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The Even Better-Laid Plans (2008)

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Casdene, East Sussex, England

Doctor St. John Watson-Holmes sniffed (manfully, of course) as he looked across at his partner holding Castiel. Thankfully Jimmy was fast asleep in his cot although feeding time was only a few minutes away. One short trip to the hospital and both men were knackered! St. John would need that extra pie he had bought for the energy.

“Our firstborn son”, Shere said softly. “He looks so angelic.”

Their happy family moment was however short-lived as there was the sound of shouting from outside, although fortunately neither of their new family members appeared to notice it. Both men frowned; the boys who lived at the farm behind the hill had recently taken to using the private road outside as a short-cut to and from their school in Lewes, where presumably they had not yet been taught to read 'Private: Keep Out' signs. Shere went to the window.

“Yobs”, he muttered looking out. “Do you want to take Cas so I can go out there and scare the shit out of them?”

St. John was about to answer when Castiel suddenly opened his blue eyes very wide and looked straight at him. Barely a second later there were yells and thuds from outside, followed by the sound of moaning.

“How weird”, Shere said. “All three of the morons just cycled straight into the wall and fell clean over the other side. Bikes are ruined and they probably need to see a doctor about those injuries.”

He moved to fetch their sons' bottles just as Jimmy woke up and started to fuss. St. John smiled then looked thoughtfully down at young Castiel who was still staring at him intently. Something in that azure gaze most definitely resembled a smirk.....