin closes the door behind him, and stands by it, gaze falling on Namjoon’s concentrated face as he types on his computer. Seokjin allows his gaze to linger, tracing the lines on the Alpha’s face, unable to stop the thoughts of how attractive he is. And when Namjoon looks up, a blush creeps up to face, tinting his ears and cheeks red at being caught staring. Namjoon simply smiles, and Seokjin swoons. “Hi.” Is what he lamely says, stepping closer to Namjoon’s desk. The Alpha gets up from his seat and meets him half way.

Seokjin allows Namjoon to pull him closer, allows him to wrap his arms around his waist. And when their lips meet, he allows Namjoon to press their lips deeper. He sighs when Namjoon pulls back, a whine lodged in his throat at the loss of contact. Namjoon smiles down at him, that same look in his eyes like he had when they first saw each other.

“Hi.” Namjoon says finally and Seokjin can’t help but lean up to give the Alpha another peck on the lips. He giggles when he feels Namjoon smile goofily into the kiss, breaking the moment as they both step back, their faces flushed.

“How did you sleep?” Namjoon asks, his arms still around Seokjin’s waist. “I slept good. How about you?” He asks, his own arms around the Alpha’s neck, running his fingers along the spans of his neck. “I didn’t get much sleep. Too busy thinking about you and if what happened last night was real.” He says, causing Seokjin to gawk, face reddening as he hits the Alpha’s shoulder slightly. “Wow. Stop being cheesy. It’s too early in our relationship for you to be this disgustingly cute.” He says, smiling when Namjoon lets out a low chuckle. “Can’t help it. It still feels surreal to me. That you’re here with me like this. I thought I’d have to wait a bit more for you. But I’m glad that I didn’t.” He says and Seokjin’s heart warms at Namjoon’s words. “I’m glad too. I still feel scared about this, about us and I too have wondered if all this is real. And it is real, but, no matter how much, it still terrifies me. I want this, you. And I think I’m getting to a point where I’m not going to second-guess myself anymore. It all happened so fast for me, but I feel like it’s been forever, you know what I mean?” He says, looking up at Namjoon and seeing the Alpha nod in understanding. “I know what you mean. I feel that way too. Scared as well, but I also feel... content? Like this is what was supposed to happen you know? Like fate led me to you, or something like that. You know?” He says, and Seokjin grins, pecking his lips quickly. “Yeah, I do.”




When Seokjin left Namjoon’s office after they embraced each other for a bit, he went straight back to work. He reopened his email and opened the draft email to the hotel he was booking. He had booked 5 rooms for the 8 people who were going. Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok were going so he decided to giveve Taehyung and Jimin one room and he and Hoseok would share. Then he booked two separate rooms for Yoongi and Namjoon, who would be going as well, and the other rooms were for the other employees. They were only going to stay for one night and leave the next day. He also booked tickets for the train they would take since it’s a bit of a drive away.

After sending the email he forwarded it to Namjoon with the rooming information and waited for his email of approval. But instead of an email, he gets a text.


Bit sad our rooms are so far away. I’m going to have to walk so far to kiss you


He reads, a bubbly giggle leaving his mouth. He pretends he isn’t flushing from his toes up, and ignores Taehyung who looks over, having heard Seokjin’s embarrassed giggle.


To Namjoon
You are literally the worst. I’m blushing so hard and Taehyung keeps staring at me. STOP. And our rooms aren’t even that far... You’re exaggerating.


He sends, setting his phone down and resting his forehead on his table. He lets out a sigh, a fond smile setting on his face. This is too much for him and not at all in a bad way. His phone dings with a text and he rushes to open it, his heart melting at the words he reads.


Yeah sure. But any distance between us is too far







It’s nearing the end of Seokjin’s work day, so, before he goes to pick Eunmi up, he decides to go to Namjoon’s office. They haven’t seen each other much besides this morning, and have texted here and there throughout the day, both busy with their workload. But now, Seokjin admits he misses Namjoon, and wants to see him before he goes.

He hesitantly knocks on the door, hoping he isn’t disturbing the Alpha. Namjoon had texted him saying how busy he was with dealing with the company’s shareholders and Seokjin didn’t want to disturb him lest if he was really busy. But a soft ‘come in’ is said, and Seokjin opens the door. “Bad time?” He asks, watching as Namjoon staples some documents and shoves it in a draw. The Alpha immediately lights up and shakes his head. Seokjin wants to coo at the cute reaction but stops himself.

“You’re leaving?” He asks softly, and Seokjin nods, making a bold move and going straight to Namjoon’s table, slinging his arms around the Alpha the moment he stands up. “Yeah. You’ll work ‘till late?” He asks into Namjoon’s neck, subtly smelling him. He wants to whine at the scent that wafts his nose. If he had to say what it is specifically, he would say that smells like fresh cinnamon with a hint of something sweet. It’s intoxicating and he takes another discreet sniff, hoping Namjoon won’t notice. But, of course, he does.

Seokjin flushes and steps back as Namjoon’s shoulders shake with amusement. He lightly slaps the Alpha’s shoulders, telling him to stop. Namjoon just looks at him fondly before remembering Seokjin’s question. “I’m not working late today, no. I finished most of what I had to do so I’m just going to go home and try to make something edible for dinner that I won’t end up burning. But that’s wishful thinking, so I might have to get take out again.” He says a bit disgusted of the idea of take out. Which makes Seokjin believe getting takeout every night seems to be the norm. And Seokjin hates the idea that the Alpha hasn’t had a nice homecooked meal in a while. And knowing that’s the case cause a paternal instinct to flare up in him. So, before he can overthink, he blurts out “Do you wanna come over for dinner?”







Now Seokjin finds himself in his kitchen, over the stove, watching fondly as Namjoon play with Eunmi on the floor with her toys. He thinks back on her reaction when Namjoon had rang the doorbell and he let the Alpha in. She had stared at him curiously and didn’t respond to his greeting at first. When Seokjin told her he was Namjoon, she had smiled at him and went to take out her Moana toys that he had gotten her and asked him to play. Seokjin had let out a breath at that and had a grin the whole time on his face as they started to play, before he had to excuse himself to get started on dinner. He had asked what the Alpha liked to eat and he said anything except seafood. Seokjin had said the Alpha was lucky he was cute or else he would have broken up with him on the spot for not liking seafood. Then he left with a blush when Namjoon grinned all dimply and winked at him.


Seokjin stirs the rice he had put on to boil, deciding it was ready to take out. So, he goes and strains it in the sink and when he turns around nearly drops it seeing Namjoon standing at the entryway, watching him. “Jesus, you scared me!” He scolds, throwing the rice into a dish. Namjoon comes and stands behind him, setting his head on Seokjin’s shoulder as he watches him throw some kimchi he made a few nights ago over the rice. “Need help?” He asks and Seokjin shakes his head. “I’m actually almost done. Just have to fry the beef for the japchae. Actually, you could strain the noodle. They should be about done.” He says, smiling when the Alpha pecks his cheek and goes to do exactly what Seokjin asks.

The omega can’t help but think how domestic it feels. He turns to look for Eunmi, finding her now busy drawing on some paper. He smiles and goes back to cooking, cutting the raw beef into strips. Namjoon successfully grains the noodles, after nearly dropping it on the floor, and places it in a big bowl that Seokjin tells him to. He then stands back and watches Seokjin grill the meat, fetching a few things that he asks for, then helps Seokjin put it all together. When they’re done, he stares hungrily at the kimchi rice, japchae and saengchae. Seokjin made the dishes look beautiful and Namjoon quickly snaps a photo of it while Seokjin gets some chopsticks.

They all dig into the food, and Namjoon can’t help the groan that leaves him as a wonderment of flavours hit his taste buds. Seokjin beams when Namjoon praises him and they eat their meal comfortably as they talk.


Namjoon helps Seokjin to do the dishes, the two of them smiling like idiots the whole time they do. It’s nearing 8pm so Seokjin tells Namjoon he’s going to give Eunmi a bath and put her to bed. The Alpha asks if he should leave but Seokjin says he doesn’t have to and could make himself comfortable and put on a movie or something ‘till he is done. Namjoon nods and Seokjin pecks his cheek before picking Eunmi up and taking her through the apartment and into the bathroom. He runs her bath and tells her to undress while he gets her pj’s quickly. Once back he turns the cold water on into the hot bath and waits till it’s the right temperature. He brushes her hair out and ties it into a high bun, so it doesn’t get wet before helping her into the bath.

“So... Did you like Namjoon?” He decides to ask as he washes in between her fingers and toes. She plays with the water, humming as she thinks to answer him. Seokjin chuckles at her cuteness as he rinses the soap suds. “I like Joon. He smiles like me.” She says, making her point by grinningly widely to show off the one dimple she has in her cheek. Seokjin lets out a giggle, pecking her cheek fondly. “Yeah, he does.” He says, looking at her smile with only thoughts of Namjoon’s smile, and not her fathers. He unplugs the drain, letting the water out and then lifting her out of the bath and wrapping her in a fluffy blue towel. He dries her and then helps her into her pj’s before setting her on the counter by the sink and getting out her toothbrush.

Once she’s bathed and dressed, he carries her to her room and helps her under the sheets. Her eyes are half closed and he turns the light off, turning her night light on and going to kneel besides her, brushing the strands of hair that came loose out of her face and singing the usual song he does, until she falls asleep. He kisses her head gently before getting up and turning to leave. He startles, covering his mouth so not to scream as he sees Namjoon standing at the door. The Alpha’s eyes widen and he mouth an apology, stepping back as Seokjin steps out and closes the door slighty.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He says and Seokjin waves him off, allowing the Alpha to embrace him. “I heard you singing and couldn’t help but try to hear it closer. You have a beautiful voice Jin.” He says and Seokjin flushes shaking his head. “Not really.” He mutters into the Alpha’s shoulder. “Yes really. You have such a beautiful voice. It’s not too overpowering and subtle in a way that’s pleasant to the ears. Your tone is fantastic as well.” He says and Seokjin burrows his head into Namjoon’s chest, unable to handle the compliment. “You sound like an expert.” He says, lifting his head out of Namjoon’s chest. “Well, I kind of studied music for 4 years, so I know what I’m talking about.” He says smugly and Seokjin’s mouth falls open in a silent ‘o’. “So why are you in this type of business then?” He says, hand flying to his mouth once he realises how rude and invasive the question might have sounded. But, before he can apologize, Namjoon cuts his apology off.

“I always dreamed of being a producer. Luckily my dad supported me and paid for my college fees, sending me to the best school in Seoul. For four years it was great, I got a job at a record company and interned there for about a year. Then my dad got sick.” He says and Seokjin gasps, because that’s not what he heard about Namjoon’s dad. Everyone knew the man and had said he was retired and Namjoon had taken his place when he did, but now it turns out that’s not the case.

“He wasn’t doing too good and was in and out of hospital quite a lot. So as the good son I was, I wanted to help my dad out in his company while he was away getting better. He had issues with his lungs which I blame on his heavy smoking. Turned out he had lung cancer. Luckily, he was diagnosed early before it reached a fatal stage, so he went regularly for chemotherapy. He’s doing better now, but he’s still too weak to carry on working, so I learnt how to do everything and took over completely. He did so much for me and I wanted to return the favour. I eventually got used to the work and started enjoying it as well, especially with all the charity work I get to be a part of. Music will always be a big part of me, and still is. But sometimes life throws you in a different path that you could reject or learn to accept. And, at this stage, I’ve embraced it.” Namjoon says, laying himself completely bare. Seokjin takes in everything and a small part of him feels sympathetic for the alpha, but an even bigger part feels proud. Proud of the type of man he is, and became. And he admires him.

He reaches up to cup Namjoon’s face and kisses him softly, lingering for just a moment longer. “Thank you for telling me that.” He says, glad that Namjoon trusts him so much to tell such a private matter in his life to him. “Thank you for listening. I think the only people who really know this are Yoongi and a few of my father’s close friends and colleagues in the business.” He says and Seokjin feels his heart flutter at that.

“Well I’m glad I know too. Because now I know what an amazingly brave and caring man you are.” He says, nuzzling into the side of Namjoon’s jaw. The Alpha lets out a staggered breath before pulling Seokjin’s face from his neck, and crashing their lips together.

Out of all the kisses he’s ever had, none can compare to the way he feels as Namjoon kisses him with so much passion, hunger and need. He whines lowly as Namjoon’s tongue invades his mouth, a faint taste of berries from the juice they drank earlier hits his taste buds and Seokjin hums. Namjoon grips Seokjin’s waist tighter, pulling their chests flush together so that there is barely a hairsbreadth between them.

Seokjin gets lost in the feeling, lost and drunk off Namjoon. His inner Omega whines in satisfaction that he is this close to the Alpha. And when they break away, both panting equally as hard, eyes glazed over and lips swollen, Seokjin’s head is constant mantra of ‘mate, mate, mate.’

And as they gaze into each other’s eyes, he silently agrees with his head.

Chapter Text

“Her bath time is usually at 8-”


“When you put her to bed and she struggles to sleep just sing her that song from Moana, she’ll be lights out after-“


“No sweets before bed, and make sure she eats her veggies, no matter how she tries to convince you she doesn’t-“

“Hyung!” Seokjin abruptly closes his mouth as, flushing when he realises he’s been rambling. Jeongguk rolls his eyes, taking Eunmi’s bag from the elder. “Bath at 8. Bed at 8:30. Make sure she eats her veggies and no sweets before bedtime. I know already hyung. This is not the first time she’s staying over.” Jeongguk sighs, setting down Eunmi’s bag in order to pick her up. “I know it’s just-“  “It’s only for a few days. Before you know it you’ll be back. So stop panicking and let me get started on dinner. You’re train leaves in 30 minutes so grab Taehyung and I’ll see you soon.” Jeongguk cuts him off, leaning closer to let Seokjin give Eunmi kisses. The Omega pouts, but grabs Eunmi’s cheeks, planting kisses all over. “Appa’s gonna miss you baby. You’ll be good for Kookie okay? I’ll bring you something when I get back.” He says, smiling when Eunmi claps her hands excitedly. “ ‘Kay! Miss you.” She says, leaning forward to plant a wet kiss to Seokjin’s lips. The Omega smiles, giving Eunmi one last smooch before he says his goodbyes, pulling a whining Taehyung with him as the younger tries to give Jeongguk one more kiss.




They’re heading to the station in Yongsan-gu to catch the train to Incheon. The trip will be for 3 days in which they’ll all help and supervise for the festival which is on the Saturday, leaving the Friday. They’ll all stay for the festival before taking a train back to Seoul the next day. Seokjin was a bit wary of being away from his baby for so long and in another city. He’s obviously overreacting seeing as he has gone more than 3 days away from her when he’d get his heat. It’s winter break so she doesn’t have to go to day-care and Jeongguk took off work for the week to stay with her. Seokjin is very grateful for the young Alpha who was willing to look after Eunmi.

After picking up Hoseok, they get to the station with 10 minutes to spare. They came with a cab so they tell the driver where to park, before hopping out after paying him. The three of them drag their suitcases with them towards the meeting point they all agreed on. Seokjin searches around the half empty station before his eyes set on a certain Alpha.

Namjoon smiles at him, and it takes all his willpower not to run towards the Alpha and nuzzle into his neck. For the sake of the two other employees who are not aware of their relationship, he settles for a simple bow, greeting everyone. Once everyone is accounted for, they all board the train and take their seats. The train ride will only be about an hour long, so they all get comfortable and discuss the week’s plans.


Before Seokjin knows it, he’s fallen asleep. He is not sure when he did, but he’s gently shaken awake from his impromptu nap. He lifts his head off the shoulder he leant on, and looks up to see Namjoon staring back at him. He blushes, not remembering Namjoon being next to him. “You fell asleep on Yoongi so I offered to swap seats because he complained you were too heavy for him to support you.” Namjoon tells him and Seokjin can’t help but snicker. Sure. He’ll believe Namjoon. “I’m sorry. I hope I wasn’t too heavy for you.” He says, and Namjoon shakes his head. “Nope. You were quite comfortable. And rather adorable. Did you know you make these little sounds in your sleep?” Namjoon says teasingly, Seokjin hitting the Alpha on the shoulder. “I do not!” He says, glaring at the amused Alpha. “But you do, I swear! They’re just these little squeaking noises every time you move. It’s really cute though.” Namjoon says, and Seokjin lets out a little giggle.

“Are we in Incheon?” Seokjin asks, looking out the train window to see the train pulling into a station. “Yeah. Everyone had gone to get their bags so we should go as well.” Namjoon says and Seokjin nods, getting up along with the Alpha. Everyone else has their bags already, Jimin smirking as he hands Seokjin’s bag to him, the older Omega blushing as he takes his bag. The train comes to a stop, the director announcing their arrival.


“Attention passengers. The Yongsan train has arrived successfully in Incheon. Please begin collecting your luggage and exit the main door. Thank you for riding with us.”


