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Wet Dreams

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Midoriya couldn't remember how he got with Bakugou in the first place. It seemed like it was all a blur. He was standing in the hallway and he thought he was supposed to be in class but for some reason, that's not where he was. Bakugou was standing in front of him, that same displeased and angry expression on his face.

Midoriya knew something was off.

It was like it was a dream.

He took a step back, his back pressing against the wall since he couldn't move away any further. He was staring up at Bakugou, wondering what he did now to get him mad. It wasn't unusual to see the strain on Bakugou's face, how he tried to hold on to his anger but didn't do a very good job. Midoriya kept his hands together, not sure if he should protect his face or put up his fists and fight.

No, he knew it would be best if he tried to talk him down.

"Ka-kacchan..." Midoriya was about to apologize for whatever it was. He swore that he never meant it. Whatever it was.

"Hey, Deku," Bakugou closed the distance between them with one stride. His hand hit the wall, right by Midoriya's face; the sound scared Midoriya, enough to make him visibly shake. "I know you've been watching me." Bakugou didn't seem too happy about it.

Midoriya would swear that he would never ever stare at Bakugou.

Midoriya's teeth were chattering as he shook from the fear. "I-I-I didn't-"

"Is there something you want, Deku?" Bakugou asked, an evil smile appearing on his face.

Midoriya wasn't sure if he wanted anything at all. Why would Bakugou ask anyway?

Midoriya didn't answer but he didn't have to.

His knee came up to press at the front of Midoriya's pants. In fear, Midoriya tried to shrug away, but that gave Bakugou a better chance to get his knee between Midoriya's legs, pressing harder to get him to squirm. Midoriya had no idea how it came to this. His eyes were watching Bakugou's knee make him uncomfortable. His knee rubbed on his crotch and Midoriya was sure this wasn't supposed to happen.

Why would Bakugou...

"W-what are y-you doing?" Midoriya panicked when Bakugou didn't stop.

He shouldn't be doing this. Bakugou shouldn't be doing this to Midoriya. The look on Midoriya's face spoke shear fear. He was terrified. Bakugou hasn't done this to him before. He wasn't even using his quirk. Instead, Bakugou had him pressed against the wall, too scared to try and fight his way out of the situation.


"Quit your whining." Bakugou said, his other hand gripping around Midoriya's neck.

That shut Midoriya up real quick. His body jolted slightly when he felt Bakugou's calloused fingers pressing into his skin. He could still breathe, at least for now. If Bakugou were to press harder, Midoriya was sure that he would be choked. How cruel would that be?

Midoriya's hands gripped Bakugou's that was at his neck; he was hoping to get Bakugou to let go of him. He couldn't tell him to stop, not while Bakugou's knee was pressing into him to get him riled up. Bakugou was doing a good job of it too. Now, Midoriya's cheeks were turning bright red.

Did he like it?

He shouldn't.

Bakugou caught on rather quickly to how easily Midoriya got flustered. How much more was he going to take of this humiliation. Bakugou kept his smile on his face, watching the boy squirm uncontrollably. Midoriya's voice was caught in his throat. He wanted to not moan, to not get turned on but now he couldn't help it. He couldn't make it stop. And being choked? Feeling Bakugou's fingers at his throat? What was that feeling that made him want to hide? He never thought he would be okay with Bakugou gripping his neck.

But he was. And Bakugou knew that.

It was sort of hard to hide.

"You like this, Deku?" Bakugou's fingers just barely tightened.

Midoriya wanted to say no. He hated it. He didn't want to get choked, and he knew if Bakugou didn't control himself, he would really be choked. Midoriya opened his mouth to say no, to tell Bakugou that he wasn't into this at all.

But how could he deny it when there was a strain at the front of his pants? How could he say he didn't like any of it when his hips began to sway slightly to get Bakugou to press harder into it?

Midoriya's mouth stayed open.

He couldn't say anything however.

His hands that were on Bakugou's wrists were gripping harder, not to make him let go, but to make Bakugou press more at his throat. It was unusual. Midoriya practically screamed in his mind when he realized what he wanted Bakugou to do to him.

It was so sudden, too.

This doesn't happen so easily.

"Oh," Bakugou noticed. His hand did grip harder. "Like this?" His fingers were pressing into Midoriya's throat, making it hard for him to breathe. Bakugou heard Midoriya's breath hitch once his fingers were digging into his skin.


Midoriya couldn't speak.

"You want it, don't you, Deku?" Bakugou was too close, he was pressing too hard, he was being too mean. "You're fucking begging for it, aren't you?" he said through his teeth, his red eyes staring right into Midoriya's eyes that filled with tears. "Go ahead and tell me."

Midoriya could barely breathe. There was no way he was going to tell Bakugou to leave him alone. He wouldn't be so lucky.

He thought of how else he would tell Bakugou no, but that didn't relate with his body. It took him a second to wonder whether if he would say no at all.

The lightheaded feeling, that sensation like he was flying, Midoriya never got that before. He didn't think he would get that from Bakugou. He tried to breathe but it was just a struggle, and for some reason, that was the best part to Midoriya. He was so helpless, but maybe that's what he wanted. Maybe. He couldn't decide.

Between his legs, he felt the unsettling pressure that made him impatient. His body jolted as he tried to move his hips against Bakugou's knee. It hurt in the worst way. It hurt in a way that made Midoriya hope that his clothes would get ripped off. If only he could say it. He would ask Bakugou to go for it. To hurt him. To choke him more.

"Beg for it, Deku." Bakugou said, his voice low and threatening. "Let me hear you ask me for it." he was so close that his voice only had to be a whisper.

Midoriya could barely get a breath in.

It hurt so much.

The fire in his chest grew hotter as he struggle to fill his lungs with air. Bakugou was really hurting him but Midoriya didn't try to stop him. His hands dropped from Bakugou's wrists, but moved to his back to grip his shirt. His fingers dug deeper with desperation, hoping Bakugou would give it to him the way he thought he wanted it.

Bakugou was so close. Midoriya could feel his breath right over the skin of his mouth. If only he could breathe. But there was more that Midoriya desired. It wasn't only just wanting to breathe. Deep down, he wanted Bakugou to break the centimeter distance, to stop torturing him. His tears spilled, more filling his eyes from the strain of not breathing. He closed his eyes when he thought he could feel Bakugou's lips pressing on his.

In no way was this a nice gesture.

It wasn't sweet, or compassionate, or gentle.

Bakugou had a history of being rough, especially with Midoriya. He wasn't necessarily kind, and that wouldn't change just because he was kissing Midoriya.

Midoriya could only notice the hand that was pressing at his throat, that made it hard for him to move. Only slightly did the fingers let go, enough for him to take a shallow breath as he felt hot skin on his own. This was what turned him on more, made him want more. He wanted to ask Bakugou to be even rougher.

Even kissing him now wasn't enough.

Though Midoriya did wonder how a kiss could be so mean.

Bakugou was going to remind Midoriya whose air he was breathing.

It was so easy for Bakugou to take control. There hasn't been a time where he struggled to get Midoriya to comply. Even now, it was easy. And it was better because Midoriya wanted it so badly.

Midoriya felt the grip on his throat again and his breath hitch; he didn't even get a chance to get enough air to recover. Bakugou pulled away slowly, stopping the kiss to look Midoriya in the eyes again. His fingers were digging into Midoriya's skin just like before. He saw how red Midoriya's face was, how afraid he looked, how confused he felt. There was so much going on at once.

He couldn't control it, Midoriya had no idea what was going on.

"Wanna cum, Deku?" Bakugou asked. "I can feel you grinding against my knee." Bakugou lifted his knee higher in response, making Midoriya try to writhe away. "Don't run, it'll just hurt worse." he warned Midoriya.

"Ka-" Midoriya could barely speak.

It was all a rush.

Bakugou's hand gripped tighter. "What was that?" he teased Midoriya. "I can't hear you, Deku. Speak the fuck up if you want something." His hand kept a good grip on Midoriya's neck while his knee moved against his crotch.

Midoriya's thoughts were graphic. He knew exactly what he wanted, what he wanted to ask for if he could breathe. He was so stunned that it barely came out. His fingers were gripping harder on Bakugou's shirt.

Now Midoriya just wanted to cum.

He was so ready to.

If only he wasn't constrained by his pants.

Would Bakugou touch him more if he took them off?

Midoriya wanted to ask. He wanted to beg. He couldn't take the heat anymore. He hoped that Bakugou would be kind enough to give it to him, to make him feel good, to make him cum. But it didn't seem like Bakugou would be that nice at all.

"Want it, Deku?" Bakugou asked.

Midoriya could barely nod.

"That's right." Bakugou smiled wickedly. "What do you want me to do to you?"

Midoriya had so many ways to answer that question. There were so many things he could tell Bakugou to do to him. There were just so many different things Midoriya wanted. He wanted it all.

He wanted his clothes off.

He wanted to feel Bakugou's cock thrusting deep inside him, making him think he could scream but choke on his voice by the hand that kept him from breathing.

"F-f-fuh-" Midoriya could barely say it with the way Bakugou edged him on. "Ch--choke...m-me!"

Bakugou kept that evil smile on his face. He will gladly give Midoriya what he wants without any remorse. After all, Midoriya did ask for it.

Everything went dark before Midoriya felt anything.

The silence only lasted a second before his eyes snapped open.

Midoriya jolted quickly in the dark, sitting up in bed quickly, choking on the sound of his voice since he had to hold back a terrified shriek. He gasped for air so hard like his life depended on it. His chest burned and his throat felt tight, though there was nothing around his neck. He looked around in the dark, wondering what happened and how he got where he was.

"Oh my God," his hands gripped his blanket.

That was a dream. Everything that he thought happened was just a dream, a wicked one at that.

He let go of his blanket and his hands felt his neck but it wasn't sore. He didn't feel pain. He didn't feel the calloused palms pressing on his skin to make it hard to breathe. There were no fingers digging into his skin to make sure blood couldn't make it to his head. He was fine. He wasn't hurt. He was just fine.

So why was he so hot?

He was sweating. His hair mashed around his face and neck. His clothes were glued to his skin. The heat made him feel dirty, like he needed to shower. He suffered through that for a while, only to wake up in fear.

And when he felt a pulsing sensation at his crotch he lifted his blanket to try and get a glimpse at what it was. Clearly he had to see it to believe it.

His cock was pushing up through his underwear, throbbing excitedly from the dream he violently woke up from.

He sighed miserably when he realized what happened. A dream about Bakugou? A dream about Bakugou choking him? And for some reason he liked it? All these rose red flags in Midoriya's mind. All he could do was ask himself questions. He was shocked.

How was he going to explain this to himself?

Well that was the least of his problems at the moment.

He could never look Bakugou in his eyes ever again.

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When Bakugou's eyes opened, he was looking up at the sky. It was quiet outside, though he couldn't remember how he got there. For a second, he was sure that he was in his room the last time he was paying attention. Now he was staring up at the blue sky like he had been here the entire time. He was the only one here apparently, and that got boring rather quickly.

He wanted something else to look at after a few more seconds.

When he tried to move, he couldn't.

He looked around to see he was in a public place but he couldn't place a finger on where. It was familiar though. It was very familiar.

His arms were tied behind his back. His knees were bent so his thighs could be tied to his lower legs; he wasn't going anywhere with the way he was restrained. He gave it a shot anyway. He strained to try and use his quirk but that didn't help him either. What's worse was that he was completely naked. He had no clothes on. His eyes widened when he came to that realization.

He was about to curse but he couldn't move his mouth.

He was gagged.

His lips were open, the metal right around his teeth to keep them apart. He felt the leather that pressed on his cheeks. The spider gag kept him from talking, but his mouth was open wide and that meant he could scream for help.

"Hi, Kacchan." Midoriya had walked by slowly, smiling down at the naked boy on the ground. "You're quieter now." he said politely.

What was going on?

All Bakugou could manage was a weak groan as he looked over to Midoriya. His eyes had enough rage to show that he was angry. His body was just a little weak. Was that done to him on purpose? His red eyes glared up at Midoriya, screaming bloody murder as he writhed on the ground.

