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There are no losers in a blowjob competition

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“I woke you up for this,” Kirishima murmured, his lips brushing against Bakugou’s ear. Now that he had Bakugou’s attention, he trailed his fingers up over Bakugou’s abs to his chest. He brushed just a fingertip over Bakugou’s left nipple, ever so gently, drawing a surprised moan from an adorably sleepy Bakugou.

“The fuck you think you’re doing at 3am?” Bakugou grumbled around a yawn.

“Seducing you,” Kirishima explained for the third time, patiently. His fingers continued to tease at Bakugou’s sensitive nipple, rubbing lightly until the little nub was hard and pebbled. He pinched the cute nipple lightly, then switched his attentions to Bakugou’s right nipple.

“Just suck my dick, idiot,” Bakugou growled, then yawned again.

“I will,” Kirishima promised, his breath puffing hotly against Bakugou’s ear. He continued to play with Bakugou’s nipples, rubbing and pinching first one, then the other, until Bakugou was panting for breath. He trailed his tongue over the shell of Bakugou’s ear and nibbled on his earlobe, all the while ignoring grumbled complaints and orders to just get on with it already. They’d been sort of dating for nearly a year, and by this point, “shitty hair” and “fucking idiot” sounded like endearments to him.

“You fucking tease,” Bakugou growled and rolled over to face Kirishima. The kiss was aggressive, almost a fight, and Bakugou’s fingers dug into Kirishima’s side deep enough to leave bruises, but that was exactly how Kirishima liked it. He gave as good as he got, his pointy teeth sinking into Bakugou’s lip almost hard enough to draw blood. His nails were definitely going to leave marks on Bakugou’s hip, overlaying the bitemarks old and new that were already scattered over Bakugou’s skin.

Kirishima waited for his chance. When Bakugou broke the kiss to gasp for air, Kirishima struck like a shark. He pushed Bakugou back down onto his back and rolled on top, pinning him with his weight. Before Bakugou could insult him or roll them over, he sunk his teeth into Bakugou’s shoulder and sucked at the soft skin, adding another hickey. He knew he’d won when Bakugou didn’t shove him away. Instead Bakugou’s fingers dug into his shoulders, holding on. Kirishima nibbled on Bakugou’s shoulder and dragged pointy teeth across his throat. While Bakugou was good and distracted, he nudged Bakugou’s thighs apart with his knees until he could settle between Bakugou’s legs. He rolled his hips, his hard dick rubbing against Bakugou’s equally erect cock. With one last nip to Bakugou’s throat, he moved down to lick at Bakugou’s right nipple instead. That drew a gasp and a moaned “oh fuck” from Bakugou, which was all the encouragement Kirishima needed. He licked and sucked on the sensitive nipple, at the same time teasing Bakugou’s left nipple with his fingers. Every lick and every pinch got a moan or a curse, and soon Bakugou was panting for breath, his chest heaving.

“Just suck my fucking dick already, you idiot,” Bakugou grumbled, shoving at Kirishima’s shoulders in an attempt to push him down.

Kirishima didn’t budge. He wanted to suck Bakugou’s dick, but not until Bakugou was desperate and squirmy. He licked Bakugou’s left nipple, then blew across the little nub. Bakugou shivered, moaning wordlessly. He used his teeth, just a little, biting down on the sensitive nipple, then soothed it with his tongue. A hero needed to be able to multitask, so he pinched Bakugou’s right nipple with his fingers, tugging and rubbing at it while he sucked on the left one, until Bakugou was a squirming, needy mess.

“I’ll kill you, you shit for brains tease,” Bakugou growled, hips rising to rub his desperately hard dick against Kirishima’s stomach.

Kirishima grinned. Now it was time to suck some dick, definitely. He pressed a last kiss to Bakugou’s right nipple, admiring the ring of toothmarks he’d left around it, then moved down to worship Bakugou’s dick. This was the only place where it was better not to use his teeth, so he flicked his tongue over the tip, tasting the salty precome.

“Fucking finally,” Bakugou growled, fingers digging into Kirishima’s hair.

Kirishima took his time despite Bakugou’s rough hands in his hair, licking down the length of Bakugou’s dick with broad strokes of his tongue. Carefully, very carefully, he took Bakugou’s balls into his mouth and rolled them with his tongue, drawing a string of curses from Bakugou. He let Bakugou’s balls slip out of his mouth with a loud plop and proceeded to suck dick properly. Kirishima wrapped his fingers around the base of Bakugou’s cock and stroked slowly, teasing at the tip with his tongue. Before Bakugou could lose his patience entirely, he took the head into his mouth, being mindful of his pointy teeth. He worked his way down steadily, taking more and more of Bakugou’s dick into his mouth until his lips touched his fist. Sucking in his cheeks, Kirishima bobbed his head up and down as fast as he dared with his sharp teeth so close to Bakugou’s sensitive flesh. Bakugou was fearless as always, pulling his hair and moaning wantonly.

