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I Saw You Watching

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“I saw you watching him as we sparred today,” Tae-su said, conversationally. He was lying on the mattress between Jeong-mun’s legs and lightly stroking the very end of Jeong-mun's cock with the tip of his finger.

Jeong-mun swallowed. “Him?”

Tae-su’s other hand tightened a fraction on Jeong-mun's hipbone. “I can't blame you. Woong-cheol's an impressive man.”

Tae-su switched to using his tongue on Jeong-mun's slit in teasingly brief flicks. “I’ve seen his cock,” he said, between licks. “It's not as long as mine but it's fucking thick. It might be more than you can handle, Jeong-mun.”

Tae-su paused his torment of Jeong-mun's slit long enough to take him in his warm, dexterous hand. “Do you want that? His big, fat cock pounding into you, while you whine and shake and cry for him? Tell me, Jeong-mun.”

But Jeong-mun couldn't get the breath to respond. He had indeed been looking. Who wouldn't admire a man who was both a loyal friend and able to throw someone as skilled as Tae-su bodily to the floor? Jeong-mun hadn't expected Tae-su to pick up on his appreciation though.

He moaned, high and strained, a sound that he was rather embarrassed to make, but which Tae-su had rendered impossible to avoid. And that must have done it for Tae-su, because he stopped his teasing and went for the kill, his hand so tight and warm and good on Jeong-mun that it was almost unbearable. He closed his eyes at the pleasure but they flew open again at Tae-su's next words.

“I might let him do it,” he said against Jeong-mun’s thigh. “Take you right here while I watch. Would you like that?”

Tae-su when he was in this mood was a master of filthy talk. Jeong-mun hadn't been so wound up since the night he'd let Tae-su fuck him up the ass in the alley behind an Itaewon club. He was burning up; drenched in sweat. His hips were arching uncontrollably into Tae-su's grip. And the obscene squelching sound of his own copious precome was going to give him a heart attack if it went on much longer.

Fuck,” he gasped. “Tae-su, I need—”

Tae-su stopped touching him entirely and Jeong-mun almost screamed, only preventing it at the last moment by biting his lip hard enough that it stung.

“Patience, love,” Tae-su said. “Hold on a moment.”

He was ripping the fly of his jeans open with one hand; shoving them down with the other and Jeong-mun whined at the delay as Tae-su kicked them from his legs and off the mattress. But then Tae-su was crawling up over him, his sculpted, powerful thighs bracketing Jeong-mun’s and his black dress shirt - still partially fastened - hanging down around him like a curtain. Jeong-mun tore at the remaining few buttons until they came undone, baring Tae-su’s beautiful, tattooed chest so he could take his dusky nipples in his fingers, pinching and twisting them in payback for making him wait. It was one of Tae-su’s particularly sensitive spots. He groaned in response, a sound low in his throat that sent a new wave of feverish heat through Jeong-mun.

“I want to fuck your thighs,” Tae-su said.

Jeong-mun’s cock twitched hard at the idea and he shifted to his side so Tae-su could position himself behind him. The long, lean, heat of Tae-su’s cock brushed against the cleft of Jeong-mun’s ass, so he pressed back against it, too strung out to be ashamed of his wanton grinding. And then Tae-su was sliding a hand up between his legs; parting them just below Jeong-mun’s crotch. Jeong-mun trembled at his touch. Given the life he'd led, Tae-su’s hands should have been rough but the way he caressed Jeong-mun’s inner thighs was gentle as silk.

Tae-su slipped his hand away and slid his cock, heavy and pulsing, in its place. Jeong-mun experimentally locked his legs around it, determined to make this as good as possible for him. The quiet moan in his ear told him he’d found the right pressure a moment later. He smirked in satisfaction and canted his hips back toward Tae-su, giving him just a bit of friction to go with it. At once, Tae-su reached around and gripped him by the base of his cock, tight enough to be uncomfortable.

“Ow,” Jeong-mun complained.

“Sorry,” Tae-su gasped. “Just... just don’t move yet.” He eased his grip on Jeong-mun and began to stroke him again, slower this time than before.

“I can’t stay still if you’re—” Jeong-mun’s breath caught as Tae-su began to move between his legs.

It wasn't anything like the tightness and intensity of having Tae-su inside himself, but there was something ridiculously filthy about the way his cock rubbed slickly along Jeong-mun’s perineum. Tae-su must be leaking almost as much as Jeong-mun, based on the wetness of it. Jeong-mun bit his lip against the urge to groan, but it escaped anyway.

“Do you like this?” Tae-su whispered against his ear, his breath warm on Jeong-mun's skin. He shifted his grip on Jeong-mun's cock and marginally increased his pace. “Woong-cheol’s hands are bigger than mine. I bet he could fit your entire cock in his palm with room to spare.”