Seokjin follows behind Namjoon as they exit the train. Outside two taxis await them and they all make seating agreements before getting in the taxis to take them to the hotel. Seokjin somehow finds himself seated between Namjoon and Taehyung, with Jimin on Taehyung’s other side. He doesn’t know what’s worse. Sitting so close to Namjoon, or having Taehyung and Jimin send him suggestive glances and not at all subtle winks.





Thankfully, the ride to the hotel was merely 10 minutes at most and for that, Seokjin is grateful. Given any more time than that and he would be a puddle of embarrassed goo. Of course the suggestive glances and winks were not enough for his two donsaengs. They just had to go and make stupid remarks the whole ride and Seokjin doesn’t think he’s ever blushed as hard as he did. He could barely look Namjoon in the eye when they exited the cab after Taehyung had blabbed about Seokjin’s kinks.

In retrospect, his kinks aren’t that embarrassing, or barely kinks at all. Everyone has a type. Seokjin’s type just happens to be everything Namjoon is, and Jimin and Taehyung thought it would be great to point it out.


“So Namjoon. Did you know Jin-hyung has a thing for guys with dimples? I can only imagine his reaction to seeing you smile for the first time.”


“Hey Namjoon, did you know Jin-hyung loves guys taller than him? You’re what, 6ft? 6ft1. He really hit the jackpot with you.”


“Yo Namjoon, you have pretty big hands-“

And that’s where Seokjin cut them off, just in time for the taxi to come to a stop. He can hear Jimin and Taehyung laughing as he storms through the doors of the hotel. Yoongi and Hoseok along with the other employees- Junghyeon and Changmo- are already in the hotel lobby. He makes his way over to them, dropping his luggage as he lets out a sigh. “Next time we take a cab somewhere, I am not taking one with those two spawns of Satan.” Seokjin mutters, ignoring Yoongi and Hoseok’s amused glances and Junghyeon and Changmo’s confused ones.

“Al......right. We signed in and got our room keys. Junghyeon and Changmo will be in room 23, Jimin and Taehyung will be in room 26, you and Hoseok will be in room 27 and Namjoon and I are room 32 and 33.” Yoongi informs him, handing everyone’s key cards out. Seokjin takes his key card thanking the Alpha and Hoseok swings his arms around his shoulders. “We’re roommies!” He says, chuckling when Seokjin playfully swats at him. Seokjin is sure he hears someone faintly growl but before he can dwell on it, Yoongi begins speaking. “We can all go to our rooms and relax for the night. Tomorrow everyone should be up at 9am and we’ll have breakfast before heading down to the Munhak Sports Centre to check out how far everything is and help with any necessary preparations for the festival tomorrow evening. For now, just get some rest.” Yoongi tells them, everyone saying their farewells before heading to their respective rooms.

“This place is very pretty hyung. Great choice.” Jimin says, walking behind Seokjin, Taehyung in line with him as they stare at the intricate wall designs. “I know right? They had great reviews, and were rather inexpensive. Plus they have a breakfast bar and an endless buffet, so obviously they were the right choice.” He says, chuckling when Hoseok pushes him and calls him a ‘foodie’. “Talking of food, I know we’re supposed to relax in our rooms, but I’m starving. How about we check out that endless buffet?” Taehyung suggests as they enter the elevator. “I suppose we could. I mean we weren’t told we can’t.” Seokjin shrugs, chuckling when Taehyung squeals and begins dancing at the prospect of food. You’d think he was the actual ‘foodie’.

When the elevator stops at their floor, they all head to their rooms, not without agreeing to meet in the lobby after they get settled. Seokjin takes the key card he was given and opens the door to his and Hoseok’s room. When he swings the door open he is not expecting to see the size of their room. The same designs on the walls outside are inside. Swirls of gold and blue adorning the wall, reminding Seokjin of a royal’s house. There’s a big bay window out looking the city and Seokjin stands gaping. “Waah. Holy shit hyung.” Hoseok comments, dumping his luggage on the floor in favour of exploring the room further. “Oh my god. This room is bigger than my whole apartment.” The Beta exclaims, opening the door to the bathroom. “Oh my God, the bathroom is the size of my whole apartment!” He says in awe and Seokjin chuckles at his exaggerating. “This is awesome hyung.” He says, coming out of the apartment-sized bathroom and heading towards one of the beds, flinging himself onto it, letting out a whine as his back hits the mattres. “I. Am.Taking.This.Bed.With.Me.”He says, rolling around on the comfortable bed. “I don’t think it will fit on the train Hobi.” Seokjin shakes his head, walking towards a drawer and opening one of draws so he can put his clothing in it. “I will find a way. This bed is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid on. It would be a crime to leave it here.” He says, sitting up to get his own luggage to do the same. “Yeah, well so would be stealing it.” Seokjin muses, the two of them giggling as they pack their things away.



They took turns showering once they were done, and got dressed before heading down to the lobby where they agreed to meet. Seokjin and Hoseok joke around before coming to stand where Jimin and Taehyung were already waiting. Seokjin laughs hard at a joke Hoseok just told him, leaning on the Beta as he doubles over with the force of the laugh. Seokjin is laughing so hard, that he doesn’t even notice the unimpressed stare of someone he did not expect to see. So when he finally gets a hold of himself and wipes the tears that have fallen from laughing, and straightens up, he is shocked when he is faced with Namjoon who looks not a bit impressed. Seokjin gulps, not expecting to see his boyfriend, and at the fact that Namjoon looks absolutely pissed.

A part of him tingles a bit at the fierce look in his eyes, rather interested in the Alpha’s expression, but he is not at all sure why it’s directed at him. He looks away, not wanting to stare any longer, and rather greets everyone. He’s surprised to see Yoongi as well as Junghyeon and Changmo also here, and when Jimin explains that he asked if everyone wanted to join them, he nods in understanding. But it doesn’t help with the unsettling feeling he has when he decides to chance another look at Namjoon. This time the Alpha is staring at Hoseok, and suddenly Seokjin realizes why his boyfriend seemed so pissed. He’s jealous.

Upon realizing that, he also comes to the conclusion that the growl he heard earlier when the room arrangements were being told, was from Namjoon. The Alpha must’ve not liked the fact that Soekjin was going to be sharing a room with Hoseok. Seokjin thinks it’s ridiculous since he’s told Namjoon before that he and Hoseok were nothing more than friends, yet the Alpha is still seemingly jealous.

He’s kind of purring in the satisfaction that Namjoon’s jealous, and part of him wants to see just how much more he can push the Alpha.

So when they all gather into the dining area where the buffet is, he makes sure to sit right next to Hoseok, sharing smiles with the Beta all the while subtly gazing to Namjoon to gauge the Alpha’s reaction. And when he sees the Alpha frowning, and his pheromones coming off in waves to show his displeasure, Seokjin almost wants to bare his neck to calm the Alpha, his inner wolf scolding him for making his Alpha discontent.

Seokjin ignores that part of him, unsure why he suddenly wants to make Namjoon squirm with jealousy, but he can’t seem to stop. To turn it up a notch, he pouts out his lips, turning to Hoseok with a pleading look in his eye. “Hobi, could you please get me something to drink? Hyungie’s a bit thirsty.” He whines, making sure to change the pitch in his voice as he does so. Hoseok, totally unaware of Seokjin’s doings, simply rolls his eyes, pinching Seokjin’s sides and getting up to go to the bar as per Seokjin’s request.

Seokjin tries not to smirk when Namjoon’s discontent comes off in stronger waves at their little display. He knows he’s being a devious shit, but he’s too far in to stop. When Hoseok gets back with some juice, Seokjin makes sure to lean into Hoseok and rub his head on the Beta’s shoulder in thanks.

When Seokjin looks up, he can see Taehyung and Jimin glancing at him questionably, and all he can do is shrug, smirking in their direction as he sips nonchalantly at his juice and joins in the light conversation, eyes glued to him all the while.




When it gets to 10pm, Seokjin feels unbearably hot and tired. He had managed to keep up his act of getting Namjoon jealous, and so far it worked. But he feels rather worked up and decides it be best to head up to his shared room. Everyone else seems still set on staying and talking, Jimin and Taehyung well on their way to being tipsy and talking everyone’s ears off. He excuses himself from the group, bidding them farewell with the explanation that he wasn’t feeling too well. When Hoseok offered to go back up with him, he forced the Beta to stay and enjoy himself some more.

He’s walking towards the elevator to take him up to his room, brushing his hair out of his face and fanning himself. He closes his eyes after pressing the button for his floor and waits for the elevator door to close. Just before it does, a hand sticks out to stop it from closing and when Seokjin opens his eyes to see who else would enter the elevator, his eyes widen when he sees Namjoon enter the lift. His mouth dries when the elevator finally closes and they’re both left inside the confinements. Namjoon smells way stronger now and Seokjin has to stop himself from whimpering.

“Don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing tonight.” Is what Namjoon says, stepping into Seokjin’s space. The omega splutters, trying to defend his obvious actions, but Namjoon doesn’t let him. “I don’t know what you were hoping to accomplish, but I can tell you I wasn’t at all happy with how you were all over that Beta.” Namjoon growls, situating his arms on either side of Seokjin’s head. “You even smell like him. And I don’t appreciate what’s mine smelling like someone else.” Namjoon snarls, his nose immediately shoving into Seokjin’s neck. The Omega does let out a whine this time, baring his neck so that Namjoon has more space to scent him.

He’s been scented before, the act purely used for comfort. He’s had Jimin, Taehyung and even Hoseok scent him before. It’s not unheard of, especially between close friends and is used more or less to show that you trust each other, and he would often do the same for them. But right now, the way in which Namjoon is scenting him is far more intimate than normal, and it almost feels like he is being claimed. And he loves it.

“Joonie.” He whines when the Alpha licks over his scent gland, the Alpha’s own scent masking his, and he is in pure bliss. But their little bubble is broken when the elevator dings, informing them they had reached their destined floor. Namjoon simply growls, grabbing Seokjin by the elbow and leading the Omega out of the elevator. Seokjin is too drunk off Namjoon’s scent that is permeated through his skin to have any objection in being manhandled.

Namjoon is leading them towards his room, and Seokjin suddenly feels hotter than he did in the elevator with Namjoon’s nose in his neck. The Alpha quickly takes his key card out of his pocket and unlocks his door. As soon as the door opens, Seokjin is pushed against it and lips are on his.

He moans into Namjoon’s lips, pulling the Alpha impossibly closer to him, a whine leaving his mouth when he feels the Alpha’s bulge against his stomach. “Na-Namjoon.” He moans, breathing erratically as Namjoon licks at his neck and collar. “Tell me if you want to stop.” Is all the Alpha says, and Seokjin has to pause for a moment because woah. Everything has escalated rather fast, but he doesn’t want Namjoon to particularly stop.

“Don’t, don’t stop, but I’m not ready for, for that. But god, please touch me.” Is what he says, to which Namjoon growls lowly against his neck, pulling Seokjin away from the door and towards his bed. Before Seokjin can blink, his back hits soft covers and a mouth is back on his. He opens his mouth when Namjoon licks at his lips and their tongues twist together in one of the best kisses he has ever had. Namjoon groans into his mouth, grinding his hips down onto Seokjin and Seokjin breaks away to let out a high pitched moan when Namjoon’s clothed erection rubs against his. Seokjin finds purchase on Namjoon’s broad back, holding onto the Alpha tight as pleasure wracks through his body. Namjoon groans throatily, going back to nipping on Seokjin’s neck as they move.

“Shit. Baby you feel so good.” Namjoon moans, his hand sliding down to Seokjin’s behind, squeezing him there, before hiking the Omega’s leg over his hip to grind down harder. Seokjin sees stars. He feels way to hot and whines as he pulls on Namjoon’s shirt, wanting the Alpha to take it off. Namjoon gets the memo and pulls back to give Seokjin what he wants. When strong , firm muscles show, Seokjin can’t help the whine that leaves him at seeing how strong Namjoon is. The Alpha smirks, swooping down to kiss Seokjin chastely, before sitting up to help Seokjin remove his own shirt. Once both shirtless, Namjoon begins peppering kisses down Seokjin’s torso, muttered words of ‘beautiful’ and ‘all mine’ leave the Alpha’s mouth, Seokjin bucking up at each word of praise.

“Namjoonie. Please.” He begs, everything feeling all too much, yet not enough at the same time. Seokjin wants to be touched, wants to feel the hands he has fantasized about touching him. Namjoon seems to understand and begins unbuckling Seokjin’s jeans. The Omega flushes when his pants are pulled down onto his thighs and his erection springs free. Namjoon simply growls at the display and mutters ‘pretty’ before wrapping his hand around the Omega. Seokjin mewls at the contact, bucking up into the feeling of Namjoon’s big hand around his cock.

Namjoon begins jerking Seokjin off at a steady pace, and the Omega can feel his hole begin to slightly leak out slick. It’s been a while since he’s been this aroused, and since he’s not in heat, his slick doesn’t pour out in large amounts, but it’s a good amount to feel his ass cheeks get wet and for him to drip onto the bed. Namjoon moans when the smell of Seokjin’s arousal hits his nose, and immediately flips the Omega over onto his stomach to get a better a look.

Namjoon feels his cock twitch when he takes in the sight of Seokjin’s glistening hole. The wolf in him can’t help but want to get a taste, so he lowers his head and licks a broad stripe across Seokjin’s rim, growling at the sweet taste that enters his mouth.

Seokjin moans high in his throat when he feels the Alpha begin to lick at his entrance, his hips pushing back onto the Alpha’s tongue, completely incoherent to everything else except the overwhelming pleasure he feels from the Alpha licking at him. “Oh my God. Namjoon, d-don’t stop.” He moans, head lolling onto the mattress as Namjoon simply growls in response and goes back to licking fervently at Seokjin’s slick and spit glistened hole.

Namjoon tenses his tongue, poking it slightly into Seokjin’s hole, and laps at the minimal slick that gushes out. Seokjin keens highly at the action and Namjoon goes back to licking earnestly, making the Omega groan out against the sheets.

“So c-close. Gonna cum.” Seokjin whines and Namjoon takes that as cue to flatten out his tongue once more against Seokjin as the Omega whines. Namjoon pulls back and flips Seokjin onto his back again, his throat drying up at the sight of his boyfriend’s blissed out expression. Seokjin’s lips are parted slightly, glistening with drool while his eyes are glazed over. The only thing Namjoon can think is he looks ethereal.  For a split second all he can think is ‘My Mate’.

 Seokjin’s whining is what breaks him out of his stare and thoughts. The Omega looks close to tears with the way his face is pulled. “Namjoon please.” He begs; sob threatening to break out at having his orgasm snatched away from him. Namjoon coos, leaning down to peck gently at Seokjin’s lips before unzipping his own pants and letting his red, almost purple cock from neglecting it, spring out. Seokjin moans at the sight, his moan becoming louder when Namjoon wraps his hand around them both and begins jerking them off.

Seokjin fists the sheets, bucking up as he is brought close to his release once again, and when Namjoon bends forward to lick at his scent gland, he lets go. His cock spurts thick ropes over the Alpha’s hand, and Seokjin lets out a breathless moan as his stomach convulses with his climax. Namjoon groans at the sight, his own cock jerking in his hand as he comes to his own release.

His hand stills once they both come down from their highs, and he plops beside Seokjin, who lies completely still sans the movement of his chest as he catches his breath. Namjoon thinks he looks extremely beautiful at the moment with his chest and neck flushed, and his stomach coated with a mix of their come that Namjoon’s hand couldn’t catch. He rolls on his side closer to the Omega, and takes a whiff of Seokjin’s neck. When he can’t smell anyone else on Seokjin besides him, his Alpha purrs contently.

“Holy shit. I did not expect that this would happen from making you jealous, but damn, am I glad it did.” Seokjin says, eyes closed as he chuckles. Namjoon growls, and rolls onto Seokjin, glaring at him when the Omega opens his eyes to look at him. “I knew you were trying to make me jealous. And shit, did it work. But I can’t say I’m too mad about it though.” He says, kissing Seokjin’s cheek as the Omega giggles. “I’d hope not after all that.” He says chuckling before sitting up abruptly and gasping. “Oh my god. We just did... that. While everyone is probably still down at the buffet! I hope. Oh my god, I smell like sex and you!” Seokjin cries, pushing Namjoon off him. The Alpha huffs at that and pulls Seokjin to him before the Omega could climb out of the bed. “And that’s a bad thing how, exactly?” He asks, nuzzling into the back of Seokjin’s neck. “It’s bad because everyone will know what we did Joonie! I don’t care about any of our friends knowing, but what about Junghyeon or Changmo? They can’t know about what we did. If they find out we would be in big trouble Joonie. You would be in so much shit if people found out.” Seokjin whines, and Namjoon suddenly feels guilty for making his boyfriend worry. So he licks over Seokjin’s scent gland and uses his Alpha pheromones to calm the Omega down. Once Seokjin is less distressed and his Alpha isn’t growling at him for upsetting his potential mate.

