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Kookie's Birthday Bash. || OT7 Smut

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September 1st, 2017



Jungkook’s palms got sweaty as all 7 boys piled into the car, his heart beginning to pound in his ears. They all knew it was coming, whether or not they made it known, being that the youngest had genuinely said he wanted to end his birthday just as Yoongi had, months ago now.


Since then, they hadn't really spoken of it, much less done anything. It wasn't like any of them regretted it, cause really, what shame was there to be had in the best orgasm you had in your entire life? But, still, all of them had gone back to jerking off in the privacy of their own rooms, moans either stifled or non-existent.


Jungkook didn't know how he felt like that, he almost thought maybe that meant tonight was unlikely to play out the same way, and he will have stressed himself out over nothing.


Glancing at Yoongi, he saw him buckling his seatbelt with a straight face before leaning his head back on the seat, groaning. “It’s past my bedtime.”


Hoseok laughed, “When’s your bedtime Hyung?”


“All day.”


“We’re going home, Hyung, don't worry.” Namjoon started up the car, Jin next to him, Taehyung and Jimin lost in their own little conversation next to Yoongi, who continuously nudged them and told them to shut up so he could nap on the way home.


Jungkook chewed his lower lip and looked out the window at the club they'd just left, brows furrowed. None of them really seemed in the mood to continue on the celebration, in fact, Yoongi was actually passing out behind him.


He should've never gotten his hopes up, really, it was months ago and he'd not brought it up since then. They probably all thought it was a joke, since he failed to mention it, and they were all worn out from the night of acting like complete idiot's.


He checked his phone, grunting to himself.


Not even nine o'clock, and his day was coming to a close.


“S’wrong, birthday boy?” Hoseok nudged him, seeing his facial expression. Jungkook forced a tired smile, his eyes crinkling at the sides.


“Sleepy.” he responded, pretending to drop his head and let out soft snores.


“Oh yeah?” Hoseok laughed slightly and put his arms around the maknae’s shoulder. “Still a baby, despite being twenty one, I see. I’ll tuck you in when we get home, huh?”


Jungkook's heart dropped slightly and he nodded. “Mm, sounds good, Hyung.”


He saw Hoseok’s other hand pat his knee lightly, and for a moment, hoped it would stay where it was, perhaps slide up his thigh or something, anything to show that he’d be getting his own celebration. But the man's hand returned to his own lap, drumming his fingertips on his thigh to the beat of whatever song played on the radio.


“I think I’m showering when we get home, so if any of you need the bathroom, use the downstairs one,” Jin said, turning around before smiling at Kook. “Enjoy your birthday?”


Jungkook smiled again. “Loved it, Hyung, thank you.”


He let his smile drop as soon as Jin turned around and began talking to Namjoon again, like he always did.


Forget that he didn't ask, how could they even forget? Granted, they were drunk at Yoongi’s little celebration- well, everyone except him, which could explain them not bringing it up- but still. It was an eventful night, and he was sure everyone heard him when he said he wanted it too. Maybe they didn't want to?


Maybe they thought that constant fooling around like that would complicate stuff or be too awkward for them all to handle?


No, that couldn't be the reason. It had been 6 months, and they were very much used to being touchy feely with each other. It was who they were as people, they were comfortable together. Sure, sex was different from playful love bites and ass grabs, but still. They all knew it wasn't anything more than sex.


“Seriously, Kookie, you look like you're about to cry.” Hoseok chuckled and reached up, placing his thumb against the younger’s lower lip, which was pouted out slightly. He tugged the maknae’s lip down, Jungkook widening his eyes. “Don't pout. What’s wrong?”


Jungkook took a moment to respond. He’d thought that was a sexual thing, but Hoseok seemed to not bat an eye.


“I just don't want my day to be over, Hyung.”


Hobi smiled and ruffled his hair. “Everyday is Jungkook day, let's be honest.” he chuckled and playfully shook the boy back and forth. “Now smile for me! C’mon, give Hyung that famous bunny smile!”


Jungkook groaned and nudged Hoseok away. The playfulness and lack of lust in his eyes only proved to him that his words went forgotten, and now he just wanted to curl up in bed and go to bed.


“Aish, what was that for?” Hobi said defensively, making Eomma Jin turn around and look at them, Namjoon glancing at them through the rearview mirror.


“Nothing, okay, just… let’s go home.”

Once they reached the dorm, all seven boy’s piled out of the car, though Jimin and Tae had to practically pull Yoongi along. They all went to the front porch, and Jin unlocked the door before opening it.


Without any further talking, Jungkook pushed his way in and began walking toward the stairs.


“Hey, hey, hey!” Namjoon said, “Where are you going? Kookie, what's wrong? Ever since we left the club you’re pouting and being rude.”


Jungkook threw his head back. “It's nothing Hyung. My birthday's over! Time to sleep!”


“Your birthday's not over,” Jimin cocked his head to the side. “Four hours left, actually. Seriously, what's wrong? It's not even your normal time to fall asleep.”


Jungkook sighed and ran his hands over his face. “I- I’m going to bed, forget it! Thank you for a wonderful evening, and now I’m going to sleep.” He turned to walk up the stairs, but was grabbed by the back of his shirt.


“You better lose that tone before I lose it for you.” Yoongi whispered in his ear from behind, voice suddenly lost all trace of sleepiness, making him widen his eyes. “You wouldn't want to be spanked on your birthday, now would you?”








“N-no, Hyung.” He whispered and let Yoongi drag him back to the living room where the rest of the boys stood. His cheeks were pink from all the eyes on him.


“I don't hear you apologising for your attitude.” Yoongi still gripped the back of his shirt, sighing theatrically. Jungkook flushed slightly, “We’ll just have to teach you a lesson. Your birthday's not an excuse to be rude to your Hyung's.” and with that, the older lad pulled Jungkook over his lap on the couch.


He grabbed onto the edge of the couch, gasping slightly. This was their plan all along, huh?


“Not only did you give us attitude, but you undermined us.” Yoongi said, looping his fingers in the back of Jungkook’s waist band and tugging roughly down until his ass was exposed. “You really think we’d forget about our agreement? Tsk, tsk. You must not know us at all.”


Jungkook’s cock swelled in his pants as he felt Yoongi’s fingertips ghost over the pale flesh of his bum.


“We always take care of our little Kookie, isn't that right?” Yoongi’s voiced seem to drop down lower. Jungkook's eyes fluttered shut and he nodded. He had to act scared, though he really was tempted to rut against Yoongi’s thigh until he came.


“Y-yes Hyung. I'm sorry.” he whispered.


“It wasn't just me who you insulted.” Yoongi stated, squeezing one of the pale cheeks. “Say sorry to the others.”


“Mianhae,” he whispered, bowing his head, as he was in no position to actually bow.


“Mm.” Yoongi grunted out, clicking his tongue. “Twenty one spanks, since you’re twenty one now. Our little Kookie’s getting big isn't he?” Jungkook whimpered at how his Hyung worded the question before he braced himself for the first blow.


“A-ah!” he hissed, feeling Yoongi’s large palm come in contact with the sensitive flesh. He gave the boy no warning or mercy, forcing him to stay in place as he raised his hand up again to spank him.


Just knowing all his Hyung's were standing there watching him made his cock harder, silently thanking Yoongi when he spanked even harder, which caused his hips to shift forward and give him some friction.


