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There's No Way Jimin Has A Daddy Kink

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Jimin was popular, shown off in magazines with his father, standing proud in a crisp suit, so unlike his usual attire. Yet, in whatever garb Jimin found himself stuffed in, he looked gorgeous, thick lips set into soft smirks and eyes emulating the power he had, the same visage seen in his father's eyes. Paparazzi wasn't on his tail on a daily basis, but whenever his father made a huge choice in his company, they planned to seek him out to get answers. They never got any, Jimin easily escaping their loud inquiry and flickering cameras.


Not only that, but Jimin had a huge slew of friends. He's made friends from his times in island resorts, friends from his time in a private academy, and friends he's made on the streets. Jimin was known, familiar around the city, a trustworthy person to many. It made Namjoon swell with pride, knowing Jimin would help many of these people because they were honest and treated him with respect. In return, these people were also willing to trust Namjoon, saying that if he was Jimin’s boyfriend, there was no way he could be a bad person. It brought a blush to Namjoon's cheeks every time, they regarded him as family with just knowing he was Jimin’s boyfriend, boisterous and oozing with the familiar confidence that came out of Jimin. It drove a sense of security into him, as if he'll be protected if shit went down.


Namjoon liked Jimin’s friends, really. The group of friends Jimin almost regularly visited was a young biker gang, found in spastic locations but Jimin found them with no qualms. He let Namjoon follow after him on these days, entering garages that Namjoon wasn't sure he was permitted in but forgetting about his worries once they were met with abundant yelling and cheery laughter. They all welcomed him with open arms, listening to anything he said and teasing him about wrangling Jimin, the man they voted as “last person to be in a relationship” at their anniversary last year, commemorating three years of sticking together as a gang. Really, he enjoyed his time there, curled up in Jimin’s hold and watching the positive emotions flicker through his boyfriend’s face.


Recently, however, they've made a little game. A game where Jimin is the center of attention. At first, they let the first weeks pass with no similar phrase passing their lips, always calling Jimin by his name. Claps on his back while they encouraged him to fight them, booing whenever Jimin would decline. They respected that he didn't though, always just happy to have him around. They didn't call him names, didn't call him loser, bad boy, and certainly not-


“Daddy!” Namjoon’s head snapped up, nose pulled out of his book. Curious, he craned his head from his seat on the park bench, Jimin blearily opening his eyes with the name. He rubbed at his eyes to get rid of the sleep and shot Namjoon a smile, piercings reflecting the spring sun. Namjoon reciprocated it, finding Jimin’s sleepy gaze adorable.


“Daddy! Jimin! It's been forever!” Namjoon looked up to see one of the men from the gang standing in front of them, grin toothy. Jimin sent him one back, peeling himself off the bench to stand up.


“I literally went to go see you guys a few days ago,” Jimin replied, stretching. His leather jacket didn't give him much space to maneuver, but he accomplished his goal, cracking the kinks in his shoulders.


“Yeah well, we need to see you every day Daddy,” The man said jokingly, receiving a giggle from Jimin.


“Fine fine, you got me. What do you need?”


“We need you to help us with this bike. We've literally tried everything but it won't work.” The man pouted.


“Alright fine, let me just say goodbye.” Jimin turned back to Namjoon, smile sending Namjoon's heart into a frenzy. He leaned over him to press a slow kiss into his lips, catching his bottom lip and pulling before letting go. “I'll be back before dinner with your friends. Deal?”


“I'll miss you!” Namjoon exclaimed, unashamed. He squealed internally at the way Jimin’s eyes softened, hand reaching to ruffle his hair.


“I'll miss you too. I won't be gone for long, okay?”


“Okay.” Namjoon grinned, waving his boyfriend off.


“Jesus, hurry up Daddy.” The man sighed behind Jimin, the male pressing one last kiss into his cheek before leaving, combat boots heavy on the pavement.


Namjoon’s shoulders relaxed once the two were gone, interest in reading suddenly gone. For some reason, the word disturbed his peaceful mind, dragging along the walls of his thoughts. It sounded odd, but the man wasn't saying it in a way to arouse Jimin. He was just overly friendly, something Namjoon had mixed feelings with.


He left for his apartment right after, head hurting and emotions tangled in a web.


It happened more frequently afterwards, mostly made in an effort to jab at Jimin. They were used in a teasing lilt, Jimin breaking his obvious stoic face to leer at them impishly. His friends in the gang looked more comfortable calling him Daddy when he did something amazing, as if it was a replacement for the title of leader. Namjoon observed as it happened, listened to the many times it was used. He began to count them absently, mouthing the word once or twice before he flushed. The word was conceived out of sexual kinks, that much he knew.


