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Can't Sit Still

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Shouta realized that he has never seen Hizashi doing nothing.

Whether it’s grading and making tests and quizzes or coming up with new material for his radio show, Hizashi always has his hands in motion. Even when he takes a minute to watch the news on tv, he still always seems to have something in hand to work on.

It was all fine until Shouta realized that Hizashi was never doing nothing that he started to investigate.

At first, he observed. Hizashi was always gesturing widely whenever he was talking; he was always staying a bit late after school to get a head start on grading; he pet Shouta’s hair when they were watching movies together, or, if Shouta didn’t want to be touched, Hizashi would start knitting. Shouta doesn’t know when Hizashi started to learn how to knit, but he has seen him frequently take it out when he really has nothing else to do.

Shouta has never seen Hizashi with still hands, even when he started to observe the behavior more closely. Even when he was sleeping, he was still making small motions and gestures with his hands.

It wasn’t a problem at all. If anything, it was a good thing that Hizashi threw himself into anything useful that he could do, especially speaking about the fact that he has three time-demanding jobs. It’s honestly a miracle that Hizashi has any free time at all.

Shouta was just kind of curious, that’s all. Yeah, he was a little concerned that Hizashi didn’t relax enough, but Hizashi claimed that Shouta didn’t relax enough, so he guesses that they are even on that front.

Shouta could always just ask Hizashi.

They were having dinner together while Hizashi talked about school and the students he taught. Generally, Shouta was content to listen to Hizashi ramble while added commentary every and now and then, but he did want to ask Hizashi something.

He didn’t want to interrupt Hizashi though. But Hizashi always has this sixth sense of when Shouta wants to ask him something.

“Hey, Shouta, darling? Are you okay?” Hizashi asked, looking at Shouta with a twinge of concern that Shouta wanted to wipe off his face immediately.

“I’m fine.” Shouta replied.

“Then did you want to ask me something?” Hizashi still looked slightly concerned.

“I noticed that I’ve never actually seen you have your hands still. It’s not really a problem or anything; I just wanted to know why that is.” Shouta explained. Usually, he would have been more blunt about it, but he really didn’t want the potential of Hizashi being insecure about that particular thing.

“Huh. I guess I am always moving my hands around.” Hizashi hummed. “I guess that might be because I always feel like I have to be doing something, you know? I just get kind of antsy when I’m not doing anything.”

Shouta nodded.

“Anyway, Migakimasu keeps talking to others in class, and, granted, it is about English, but…”