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what a beautiful day @naegahosh
i don't have a single exam and the end of the school year is near! my skin is clear, the sun is shining, my depression is cured, my memes are harvesting

prince of china @junmeme
@naegahosh dude we got that lit exam today

what a beautiful day @naegahosh
@junmeme .... happiness canceled




group chat (13 people): cheolsoo

spawnofsatan: this chat is so dead omg

TheMostNormalOne: True.

boo: yup
boo: i've gotta change my name it's overdue

boo changed their name to kwannie

aphrodite: ....was that the best you could come up with

kwannie: yeah
kwannie: ik, tragic

dinorawr: but hyungs!! the chat has been so dead lately just because we've been able to hang out irl

spawnofsatan: hmm that's true
spawnofsatan: also pls change the group chat name cheolsoo happened like, months ago

dinorawr: hmm what to name it

hansol changed the group chat name to Dogs

kwannie: random?

hansol: what?
hansol: dogs are amazing

dinorawr: agreed

TheMostNormalOne: This reason is valid.

hansol: like...look at this doggo
hansol: [cutestdogever.jpg]
hansol: and this
hansol: [anothercutestdogever.jpg]
hansol: and look at this cutiepie!!
hansol: [whitefluffydog.jpg]

dinorawr: i'm in tears!! they're so cute!!

spawnofsatan: awww cute dogs

kwannie: have you been stalking the Rating Dogs twitter account recently

hansol: yup
hansol: dogs deserves all the happiness in the world tbh
hansol: they're so pure, cute and they just want us to be happy
hansol: i want to adopt like, 25 dogs and wrap them up in warmth and love

mingew: i second this!!

kwannie: vernon you're gonna die alone, surrounded by dogs

hansol: i'm looking forward to it

cutewoo: i like cats better tbh

kwannie: gasp

aphrodite: me too

spawnofsatan: me three

kwannie: GASP
kwannie: HYUNG

spawnofsatan: ??
spawnofsatan: both dogs and cats are amazing tho??

kwannie: hmm true
kwannie: but still

cutewoo: i don't really like dogs if i'm honest


cutewoo: idk
cutewoo: they just seem so... hyperactive
cutewoo: i can't deal with all THAT

dinorawr: hyung you deal with mingyu hyung all the time

kwannie: yeah how can't you like dogs since you like mingyu

cutewoo: what

kwannie: mingyu = a puppy (hyperactive, cute, looks like a dog)
kwannie: by logic, you must like dogs if you like mingyu

hansol: he's right

cutewoo: what do you mean
cutewoo: i don't like mingyu

jihoonie: when will the denial stop

kwannie: raises eyebrow

mingew: hyung!! ):

TheMostNormalOne one: Sure, Jan.

kwannie: did... Did joshua hyung just use a MEME??

TheMostNormalOne: You know it, kiddo.

dinorawr: o:

spawnofsatan: jisoo finally showing his true colors
spawnofsatan: i knew you had it in you pal :')

coups: ok our conversations are weird
coups: i came back to dogs, minwon and my bf using a meme
coups: damn
coups: how cool

coups changed their name to dogsgivemylifemeaning

dogsgivemylifemeaning: also i fricking LOVE dogs

aphrodite: i'm ready to drop all of your asses to find some other friends
aphrodite: i'm really tempted to join jinho's group
aphrodite: that hyunggu guy is pretty hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dinorawr: hyung );
dinorawr: you wouldn't do that, right??

aphrodite: noOO channie don't worry i was just joking
aphrodite: i would never leave you chan!!

dinorawr: good!!
dinorawr: i'm happy (/^_^/)

spawnofsatan: what is that emoji chan

dinorawr: i found these japanese emojis lately!! they're really cute(‐^▽^‐)

kwannie: that's so precious omg
kwannie: chan must be protected at all costs

seoksmile: hello i'm back and i'm here to say
seoksmile: #protectleechan2k17
seoksmile: that means no corruption
seoksmile: cough jeonghan cOUGH

dinorawr: i don't need protection!!
dinorawr: i'm a man! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶

spawnofsatan: awww

TheMostNormalOne: I just want to pinch your cheeks.

seoksmile: adorable

dogsgivemylifemeaning: you're so cute channie!!