He worked up a rhythm, moving his hips just so that Yoongi thought it was just the force of his spanks, but unfortunately forgot to count them out, because even after his punishment was over, he continued to rut against the older’s thigh, soft, desperate pants escaping his lips.


It was only after a few seconds that he realised and stopped himself, but it was too late.


Tsk tsk. “What are we going to do with you, Kookie-ah?” Yoongi flipped the boy over in his lap and grinned. “You want this so bad you can't even be patient enough for it to start.”


Jungkook whimpered and furrowed his brows.


“Are you going to be a good boy for us, Kookie?”


He nodded rapidly and gasped out when Jin and Hoseok reached down, each grabbing one of the boy's hands and lifting him off Yoongi’s lap. He heard Yoongi stand up, chuckling.


“Let’s go continue the celebration, then, huh?”


He nodded quickly again, and this time, it was Hoseok who leaned down into the youngest’s ear. “Don't disobey us again, Kookie, or you’ll get another spanking. And I won't be so kind as to stop at twenty one.”


The maknae gulped and nodded. They were being much rougher than they had with Yoongi, but he assumed it was just cause he was the youngest, he truly was at their mercy. It didn't bother him too much though, if anything it just made him harder, needier.


The seven of them found their way to Jungkook’s bedroom this time, and no words were spoken, Taehyung took that opportunity as he gripped Jungkook’s jaw with a large hand, lifting his head up and kissing him roughly, hungrily.


Jungkook immediately accepted the kiss, hands fumbling with the older’s button up. He could feel Jin’s hands on his backside, removing his jeans and boxers, exposing his pale bum, still tinged pink from the spanking he received earlier.


Before he had a chance to say anything, one of his Hyung's hands were wrapped around his cock, but Taehyung didn't let go, so he couldn't tell who. He just gasped into Taehyung's mouth, granting him access to lick into his warm cavern.


“Fuck, Kookie. So sensitive.” Namjoon chuckled, and the grip tightened around his cock, telling him it was the leader whose hands were on him. He moaned something unintelligible into Tae’s mouth before he was released by the two of them.




“Well, Kookie-ah, as much as we’d all love to just pin you down to the bed and fuck you one by one, we've got four hours to last, and you do need to be prepped.” Hoseok hummed and sat on the edge of Kookie’s bed, and the younger’s eyes dropped down to look at his Hyung's cock hungrily.


“You sure you want to lose it tonight?” Jimin asked softly, always having been the most gentle with the boy, or just in general, when it came to their orgies.


“Mm.” he nodded, glancing at Jimin and around at his other Hyung's.


“So what do you want to do first, Kook?” Jin asked.


Jungkook blushed, suddenly feeling shy at what he truly wanted to say. Honestly , he didn't want to have a say. He wanted them all to take charge of him, to use him how they pleased, and in turn, he’d get off from that. But that was too humiliating.


“M’not sure-”


“Ah, yes you do.” Hoseok reached forward and grabbed Jungkook’s hips, tugging him forward and pressing slow kisses down the boy’s abdomen to loosen his nerves. “Come on, Kookie-ah. It's your call.”


Jungkook flushed even farther, bowing his head down. “I-I-”


“Would you like to whisper it in my ear?”


He nodded quickly, and Hoseok reached up, grabbing the boy’s neck and pulling him down so his lips pressed against his ear.


His lips trembled as he inhaled Hobi’s scent, a mixture of man and whatever tropical shampoo he used. It soothed him, slightly at least. This was his Hyung, he could trust him.


“I-I..” he cleared his throat before hushing himself. “I want you t-to use me as you please, Hyung. I-I don't want to be in charge. Make me beg, make me cry, degrade me, I don't care.”


Hoseok tensed against him before he pulled back, looking in the younger’s eyes. He was silent for a moment before he smirked. “You're awfully kinky for being a virgin, Kookie.”


Jungkook flushed, seeing the others watching the two of them in confusion.


“What’s he want?” Jimin asked.


Hoseok hummed and stood up. “Seems our little Kookie wants us to use him as our own personal toy. We’re allowed to make him cry, beg, degrade him, anything we please.”


The other five member’s jaws actually dropped and they looked to the maknae, who looked utterly humiliated.


Little did they know, he was getting harder just from that sensation.


“Aish, no wonder he hates being called oppa. What Kookie really is is- ah, how would you say it in English terms,” Yoongi spoke, walking towards the younger and looking him in the eyes. He knew his next line would get to him, since Jungkook found English extremely sexy anyway. “ Baby boy .”


A soft whimper escaped his throat and he nodded quickly, especially hearing those words from the elder’s lips, he couldn't help it.


Baby boy Kookie, I like it. Has a certain ring to it.” Jimin smiled teasingly and nudged the maknae towards the bed. “Let’s not wait, then. This little toy isn't going to use itself.”


Jungkook whined as he was pushed onto the bed, his hands catching himself, and his breath hitched. He wasn't going to last long at all with this.


“Ah, stop, stop.” Hoseok held a hand up, “Safe word? I know he wants to cry but we need to know the line between tears of pleasure and of pain.”


“Safe word, Kook.” Jin repeated, watching the boy tremble already.


“J-just- Red. Yellow slow down, green is good.” he whispered and the rest seemed satisfied enough with that.


“Now, baby boy,” Taehyung smirked teasingly as he moved Jungkook up on the bed, on his hands and knees. “Just how rough can we get with you?”


Jungkook let out a slight cry of embarrassment, his head dropping down into the pillows. “Everything, I want it all- call me names and- and pull my hair and smack me- tie me up-”


“Damnit, enough talking, we can worry about the details when we get to them.” Namjoon muttered and made his way onto the bed, back pressed against the wall and patting his lap. “C'mere, Kookie.” he said, watching the maknae obediently scramble over to him. He adjusted the boy’s seating position, pressing one thigh between his legs.


Jungkook gulped, fighting every urge in his body that told him to rut against the man’s thigh. He couldn't be that needy just yet.


“Ah, I’ve got an idea.” Yoongi’s voice broke the two out of their trance, and in a few moments, he returned with a camera, which he placed on the dresser, pointing it towards the bed. “The one mistake we made during my party was not filming it for later.”


“Fuck, genius, Hyung.” Hoseok smirked and each took a seat. Yoongi gave a shrug as if to say damn right I’m a genius.


“Rules for this time?” Taehyung piped up, raising a brow as he trailed a long finger down the curve of the maknae's back, watching him tremble.


“I think he should be allowed to cum whenever he wants, since it's his first time,” Jimin offered and the others protested that it was too easy, cutting him off. “But! Let me finish!” he threw a hand up, and they all went silent, “He has to cum once for each of us. Each a different way.”


Jungkook gnawed at his lower lip, unconsciously pressing down against Namjoon’s thigh and sending jolts of pleasure through his lower abdomen. Coming six times in one night seemed virtually impossible, the most times he'd ever cum in one day being three, back when he first entered puberty and thought every time he got a boner he needed to touch himself.


But, he knew it was much easier getting off with his Hyungs to help him out. He'd proven that back on Yoongi’s birthday, hardly lasted three minutes with the elder's skilled hand working his cock.


He could only imagine how utterly fucked out and ruined he’d be, if he could do that, if he could cum once for each member. It seemed like a challenge to him, and everyone in the room knew Jungkook loved a good challenge.