“I’m sorry Jinnie. I didn’t mean to let myself get so carried away. We should have been more careful and I apologize. Listen, why don’t we go take a shower and try to neutralize our scents. I’ll... I’ll even be okay with you asking Hoseok to scent you later so no one will smell me on you tomorrow and ask questions. Even though that would probably make me want to scent you again.” He says, mumbling the last part to himself. Seokjin suddenly feels a rush of affection fill him up. He turns in Namjoon’s hold and kisses the Alpha with as much emotion as he can. “You’d really do that? Even though letting Hoseok scent me would probably set you off into an early rut and want to commit mass murder?” He asks teasingly, chuckling when Namjoon whines at that, sighing as he brushes Seokjin’s hair out of his face. “Yeah I would.” He says, and that’s all Seokjin needs to know he loves the Alpha.


 It’s been a few months of them being together and knowing each other, most of which was spent with Seokjin pushing the Alpha away because of his insecurities, yet at this moment together, knowing Namjoon would do anything for him, even something that would upset the Alpha, has his heart burst with love. Because that’s all he needed to know, all he wanted to know. To know Namjoon would do anything for him. And that just made accepting he’s in love with him become the easiest thing he has ever had to do.


Chapter Text

It’s currently the day of the festival and Seokjin vows to never ever complain about the work he does again. Festivals are hard work. People are rushing around, camera men running with their cameras around the stages to take perfect shots of the Idols, stage managers shouting out orders and the light technicians hurriedly pressing an array of buttons at their commands, assistants running after the Idols, preparing them to go on stage and fixing them up when they come off the stage sweaty from their performance.

All Seokjin has been doing is helping with making sure everything is running smoothly and perfectly timed.

Just watching the controlled chaos around him has him tired, so he can’t imagine how the people who are milling about are feeling. He definitely has more respect for them. He’s with Jimin and Taehyung backstage watching an Idol group performing, laughing when the both of them begin dancing along to the well-known song. Seokjin knows the song(thanks to Eunmi) and dances along with them, laughing when he gets a move wrong.


Seokjin decides to take a break from dancing, and tells Jimin and Taehyung he’s going to get some water. This morning when Seokjin woke up his throat felt a bit scratchy and he’s skin was hot to the touch. He thinks he might be getting sick and has been constantly stocking up on fluids. Right now he’s feeling kind of light headed, and dancing certainly did not help.

He sighs as he heads to the stall serving foods and snacks to the concert goers and asks for a bottle of water. He thanks the lady who gives him the water and unscrews the cap, taking a big sip. With the bottle half empty, he walks around the arena, smiling as he takes note of the positive vibes radiating from the people as they cheer on their favorite group. When he gets backstage, Jimin and Taehyung aren’t where he left them, so he decided to just stay where they were in case they come back.




And hour later and they haven’t returned and Seokjin is feeling ten times worse than he did earlier. His stomach churns with the need to throw up, and his head pounds through his skull, blackening his vision for a few seconds. He can’t seem to find anyone from his team and all he wants is to be taken home.

“Hey, are you okay?” A concerned staff asks, coming up to Seokjin who looks just about ready to faint. “C-Can you please get me some water?” He asks, allowing the young Beta to guide him to a chair to sit down. She nods telling him she’ll be back soon and goes to get him water. Seokjin closes his eyes at the intense headache he has, and before the girl comes back with his water, he passes out.




When Seokjin wakes up, he is no longer sitting on a chair backstage at the festivals, and instead is on his hotel room bed. He sits up, wincing at the dry feeling in his throat when he tries to swallow. “Oh my God, he’s awake.” A voice startles him, and he turns to see Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok staring at him worryingly. “What the hell happened?” He asks, accepting a water bottle from Jimin with a thanks.

“So you don’t remember passing out at the festival?” Taehyung asks, sitting down beside Seokjin on the bed. “Passing out? Jesus, I don’t remember anything.” He says, falling back onto the pillows behind him. “Well you did. You said you were going to get some water, and then Tae and I were called to help out with some lights that weren’t working at the front stage and when we came back, you were passed out on the floor with a female Beta panicking over you.” Jimin tells him, sighing as he sits on the floor next to the bed.

“We were all panicking when we saw you. Luckily you woke up, but you were so delirious so we decided to bring you back to the hotel, gave you some fever medicine and you promptly passed out after. Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-hyung are still at the festival because they had to do interviews with the press about the festival so we weren’t able to tell them yet. We did send them texts though to tell them what happened. .”Hoseok adds, looking rather anxious.

“Fuck.” Seokjin sighs, feeling like shit for having this happen to him during the festival. “But don’t worry. Nothing too bad happened while we were gone; the festival was actually a success.” Taehyung adds hopefully, seeing the troubling expression on his hyung's face, knowing exactly what’s going through Seokjin’s head. “You should rest some more because your fever’s not quite gone yet and you’re still burning up. If you get any worse we’ll take you to the hospital. But for now just rest and stop worrying. I can see those worry lines all over your face.” Hoseok scolds, grinning when Seokjin glares at him. “Your favorite dongsaeng will take care of you.” He adds while Taehyung and Jimin get up from their positions. “We’ll let you rest and will be back in the morning to see how you’re doing. Hobi will keep us posted.” Jimin says, fondly brushing Seokjin’s hair out of his face. “You really scared us for a bit there hyung, but we’re glad you’re okay.” He says, smiling as he steps back to let Taehyung say goodbye. “I agree. I was so damn worried. Don’t ever scare us like that again hyung!” Taehyung pouts before grinning and blowing Seokjin a kiss. “I’ll try not to Tae. So stop fussing and go to your own rooms. Hyung needs his rest and two loud dongsaeng’s won’t let him because they’re too busy fretting over him.” He says, grinning when they both flip him off jokingly before leaving the room.

Seokjin feels his heart swell with adoration for his friends concern over him.

Hoseok leaves the room for a moment then comes back with a cold cloth and puts it over Seokjin’s head. “That should help for a while. Go to sleep hyung and I’ll be right here when you wake. Is there anything you need or want before you do?” He ask, pulling the light sheet over Seokjin’ body. “No, I’m good Hobi, thank you.” He says kindly, smiling up at the Beta. “Okay then. Rest well, hyung.” He salutes, plopping onto his own bed and taking out his phone. Seokjin lets out a deep breath before getting comfortable, and closes his eyes, falling asleep.




Seokjin has no idea what time it is when he wakes up, but what he does know is he feels like his body is on fire. His vision blurs and his ears are ringing and he can feel his stomach churning. When he tries to sit up, he winces when he feels his sweatpants are soaked. He hears two people arguing somewhere, but he can’t hear exactly what is being said.

All he can hear is a deep Alpha timbre, and a wave of slick leaks out of him when his Omega realizes who’s voice it belongs to. His skin is prickling and his stomach still churning with need. He needs Namjoon so badly, but he can’t do anything more than writhe on the bed, bucking up into the air with the need for friction. He whines pitifully when he is unable to get any, and he opens his mouth in a loud moan of frustration.

He hears the voices again and then a slam of the door.









When Namjoon was in the middle of wrapping up an interview, his phone had pinged with a text. He excused himself to check it quickly and when he saw and unknown number, he frowned opening up the text.


To say Namjoon was pissed off is an understatement. After reading the text which was from Hoseok with a rundown of what happened to Seokjin, Namjoon was ready to tear down the arena. He thought everyone was keeping an eye on Seokjin. The Omega had told him before they left the hotel this morning, that he had been feeling off. Namjoon took Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung aside to ask them to watch over Seokjin in case he got sick, yet Seokjin had fainted and they were nowhere in sight.

He can’t really blame them because everyone was so busy with this festival and he doesn’t expect them to be around Seokjin all the time. He's a grown man after all. But his Alpha is angry with them and him for allowing the Omega to fall ill like that.

“Yoongs, we should go soon. I just got a text from Hoseok saying that Seokjin fainted and they’re back at the hotel.” Namjoon says, interrupting Yoongi mid-interview. The other Alpha nods and then finishes up the interview before making his way to Namjoon to leave.


The two Alpha’s enter the hotel and immediately make their way to the elevator to take them to the floor. Namjoon hurriedly exits the elevator before rushing to Seokjin and Hoseok’s shared room, Yoongi trailing behind him.

He knocks swiftly onto the door and waits for someone to answer.

When Hoseok answers the door, the Beta actually looks irritated, and that does not sit well with Namjoon. “Where is he.” He asks, skipping any form of greeting. Hoseok rolls his eyes, and opens the door wide enough for Namjoon to get a glimpse of a sleeping Seokjin. Namjoon calms down immediately at seeing the Omega asleep. Yoongi decides to head to his room once he sees that Seokjin is okay and bids them goodnight.

Namjoon moves forward to enter the room but Hoseok blocks his way. The Alpha growls, glaring at Hoseok challengingly. “It’s late already. Seokjin is sleeping and I think you should get some sleep too. I’ll call if something goes wrong.” Hoseok says, face looking exhausted and not in the mood for Namjoon.

“Do not. Tell me what to do, Beta. If I want to go to my boyfriend, you’ll let me.” Namjoon says, pushing his way in. Before he can get his feet through the door, a hand grabs at him and pulls him out, closing the door behind them. Namjoon is very close to ripping Hoseok’s arm off.

“Look, I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but be reasonable here. Seokjin’s sleeping, and you barging in here won’t be a good idea if he wakes up. He’s had a long night and needs to rest. So calm your Alpha down and just go.” Hoseok growls, and Namjoon sees red.

“I wouldn’t need to barge in if you had watched over him properly as I had asked! What’s so hard about following a simple request? Aren’t Beta’s supposed to be good at that?” Namjoon says, immediately feeling guilty at stooping as low as that and using Hoseok’s status as a way to insult him. Before he can apologize, Hoseok glares furiously at him, and Namjoon wonders if he’s going to get punched.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to get at with insulting me, which is a shitty ass thing to do by the way. But I’m not going to stand here and allow you to use you’re Alpha bullshit to be unnecessary. I don’t know why you don’t like me, and don’t think I haven’t noticed, but just know that I don’t need you to. Seokjin is my friend, and I don’t appreciate his boyfriend being a fucking asshole right now. If you cared so much about Seokjin, you’d leave!” Hoseok shouts and Namjoon huffs. He wants to apologize and do ask Hoseok suggests, but a loud whine sounds through the door, causing Namjoon to freeze upon hearing it.His Alpha whines, and when he takes a sniff of the air, he immediately knows what has been wrong with Seokjin.

 Seokjin is in heat.


"Namjo-" "Look Hoseok. I don't hate you okay. Please believe me when I say this. I can be an asshole sometimes, but that's only when it comes to Seokjin. You two are extremely close and I got a bit jealous over that alright? You take such good care of him and I appreciate that. But right now I need to take care of him. If you couldn't tell, Seokjin's in heat and he needs me right now." Namjoon says, watching as Hoseok's face goes through different emotions. His Alpha is growling at him to push the Beta away from the door and to go and help their Omega, but Namjoon wants Hoseok to first approve of him doing so.

Hoseok bites at his lip, thoughts running wild before letting out a sigh. 

"Fine, but I still don't think it's a good idea. I know Seokjin and he might regret this later on if I let you go and help. It's a bit too soon don't you think? But I suppose there's nothing else I can do. Just, just please don't hurt him. Last time he had an Alpha help him in his heat he ended up abandoned and with a kid." Hoseok warns him and Namjoon swallows thickly as he takes in the depth to Hoseok's words. "I'm not him." Is all he says.

Hoseok sighs, but nods and then steps away from the door. "I'll crash with Tae and Jiminie. I'll check up on you two tomorrow. Please be careful." He says and Namjoon nods at him, twisting the door open and stepping inside before slamming it shut and locking it.


On the bed, Seokjin is thrashing against the sheets, whining lowly and staring up at Namjoon. "A-Alpha." He cries, tears running down his face when he sees him. Namjoon growls lowly and walks towards the bed, discarding his jacket in the process. "I'm so sorry baby that I couldn't come any sooner. How are you feeling?" He asks, climbing onto the bed, Seokjin immediately throwing himself onto Namjoon, wrapping his arms around the Alpha's neck and shoving his nose into Namjoon's neck. 

"N-Need you please." He whines, breathing in Namjoon's intoxicating scent. "H-Hurts Alpha." He cries, bucking up against Namjoon, his slick leaking through his sweats and onto Namjoon's slack's. The scent overwhelms Namjoon and he closes his eyes, composing himself so that he doesn't flip Seokjin then and there and fill him up.

"I know it hurts baby. But I want you to be absolutely sure you want this. I don't want you to regret this, and I don't want you to think that I'm going to leave you no matter what happens, okay. Can you look at me?" Namjoon speaks softly, rubbing at Seokjin's back, waiting for the Omega to look at him. Seokjin sniffs, and brings his nose away from Namjoon's neck to look at him. When Namjoon's eyes find his, the Alpha can't stop his heart from beating wildly as he gazes into Seokjin's beautiful eyes. His heart soars with need, love and adoration for the Omega on his lap, and wishes to give him the world.

"I want it Joonie. I-I love you a-and I want this. I want this so much, w-with you. Please. P-Please." Seokjin cries and that's all Namjoon needed to hear, flipping Seokjin onto his back and connecting their lips.

Seokjin whines when their mouths connect and begins to hurriedly rid Namjoon of his clothes. Their lips disconnect and Seokjin wants to whine but stops as he watches Namjoon begin to undress. He groans, immediately reaching out to touch Namjoon, humming when his hand comes in contact with warm, firm skin. Namjoon grabs his hands, bringing them to his mouth to plant tender kisses on each of his fingers. This causes Seokjin to cry at how tender his Alpha is being with him, and even in his heat-induced state of mind, he knows he wants everything with this man.

"I love you." Namjoon utters, bending down to kiss at Seokjin's wet cheeks. Seokjin let's out a wet laugh, his heart feeling full and warm. Namjoon grins down at him, beginning to loosen the strings of his sweatpants. There's no rush in his actions, and as much as Seokjin wants a cock filling him, he also wants to enjoy the utmost care in which he is being handled in.

Once his sweats are off and thrown on the floor, Namjoon is inbetween his legs, kissing and nipping at Seokjin's thighs, leaving trail of light bruises. Seokjin's cock is extremely hard and the sheets are soaked beneath him. It's only been about 10 minutes of Namjoon biting at his thighs, and his head is a mess of 'more, more, more'. He's about to voice his thoughts, but Namjoon seems to sense his sudden impatience and sits up from between his legs, and flips Seokjin onto his front.

Seokjin whines when his cock brushes against the sheets, giving him some sort of release from the building up pressure inside. Namjoon tuts at that and brings Seokjin up onto his knees so that only his torso is pressed against the surprisingly soft covers. "A-Alpha." He moans, arching his back even more to present himself to Namjoon.

Namjoon growls appreciatively at the sight, Seokjin's hole glistening with slick that dribbles out of him and onto the sheets. He spreads Seokjin open, thumbing at his hole, bringing his thumb to his mouth and sucking at the juices. He groans at the sweet taste, addicted to it already, and wanting more. He bends to take a tentative lick at Seokjin's hole, and when the Omega lets out a whine, he takes it as means to continue. 


He swirls his tongue against Seokjin's hole, groaning at the moans that come out of the Omega's mouth. He presses the tip of his tongue in, doing no more than breaching inside the tight heat. When Seokjin whines, Namjoon drives the wet muscle deeper into him, the tight heat around his tongue clenching as he dives in deeper.

"Fuck." Seokjin whines, tears staining his cheeks as Namjoon begins eating him out. He can already feel his orgasm fast approaching. He pushes back onto Namjoon's tongue, attempting to get it deeper inside of him. As good as it feels inside him, he needs more. 

Namjoon hears Seokjin whine out frustrated and feels a tad bad for teasing his boyfriend like this. So he regretfully extracts his tongue from inside the Omega. His hands find purchase on Seokjin's slim waist as he drags his cock in between the Omega's wet cheeks. Seokjin moans out loud, crying out every time Namjoon's cock catches on his rim. The Alpha presses soothing kisses to Seokjin's back when he begins wailing.  Namjoon takes pity on how fucked out Seokjin already looks, but also feels immense pride in bringing Seokjin into this state. So without further teasing, he grips his cock, and presses inch by inch inside of the Omega, groaning at the tightness suddenly around him.

Seokjin let's out a cry when Namjoon finally gives him what he's craving, coming onto the sheets as soon as Namjoon is fully in. 

Namjoon rubs at Seokjin's sides as he waits for the Omega to come down from his orgasm, before he experimentally moves his hips, pushing down the need to fuck into Seokjin. "You okay?" He asks through gritted teeth, slowly losing any once of control. Seokjin keens high in his throat as the fog in his head clears up. "Move." He begs and grips the pillow as Namjoon- as if on command, pulls out before slamming back in, setting a brutal pace that has Seokjin screaming against the sheets as his prostate is head steady on.

The room fills with the sound of Namjoon's hips hitting against Seokjin's ass cheeks, and the wet slide of his cock inside Seokjin. The Omega letting out a moan every time Namjoon slams into him, the force of his thrusts pushing Seokjin higher up onto the bed. Sweat beads down Namjoon's neck, his stomach flexing as he watches Seokjin's hole swallow around him. He growls, pulling out and flipping Seokjin onto his back, grabbing a hold of the Omega's legs to wrap around. He pushes back inside and begins his torturous pace.