dinorawr: ):

kwannie: chan you still use baby lotion

dinorawr: yes??
dinorawr: i want to have smooth skin

kwonfire: chan got his priorities straight

dinorawr: that's not the only thing about me that's straight ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

seoksmile: we get it you're straight

kwannie: can't relate

spawnofsatan: same
spawnofsatan: we're all gay here

mingBYE: tru

dinorawr: hi minghao hyung!!

mingBYE: Hi channie!!

mingBYE changed their name to haoareyou

spawnofsatan: yeah anyways what are y'all up to
spawnofsatan: do you have any plans this weekend

dogsgivemylifemeaning: me and jisoo are gonna marathon death note

jihoonie: haven't you ready watched of all that

TheMostNormalOne: Yes.
TheMostNormalOne: But Death Note is an anime that needs to be rewatched

seoksmile: omg yes i love death note
seoksmile: it's gonna be sunny this weekend so i'm gonna enjoy the sun
seoksmile: and soonyoung is coming over!! we're gonna go eat at some cosy place!

kwonfire: i look forward to it boyfriend!!

seoksmile: me too boyfriend!!

kwannie: wow
kwannie: what a nice date
kwannie: i want to be taken out to a fancy restaurant to eat too ):

spawnofsatan: your time will come, young padawan

hansol: seungkwan! we can go out to eat if you want!!

spawnofsatan: your time has come seungkwan

kwannie: omg i'd love to vernonie!!

hansol: it's a date then :D

kwannie: i'm blushing afjakqkqhh

kwonfire: ....whats happening with seungkwan and vernon

dinorawr: idk
dinorawr: but i approve!! (*^v^*)

dogsgivemylifemeaning: same

cutewoo: i'm just gonna chill

aphrodite: what are you talking about??

cutewoo: what we're gonna do this weekend?
cutewoo: the question asked literally 10 minutes ago?

aphrodite: oh right
aphrodite: i'm gonna catch up with some tv series lol

mingew: i'm gonna visit my family this tomorrow!! it's my little sis's birthday

kwannie: awww that's nice

mingew: i'm nervous tho

kwonfire: why??

mingew: i'm gonna tell them i'm bisexual
mingew: i'm rlly scared as to how they're gonna react

seoksmile: o shit
seoksmile: that's scary /: my parents reacted okay but i was still terrified

dinorawr: o:
dinorawr: how do you think your parents are gonna react?

mingew: idk
mingew: they're good people but still. i don't really know how they feel about this, i haven't asked

TheMostNormalOne: I really hope it will go well, Mingyu-yah!
TheMostNormalOne: If not, we're always here for you, you know that?

dogsgivemylifemeaning: i second that

spawnofsatan: we can be your backup parents!!

mingew: aww
mingew: thanks hyungs

cutewoo: i hope it goes well mingyu
cutewoo: let us know how it goes, okay?

mingew: yep

dinorawr: good luck mingyu hyung!

jihoonie: we got your back

mingew: thanks guys <444

hansol: also tell your little sister happy birthday from me

mingew: will do!

dogsgivemylifemeaning: wow what a supportive family we are

kwannie: aside from bullying me, sure

dad: (:




private chat with mingew

haoareyou: i didn't say anything in the group chat but i hope you know your happiness is important to me and i would fight literally anyone for you
haoareyou: including your parents

mingew: aww
mingew: that's really sweet
mingew: but don't worry
mingew: hopefully, no fights will have to be fought

haoareyou: hmm ok
haoareyou: i really hope it goes well ):
haoareyou: i'm gonna be so pissed if your parents are assholes

mingew: yeah me too

haoareyou: tell me how it went when you come home, would you?

mingew: ofc hao

haoareyou: good
haoareyou: switching topics completely:
haoareyou do you wanna watch something with me? we still got that last episode of yuuri on ice left

mingew: yes i'd love to!! :D
mingew: i'm on my way
mingew: gotta go fast

haoareyou: sigh
haoareyou: come here loser




private chat with mingew

cutewoo: yo
cutewoo: what up

mingew: watching yuuri on ice with minghao lol
mingew: you?

cutewoo: nothing much
cutewoo: just thought i'd wish you good luck for tomorrow
cutewoo: i believe in you!

mingew: thank you hyung <4
mingew: have a good weekend!! I hope you have fun just chilling :D

cutewoo: likewise
cutewoo: also
cutewoo: you do know that i'm joking when i say i don't like you, right?
cutewoo: you're one of my closest friends.