Kirishima wanted to touch himself, but he knew better. Bakugou would never admit it, but he clearly enjoyed sucking dick just as much as Kirishima did, and he was damn good at it. The one time Kirishima had gotten himself off while sucking Bakugou’s dick, Bakugou had been furious when he noticed after the fact. Kirishima had gotten two angry blowjobs in the school toilets out of it the next day, so that had definitely been worth it, but most of the time it was better not to make Bakugou’s already foul temper any worse by depriving him of a chance to suck cock. Keeping his teeth out of the way required quite a bit of concentration, but Kirishima liked sucking Bakugou’s dick enough that it was totally worth the bother. Bakugou’s flushed face, sweet moans and rude curses were incredibly appealing. Bakugou kept yanking on his hair, the rough touch better than any gentle caress, and Kirishima couldn’t help but moan around the cock in his mouth.

Bakugou looked quite smug, so Kirishima drew back until only the head of Bakugou’s cock remained in his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the tip, the touch teasingly light. He continued to stroke Bakugou’s shaft and he caressed his balls too, rolling them gently between his calloused fingers. Then he sucked his cheeks in once more and bobbed his head, moving just a little faster than before. He could tell that Bakugou was nearing his limit quickly, so he made sure to pin Bakugou’s hips down firmly - with his teeth, he couldn’t take the risk that Bakugou might thrust up when he came. He pinned Bakugou’s hips down with both hands and bobbed his head, taking Bakugou’s dick deeper into his mouth, until the tip brushed against the back of his throat. Instead of pulling back like he usually did, Kirishima went deeper, swallowing around Bakugou’s dick.

Kirishima took Bakugou’s dick down his throat, doing his best not to gag. He hummed around the shaft and held his breath. His efforts were amply rewarded, for Bakugou spat his given name out like a curse before coming hard, his come going right down Kirishima’s throat. Bakugou yanked his hands away from Kirishima’s hair just in time before tiny explosions filled the air. Kirishima continued to hum and bob his head until Bakugou shivered himself out. Feeling smug and proud of himself, Kirishima drew back and grinned at Bakugou. Bakugou grabbed him and yanked him into a kiss, even though Bakugou was still panting for breath and shivering with aftershocks.

“Fuck you,” Bakugou gasped when the kiss finally broke.

Kirishima quickly found himself shoved down onto his back, with Bakugou looming over him. Unlike him, Bakugou didn’t play around but went right to work, wrapping his lips directly around Kirishima’s dick. As usual, Kirishima found it impossible to look away while Bakugou blew him, captivated by the lewd picture Bakugou made with his pink cheeks and his mouth full of dick. Bakugou’s tongue worked his shaft over, pressing against all the right spots, and Bakugou’s fingers stroked him at exactly the right speed and pressure. Kirishima moaned unashamedly, thrusting up into Bakugou’s willing mouth. He brushed his fingers through Bakugou’s unruly hair, murmuring encouragement and telling Bakugou just how good he looked, how good it felt. Bakugou glared at him to shut up, but Kirishima was pretty sure that Bakugou secretly enjoyed his compliments. He would have liked to enjoy this longer, but after kissing and sucking Bakugou’s dick, he was much too turned on to last long.

“Gonna,” Kirishima warned.

Bakugou didn’t draw back, if anything he sucked harder, clearly determined to even the score since Kirishima had swallowed. Kirishima moaned, fingers digging into the sheets, and let his orgasm roll through him. At that moment, Bakugou drew back unexpectedly, and the first spurt of Kirishima’s come splashed up onto Bakugou’s jaw. The next spurts covered Bakugou’s cheeks and nose and and lips, painting his face with come.

Eyes wide, Kirishima could only stare as aftershocks twitched through him. Bakugou looked amazing covered in come, hotter than he could have ever imagined. “You-” Kirishima stuttered out. “Katsuki…”

Bakugou smirked. “I win.”

Kirishima blinked, his brain fuzzy from orgasm. “Uh huh,” he agreed. “Sure.” He wasn’t about to argue if Bakugou’s competitive streak produced results like this. Right now Bakugou was licking at a few drops of come that had landed close enough to his mouth for his tongue to reach, looking smug. Kirishima wasn’t about to look away and miss even a moment of this.

Now that the excitement was over, he remembered just how late it was. Yawning wide, he stretched, then reached for his tissue box to help clean Bakugou’s face up. Bakugou must have been tired too, because he yawned even wider, then flopped down half on top of Kirishima. Kirishima wisely didn’t comment on that, he’d made the mistake of calling it cuddling only once. He just reached over and turned the light off, then let his arm fall over Bakugou’s shoulders as casually as he could. He must have done it right because Bakugou only grumbled a bit and pulled the blankets up over both of them.

With Bakugou pressed close against his side, Kirishima drifted off to sleep, sure that the image of Bakugou’s come-covered face would follow him into his dreams.