Seokjin releases a string of moans, feeling Namjoon fuck him deeper. The Alpha's gaze is trained on Seokjin's face, reveling in the look of pure pleasure on his face as he fucks him, makes his stomach clench and he feels his knot begin to expand. "Gonna knot you so good, my Omega. Tell your Alpha how much you want it." Namjoon growls, grip tightening on Seokjin's thighs. 

Seokjin whines, biting his lip hard enough to break the skin as he feels a familiar tightening in his stomach. "W-Want it. Please Alpha. Want your knot. Want it s-so much. Please. Please knot me Alpha." He cries, the need for Namjoon's knot making him hysterical. Namjoon let's out a deep rumble, speeding up his thrusts as his knot expands, catching onto Seokjin's rim. With one last thrust his knot bursts, pumping Seokjin full of come, and locking them together.

Seokjin screams at the stretch of Namjoon's knot, coming hard as he feels waves of come fill him up. He sees white as he comes and with a loud whine, he blacks out.





Namjoon lies awake, unable to sleep after everything that had transpired a few hours ago. After he had knotted Seokjin, the Omega proceeded to pass out. Namjoon had panicked thinking he had done something wrong, but after calming himself down he realized Seokjin must've been exhausted and promptly passed out as he orgasmed. So he let the Omega sleep, rearranging them into a comfortable position. It wasn't easy considering they were locked together thanks to his knot, but ultimately he turned onto his back and had Seokjin on top of his chest. The Omega barely stirred, only snuggling into Namjoon's chest before sleeping further.

 Now hours later, and Seokjin is still asleep but they are no longer locked together, but he doesn't have the heart to move Seokjin off him since he is sleeping so peacefully. And he'll probably wake up again soon thanks to his heat so he let's him get all the rest he can before his heat filled mind takes over him.

Namjoon unfortunately couldn't sleep. His mind plagued with thoughts that maybe this all happened too soon. For him it didn't really matter whether it was too soon or not because he knows he loves Seokjin and wants to spend the rest of his life with him. But what if this was not what Seokjin wanted? What if the Omega thought it was too soon? The rational part of him tells him that Seokjin did want it, that he had told Namjoon he loved him and wanted it. But the side of him that's scared to lose Seokjin has him worried that this will be the reason he will. 

After pining profusely after the Omega, persistently chasing him and eventually having him, he's scared to lose him. But he knows that no matter what happens after Seokjin's heat, he'll stick with him, even if the Omega pushes him away again. He told Hoseok he would never leave him, and he meant it. 

When he looks down at Seokjin's sleeping form he feels his heart beat with the love he has, and he thinks he's possibly the luckiest Alpha alive to have managed to have someone as beautiful as Seokjin lying on top of him. He presses a kiss to Seokjin's temple, closing his eyes to try and recharge himself before the Omega wakes up.


Chapter Text

Seokjin has no idea how many days have passed.



He lost consciousness a lot of times but he knows what happened. He feels stupid for not seeing the blatant signs. He should have known he was going into heat but he has been so stressed out about the concert that his brain did not put two and two together.


Now that its finally over, his brain is no longer clogged with the need to be filled. His body aches all over but he finds it rather pleasant. His mouth is dry and his stomach is growling. He can remember Namjoon feeding him some breakfast bars between breaks of them going at it but he is in dire need of proper food.


Speaking of Namjoon, Seokjin realizes that the bed is empty. He feels a bit disappointed that he didn't wake up next to the Alpha and the rational part of him tells him not to overreact because what if he is just using the shower. Seokjin is sure in need of one. But the irrational side of him, the side still slightly laced with heat is feeling clingy and wants the Alpha near, especially after days of having him inside him.


Just as he was ready to get out of bed, the door to the hotel room opens revealing Namjoon who walks inside with a tray of food. Seokjin immediately perks up at the sight of his Alpha, and even more at the sight of food.


“Oh, you're awake.” Namjoon smiles, seeing Seokjin sitting up on the bed. “I'm pretty sure you're hungry so I went and got some proper food for you.” He says, setting the tray down on an empty space on the bed. He then takes a seat in front of Seokjin and grabs a bottle of water from the tray, handing it to Seokjin who takes it from him with a dazed smile. “I didn't know what you would've liked so I played it safe and got some toast, eggs with some sausages and rice as well as a bowl of kimchi and a bowl of fruit. If it's not what you want I can go back and-“


Namjoon cuts off with a winded sound as he finds himself with a lap full of a naked Seokjin. On instinct, his arms wrap around the Omega amidst his confusion.


“I love you.” Is all Seokjin says, and it's enough to take Namjoon's breath away and wind him for a completely different- yet pleasing, reason. Namjoon smiles down at Seokjin, his eyes sparkling with the words that left his mouth. “I love you too.” He says, whispering the words as if he is afraid someone else might hear them. Seokjin grins widely and pushes their lips together for a soft kiss.




They spend the rest of the morning feeding each other of the food while Seokjin is still in Namjoon's lap, and all through it, both realising that any fears or worries they had, were all pointless.









After a much needed shower that they decided to share, they had left the room and went down to the restaurant in the hotel since it was way pass noon and they were hungry again. Having countless hours of sex can do that to you.

They had saw that everybody was already in the restaurant and made their way to the table, hand in hand.

With similar smiles on their faces they reached the table and were met with 5 happy faces. The two other employees who had accompanied them were already sent home with only being told that something had come up but they were not needed to help with it so they could head back home.

“They're alive!” Hoseok shouts loudly, smiling at the two of them.

Though he had been apprehensive of letting Namjoon into the room at the beginning, and then being reassured by the Alpha, he had come to trust the Alpha with his friend and that solidified even more when during the days of Seokjin's heat, Namjoon had come to him and given him updates when Seokjin had fallen asleep in between them fucking.

Namjoon rolled his eyes at the Beta and sat down, pulling Seokjin to the seat next to him. The omega sat down with a deep blush set on his cheeks at the cheeky looks he got from his friends. “Shut up.” Is all he says when Taehyung opens his mouth to say something. All that does is set him off and giggles erupt the table which then prompts the rest of them to join in the laughter.

Seokjin hides his face in Namjoon's chest in embarrassment only to lift it a second later when he feels the Alpha's chest vibrate with laughter, joining in the teasing. Seokjin glares at him, shouting ‘traitor’ at him and slapping his chest lightly. Namjoon has the decency to look sheepish but kisses Seokjin chastely on the lips as an apology, which has the omega preening at the open affection.

“Sorry baby. You just looked so cute getting all embarrassed.” He says, smiling with his dimples showing deeply, and suddenly Seokjin forgets to be(fake) mad at him. He simply huffs and lays his head back onto Namjoon's chest as he listens to his friends and Alpha talk, seeming to move on from their teasing.


With all 7 of them enjoying their meal and laughter and banter between them all, Seokjin feels truly happy for the first time in a while.
















It's hours later when they pull up into the train station in Seoul does Seokjin begin to get excited. It's been days since he has seen his baby and he misses her so much. He just wants to rush to Jeongguk and Taehyung's home to pick her up and kiss her chubby cheeks and never leave her again.


Namjoon senses his excitement and pats his thigh comfortingly. “I know you must miss her a lot. I called Jeongguk and explained what happened when your heat started in case he was worried and if Eunmi started to miss you too much. He said she's been moping and saying she missed you a lot.” He tells him and Seokjin's heart aches. He missed her so much too. “So.” Namjoon says, smile threatening to tear his face. “If Jeongguk got my text, and you head out quickly you might just have a surprise waiting for you in the form of a cute toddler.” He says, grinning fully now when Seokjin gasps and immediately stands up, bolting through the train to the exit, weaving through other passengers.


His heart is beating fast and he feels like his legs are moving at their own accord, an array of images of his baby going through his mind. He really missed her and if Namjoon did what he said or rather implied then Seokjin reminds himself to kiss him senseless.

He quickly runs down the stairs of the train and into the bustling sea of people either ready to board the train or just getting off themselves. He tries to search through the sea of people before coming up unsuccessful. So he uses his sense of smell trying to locate either Jeongguk or Eunmi. When he gets a whiff of a sweet strawberry baby smell, mixed with a spicy musk his face blooms with a grin and his eyes tear up. How he missed that smell.

He races in the direction the smell is coming from, his nose being his main guide, muttering apologies to the people he accidentally bumps into. When the scents get thicker he comes to an abrupt stop as soon as he sees them. He sobs a bit when his gaze lands on Eunmi who is bouncing impatiently as she too searches through the crowd.

She then seems to sniff the air like Seokjin did and when she turns to his direction and sees him she immediately gasps and begins running towards him. Seokjin drops to his knees just as she runs into his arms. “Appa!!” She screams burrowing into his chest, and wrapping her arms around his waist. Seokjin lets out a watery chuckle as he wraps his own arms around her, pulling her close and pressing his nose into her hair, inhaling her sweet baby smell, scenting her as he does.

He knows the whole display is overdramatic but he has never been more than 3 days away from her. He has been a whole week from his baby so his tears are justified.

“Baby. My sweet baby. Appa has missed you so much.” He says pulling away from the embrace to cup her cheeks and plant kisses all over her face. When her angelic giggles erupt he realises how much he missed hearing them.

“Miss Appa too!! Appa gone so long Eunmi was sad. But is okay, Appa's back!” She says smiling widely and Seokjin smiles fondly nuzzling her cheek. “Next time Appa promises to come back earlier. I'll miss you too much.” He promises and Eunmi nods her head agreeing with him.


Just then, Eunmi gasps and smiles so wide, Seokjin worries she'll get a cramp in her cheeks, then she's scurrying out of his arms screaming ‘Joonie!’ as she goes. Seokjin turns around and is left feeling like a puddle of goo at what he sees. Namjoon is staring at him shocked with Eunmi wrapped in his arms. “Missed you Joonie.” She says, shocking him and Seokjin further when she begins scenting him.


This is the first time Seokjin has ever seen Eunmi scent someone that’s not him like that . She took years to scent his friends and even then that wasn't done the same way as if it were him. So to see her scent Namjoon after only knowing him for a few short months has something warm errupting in Seokjin's chest. It's like a sign of acceptance of Namjoon as family to her and that alone has a new wave of tears threatening to flow.

Namjoon himself looks teary eyed as he gazes down at the toddler. He let's out a watery inhale and presses his nose to her head, nuzzling the hair and rubbing his own scent on her. That action alone has Seokjin sobbing because even though he knew Namjoon adored her, seeing him scent her as well even though she does not belong to him, makes Seokjin understand that irrespective of that, Namjoon has accepted her as his own just as much as she accepts him and that's all the confirmation he needed to finally ask Namjoon something he had been thinking deeply about.

















Seokjin carries a sleeping Eunmi who had dozed off during their ride back to Seokjin's apartment. Jeongguk had dragged a wailing Taehyung who had burst into tears after watching the heart warming display between Seokjin, Namjoon and Eunmi, away with a promise of dropping her things tomorrow. He was very grateful for that because he had planned talking to Namjoon and was worried he wouldn't be able to if he had to leave with Jeongguk and Taehyung to go fetch her things.

He thanks Namjoon who opens the door to the apartment and walks inside to put Eunmi to bed. He gently sets her down and pulls her shoes off before covering her with her blanket, kissing her forehead before leaving the room with the door slightly ajar.

When he walks back to the living room, Namjoon is bringing in his luggage and setting it down. “I think that's everything. If not I'll just bring whatever is forgotten back tomorrow.” He says, coming over to Seokjin and planting a kiss to his lips. “Did you only bring in my things?” He asks and Namjoon nods confusedly. “Was I not supposed to?” He asks and Seokjin pouts. “Well. I assumed you'd kind of stay over.” He says, blushing a bit when Namjoon's eyes widen. “You want me to stay over?” He asks and Seokjin meekly nods. “I actually needed to talk to you about something. But I was hoping you'd stay after.” He says and Namjoon gulps a bit before nodding. “Uhm okay then. I'll- I'll fetch my things real quickly and when I'm back we can talk.” He says, waiting for Seokjin's affirmation, before kissing his forehead and striding out the apartment.

With Namjoon gone, Seokjin sits down on the couch, trying to arrange his thoughts and calm his nerves. What he is about to mention or rather ask is quite a serious thing. He may have thought about it for a while but to actually ask Namjoon to mate him is rather terrifying. Not the actual asking to mate, but what Namjoon's reaction might be.

They've only been together about 5 months and some people normally mate after a couple years but Seokjin is ready. He secretly has been since he allowed Namjoon into his life. Sometimes when you meet someone and come to love and care for them so deeply and so quickly, it's hard to think anything else besides that they're it for you. And Namjoon is it for him. In the past he had thought he met the one, but now he realizes how mistaken he was because Mingyeon had never made him feel the way Namjoon does. And he realizes that all he felt for him was simply because he was blinded by how much he wanted a mate and wanted to love someone and have them love him. Everything he had before was forced feelings and what he feels for Namjoon had happened so naturally that in his mind he knows they were meant for each other. So even if this seems to happen so soon, he knows that what he feels is true and he is done waiting.



Namjoon stumbles into the house with his bags in hand and when Seokjin turns to look him, his subtle fear and anxiety melts away when Namjoon trips and looks up at him with a dimpled smile.

“I'll put these in your room and then I'll be right back so we can talk.” He says and Seokjin nods and watches Namjoon carry all their luggage into Seokjin's room.

He giggles when he hears a small crash and Namjoon cursing softly. He smiles when he returns, face red from embarrassment. Namjoon takes a seat next to Seokjin and immediately grabs the Omegas hands in his own and gives Seokjin his undivided attention.

Seokjin roughly exhales, and stares up at Namjoon who squeezes his hand in comfort, sensing that what Seokjin wants to talk about is making him a bit distressed. Seokjin tries to calm his beating heart and decides it's now or never.

“So, I have been thinking a lot lately.” He starts, averting his gaze to the space between them, focusing on their intertwined hands instead of Namjoon's face because he knows if he stares into his eyes instead, he'll lose all his courage.

“So much has happened between us and in so little time. Things are going really fast and despite that, I can't seem to regret a single thing.” He says, gazing at Namjoon for just a split second then going back to staring at their hands. “You so easily became very important to me and even Eunmi as well. She loves you and that scared me at first but that quickly disappeared because I saw that you love her too.” He says, sniffling when Namjoon murmurs a soft ‘I sure do'. “And I love you too. So, so much that I don't know what to do with myself. You've completely broken down all my walls, all my insecurities and worries and made me fall so deeply in love with you.” He says, tilting his head to look at Namjoon with teary eyes.

“And all these feelings I have for you overwhelm me in the best way possible. I cannot see a future without you in it. It doesn't even make sense to me to have one where you're not in it. And part of me hopes that you feel it too.” He says and Namjoon nods at him, leaning in to kiss at Seokjin's tear stained cheeks. “I do baby. I feel exactly the same. Believe me.” He says softly and Seokjin smiles at him. “I do. I believe in your feelings so much for me that I want more from you. I want to be able to wake up next to you. To plan dates. To take Eunmi to the park. To plan her birthdays together. To be there for her when she needs you. To always be here with us and to never leave. I want it all. I want to be able to call you my mate and have you call me yours.” He ends, taking a deep breath when Namjoon stares wide eyed at him. When Seokjin gets no reply or a word from Namjoon he begins to panic. But then he sees the tears forming in the Alpha's eyes and then he is pulled to Namjoon's chest with a muffled sob.

“I want it. I want that too baby. S-So much.” He eventually says and Seokjin lets out a relieved breath that becomes a sob and he is clinging tightly onto Namjoon.

“I love you so much baby. I want you to be my mate. I want you so much.” Namjoon says, pulling Seokjin by the neck and smashing their lips together.

The kiss begins off soft and full of love, but soon Seokjin feels himself grow hotter when their tongues meet. He lets out a mewl when he is suddenly lifted onto Namjoon's lap and Namjoon is mouthing at his neck. He moans softly at the feel of a wet tongue, tracing the outline of his neck and where his mating mark would go.

“Alpha.” He moans as Namjoon bites down lightly at the juncture. Hands are running down his back and then cupping his ass. He moans wantonly and feels a dribble of slick exit him.

“Bed.” He whispers and is then carried by Namjoon into his room, the door closing behind them.




That night Seokjin muffles his moans into his pillow as he is fucked into from behind. His fists clenched in the sheets and his pillow between his teeth.

Namjoon trails kisses along his back, leaving light marks as he goes.

And when Namjoon bites into Seokjin's neck, marking him as his mate, Seokjin screams into his pillow as he comes hard into his sheets. Before Namjoon comes he flips them over, kissing over the bite mark and then baring his own neck for Seokjin to bite into. When the Omega bites down, Namjoon lets out a deep groan as his knot begins expanding and then bursts, locking them together.

It's nothing like feeling electricity run through your veins or warmness in your stomach, but rather a sense of belonging. A feeling of finally finding the missing piece to a puzzle. It feels like coming home after being away for a long time. A feeling of content.

And this feeling has Seokjin crying into Namjoon's neck, the Alpha shedding a tear as well.