mingew: ofc hyung!
mingew: i occasionally feel a little bullied but i know that you don't hate me (:

cutewoo: good
cutewoo: now i have to go
cutewoo: bye mingyu

mingew: bye wonwoo!




vernspiracy @choihansol
Do you ever think about aliens?

vernspiracy @choihansol
like, everyone pictures aliens to be these creatures in the space who is watching us from afar

vernspiracy @choihansol
but what if they're walking among us? Maybe building up their knowledge and whatnot about us before they decides to use it for something

vernspiracy @choihansol
or what if the aliens are walking among us but not as "aliens", but humans?? they believe that they are humans and don't know of their true identity

vernspiracy @choihansol
could it be anyone then? maybe we're all aliens, thinking we're humans and picturing aliens as the ones in space.

vernspiracy @choihansol
what is even "humans"? Isn't that just one name for us? We could actually be called aliens as well?

*insert funny name here* @naegahosh
@choihansol i need me a freak like that

boo-hoo hoe @thebestquality
@choihansol @naegahosh trust me, you don't




group chat (3 people): the (un)holy trinity

kwonfire: bro what is going on between you and hansol

kwannie: uhh what

seoksmile: you've been acting really...
seoksmile: couple-y lately

kwannie: oh
kwannie: that

seoksmile: yes that now spill the beans

kwannie: well
kwannie: we kissed



kwannie: lmao
kwannien: yeah we kissed because it just felt right in that moment and after that it still felt right
kwannie: it's weird because we've been friends since last year in high school and i've never felt like this towards him
kwannie: but now i just really like him in /that/ way
kwannie: like, i never noticed that his eyes were so brown before. or that his laugh was so cute in that endearing, weird way. But now I do.
kwannie: does that make sense??

kwonfire: aww
kwonfire: yeah that makes sense
kwonfire: when it comes to feelings, there are no right or wrongs
kwonfire: unless it's like, pedophilia

seoksmile: amen
seoksmile: hansol is a real catch, i'm not blaming you.

kwannie: preach it
kwannie: but yeah, now we're just doing what feels right
kwannie: i really like him guys

seoksmile: do that. Remember to communicate with him!! Communication is key

kwonfire: yup agreed

kwannie changed the group name to 'relationship gurus seokmin & soonyoung'

kwonfire: lol true

seoksmile: anyways remember we're always by your side!!

kwannie: thanks hyungs (: <44




private chat with just minghao

mingew: i'm on my way to my parents now
mingew: shit i'm so nervous hao

haoareyou: you can call or text me any time, i'm always here for you
haoareyou: everything's gonna be okay, no matter what happens, gyu

mingew: you think so?

haoareyou: i know it
haoareyou: here's some gifs that'll maybe help you calm down!
haoareyou: [cutepuppy.gif]
haoareyou: [clingypanda.gif]
haoareyou: [sleepykitten.gif]
haoareyou: [calmingsunrise.gif]
haoareyou: [wavesonthebeach.gif]
haoareyou: [breathingexercise.gif]
haoareyou: [thesea.gif]

mingew: hao
mingew: you're my best friend
mingewngew: you know that?

haoareyou: i do
haoareyou: did it help?

mingew: yes! i'm feeling a little calmer. thank you!!
mingew: you're a lifesaver :D

haoareyou: good
haoareyou: now go get 'em tiger!

mingew: will do (:
mingew: bye minghao

haoareyou: bye mingyu




out of your league @1004yoon
that awkward moment when you're a third wheel [jisooandseungcheolSTOP.jpg]

pineapple on pizza IS a sin @hongjisoo
@1004yoon I'm sorry Jeonghan. ):

out of your league @1004yoon
@hongjisoo nahh dude it's cool, i like that you're together

out of your league @1004yoon
@hongjisoo now i just need to find myself a significant other too so we can go on double dates

pineapple on pizza is NOT a sin @scoups
@1004yoon @hongjisoo a double date with us and jeonghan: equally as fun as terrifying




private chat with just minghao

mingew: hao

haoareyou: how did it go??

mingew: not good

haoareyou: oh shit

mingew: it didn't go well at all
mingew: they hate me

haoareyou: oh
haoareyou: i'm sure they don't
haoareyou: where are you??