Jeong-mun choked on his own spit and Tae-su laughed, low and wolfish, in a way that went threateningly straight to Jeong-mun's cock. But Tae-su gave him just what he needed, stilling his hand on Jeong-mun until he could breathe again.

“Don't think about coming until I say you can,” he commanded.

Jeong-mun nodded and grabbed a fistful of bedsheets. He could do this. He just had to focus.

Tae-su started thrusting between his legs in earnest, in a persistent, staccato rhythm that built up a burning need in Jeong-mun's groin. Simultaneously, his hand on Jeong-mun's cock slowed to a maddeningly velvet drag, up to circle his head and down to brush his balls, again and again. Jeong-mun’s world narrowed to the exquisite ache that filled him at each nuance of Tae-su's movements and he started to keen involuntarily, high and strained.

Jeong-mun…” Tae-su groaned. “When you do that... I can't—”

His free hand slid under Jeong-mun's lower side, locking across his chest and pulling him back until their bodies were pressed against each other. Then he abandoned his controlled pace and started to fuck frantically between Jeong-mun's tightly squeezed thighs. His hand on Jeong-mun's cock, however, retained its torturously slow drag and Jeong-mun whined, trying with everything he had not to plead for release. He wanted to wait. He had to. For Tae-su. He clenched the sheets viciously as his breaths turned to broken panting.

“I've seen him looking at you,” Tae-su growled. “He wants you, Jeong-mun. He wants to fuck you until you're utterly wrecked and begging him to let you come.”

Jeong-mun's eyes were watering; his hips stuttering as if electricity was surging through them. And then Tae-su stilled between his legs and his hand vacated Jeong-mun’s cock, leaving it straining into empty air.

“Should I let him?” The words were very quiet, but filled with heat and a hint of tenderness.

“Tae-su!” Jeong-mun choked out. His cock jerked roughly and it was all he could do not to come untouched.

“Or… we could team up.” Tae-su finally started thrusting again, sharp and fast and perfect while his hand returned to Jeong-mun and at last increased its pace. “Do you think you could take us together? His thick cock and mine would fill you up — more than you've ever been filled, Jeong-mun. We’d thrust so hard inside you that you’d come all over yourself between us.”

Tae-su punctuated the image by biting down on Jeong-mun's neck, right where it met his shoulder. Jeong-mun cried out and felt him press hard against his ass in response. Then Tae-su was coming with a deep groan, his seed spilling hot between Jeong-mun's thighs and running over his legs.

Jeong-mun practically ripped the sheet in an effort to hold back his own orgasm. “Tae-su, please!

Tae-su was still shaking against him in the grip of his own pleasure, but his hand tightened on Jeong-mun all the same. “Yes, love,” he urged. “Come for me. Come like he’s watching.”

It was too much: the idea of Woong-cheol seeing him like this, staring at him as he came apart. Jeong-mun’s whole body flushed white hot and his back arched hard as he pulsed rope after rope of his seed into Tae-su’s fingers.

As he slowly started to come back to himself, he buried his face in the sheets, embarrassed that he’d let Tae-su wind him up so expertly with dirty talk about their friend. But Tae-su didn’t let him hide. Gently, he slipped from between Jeong-mun’s thighs and rolled him over onto his back to straddle him as he had before. His black dress shirt was a wrinkled wreck, but it was still hanging onto his shoulders, somehow. Jeong-mun smiled despite himself and Tae-su smiled back, with an edge of a smirk.

“I could call your crush,” he offered, his voice lighter; teasing. Yet there was an undertone of sincerity in his words that made Jeong-mun think the offer wasn’t entirely in jest.

Tae-su brushed a still-damp hand over Jeong-mun’s face, smoothing his fringe from his eyes, and Jeong-mun’s chest clenched at his tenderness. Sometimes Tae-su alone was more than he could take; his heat and warmth and light more than Jeong-mun could handle. If Woong-cheol were to join them... Jeong-mun swallowed and circled Tae-su’s wrist with his hand, bringing it to his lips to press a kiss into the palm.

“Not yet,” he said, looking up from under his lashes to gauge Tae-su’s reaction.

Tae-su’s eyes widened a fraction and then he smiled faintly, shaking his head. “I’ll remember that, Psycho,” he said, in a tone that was more promise than threat.

Jeong-mun released Tae-su’s wrist and pulled him down to take his lips in silent thanks. Tae-su opened for him, gasping against Jeong-mun’s mouth and Jeong-mun seized the chance to lick inside, stroking Tae-su’s tongue softly. When he pulled away, Tae-su’s eyes were shining and Jeong-mun had to fight back his own rising emotion.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” Tae-su said.

They were on the very edge of too much.

Jeong-mun purposefully reached out and lightly stroked Tae-su’s flaccid cock with the tip of his finger. “I have some idea,” he said.

It was Tae-su’s turn to collapse over him and bury his head in the sheets.