“Think you can do that for us, Baby boy? ” Namjoon smirked, softly grazing his large hands over the pale muscular thighs of his dongsaeng.


The maknae’s cock twitched at the thought, but he quickly nodded, slowly grinding down against his thigh. “Y-yes.” he responded quietly. He'd certainly do his best. He was a good little boy, after all.


He mewled at the thought, pushing his hips down further against Namjoon’s thigh.


“S’on your mind, Kook?”


“I-I’m a good little boy.” he whispered, hands coming to rest on Namjoon’s shoulders as he gyrated his hips against his thigh. The elder muttered a quiet curse, something about you're so fucking hot before he reached around the younger, taking one cheek in each hand and spreading them wide, exposing his pink, virgin hole to the rest.


“So pretty, Kookie-ah.” Jin cooed, brushing his hands over the youngest's hips. He received a small whine in return.


“Get a good look, boys. He's so pretty, tight, untouched now,” Namjoon drawled out, voice dripping with lust and need as his own erection fought against its restraint. “But by the end of tonight, it’ll be ruined, yeah Kook? All abused and stretched and leaking .” he emphasised the last part simply for the sake of the camera.


Jungkook sobbed against the man’s shoulder, grinding harder, though Namjoon’s tight grip on his pale cheeks made the friction even harder.


“Use your words, you ignorant little slut.” Hoseok growled, remembering how the boy wanted to be treated like a toy. He found it endearing how the boy quite obviously had a praise kink, while also wanting to be tossed around like a rag doll and degraded. Really, their Kookie would come undone no matter what they said. How convenient.


The maknae whined at the man’s words, digging blunt, short nails into Namjoon’s muscular shoulders. “Yes, yes, want it- want to be, fuck, ruined- please Hyung.”


The maknae’s pleading had them all palming their erections, having to remind themselves that it was Jungkook's night, and they'd have to make do with the dull aching in the pit of their stomachs if they were going to last through the entire night they’d planned out.


“How about you call us oppa, Baby boy? ” Hoseok purred and reached over to tweak the boy’s nipple gently as he ground against Namjoon.


Jungkook’s stomach tightened and he threw his head back at the pleasure.


“Or,” Yoongi thought for a moment, slapping the pert ass in front of him and chuckling low in his throat at how Jungkook gasped. So responsive, he loved it. “You could call us all daddy since we know how much you love English.”


“F-fuck.” He sobbed and ground his hips faster, hurried and sloppy and desperate. “Yes, yes, daddy , love that.”


The other six members moaned in unison at the name, the simple five letter word sounding absolutely sinful when it dropped from the rosy pink lips of the maknae. The way Jungkook’s lips formed the word, how he was so easily hot and bothered by the fact that it was in another language astonished them.


Could speaking English even be a kink? Well, they figured so, considering people got incredibly aroused by French. English was clearly no exception.


“Close, Kookie-ah?” Jimin scooted his way up the bed and bit his lip, slotting himself behind the boy and gripping his hips, pushing him down against Namjoon’s body. The boy was clearly getting desperate and tired, he figured he could help.


“Mmh.” Jungkook whimpered out, feeling Jimin’s bare chest against his own sweaty back, cock pressed into the cleft of his ass, hands strongly gripping his hips and pushing him down just so the extra pressure pushed him further. “G-gonna cum daddy, can I cum?”


Jimin glanced at the rest who nodded.


“Cum whenever you want, Baby boy. Just don't use all your energy up, there’s five more of us to go.”


The maknae let his head roll back onto Jimin’s shoulder, nails dragging down Namjoon’s chest and the prettiest sob escaping his lips, coming all over Namjoon’s lower abdomen.


Jimin cooed and rubbed the boy’s hips, whispering, “What a good little whore, coming all over Joonie while the rest of us watch. You like that, hm? You like coming undone so the rest of us can see how slutty you really are?”


Jungkook panted and nodded, cock softening but giving an involuntary twitch at Jimin’s words.


“S’my turn to play, Kookie.” Jimin whispered, his hot breath fanning over Jungkook’s ear as he gently nibbled the earring.


Jungkook’s eyes already felt heavy, the intensity of orgasm much more than anything he'd ever felt before. Really, the kid was a pervert for sure, but he really was virgin pure. Only thing he'd ever done was jerk off, once actually humping against his bed, but other than that, he didn't know what exactly he was doing.


“Yeah.” he whispered and pressed back against Jimin, eyes drooping. He’d fight his way past the post-orgasm fog since he knew it would be more than rewarded. “Use me, daddy.”


Jimin smirked and trailed a few kisses up the younger’s neck before he got a good fistful of his hair, standing up and quite literally pulling the other with him. Jungkook seemed to have no problem with the action, actually letting out what sounded like a pleasured moan.


Jimin dragged the taller boy off the bed, the rest of the group watching as he sat the boy onto his hands in knees in front of the full length mirror that covered a portion of the wall. Jungkook looked at his reflection and shivered. He was already flushed and slightly dewy with sweat, and he wasn’t even halfway done.


“You’re going to look at your reflection while I eat you out, okay, Baby boy?” Jimin grinned and watched as the others moved over to get a better view. “Hoseok-hyung, could you please come over here? Tae, too,” he waved the two lads over, who joined him.


“Hmm?” Hoseok asked, watching Jimin spread Jungkook’s pale cheeks and expose the fluttering ring. Jungkook felt horribly exposed, but he loved it.


“You two sit on either side of Kookie’s head, I’m going to be quite busy down here so I won’t be able to make sure he’s keeping his eyes on his reflection. If he looks away or closes his eyes for too long, give him a good smack across his face. Yeah?”


The maknae’s cock was fully hard again at his hyung’s words, wanting nothing more than to feel the burning sensation left behind by one of his hyung’s large hands. Admittedly, he was already planning on looking away just to get a few smacks in, but he probably would have difficulty.


“Gotcha.” the two replied in unison, joining Jungkook by the mirror and he glanced at them both before Hoseok gripped his chin and turned him back towards the mirror.


“Be good for us, Kookie.” Hoseok said just as Jimin licked a long stripe over the fluttering muscle, muttering a comment about how he tasted so good. He shuddered slightly and watched his reflection, the realisation hitting him that he was going to feel embarrassed having to stare at himself. Not the good kind of embarrassment though, the self-conscious kind.


He willed that thought away as he felt his cheeks spread wider and Jimin’s tongue prodding against the hole with more precision and pressure, dipping in slightly before it left, and his ass was smacked. He jumped slightly and turned his head to yell, but Taehyung smacked him so hard his head went right back to face the mirror.


“Ah!” he yelled out, gritting his teeth. It burned like a bitch, but it was just what he wanted. He chewed his lip to hide the satisfied little grin that threatened to take over his features, staring into his own eyes in the reflection. His cheek was turning pink from the smack.


“Being bad already,” Jimin slapped his ass again, this time the other cheek, squeezing it afterwards and digging his blunt nails into the soft flesh. Jungkook hissed as it felt like he was breaking skin, but then his tongue slowly soothed over the area. “Worthless little slut can't even be good like he said he would.”


He heard Yoongi scoff and fought every urge in his body to look at the man’s reflection. He wanted to know what he was scoffing at so badly, but he couldn't focus on anything when he was staring at his own face and trying to keep his gaze there.


“Pathetic, Jungkook.” the rapper muttered, and Jungkook swallowed heavily. “We gave you one simple task, and that was to look at yourself. Can't even do that correctly. I guess that's what you expect out of a slut. All you’re good for is sucking cock and spreading your legs.”