Seokjin finally feels complete.

Chapter Text

Things didn't change much after Seokjin and Namjoon mated.


Of course things at work are different because now everyone knows, seeing as Seokjin can't hide his mating mark nor the smell of Namjoon on him. But no one has said anything bad to him, rather a lot of female co-workers congratulated him and told him how jealous they are and that he is lucky to have Namjoon as a mate. He definitely agrees that he is indeed quite lucky.


Namjoon has been amazing the past few weeks after they mated. He makes an effort to come over almost every night, taking time out of his busy schedule just to spend time with Seokjin and Eunmi. Those nights are the most precious to him, to see his mate and his daughter bond together. It feels like they're a proper family. If only Seokjin would stop rejecting Namjoon's offer for them to move in with him.


"Come on baby. It's a great idea. Eunmi will have a bigger space for herself, I live closer to her school and the office. I don't see the issue here. I just want the best for both of you and I want you both close to me. Is that so bad?" Namjoon pouts as he noses Seokjin's neck. Eunmi is already sleeping and the two of them are currently cuddling on Namjoon's couch. Seokjin decided they'd come over to Namjoon's and he'd cook for them. Everything went well, up until Namjoon brought up them moving in together.


"It's not that it's a bad idea Joonie. It's just I don't think now's the right time." Seokjin tells him, patting his head. To be honest, Seokjin would love to move in with the Alpha. It's just he's a bit hesitant for such a big step. His mind might have changed on a lot of things, but there will always be a part of him that's insecure about stuff, and right now his brain is worried Namjoon might get annoyed with them later on and regret them moving in.

"Okay. I see. Well, I'll be ready when the time comes and you want to move in. I know I've been putting pressure on you to move in and that's not fair, so I'm sorry baby. Take all the time you need. I would wait forever if it means you'd be 100 percent sure you want to." Namjoon tells him, kissing his cheek reassuringly. And now Seokjin feels guilty.









"Earth to Seokjin?"



Seokjin startles, dropping the pen that was in his hand under his desk. Taehyung stands in front of him, a slightly annoyed but worried look on his face. "Hyung. Are you okay? You've been staring at your screen for the past 10 minutes and I've been trying to talk to you for 5 of those 10 minutes." He says worryingly, pulling his chair next to Seokjin's. "I'm worried hyung. You looked so disconnected when you came in. Did something happen?" He asks, and Seokjin shakes his head.

"I've just had a lot of things on my mind." He says, running his hands through his hair. "Am I bad mate?" He suddenly asks, eyes glossing over. Taehyung is taken back and doesn't answer for a couple of seconds. "Why would you think that?" He asks, confused as to what brought this thought on. "Hyung, I don't know why you're thinking that way, but I can tell you this. You're the most selfless, most caring person I've ever met. You're a great father to Eunmi and great friend to me and Jeongguk. So I can confidently say you're an amazing mate as well. I'm sure. So please tell me why you'd think otherwise." He says, causing Seokjin to sniffle.

"I-It's just.. Namjoon has asked me to move in with him. And every time he does, I reject his offer, and it's just.. I can see the defeated look in his eyes every time I say no. But he never actually pressures or forces me to try to change my mind and just last night he said he'd wait forever for me to agree and it just made me feel so terrible. In retrospect, I know moving in would be the best option for us since everything is closer where he lives, and as a mates it seems the plausible thing to do, but I'm so scared Taehyung-ah." He says, wiping a fallen tear.

"I know he loves me, and he loves Eunmi. But what if he grows annoyed or tired of having us around? Eunmi is not his, so what if he becomes angry at having to care for a pup that's not his? What would I do if that were to happen?" 

Taehyung is left speechless at hearing what has been troubling Seokjin, so he does the only thing he knows he should do. He slaps Seokjin's arm, the older omega shouting in protest. "What the hell Taehyung!" He yells, and the younger rolls his eyes, standing up and dragging Seokjin with him to the coffee room where they'll have more privacy.

"Kim Taehyung! What are y-"

"Are you that stupid hyung!?"He shouts, glaring at Seokjin who effectively shuts his mouth at the youngers outburst. "W-what?" The older asks, eyes widening at Taehyung's angry face. "Listen to me hyung. I know you've been through shit. I know you feel like no one will want you, that people will grow tired of you, and you think of yourself as burden. But let me tell you this hyung. Namjoon is not your parents, and he sure as hell is not that asshole who left you. Do you not see how much that man loves you? How much he loves Eunmi? I'm not gonna lie, I was wary of him at first and thought he was trying to play with you heart, but for god's sake hyung, I've seen the way he cares for you both, the love he has for you both. He is not going to leave you, He's not going to disappear and leave you broken to pick up the pieces like you did before. So for the love of god, stop thinking the worst of him when all he is trying to do is love you. Stop being afraid he's going to leave when all he has ever done is try to be with you." 


At this point Seokjin is full on sobbing. He needed to hear this. Taehyung may seem immature most of the time, but he is the only person Seokjin trusts to tell him when he's being stupid. And boy, did he.


"Aish hyung. You know I hate seeing you cry." Taehyung tuts, moving to bring Seokjin into a hug. "I might have been a bit too harsh but you needed to hear that hyung. I'm tired of seeing you ruin your happiness because of silly insecurities. I know it's not easy to just ignore them, but you have to have more faith in the people who want to be there for you. So talk to Namjoon hyung about this. I'm sure the poor Alpha is feeling unsure of why his mate doesn't want to move in with him. Talk to him okay?" He says and Seokjin nods into his shoulder. "I will. Thank you Taehyung-ah." He says and the younger smiles at him. "Of course hyung. You deserve to be happy okay? Remember that."






"Appa!" Eunmi shouts, running towards Seokjin, who chuckles lifting her up into his arms. "Hi sweetheart. Ready to go?" He asks and she nods nosing at his neck first before turning around to wave goodbye to Chaeyeong. The Beta waves back and Seokjin smiles. "See you tomorrow Chaeyeong." He says before walking out of the daycare. "Appa, we go to Joonie?" She asks as Seokjin straps her into the car seat. "Yeah baby. Joonie's gonna work late so it's gonna just be the two of us for a bit before he gets back." He says and Eunmi pouts but nods.


Seokjin opens the apartment with the key Namjoon gave him so he could get in, putting Eunmi down so she can run inside. "Take your shoes off young lady." He reminds her as he closes the door behind him. He hangs their jackets up and hangs the keys up, walking further into the apartment. Eunmi is already sat on the floor in the corner of the living room where a chest of toys Namjoon bought her are. "Don't make too much of a mess okay?" He warns her as he makes his way into the kitchen. He grabs ingredients to make Sundubu-jjigae, setting them on the counter. 



Seokjin is just finishing up the dish when he hears the door opening and Eunmi screaming. He almost drops the ladle in his hand when he hears Namjoon scream even louder than Eunmi. "Jesus. I have two kids I swear." He says rolling his eyes as he washes his hands. He goes to greet Namjoon, stopping in his tracks to watch the his Alpha and his pup have a quiet little conversation. He can't hear what Namjoon is saying but he watches fondly as Eunmi nods attentively to everything the Alpha says. With a kiss to her cheek, Namjoon puts her down and Seokjin watches her run to Namjoon's room.

Namjoon then turns to face Seokjin, and smiles happily at the Omega. "Hi." He says, walking towards him, and bringing Seokjin into a hug with a kiss to his lips. Seokjin is breathless when the Alpha pulls away. "Hi." He says in return, momentarily disorientated. "Smells good." Namjoon says and Seokjin smiles. "I made stew." He answers and Namjoon chuckles. "I was talking about you." He says, nosing at Seokjin's neck. The omega blushes, slapping the Alpha's shoulder. "Smooth." He says, as Namjoon chuckles into his neck. 

"I got you something. Well, uhm Eunmi and I got you something." Namjoon then says as Eunmi rushes back into the living room. Seokjin squints his eyes at the both of them as he eyes the object behind Eunmi's back. "So that's what you were conspiring about this past week." He says and both of them smile up at him. "I suppose so, yes. It's not something over the top so stop glaring at me. It's just a little something I think you'd like. It's just a little something to say I appreciate you and that I'm thankful for feeding me all the time. I know you've been whining about wanting something like this after you saw someone in a drama have it, so I got one custom made." He says, beckoning Eunmi over to hand Seokjin the wrapped gift. "Aish, you're too much." He says, accepting the gift from Eunmi who claps her hands excitedly.

Seokjin huffs as he unwraps the gift, opening up the small box. When he takes a peak inside, he gasps, tears forming in his eyes. He reaches in and pulls out a beautiful silver locket. He brings the piece of jewelry closer and sees that there are finger prints sculpted into the locket. "The front side is Eunmi's finger print and on the backside is mine. I know it's a bit cheesy but I hope you like it. Uhm, inside are two pictures I put inside, but you can change it if you don't like it." Namjoon says nervously as Seokjin opens the locket.

Inside is a baby picture of Eunmi he had taken the day he had came back from the hospital, and on the other side is a picture of the three of them when they were at Taehyung and Jeongguk's house a couple of weeks back. The picture of them is Seokjin and Namjoon sitting together with Eunmi on the floor laughing with him and Namjoon staring fondly at her. "I asked Taehyung if he had any pictures of her when she was younger and he gave me a few but I chose that one because I love how pure and tiny she looked. And also how at ease and calm she looked. I hope you don't mind." 

He doesn't. He doesn't mind at all.

Seokjin cannot stop staring at the pictures. The baby picture of Eunmi is the one he took of her after she had finally fallen asleep as they returned from the hospital. He can remember how she cried all the way from the hospital till he they got home but the moment he walked into the house she had stopped crying and fell asleep. He can see why Namjoon chose that picture because she was very much at ease. The picture means a lot to him.

"Joonie." He cries, bringing the locket to his chest as he sobs. Namjoon panics a bit and immediately brings Seokjin into a hug. "Baby, I'm sorry. We can get something else if you don't like it." He says and Seokjin shakes his head. "No." He says, wiping at his eyes. "It's perfect." He says, looking down when a small hand grabs at his jeans. He smiles picking Eunmi up and let's her cuddle into his chest. "I love it. And I love you." He says kissing Namjoon's cheek and then Eunmi's. He feels the Alpha relax at that and brings them both closer to him. "I'm glad. I thought you hated it. I know it's not that big of a gift but I know you like simplicity and knew you wanted a locket so I thought you'd like it." He says and Seokjin sighs contently into Namjoon's shoulder. "I love it Joonie. Thank you for the gift." He says and Namjoon smiles at him. "You're welcome baby."



It's a couple of hours later, Eunmi is sat in front of the tv, eyes fluttering closed. Seokjin picks her up and settles her on his lap and rubs her back as she begins to fall asleep. Namjoon walks into the living room after cleaning the kitchen from their meal. He smiles when he sees Eunmi asleep and gently sits down besides Seokjin. "Kitchen is all cleaned. The food was amazing, thank you." He says and Seokjin hums as Namjoon pecks his cheek. 

They watch the cartoon for a few minutes until Seokjin gets restless. He hasn't stopped thinking back to what Taehyung said. He does deserve happiness, and he's tired of letting his mind keep him from that. "Joonie?" He whispers, getting the Alpha's attention. "Yeah?" He asks, hand unconsciously rubbing up and down Seokjin's back as if sensing his nervousness.

Seokjin takes in a deep breath, directing his gaze to Namjoon who is now solely focused on him. His eyes search for something in the Alpha eyes, and all he can find is reassurance that what he is about to say is what he needs to say. 

"I. I think-.. I want to move in with you." He says, in a whisper, his chest suddenly becoming lighter as if a weight has been lifted off. "What?" Namjoon asks softly, as if he is confused. "I want to move in with you. I thought about it, and had some help in making this decision, and well. I'm ready. I'm ready to do this with you. If you'll still have me." He says and he watches as Namjoon's eyes soften, and a wide dimply smile take over his face.

"Really?" He asks, sitting up straighter, careful not to jostle Seokjin and wake up Eunmi. Seokjin smiles at him and nods. "Really." He says and Namjoon grins, grabbing Seokjin's face and pulling him in for a deep kiss. 

"I'm so happy." He says against Seokjin's lips. Seokjin pulls away and grins up at the Alpha. "I'm happy too."

















"Hyung this is the last box. The movers will be here in 10 minutes to pick them up." Jeongguk says as he puts down the last box of Seokjin's things. After Seokjin had said he was ready to move in, 3 days later he had his apartment packed up and things ready to be taken to Namjoon's place. He has Hoseok and Jeongguk helping him while Taehyung and Jimin are watching after Eunmi. Namjoon wanted to help but is stuck in a conference today and couldn't make it. 

Seokjin had already moved his and Eunmi's clothes to Namjoon's and all that's left is some furniture and miscellaneous things of his to go. He's donating his fridge and stove since he won't be needing it. Namjoon's house is well equipped but Seokjin is too attached to his lounge suite to let it go, and Namjoon being the amazing Alpha he is, made space for it to fit. He knows it's ugly and pink and does not go with Namjoon's decor, but he loves it because he bought it and it was the first thing he ever bought so it's very sentimental to him.


"Thanks for helping me out. I promise to treat you to a meal later on." He says, chuckling when Jeongguk and Hoseok cheer. "Idiots." He mutters as he wraps up a box filled with baby pictures and pictures that were taken over the years. He smiles as he stares down at a picture of all of them sat in his living room, as they cheer on Eunmi who at the time of the photo had started to take her first steps. He can't help but giggle at Taehyung's hair which seems to blend in with the color of the couch almost making him appear to be bald.

He puts it down and then grabs another picture which was of all of them on Eunmi's first birthday. They're once again cramped into his living room, all of them smiling at Eunmi who has a hand full of cake. He remembers having to have his couch cleaned the next day because she had thrown a handful of cake onto it. He shakes his head fondly as he puts the last picture down. He sighs as he gets up, his legs aching after having been sitting on them while he packed. He lifts the box up to put it away, but stops when he sees a picture fall out by accident. He huffs setting the box down to pick the picture up.

When he sees what picture it is, a wide smile sets on his face.

The picture is of them when they had all gone to that restaurant. He remembers teasing Jeongguk for bringing his photography equipment everywhere with them, but he is glad the younger did because now he has the beautiful picture of all of them. He traces his fingers along everyone's face, feeling a bit emotional because he has met so many wonderful people in in the past few years and can't help but feel thankful for them especially after all that he has been through.

They have a special place in his heart and he can't wait for the future to be spent with each and everyone of them present.









"And that's the last of it! Wow we did that in record time." Jimin grins as he plops down on Namjoon's couch. Everyone hums in answer, exhausted from the busy day. Seokjin has settled well into Namjoon's house and has set everything in place. He grins at how out of place his pink furniture looks in the otherwise monotone lounge, but he thinks it give the place character. 

"Thanks for the help guys. I promised Gukkie and Hobi I'd treat them to a meal, so how does Samgyeopsal sound?" He asks, and everyone cheers in agreement. He chuckles as he heads into the kitchen to prepare the food. 


As he prepares some side dishes to go with it, he hears the front door opening and a slew of greetings sound after. As Seokjin continues to slice up some vegetables, a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. He stills for a moment before smiling and carrying on cutting. "I could get used to coming home to this everyday." Namjoon says, nosing at the back of Seokjin's neck. "Well, I guess you will now." He says, grinning when Namjoon nips at his neck. "I love you." He says and Seokjin hums. "I love you too. Now make yourself useful and start the grill. Have Yoongi help you please." He says and Namjoon scoffs, as he steps back. "I don't need help. I'm very capable of putting the grill on myself." He says and Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Sure. Tell that to the 1st degree burns I had to treat last time you were so 'capable' of putting the grill on." He says, turning around to raise a brow at the Alpha. Namjoon huffs, and pouts before muttering 'Fine' as he leaves to call Yoongi. "A child, I swear." He says as he groups up all the chopped vegetables.

"Hey Jin." Yoongi greets as he enters the kitchen with a pouting Namjoon in tow. "Hi Yoongi. You can take the grill out to the dining room. I'll bring the meat in a second." He says, the Alpha saluting him as he tells Namjoon to help him carry the grill.

Seokjin then grabs the meat and vegetables before following them out the kitchen. Everyone is already sat at the table, Eunmi sat between Hoseok and Jimin who give her small pieces of bread to munch on before dinner's ready.

"Tae, could you get the drinks for me? I put it out on the counter." He asks, the younger nodding before scurrying off into the kitchen. Yoongi and Namjoon get started on the grill, lighting it up. Seokjin then takes the meat once the grill is hot enough and starts cooking. Taehyung returns and sets the cans of soda on the table, and a juice box for Eunmi. 



The table is chaotic as everyone talks amongst themselves. Jeongguk and Hoseok are fighting over a piece of meat, Yoongi is forcing his own food onto Jimin's plate as the younger whines in protest, Taehyung and Namjoon are in a deep conversation and Eunmi is laughing at Jeongguk as Hoseok calls him and 'overgrown muscle bunny'. It's chaos, but Seokjin loves it.

