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Don't lie to your sister

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Lena Luthor was not kidding when she said that she never had a friend like Kara Danvers. Sure during her life Lena had plenty of friends some of which were casual and turned out to be horrible people like Roulette, some of which just drifted apart and some of them turned out to be wonderful and noble people like Jack but the friendships she had made were always due to circumstances .Being at the same school, living in the same social circle, working in the same field.....her friendships were side effects, something that just happened. Nobody had ever actually tried to pursue friendship with her just because they liked her and enjoyed her company

Of course at first she thought that Kara had been interested in pursuing a friendship for personal gain, getting higher on the journalistic ladder and Lena had been utterly shocked to find that this wasn’t the case. She had been low key testing her when she dropped some personal information about herself. As she suspected Kara didn’t reveal anything but then again no experienced con man would out herself so quickly. So Lena kept accidentally dropping more and more information even some that could truly hurt her and observing in an almost horrified fascination as she casually passed up opportunities that could raise her to incredible heights and riches. The only time Kara was ever interested in using any of the information Lena had provided was when she casually mentioned about some horrific environmental violations one of her competitors was committing. Kara had been alarmed and had personally and very nervously asked Lena if she could use this information to expose this injustice. Then she proceeded to ask, call, text and email no less then twenty six times whether it was truly ok to use this info.

It had been incredible but Lena had truly come to believe that Kara was truly only interested in her friendship and genuinely cared for her. She didn’t really know how to handle this. All her friendships before had revolved around something. With Veronica it had been about casual sex, with Jack it had been about scientific curiosity, with most of her other friends it had been about sharing the social burden of being rich and under constant scrutiny and pressure. But with Kara? Literally the only thing they had in common was their appreciation and affection for each other. So Lena was baffled as to how to handle this friendship. She tried taking Kara to the most expensive restaurants but this just seemed to make her miserable(although she tried her best to hide it) as she vastly preferred to stuff herself full of burgers and pizza then small portions of food that cost more then her weekly salary.

She tried taking her to high lass parties where she could network with some of the most influential people in the world. Instead of trying to make connections Kara spent most of these evenings following Lena awkwardly or hiding in some corner with a well stocked dish watching cat videos on her phone. It was only later that she understood that while Kara could be absolutely vicious when pursuing a story she would never risk ruining Lena’s party by using it for her job

And so Lena found herself…just kind of going with the flow. It was an uncharted territory and she had no real frame of reference on how to maintain such a friendship but still it not only seemed to work but it was thriving. The CEO was not ashamed to admit that her relationship with Kara was one of the few truly bright spots in her life recently. And while Kara’s steadfast and selfless support had surprised Lena a lot it had nothing on this moment

“Oh I nearly forgot” said Kara smacking herself on the head and laughing in her cute way” I got you a little something”

Kara quickly retrieved her purse and pulled out a beautifully wrapped gift handing it to Lena with a flourish. She slowly started unwrapping it not willing to rip through he beautiful decoration. This seemed to annoy Kara who was pouting and Lena could see her mouthing “just rip it” in impatience

“Here let me “said a giddy Kara as she quickly unwrapped with the expertise of a pro assistant. It revealed an elegant black box with a heart shaped symbol on it” As soon as I saw it I thought of you. You seem really stressed lately so I thought it could help you relax”

Lena opened the box curious as to what it could be. As soon as she saw the contents her smile froze

“I read that stress can cause some serious problem especially for people who are overworking themselves like you” said Kara pointedly” and while I am sure you have professionals to take care of you I thought this could help

A slightly stunned Lena was still processing what was in the box when her frazzled brain managed to catch some of Kara

“I…I don’t” rasped Lena as she barely found her voice”…I don’t have professionals”

“Oh that’s a shame. They really seemed to help Miss Grant. Do you want me to get you in contact with some of them?” asked a curious

“N…o….?” Lena barely managed to string the word together as she didn’t seem to understand what the hell was going on

“Oh I understand. You don’t like it when strangers invade your personal space” said Kara wisely

“Eh…yes…no…I guess” stammered Lena

“The maybe I can help” said an excited Kara

“You!?” squeaked (and she was absolutely not proud of that sound) Lena

“Oh yes! I have been watching instruction videos and my fingers have always been very talented” beamed Kara

Lena was pretty sure she was having a minor panic attack at this point and nearly sighed in relief when Jess announced that her five o’clock meeting was about to start soon

“Oh look at where the time went” exclaimed Kara” Sorry to keep you so long. I will see you Saturday right? And don’t forget my offer. My fingers are always at your disposal “

And then with a quick hug Kara left leaving a stunned Lena behind

“Jess cancel all my appointments for today” said Lena before turning off the intercom and her phone. She knew that she was in no state to handle any business or even talk to people. It took her almost five minutes until she could bring herself to open the box again. And there it was. It was strange how such a small thing could change your entire day

“What the fuck?!??” exclaimed Lena emphatically as she couldn’t help but stare at the elegant silver vibrator


Kara was nearly floating when she left Lena’s office. Their lunches made her feel so good but also concerned. Her friend seemed even more stressed then usual. She hoped that her new handheld massager would help her relax. She didn’t even know that things like this existed before accidentally stumbling on Alex’s. Funnily enough Alex seemed to stammer the same way Lena did when she was explaining her to about the massager. In any case she hoped that Lena would let her help. Ever since she found that Alex had liked massages Kara had been taking an online course hoping to surprise her sister. How wonderful would it be if she could help her friend as well!

She just hoped that Lena liked it. Kara had bought the most expensive one she could find. The Lady’s Delight. It was hailed as the best “handheld massager” in the world(someone had put the hand massager in quotes for some reason, she guessed a bad editor) and Lena deserved nothing but the best

“Oh” she thought nearly smacking herself on the head again. She should have asked Alex. She would have known if it truly was the best. Oh well she could still do it. And she was pretty sure she spotted a hand massager at Maggie’s as well so would probably know too. Good thing they were all having dinner tonight