His cock twitched at the words and he wanted so badly to drop his head down and let out a frustrated sob at the fact that Jimin was only slightly tracing his hole with his tongue, not giving him enough contact. The words didn't match the actions, he needed Jimin to be as rough as Yoongi’s words.


“And he doesn't even respond,” Namjoon chuckled and shook his head. “Just stares blankly, like he wasn't even listening. Was that too many tasks for you at once, whore? Too complicated to look in the mirror and respond to Yoongi when he talks?”


Jungkook whined and shook his head, still staring at his own eyes, which were quickly brimming with tears of embarrassment and want . “N-no Hyung, I can respond. I’m sorry.”


“Mhm.” Namjoon muttered and he adjusted his hands, his wrists hurting from being bent like this, his hips unconsciously pressing back when he felt Jimin gently nip at the ring of muscle.


“Ah, you like that?” Jimin grinned as the boy finally seemed to be more responsive to his touch. Jungkook nodded quickly and his eyes became blurry, just staring at his own distorted reflection. “Going to be good for me now Baby boy?


“Yes daddy .” the maknae whispered, fighting the lump in his throat, and then his wish was granted. Jimin licked him open, spreading the cheeks wide and dipping his tongue into the tight, fluttering ring.  Jungkook’s lip trembled at how good it felt, how much his face still stung from the slap, how his chest tightened at being called a whore. It was all so much, he loved it, it hurt, he wanted to revel in it.


Jimin moaned against his ass as he subconsciously clenched around the tongue, feeling it dragging along his walls, spreading him open and getting him spit slick. “ Good boy. ” he praised.


“God, daddy, fuck,” Jungkook grinded back against the muscle, shuddering as he felt Jimin’s teeth slightly graze the puckered hole. He couldn’t tell if the move was on purpose, or simply by accident, as it was an awkward position for his mouth, but he didn’t care. It felt good. “So good.”


His eyes fluttered shut as he Jimin did it again, this time nipping at the ring with his teeth, tongue still buried inside of his hole, fingers wrapped tightly around his hips and digging in so hard he thought they’d break.




“Jungkook.” Hoseok warned, and his eyes opened again, a tear running down his cheek from them welling up. “Ah, Kookie, what’s your colour?” he said, and Jimin noticeably slowed down. Jungkook’s heart lept in his chest, pressing back harder against him.


“G-green! Don’t stop, please, don’t-” Slap. “A-ah! Hyung!” he glared at Taehyung. “I was just-” Slap.


“Where are you supposed to be looking?” Taehyung asked, and Jungkook jerked his head back to look at himself. Tears rolled down his face, leaving glistening trails and his cheeks were turning red from the multiple slaps he’d received. Jimin was going fast again, which he was thankful for, but his arms were beginning to give out, and to top it off, he was panicking because the feeling began coiling in his lower stomach again.


Jimin’s arm wrapped around his thighs, feeling him slump down, pulling his ass closer and diving his tongue in deeper, fucking it in and out of him faster. Jungkook sighed gratefully, letting out a drawn out whine as he dragged his tongue along the velvety walls, teeth scraping every now and then.


“J-Jiminie, ah, right there, right there,” he whimpered, thighs quivering as he desperately ground back. He noticed in his reflection that his hair was now sticking to his forehead with sweat, his blush spreading down his neck and onto his chest too. The feeling of the tears drying left his cheeks uncomfortably dry.


His mouth dropped open as his orgasm began to overtake him, everything else seeming to wipe from his mind. His arms gave out, and he was lucky Taehyung and Hoseok were there watching him, because they both quickly caught his head as he fell forwards, letting out out a strangled sob as he came over the wooden floor. His knees ached, he was sure there’d be bruises.


He whimpered and felt Jimin pull him up once the inital rush was over, pulling him back onto his lap and brushing the sweaty hair off his face.




Jungkook sighed heavily and closed his eyes, them burning from being open and focused for so long. “Green.” he whispered, and shifted uncomfortably. Jimin and his skin were sticking together because of sweat, and it was too hot, so hot it felt like he was cold. “My arms hurt.”


“You want to move back to the bed?”


He struggled to process the question, swallowing and nodding for a moment. “Water.”


“You sure you’re green, Kookie-ah? You look like you’re about to pass out.” Jin said and Jungkook cursed him mentally for being so caring and motherly. Really, it felt great seeing how they still were trying to take care of him, but for once, just once, he wanted them to just not give a fuck what he wanted and to tell him what he wanted.


“I’m fine, I need water.” He pushed himself off Jimin’s lap and Namjoon and Yoongi got out of the way so he could crawl up onto the bed, flopping down on his stomach before he rolled over. His cock laid soft against his tummy and he threw his arm over his face, breathing in deeply.


“Water.” Jin handed a waterbottle out towards him, and he took it, downing it thankfully before he took a moment to breathe. That was all he needed. He was cooling down a bit, his heart rate returning back to normal, his eyes rid of all tears. For now, that was, he still had four other members to go.


“Shall we continue, then, birthday boy? Think you can continue for us?” Taehyung hummed and joined him on the bed, straddling his hips and leaning down to pull him up for a kiss. Jungkook’s cock involuntarily began to fill out again as he felt his hyung’s lips against his, the cloth of Tae’s boxers dragging against the sensitive skin. He hissed against his lips, making the older smirk.


“My turn to make you feel good, Baby boy. ” he whispered quietly, dragging his clothed erection over the maknae’s bare shaft, pulling a moan from deep in the boys throat that trailed off into a sensitive whimper. He smirked proudly and reached his large hand down, gripping Jungkooks length and stroking it slowly, watching the boys face scrunch up as if he didnt know if he should moan in pleasure or cry because his cock felt raw.


“I’ll be good for you daddy, I promise.” his voice was quiet, still slightly shaken from the first two orgasms. Tae smirked and thumbed at the slit, causing his lips to part and his hips to jolt up. “O-oh, right there.” he whimpered.


“Joonie-hyung, could you please go get me some ice cream?” Taehyung asked and each member stilled, even Jungkook.


Moments of silence ensued before Namjoon responded, “Ice cream?”


“Mhm.” Taehyung said as if it were nothing, turning to fully face him. “I’ll take anything but I prefer mint. Nothing with chunks, though.”


Namjoon’s brows furrowed and he stood up, glancing at Jungkook before he turned and walked out. Taehyung grinned to himself and resumed the slow drag of his palm over Jungkook’s length.


“Ice cream?” The maknae wondered aloud.


“Mhm. You'll see.” the older nodded and grinned, squeezing his fist a bit tighter and watching as Jungkook’s mouth fell open, a soft moan passing the delicate pink lips.


Nobody else bothered to question the ice cream ordeal, probably figuring it out themselves or just not wanting to bother. Taehyung was grateful for this, as he didn't want to explain, he wanted Jungkook to be surprised. It was obvious, the youngest wasn't able to guess what the ice cream was for, brows furrowed and looking deep in thought.


Taehyung found it amusing how he could be having such a thorough thought process while he was being jerked off. He was so innocent.


“Barely any left but,” Namjoon held out the tub of almost-empty mint ice cream. Taehyung grinned and took it, climbing off of Jungkook and shuffling down to the end of the bed.