mingew: they do
mingew: their eyes said it all
mingew: i'm on the train
mingew: i'm at the station in half an hour

haoareyou: i'll be there
haoareyou: just hang on, okay?

mingew: okay




group chat (13 people): Dogs

haoareyou: you guys
haoareyou: mingyu is with me and seokmin right now
haoareyou: his parents did not take the news of his sexuality well

spawnofsatan: oh noo

cutewoo: oh shit

TheMostNormalOne: That's not good.

dinorawr: o:

kwannie: heck no

kwonfire: how is he doing??

dogsgivemylifemeaning: oh, mingyu-yah....

haoareyou: he's really sad
haoareyou: he's been crying the last hour
haoareyou: he didn't expect that his parents would be so disappointed in him /:
haoareyou: he's really heartbroken

jihoonie: fuck
jihoonie: take care of him, will you minghao? Make sure he drinks plenty, that he sleeps and that there's ice cream at hand at any time

seoksmile: second demand already fulfilled
seoksmile: he fell asleep after crying and calming down a little
seoksmile: we're gonna try to talk it out a little tomorrow
seoksmile: right now minghao and mingyu is sleeping together
seoksmile: [spooning.jpg] that shit is so precious omg

spawnofsatan: aww

cutewoo: please take care of him and send him our warmest hugs when he wakes up!

seoksmile: absolutely

dinorawr: i hope hyung will be okay

dogsgivemylifemeaning: he will be

kwannie: how do you know??

dogsgivemylifemeaning: mingyu is a strong one. he'll be okay again soon, i hope.

TheMostNormalOne: Me too. /:

aphrodite: mingyu, when you read this, remember that we love you, okay? you are so loved and appreciated.

hansol: yeah. we really do love you mingyu hyung

seoksmile: i'm sure he'll feel better when he wakes up. I'll give you updates tomorrow. Goodnight for now!

cutewoo: goodnight

TheMostNormalOne: Goodnight children, sleep well.

kwannie: night night




group chat (3 people): dealing with minghao's shit 24/7

haoareyou: guys
haoareyou: fuck
haoareyou: im so in love with mingyu

kwonfire: wtf are you doing up hao
kwonfire: it's 2am and you want to talk about your crush on mingyu??
kwonfire: sigh

haoareyou: i woke up for some reaosn and couldn't go back to sleep and then i looked at mingyu and he is so beautiful like fuck his face when he sleeps it's so peaceful and he looks so ethereal and dammnit his mouth looks so soft and why is his lashes so long and it's so nice zleeping nexr to him becuase his body is so soft

aphrodite: minghao's inner gay crisis at 2am
aphrodite: well, i'm not surprised

haoareyou: i'm just sp emotional because when i look at him i feel my heart swell in my chest like it's expanding and it's kidna scary but really nice at the same time and i'm so sad cause hes not mine and will never be

kwonfire: lad
kwonfire: what makes you say that

haoareyou: hes in love with wonwoo
haoareyou: duh
haoareyou: its so painfully obviousy

aphrodite: well
aphrodite: you don't know that for sure

haoareyou: ye i do
haoareyou: he hasnt said it directly, but hes my bff
haoareyou: i jnow him

aphrodite: yeah but at the same time
aphrodite: i think you should ask him
aphrodite: or maybe confess

haoareyou: why tf aree you talking about confessing i could never

aphrodite: if we assume this: mingyu's i love with wonwoo and nothing can't change that. You're in love with mingyu and nothing will change that. Kinda problematic, right?
aphrodite: yes, and that's why i think you should confess. even if you're right, if mingyu likes wonwoo, you will at least not have to carry that secret on your shoulders anymore.
aphrodite: it won't really fix what you're feeling, but i think it would give you a little closure at least

haoareyou: ok that sounds kinda logical but what if he gets weirded out and doesnt want to hang out with me anymore
haoareyou: what do i do then

aphrodite: the possibility is there, but quite frankly i don't think mingyu would do that. he has a big heart and his friends means so much to him, so i don't think he would let it become that way.