Before Hoseok and Jeongguk start actually brawling, Seokjin puts his piece of meat in Jeongguk's plate, effectively shutting them both up as they dig in. He rolls his eyes at that and begins clearing up a bit. "Baby I'll do it. Just relax okay?" Namjoon then steps in to do it instead. Seokjin thanks him before sitting down, helping Eunmi to drink from her juice box.

As he sets the juice down, his phone begins to ring. He sighs, excusing himself before going to the kitchen to take the call.


"Hi, this is Seokjin speaking." He greets as he rinses a dirty cup that was on the sink, drying it off to pack it away.

"Seokjin?" The voice answers and Seokjin feels his body go rigid, the cup falling out of his hands and shattering on the floor. Seokjin doesn't even register Namjoon coming into the room, as his heart pounding in his chest is all he hears. After all these years, after all the pain and suffering he went through, and after finally picking up the broken pieces, recently healed wounds are being reopened.





Chapter Text

Seokjin can hear voices around him, but they are all but static to his ears.


He thinks he hears someone saying he is bleeding but he can't seem to function properly. It's not until he hears Eunmi let out a distressed cry that he snaps out of it and rushes to his daughter picking her up and holding her tightly against his chest. Eunmi wails for about 3 minutes before it eventually evens out to tired sniffles. Seokjin makes a move to take her to her room but Jimin stops him, and takes the sleeping toddler out of his arms.

"You're bleeding hyung, please let Namjoon hyung clean you up and I'll put her to bed okay?" The younger smiles gently, nodding his head towards a distressed Namjoon who immediately rushes to Seokjin's side at the mention of his name. Seokjin simply allows himself to be pulled into the bathroom, walking past the kitchen where Yoongi, Hoseok and Jeongguk are busy cleaning up the shattered glass pieces, and Taehyung is busy wiping up the blood off the floor.

He turns his head away, lowering it as he is pulled into the bathroom. 

Namjoon sets him down on the toilet seat and rummages through the cabinet in search of a first aid kit. Once he successfully finds it, he opens it with shaky hands, grabbing out some cotton balls, ointment and bandages. Namjoon works in silence and Seokjin can only stare at his Alpha as he cleans up Seokjin's cut on his foot.

"My dad's dying." He says out loud, breaking the silence. Namjoon pauses his ministrations, finally gazing at Seokjin. "He was sick for almost 2 years, cancer, and my mother thought that it wasn't necessary to tell me until he was close to death." He says blankly, eyes watering with tears he refuses to shed.

"Jin." Namjoon mutters sadly, pulling the Omega to his chest, as Seokjin finally lets the tears fall. "Baby. I'm so sorry." The Alpha speaks into his hair as the Seokjin cries into his chest.


When Seokjin had answered the call, he did not expect to hear his mother's voice on the other side. More importantly, he did not expect to hear his mother tell him that his father is currently at the hospital, busy dying from pancreatic cancer.

He had gone to the hospital because of back pain a many months ago, and when the doctors had done some tests to see the cause of his lower back pain, they had discovered that he had stage 3 pancreatic cancer and that it had already spread to his nerves and blood vessels.

He had gone through numerous treatments, and for a year he was okay. But it only got worse and now from what his mother told him, his father might only have about 2 months left before the disease spreads completely. 

Seokjin could not believe what he was hearing, it was all too much for him, not only hearing his mothers voice, or hearing of his father's illness, rather it was hearing the sadness and regret in his mother's voice as she had asked him to come and see his father at the hospital.

The last time he had spoken to his mother was when she had told him how disappointed she was in him, and practically kicking him out and calling him a disgrace to the family. He can remember seeing the disappointment in her eyes, the look of failure she must have felt at how he ended up. He had hopes of reaching out to them over the years and had always sent his mother pictures and updates of Eunmi, but she had never responded to any. He had even sent her a picture a couple weeks back on Eunmi's birthday, yet nothing was ever sent back, and now she calls? She calls when his father is too far gone, instead of earlier, before he had no time left.

He is angry. But more than that, he's hurt. Which is why he cannot stop the flow of tears as he cries into Namjoon's chest. 




When Seokjin's too tired to cry anymore, he pulls away from Namjoon and lets the Alpha finish cleaning his wound. Once the bandage is secured around his foot, the Alpha takes his hands, and kisses across every knuckle.

"We'll take some time off this week. I'll ask Yoongi to take over for me, and we can spend the week together. I can ask Tae and Gguk to watch Eunmi while you try to feel better. And.... If you want to, we can go to the hospital and see your dad." Namjoon tells him, rubbing his thumbs across Seokjin's hands as he patiently waits for Seokjin's response.

"Okay." He says tiredly. Utterly spent from crying and Namjoon hums, standing up, and pulling Seokjin to his side as they exit the bathroom.


The rest of their friends are all sitting in the lounge, their heads popping up at the sound of them approaching. Seokjin takes a moment to tell them of the news and Jimin and Taehyung are the first to crowd Seokjin into a big hug. The elder smiles a little at the comforting feeling of his friends near him. Next is Hoseok who pulls him into a tight hug, whispering that things will be okay, and Jeongguk and Yoongi give him brief hugs and words of comfort.

Soon all their friends make a move to leave and Seokjin thanks them for coming over and for their help with everything. It's when they're getting ready to head to bed that Seokjin suddenly speaks up.

"I want to take Eunmi to see them. To see him." He says, glancing at Namjoon who is currently getting into some sweats. The Alpha turns to look at him, searching Seokjin's face for clarity. He then moves towards the bed, sliding next to Seokjin, and turning to face the Omega. "Are you sure? I mean, I'm not against it, but you have to consider the fact that Eunmi has no idea of their existence, and I'm just a bit worried on how she'll react to not only seeing them, but when your dad eventually....Passes. How will she react to that?" He asks and Seokjin takes a moment to think through Namjoon's words. 

"I know that it's going to be something we'll have to deal with, and it might be hard for her to understand. Of course I'm worried about how she'll react to suddenly having grandparents, and then losing one of them. But I want her to meet them. As weird as it may be, she deserves to meet them, because no matter what they've done to me, they're still her grandparents, and even though they haven't had any interest in her, they deserve to see her too. She's their grandchild. And when the time comes, we'll sit down and explain it to her in the easiest way for her to understand. As long as I have you by my side, I know we'll get through it. Together." He says, closing his eyes as Namjoon wraps him into his arms, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"Okay baby. When you're ready, we'll do that. I'll be with you every step of the way." He says, and Seokjin purrs at his Alpha's reassuring words. He is grateful for having the Alpha by his side, and he knows the next two months are going to be hard, but having the reassurance that he wont be going through this alone, makes it a lot easier to deal with.





"Appa?" Seokjin hears, as he feels two small hands hold his face. He blinks the sleep out of his eyes, focusing on the frowning face of Eunmi. "Did you just get up? He asks, looking around, seeing Namjoon snoring away next to him. He looks at the clock and sees it's only 3 in the morning. "Oh baby, did you have a nightmare?" He asks, bringing Eunmi into his hold and peppering her face with kisses as she sniffles. 

"Appa sad. When I was sleeping saw Appa hurt and crying. Didn't like it." She says, and he coos, tightening his hold around her slightly. "Did you climb onto the bed to check if Appa was okay?" He asks and she nods into his neck. Seokjin sighs down at her, nuzzling into her head. "Appa's fine, see? Nothing is wrong baby.It was just a bad dream okay? Do you wanna sleep with Appa and Joonie tonight?" He asks and she nods quickly. 

Her movement must have woken Namjoon up, because he hears the Alpha moving and before he can check, he feels strong arms bring both Eunmi and him closer, and soon they're both wrapped protectively into the Alpha's hold. "Are my babies okay?" He asks, nosing into Eunmi's hair, then doing the same to Seokjin, who's eyes flutter appreciatively at the affection.

"Bad dream. But is fine now. Joonie Appa keep Eunmi and Appa safe." Eunmi answers, and Seokjin's eyes fly wide open, gazing towards Namjoon who has the same shocked expression. Before Seokjin can quickly apologize for the slip up, Namjoon's eyes glaze over and he pulls Eunmi even closer to him, giving her loving kisses against her cheeks. "Joonie Appa will always keep you and your Appa safe. So try to get some sleep okay?" He says and Seokjin's gulps down the sudden emotions that hit him as he watches Eunmi nod and settle into Namjoon's chest. 

She closes her eyes, sleep finally taking over her, but before she falls asleep completely, she turns around and grabs Seokjin's hand, pulling it over her and in between her and Namjoon. Seokjin smiles warmly at the action, settling behind her as he squeezes her fingers in his hold. He gazes one last time to Namjoon, the Alpha already gazing at him with a fierce intensity of love, that Seokjin find himself breathless.

They exchange a silent message, words left unspoken, but the feelings loud and clear. With that, Seokjin finally closes his eyes, surrounded by the two people he loves the most.






The first 4 days that they spend together are filled with them simply lounging around, watching Disney movies and eating meals together. Seokjin doesn't have any time in between the time they spend together to think about his father or mother, as he is too busy watching Namjoon and Eunmi spend time together and preening every time she calls him 'Joonie Appa'. But eventually he has to come back to reality and out of his bubble of blissfulness when he gets a text from his mother asking if they could meet up, just the two of them before Seokjin goes to the hospital.


So now Seokjin find himself outside a small cafe, entering the establishment with his nerves running wild. It's been almost four years since he last spoke or saw his mother in person, and even with such time apart, he instantly smells her scent despite of the many other people around. His heart beats frantically, and he can feel his knees shake. But with a determination, he walks inside, scouring around the cafe in search of his mother.

When he sees her, his breath hitches and a train-wreck of emotions hit him. He feels anger, spite as he looks at his mother who still looks as beautiful as she did years back, her hair is shorter than it was, her hair curled into her neck and framing her still youthful-looking face. He feels anger, yet he feels longing towards the woman who brought him into this world, and how much he wishes to just run to her and have her hold him in her arms.

But he rids that wishful thinking and simply takes small strides towards the booth she is seated at. When he is near, her head whips up in his direction. He sees an onslaught of emotions run through her eyes, which are so much like his, and before he knows it, he is pulled into a hug, his mother a few inches shorter than him, and she is sobbing gently into his shoulder. 

Seokjin feels himself tear up as well, wrapping his arms around the woman who he has missed for so long, and breathes in her scent that was his source of comfort for years. He ignores the stares they're most likely getting and continues to hold onto her as they both let out the emotions that they are feeling.

After a few moments, his mother eventually pulls away, and looks up at him, placing her gentle hand on his face, her eyes scanning his face as if she was trying to ingrain the image of him in her mind.

"Oh my darling. I can't believe I'm standing before you like this. You have become such a beautiful man. And to see you after all this time, after all that I had put you through makes me feel hopeful." She says, rubbing at his tears as she gestures for them to sit down. Seokjin takes a moment to gather himself, giving his order to a waitress who comes to their table. When the young beta is gone, Seokjin allows a moment of silence to pass, as he gazes to his mother.

"You look good." He says, and she smiles slightly. She has dark circles under her eyes, and a few worry lines, but she is still beautiful. "Thank you. I don't feel as good as I look, and it's been a hard few days recently but it's nice to be able to sit here with you. And I'm sure you have many questions you want answers to but I'll start with why it took this long for me to reach out to you." She says, waiting till the waitress puts down their drinks and leaves. 

Seokjin waits for his mother to finish taking a sip of her tea, and clear her throat before continuing.

"When your dad got sick and was diagnosed with cancer, my heart broke. Everything before then had not been too great, and to receive that news felt like God was still punishing us for the dumb things we did and said. Since we kicked you out, things between your father and I got rocky."

"He would spend countless hours at work, and I would be stuck at home, thinking about you constantly and regretting the things I said to you, and regretting pushing you out of our lives when you needed us the most." She says, sniffling and smiling sadly at him. "When we both realized our mistakes, too much time had passed and we new the last thing you wanted was to hear from us. So we ignored it and went on with our lives. Eventually your father and I would get into these fights about you. We started blaming each other for how things went, and we almost separated because of the arguing."

"But before that could transpire, things changed the moment you sent me the very first picture of Eunmi." She says, wringing her fingers together. Part of Seokjin wants to grab her fingers in his, but at the moment he is feeling rather confused. She says she regretted what she did yet she had the option to call him. He is having a hard time understanding or believing that, but he'll let her explain further before voicing his thoughts.

"I cried so much that day, and had stared at that picture for hours. That was my grandchild, but I could never hold her or see her because of my stupidity. I had wanted to go to the hospital, I even got into my car, but I couldn't get myself to even start it. I was so ashamed of myself, so angry at myself and I couldn't deal with what I did and chose to stay away from you because I thought you deserved better than your mother showing up in that moment." She says sadly and Seokjin wants to scream.

"You should have come. I get why you didn't but it was a dumb reason because that was when I needed you the most." He says, watching as his mother covers her mouth and begins crying.

"I had laid on that hospital bed, alone and afraid, hoping anyone would be by my side. I sent that picture, praying you'd find it in yourself to at least come and see me, no matter how much you must've hated me. And to hear you say all of this, it hurts me because while I thought you must've have hated me, turns out you were too much of a coward to face the wrongs you did and to be there for your son." He spits, watching his mother cry in shame.

Seokjin lets out a stuttering breath, calming himself down a bit as he waits for his mother to do the same.

"I was a coward. I acknowledge and accept that, and it will forever haunt me knowing how much I hurt you. But I also want you to believe me when I say I intend to fix it. I know things will never be the same, I can never get back the time we lost because of my selfish thoughts, but I want to try. I thought more about my feelings and have not once thought about your own feelings, and for that I am truly sorry.You don't ever have to forgive me or your father, but please allow us the short time your father has to try and fix this." She begs, her eyes growing with hope.

Seokjin wants to say yes, he really does but he needs more time. He needs a few days to think about it, because right now he is way too hurt and angry to give her an answer.

He says as much and his mother nods in understanding. "You can have all the time you need. I'm just thankful you're even considering it." She says, as she wipes the last of her tears away. "You may have hurt me, but you're still my mother. And as angry as I am at you, I still love you." He says, grabbing her hands in his. "I have always loved you son. And even if it may not seem like it, I am so proud of the person you have become. I'm so proud of everything you managed to do. Please know that I never thought you were a disgrace. I was scared about what people would have thought, about your future if you had kept the baby, and those things caused me to push you out of our lives. And now I know I had nothing to worry about and should have just been there for you. I'll always be sorry about that." She says earnestly, and Seokjin manages to smile the first genuine smile at his mother.

Those words are the words he always hoped to hear. He had always wanted to hear her say she's proud of him, and although it's a few years too late, he still appreciates it. "Thank you." He says softly. He may not have forgiven her quite yet, but he still wants to catch up on the time they lost.




For the next hour he tells her about the last 3 and a half years. He tells her more about Eunmi, shows her many pictures throughout the years, and his mother coos at every photo. He tells her about Namjoon, and she immediately wants to meet the man who has been taking care of her son when she failed to do so. She brings up the topic of Eunmi's other father and he tells her he hasn't ever heard from or about him ever since he had told him he was pregnant.

His mother feels terrible about it but he assures her he didn't need that bastard anyway. He is finally at a place where he is happy and she smiles as she hears that. Eventually he brings up his father and asks how he has been. His mother instantly deflates and sadness surrounds her eyes once more.


"Your father has gotten a lot worse. But he's strong and has been holding on. The thought of you coming to see him, has kept him more livelier. He was the one who made me finally call you. He had been begging me since he was diagnosed and I never went through with it, being the coward I am. But when I had to rush him to hospital because he was in so much pain, I had finally put away my fears and called you." She tells him, watching his reaction.

Seokjin frowns at that, and wants to yell at his mother again, but he quickly realizes there's no point in doing that and he just wants to let go of the negativity. The first step to forgiveness is letting go of the anger.

"2 months you said right? Is that what the doctor told you?" He asks instead, and his mother nods. "2 months give or take. But with how badly your father is doing now, the doctors have little hopes for him lasting that long." She says and Seokjin's heart aches.

"How is he, you know, with knowing that he has that little time." He asks, seeing his mother smile sadly. "We have both long accepted it, and your father realizes that his time is short. He has days where he smiles when family visits, but he also has days where he just.. isn't himself. Those days are the worst for us, because it's like, even though we accept it, it's still hard to bear. I feel as though seeing you, and maybe seeing Eunmi as well, if you allowed it, would make things a lot easier and he wouldn't have those days. I just think he needs that chance to tell you things he wants to say before he never gets the chance to." She tells him, sadness wavering over her. Seokjin closes his eyes for a few minutes as he thinks hard on it.

"I want to see him too. And I've spoken to Namjoon about it and I want Eunmi to meet him. To meet you both. So I think we'll go and see him in a few days. I just need some time as I've said to process it all, but I will definitely make the time to see him." He tells her, watching as she lets out a relieved breath. "That's good to hear. I'll tell him that and I'm sure he'll be grateful to be able to see you and Eunmi." She says as her phone goes off. She excuses herself for a moment to answer it.