"You're so cute when you struggle." Midoriya smiled as he got down on Bakugou, sitting nicely on his lap. "It took all of my strength to get you tied up but you probably don't remember that." he laughed quietly.

Bakugou wanted to break the gag, and he tried.

Midoriya watched him struggle and try to fight his way out. Midoriya knew Bakugou wasn't going to make it far, so he didn't care. Instead, he started to undress, pulling off his shirt first and tossing it to the side. Bakugou's eyes widened when he saw Midoriya taking off his clothes.

This could mean one thing.

Bakugou wanted to fight but his body felt weak.

"If you behave, it'll feel good, Kacchan." Midoriya said kindly as he pulled off his pants. "I won't hurt you too much, okay." he promised.

Bakugou groaned again though he thought he was screaming. Why did it hurt so much to try and get a response out? He wanted to yell. He wanted to use his quirk to fight his way out of this. There was no way in hell that Midoriya was going to get one over on him.

"There's no reason to be upset." Midoriya said, his hand moving in Bakugou's hair, hoping to calm him down. His fingers were soft and his movements were gentle. Bakugou couldn't help but settle down enough for him to be compliant. "See? I told you I won't hurt you."

Bakugou could never understand how Midoriya could sound so calming and sweet. Before, Bakugou always thought it was so pathetic that Midoriya couldn't sound like he was ready for a fight. It was always the sweet and kind voice that made a shiver go up his spine. Now it was hard to stay angry. It was hard to stay mad. Bakugou breathed easily as he looked up towards the sky; he could feel Midoriya's fingers in his hair, gently stroking to keep him quiet.

He didn't notice Midoriya slowly moving on him, where his other hand went, what he was touching. Bakugou barely looked to see Midoriya's face. It wasn't until he felt the warmth swallow his cock that his eyes darted towards Midoriya.

"Wow, Kacchan." Midoriya smiled and tilted his head back, his eyes closing. "I didn't know you were this big." he liked it, a lot.

Bakugou was just about to screech. He was so close. It's just that his voice was caught in his throat, and it wasn't because of himself. A hand gripped tightly at his neck, enough to stop the scream of anger that was about slip out of his throat. He never thought that Midoriya would ever put his hands on him like that.

"Be good, Kacchan." Midoriya warned him, but there was a bright smile on his face. "You don't want someone to see you, do you? You know I won't untie you."

It was so cruel.

Midoriya would definitely humiliate him if he got the chance.

Yet, Bakugou didn't seem to care. His heart sped up though when he thought about someone seeing him like this. He had no idea what he would do, what he would say -if he wasn't gagged- but one thing was for sure, he would definitely fight Midoriya. Bakugou's heart continued to race.

All he could think about was getting caught.

That can't happen.

So despite Midoriya's warning, Bakugou was tempted to let out a vicious shrill that would scare Midoriya away. He would do everything in his power to use his quirk to get out of being tied. He'd kill Midoriya for this. He took a deep breath but he felt something press down on his tongue.

Midoriya had his fingers in Bakugou's mouth.

"Behave, Katsuki." Midoriya's smile faded as he looked down at Bakugou. His fingers were deep in Bakugou's mouth, and he was tempted to open Bakugou's mouth wider just to mess with him.

There were a number of things that he could stuff in Bakugou's mouth.

A painful shiver went up Bakugou's spine. He didn't know what it was for a second, but something made him hot. Was it the way Midoriya said his name? How dark he got in just one second? If Bakugou disobeyed again, would Midoriya discipline him?

There was just so much.

Bakugou decided to keep quiet this time because he felt the other hand that was pressed at his throat. He didn't struggle to breathe but it felt like he was about to. He remained as calm as he could and hoped that Midoriya would be pleased enough by his silence.

He was going to behave.

Midoriya did smile when it looked like Bakugou was going to submit. Bakugou should've fought him but what would've been the point. He felt weak, like he wouldn't have been able to do anything. That's what Midoriya was waiting for. He wanted Bakugou to give up.

"It's not bad to be obedient." Midoriya moved his fingers in Bakugou's mouth to play with his tongue, and his other hand gripped his throat harder, making him choke on his breath. "I'd stop but you get so much harder when I choke you." He said.

It wasn't till then that Bakugou realized that he was being taken advantage of. He didn't think Midoriya would do all this to him. And now that he was, it just made Bakugou want to get vengeance for it.

He stayed down because he couldn't fight even if he tried.

He felt the heat all over him as Midoriya moved his hips slowly. Bakugou's tongue pushed up on Midoriya's fingers as he tried to breathe. He tried to ignore how much his body enjoyed being inside Midoriya. The thought of fucking him never crossed his mind until now.

And even if it did, he would never let Midoriya take control.

"Right here, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked, his hips slowing to grind on Bakugou's lap. "Do you like it here?" he definitely noticed when Bakugou got quiet again, only to hear his soft moans coming from his open mouth.

Bakugou couldn't say that he enjoyed it.

He couldn't say that he liked the heat that swallowed his cock, or how amazing it felt inside Midoriya even as he moved so slowly.

He liked it right there, right at his sweet spot, that spot that made him think that if he moved his hips forward he might be able to reach deeper.

"Ah," Midoriya moaned, "You feel so good, Kacchan." he licked his lips and looked down at Bakugou, his big green eyes clouded by lust.

Bakugou wanted to pin Midoriya down and take control. He wanted to fuck him so hard into the ground that he would cry. Why is it that he can't get what he wants?

When he started to struggle, he felt the fingers pressing more at his throat. He was getting lightheaded quickly but it's not like that would stop Midoriya. If Bakugou doesn't want to behave, then he'd get punished. Not breathing is one way, not getting blood to his head is one way. But deep down, the punishment was the best part.

Midoriya wasn't wrong when he said Bakugou got more excited when he was being brutally handled.

"You're doing so well." Midoriya didn't want that to change.

Bakugou couldn't help but moan weakly when he felt Midoriya tighten around him. His body relaxed only so he could feel it more. His chest cave and he closed his eyes, turning his head, and letting Midoriya know he wasn't going to fight it.

It felt good.

That was the only reason.

"Good boy." Midoriya said kindly, his hand releasing Bakugou's neck. His fingers ran through Bakugou's blond hair, a gesture of praise for someone who was being obedient. "I knew you could be tamed."

Bakugou let that comment slip by him.

All he could really react to was being called a good boy. No one ever calls him that. He never thought Midoriya would. So if he behaved, he would hear it again, right?

Midoriya's fingers trailed down Bakugou's face gently as he moved to feel Bakugou's cock inside him. When his first finger touched down on his neck to his collarbone, Bakugou tensed up; his hands balled up behind his back and he did his best to fight the restraint. Midoriya smiled again because he knew what Bakugou wanted.

His hand just barely wrapped around Bakugou's neck. His fingers rubbed his skin before holding slightly tighter. He heard Bakugou's breath hitch against his fingers in his mouth.

"You like being choked, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked innocently.

Bakugou opened his eyes, a sharp glare towards Midoriya as a warning. They weren't going to discuss what he may or may not like, especially with what was going on.

"You like my fingers around your neck?" Midoriya grabbed tighter. "You don't want to breathe, do you?" he saw how red Bakugou's face was becoming. "You feel like you're about to cum and I barely did anything to you."

Bakugou was in no way going to let Midoriya talk to him like that.

But Midoriya's fingers pressed into his mouth deeper this time and it was to shut him up so he wouldn't scream.

"If you don't behave, I'll tell everyone how hard you get from being dominated over." Midoriya threatened, his smile turning evil as he stared down at Bakugou.

It was pathetic how Bakugou couldn't fight his way out of this. Midoriya had him pinned down and he wasn't going anywhere for a long while. He was conflicted with how he felt, at least he thought he was conflicted.

His body surely wasn't.

Midoriya didn't have to talk down to him that much more. Bakugou came to the sound of Midoriya's words, the way he threatened him, the way he demanded to be taken seriously. It was pathetic, but in that second, Bakugou didn't care. He couldn't.

He legs were shaking as he did his best to take control over his body. The warmth of Midoriya's body definitely wasn't helping at the moment. Bakugou's cock continued to throb, and he thought that maybe Midoriya would indulge more with his little kink. Bakugou wouldn't admit it but he wanted to be talked down to more. As he thought about it, his entire body began to tremble. His eyes closed lazily again and he tried to relax as much as he could.

Midoriya couldn't help but smile at the expression Bakugou made when he came. That won't be the only time that he sees that expression today.

"You'll never be a pro hero with that look on your face." Midoriya said darkly as he laughed.

What he said stung.

Bakugou almost woke up screaming curses; he sat up abruptly, a shallow gasp just barely coming from his mouth. The sharp pain in his chest made him feel like he was about to fight for his life. He was so close to doing just that. He planned to use his hatred to drag Midoriya to hell. Even when he realized it was all a dream, it didn't matter. He'd kill Midoriya for the thoughts he had.

To think in his dream he'd want to be praised and degraded. He wasn't going to forget that he was choked either. He still wasn't sure if that was still part of the dream or not. It felt real. It was like he could feel a hand pressing at his throat.

Midoriya's hand.

Bakugou had a hard time separating reality with what he just went through.

He was in cold sweat. His body was shaking, his heart raced, and he couldn't breathe. He felt like he just got out of a nightmare. In all honesty, to him, all that was a nightmare. Both his hands moved to his neck to make sure there was nothing there. There was nothing in his mouth, Midoriya's fingers weren't in his mouth, or in his hair, or touching his face, or whatever the fuck was going on. Bakugou took a deep breath and tried to settle the pain he was feeling.

There was this wave of humiliation that made his fists ball up.

He couldn't let it go.

There was something else that bothered him. It was uncomfortable. Right at his thighs felt a little hot, hotter than normal. He shifted but it didn't feel any better.

He threw his blanket off him only to find himself unable to move out of bed. The front of his underwear was wet.

"Fuck!" he shouted in the dark.

He came.

Worse than that, his cock was still throbbing. It was like his dream wasn't enough for him. What the hell was he thinking? How was he supposed to calm down now? If he thought he could touch himself, the only thing he would be able to think about is Midoriya dominating him, praising him, making him submit.

"FUCK!" he yelled louder.

He was going to have to deal with his raging boner for the rest of the morning. There was no way he was going to get it to go down.

When he closed his eyes, the only thing he could see was Midoriya's face, the smile at his lips, the glint in his eyes. And Bakugou could feel the fingers in his mouth.

"I'll kill him." Bakugou growled through his teeth.

He better not see Midoriya's face today. Then again, would he really be able to face Midoriya after the torture that he enjoyed putting himself through?

Chapter Text

Kirishima wasn't sure what he wanted to say. It seemed like he was reliving his dream all over again. He remembered that day he saw Bakugou wearing those tight jeans Best Jeanist forced him to wear. Kirishima had to admit that it made Bakugou look amazing.

No wonder he was so hot and bothered.

Jeans were manly, right? Kirishima was sure that this was as manly as Bakugou was gonna get today.

Now he had Bakugou sitting on his bed, his legs spread apart to expose the shape of his thick thighs in those jeans. It was the muscle wasn't it? Kirishima knew that Bakugou had strong thighs, but seeing them in jeans was different. Kirishima could get his head crushed between Bakugou's thighs and he wouldn't care at all. He didn't want to forgot seeing Bakugou's ass a while ago when he had the chance. Just so round and perfectly shaped. Kirishima had to stop himself from groping him by accident.

"Can I change now?" Bakugou wasn't aware of Kirishima's gawking at first. He just thought it was a harmless interest.

It started out that way.

Now Kirishima really did have some explaining to do.

He didn't want Bakugou to change out of the jeans. They fit so well. They made his waist look thin too. Kirishima almost began to complain when Bakugou straightened himself up on the bed.

"You don't have to take them off." Kirishima hinted.

"I feel uncomfortable, you idiot." Bakugou was about to take off his belt but Kirishima held on to his hands.

"I like them on you." Kirishima insisted kindly, not meaning to pressure Bakugou but if he needed to he would. "Just keep them on." This was supposed to be a harmless interest but Kirishima's mind began to roam.

