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The Even Better-Laid Plans (2008)

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(Dean Hawke and Castiel Watson-Holmes are second cousins once removed through common descent from Baron Tobias Hawke I (1923-1990), great-grandson of Sherlock Holmes I, and also third cousins once removed through common descent from Benjamin Watson I (1885-1970), son of John Watson I. God – or perhaps even Mrs. God – moves in mysterious ways).

Lewes, East Sussex, England

September 18th, 2008

It could and likely should have been horrendously expensive but it had been almost supernatural the way in which things had just fallen into place. And that five-figure lottery win from a ticket St. John had bought on the off-chance just before the birth had been more than welcome!

Their friends Angus Macdonald and Valiant Henriksen had used the wonders of technology to have their own son the year before, the fifth Valiant Henriksen, so St. John and Shere had started the ball rolling by applying to be considered. Whoever was in charge of things had jumped at the chance to have two gay men having a son of their own and a surrogate mother had agreed to carry twins with one egg fertilized by sperm from each man, the identities of the father of each child to then be sealed and to only ever opened by the child once it reached twenty-one if they so wished. Hence Mr. St. John Watson-Holmes and Mr. Shere Watson-Holmes were now the proud fathers of both Castiel and James.

By the way, St. John had not had a panic attack whatever any smirking behemoth had said, nor had he eaten a whole pie to get over any such attack. And he had definitely not been the least bit jealous at his brother-in-law Ben – Benjamin Jackson-Giles III, the great-great-great-grandson of his namesake helped by Shere's own ancestor Sherlock Holmes. Ben, who was also a distant cousin of theirs, had married his sister Mary last year and had just had their first son Benjamin IV, and the tall fellow had leered at Shere in a way that had been..... inappropriate in his opinion..

He shuddered at the memory of Shere's reaction to his voicing that opinion. Little wonder the horny bastard called it The Shredder™!

They were trying to work out how to get two babies into their Range Rover outside the hospital when a familiar car drew up next to them, and Lord Toby Hawke and Lady Ursula got out.

“Bringing our newest in for his check-up”, Lord Toby grinned as he took the baby from his wife. “Dean Hawke, our little green-eyed boy.”

“He must be a distant cousin to our own bundles of joy”, Shere said bringing Castiel round while St. John secured Jimmy. “Any particular reason you chose that name?”

“From my father-in-law and not just because I was told to”, the nobleman grinned missing his wife's disapproving look.

Castiel had been fussing at the movement but, as he in his turn was brought round to be placed in the car, he reached out to his second cousin once removed.

“They like each other”, Lady Ursula smiled. “It's fate!”

“Dean and Castiel”, St. John snorted. “Like that could ever happen again!”