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Days out with the 'bakusquad', as it had been named, were always... shall we say, interesting.

There was never a dull moment with them; the permanently angry Bakugou, fiery Kriishima, and hyperactive Mina ensured this. And that was without even counting the idiotically reckless Kaminari and Sero who encouraged him at every turn (even if this turn was "Hey, what'd happen if I electrocuted Bakugou's phone?" which resulted in some rather nasty bruises after being chased around UA for a few hours.)

With this volatile yet incredibly well functioning group, they were ensured to have a grandly chaotic time at the mall they were going to. Even the journey there was eventful.

"Hey guys, look at this massive tree! Who dares me to climb to the top?" Kaminari shouted, already making his way towards the base of the tree.

"You fucking dumbass, don't climb that fucking tree!" yelled Bakugou, glaring at the pikachu wannabe.

"Well if you insist, Bakubro!" Kaminari replied, grabbing onto the lowest two branches and pulling himself up.

"Are you deaf you shitfuc-"

"Go for it Kami!" Sero called up at him, now a meter or so off the ground, "I'll catch you if you fall!"

Though hard working, smart UA students, their common sense could definitely be faulted. Kaminari was reaching up and grabbing branches to heave himself up onto, staying close to the trunk (he knew to do that, at least). Luckily, the tree had lots of branches which were rather bare of smaller twigs and leaves, allowing the foolish teen to climb it much more easily.

"Hey Kiri," Mina said, addressing the red-haired boy directly, "Should we stop them, or-?"

"If Bakubro couldn't stop them," he said, gesturing at the grumpily pouting boy standing next to Sero, "We probably can't. Besides, Kaminari's had worse,"

"True! Remember the time he had to jump out of a window to escape your crazy boyfriend?"

"Yeah! It was-" Kirishima's small talk was interrupted by a foreboding crack from a few meters up.

The branch Kaminari had made his way onto was the largest one he could've got onto, but it was still smaller than the others he had been He lifted his leg to get up to the next branch, then, with all of his weight concentrated onto one spot, the branch couldn't take it.

One long crack wove it's way down the branch, looking like a tiny bird lightning bolt, and the electric quirk user only had time to shout a quick "Shit!" before the branch completely snapped off of the trunk, leaving him plunging towards the unforgiving concrete.

With Herculean speed, strips s of tape burst towards Kaminari, wrapping around him before quickly retracting, dragging him through the air and into Sero’s chest. He quickly put his arms around the electric quirk user to stablise him, now cradling him in a bridal hold.

“You okay dude?” he said, looking down at the boy in his arms.

“Uh yeah, thanks man,” Kaminari said, giggling.

“Wow Sero!” shouted Mina, “That was super coo-”


The five’s heads all whipped around to stare at where the shout had come from, seeing a lady half hanging out of her window whilst someone (her boyfriend?) was yelling at her to stop.

“What the fuck?” screamed Bakugou at her, walking towards their car. It wasn’t moving due to a set of traffic light, and the guy beside her looked frantic. “Bitch you better shut the fuc-” He was interrupted by her cheering, looking past his shoulder at something.

This ‘something’ was Kaminari and Sero with their lips together for a few seconds, sharing a chaste kiss.

“See? I was so right!” she shouted at the man next to her, now pulling away as the light turned green.

Sero gently put Kaminari down, untangling him from the tape.

“What the fuck?” Bakugou shouted, as Kirishima jogged over to him to try and calm him down.

“Man,” Sero shrugged, “You gotta do shit for the meme, y’know?”

“Haha, uh, yeah, uh, memes,” Kaminari said, standing up with a wince.

The rest of the day went by surprisingly uneventful, for this group at least (yes, this did mean Bakugou had gotten kicked out of a café for shouting about how they “Had no fucking couples’ meals to share with the shitty haired fuck next to him, even though they were advertising it,” which was somehow an improvement over other experiences of theirs.) Kaminari and Sero both seemed way more withdrawn, though it showed on the energetic electric quirk user way more. Conversation seemed slightly stiff between them, and all of them had a mutual understanding of why.

It was because of the kiss.

Now, what Kaminari and Sero each didn’t know is why the other felt awkward, thinking it was out of being uncomfortable, whereas it was the opposite.

Both of them had wanted this to happen for months.

The other three knew; the two made so many jokes about dating but were so Oblivious™ it even hurt Bakugou, a guy so oblivious he didn’t realise Kirishima wasn’t straight despite his favourite thing being ‘tough guys’.

When Sero stuttered for the seventh time after Kaminari made eye contact with him, Bakugou had had enough.

“I’m fucking done with you idiots’ shit!” Bakugou shouted, standing up with a clatter of plastic chair on the tile flooring of the food court. Kirishima hurriedly tried to drag him back down as everyone’s head turned to face them, but wasn’t very successful. “Just confess already, you dumbasses!”

At this point, Kirishima had managed to pull Bakugou down, accidentally onto his own lap due to his chair having fallen over. They still had the entire room’s attention, so they all wordlessly agreed to get up and leave, thought Kirishima had to partly drag Bakugou out.

Now, they were standing in a quiet corridor off the side of the food court, where there were toilets and some locked doors where the employees kept their things.

“It’d probably be best if we left them to talk it out on their own,” Mina said, “uh, where should we-?”

“Don’t worry, we can talk in the toilets,” Kaminari said, grabbing Sero’s arm and dragging him in there.



They were silent for a few seconds, both avoiding eye contact and looking at the ground. After around a minute of this, in which they fidgeted quite a lot, Kaminari spoke first.

“So, uh, about outside-”

“Sorry!” Sero exclaimed, interrupting him, “I thought it’d be funny and it seemed like a good moment and your l-”

“Don’t worry man, it’s fine!” He flashed him a smile and a thumbs-up, “It was hilarious, to be honest.”

“So why do you seem so awkward?” Sero asked, getting straight to the point.

“Uh, well, oof, uh, it’s cause, well, Isortareallylikeyou!”

“Wait, uh, really?” Sero asked, almost unbelievingly.

“Haha, yeah,” Kaminari replied, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

“Oh,” Sero said simplisticly.

“Is that a good ‘oh’ or a bad ‘oh’?”

“It’s a Wow I Can’t Believe My Crush Likes Me Back Oh™.”


“So, uh, what do we do now? Are we dating?”

“If you want to?” Kaminari replied, shrugging but with a hopeful glint in his eye.

“Wow I’m, so glad we’re dating now.” They both grinned at each other.

“So…” Kaminari began, his grin becoming a mischievous one, “should we continue to torment Bakugo-?”


In one of the stalls next to them, a man stood in his stall, ready to go were it not for the two teenagers talking out their problems outside the door. Do they know I’m here, or…? Do I leave? Stay? Wow this is one of the most awkward moments in my life oh mY GOD.