Bakugou snatched his hands away from Kirishima's hold and looked away somewhere else, a slight reddish color appearing at his cheeks.

He thought to himself that he shouldn't have kept the jeans.

This was unnecessary.

Kirishima couldn't help but stare. The way the jeans fit looked better when he was sitting down. Kirishima liked that a lot.

"I don't see what the problem is." Bakugou's hand pressed on Kirishima's forehead, trying to get him to move away from him.

What Bakugou was wearing definitely was not a problem.

Kirishima felt that Bakugou was unsettled and annoyed and of course he would be with the way he was being stared at. Kirishima wanted to calm him down; if he does, then Bakugou will stay in the jeans longer. Hopefully.

Kirishima placed his hands at Bakugou's knees and lifted himself up to get to eye level with the blond. Bakugou was never the type to get intimidated but it wasn't till at that moment he realized why Kirishima was being so persistent in the first place; he bit his lip and looked away from Kirishima's eyes.

He didn't want to be stared at or watched or forced to do something he didn't want to do.

Though he stayed in the jeans because it was Kirishima that watching him, staring at him, hoping that the jeans would stay on.

Bakugou's rather shy glance away didn't change Kirishima's determination.

He slowly leaned forward to kiss Bakugou's lips. It was an easy kiss, Kirishima didn't have a motive behind getting more than touchy with Bakugou, he just wanted to kiss him. Bakugou returned the favor as if they could have been doing this for a while. It was a nice gesture, at least Kirishima sure thought it was.

For a person that had a quirk that made him constantly hard, Kirishima wasn't as rough as Bakugou thought he would be. And Kirishima could tell the slight surprise, though he seemed to think that Bakugou was always surprised when they kissed. That's assuming they've done it more than once.

Kirishima's hands rubbed slowly at Bakugou's thighs, his fingers pressing in deeper to feel the thickness of his jeans and hoping to feel his skin as well. It felt amazing just to feel Bakugou's thighs. While being touched, Bakugou's legs opened wider a bit, letting Kirishima in between them. As the kiss progressed, Bakugou found himself spreading more just for Kirishima.

But that's how it should be.

Kirishima thought that.

His hands moved up at Bakugou's thighs, noticing how tight the jeans really were on him. He pulled away slowly to look down and see where his hands were. All he wanted was the jeans. His eyes stayed down to watch his hands rub on Bakugou's thighs. He could feel Bakugou's breath at his cheek, a low and subtle moan coming from his lips as Kirishima continued to rub his hands on Bakugou's upper thighs.

The jeans looked good.

Kirishima wasn't sure how many times he was going to remind himself of that.

He could focus on Bakugou's arms that were exposed from his black tank. Or he could focus on his back. Or his chest. But today he chose Bakugou's thighs.

Kirishima was getting hot, in a good way. He has never been this interested before, at least from what he was aware of. His breathing picked up just as much as his heart rate did. His eyes didn't look away as much as he knew he should. Was he obsessed? Maybe he was just admiring. His fingers gripped Bakugou's thighs again, noticing that this time Bakugou shifted and tried to close his legs together.

"Stop messing around, hair-for-brains." Bakugou shoved against Kirishima's shoulders.

"Sorry." Kirishima apologized hesitantly. It wasn't like him. "I just like them." He didn't mean to make Bakugou uncomfortable, if that's what it was.

"You can keep them if you want." Bakugou said bitingly, sure that maybe Kirishima would leave him alone if he just gave him the jeans he liked so much.

But that wasn't it.

"I like them on you." Kirishima had to rephrase.


"You have nice thighs." Kirishima said calmly despite his heart racing. He would've said it no matter what.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" Bakugou tried to hide his flustered expression but he didn't do a very good job.

Kirishima smiled weakly and moved his hands off of Bakugou's thighs. What he didn't expect was that Bakugou took his hands and put them back where they were just a second ago, high up at his thighs, almost touching a place that would maybe cross the line. Kirishima looked at Bakugou's face to make sure this was really okay, that Bakugou didn't mind being touched, that being watched didn't make him uncomfortable.

"Can I take them off?" Bakugou asked, just seconds away from complaining.

Kirishima didn't want them off at all. "Not yet." He said quietly.

"It's starting to hurt." Bakugou said.

Kirishima's eyes trailed down only to see what he meant. It was a little hard to tell but Bakugou was becoming erect and the jeans weren't helping. The restraint of the jeans at his crotch made it hurt. Any bigger and Bakugou really might be in pain. Kirishima still wanted him to keep them on. This just looked better.

Why doesn't Bakugou wear jeans everyday?

Kirishima decided to distract Bakugou from the pain, kissing him gently again before really going at it.

The kissing made it worse.

Kirishima left him gasping for air, thinking about ripping his clothes, making him want to go further than just the fondling.

The kiss that started out gentle got rougher, got wetter, sloppier, hotter. It was becoming too much. They had their tongues in each other's mouths, they breathed the same air, a few moans could be heard here and there. It was mostly Bakugou who let his voice slip. His thighs were still being groped and rubbed to the point that his half hard cock became fully erect. He couldn't stop kissing Kirishima to say it hurt. He didn't want to stop kissing at all.

And Kirishima, well, he just couldn't keep his hands off Bakugou.

Bakugou moaned into his mouth when he felt Kirishima's hands moving up more, almost being able to touch his crotch. He was hoping to set his erection free but Kirishima has been a little cruel with not letting him undress. Kirishima's fingers traced slowly up the front of the jeans, feeling the zipper but not wanting to undo it. If he left his hand over Bakugou's crotch, he'd feel the throbbing of his cock and his desperate need to want to be released.

Kirishima opened his eyes slowly, getting a glimpse of Bakugou's closed eyes as he was being kissed. His cheeks were red. Kirishima liked that.

His mouth opened wider, his tongue pressing on Bakugou's. His hands gripped his thighs much harder this time, and it wasn't what Bakugou was used to. Bakugou's eyes opened to look right into Kirishima's eyes, a slight groan coming from his throat because of the pain at his crotch. When he pulled away, a small trail of saliva was exposed from their wet tongues.

Bakugou was breathing hard. His chest was more exposed in his thin black tank top, but that didn't catch Kirishima's eye. Bakugou barely squirmed on the bed though he was uncomfortable with the feeling at his crotch. The jeans were tight enough that an outline of his cock began to show. He could feel it throbbing hard, and his hands moved to take off his belt but Kirishima was quick to stop him.

It wouldn't be the same if the jeans were undone.

Bakugou groaned obnoxiously when Kirishima stopped him again. "It's fucking painful-"

"Just give me another minute." Kirishima was going to beg if he had to.

Bakugou let out a sharp breath and put his hands down on the bed. His hips continued to shift since he had half a mind to think he could get off to the friction. Kirishima would definitely love to see that. The blond kept his hands down, his fingers balling up; he bit his lip and tried to not focus on the pain. It was no surprise when he started to think there was a wet spot on him.

Would he cum in his jeans?

Kirishima had that thought too. He would surely make Bakugou cum in his pants if it's the last thing he does.

He got down between Bakugou's legs, pushing them apart wider so he could press his mouth to the front of Bakugou's crotch. That didn't sit well with Bakugou, considering how all he wants is to jack off with no restraints.

So in his mind he screamed for Kirishima to pull down the zipper and help him out a bit. Kirishima knew that. And that would be too easy.

His lips stayed pressed to the front of Bakugou's crotch, and he imagined what it would feel like if he wasn't wearing clothes. Though he sort of liked the restraint better. Even though Bakugou was fully clothed, he could still feel the heat coming from his cock. It was better to feel the pulsing and throbbing as well. Bakugou ached to be relieved of the painful restraint of his jeans but he wasn't going to get it. Kirishima let his hands come up higher as his mouth kissed over Bakugou's fully restrained cock in his jeans. The bulge couldn't get any bigger. No wonder Bakugou couldn't take it.

"Just fucking unzip the pants, Kirishima!-" Bakugou snapped angrily but Kirishima smirked and responded with a no that made Bakugou turn red from anger. "I swear-"

"Does it still hurt?-"

"Yes!" Bakugou barked.

Kirishima looked up innocently but the way he smiled, that wasn't as innocent. His arms wrapped around Bakugou's waist and he pressed his face back between Bakugou's thighs again, his mouth moving over the throbbing bulge that made Bakugou slightly shift his hips from the pain.

He had to admit that it was starting to feel better every time Kirishima kissed him. If only he could get the pants off. He'd fuck Kirishima's face as pay back for the torture.

Bakugou kept his hands down on the bed, and he leaned back enough so he could push his hips forward and spread his legs wider to see Kirishima's face. He moaned out weakly, letting his head lean back as he closed his eyes. If only he could get the jeans off. If only. Kirishima laughed to himself as he continued to fondle Bakugou's cock with his mouth through his jeans. It wasn't fair but Kirishima was enjoying it.

With the way Bakugou was restrained, he might even cum faster.

Kirishima's arms kept him sitting up in bed. Bakugou's legs were beginning to shake, and it wasn't the gentle kinds of tremors that made it seem cute. It was the kind of twitching that said he wasn't going to last long. The kind of trembling that made it seem like if he came at this very moment, it would be the best experience of his life. The kind of vibrating that said he needed to be fucked right now. Bakugou cursed and bit his lip hard. His fingers were grabbing at the sheets as he tried to stay seated instead of laying back on the bed like he so desperately wanted. Kirishima didn't stop for any reason. The sound of Bakugou's strained voice was what motivated him.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Bakugou couldn't hold it. It hurt so much but he felt the pleasure. Every kiss from Kirishima's mouth made him just want to set his jeans on fire. "Just fucking do it-" he was actually begging for it.

Kirishima's tongue trailed over the bulge, trying to get the front of Bakugou's pants explicitly wet. Bakugou might even do that himself if he wasn't careful. Kirishima nibbled, and licked, and kissed all around Bakugou's aching crotch, fully enjoying what he was doing to him. His hands moved to Bakugou's thighs again, his fingers pressing hard to keep his legs down.

Bakugou didn't seem to like that, but his body was sure sensitive to it. He didn't want his thighs to be played with, especially when he had other things to worry about.

He breathed hard and tried to control his voice, but he was losing it. "Okay, I t-think..." He was definitely going to cum. "I swear, Kirishima if you don't stop teasing-" he was cut off by a sharp moan, his voice shocking him that he had to cover his mouth. Kirishima rubbed his crotch with his hand, his fingers pushing into his erect skin despite knowing he won't make it.

Kirishima wanted Bakugou's thighs to shake more. He wanted to see Bakugou tremble more. There was nothing manlier than a guy getting off in his jeans without even being stroked. Kirishima was so hot for this. And what's better was that it was Bakugou. He looked amazing in jeans.

If he were to put his hand in Bakugou's pants, he'd cum right then and there. But even if he waited, Bakugou would cum then too. It didn't matter. Bakugou was going to get off to it.

Kirishima really was enjoying the view.

He traced the wet stain, not from his mouth, but from the tip of Bakugou's cock off to the side where his cum began to pool and seep through.

Bakugou's hips continued to push forward as he used the friction to get him over the edge. He had been thrusting into Kirishima's hand for the last minute that he forgot absolutely everything else. He moaned loudly, breathy and deep from his chest, as he tried to control the sensation he felt. The heat spread all over his body while he came.

The wet spot only got bigger and definitely more noticeable to Kirishima's eye.

Kirishima just went right back to pressing his mouth at the bulge that was still throbbing impatiently.

"Eijirou..." Bakugou sounded like he couldn't take anymore.

Kirishima could. The way Bakugou said his name made Kirishima hard instantly. Forget everything else, that's what he wanted the entire time. He was hoping to hear his name from Bakugou's lips again. That made him more enthusiastic.

Bakugou's fingers moved through Kirishima's hair before yanking him up so they could be eye to eye.

Was it a good sign that Bakugou was still hot and bothered?

Kirishima seemed to like it. A smile spread on his face when he saw the blush on Bakugou's cheeks.

"Come on, Red Riot. Why don't you fuck me right now?" Bakugou was basically demanding it.

Kirishima has never been so ready in his life.