Though he started to ponder if Jimin was really into the idea of being called Daddy.


He didn't mind the word as much when his friends said it. It wasn't like they were trying to rile Namjoon up, to make him jealous in any way. It was just there, like if they were using the word sir for someone they respected. And Namjoon was guilty of that, calling people sir when he didn't know their names, yet never when they were close friends.


It was only when Jimin’s fans also began to call him Daddy, that's when Namjoon’s heart started pricking, not liking the name. He heard it from the groups of girls in the library, giggling and crouched over a phone in the center. Namjoon didn't even have to look to know they were gushing about Jimin, murmuring a few inappropriate things and longingly sighing. Nine times out of ten he'd move from his seat to get away, too engrossed with his studying or simply not up to listening to them wonder about his boyfriend aloud. It was weird, hearing them ask about how he'd be as a boyfriend and wishing to be with him.


It wasn't like he was going to step in there and claim his title, anyways. He liked keeping it low, liked not being pestered by people who already had their sights on Jimin. He wasn't ready to also be a source of gossip, his life was much too comfortable to be disrupted by the masses of judging eyes. Jimin respected his choice, not talking about him in interviews or hiding his face away on the days his dad pulled a dramatic act. Namjoon wasn't upset with their arrangement, only giggled through it. Jimin reciprocated it by showering him in kisses once they were alone, not letting him go unless he started tickling the man.


“Ah, he's so daddy…” A girl mumbled, streaks of dye in her otherwise plain hair. Namjoon perked up, his stomach queasy at the name. He wiggled in his seat, peering over his book to look at the girls and boys surrounding the next table. All of them looked like college students, books sprawled out but no studying actually happening. The girl sitting right in front of his sight had her phone open clasped in her hands. Namjoon could see Jimin’s smiling face from it, Namjoon sticking his tongue out at the image. He blamed Jimin for being too handsome, gaining so much attention from girls and guys alike.


But then he couldn't help but smile when he remembered Jimin liked him out of all of them.


“You think he has a daddy kink?” A boy next to the first girl asked, smirking.


“No, he wouldn't!” Another one chimed, faux horror on her face.


“But they do say those rich people are kinky,” Another boy replied, shrugging nonchalantly. Namjoon pursed his lips but said nothing. He knew he should walk away, but his curiosity was winning out. They were all asking the same question he's been pondering for almost a month now, ever since the encounter at the park.


“You remember his last relationship? Some say he dumped them because they didn't play into his kink.”


The table collectively groaned, Namjoon resisting the urge to do it with them. Jimin didn't even dump his last girlfriend. She dumped him, accusing him of cheating when she had been doing it all throughout their relationship. The breakup went viral, Namjoon having to be mad at the whole media for posting private issues in Jimin’s place. The day had been a whole mess, ending with one and beginning with something new.


That was a long story, though.


“That's a big lie. But, I swear he has a daddy kink. I mean, look at him!” The dyed hair girl pointed at her screen, pretty red nail clicking on the screen with Jimin. “He screams authority! I mean, even if he doesn't have on right now, he could form a daddy kink.”


“He's not even in a relationship.” The boy next to her frowned. She clicked her tongue at him.


“So? This guy could have a friend with benefits to experiment what he's into. If I were that friend, I'd try to figure out if he does.”


This time, the table was mumbling positively. Namjoon took that as his cue to leave, packing his things up and standing up hurriedly. The back of his neck was burning, fingers fumbling with his feathery pink pens and stuffing them into his bag. He left quickly, an idea sprouting into his mind, inspired by the conversation he listened into. Curiosity was flowing strongly into his veins, lips set into a shaky, albeit determined smile.


He just hoped the idea didn't drive him down a gutter.




It took a few days to kick his mission into gear. Mainly because Jimin wasn't able to meet him for a few days, roped up in some extravagant event his dad was planning. He had set Jimin as the planner, leaving Jimin with little to no time outside of the company. It led to short little calls throughout the day, texts about how he should remember to eat and ones that were only filled with the heart emoji and took up most of his screen. Namjoon was elated every time, his spirits lifted with each little reminder, each little time Jimin called to see if he still loved him, to which Namjoon teased and said no. Jimin played along every single time, cooing at him and telling him to stop being so mean.