kwonfire: ...damn
kwonfire: where were you when i was going through my 'pining after seokmin' phase

aphrodite: i literally gave you advice and lectures all the time you dumbass

haoareyou: wow jun
haoareyou: i didn't know you were some relationship expert

aphrodite: the more you know \_(ツ)_/¯

kwonfire: yeah anyways i agree with junhui
kwonfire: i think it's gonna hurt more just keeping it inside and not telling him, ever

haoareyou: hmm ill think about it
haoareyou: thanks m8s
haoareyou: youre really two reliable bros

kwonfire: ik (;
kwonfire: jokes aside, i really do hope this gets a little easier for you
kwonfire: hate to see you suffer

aphrodite: yeah, me too

haoareyou: donut worry
haoareyou: im gonna be finr
haoareyou: im going to bed now i gotta take care of mingyu in the morning so that he feels bette
haoareyou: goodnyght

kwonfire: night!

aphrodite: sleep well~




jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
I just watched la la land for the first time today. all I can say is: wow

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
I'm not particularly fond of romance movies but jun dragged me to the cinemas to see this and I'm glad that he did

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
the movie was really good, I think it portrayed very realistically the sorrows and joys of being a performer/artist

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
the romance wasn't crap and forced either; it was special in that way girl-meets-boy-insta-love can't relate to

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
here comes the music guys: it's absolutely amazing

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
as a aspiring musician myself, I really appreciate the movie as the musical it is

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
the music is so beautifully composed, and I love how the instruments blends together perfectly and how the songs can shift from calm to pacey

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
don't even get me started on The Fools Who Dream! it might be possible that I started crying during that song.

jihoon @nextgeniusproducer
City of Stars is another masterpiece from the movie.

prince of china @junmeme
@nextgeniusproducer you might as well name yourself 'la la land enthusiast"

la la land enthusiast @nextgeniusproducer
@junmeme excellent idea, Junhui.

prince of china @junmeme
@nextgeniusproducer now pls go to bed it's 3am

la la land @nextgeniusproducer
@junmeme hmm, we'll see, I might as well listen to the soundtrack one more time....




group chat (13 people): kim mingyu supporters

mingew: hey guys
mingew: i'm back

dinorawr: hyung!!

kwannie: how are you doing??

mingew: i'm still very sad
mingew: but i'm better than last night
mingew: minghao and seokmin helped me a lot

dogsgivemylifemeaning: thank god you're okay

TheMostNormalOne: We were so worried!

kwonfire: mingyu sweetie i'm so sorry an ugly ass bitch would ever say that to you

mingew: don't worry guys. i've got you, after all <4
mingew: it's gonna take a while, but i'm gonna get over this
mingew: and also A+ use of memes soonyoung

kwonfire: always at your service (;

TheMostNormalOne: Tell us if you need anything, okay?

mingew: okay, thanks hyung

dinorawr: i'm glad you're feeling better hyung!!

mingew: i'm glad too channie
mingew: but anyways i'm gonna go to my classes now
mingew: have a nice day everyone!

jihoon: right back at you, Mingyu

TheMostNormalOne: Take care. <3




savage bih @haohao
fuck i'm really gonna do it qkjzhsjka here we go




private chat with mingew

haoareyou: hey
haoareyou: oh fuck

mingew: hey hao
mingew: are you okay?

haoareyou: yup i'm totally finw
haoareyou: anyways
haoareyou: i need to do something
haoareyou: [would_you_be_so_kind.mp3]
haoareyou: listen to it please

mingew: ....okay?
mingew: you're not making so much sense right now but oh well i'll listen to it
mingew: okay now i've listened it's a nice song but what was she singing?

haoareyou: uhm
haoareyou: "would you be so kind
haoareyou: as to fall in love with me, you see, i'm trying
haoareyou: i know you know that i like you but that's not enough
haoareyou: so if you will, please fall in love"

mingew: ?

haoareyou: i know you don't feel the same
haoareyou: that you can't feel the same
haoareyou: i've accepted that
haoareyou: i'm just sorry if this makes you feel weird or if our friendship doesn't feel the same after this
haoareyou: i just. needed to tell you
haoareyou: since you're my best friend and i don't wanna lie to you anymore
haoareyou: i'm sorry

mingew: are you... Are you confessing to me?

haoareyou: yes?? Obviously??

mingew: wow

haoareyou: ?? Wow how??
haoareyou: 'wow my bff is in love with me and i'm so freaked out' or 'wow my bff is in love with me and i'm okay with that'??

mingew: wow as in 'wow i'm happy'

haoareyou: why would you be happy??

mingew: maybe because i like you too?