And that was what made him shook him awake in bed, his heart racing, and gasping for air as he looked around quickly, confused by the immediate change in scenery. It was dark in his room, and to his disappointment, Bakugou was not here. It was a rush that he felt all through out his body. He's woken up like this before, but it just felt worse for some reason.

"Whoa." He gasped and moved his hand in his hair.

He knew it was a dream. But it felt so fucking real that he couldn't believe it. His heart was still racing like it was real. Damn it. Why couldn't it be?

He was so confused.

He still felt hot. He shuffled out from under his blanket only to notice that one part of his body was unbearably hard. After what he dreamed about, really wasn't surprised that he woke up with a hard on. So what should he do? He didn't get to finish his dream. Should he finish himself or hope to the highest being in the universe that his dream would continue?

He couldn't get the image of Bakugou in jeans out of his head. He didn't even think it was that serious but apparently it was since he was dreaming about it.

Was it embarrassing?

He didn't think so. He just needed to know what to do. He sat up slowly in bed and rubbed his face. He skin was coated in his sweat that seemed rather fresh. His cock throbbed in his sweatpants, aching for release that he was reluctant to give.

There was conflict too. He should buy every pair of jeans he could in the district and make Bakugou wear them all.

It was harmless right? It's not like Bakugou would know Kirishima ever thought of doing anything to him. Right?

Kirishima groaned and laid back in bed. There was no way he was going back to sleep for the rest of the night, not with the thought of Bakugou in jeans plastered all over in his head.

Chapter Text

Kaminari was sitting at his desk with one other person in the classroom. It was just the two of them studying the night before the exam but he was sure he already took the test. So why was he here?

"Um..." He was very confused as he put his hands down on his desk. "What am I...doing here?" He asked as he looked around.

To him, it felt like he just got there, but at the same time, he knew it wasn't like that. How long has he been here? Did he doze off or something. Beside him was his classmate, Ashido Mina, and she had a look of confusion as she looked at Kaminari. He was probably at it again, though she knows that they both need to study.

"We just started studying, Kaminari, don't be stupid." Ashido said when Kaminari got off track. She figured he would try to pull something and stop studying for their exam that they desperately needed to do study. But Kaminari was still confused.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ashido. "Why would we study together?" It's not like they had the highest rank in the class.

Ashido didn't take offense to the comment. "I don't know. You asked me." She smiled, leaning closer to him. It was a flirtatious smile she flashed at Kaminari. He immediately understood what that meant. Kaminari had no hesitation to flirt back at all. Well, he thought it was flirting but it seemed so obvious. It was flirting, right? It had to be.

"I did, didn't I?" he smiled back, returning the flirtatious behavior.

He thought she was a pretty girl, and they had gotten close recently. Though he had no idea that she would flirt with him. She has always been very open and rather friendly, but he thought that's how she was as a person.

So now he got the chance to flirt with her.

Did she like him.

"How about we...not study?" he closed his notebook so all his attention would be on her instead.

It would be easier if they weren't in a classroom. He would bring her to his place, and they would get to know each other a little better. For now, this could do.

However, Kaminari doesn't think of himself as an idiot. He was sure that this was too forward, that it was happening too easily, that there was no way that Ashido would so easily want to flirt with him and maybe get together. They were friends, but not that kind of friends. There had to be something going on.

"This isn't a prank, is it?" he stopped and looked around. "You're not about to burn me in front of everyone, are you?" he had to be sure this was serious.

Because since when has he ever scored with a girl?

Ashido laughed though.

"I think you're cute, Denki." she touched his shoulder.

Kaminari was utterly shocked. He looked at the soft gentle hand on his shoulder. "Oh," he dragged on when he finally realized. "It's on." he went right for it, making a move before he finds out that this can only happen in his dreams.

He pulled Ashido's chair closer as she giggled. Kaminari knew she was cute but that not cute. His heart just about stopped as he watched her laugh. It wasn't a prank, was it? She never really answered the question but she did say he was cute. Kaminari didn't hesitate to go in for the kiss. Ashido was very generous in returning the favor. This was something that only happened in Kaminari's dreams.

Everything seemed to move rather fast.

They were already kissing. Ashido took Kaminari's hands in hers and moved them to a specific part of her body.

Wow. Kaminari thought he was in heaven.

Already his hands were at her chest.

That was so quick.

His fingers squeezed over her breast when she left his hands alone. He wasn't sure if he could do that so easily but she said nothing when he touched her. He was beginning to get overzealous. Was that a good thing? He did kiss her with enthusiasm and she definitely liked that.

When he thought it was okay he lifted Ashido's collar shirt from being tucked into her skirt. He felt her hands drop to his thighs but that didn't stop him or intimidate him. He just wanted to put his hands up her shirt.

And he did.

He felt her bra, but his fingers touched her skin, higher up on her chest. For someone who's doing this for the first time, Kaminari was quite eager and confident. Everything happened so smoothly and too quickly.

Within the next second, he pushed up her bra, hoping to feel her breast.

He didn't notice when he stopped kissing be her. He was so absorbed by the idea of touching her that he forgot what he was doing. When Ashido pulled away, she was laughing, since Kaminari had a dumbfounded look on his face. She couldn't stop laughing.

"You're so cute, Denki." Was she making fun of him?

"I have your boobs in my hands. You shouldn't make fun of me." He told her, though it just made her laugh more.

Kaminari had just suddenly froze when he realized that he infact had his hands pressed on a girl's breasts. Not just any girl, his friend.

What does this make them?

Friends with benefits? Are they dating now? What was going on? Kaminari knew it was moving too fast and didn't know what to say. He should go with it.


Ashido lifted her shirt up so Kaminari could see what he was doing. That was generous of her. Kaminari let his hands go slowly, exposing Ashido's pink skin that were held by his fingers just a few seconds ago. He could see her nipples.

He gasped quietly when he really saw her nipples, not just got a glance, but stared at her nipples.

Ashido kept laughing. The look on Kaminari's face was making her find amusement in this. What was supposed to be a hot moment turned out to be comical. But that's what she expected.

Kaminari was just about to ask if he could touch them. Not her breasts, her nipples. They were dark pink and looked soft to rub his fingers over. It's one thing to see, but to touch was a different story.

He's heard about what guys do with girls. He was no stranger to the idea.

He knew what he should do. But he was a little nervous. He was now about to put what he knew to practice.

However, when his fingers got close, a slight shock of electricity travelled from his first fingers to her nipples. And he was sure it was an accident. Ashido jumped in her seat slightly when she felt the shock. It wasn't enough to hurt her but she sure felt something weird.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to!" Kaminari was quick to apologize. He was so nervous that he couldn't control himself.

"No, it's okay." Ashido adjusted. "It felt kind of good." She smiled weakly, a faint blush on her pink cheeks.

Kaminari was surprised.

Did that...

"Can you do it again?" She asked, her yellow eyes fixated on Kaminari's face.

Of course he could do it again. He'd do anything she asked of him. Now that he knew what to do, he was sure he could better control his quirk to make it feel a little better.

He mashed his lips together as he stared at Ashido's chest, her round breasts, her dark small nipples right on them. His thumbs touched them lightly and he used his quirk to send a small amount of electricity to her.

He heard her gasp and looked at her face. Her eyes fluttered closed and she bit her lip to hide her moans. Kaminari saw the tint at her cheeks that were more from becoming flustered. She liked the buzzing sensation at her chest. She liked it a lot more than he thought she would. Kaminari kept his gaze on her sweet face as he shocked her gently. His thumbs could feel her nipples hardening and it honestly made his mouth water.

What could he do now?

He didn't want to distract her. But watching her was getting him excited. He thought she was cute before but this was different. He really wanted to do stuff with her.

"More!" She gasped.

He gave her just that, enough to make her feel satisfied. He increased the output at his thumbs and rubbed slowly over her erect nipples. It was easy to get her sweet spot.

She opened her mouth wider, her moans finally able to be heard. She kept her eyes tightly shut despite wanting to see the look on Kaminari's face. Well Kaminari was staring at her and he was utterly surprised he could make a girl explicitly moan the way Ashido was moaning. He couldn't help but think she was hot now. He wanted her. So he leaned forward to kiss her again, this time not as nice as the first.

He wasn't sure if he was going to be doing anything right but he was going to do it anyway.

He kissed her open mouth, his tongue getting the chance to taste her unlike before. He could hear her moans still as he let electricity move through his finger tips. Even kissing her didn't shut her up but he wanted to hear her. He liked that she didn't try to hide herself now.

She felt good. He could tell.

Her hands gripped Kaminari's wrists to push his hands more into her chest, hoping to feel more of his quirk on her. She really did love it and that's why Kaminari was enjoying himself so much. He had no idea that he could use his quirk like this. He didn't think it would work either. He felt her enthusiasm as they kissed. He was so preoccupied with kissing her that he forgot that he was giving her nipples attention too.

He accidentally shocked her. Like, a real shock.

She pulled away to cry out, but not with pain. It didn't sound painful to him. Her head leaned back, exposing her neck, and Kaminari thought he should go for it even if he didn't know what he was doing. Kissing her neck would be harmless but that's not the only thing he was going to be doing.

His fingers gripped her breasts harder, fondling her and feeling the weight at his palms. They were small but he liked them anyway. He wanted to keep touching her and kissing her.

"Denki..." She moaned quietly, her hands moving in his hair.

She wanted more. She wanted him to keep teasing her.

His thoughts got more erotic. What could he do to her that she would be okay with? If he licked her, would that be fine? His tongue trailed her neck, and he kissed her and kissed her, hoping to leave a faint mark on her neck.

He should've taken her clothes off when he had the chance.

He kept her shirt up as he moved down to her chest, his lips parting so he could lick her nipple. Her fingers tightened harder in his blond hair when she felt him. He didn't stop sucking at her breast and he hoped on his life he was doing this right. Though, in the heat of the moment, it wasn't about that. He couldn't stop touching her soft skin. His hands trailed to her waist as his face stayed pressed to her chest.

His tongue licked around her nipple before he sucked on it again. His motivation came from the sound of her voice, hearing her moan above like she really wanted more. She was asking for it, for Kaminari to give her more because she couldn't take it. Kaminari's face was becoming bright red and listening to her made his own cock throb to the point where his thoughts became more and more provocative.

When he pulled away, it wasn't a trail of saliva that could be seen from his tongue, it was a yellow bolt of electricity that came from his tongue and stimulated her nipple.

If he put his tongue anywhere else on her, he would do this again and again because he just now found out she actually liked it.

He could feel her body shaking at his hands. She fidgeted in her seat and its not like he didn't either. They were both hot for each other, their bodies reacted for each other. There was a spark of electricity between them. Literally.

Ashido put her hands to the sides of Kaminari's face, making him pull away so she could get up from her seat. Her shirt rolled down, wrinkled over her torso but she was just seconds away from taking it off. Kaminari looked up at her to see her red face, her lust filled eyes. Her nipples were poking through her white shirt from being played with.

He wanted to touch more of her. He was hoping to touch more of her.

"Mina..." He ached to do a lot to her.

"Do you want to see under my skirt?" She asked him, her hands letting go of his face so she could lift her skirt up.

It wasn't till then that everything was a blur. Kaminari tried to peer through but when he blinked and opened his eyes, he wasn't in the classroom anymore. Ashido wasn't there and he wasn't about to get it on. He was laying in bed, his hands gripping his pillow hard and he was drooling since he was in the deepest sleep he's ever been in.

Plus that was the wildest dream he ever had in his life. He knew he liked Ashido, but he didn't think it was like that.

He stared in the dark, not fully realizing that his dream was a dream. And when he did notice, he got upset.

"I wasn't done!" He almost cried.

Why couldn't he have finished? Now he had a hard on and nothing to get him over the edge. He wasn't going to let that stop him. He shuffled in bed and turned over, prepared to try again because there was no way he wasn't going to finish.

He so desperately wanted to try again. He needed to pick up where he left off with her so they can get to it. If he doesn't finish, it will haunt him for the rest of his life. His hands hugged his pillow hard and he closed his eyes, begging to keep going. He wanted to see under Ashido's skirt.