While she is gone, Seokjin sends Namjoon a short message that he'll be home soon. He tells him it went okay, and he smiles when the Alpha promises him a lot of cuddles when he gets back. Seokjin thinks he'll need all the cuddles he can get at this point.

When his mother returns, she tells him she has to go meet with the doctors about something concerning his father. Seokjin stresses for a bit but she tells him it's nothing to worry about. He nods at her and they both pay for their drinks, and walk out the cafe together.

"It feels unreal that I'm here with you, and I cant thank you enough for given me this opportunity when I don't deserve it." She says as she stands by her car. They don't hug but Seokjin takes her hand and gives it a tight squeeze. "Don't thank me. I may not have forgiven you, but I am glad we got to talk. Many things are not solved, but I do feel as though we'll get there eventually." He says, stepping away, as his mother smiles at him as she gets in her car. Soon she is driving away and Seokjin lets out a exhausted breath as he heads to his own car.

Today has been a roller-coaster and all he wants now is to be cuddled by his Alpha and daughter.




When he opens the apartment, he hears Eunmi loudly singing along to some movie. By the sounds of it, it's Moana, as if he should be surprised. But he actually is, because he is pretty sure he can hear Namjoon belting the lyrics along with her. They're both singing along to 'You're Welcome' and Seokjin has to stifle his giggles into his palm at Namjoon's horrible off-key rendition.

When he enters the living room, he smiles widely when he sees the two of them standing in front of the TV, dancing very badly along as they sing. Namjoon tosses his makeshift mic(the TV remote) into his other hand as he dances besides Eunmi who has a gleeful look on her face. Soon enough Namjoon notices him, and blushes a deep red at being caught singing and dancing. Eunmi notices him too and runs to him, grabbing his hand. "Appa! Come sing too!" She says, dragging him towards the front where Namjoon smiles embarrassed. Seokjin giggles at his Alpha, grabbing the remote from him and turning to Eunmi, continuing the song. 

Laughter fills the house and the two elders of their small family finds themselves on the floor exhausted from their performance. Seokjin turns his head to look at Namjoon as they lie across each other on the floor while Eunmi continues watching and singing along to the songs in the movie, not exhausted like the two of them are.

"You okay?" Namjoon asks, and Seokjin nods."Yeah a bit tired, that song tired me out." He says, wiping at his forehead. "That's not what I meant. I mean are you okay after everything today?" He asks again, and Seokjin turns to look at Eunmi.

He watches her bob her head to the music and he lets a smile grace his face. He turns back to Namjoon and give the Alpha a smile.

"I will be."

Chapter Text

The smell of disinfectant hits Seokjin's nose heavily. While it being not a pleasant smell, it is especially even more unpleasant to him as he hates hospitals.

Not a lot of good memories has come from him being in one.

He can feel his hand shaking in Namjoon's, the Alpha giving him a reassuring squeeze every time the trembling gets worse, and he feels himself calm down slightly. Eunmi is latched around Namjoon's neck, her arms wound tightly around him as she stares curiously around her.

The nurse guiding them to his fathers room, smiles at the toddler, reaching in her pocket to give Eunmi a lollipop. Eunmi takes it and thanks the nurse who chuckles at her. Seokjin smiles at the interaction, proud of his daughters well manners.


Soon enough they stop outside a door which must be his fathers room. Seokjin's knees buckle and his bottom lip wobbles.

Amidst the chemical smells, he can faintly smell his father's scent. Though weak and diluted, his nose has no trouble picking up the scent he has known for years and which brought him so much comfort when he was younger.

When he walks into the room, his hand flies up to his mouth to silence the sob that threatens to leave him. His father, his Appa who has always been the strongest person Seokjin knows, looks so, so, weak. His father was never a buff Alpha, but had some muscle to him, now looks as if a single tap would shatter his whole frame.

His once thick head of hair, is now thinned entirely. He looks so sick, and seeing him that way, has the knowledge of his father possible passing away actually hit him full force.

The sound of Seokjin's silent sobs, brings his father’s attention to him. Their eyes meet, and Seokjin watches as his father's eyes begin shining with tears. That's all it takes for the Omega to run to his fathers bed, and wrap his arms as gently as he can around the man, and cry fully into his chest.

He feels frail arms wrap around him, and he feels his father press kisses to his head.

He hears Eunmi whine in distress but it is muffled, which means Namjoon must've taken her outside so Seokjin could be alone with his father.


He sobs, shaking in his fathers arms. His father hushes him gently, and coaxes his head up to look at him. Warm brown eyes stare at him, and Seokjin can't help but let out another heart wrenching sob.

"It's okay, my beautiful boy. There's no need for all those tears."

His father says, wiping his tears away with a shaking finger. Seokjin sniffs at the gentleness of his fathers touch, feeling his heart warm.

"I'm sorry."

Seokjin cries, and his father tuts him, brushing stray hair out of his face.

"That's my line."

He says chuckling wetly, and Seokjin can't help but giggle along. They both take a moment to calm down, taking just a few minutes to enjoy being in each other's presence after so long.

"You look well. Can't really say the same for myself."

Seokjin's father begins, and if Seokjin weren't scared he'd break his father, he would have slapped the man's arm. His father always did try and make light of heavy situations, and it is just like him to joke around in a time like this.

"You look fine, Appa. Mom told me that you've been doing good these few days. But knowing mom she just said that to make me feel better about visiting you. So tell me without any jokes or silly comments, how you're actually feeling."

Seokjin's father goes quiet for a moment, and the Omega gives him as long as he needs to let whatever he feels out. His father was also not very good at telling people how he felt.

Which is why Seokjin doesn't try to talk about the past because he knows his father won't talk about it. It may seem unhealthy to do that, but he knows his father, and when he saw his father crying the moment their eyes met, it said everything he needed to know how much his dad regretted everything, so there wasn't a need to bring it up.

For now he wants to focus on his father's well-being and just spending as much time as they can.
After enough time passes to get his thoughts together, his father speaks up.

"To tell you the truth Jin-ah. I'm not doing as good as everyone had hoped."

He says quietly. As heavy as those words are, his father still smiles up at him.

"Doctors don't think I'll even make it through this week. My body is shutting down they say. I've been put on the oxygen tank before bed because I struggle to breath on my own."

He says, and Seokjin whines sadly, grabbing his fathers hands between his as he continues speaking.

"And I know I don't have much time left, and I've tried to not think about it, and some days it works. I haven't once thought about the inevitable all last week ever since your mom came by to tell me about you, and how you two talked. And when she told me you were coming to see me, that's all I've been thinking about. But underneath all that, your Appa is afraid. I'm so afraid because I've lost so much time away from you and now that we just got you back, I won't be here anymore and that has me so afraid."

His father's hands tremble in his, and Seokjin brings them up to his cheek.

"I'm scared too."

He says sniffling, rubbing his father's hands to his cheeks comfortingly.

After talking for a while, Seokjin finally brings in Eunmi and Namjoon to meet his father.

Eunmi is shy at first, but when his dad hands her one of Seokjin's old stuffed toys his parents must’ve kept, she climbs onto her Grandpa's lap with warning from Seokjin to not be too wild and begins chatting his ear off.

Namjoon was awkward at first and wary, but his father wasn't too hard on Namjoon and they got on very well.

Seokjin's mother had soon arrived and the moment she saw Eunmi, she had burst into tears. There was not a dry eye in the room.

After a while of talking and catching up, Eunmi had grown tired so they decided to leave with the promise of coming back again tomorrow.

Seokjin closes his eyes as the cool wind coming through the slightly opened window of the car hits his face. He replays the days events over in his mind.




A whole week of visiting eventually passes, where Seokjin had gone to the hospital every single day.

He sometimes would spend all day at the hospital, but some days he'd only spend a couple of hours because of work.

Namjoon had told him it was okay to miss work because it was for a good reason, but Seokjin did not want Namjoon to give him any special treatment even though they’re mates.

It’s been a week and his father was still with them. It was a scary week though because his father had gone into cardiac arrest twice, but at the moment he is stable.

Seokjin is currently entering the hospital by himself. Eunmi is at school and Namjoon had meetings today, so he's alone. He had stopped by the store to get some treats his dad likes because he's been complaining that the hospital gives him shitty food.

* He greets the usual nurse with a smile, but it is not returned.

She stands up from her chair and walks towards him, and smiles sadly at him as she grabs his shoulder and gives it a squeeze.

It doesn’t take Seokjin long to realize what that look means, because he suddenly hears his mother’s agonizing screams.

The treats drop out of his hands and onto the floor. He hears the nurse say something but everything is muffled static to his ears.

“I'm so sorry for your loss.”

Is what finally reaches his ears and Seokjin immediately let’s out a devastated cry.




Namjoon rushes through the hospital door, weaving between some patients and visitors, his heart pounding in pain for his mate. As soon as he got the phone call from the hospital he immediately cancelled the rest of his meetings and rushed to the hospital.

On his way, he made sure to ask Yoongi and Jimin to pick Eunmi up from day-care. He didn’t have time to explain much but promised to tell them later. Right now Seokjin was his main concern.

He rushes to the floor Seokjin's father was on, and immediately sees the nurse. She simply nods his way with a sad smile as he rushes into the room where loud wails are coming from.

As he steps into the room, the first thing his eyes land on is Seokjin's father’s limp body on the bed. His eyes are closed, and hands are on his sides, lying motionless. His skin looks paler than it was when he was alive.

Namjoon closes his eyes, heart aching as if he had lost his own father. He then makes his way to Seokjin who is holding his mother as they cry next to his father’s bed.

Namjoon stands to one side as he let’s mother and son grieve over their loss.

About 5 minutes later a doctor and team of 3 nurses enter the room to take away the body.

Namjoon rushes to Seokjin who begins hysterically crying out for them to come back with his father. Namjoon simply holds him tightly, trying to sooth him with his pheromones. It works as Seokjin starts calming down after a minute, his screaming reduced to sniffles.

The doctor comes back after few minutes to explain to them how their father passed.

His heart had apparently stopped beating at around 9 in the morning and they had tried everything to revive him, but his heart was not strong enough to keep him going as all his organs had started shutting down.

The doctor leaves with words of condolences and Namjoon ushers Seokjin and his mother out of the room.

Seokjins mother seems to have collected herself a lot better than him, and tells them both to go home while she deals with everything at the hospital.

Seokjin at first protests but ultimately gives up and agrees.


They’re currently in the car on their way to Yoongi's apartment to pick Eunmi up. Namjoon didn’t want them to pick her up just yet since Seokjin was still upset, but the Omega begged to see his baby so who was Namjoon to deny his mate of anything at this time.

Seokjin wiped his eyes as they pulled up to Yoongi's apartment, making sure he looked presentable and not like he had been crying.

“You can stay in the car if you want to. I can go get her.”

Namjoon squeezes his hand tightly, as he waits for Seokjin to collect himself.

“Its okay Joonie. We'll need to tell Jimin and Yoongi about what’s happened and I'd rather do it with you. And I don’t think I could be alone by myself right now.”

Namjoon nods and kisses Seokjin's hand in understanding.

Wordlessly, they leave the car, and make their way to Yoongi's door. After ringing the bell, the door swings open to reveal Yoongi, clothes dirtied with paint and hair with hair clips in.

Seokjin can't help but snort at the usual tidied Alpha's dishevelled appearance.


The older Alpha glares at Namjoon, who's mouth was open and ready to ridicule the older man. Namjoon abruptly closes his mouth and nods, as Yoongi steps back to let them in.

Seokjin wastes no time in rushing to his baby. Eunmi was on the floor with Jimin as they finger painted, paint smeared all over their hands and clothes.

Seokjin would yell at Jimin later for letting his daughter mess her clothes up, but right now he didn't care that she was full of purple paint. He picked her up from the floor and cradled her tightly against his chest.


Eunmi shouts, burying herself into his chest. She was always so in tune with her fathers emotions so as soon as he held her she felt a bit his sadness and tried to comfort him as best as she could.

Seokjin couldn’t help but let a few tears fall, heart breaking for when he will have to tell her about his father.

But for now he just wants to hold her and smell her scent that has always been comforting to him.

Namjoon ushers Jimin and Yoongi to the elders kitchen to tell them what happened.

Both of them let out sad sounds, and Jimin even bursts into tears for his poor friend.

“Oh Jinnie hyung.”

Jimin cries, dropping his head onto Yoongi's shoulder as he cries.

Namjoon gives them both a moment alone and whips out his phone to call the others.

2 phone calls later and confirmation that they're on their way, Namjoon makes his way back to the living room to check on Seokjin.

The Omega is still clinging to Eunmi but he seems a lot more relaxed as she explains her day to him. Namjoon watches on for any other sign of how Seokjin may be feeling but finds nothing worrying. Until Eunmi asks something that sets Seokjin back.

“When are we gonna go see halabeoji?”

Namjoon holds his breath as he watches Seokjin tense up at the question, he goes to intervene but Seokjin smiles at Eunmi, albeit a bit sadly, so he remains close by in case Seokjin might start breaking down.

“Baby. Remember when I told you that story about Angels? And how when we are born, we're born as Angel’s and that God sends us down to earth so we can live our lives happily until he needs us again back in heaven?”

He asks, and Eunmi’s eyes widen and she nods frantically since she happens to like that story. It was the only way they could think of to use to break the news to her if her grandpa were to pass on.

“Well it was time for Halabeoji to go back home to God. God really wanted him back because he missed him, so Halabeoji had to go.

But he told me to tell you not to be sad that he had to go back, because even if you can't see him, he'll always be watching down on you from heaven.

And that if you ever miss him, just put your hand where your heart is, and when you feel it beating, that’s him telling you he loves you, because not only is he back home in heaven. He's also home in your heart.”

He says, watching as she frowns and lips begins to quiver. Namjoon holds his breath as he watches emotions flit across Eunmi's face. He is rather surprised when she stops pouting and puts her hand on her chest and concentrates.

“Appa! I can feel it beating! How do I tell him I love him too?”

She asks excitedly. Seokjin smiles wetly at her, pressing his hand to hers.

“He already knows baby girl. He lives in you heart so it means he feels how much you love him already.”





It’s a about an hour later when Taehyung, Jeongguk and Hoseok arrive. Eunmi was put down for a little nap, and the group of friends all huddled around Seokjin to comfort him.

It’s been a long and tiring day, so Namjoon tells Seokjin they can head home to get some rest after such an emotional day. They leave with promises to keep everyone updated with when the funeral will be and everyone had offered their help if Seokjin needed it.

The Omega was truly thankful to have this support system of friends who meant so much to him, especially at a time like this.

They had made it home around 4pm, so Namjoon offered to cook something while Seokijn put Eunmi down to nap some more till dinner time, and so he could have some time to check on his mother.

Namjoon made a simple stew dish since he didn’t want to make anything too heavy, for he is sure Seokjin didn’t have much of an appetite, but he needed to eat. Namjoon may not be the best cook, but he learnt a few things from Seokjin.

The food was ready so Namjoon went to call Seokjin and wake Eunmi up. He first went to their daughter since she struggles to wake up sometimes before he went to get his mate.

Once everyone was in the kitchen he served them bowls of food and they ate while making small talk.

After their meal, Seokjin offered to do the dishes while Namjoon got Eunmi bathed and out of her dirty clothing.

When she was squeaky clean, it was past 8pm, so he quickly dressed her and carried her to their bed. He knows Seokjin would appreciate having his mate and child sleeping next to him.

So after a quick story, he kissed her forehead and said goodnight.

“Joonie Appa?”

Her voice calls softly out to the Alpha who pauses and turns to walk back to where she's tucked in.

“Yes sweetheart?”

He smiles, brushing her hair out of her face.

“Halabeoji isn’t gonna come back to earth? Is he gonna stay with God in heaven? Wont he visit?”

She asks rapidly, looking up at him with big eyes. Namjoon’s heart physically pains.

“No sweetheart. Your halabeoji wont be able to visit us. But he'll always be with us. And sometime in the future, you’ll get to see him again.

Right now God doesn’t need us all back just yet. Halabeoji was needed back more than us right now. But we'll see him someday again. All you can do is feel your heart and you'll know he's there.”

He smiles, kissing her forehead as he her eyes begin drooping.

“M’Kay Joonie Appa. Love you.”

She says as she drifts off into dreamland. Namjoon grins, kissing her forehead once more before turning the lamp off.

“I love you too my little angel. Sweet dreams.”


When Namjoon enters the kitchen he sees Seokjin finishing up with the dishes. He goes to stand behind his Omega and wraps his arms around him, pressing soft kisses to his shoulder and neck.

“How are you feeling?”

He asks, swaying them softly side to side. Seokjin places the drying off rag down to turn in Namjoon’s arms, and lay his head on the Alpha's chest.

“I’m okay. Still sad and don’t know if I'll never not be sad. I knew it was bound to happen, but it just sucks I didn’t get to say goodbye you know?”

He says, sniffling a bit. Namjoon presses kisses to the top of his head in response.

“I thought I’d have more time. More time to tell him how much I loved him and forgave him for everything. But now he's gone and I'll never get to tell him those things and it’s just so hard to accept that. But I'm trying. I’m trying so hard to be strong.”