The other reason was because Namjoon couldn't muster up enough confidence. He was confident, shown through his presentations and ability to lead his group into an amazing project to hand in to the professor, but that was it. They were skills used for groups, used in public to better reach a goal. His skills didn't really extend to urging sexual arousal from his boyfriend. In fact, the most they've done is grossly make out in Namjoon’s living room, separating the moment Seokjin came in and whined loudly about their excessive amount of PDA he did not need on his couch. The whole incident made him want to dig a hole and crawl into it, no matter how many times Seokjin told him it was okay, he was a man with needs and Seokjin was only playfully teasing.


All in all, Namjoon kept backing out at the idea of even whispering the word. He tried to practice in front of the mirror, which lessened the insecurity in him. He tried to add some sexual hip thrust but it only made him feel shame, not quite having the god-like hips Hoseok had and flaunted with every dance he did. He gained more vigor in saying the word with practice, finally having it ready by the time Jimin asked if they could hang out at his apartment.


“Namjoon! Is there any popcorn?” Jimin hollered from the kitchen, Namjoon already taking a spot on the couch. He was flicking through movies, rolled into a yellow blanket and pale pink sweater, one that was obviously too big for his lithe frame. His shorts offset the two layers on his upper body, a soft blue that really weren't long, just barely stopping mid thigh.


“No! Taehyung and Jungkook finished the last bag while watching horror movies two days ago!” Namjoon yelled back, finally stopping at one Jimin’s been dying to watch. He wasn't sure what to expect, but most of the movies Jimin liked made Namjoon like them too.


Jimin appeared next to him, silver hair sticking up in strange directions from Namjoon’s previous petting session. He was only wearing a blue tank top this time, leather jacket strewn off to the side. It gave Namjoon a clear view of his tattoos, all beautiful and intricate, clearly made with care. His favorite one had to be the the vine that started from his left wrist and curled all the way up to the general area of his heart, a flower blooming from it.


“You wanted to watch this one, yeah?” Namjoon questioned when Jimin sat down, making himself comfy. He didn't answer, kicking his shoes off and leaning against the armrest, opening his legs to let Namjoon crawl in between. He pulled Namjoon into his chest, lavishing the top of his head with butterfly kisses.


He looked up and squinted at the title, eyes lighting up. “Yeah it was that one. You wanna watch?”


Namjoon hummed approvingly, pressing the play button and wrapping his long arms around Jimin’s torso. He sneaked in a few kisses with Jimin before the movie really started, watching the curve of his lips and the way his eyes filled with fondness. Jimin murmured about the loss of popcorn, but didn't say much afterwards, already absorbed into the movie.


Around twenty minutes into the movie, however, Jimin became distracted. His phone was blowing up like crazy, the male wiggling around to fish it out of his jacket. He started texting instantly, exchanging glances between the movie and his phone. Namjoon pouted and pawed at his arm, mumbling about paying attention.


“I am, Namjoon. Calm down.” But he wasn't. Ten more minutes passed and Jimin stopped watching the movie completely, straightening up and Namjoon was forced to climb out of his spot, Jimin completely indifferent. His thumbs were texting fast, smiling and giggling at his phone and Namjoon would be lying if he didn't feel a bit ignored. He toyed with the the blanket for a while, his focus on the movie ruined with Jimin disregarding him without a second thought. He pushed the blanket into Jimin’s direction, the male grabbing it and hurling it off the couch.


Namjoon frowned, crossing his arms. Fifteen more minutes and Namjoon tried to catch his attention, Jimin batting him away as gently as he could. The movie was still going, Namjoon not sure with what was going on because he was failing to digest the information. He was more focused on Jimin, who seemed to forget Namjoon was even around.


Then it hit him. It was the perfect time, with Jimin distracted. It was the perfect setting, with no one to interrupt them or coming home until hours later. Namjoon could put his plan to work, his experiment was ready to launch.


Namjoon ducked his head and felt the blush creeping up to his cheeks, willing it away as best as he could before turning to his boyfriend. Jimin was still stuck on his phone, tapping furiously. Namjoon latched onto his arm, flustered at how firm it was, no matter how many times he's had to cling to Jimin’s arms.


“Jimin…” He tested out first, only receiving a hum.


“Baby…” Another hum, this one sounding like it was trying but it still wasn't hitting the mark.


Namjoon took a deep breath and scrutinized Jimin's face. His lip piercing was nowhere in sight today, cheeks big and soft. He hoped that even if Jimin didn't like it, he didn't turn it into a huge fight, yelling about how it was shameful or whatnot. Licking his lips Namjoon leaned and breathily whispered, “ Daddy …”


The tapping stopped almost instantly. Jimin looked shocked, turning his head to look at Namjoon. He only stared for a few seconds, silent. “What?” He croaked suddenly, surprise coloring his tone.