“Thank you Hyung.” he bowed his head before he pulled the lid off, using the spoon to dig out a chunk of ice cream. Jungkook looked completely lost, eyes widening when Taehyung put the spoonful of ice cream in his mouth and leaned down, taking Jungkook’s cock in as well.


“Ah! Fuck!” the maknae practically shouted. “That's fucking cold! Hyung!” he hissed, but Taehyung simply pinned his hips to the bed, bobbing his head slowly. The ice cream quickly melted, dripping down Jungkook’s shaft, and Taehyung's mouth chased it, swallowing as much of him as he could, before dragging his lips back up towards the head and hollowing his cheeks.


“Feels cool huh?” he grinned as he pulled off with a lewd pop. Jungkook’s jaw was actually dropped, as well as the men around them. “What? What none of you have done the ice cream blowjob before?”


They all shook their heads, though Yoongi and Jimin looked thoroughly amused more than anything. Jungkook, Namjoon, Hoseok and Jin just seemed baffled.


“Well it does feel good right?” he looked at Jungkook who chewed his bottom lip for a moment.


“I dunno, do it again.” he said quietly and Taehyung laughed quietly, getting another bit of ice cream in his mouth before he took the head in, swirling the cream around. He noticed Jungkook’s hips bucked slightly, smirking as he swallowed the melted cream in his mouth and pulled off again. “Mm?”


Jungkook looked breathless, his face even more flushed. He nodded shyly and breathed out shakily.


“See? I'm not crazy.” he smirked proudly at the four who seemed to be judging him before. “I mean, at least not with this, anyway.” he shrugged and put more ice cream in his mouth before resuming working on Jungkook’s length, taking longer intervals this time.


He worked Jungkook closer and closer each time before he'd pull off and swallow as much of the melted cream as he could. The poor maknae was whining and begging Taehyung to just stop pulling off and let him finish, but the elder just wasn't showing any mercy.


The rest of the members had grown quite fond of the technique as well, seeing how every time the older lad got a new scoop of ice cream, the sensation started all over again, and they’d get to hear the pretty gasp that left the maknae’s lips.


“Please, Daddy .” Jungkook whined as Taehyung worked on his cock using the last scoop of ice cream there was. His eyes were beginning to sting with tears, becoming so frustrated with the need to release and overwhelmed by the temperature play. “Please don't pull off- I’m so close.”


Taehyung gave the boy’s hip a reassuring squeeze, lips tightening around the shaft and bobbing his head at a slightly quickened pace. The cream was melted and slowly dripping down Jungkook’s shaft, but he was too close to worry about the mess it was making.


“Fuck, fuck.” he whimpered and bucked his hips slightly, gripping the sheets roughly as he nearly expected Taehyung to pull off, but he didn't. “Oh, god,” he sighed out as his release finally washed over him, coming into the elder’s mouth and watching him immediately pull off, closing his mouth. “God, that was… wow. I don't even know what a real blowjob feels like but now I'll probably never enjoy one unless it has ice cream inv-”


Taehyung gripped the younger's jaw and tugged it down so his mouth was open, hovering over him and giving him a closed-mouth smirk. The younger's eyes widened in realisation as he watched the older spit the mixture of saliva, ice cream and cum into his mouth, forcing his jaw shut.


“Shut up and swallow.” the elder demanded in a husky tone that Jungkook assumed was from when he bucked his hips up and fucked the man’s throat for a minute. He couldn't help but cringe, swallowing his own release before he opened his mouth and made a quiet choking sound. “Mm?”


“Minty.” Jungkook commented quietly and watched Taehyung suddenly go back to his goofy self, giving him a rectangular smile and letting go of him.


“Yeah, Tae, you definitely win for creativity.” Jin muttered from beside them as Tae grabbed the empty pint of ice cream, throwing it in the rubbish bin. “That was… oddly one of the hottest things I've seen.”


“Where did you even get the idea to.. use ice cream during sex?” Namjoon still looked slightly baffled, although still obviously aroused with his painful erection.


“I watched a porno where this girl was eating ice cream and the guy just grabbed her and started fucking her face. He said it felt good. Figured it had something to do with temperature play.” he shrugged nonchalantly and looked to Jungkook. “What do you say, Kookie?”


“I liked it.”


Taehyung nodded and clapped his hands. “There you have it!”


“As arousing as that was,” Hoseok nudged Taehyung, “I’m not using food for my turn. Just my fingers,” he shifted his focus away from Taehyung to Jungkook. “Okay, Baby boy? You’re going to cum from just my three fingers.”


Jungkook nodded, his cock still soft. He looked spent but they all knew he wasn't going to bother backing down now. He was already halfway done now. Just three more to go.


“Ah, good boy.” the elder smirked and lathered three fingers with lube. “Ever fingered yourself, Kookie-ah?”


“Nope.” the younger replied with a shy grin, and tensed as he felt Hoseok rubbing three slick fingers over the ring of muscle.


“Ah, don't worry, this heats up.” Hoseok noticed that the lube probably felt just as cold as the ice cream. Luckily, he’d purchased the kind that got warm, so it would be a different kind of temperature play. He slowly rubbed his fingers over the tight ring, watching Jungkook bite at his lip anxiously.


“Just one finger,” he said, feeling every urge to be rough and put all three in, to watch the boy cry out about the stretch, but he knew he had to be gentle. It was his first time, and he was almost sure either Jin or Yoongi was going to fuck him, so he couldn't be tearing the boy apart just yet.


Jungkook nodded in agreement and he slowly pressed in one digit, being slow with it, though he was slightly surprised at the lack of discomfort the boy showed.


“Does it hurt?” he asked, and the younger didn't hesitate to shake his head.


“Just feels… odd. No pain at all though. You can put in a second, I think that'll be fine.”


He nodded and adjusted his hand slightly so that his index could join his middle finger, pressing all the way into the knuckle. He noticed how the younger breathed in through his nose sharply.




Jungkook shook his head again,  “No. Slightly uncomfortable though.” he said, “I think I’m fine for a third.”


Hoseok cursed under his breath, pressing in a third digit, watching the hole clench and unclench this time. Finally, Jungkook had some sort of reaction.


“Mmm.” he lifted his hips up slightly. “God, the stretch hurts so good.” he whispered, more to himself than to anyone else, but Hoseok smirked proudly, curling his fingers and watching as he watched the maknae’s cock begin to harden yet again. “Move, please, Hyung.”


“Ah, ah, what’s my name?” Hoseok smirked, wanting to milk the situation of every kink that had been involved so far.


Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Please fuck me with your fingers, Daddy.


And so Hoseok complied, beginning to slowly pump his fingers in and out of the ring at first, feeling the boy loosen up, becoming pliable under his fingertips. His cock stood fully erect now, leaking the tiniest bit of precum, whimpers of oversensitivity threatening to break past the younger’s lips.


Finally, Hoseok’s dominant side got the best of him, and seeing how Jungkook was loosened up considerably, he began thrusting his fingers in faster. The sudden movement made the maknae’s stomach lurch, and his back arched, letting out a loud whine as the tip of Hoseok’s fingers jabbed at his prostate.


“Ah!” he pushed his hips down, chasing the sensation, but Hoseok simply slid his fingers out, pouring more lube onto them, sliding them back in without warning. The added lubrication just made for a lewd squelching noise as Hoseok curled his fingers, sending shivers up the younger’s spine. “Fuck.” his voice cracked and Hoseok bit back a moan of his own at how wrecked he was beginning to sound.


