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The Fight

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He had hugged her.

Well, to be more precise, he had restrained her by hugging her tightly against himself, but it rattled her enough to break her concentration and stop her destructive psychic wave in an instant.

She was not a hugger. Or at least, she hadn't had someone hug her for such a long time. Not since when the very first signs of her power popped up. For some reason, this was enough to push her adoptive parents away and keep them at a distance. She hadn't said anything, she hadn't understood, but she had noticed. And in her childlike mentality, she had protected herself from the biting pain it caused by burying it deep within her mind, in the farthest, darkest corner.

She didn't need their hugs or affection. She didn't want them.

She still had Fubuki and her little hugs, anyway.

Until she didn't.

Still unsure about how to respond, she moved her face upwards and looked at Fubiki's acquaintance's face. What was he doing? What was he thinking? Tatsumaki wasn't unaware of the reputation she had. She reveled in the fact that the other S-Class heroes feared her enough to not encroach in her space, to keep their distance. For all the tough talk Metal Bat spouted and all the aloofness Flashy Flash projected, they knew not to make her angry.

Blast was the only one who didn't fear her-

Tatsumaki's eyes widened.

Did…did this baldy not fear her?

She felt him move as he crouched and suddenly jumped, breaking through several floors while yelling, "Do it outside!"

Tatsumaki was surprised at the unexpected strength of his jump. She felt the strong pressure of several G's as they climbed higher.

He was definitely no small fry.

After several seconds she finally felt them falling.

And it became too much.

The contact was too much. Being restrained and unable to move was too much.

It reminded her of those machines-

Her mind went on overdrive. She needed to stop this. She wanted to pull away, but couldn't. She wanted to yell, but she didn't want to come across as weak, especially in front of this goddamned baldy.

They crashed on the ground once, twice, and—

Her wits finally came about her; she couldn't take it anymore.

"How long are you gonna keep grabbing me?! PERVERT!" she yelled.


She stopped their trajectory, and started to twirl them at an incredibly fast rate. She was finally free from that hug, but the bastard hadn't let go of her wrist. She slammed him to the ground, the impact creating a huge crater. But still he held on to her.

He is too strong.


This was ridiculous. With debris still falling from the impact, she yelled again, the need to free herself threatening to make her snap, "Why won't you let go of my hand? Do you like me or something?!"

She had hoped this would embarrass him enough to let go, but he replied unfazed, " 'Cause if I let you go, you'll run away from me and go back to Fubuki."


He is too strong.


A rattle from the farthest, darkest corner of her mind.

Too many unknown feelings were fighting in her mind. It was too much. She snapped.

"…Run?! …Is that some kind of sick joke?!" she screamed maniacally. "Why would I run away from someone weaker than me?!"

She was losing it.

He eyed her stoically.

And he finally let go.


She immediately felt herself calm down. The fighting inside her mind quieted down. It was overtaken by the one feeling she was familiar with.

Oh, he was going to pay for that.

She would show him.