Namjoon answered, “ Daddy , pay attention to me.” He noticed the sudden disheveledness in Jimin’s face, eyes glimmering with something indescribable. Gaining confidence in the action he believed he was getting, Namjoon pouted, his lips finding Jimin’s heavily pierced ear.


Daddy , do you like that?”


The growl that escaped Jimin sounded absolutely famished, a pleased shiver sent down Namjoon’s spine. His hands shot out to grip at Namjoon’s hips, pulling him roughly into his lap. Namjoon felt the blush reaching down to his neck, realising that he was sitting on Jimin’s steadily growing cock.


“Namjoon, baby, why are you calling me Daddy?” Jimin was confident with asking, awaiting his answer.


“I thought Daddy would like it.” Namjoon whined at the end, Jimin rolling his hips up to make his boner more prominent.


“Daddy really likes it. He likes it so much, he wants to kiss you.” Kiss was an understatement, Namjoon thought. Jimin was rough, lapping into his mouth and barely giving him an opening to breathe. He was hungry, pulling and biting at Namjoon’s lips, the older not able to hold back his little noises. His hands slipped under his sweater to trace patterns into his back, roaming and leaving trails of goosebumps in his wake. Namjoon held onto his biceps, squeezing harshly when Jimin sucked on his tongue or flicked at his nipples, rubbing in circles until both of them were fully hard.


Jimin hummed as he parted from making a mess of Namjoon’s lips, appreciating the tinge of red and the saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth. He was breathing heavily already, his own cock fully hard inside his shorts. “Look at you baby, so eager for Daddy? Do you like it when he touches you like this?” Jimin peppered kisses onto his neck, wet with saliva while his hands rubbed circles into his hips.


Namjoon whined, head tilting to the side. He moaned when Jimin left a particularly dark hickey at a place where he knew he wouldn't be able to hide it, blood rushing to his cock at the idea of being marked repeatedly by Jimin, showing off that he was owned. “Daddy, I want more.” Namjoon panted, grinding his hips down on Jimin’s dick. He smiled at Jimin’s groan, his head falling back and Namjoon took the chance to make his own hickeys, though he was careful with where he placed them.


“I'll give you more sweetheart. Take off your sweater.” Namjoon obliged feverently, rocking on Jimin’s lap while he slid his sweater off. He relished in the way Jimin’s breath hitched and his panting grew heavier, eyes darkened with a huge cloud of lust. His skin was glowing, tattoos standing out more.


“Daddy, please.” Namjoon whined, Jimin smirking at the way his words were slurring together. He pulled his shorts off by a bit, letting them rest lower down his thighs. His cock was hard and curving up to touch his stomach. Namjoon tried to jerk himself off, only for Jimin to slap his hand away, a frown playing on his lips.


“No touching yourself, honey. Not until I cum first.” He grinned ferociously, his hands moving to slowly cup his ass cheeks, massaging them. Namjoon’s eyes fluttered and his hips pulled him forward, thighs shaking. He was sensitive, every touch sent his mind into a world of pleasure.


And then Jimin was trailing a finger around his rim. Namjoon startled, a rush of nervousness flooding into him. He grasped Jimin’s wrist, shaky look making Jimin stop his movements. He swallowed saliva, hesitant.


“Daddy...can we do something else? I don't want to go all the way, Daddy.” Namjoon shut his eyes, the urge to cry forming slowly. He didn't want to disappoint, but he was scared. He was insanely anxious about going all the way, too much that if he pushed himself to do it now, he was sure panic would settle in. It also didn't help that he was hoping to make their first time romantic, and while it was the right mood, he wasn't willing to fall face first into the floor because his legs were too shaky to make it into the bedroom.


“Anything you want, baby. We can stop altogether if you want.” Jimin assured, his hands pulling up to settle on Namjoon’s hips again. First and foremost was Namjoon’s feelings. If he didn't want to do it, Jimin wouldn't force him.


Namjoon shook his head. “No, Daddy. I want to keep going.”


Jimin hummed, nodding. He scoured his mind for a few ideas before clicking on one. He quietly asked for a kiss, slow and unhurried with it. His lips melded with Namjoon’s, feeling right and at home. He pulled away and whispered, their breaths mingling.


“Do you want Daddy to fuck your thighs, kitten?” At that, Namjoon nodded, giddy with the idea. They moved from their position and settled with both of them on their knees, Namjoon holding onto the armrest with Jimin behind him. He marveled in the sun kissed back Namjoon had, mesmerized with the way his shoulder blades moved fluidly with each action. He kissed his way downwards, all the way down to the small of his back.