Although, that's not what he was going to get.

It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, but he wasn't aware that he was. Again. Everything was a blur once more and he tried to make sense of it. He felt a little groggy as he laid in his bed. But there was someone else here. He saw the bright red hair.

He was under Kirishima, feeling their bodies press against each other. This wasn't what he was thinking about before but he didn't know that. The way he felt, it wasn't different, but it felt...hotter. He didn't know how to describe it.

"Kirishima...wait, I don't know..." Kaminari just didn't remember how he got here.

How did they even end up together?

How was he so hot?

His clothes were off and so we're Kirishima's. They were completely naked together in his room. Kirishima was just about to put it in when Kirishima mumbled how he needed a second. It was all so sudden that it got him confused.

"You want it, don't you?" Kirishima asked to make sure, but his tone of voice made Kaminari want it.

"Y-yeah, I just..."

He didn't finish when he decided there was no reason to ask questions. The interest was there, apparently he was into it, though he couldn't remember how it lead to this. He couldn't just say no with Kirishima breathing on his neck, teasing him with his cock at his hole.

Kirishima made it seem so easy but Kaminari was definitely surprised when he felt the rather large cock push inside him. His hands gripped the bed and he gasped once he felt full.


"Am I hurting you?" Kirishima asked, not moving just yet to give Kaminari time to adjust.

"N-no." He said, though he had tears in his eyes.

It was a lot to take in at once, that's what Kaminari told himself. He knew he could handle it, but it seemed so sudden though it felt like it wasn't. He had to admit that it was a little difficult to adjust, but he was sure that he wanted it. He wouldn't be there if he didn't right?

Kirishima took it slow to ease Kaminari into it.

Kaminari could definitely handle it. When he started to really feel it, he wanted more. It's just that it didn't come out of his mouth that easily. He moaned with every thrust, and that's what made Kirishima pick up the pace and fuck him harder.

Kaminari couldn't close his legs with Kirishima between them. He couldn't hide himself, though it's not like he wanted to. This part of him was rather open, and he didn't mind letting Kirishima see him like this, so willing and interested. Kaminari's face said it all, just as much as his voice did.

He closed his eyes when he felt Kirishima's hand at his chest, fingers trailing his hot skin to feel him. As he moved, he hoped that Kaminari could feel his cock just hitting so deep inside him. Their skin rubbed together, hot and sticky since they've been at it for a while. Kaminari's legs were shaking, pressed up against Kirishima's waist.

He wanted to ask to be fucked harder. He knew Kirishima could do it.

His body arched off the bed, his arm moving back and gripping the bed with the strength he had. His hair was out of his face, exposing his lewd expression that Kirishima really enjoyed seeing. Kaminari kept his hips up to still feel Kirishima pushing inside him, but he was beginning to lose control of himself.

"Oi," there was another voice. Kaminari recognized Bakugou above him but he didn't open his eyes. His body did perk up though. "He's loud, Kirishima." Bakugou said.

Kaminari was rather loud but he didn't try to hide it despite Bakugou's complaining.

He felt hands press beside his cheeks. When he did open his eyes, he saw Bakugou press his cock down to his open lips.

"This should shut you up." Bakugou's fingers opened Kaminari's mouth wider.

Kaminari couldn't talk. He just didn't want to. Instead, he took Bakugou's cock in his mouth eagerly as if dealing with Kirishima between his legs wasn't enough for him already.

Having a cock in his mouth didn't shut him up that much. He was still eager and loud. His tongue moved around to taste Bakugou's cock that was in his mouth; he was inching closer just to feel him deeper in his throat.

He didn't think he would have his two friends at both ends of him. Though, he seemed to like it. His body showed it. If he wanted to talk, he would ask for it.

It was a lot, but that's what made it feel better.

The hotter his body felt, the more he started to lose himself. There were sparks of electricity flying from his body, and he didn't try to stop it. It didn't hurt Bakugou or Kirishima, at least not yet. The voltage was low, the buzzing of the sparks making Kaminari's high intensify.

He wasn't sure how much longer he could last. Though, he really didn't want this to stop.

"He's doing that sparky thing again." Bakugou noticed the electricity flying from Kaminari's body.

"He likes it." Kirishima huffed out.

Of course Kaminari liked it. He wouldn't be so out of it if he didn't.

"Anymore and he'll fucking kill us." Bakugou's hand moved under Kaminari's chin, and tilted his head back so he could push his hips more into Kaminari's mouth.

Well Kaminari did try to control his quirk as best as he could with the way he was being used. The sparks didn't fly as much but a surge of electricity could be seen going through his body as he tried to keep it down.

Kirishima had his hands at Kaminari's waist, and Bakugou had his at Kaminari's head and neck. The two of them definitely had lewd thoughts about their friend, though Bakugou was more likely to say them out loud if not stopped.

They fucked Kaminari easily and without giving him a second to breathe.

Kaminari's body continued to shake, a few pulses of electricity going through him as he did his best to control his quirk. His thighs were trembling as he lifted them up, his knees pressing together; Kirishima definitely didn't stop when he noticed Kaminari becoming fidgety. Bakugou didn't stop either.

Neither of them wanted to let go of their friend that they were using sloppily on his bed.

How much more could Kaminari endure?

His thoughts were only about how amazing he felt, how much he loved this, how much he didn't want it to stop. There came a point where he didn't think anything could be better than this. That was a side of him not everyone has seen before. So Kaminari acting the way he was, looking the way he did, sounding the way he did, that part of him would be between him, Kirishima, and Bakugou. He could do whatever he wanted and it would just be between the three of them.

Kirishima came first, finishing inside Kaminari because he thought that he wouldn't be let go of. He didn't want to pull out either so he released his cum inside Kaminari, filling him up with everything he had. Bakugou came after, pulling out to spill his cum on Kaminari's face and neck. His cock rubbed against Kaminari's cheek as a dribble of cum fell over his lips.

Kaminari was finally able to breathe. He gasped for air as he felt the cum inside him and on his face. He was the only one that didn't finish. His arms fell on the bed and his legs spread a bit so Kirishima could pull out. He opened his eyes and looked up at Bakugou first.

"You have a slutty face." Bakugou said while looking down at Kaminari, seeing the cum all over his face.

Kaminari almost rolled his eyes, but he didn't. He just bit his lip, tasting the cum that made him open his mouth to lick more off his lips. And that was what Bakugou was referring to. Kaminari didn't care.

"He still hasn't came yet." Kirishima pointed out. "Your turn?" He asked Bakugou.

Kaminari closed his eyes before seeing Bakugou's wicked grin.

"My turn." He heard Bakugou said.

What really perked him up was knowing he could be used by both his friends if they felt like it.

Before he could even finish though, he found himself alone and it was quiet.


Kaminari's eyes snapped open in shock. That was not the way he wanted things to go. His eyes were blood shot red and panicked as he realized what he dreamed about so hard, much harder than the first dream. That wasn't supposed to happen. He knew what he wanted, but his body really did not care at all. There was no difference. He could touch or be touched by anyone and it would be the same.

His fingers clawed at his pillow as he gave this a second thought. So did he...not like Ashido anymore than he liked Bakugou and Kirishima? If he closed his eyes again, would he see someone else?

He didn't want to try because he knew the truth.

He just figured out a lot about himself from just two wet dreams and he doesn't want to find out more. There would be no reason to subject himself to that torture, even if he didn't finish...twice.

He ignored the feeling between his legs, the awkward heat that told him he really needed to do something or he would never go back to sleep ever again. His enthusiasm was completely gone. He'd rather lie awake and think about how to deal with what he knows.

Could he really avoid all his friends?

That, he could try.

Chapter Text

"...Iida, you're so cool."

Iida didn't remember where he was, but he heard Midoriya's voice right next to him.

"You're very cool." Uraraka was on the other side of him.

He's heard that before but this time he was blushing. He looked between the two of them that were sitting close to him outside. They were at UA, and he figured the three of them were skipping class since there was no one outside. They sat on the steps together, Midoriya and Uraraka laughing to each other, their hands on Iida's chest.

"What are you doing?" He asked them since they were being touchy.

"We're just sitting with you, Iida." Uraraka said innocently.

"We shouldn't be skipping class, especially when-"

"When what?" Deku asked.

The two of them didn't care about what they had to do. They would rather stay with Iida, that's what it looked like. But why be outside and skip class. They can hang out together afterwards instead so they don't get in trouble.

Iida thought about getting up and directing his friends back to class so they can get on with their education, but instead he stayed seated on the step. He couldn't move.

It's not like he wasn't restrained.

He just didn't want to move.

"You're amazing, Iida." Midoriya said, smiling at him. "I think you'll become a great hero." he said.

Well, that was never up for debate. Iida didn't need to be told what he already knew. However, his friend complimenting him made him feel good. Though, he wasn't going to forget about Midoriya's hand that was on his chest.

"Did I do something good?" Iida asked, because they weren't always telling him things like this.

"You're just really cool." Uraraka said kindly.

Well, he knew that, too.

They were sitting close together. Iida hadn't noticed that he had his arms around them but he did, and he held them on him, which wasn't something he noticed either. They never really sit this close together, but he thought it was nice for some reason. Just a few friends being close, that's not something he does.

"Hey, Iida...?" Uraraka looked at him, her big brown eyes warm and kind. "Can we...Deku and I thought we could do some stuff." she said innocently.

Iida didn't look away from her. What did she mean by stuff? Even if her question seemed harmless, Iida had this perception like it was a loaded question. He needed to know the definition of stuff before he proceeds to answer anything.

"We were hoping that you liked us." Midoriya inched closer.

"I do..." Iida didn't want to think about where this was going.

He liked the two as friends. They were his friends, people he relied on, and enjoyed talking to. He thought what they were about to suggest was something entirely different than what their friendship was. He liked them, but as friends.

They needed to stay friends.

Yet, he had hoped that where this was going actually got there. Maybe it was because they were friends and he didn't mind, or that there wouldn't be strings attached, or anything to worry about.

"Can we touch you?" Uraraka asked.

Iida would've said yes but he had a concern.

"PDA rules-"

The two of them groaned when Iida was about to go on his rant. They obviously did not care about PDA while they were skipping class. They wanted Iida to be as care free as they were but that was not going to happen.

"Do you want us to touch you?" Midoriya asked, his hand trailing lower on Iida's body slowly. He had an idea, and he couldn't hide the mischievous expression on his face.

He knew exactly what he wanted, just like Uraraka did.

"I-I...w-would prefer i-if..." Iida had no idea what to do because they both started moving.

"If?" Uraraka asked as she moved on to her knees next to Midoriya. Both had gotten between Iida's legs on the step.

"Should we use our mouths?" Midoriya asked.

That's what was going to happen. The two of them were going to suck Iida off, and he was going to be grateful. Deep down, so deep down, Iida didn't want to say no. But he was sure he was a good friend. He couldn't let them do this to him. It wasn't right. How was he going to face them later on if he lets them do this?

Iida didn't answer the question, but he didn't have to.

Midoriya and Uraraka were going to take care of him.

It was no problem.

Iida could only sit back and let them fondle him. But that's not what they wanted. There was nothing better than getting straight to the point. They pulled Iida's cock out of his pants with out a second to spare because all they really wanted was to suck him off.

Iida mashed his lips together and pushed his glasses up further on his nose as he looked down at his friends that were giving him a good time.

Both their mouths pressed to his skin, their tongues trailing up his cock from the base. The two of them didn't have a problem sharing. That's the only reason they were doing this, because they were both Iida's friends and they should do things together. They looked so eager to have his cock at their mouths. He's never seen them that enthusiastic about anything like this before. Was it a shame to know that his dick was the only thing that could get his friends excited? What did that say about him? He wasn't stopping them.

They kept their mouths on him, hoping to get him hard so the real fun could begin. Iida looked down to see the mess of green and brunette hair at his lap. He could feel their warm tongues on his skin, licking hungrily in hopes to get what they want. Iida was shocked to see that they didn't care when their tongues touched and they licked around each other.

He wasn't sure if that was hot or not though.

His confusion read on his face.