haoareyou: what?
haoareyou: don't be a dick, mingyu
haoareyou: this is not nice

mingew: what are you saying?? that i'm just joking??
mingew: i'm dead serious, minghao

haoareyou: nope
haoareyou: you can't be
haoareyou: you're in love with wonwoo

mingew: oh
mingew: i understand you're confused
mingew: i'm still so confused
mingew: but i think i have some explaining to do
mingew: uh i don't want to do this conversation over text, can we meet up??

haoareyou: oh
haoareyou: uhm okay
haoareyou: sure
haoareyou: i'm going back to our dorm
haoareyou: just wait a little
haoareyou: also you're making zero sense right now

mingew: ik
mingew: sorry /:
mingew: i promise, it'll make at least a little sense once i explain




private chat with mingew

haoareyou: uhM i still don't believe that just happened
haoareyou: kim mingyu, liking me back?
haoareyou: what are the ODDS

mingew: you better believe it
mingew: now that i've finally figured out my feelings
mingew: i just know that i like you. a lot. and that i want to call you my boyfriend

haoareyou: call me your bf
haoareyou: i'd sob

mingew: wow you're a real softie

haoareyou: i've been pining for a long time ok

mingew: true
mingew: hey, boyfriend...

haoareyou: yeshdjfk
haoareyou: but for real...
haoareyou: this is not a joke? You really DO like me back?

mingew: ofc hao
mingew: i'd never joke about this
mingew: you know that

haoareyou: yeah
haoareyou: i do
haoareyou: also you're an amazing kisser 11/10

mingew: you think so?
mingew: wanna get another piece of this? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

haoareyou: i meant *you're an okay kisser 4/10


haoareyou: you like it

mingew: ....
mingew: maybe

haoareyou: [rihannawinkingmeme.gif]

mingew: i'm so happy i'm stuck with your weird ass <4

haoareyou: the feeling is mutual <4




private chat with cutewoo

mingew: hey wonwoo!

cutewoo: hi mingyu!
cutewoo: how are you feeling?

mingew: i'm still smad at my parents
mingew: but i'm happy too!

cutewoo: ?
cutewoo: what for?

mingew: that's what I wanted to talk about, actually haha

cutewoo: what a coincident haha
cutewoo: I wanted to talk to you about something too!

mingew: wow really?
mingew: we're goals :D

cutewoo: true
cutewoo: uhm you can go first if you want

mingew: okay!!
mingew: so i'm starting this off with telling you I had a crush on you since last year in high school
mingew: wow that was awkward but anyways
mingew: it's understandable, 18 year old mingyu was swept off his feet by your cool and handsome exterior but warm and happy smile
mingew: i was really happy we ended up at the same college, because that way i could keep being your close friend.
mingew: i was so obsessed with you, i didn't take in the new people when i started college.
mingew: i didn't care about everyone else, i only saw you
mingew: then i met minghao, and we became best friends after living together for a while
mingew: minghao, seokmin and i didn't know each other before we were assigned roommates. it's quite amazing, really, how quick we became good friends, all three of us.
mingew: What's even more amazing is that we were friends with some of the guys in our friendship group before college, and that we became one big, happy mess of friends together
mingew: i was and still am so grateful for our friends, that i love them and that they all love me back
mingew: i think it's really hard and precious to find something like that, no less with 13 people!
mingew: and yeah, i think i was so content with how things were; me liking you but not doing anything about it, our friends being goofy and funny and lame, that i never really thought or felt new things
mingew: i was so stuck in this routine i've had for years now, that i never stopped to think about my actual feelings
mingew: when i came out to my parents (yesterday), they asked me, "have someone turned you like this? Are you together with someone?" they're assholes i know)
mingew: and i thought i had the right face pictured in my mind, that i instantly thought of you, but i was surprised to realise that it wasn't you
mingew: it was minghao's face
mingew: i've been so blind for my feelings all this time, going by this comfortable "routine", that i had never realised i actually liked minghao
mingew: and i do like him. So much. And i have liked him, for so long
mingew: this might seem like a random thing to tell you, but i'm telling you this since i felt so relieved figuring my feelings out, that i wanted to share that with my best friend (you!)
mingew: it's also (mostly actually) that i don't want this to kept being a secret. I want to be open with you, and not hide things anymore from you. I thought it'll be fair, since you're always so honest and kind with me.

cutewoo: I'm not sure how to respond to this.