“Daddy, hurry.” Namjoon prodded, shaking his ass to entice. Though it wasn't really the target this time, he was excited to feel Jimin’s cock slide into his thighs repeatedly. He's been told by everyone that his thighs were a blessing, especially Jimin, who pressed kisses into them every time he wore shorts.


Jimin grunted from behind him, unbuckling his belt and not quite fully taking off his jeans. “Baby, where's the lube?”


“In between the cushions.” Namjoon whispered, Jimin producing the almost empty bottle out of said place. He raised an eyebrow but didn't question it, lathering up his dick quickly. It was hard and leaking, his eyes set on Namjoon’s trembling thighs. He spotted stray beauty marks on them, moaning in appreciation. The rest of the lube was poured on Namjoon’s thighs, wet and messy.


“Press your thighs together, baby. Make a tight space for your Daddy to fuck in.” Jimin requested, Namjoon’s thighs pushed together and quivering with anticipation.


“Daddy, fuck me.” Namjoon demanded, fingers gripping at the armrest in a death grip. He heard Jimin shuffle behind him, his breath in between his shoulder blades. He felt the blunt tip of his cock, teasing his thighs before he slowly but surely pushed in.


“Fuck, Namjoon.” Jimin gasped, the tight opening squeezing around him. He rested his head on Namjoon’s back, trying to regain his breath. His cock was fit snugly into Namjoon’s thighs, exactly the right pressure surrounding him to make his mind go loopy. It helped that it was slick with lube, warm and wet and ready to make Jimin cum embarrassingly quick.


“Daddy, please go!” Namjoon yelped, pushed forward by Jimin’s harsh thrust. He was brutal, not wasting any time and pushing in hard and deep. The glide was easy, slipping in and out and making Jimin lose his control, his rhythm, a good handful of times. His mind was bursting, lust controlling every part of his body. Grunts and moans escaped him, fucking faster into Namjoon with each passing second.


Namjoon let his thighs be fucked, panting as harshly as Jimin was. It was like he really was stuffed in the ass, turned on immensely with Jimin’s unforgiving pace and the way his cock felt in between his thighs, hot and twitching. Namjoon looked down, moaning loudly at the sight of the head of Jimin’s head peeking under his balls. It disappeared when Jimin pulled out, appearing just as quick, dripping with precum and Namjoon keened. “Daddy, faster!”


Jimin didn't protest, picking up his thrusting and snaking a hand on Namjoon’s leaking dick. He pumped it hard and fast, pretty little whines escaping the male. It was music to his ears, gasps and airy moans urging him to go faster, all while Namjoon called him Daddy over and over again.


“Daddy, it feels good!”


“Daddy, I'm so close!”


“Daddy, please cum please!”


The last one sent him over the edge, hips stuttering and eyes threatening to shut. He pulled out quickly and pumped his cum all over Namjoon’s thighs, Namjoon giving one last “Daddy!” before he shot his load onto Jimin’s hand, some catching on the armrest. Tears pricked at his eyes, making him close them as he tried to even his breathing.


A couple minutes passed before Jimin found the will to turn and snag some tissues from the tissue box, cleaning himself up and sadly wiping the cum that was drying on the back of Namjoon’s thighs. He cleans the armrest as best as he could, sending an apoplectic smile at Namjoon. Once he was done, he pulled his jeans on again and helped Namjoon into his sweater, long enough to hide his naked lower body.


“Daddy!” Jimin turned from picking up Namjoon's shorts from the floor, setting them on the clean armrest of the couch. He saw Namjoon curled up on the couch, arms open and hands making grabby motions. He chuckled and sat down, once again pulling Namjoon into his lap. He placed slow, loving kisses on Namjoon’s neck, more specifically the hickeys he left to decorate his boyfriend as his.


They snuggled into the couch without any words, a nagging question in Jimin’s head breaking the silence. “Namjoon, why did you really start with the daddy thing?”


Namjoon flushed, Jimin’s hands rubbing his tummy. “Well, everyone else does, so why can't I?” He turned to Jimin, challenging him.


Jimin laughed, shrugging. “Good point. You win. Just don't do it in public, I don't want to pop a boner in front of your friends because you called me Daddy.”


Namjoon shook his head, frowning at the example. “Hell no, if I ever call you Daddy in front of them, they'll never let it go.”


“Then I guess we’re good.”


“We are, Daddy.


Jimin’s eyes flashed but he did nothing, too tired out for the day. “We’ll save that for another day, kitten.”

Namjoon agreed with him wholeheartedly.