He didn't want the responsibility of having to tell himself he shouldn't want to see his friends kissing. But he had to because he wanted to see them kiss. With tongue and everything. He wanted to see them go at it right in front of him. He wanted sloppy kisses and wet tongue and lewd moans.

What was he thinking?

His face was beginning to go red as he pushed his glasses up again.

His thoughts got him hard extremely fast but that wasn't embarrassing, especially when his two friends were interested in only that. Iida slowly lifted his shaking hands in the hair; he was trying to convince himself that he should keep his hands to himself but it wasn't going that well. Instead, he let his hands move in their hair, hoping to push them together closer so he could get what he wanted out of this.

How could he be like this?

How could he want this?

He continued to ask himself that question, but he kept his hands in their hair. He watched as they mashed their lips against his cock. He could feel their breaths and their tongues on him, too. That was just the beginning. He could barely handle what was going on now, he was really going to lose it in the next minute.

Midoriya was first to take Iida's cock in his mouth, sucking on the tip to taste the pre-cum that was already dripping. Uraraka pulled away and licked her lips as she watched Midoriya eagerly suck him off. If only she was the first one to do it. That didn't stop her, especially when Midoriya moved. She leaned in closer, her mouth pressing over the tip of Iida's cock, too, but she could feel Midoriya when she moved her tongue.

Iida tugged on their hair, hoping to get them to focus but they easily lost track. They were licking over Iida's cock a second ago, now they were kissing each other, sharing the taste of Iida's skin on their tongue.

All Iida could do was watch. His heart sped up quickly in his chest and it got to the point that it became painful. He did think he wanted to see them kiss but he didn't expect them to actually do it. It was a shock to him. He kept his hands in their hair, and he told himself that he wasn't forcing them to do this, that they wanted to. After all, all this was their suggestion.

They didn't stay distracted for long. They had their attention to Iida's throbbing cock again, licking and sucking on him like it could save their lives. Their enthusiasm kept going, they took their turns feeling Iida's cock down their throat, liking how big he was. With every second, they continued to get excited. It's not like Iida was uncomfortable but how could they want to do this so easily.

He just had no idea that this was only the beginning. This wasn't the only thing that they wanted to do, and deep down, this wasn't the only thing he wanted to do either. But he couldn't let this go on.

"Oh...kay...We should p-probably..." Iida shifted multiple times, trying to adjust but he had a hard time. He had to keep himself from thrusting his hips into their mouths but it was difficult enough. Now he tried to pull away but he wasn't going to get far. They wouldn't let him get away no matter how hard he tried.

If this got any further, then it would be hard to take back. He could bolt out of here if he wanted to, it's not like he would be caught. But he couldn't move. His body desperately wanted to stay and finish. He knew the rules, this was an explicit display of PDA and it shouldn't happen. He tried to convince himself, yet again, that he should put a stop to this.

"You can cum on us, if you want." Midoriya suggested, looking up at Iida.

Uraraka smiled just like he did and looked up slyly to Iida, hoping that Iida would say yes to it. He wanted to, right? He couldn't tell. He was so confused.

"Or you could cum in us." Uraraka gave another option that was just as good.

"Uh, no, I-I-, I m-mean-" Iida had no idea how to respond. He didn't want to do anything to them. This was already enough.

But he practically burned out when he thought of so many different scenarios about using them. He would never think this way. He was supposed to be good and respectful. And using his friends like this certainly was not respectful in anyway at all. This was abuse of the friendship even if they were okay with this. Iida should suppress all the desire he just suddenly got. There was no reason to do this.

PDA was serious.

He shouldn't let it go any further.

"I should finish this on my own." Iida was tempted to get up.

The two of his friends were going to make sure he wasn't going anywhere. Their hands pressed down on Iida's thighs so he couldn't move. It was cruel of them, but they knew what they wanted. Their eyes were hungry with lust, and there was only one things that would fill them up.

If Iida doesn't give it to them, they'd take it.

"If we're making you uncomfortable-"

"We've passed that." Iida said.

"So, you don't like it?"

Well, that was the question that was about to force him to address his feelings towards getting his cock sucked by his friends. This was definitely a problem. He loved the heat, having two mouths on him, seeing them press their tongues on each other as they sucked him off. But all this was such a guilty pleasure.

Midoriya and Uraraka wrapped their hands around Iida's cock, stroking him to bring him to his climax.

"We want it, Iida." Midoriya said, licking his lips again, being as flirtatious as Iida thought he couldn't be.

"Give it to us, Iida." Uraraka did the same.

Iida couldn't say no. His cock was throbbing so hard that he desperately needed to cum. They were helping him get there. That's what friends are for.

He let go of their hair and leaned his arms back on the step behind him. He wanted to show he was in control. He was always in control, always quick on his feet, always able to find his way out of a lot of situations. But this was different. He was not in control, he wasn't even on his feet, and he wasn't getting out of this one, especially not with the way his two friends had his entire life in their hands.

He swallowed the lump in his throat before leaning his head back. He really didn't want to do it but at the same time he did want to. He has never been that conflicted before. His friends really knew how to take advantage of him. And they did it so easily too.

It was shameful.

But for just one second, Iida did not care.

He only wanted to cum.

So he let his friends work him a bit more, bringing him to his climax, and letting him cum on their faces just like they wanted.

He looked to see the mess he made. It was rather disrespectful, but they asked for it. He did say that he would take care of it himself, but they wouldn't let him. Iida pushed his glasses up again, hoping to hide the blush at his cheeks, but that wasn't going away. Sitting outside made it worse, especially with the sun making him hotter. The view of his friends was the source of his blissful agony. They smiled, Iida's cum all over their faces.

What did he want now?

Sure he wanted something else. That's the only reason they stared up at him. What were they going to do next?

Iida had an explicit idea in mind. His thoughts were only getting more disrespectful by the second. It was to the point that he was worried about the things he would say around his face. But would it really be wrong to ask them to lick the cum off of each other's face?

They had to clean up the mess, right? That's what Iida wanted to see, right?

Well, not badly enough.

He blinked once, but when his eyes opened, he was laying in his bed, the faint light coming in through his window from the sun rising. He remembered absolutely everything he dreamed about. It was the most uncomfortable dream he's ever experienced. Now it felt like he hadn't gotten any sleep, that he would have to take a day off for himself, though that's not a probable solution when he has school to get to.

The entire dream was a problem. What the hell was he thinking?

There was no reason for his mind to roam through thoughts like that, especially about his friends. Midoriya and Uraraka deserve so much better than that.

There was an unsettling warmth at the front of his pants that made him shift in bed. He didn't have to hold up his blanket to see that his cock was throbbing against his inner thigh. He felt it. There was sweat all over his body from the heat of his dream. His hand reached down in his shorts only to notice the wetness that was pooling at his skin.

He let out a heavy breath of shame.

"But...PDA..." Iida was disappointed in himself.

How could he get off to the idea of his friends getting him off? Apparently, that wasn't the only thing. He was still thinking about it, what would happen if he didn't wake up, how it would continue. What made it worse was that he knew exactly what he wanted. He could never talk about this with anyone. His dream was only going to stay in his head and no one will ever know about it.

Even in his dreams, he had a problem upholding the PDA rules that he's supposed to follow.

He decided to get out of bed, planning to go for a job to work off the stress that drove him mad. Then again, he would have a lot of time to think. And it's not like the image of his friends was out of his head. He had a lot to go over about his life.

Chapter Text

Uraraka closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her hands were shaking on her desk but she tried to not let it get to her.

She was a good girl.

She was a very good girl.

But being told that made her want to be anything but a good girl.

"Keep quiet, Uraraka." A low voice said in her ear.

It was just the two of them in the classroom, yet she felt the need to mash her lips together to keep her moans to herself. There wasn't long before class started, so if this wasn't over quickly, she would definitely be in trouble.

She was a good girl.

"Bakugou, w-we shouldn't..." she said quietly, though it wasn't enough.

She sat on his lap like the good girl she was. She barely let her voice slip like the good girl she was. She listened, she didn't talk back, she didn't fidget or move. It's not that she was compliant, but she didn't want to get Bakugou angry.

He said he would keep her here. If she didn't be a good girl for him, everyone would know that she was bad. Being exposed wasn't something she wanted.

Her knees pressed together when his hand moved under her skirt. She didn't have her panties on. They were hidden somewhere she didn't know. The last thing she remembered was already being on Bakugou's lap without her panties on. Now he was already inside her, making her stay down and take it like the good girl she was.

They were already so far along.

"You're a good girl, aren't you?" he asked her.

"Yes, b-but-"

"Then stop complaining." Bakugou moved his hands again, this time holding her waists so he could thrust inside her.

She knew she had to be quiet, but she couldn't help it when she moaned out loud. Bakugou was sure that it wasn't an accident. He knew Uraraka didn't want to hide it anymore. That didn't stop him from fucking her.

Uraraka kept her eyes closed. She wanted to put her head down on her desk to hide everything she was feeling; it's not like Bakugou could see the expression on her face, but she felt better hiding herself instead. She bit her lip to hide her voice again, but that didn't help. She had a lot to deal with when it came to Bakugou. This was already enough for her.

Whose idea was it to fuck in an empty classroom? It was such a terrible idea.

Before Uraraka could put her head down, she felt a vicious tug at her hair, bringing her head back so she would straighten up. Bakugou wasn't gentle, even with her. He was the one that said she wasn't fragile, so he wasn't going to treat her like she was.

She heard him say it though, good girls like it rough.

Uraraka did like it rough, but in a public place was extreme.

He stopped to give her a second to breathe again. Her hand darted down between her legs when she felt Bakugou's hand there first. She couldn't handle being touched, too. He was doing too much to her. Why couldn't he be nicer?

"Bakugou, I can't." she whined quietly, wanting to get his hand away from where it was.

"You sure?" he wasn't asking to be nice.

His fingers were rubbing at her clit, and that was not helping. She squeaked and covered her mouth, but it was still embarrassing for her. Bakugou would not care to stop for anything. Her legs pressed together more, but that was making it worse. She could feel Bakugou's cock deep inside her, and the more she fidget, the worse she made it.

"You're a good girl, right, Uraraka?" he asked her, his face pressing in her hair. "You can take it, can't you?" It was mean how he teased her. She played into his game, nodding her head because she was a good girl. "So, act like it." he told her.

She had to be good.

She chewed on the inside of her lip and straightened up on his lap again. She was a good girl. She could handle anything. Her hand was gripping Bakugou's wrist, despite telling herself she could handle it. She felt his fingers rubbing on her, making her legs start to shake. She continued to tell herself that she could take it, that Bakugou could do anything to her and she would be okay. It was difficult to keep it up, but she was getting there.

Slowly, she rolled her hips on his lap to feel his cock rub inside her. Bakugou was kind enough to move his hands when she started to take care of herself on her own. His fingers pressed at her thighs, feeling her shake which was something he was hoping to feel. He was tempted to rip off her tights, and he was about to get to that point. Uraraka stopped him quickly, her hands pressing down on his to calm him down. It wasn't easy to give him everything he wanted, but Uraraka definitely did her best. That should be enough, right? Though, today really wasn't about him.

Maybe she had a weak spot. Maybe she desperately wanted to prove to someone that there was more to her than that sweet side of her. She was being called a good girl, but that's what made her so bad. And to have sex with Bakugou in a public place just made it exhilarating. It was still a bad idea though.

When grinding wasn't enough for her, she began to move more. Her hips lifted, feeling Bakugou's cock slide out of her before she let her hips down again. She could hear Bakugou's low moans behind her, his breath right at the nape of her neck. His fingers were continuing to press at her thighs, though now he wanted to fuck her so hard that she'd cry.

When Uraraka moved her hands on to her desk again, Bakugou was no longer restrained. His hands went right under her shirt that was untucked, and he felt her breasts roughly at his calloused palms.


"Ah, shut up." he told her.

"That's not very nice." she looked over her shoulder to glance at him. There was a bit of panic in her eyes. She was worried about what he might do if she didn't tell him that some things couldn't happen.

"I'm not supposed to be the nice one between the two of us." Bakugou squeezed harder, and Uraraka jolted.