“You’re such a filthy slut, Baby boy . You know that huh?” he jabbed his fingers in again, scissoring them apart to stretch him wider. “Just look at you. Can't help but writhe and whine in pleasure while I finger your tight little cunt.”


Jungkook sucked in a sharp breath, a soft sobbing sound escaping again as Hoseok curled his finger directly into his prostate, this time keeping it there, slowly rubbing his finger up and down on the bundle of nerves.


“You're so desperate for it too, your little hole clenching down on my fingers like you’re trying to swallow them up, keep them there forever. Such a desperate little cockslut.” the sinful words easily flowed from Hoseok’s mouth at this point, and Jungkook focused on them, though it was hard considering the sound of blood rushing through his veins.


“Please,” Jungkook begged, the man’s pointer finger tapping random patterns into his sweet spot, so deliciously overwhelming and still not enough to make him cum yet. “Please, please, please,” he shook his head, his hips grinding down.


“Say what you want, slut.” Hoseok growled, sliding his fingers out and leaving a wet, painful slap over the fluttering hole. Jungkook’s hips jerked up erratically, craving more pain and wanting his Hyung's fingers back inside of him.


“More, more,” he whispered, tears rolling out of his eyes now. “F-fingers I need-” he swallowed the lump in his throat. “I need your fingers, Daddy , please, please.”


Hoseok complied, partially anyway, only two slender digits delving deep inside the boy rather than three. He was thoroughly stretched now so three wouldn't be necessary, all he wanted to do was find that sweet spot inside the boy again and finish him off.


“Yes, oh, fuck, yes,” Jungkook panted out, his length twitching against his stomach as Hoseok found the bundle of nerves inside of him once again, this time massaging it with no mercy, wanting to milk him of every last drop, until the boy could do nothing but tremble and sob from oversensitivity.


His fingers moved slow but expertly, and Jungkook couldn't help but wonder how he was so good at this, who he could've done this to before to practice. He didn't mean to let his mind wander on that thought, but his curiosity got the best of him, and soon he imagined Hoseok doing this to Yoongi.


Yoongi and Hoseok had always been close to each other, and though he doubted that his suspicions were true, that didn't stop the image of a flustered Yoongi being fingered open by Hoseok invading his clouded mind.


The maknae closed his eyes and let out a drawn out whine, the pressure building up below the surface of his skin, everything starting to feel too much again. Shame mixed somewhere in under all the arousal, embarrassed that the image of Yoongi being finger-fucked was what was really speeding this all along.


It was like the boy wasn't even aware of his surroundings anymore, grinding down desperately against the fingertips that massaged the nerves roughly, and that was it, the barrier broke and the fire spread through his bones once again.


Daddy !” he cried out as his hips bucked up, his cock twitching weakly with each spurt of cum that painted his stomach. He had nearly nothing left to give, just a few weak dribbles, hole clenching harshly around the digits that still filled it. “Off, Daddy, please. Yellow.”


Hoseok removed his fingers with a quiet squelch and Jungkook hissed as he felt some lube follow it, dripping out of him and running down the curve of his ass.


Perhaps it was because of the fact that it was a prostate orgasm, and he'd never had one, but that one seemed to tire him out more than the other ones, and his eyes were feeling heavy, his insides feeling fuzzy and warm. He wasn't sure he was going to come back from this one, but he was determined to finish, so he reached his hand out.


“Green, someone,” he babbled, “next person.”


“Alright Kookie-ah, I’ve got you.” It was Jin's soothing tone this time, making him nod and swallow the lump in his throat. He could feel the weight on the end of the bend shift as Hoseok and Jin switched spots, and his legs were being spread wider.


“Joonie help.” Jin muttered and he could hear shuffling around, opening his eyes slightly, the thinnest slit, to see them tying his feet to each bed post, and above his head Taehyung was handcuffing his wrists to the headboard. The cold metal felt soothing against his wrist, though clearly designed to do the opposite.


Jin resumed his spot between the lad’s legs, pressing lingering kisses up the pale thighs, carefully running his hands over them and nuzzling into his hip.


Jungkook knew what he said about the being rough, but he really was thankful for the soothing touches from the older, he needed the gentleness right now.


He sighed gratefully and closed his eyes again, hearing the cap of the lube bottle pop open again, and he didn't bother to look down to see what was next to enter him. He didn't care, Jin obviously sensed he was sensitive, he knew he would have to be gentle whatever was happening.


Ignoring the sleep that tugged at his eyelids, Jungkook breathed out heavily through his nose. Something blunt and large pressed against his hole, finding resistance at first, but Hoseok had done a thorough job. After the initial push, the object entered him in one easy push, and Jungkook let out a moan at the feeling. It wasn’t huge, but it was bigger than Hoseok’s fingers. Longer. Thicker. Stretching him out just enough to make his thighs want to press together, but it only resulted in him tugging on the restraints.


“So full.” he lulled, licking his parched lips and steadying his breathing as Jin slowly fucked the object in and out of him, his hole clenching down on it in an obscene way as he instinctively circled his hips to see how he wanted it angled.


Jin contemplated on asking if he could turn it on, but decided against it, loving how surprised the boy got. He loved hearing that initial gasp, wanted to make him make that sound just as the others had. He flipped the switch on the end of the thin blue vibrator, watching as Jungkook’s jaw went slack.


A soft groan graced each of the members ears, watching Jungkook do what he could to rock down onto the toy, movement limited by the restraints. Albeit his movements were lazy, sloppy, but they had to hand it to him. He wasn’t giving up.


“So good,” he slurred, sounding drunk through all the lust and post-orgasm haze that had turned his eyes glassy. “So good, Daddy.” he whispered, seemingly at a loss for words. Though watching blissed-out Jungkook fuck himself on a vibrator was hot, the elder wasn’t quite ready to go soft on him just yet, turning the dial to the next setting. Number two.


A more powerful vibration made its way through Jungkook’s body, making yet another hitch in his breath, his hips faltering for a moment. Jin’s hands worked to twist the vibrator as he moved it in and out, circling it inside of the younger’s tight hole.


“Fuck,” the maknae breathed out, his breath beginning to pick up again, hands forming fists by the headboard. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, breathing out heavily through his nose. He was having a slighly more difficult time getting hard this time. The flow of pleasure through his veins was steady but he’d already come so much he doubted he had anything left to give.


He didn’t have a choice, though, the vibrations working their way through the hole, finding his cock and painfully filling it out once again.


“God.” he whispered, opening his eyes to watch Jin fuck the toy into him faster now, toes curling and tears pricking at his eyes. He’d never felt anything like it before. It had gone to a soft fuzzy feeling, a gentle buzzing in his bones, to fire beneath his skin. It felt like he was being pricked by a billion needles, pumped full of air, a balloon doomed to explode. He absolutely fucking loved it.


“Look so good like this, Kookie-ah. So pretty all fucked out for us.” Jin praised, knowing that though he wouldn’t admit it, the things they’d said before probably did sting the boy a little bit, and what he needed now was that little push to make him finish out the night as planned. He gently squeezed the boy’s inner thigh with his left hand, his right hand still fucking the toy into him roughly, a sharp contrast from his words. “All flushed and breathless, chest heaving. But still got hard for me, just like a good boy.” he dragged his left hand up, taking ahold of the sensitive length.