He cries softly, wiping his tears all over Namjoon’s shirt. The Alpha sighs sadly down at his mate, wishing he could take his pain away.

“I’m so sorry baby. No words are good enough to describe how sorry I am that life had dealt you these shitty cards. But I can tell you one thing, and that is that your are so strong. You don't have to try to be strong all the time, because its normal to have moments of weakness.

But even in those moments, you're strong. Because no matter how sad or how hurt you feel, you'll make it through it, and that's why you're so strong. And I'll always be there to tell you just how wonderfully strong you are.”

Seokjin wipes at his eyes, and stares up into his Alpha's own, seeing all the love and also strength in those eyes, that he himself feels love and gains strength from looking at them. Because he's not alone and he wont have to be ever be alone.

He may have lost his father, but he'll make it past this because he's got love and strength.

Chapter Text

The next 3 weeks are a blur.

In between having to deal with his father’s funeral and a unexpected phantom heat brought on my his stress, Seokjin hasn’t had enough time to truly grieve.

He knows it’s not healthy to just put all his feelings away and to deal with everything by not dealing with it, but he can’t help it.
Namjoon has been an amazing pillar for him these few weeks. Namjoon took it upon himself to help with the funeral, going as far as to pay all the expenses and Seokjin didn’t think he could be even more in love.

He isn’t sure how he would have survived had it just been him and his mother dealing with his father’s funeral.

His mother seems to be doing the same as him. Not really there emotionally, but doing what needs to be done. He never saw her cry since the day at the hospital until his father’s short service.

He cried as well as he watched his father’s casket be lowered into the ground, but he picked himself up after. He felt like he had to be strong.

He had spoken to a lot of family he hasn’t seen for years an most of them didn’t know he had a child. When they asked more about her and who her father was, he had panicked but Namjoon had swooped in and told them she was theirs.

Seokjin almost cried at that.

After the funeral, they all had taken a drive to his parents house to have a small barbecue. All of their friends had come in support and for a moment, Seokijn could feel a smidge of normalcy.

He had watched his friends try and make his mom laugh with a smile on his face. He had Eunmi asleep on his lap, and Namjoon’s arms wrapped around him with the glow of the fire warming them all up.

He thinks his father would have loved being a part of that, and he knows his dad is surely smiling from above at the warmth radiating from everyone Seokjin cares about.


Seokjins mother had cleared a room for them after Seokjin had asked if they could spend a few days with her.

Seokjin smiles as he watches Namjoon tuck Eunmi into the small bed they had helped his mother drag into the room so she was close to them.

“She's out like a light. I guess she had too much excitement I think with meeting all these new baby cousins of hers.”

Seokjin laughs, picturing how she had chased his relatives pups around till she tired herself out.

“Well she hasn’t really been around pups besides at day-care. She's all alone when she gets home and we're too tired to chase her around for that long. It was nice to see her that excited to have family her own age. She adapted rather well to all these new scents. I guess they smelt like family to her.”

Namjoon smiles, taking his jacket suit off and draping it across the rocking chair in the corner. Seokjin hums in affirmation as he begins doing the same.

Namjoon removes the covers off the bed, and slides in, patting the empty space behind him for Seokjin to slide in.

Once they’re both in and snuggled tightly, Namjoon reaches over to turn the lamp off and then they’re engulfed in darkness.

They take a few moments to settle in, allowing the darkness and momentary silence settle over them.

“Thank you.”

Seokjin murmurs into the darkness as presses his nose into Namjoon’s chest.

“Why are you thanking me baby?”

The Alpha asks planting a kiss to Seokjin's head. The Omega purrs at the affection, a smile blooming his face.

“For being everything I could ever need and more. I don’t know what I would ever do without you.”

Namjoon smiles holding him just a little tighter at that.
“You'll never have to know because I’m going to be there always.”



It’s their last day staying at Seokjin's parents house and the Omega is a bit hesitant to leave.

His mother assures him that she'll be fine and she'll try to visit as often as she can. Seokjin has been feeling off all day and thinks its because he'll be leaving his mother all alone and so soon after just reconnecting, and then his father’s passing.

Namjoon keeps a close eye on him all day, planting kisses on his cheeks every time he feels his Omega's distress. Seokjin appreciates it all, but the unsettling feeling doesn’t go away even as they enter their shared home.

He tries to calm himself as he prepares a quick dinner for the three of them and it works for a while, but then the unsettling feeling returns as he takes a bite of the fried rice he makes and rushes to the toilet to expel everything in his stomach.

Namjoon rushes to his side, rubbing soothing circles on his back as he throws up his stomach’s contents. Eunmi whimpers from the dining room where Namjoon told her to stay while he helped Seokjin.

“Its okay baby. Let it all out.”
Namjoon whispers to him as Seokjin let's out pained whimpers. Once his stomach settles somewhat, he let’s Namjoon help him walk to the sink to rinse his mouth out.

After flushing the toilet, Namjoon carries him to their bedroom, tucking him inside a thin sheet with a kiss to his forehead, telling him he will be right back.

Namjoon goes to the dining room to gather Eunmi to give her a quick bath. Once she's clean he immediately takes her into her bed and reads her to sleep. The drive back home was long so she was already tired from that so falling asleep was no big feat.

Once he is sure she is asleep, he goes into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. He would grab some medicine but doesn’t know if it would be safe, if he is correct in what he thinks is wrong with Seokjin.

After tidying up a little and turning all the lights off, he finally gets back to his Omega, who has been awake all along waiting for his Alpha to come back. Namjoon coos as he slips into the bed behind Seokjin, pulling the Omega close to him.

“How are you feeling?”

He asks, brushing Seokjin's sweaty bangs off his forehead. The Omega preens, nuzzling into Namjoon’s palm that rests on his warm forehead.


Is all he says in return, too busy trying to rub Namjoon’s scent all over him. Namjoon grins down at him, a sort of nervous giddiness coming over him.

“Baby, do you know why you got so sick?”

He asks, watching as confusion comes over the Omegas face.

“Mmm. I don’t know. I think it was that samgyeopseol we ate at that place earlier today. I don’t think it was fresh.”

He answers, closing his eyes as Namjoon continues to caress his face.
“There was nothing wrong with it. I don’t think you being sick had anything to do with the food you ate today because Eunmi and I would be sick too. I think, maybe, there's a different reason. And that its something we're gonna have to deal with some more for the next possible 7 or so months if I'm not mistaken.”

He says, waiting for Seokjin to realize what he meant. At first Seokjin was even more confused and did not understand what nonsense Namjoon was spouting, but then it all clicked.

The phantom heat.
The way he picked up a few kilos.
The unsettling feeling he has been having lately.

“N-Namjoon. What- Am I?”

Seokjin splutters, tears beginning to form in his eyes. Namjoon smiles wetly down at him, leaning down to press a kiss to Seokjin's lips, his hand coming down to palm at Seokjin's slightly protruded belly.

“Yeah. I think we're having a baby.”

He grins, cooing as Seokjin let’s out a sob. Namjoon presses kisses all over his mate’s face, as he lets out all he is feeling.

“I know the timing is not the best right now, and I know what you're feeling, but I just want you to know that you wont go through this alone. I’m going to be here every step of the way and that I couldn’t be more happy about this. So I hope you're happy too.”

He says, kissing Seokjins wet cheeks. The Omega sniffles a bit but smiles brightly up at his Alpha.

“I am happy. Believe me, I am. I've dreamt about this moment, about having your pup, and now that I am, I’m a bit overwhelmed. And I’m scared too. I’m feeling all these emotions right now, that it’s a lot to process. But I’m happy. I just,-I wish my dad could still be here to experience this. He didn’t get a chance with Eunmi and after we reconnected, he isn’t here for this baby and it’s just, a lot to deal with. But I am so happy. It’ll just take me a short while to get used to it.”

He admits, wiping at his tears.

A hand underneath his chin gently guides his face up till he is staring at the only pair of eyes that will ever look at him with a love of a thousand fires burning deeply.

“Take all the time you need because I will be there through it all until you'll be the happiest Omega ever. I know how much you wish your dad was still here, but unfortunately he wont. But our baby will know they are loved by him because you’ll tell them about how much he loved you. And I know how much your dad loves you even through all the bad things that had happened, his love for you was so strong. And Eunmi knows it, she feels it, and so will this baby. Don't ever doubt that.”

Seokjin's lip trembles as he stares into the eyes of the love of his life. Namjoon’s words alone has eased a lot of his worries, and as he places his palm on his Alpha's where its situated protectively over his stomach, he believes every word that was said, and he is excited for what is to come.




Chapter Text

The past few months has been the hardest yet most amazing time in Seokjin's life.


At 9 months he feels ready to pop this baby out.


Their baby boy is one wild baby and thinks its fun to play footsies with Seokjin's bladder at random times in the day. He is most definitely a little rowdy Alpha. Although Seokjin's mom told him he had been the same, so he might be a little rowdy Omega too. Either way Seokjin is ready for him to be out.

Namjoon has been amazing the whole time and so very patient with Seokjin and his never ending complaining and terrible mood swings. The Alpha could care less about Seokjin yelling at him, he's just too excited and happy to be having a baby with the love of his life so he doesn't mind putting up with everything. Eunmi is just as excited as Namjoon and would often play with Seokjin's tummy and whisper to her baby brother about all the toys she has and that she'll let him play with some. 

Right now Seokjin has been working from home since he is so close to his due date. His mom decided to live with them for the remaining month of his pregnancy since Namjoon has been working and isn't often home to be with Seokjin during the day and also partially to make up for the time she should have been there for him during his first pregnancy.

Seokjin just thinks she's lonely.

He definitely misses his dad, but his mom definitely misses him even more. He has offered for her to live with them after talking about it to Namjoon but she had refused. He's just worried about her but she says she plans on travelling after the baby is born. She spoke about all the places her and his dad spoke about seeing. Seokjin thinks it would be good for her so he supported her decision.


He winces as Daeun kicks against his organs knocking the wind out of him. He doubles over his desk where he was working, gripping the wood.


"Kim Daeun you little shit."


He whines, feeling his pants dampen. It happens sometimes. Daeun will give a particularly hard kick and Seokjin will accidentally pee himself. He sighs getting up to head to the bathroom to shower. Right now his mom and Eunmi went out for some Grandma-Grandchild bonding. 

He makes haste in washing himself so he can get back to his work. As he puts a clean pair of sweatpants on, he feels a sudden pain in his lower abdomen. 


"Oh no."


He groans realizing he's just felt a contraction. So he did not in fact pee himself. His water freaking broke. 


"You couldn't wait till your Halmeoni or Appa came home first could you."


He chuckles, slipping on a pair of slippers and grabbing the baby bag they prepared for the hospital. He grabs his phone and car keys before leaving the house after checking that he has everything. Another contraction hits as he enters the driver's seat. He times it and estimates they're about 20 minutes apart. He starts the car, and connects his phone to the car's Bluetooth and dials Namjoon as he pulls out of the driveway.


"Hey baby."


Namjoon answers on the fourth ring.


"Hi Joonie. How was work today?"


He asks as he comes to a red light. He hears a door close which means Namjoon must've just come back from the meeting he had today. The light turns green and Seokjin drives off.


"Same old. Just finished my meeting. How was yours?"


Namjoon asks and Seokjin makes a left turn. The nearest hospital is about a block away.


"Fine. Got some work done but your son decided it was a good time to come out today since my water broke."


 He says calmly, as he pulls up into the hospital parking lot. He hears a loud crash and Namjoon cursing before he speaks again


"Fuck! What do you mean your water broke? The baby is coming? Are you okay? Where are you? Where's Eunmi? Wh-"


"Joonie calm down, jesus. Yes the baby is coming. I'm fine the contractions are 20 minutes apart. I'm currently at the hospital, I'll send you the location and Eunmi is with my mom at the park I'm gonna give her a call and let her know whats happening."


"FUCK. I'm on my way. I can't believe you drove yourself to the hospital."


Namjoon tells him, rushing out of his office. Seokjin rolls his eyes at that.


"You're forgetting this isn't my first rodeo. I had to take myself to the hospital with Eunmi. You're underestimating my abilities Kim Namjoon."


"Shit I know, I know. You're amazing baby and I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me. But I promise I'll be there soon. I'm on my way as we speak."


Seokjin smiles at that as he grabs his phone to bring it to his ear, disconnecting it from the Bluetooth.


"I don't need you to apologize. We had no control over when Daeunie wanted to come out. As long as you get here and in one piece that would be great. I'm gonna go ahead and book myself in so get off the phone and drive safely. I love you."


Seokjin can hear the adoration in Namjoon's sigh and it makes everything seem less nerve-wracking.


"I love you too baby. See you soon."


As soon as Seokjin puts the phone down he texts Namjoon the location of the hospital. He decides to text his mom as well to keep Eunmi for a bit at the park and that he'll let her know when she can come to the hospital. He doesn't know how long he'll be in labor since his contraction are still far apart and also Daeun is a big baby(blame Namjoon) and he might be difficult to get out so he doesn't want Eunmi to be stuck in the hospital for long hours. He also makes sure to let Jimin, Taehyung and the rest know he's in labor.

He receives a lot of good lucks and see you soon's from them. As Seokjin walks to the reception desk another contraction hits. This time it was 15 minutes apart from the previous one. The nurse at reception see's him doubling over and notices his stomach so she immediately calls in for some nurses to get him a wheelchair.







Namjoon rushes through the entrance of the hospital almost running a poor women over. He quickly apologizes as he speed walks to the reception desk. The nurse simply smiles at him and tells him the room number. She must've smelled that he was Seokjin's mate. He thanks her and quickly rushes to the room.


He wasn't sure what to expect when entering the room. He surely didn't expect Seokjin to be sitting on the bed in a hospital gown on his phone, sitting and acting as if he wasn't about to bring a whole person into the world. Seokjin looks up and sees Namjoon looking frazzled. He smiles at his mate who quickly rushes to his side, brushing his hair off his face and holding him as gently as possible.


"This is really happening, isn't it."


Namjoon asks in wonder, unable to stop staring at his mate. Seokjin chuckles and pats Namjoon's chest.


"Mhm. Sure is. Are you ready? My contractions are about 10 minutes apart and I'm about 6 centimeters dilated."


"I don't know what any of that means but I'm definitely ready."


Seokjin rolls his eyes while letting out a chuckle before hissing in pain as a contraction hits. That one really hurt. The nurse who was in the room with them comes to check on him, and asks him to lie down so she can check how much he is dilated. 


"You're now 5 centimeters. Try walking around a bit. Your baby is almost ready to meet you."


She smiles before leaving the room to most likely get the doctor. Namjoon helps Seokjin out of the bed, making sure he feels okay to walk and that he's comfortable.




It's about half an hour later that Seokjin tells Namjoon he feels like he needs to push. Namjoon frantically calls for the doctor who had come in to check on Seokjin. Everything is a blur after that. One moment Seokjin is saying he needs to push and through a flurry of pained yells, Namjoon telling Seokjin how much he loves him and that he's doing amazing, their baby boy is born.


His screams fill the hospital room, causing Namjoon to let out a laugh at the loudness, immediately thinking that it's definitely Seokjin's son because of how loud it was, before promptly bursting into tears. When he sees his baby boy, he is filled with so many emotions that they overflow along with his tears. He looks over to Seokjin, seeing his mate's own wet eyes and he grins, leaning down to kiss his love with everything in him.


"Thank you. For everything." 




After Daeun is cleaned and has tests done on him where they declare him a very healthy baby boy, he is handed back to his parents who after having him handed to them in one the cute onesies they brought for him to be put it in, have not looked away from him for even a moment. Soon their room is filled with their friends and family all with gifts for little Daeun. Namjoon receives a pat on his back from his father as well as hug from his mother. Eunmi is currently sat on her fathers lap as she holds her little brother. She hasn't stopped pressing kisses to his chubby cheeks, making everyone watching, laugh. He really does have the chubbiest cheeks.


Once everyone has left, Namjoon let's Seokjin rest while he feeds Daeun. He watches as his son's eyes flutter up at him, ready to close but seemingly unable to. He stares up at his father who in turn stares back. Daeun has Seokjin's eyes and lips while he has Namjoon's nose. The Alpha loves that their son looks like a perfect mix of them both.


"You know Daeunie. I would never have imagined I'd be sitting in a hospital holding a baby that I made with the love of my life. I could never even dream of such a thing and yet here I am. You have no idea how much you and your Appa and sister mean to me. And that I'll always be thankful that fate led him to me. I can't ever imagine my life without any of you in."


He looks towards the bed Seokjin lays a sleep in and smiles.

He traces every slope of his face, takes in every detail of the person he loves the most.

He then looks down to Daeun and sees the baby asleep.

He gently takes the bottle out, before laying him across his shoulder to burp him. Once he is done, he goes to put his son in his bassinet to sleep. He presses a flutter of kisses against his baby's head and let's out a content sigh.


He knows life will only get better from this day onward. When only the breaths of his mate and child sound in the silence of the hospital room, he believes hat what is meant to be will always find a way. 


And he is grateful to have found his way to Seokjin.