She couldn't stay up straight in her seat. Her hands were at Bakugou's wrists again, trying to get his hands out of her shirt. Even when she tried, she stopped with the tight grip because she really wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop.

No one would ever handle her this roughly except for him.

Uraraka's legs spread wider over Bakugou's lap and she moved her hips again, picking up where they left off. And when that wasn't good enough, Bakugou took over, fucking her so good that she had to reconsider everything that happened. She leaned back on him, her head pressing on his shoulder. She continued to hold his wrists, his hands still under her shirt and gripping her bra. She felt her torso exposed because of the way her shirt was up. That wasn't the only thing. She could feel Bakugou breathing on her neck, and she could hear him, too; those low, deep moans in her ear, making her believe that she wouldn't be able to last a second longer.

It was definitely embarrassing to know how wet she was, just from the sound of Bakugou's gritty voice right in her ear. It didn't help knowing it was because he was fucking her. She was exposed in the empty classroom, but her fear came from class starting and everyone showing up to see her like this on Bakugou's lap.

"You're gonna be a good girl for me, Uraraka?" he asked her, nibbling on her ear.

"Yes!" She was going to be such a good girl.

Oh my God. She was dying.

She could barely hide her voice. For a second, she didn't care. She moaned out loud, her cries filling the room. She did her best to control her body, but she felt like she was about to cum already. There was no way she was going to hold out long. She couldn't do it.

When Bakugou slowed down again, giving her a chance to collect herself, her legs closed quickly, quivering from the intense pleasure that began to spread to her entire body. She was getting light headed. Bakugou pulled his hands out from underneath her shirt and rubbed her thighs so she could spread her legs again. It was just that she didn't want to.

If she did, she might cum.

"Uraraka, don't make me ask you." he warned her when she wouldn't spread her legs. She disobeyed, knowing damn well Bakugou would take it out on her. "You know I'll bend you over this desk and fuck you till you can't see if you don't spread your legs." he threatened her.

Though it did sound heavenly.

Should Uraraka see if Bakugou would make due on his threat? Why would she underestimate him? That definitely would not be a good idea. But she dared him anyway.

His hand moved to the small gap between her thighs and he planned to tease her till she was crying and begging him to stop. She wasn't that persistent to keep her legs closed. However, the second he began touching under her skirt, he managed to make her squirm like before, but this time it was unbearable. She edge forward, her mouth opening wide in shock when she felt his rough touch; her voice was caught in her throat, all she could manage was a high pitched squeal that cut off into the silence.

Her face was bright red and her eyes stayed tightly shut. Her hands gripped the desk in front of her so she could stay up but that wasn't helping her that much.

"Gonna listen now?" Bakugou asked her.

She was tempted to say no just to see what he would do to her.

"Gonna be a good girl, Ochako?" He asked, being completely serious about getting her up on the desk if she doesn't listen.

A sharp shiver went up her spine when she heard him say her name. He has yet to be that dominant with her, and that was enough to get her close to the edge.

She was a good girl, a very good girl. Because when Bakugou asked her, she nodded quickly in response because she knew what she was. If she asked nicely, would he bend her over the desk? Maybe if she acted bad, he would spank her. There were just so many things and she could barely get through at once. She felt more light headed than before; Bakugou didn't stop rubbing his fingers on her, and that made her blurry vision worse. She just barely opened her eyes when she thought she could handle it.

There was a tug at her hair again, pulling her head up and making her straighten on Bakugou's lap like before. Her legs pressed together harder, and that wasn't good girl behavior. She mashed her lips together and did her best to keep quiet. She was so close, any more and she would just lose it. Bakugou had a tight grip in her hair, but it didn't last long before she felt his hand at her neck, keeping her head back so he could talk in her ear.

That was her weak spot, just hearing his voice. When he was threatening her, she had no idea what to think. That was embarrassing but she didn't care. She liked the sound of his voice when he spoke to her. That was between the two of them.

"You're such a good girl." he said lowly to her, breathing right in her ear. She was a good girl. "If you stay that way, I'll give you what you want."

All she had to do was behave. She'll get what she wants if she behaves.

Her hand held on to Bakugou's wrist. She knew he wouldn't hurt her. But somewhere deep down, she wondered what would happen if he did hurt her. She wanted it in that kind of way that would make her feel good. Bakugou would be the only person to do that for her, right? Her fingers were rubbing over his wrist. His hand wasn't tight at her neck, and unless she asked, he wouldn't grip her there.

Though it was the fear that made Uraraka curious. All the what ifs kept going through her mind.

"Katsuki..." she said softly as her legs spread again, her skirt covering up the reason why her face was so red.

Bakugou held her close to him. He just barely moved her head as his other hand rubbed the inside of her thigh. "Stay a good girl for me, okay." he said, his lips pressing at her temple before he started to move again.

Uraraka was a good girl.

That's how it was in her dreams.

When she opened her eyes, she was right in her room like she remembered a few hours ago. For a second, she had no idea what happened. Her dream was so real that she thought it happened, that she thought waking up in her own bed after something as wild as that was the dream itself.

"," she realized what her dream actually meant. "No, no, no," she rose up in bed, pushing her hair out of her face and looking down in the dark at her pillow. "No!" she whispered harshly, the hiss coming out between her teeth.

Out of all the people in the entire world, why Bakugou?

Why was she dreaming about Bakugou?

Did she want him to do stuff to her? Was that what it was?

"Oh, God, no," she got out of bed quickly, then she noticed her panties were wet. All she could do was repeat her denial. This didn't happen. None of it happened.

A shiver went up her spine, but it wasn't a good one. The cold wetness made her uncomfortable. Her thighs were shaking and it wasn't because of the dream. At least she hoped it wasn't. She told herself that whatever it was that made her think that dream was okay was going to be removed from her life immediately. Another shiver went up her spine.

A dream about Bakugou? That's a problem.

"No." she whispered again.

If anyone ever called her a good girl, she would have to kill them.

There was no way she was ever going to forget with all that etched into her brain. Plus she will never ever be able to face Bakugou since she had the fear of what happened in her dream becoming real.

Chapter Text

Their eyes watched each other before they glanced away, flustered and hot. They would steal glances of each other, flirting and lightly giggly between heavy breaths. Their faces were bright red, beads of sweat on their skin, their hair mashing to the nape of the necks.

Their legs were tangled in each other's while they sat on a bed together, their skin hot, their eyes still filled with lust. They remained quiet with each other, only low moans and breaths to be heard in the room. Their silence meant more, showing that there was more between the two than talking could show.

There was affection all around them, how they looked at each other.

Midoriya laughed quietly, a short chuckle under his heavy breath as he looked down, the faint blush on his freckled cheeks. He smiled nervously because he knew he was being watched. It flustered him. His heart swelled with so much lust.

Todoroki couldn't help himself. His cheeks were just as bright as Midoriya's. He liked seeing Midoriya flustered and red; the way he smiled was sweet especially in the heat of the moment.

They didn't touch each other. They touched themselves but not each other. They weren't trying to see who could finish first, they just wanted to be there together, hoping this would make everything more interesting and fun.

Todoroki didn't want to take it too far so this was his suggestion, that they do this together. It's fun seeing each other do this.

It was just the two of them together as they masturbated in front of each other.

"You okay?" Todoroki asked, his shaky breath leaving his lips as he looked at Midoriya with infatuated eyes.

"Are you?" Midoriya smiled.

"I can handle myself." Todoroki said.

Of course he could. He just wanted to handle Midoriya, too. He wished he could put his hands on Midoriya's body, touch him all over, kiss him all over. He'd do it all.

He never knew how much he liked Midoriya until now. They were sitting together, exposing themselves and it took all that for him to know how he felt. He thought Midoriya was cute and it was better now that he was flustered and red from the pleasure. Todoroki was the only person to see that side of him.

He hadn't considered being this vulnerable with anyone like this. These are the things that happen in people's dreams.

But Midoriya was so cute. Todoroki couldn't help himself. He looked at Midoriya, trying to hide his shy gaze under his eye lashes, though he did take multiple glances he had a crush on. Midoriya smiled weakly again and looked down, taking a deep breath as he tried to keep calm. Todoroki watched him close his eyes slowly and open his perfectly shaped pink lips.

He wanted to kiss Midoriya.

Todoroki licked his lips, the desire lingering on his skin. Midoriya was getting more and more into touching himself. If Todoroki didn't pick up the pace, he wouldn't cum at the same time. If only Midoriya was a little louder, Todoroki would easily get off to the sound of his voice.

Midoriya opened his eyes slowly again, looking at Todoroki as if he couldn't look away.

And for a second, they didn't.

As they stroked themselves, they kept their eyes on each other. More weak smiles and shy glances persisted between the two of them as they got through the heat that made them sweat. Midoriya moved his other hand back on the bed and leaned back to keep his hips forward. Todoroki had a perfect view of Midoriya and it just made him blush harder.

It's not like Midoriya wasn't being flirtatious but his shy demeanor just made him seem more precious to Todoroki. It was cute to see him laugh shyly.

"You', are we...?" Midoriya didn't know how to ask his questions. "Should more?" He asked quietly.

The thought popped in Todoroki's head. He knew exactly what he would do if he had the chance to get to do more with Midoriya. His face got redder and his hand stroked himself faster, his cock already dripping from the excitement. Todoroki wanted to do something that was more than this.

"I...want to." Todoroki glanced down, not sure how he would explain himself.

When he looked up again, he saw the Midoriya was sitting up straight and was putting his own fingers in his mouth while he continued to stroke himself. Todoroki didn't know what he was doing, at least not for a second as Midoriya got his own fingers wet with his saliva. Todoroki couldn't look away. This was the first time Midoriya didn't just look cute. Was he trying to get Todoroki more riled up than he was right now? It was working. Todoroki couldn't take his eyes away from Midoriya's face, seeing the way he licked his fingers so explicitly and provocatively. Todoroki could've came right then and there.

His cock was throbbing excitedly in his hand, oozing cum as he watched. Midoriya was definitely a sight to see.

When Midoriya pulled his fingers out of his mouth, he let them move down to where his legs were spread, touching around his hole before he pushed one wet finger in slowly.

"Why are you...?" Todoroki didn't mind the view but he hasn't seen Midoriya go that far, well from what he knows.

Midoriya closed his eyes as he pushed his finger in deeper. He hadn't done this before so there was a strain. He tried to not make it seem like it hurt.

"You're big, Shouto." Midoriya said quietly. "I might as well start now if we're going to do something." He opened his eyes again to look at Todoroki's face.

"I have lube."

"I know." Midoriya's shoulders shrugged forward again as he looked away shyly like before. "I just wanted you to see..."

It was definitely sexy to watch Midoriya have his fingers in his mouth. Now he was fingering himself too. Todoroki was in heaven. He never would have thought he would be this lucky.

"Can I..." Todoroki was still acting shy, probably because Midoriya was looking at him. "Can I kiss you?" He was so in love.

Midoriya nodded slowly, his cheeks remaining a bright red as he thought about Todoroki kissing him.

It would feel nice.

That would be their first kiss of the day. Todoroki would have to decide if it was okay to make it hot and heavy. Why wouldn't it be? They were masturbating in front of each other. It would only be right if their kissing go them into it more.

Todoroki did lean closer to Midoriya, excited that he would feel his warm lips on his skin. He could feel Midoriya's enthusiasm too. When their lips touch, it was like a burning fire consumed them. Their hands didn't stop as their lips moved in sync with each other.

However, they weren't in sync for long. Their kisses made them want to keep going together, hopefully cumming together. Midoriya's mouth open, a shaky moan coming out as he did his best to focus on Todoroki. He was losing it though. His brows furrowed, and his lips stayed open, a heavy breath coming from his lungs as his hands continued to move at an irregular rhythm. Todoroki had his focus. He kissed Midoriya's open lips anyway, liking that he could feel the struggle that made Midoriya think he was about to cum.

He had better control than Midoriya did. But he liked how easily Midoriya could lose it and become more flustered. It was so sexy to hear his voice, his moans that poured out of his mouth as he masturbated right in front of Todoroki.