Jungkook hissed, more tears stinging his eyes. His cock felt raw, the tiniest touch feeling like a slap. His length was an angry red colour, abused and glistening with his own precum and traces of Taehyung’s spit.


He spoke through clenched teeth, “I’m a good boy for you, huh Daddy ?”


“Always, baby boy. Always so good.” Jin gave him a comforting smile, turning the dial up to the next setting while he dragged his fist loosely over the length, feeling the pulse underneath his palm, overworked and begging for a break. “You’re gonna come for me, yeah?” he cooed, watching a tear slip down the boy’s cheek, lower lip beginning to tremble from the powerful vibrations.


He couldn’t help but imagine how the youngest felt, the shameless lust probably well worn off now. He could only imagine how exposed and abused and spent he felt, yet he wasn’t done, and he wouldn’t let himself give up.


“Yeah.” Jungkook’s voice was barely over a whisper, and he could see another tear fall down his face, hands gripping at nothing above his head, lip quivering more violently now as Jin fucked the toy into him in slow, forceful thrusts. “Gonna come again.” he jerked slightly as an uncontrollable sob escaped his lips, inhaling a shaky breath and grinding down against the toy.


“So good for me, Baby boy. Look at you, pleasing daddy no matter how tired you are. What’d we do to deserve such a sweet little boy.” he cooed, hearing Jungkook let out a broken sob at his last words. He smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to the head of the boy’s length, feeling it twitch in his hands. “You’re so good, come on Kookie. Come for daddy.”


With a few more thrusts of the toy, Jungkook came again, only able to muster out a few droplets to paint Seokjin’s lips, toes curling as hard as they could and a cry laced with pain and pleasure escaping the boy’s lips. His chest rose and fell quickly with the sensation, his sobs uncontrollable now, and the other six members truly wondered if he was actually okay to finish off the night.


Jin eased the toy out of Jungkook’s trembling hole, smiling apologetically at the obscene pop that sounded from it. He untied Jungkook’s limbs from their restraint, tossing everything to the side and climbing up on the bed. He carefully straddled the boy’s waist, leaning down and cupping his blush-ridden cheeks in his hands.


The boy was blabbering like a child now, unintelligable slurs of words, fat tears rolling down his cheeks and gasping sobs that made Seokjin wonder if he was even breathing.


“Baby, baby, Kookie, shh.” he whispered, wiping under the boy’s eyes with the pads of his thumbs, being extra careful, as if the tiniest touch would break him. “Kookie, honey, breathe. It’s okay. You’re okay. You’re so good,” he whispered, watching him sob and shake his head. “If you can’t take Yoongi it’s okay. Just say it, it’s okay.”


Jungkook’s legs kicked like he was throwing a tantrum, and all six of them looked at him worriedly. “No! I want-” he hiccuped and sucked in a breath like he was being choked. “I want it. I want it so bad, I want to be good. Please. Please. I’m green, please.”


“You have to calm down first. You’re getting too worked up. You’re still a good boy, Kook, just relax.” Jin whispered sweetly, watching the younger sniffle and swallow forcefully, like he was swallowing every sob that threatened to escape his lips. “We’ll keep going if you give us the green light, but you have to breathe. Okay?”


Jungkook nodded, letting Jin wipe the multitude of tears off of his face and stroke his heated skin until he was breathing again, face returning back to its previous dull pink shade. He felt utterly embarrassed that he’d acted like a literal toddler in front of them, but he couldn’t help it. Never had he ever felt such concentrated pleasure on one area of his body, pushing him and pushing him until he had no choice but to succumb to it.


Still slightly a sniffling mess, Jungkook nodded, “I’m ready. Please. Green.”


Jin looked in the boy’s eyes cautiously but nodded, climbing off of his lap. Jungkook gulped and reached for Yoongi, who oddly looked even more aroused than he had all night. He figured either he slipped back into the role effortlessly, or Yoongi had some kind of pain kink. Maybe he was a sadist.


“You sure you can take me, Baby boy?” Yoongi’s words dropped into a whisper as he climbed above Jungkook’s trembling body. “If you say green I’m not taking it easy on you. You’re going to finish off strong like a good boy, yeah? Push past whatever this little bitch fit was and do what you promised.”


Yeah, he was definitely a sadist. He seemed to not show the boy any pity, and though Jungkook knew he would stop if he asked, he was being rough with him for a reason.


“Yes, daddy.” Jungkook nodded, his limbs feeling like jello as he raised his arms to wrap around Yoongi’s neck and pull him down for a kiss. “I’ll be good for you. I’m green.” he mumbled as their lips met, sloppily, all languid strokes of their tongues against each other. Jungkook noticed he was being given sort of a warm up, but it was only a matter of time before Yoongi was going to dominate the kiss and switch back into rough mode.


The elder allowed only a few more moments of sloppy kissing before he pulled back, wiping the spit off of his lips using the back of his hands. His eyes seemed to go darker, even more so than his usual dark brown. The look in them was rather condescending, it gave Jungkook an involuntary flutter in his stomach.


“Hands and knees.” he ordered before climbing off of the bed, grabbing something from somewhere while Jungkook forced life back into his limbs. He was wobbly, but he was able to get into a half-assed doggy style position, whining uncomfortably when he felt all the lube inside of him drip down the front of him now.


When Yoongi returned, Jungkook’s hair was pulled until his head was up, and something was forced between his lips, forcing his mouth open wide. He gagged for a few moments as Yoongi fastened the strap around his head, ruffling his hair and moving behind him again.


He could already feel his mouth filling with an uncomfortable amount of extra saliva from the ball inside of it, digging his fingers into the bed as he heard the wet slapping of Yoongi stroking himself with lube, and then his large hand resting on the curve of his back. “Green.” he affirmed, though around the gag it just sounded like ‘een.’


The maknae figured the stretch couldn’t possibly get any worse, having spent so long with his hole stretched around the toy, but when Yoongi finally pushed in, he instantly dropped his head, defeated. Sure, Yoongi was more on the lengthier side than thick, but he was definitely thicker than the vibrator, and there was nothing like the drag of wet skin on wet skin to bring a whine from your throat.


“Mmmm.” Jungkook breathed heavily, hips rolling back into the first few gentle thrusts, thankful that though he had promised to be rough, Yoongi was at least giving him moments to adjust.


“So fucking tight.” Yoongi growled out, large hands moving to spread the pale cheeks, watching where his cock disappeared, swallowed by Jungkook’s willing hole before it emerged again, glistening with lube. “Feel fucking amazing, Baby boy. Can’t wait to fucking wreck you.”


Jungkook shuddered in pleasure as Yoongi’s hips snapped into his particularly roughly, coming dangerously close to that sweet spot if he angled himself just right. He moaned out a reply around the gag, but it fell to deaf ears as Yoongi gripped the younger’s porcelain hips, working himself faster.


He alternated between fast and shallow thrusts, to slow and deep, to fast and deep. The combinations left Jungkook’s head dizzy, his mouth falling open in pleasure and spit running down his chin. Every now and then he’d gag on the ball in his mouth, but he could hardly worry about that when his hyung would pull all the way out, just the head getting caught on his tight rim, before plunging all the way back in, until he was balls deep.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the younger cursed and gripped at the sheets, eyes welling up again, with tears of pleasure, becoming overwhelmed again, but too focused on the slapping of skin to let himself blubber like before. “So good, so full, daddy.”