mingew: it's okay!! i understand if it's awkward now, even though i wished it wouldn't ):
mingew: what do you think, though? Is this surprising, or weird, or okay? please let me know

cutewoo: it's okay, mingyu-yah. I'm happy for you.

mingew: really???

cutewoo: really
cutewoo: have you told Minghao you feel this way towards him?

mingew: yep!!
mingew: guess what hyung!
mingew: he likes me too :D
mingew: since my thing is done now, what was it you wanted to tell me?

cutewoo: right
cutewoo: it was nothing.

mingew: sure?

cutewoo: yeah.
cutewoo: we can talk about it some other day

mingew: oh, okay...

cutewoo: i need to go now
cutewoo: we'll talk again soon, okay?

mingew: sure!!
mingew: thanks for always being so understanding <4

cutewoo: no problem.
cutewoo: bye

mingew: bye hyung!!




group chat (13 people): kim mingyu supporters

haoareyou: yo
haoareyou: guess what bitches
haoareyou: this hoe isn't a single hoe anymore [sun glass emoji]

kwannie: lmaoo sure
kwannie: who'd be willing to put up with your savage, skinny ass

mingew: *raises hand*

aphrodite: ommgg
aphrodite: pls tell me you're together
aphrodite: i've been lowkey shipping you for a while

junhui changed his name to gyuhao shipper

dogsgivemylifemeaning: wait what's happening

mingew: drumroll, please

kwonfire: *drumrolls*

haoareyou: after a lot of talking, me and mingyu have sorted out some feelings and are now boyfriends!

spawnofsatan: i'm happy for you two!

dinorawr: hyungs!! i'm happy for you as well!!

jihoon: sigh
jihoon: another couple in our friendship group
jihoon: will it ever stop

gyuhao shipper: jihoonie
gyuhao shipper: be supportive!!

jihoon: yeah yeah you two do know i'm kidding right (kinda)? I'm really happy for your sake.

mingew: we know jihoon hyung! (:

spawnofsatan: lmao we're all taking this so calm
spawnofsatan: probs because everyone's tired of screaming

kwonfire: i'll never get tired of screaming tho
kwonfire: like this

dogsgivemylifemeaning: well, i wanna wish you good luck for this relationship! I know you're happy together and hopefully will in the future too (:

haoareyou: thanks cheol! That's nice of you to say

dogsgivemylifemeaning: i'm always nice, except for when i'm naughty (;

kwonfire: jisoo pls stop him

TheMostNormalOne: Trust me, I'm gonna.
TheMostNormalOne: Seungcheol, please stop that immediately. Or else....
TheMostNormalOne: We aren't gonna buy that ice cream you've been craving lately.

dogsgivemylifemeaning: sjakajdj joSH WHY WOULD YOU USE THIS AGAINST ME
dogsgivemylifemeaning: YOU KNOW I LOVE BEN & JERRYS

spawnofsatan: lmaoo shua threatening cheol

kwannie: well this is entertaining

TheMostNormalOne: That's the beauty of relationships, baby (;

kwannie: what, knowing your partners weakness and using it against them...?

TheMostNormalOne: Yep.

gyuhao shipper: i'm snorting

haoareyou: the spotlight went from us to you in 0.2 seconds

mingew: true that

kwonfire: ah, friendship at it's finest

dinorawr: :D



private chat with kwonfire

jwonwoo: soonyoung
jwonwoo: what are you up to
jwonwoo: where are you

kwonfire: not much my friend
kwonfire: i'm at the dance studio right now
kwonfire: what up?

jwonwoo: did you know that it actually was mingyu who changed my name to cutewoo? h ah

kwonfire: are you okay wonwoo?

jwonwoo:i just. need someone to talk to

kwonfire: did something happen??

jwonwoo: yeah
jwonwoo: feelings

kwonfire: i'll be at the dorm in ten

jwonwoo: ok
jwonwoo: thanks, soon

kwonfire: shh that's what friends are for




myunghoe (; @haohao
dudes being dudes, playing video games and making out [mingyustepupyourgame.jpg]

mingooo @k_mingyu
@haohao nothing homosexual going on here, just two bros hanging out [meandhaoselfie.jpg]

minnie @horsewhisperer
@haohao @k_mingyu stop with the bro things, that's my and soonyoung's thing!

myunghoe (; @haohao
*produce 101's voice* never