Yoongi, ever the sadist, smirked as he saw the boy’s ass quickly becoming red and raw from the continuous slapping of his hips into the cheeks, but it wasn’t quite enough damage for his liking. He wanted to see bruises, to see skin close to its breaking point. Dark purple patches of blood under the surface of the skin that would bring tears to the younger’s eyes when he tried to sit down for the next month.


A high pitched sob emitted Jungkook’s lips as he felt the first harsh smack to his ass, the stinging should’ve been the reason why he cried out, though it was just because the force shot right to his dick, making it jolt up once more.


“Ah fuck! Daddy, please,” he slurred around the gag, resulting in even more saliva trailing down his chin, now dripping slowly down his neck, mixing with the sweat that sheeted over him as well. Not quite sure what he was begging for, but still continuing a mantra of ‘please, please, please.’


Yoongi breathed in sharply as he felt his cockhead hit that special place inside of the younger, resulting in a broken sob and a tight, almost painful clench around his base. If he were orgasming, the tightness of Jungkook’s hole surely would’ve been enough to stop him from coming, causing him to growl and reach forward, grabbing a fist full of chestnut brown hair. With his fingers firmly laced into the tufts, he gave him a swift yank, forcing Jungkook’s head back at a rather uncomfortable angle.


“Nnngh.” Jungkook’s jaw went slack, unable to control his mouth when his hair was being pulled so painfully, so deliciously. His voice even cracked on one moan due to the angle his neck was being bent, but if anything, it only sent more shocks to his lower half, feeding his need for pain. “Daddy, fuck, again please.” he babbled around the ball in his mouth, forced to swallow the saliva now, as his face was pointed at the ceiling.


“Speak up.” Yoongi snapped, bringing his open palm down on Jungkook’s right cheek this time, “Tell me exactly what it is you want, brat.”


He swore his eyes could’ve rolled back to his head from the pleasure, his flesh feeling on fire as Yoongi’s hips pounded relentlessly into him. He hadn’t even stopped once, continuously abusing the fluttering pink ring.


“I-I… fuck.” He gasped as the man’s cock hit his prostate again, without him needing to ask. “Right there, right there, more daddy.” his voice broke again, his cheeks flushing at how he sounded like an absolute bitch, a horny little teenager, unable to find his voice and speak like a man.


Another slap was delivered to his ass and he could’ve swore he broke skin with this one, making his eyes cramp shut and let out a broken moan. Tears of absolute bliss wet his eyelashes, matting them together, his brows furrowed as he rolled his hips to meet Yoongi’s harsh thrusts.


Despite feeling so unbelievably fucked out and close, Jungkook’s strength was just diminishing with each rough impact with his body, relying more and more on Yoongi’s strong grip on his hair to keep him up.


Daddy, switch positions- fuck, please, please daddy. Fuck me on my back, I want to see your face, please,” he pleaded, only hoping Yoongi could understand his distorted words, lips stretching over the ball as much as they could to form the words he so desperately needed the other to hear.


He got his answer when his hair was abruptly released, and he caught himself before he hit the mattress, though Yoongi twisted the boy’s body around, not missing a beat. Cock still buried inside of him as he placed Jungkook on his back and resuming his relentless, viscious attack on his body.


The sight above him was what had him hurdling towards his sixth orgasm. Yoongi’s milky white skin was slick with droplets of sweat, his cheeks ironically pink though nothing seemed very bashful about his actions. His mouth was left open, pink tongue running out every once in awhile to wet his lips, which looked so bitten raw they were on the verge of bleeding.


“Oh, god,” Jungkook swallowed heavily around the gag, hand quickly scrambling to stroke his cock, ignoring the painful sting that ensued. All he knew was he was quickly nearing his high, the position they were now in causing Yoongi to hit his prostate with even more accuracy. “Hyung- fuck- daddy, I’m so- I’m so close.” his eyes eyes fluttered shut as Yoongi reached down, wrapping a hand around his throat, fingers pressing in ever so slightly over his airway until he felt lightheaded.


“Cum for me, Baby boy.” Yoongi’s voice was gruff, demanding, powerful, everything he needed to hear in that moment.


Wrapping his legs tightly around Yoongi’s slim hips, Jungkook’s orgasm overtook him, his mouth dropping open. He didn’t know whether it was from being choked or from pure, sheer, utter bliss, but no sound escaped his lips. He let out a silent scream as his hole clenched sporadically around the elder’s length. His cock twitched desperately, having nothing more to give, riding out his dry orgasm before his limbs felt too heavy, and he felt on the verge of unconsciousness.


Yoongi let go of the boy’s throat to allow him some much needed oxygen, prying the boy’s legs from around his waist and pulling out carefully. He removed the ball gag from the boy’s mouth, seeing how he swallowed the excess saliva in his mouth. He hardly even looked awake, but he knew the boy was at how he mouthed a quick thank you.


“We’re all going to finish now, Kookie-ah, gonna come on your face. Can you open your mouth for us?” Yoongi asked, and watched as Jungkook breathed out slowly, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out. The other five members joined around him, forming a practical circle around Jungkook’s head.


They each worked their own cock, not shying away from letting out their moans, finally receiving the attention they’d deprived themselves all night.


It didn’t take long for them to all come, Yoongi first having been right on the edge from fucking the maknae, with each member following after. Their moans practically harmonised as they painted the sleepy boy’s face in thick ribbons of white, getting it messily in his eyes, his mouth, his hair, some even dripping down his cheeks and onto the bed.


The maknae swallowed all that had landed on his tongue, licking his lips and sighing deeply, a content look gracing his features. He didn’t bother to open his eyes or say anything else, simply catching his breath.


“You okay, Kookie-ah?” Jin was the first to speak, clearly still worried after the baby’s outburst from earlier. A soft hum was his response, and he chuckled, reaching down and gently carding his fingers through the sweaty locks. “Yeah? You sleepy?”


“Mm.” Jungkook’s lips turned up slightly, “So warm and fuzzy.” his words slurred slightly, hardly above a whisper, his lips moving like it was in slow motion or something. Jin grinned at how endearing he looked, glancing at the others, and it went without saying that the precious birthday boy had officially entered subspace.


“You did so good for us.” Hoseok gently stroked the boy’s cheek, not minding the fact that the other member’s spunk was getting on his hand. “So proud of you, Baby boy.”


“Such a good little boy.” Namjoon nodded in agreement, and he didn’t say anything, but Jungkook was melting at the praise, cheeks flushing even more so, heart fluttering and his lips curling up slightly more.


“We love you, you know that, Kook?” Taehyung asked, and watched as the boy nodded a few moments later, a delayed reaction, but they wouldn’t blame him from the state he was in.


“I love you all too.” he whispered and licked his lips again before turning it to the side and nuzzling into the pillow. “Thank you.”


Jin chuckled slightly, being the first to step away and move off of the bed. “Alright, Kookie-ah, you fall asleep if you need to. The boys and I are going to get you all cleaned up, okay? We’ll take good care of you.”


Jungkook didn’t even respond, having no energy to, simply sighing and letting himself drift off with their permission.


Yoongi walked to the dresser and grabbed the camera, pressing the stop button and chuckling slightly to himself as he turned it off and stuffed it away in his sock drawer. That would definitely need to be watched later, but for now, he was to help the rest of the boys with cleaning Jungkook and the bedroom up.