Todoroki could feel Midoriya's legs shaking over his. He wanted to hear Midoriya's voice louder so he pulled away, hoping Midoriya would keep his mouth wide open and not hold back. Todoroki's face pressed into Midoriya's neck, feeling his hair tickling his skin. Midoriya was burning hot, just like Todoroki was; his blush reached down to his neck, where Todoroki had his forehead pressed.

Todoroki's breath was cold on Midoriya's skin. It wasn't to calm him down. It was to mess with him. Goosebumps rose on Midoriya's skin when he felt the ice cold breath reach the nape of his neck. He liked it so much that he asked for more. Todoroki's lips pressed on his skin, a breath of cold air releasing when he had the chance. Midoriya didn't think Todoroki would use his quirk on him but that wasn't going to be the only thing.

Todoroki's other hand moved between Midoriya's legs, feeling where his hand was, where his fingers were just about sucked in his tight hole that he could barely spread open by himself. Todoroki felt two fingers inside him and he wanted to see. He shifted his head, his forehead now on Midoriya's shoulder as he looked down to see Midoriya stroking and fingering himself. His voice was right in Todoroki's ear, and that was going to be the main reason Todoroki got off.

Todoroki's fingers traced Midoriya's hole before he pushed to of them inside him with the fingers that were already inside him.

Midoriya's voice strained. Two fingers were already enough for him, but now he had four. Todoroki didn't want to hurt him, so he took his slow. And he warmed up his fingers, enough for Midoriya to feel it.

And he really did feel it.

"Shouto..." Midoriya moaned weakly once he felt the fingers that were hot inside him.

That was definitely going to get him to spread wider. Todoroki stayed close to hear Midoriya's voice get louder, his moans that were higher, begging to go further.

They both kept themselves going till they were at the edge. Todoroki wanted to keep Midoriya there to hear his voice and feel his hot skin. He didn't stop breathing cold air on Midoriya's neck, his fingers stayed hot inside him. Midoriya was so close but hopefully he would stay there until Todoroki was sure he was ready for more. Midoriya's shaking over took his hands, finally he couldn't take it much longer.

"Please, Shouto, j-just- I want it." Midoriya begged quietly, hoping Todoroki would give it to him.

"I don't want it to hurt."

"I don't care." Midoriya wanted it that badly.

Todoroki felt a tug at his heart when he heard Midoriya's voice. Of course he felt that same tug at his cock that was aching to be inside Midoriya. He needed to do something. Midoriya didn't care if he got hurt, that's how much he wanted Todoroki inside him. He just wanted it so badly and how could Todoroki say no to him.

"P-please," Midoriya begged quietly, his voice shaking. "I-inside me, I w-want your...cock inside me."

Todoroki was not going to say no after hearing Midoriya say that. There was this need to push him on the bed and give him what he asked for. Todoroki was so flustered but so determined that he couldn't stop himself. He didn't think Midoriya wanted it that badly or even liked him that much be did.

The excitement got to him.

And that's what ruined everything.

When he opened his eyes, he was not in the dream he was enjoying so much. He was just laying in bed, clutching on to a pillow that was between his legs. The feeling of the friction lingered once he finally realized what just happened.

He was at the edge of his bed, humping a pillow so hard that he felt like he came more than once.

His face brightened from embarrassment.

It was much worse.

Part of his bed was frozen because of his quirk. His pillow was singed because of how hard he grabbed it with his left hand. He pulled it from between his legs, hoping that it wasn't wet.

All this because he might like Midoriya.

He didn't think he'd hump his pillow in his sleep because of a subconscious crush. That was incredibly embarrassing. So what was he supposed to say to that? Does he tell Midoriya that there are some issues and that they can never look at each other again?

He dropped the pillow to his floor and moved on his bed, using his left side to thaw the ice.

His cock was still throbbing in his underwear despite cumming more than once. He knew he did because just a bit of it was trailing down his thigh. He has never been more uncomfortable in his life. And he was still hard, as if more than once wasn't enough.

How real did his body think the dream was?

It still played back in his mind, making him blush. He was the only one that wanted to confront his dream but he wasn't sure if he wanted it to go somewhere. Maybe he really did like Midoriya. But it just seemed like he wanted to see Midoriya without his clothes on.

And that's fine too.

Todoroki didn't say anything as he thawed his bed.

It was still too early, but he knew he wasn't going back to sleep. He decided to take a cold shower instead and get ready for school.

Chapter Text

Tsuyu sat in the bath with her friends that were splashing water around. She felt like she went through a long day and this bath was well deserved. Their loud voices echoed as they played in the hot water. Tsuyu had day dreamed so hard that she forgot the passed five minutes that passed. At least she thought she did.

"Tsuyu, are you okay?" Ochako placed her hand on Tsuyu's shoulder, his fingers hot and wet from the water.

"I'm fine." She answered, her face turning slightly red.

Ochako didn't try to cover herself when she rose up slightly in the water, exposing her breasts. She did it so casually that she didn't care.

After all, it was just the girls here.

Tsuyu looked away sharply because she didn't want to seem disrespectful but she saw the other girls and they weren't exactly trying to cover themselves either. Momo got out of the water first, her body dripping wet and spilling it on the floor.

"We should get going." Momo said. "We don't want to get sick." She turned back to them, exposing her full body.

It didn't matter.

Tsuyu tried to tell herself it didn't matter. But Momo's breasts were big and round and Tsuyu couldn't stop staring until someone else got up. Mina practically jumped out, wanting to expose herself explicitly to everyone.

She was pretty too.

Her skin looked soft with the pink glow. Her breasts were just as round and when she turned around, Tsuyu's eyes followed the curve of her back.

What was she doing now?

Tsuyu never really thought she had feelings for anyone. She got along well with almost everyone, and everyone liked her too, but to go further and say she might've wanted to get closer was something different. She never gave it thought.

Until now.

The girls were pretty.

And wet.

How was Tsuyu going to deal with that? Obviously she had a calm demeanor. She never really let anything get the best of her. Even her feelings now, she was going to keep them down until she was alone. Hopefully that will be soon.

"Are you coming Tsuyu?" Mina asked her.

Tsuyu was almost under water because she was staring so hard. She hadn't realized she was making bubbles until she heard her name. She rose up and nodded slowly before standing up on her feet so she could get out of the water.

All four girls were completely naked. The air was humid and hot from the water. Tsuyu wasn't having it. She needed to go to bed.

"You have perky boobs, Tsuyu." Mina said.

It was fine that she said that. It's not like Tsuyu took anything bad from it. What was sudden though was that Mina had her hands at Tsuyu's chest, holding her breasts at her palms.

Tsuyu said nothing. But her face was getting bright red.

"Mina!" Momo had to pull her off.

"It's okay," Tsuyu didn't seem to mind though her cheeks were red.

She knew it was a harmless squeeze. What was going to happen from that? Nothing. Mina tried to defend herself, saying that Tsuyu was so small and precious, but Momo proceeded to try and explain why that's wrong.

Ochako was quiet as she stared at Tsuyu's chest. No one noticed her yet.

"Can I touch?" Ochako held her hands up, her fingers doing the motions as if she was squeezing the air.

Tsuyu held her hands behind her back and let Ochako get a better look. It was just the girls so there was no problem. Plus Ochako asked politely. Ochako's hand pressed on Tsuyu's breast softly to feel her skin. Ochako was expecting something different but she felt how soft Tsuyu was. Her skin was warm and smooth to touch. Her nipple pressed into Ochako's palm gently.

Ochako let out a soft breath of amazement as she stared down at Tsuyu's chest.

"Ochako!" Momo screeched.

"They're so firm." Ochako squeezed lightly as she ignored Momo panicking behind her. She was focused on Tsuyu's chest.

"I want to touch again!" Mina jumped around.

Momo wanted to stop her. "No!"

It was just a mess of frantic screaming before Tsuyu felt the second hand cup her other breast. The two of them were in amazement. Was it because this was the first time touching another girl's breasts? Or maybe it was just getting a little more than just too friendly with another girl. But they stared. And Tsuyu was flustered. Although she really didn't mind that much.

Ochako looked at Tsuyu nervously because she had another question to ask.

"Can I kiss you?" She asked innocently.

Should Tsuyu draw the line there? She wasn't sure what would happen if she let her friend do that. But when she heard Ochako's question, her eyes immediately went to her lips. What if she did let Ochako kiss her? Was there any harm in that?

Tsuyu, a little stunned for words, just stared at Ochako. She didn't know how to answer so she just waited. If Ochako really wanted to, she would go for it on her own. Deep down inside, she wanted Ochako to do it too but she couldn't say anything. They looked at each other for a second, no words being exchanged between them.

Then there was a whispered to the side of them. "Do it." Mina was hoping to edge them on.

"No." Momo said quickly. "Don't do it."

"Don't be a buzz kill, Momo. We know you want to kiss someone, too." Mina said loudly so her voice would echo in the bath.

Momo's face brightened up rather quickly. She hadn't thought about kissing anyone for any kind of reason, but here she goes. She mashed her lips together and tried to hide her blush but didn't do a very good job of that. It was such a pain for her to hide what she was feeling. All she really wanted was to grab a towel so she could dry off. Nothing else. But Mina put the idea in her head. So now what?

"Now kiss." Mina pressed her hands together as she looked at Ochako and Tsuyu again.

They did.

Ochako was the first to lean into it, pressing her lips to Tsuyu's soft lips gently. It was a sweet kiss, nothing special or wild. Ochako still had her hand at Tsuyu's chest and her fingers squeezed again, this time getting tsuyu to make a startled sound. Like she wasn't expecting to be touched like that. And she wasn't.

Mina was just about to take full control of the situation now. When Momo saw the look in Mina's eyes, she knew she had to stop her but when she got closer, Momo didn't do a damn thing. She watched her friends kiss, completely stunned and quiet.

Both her friends were glowing.

She's never seen anything so pretty before.

"Okay, maybe..." Momo was about to change her mind.

Tsuyu was okay with that, though she did hear the uncertainty in Momo's voice. She wanted her friends with her, including Momo even if she was being slightly hesitant.

Ochako was so sweet and nice, and Tsuyu was starting to get more into it because it was her. Her hands held Ochako's waist lightly, pulling her closer so they would touch more. Ochako's hand dropped from Tsuyu's breast and snaked around her waist, too. They're chest were pressed together as they kissed.

The humid air kept them wet. Tsuyu swore she could taste the water on Ochako's lips. The water dripped down their skin, the heat making their heads swoon.

As Tsuyu kissed Ochako, she felt hands moving down her back and it wasn't Ochako's hands. Mina was getting rather active and her amazement could be heard as she moved around Tsuyu's body.

"You're so small, Tsuyu." She was smiling as she rubbed over Tsuyu's skin. She pushed Tsuyu's dark hair aside to see her back glisten.

"Mina..." Momo sighed again, but she was looking too. Tsuyu was small, and the others thought she was delicate too.

Someone kissed her shoulder. Someone else held her hair up so the nape of her neck could be kissed. Her face was getting bright red as she tried to focus. Three lips pressed on her. Now she didn't know what to do. She wanted to keep kissing Ochako back but now she just froze.

Their hands were all over her.

By then, she had stopped breathing. Her voice came out quietly, slightly stunned that she was being touched. The hands were touching lower on her body.

And right when their hands got too low, Tsuyu pulled away abruptly, hoping to stop them because she knew what they were thinking. Mina was excited to let her fingers trail down Tsuyu's soft skin. Ochako followed her lead and Momo had her fingers over theirs as well. Tsuyu swallowed the lump in her throat as she closed her eyes again, hoping that it didn't feel as awkward as it seemed.

They've never done this before, at least Tsuyu thought they didn't. She was sure she wasn't the only one to be painfully nervous because this was her first time having the girls touch her. She was tempted to close her legs so their hands wouldn't get too far but it was too late already.

They were so close to her, and they didn't back away either.

"Are you okay, Tsuyu?" Mina asked.

Tsuyu opened her eyes slowly and took a breath.

"We can stop if you want us to..." Momo didn't want to make her friend uncomfortable.

Tsuyu looked at Ochako first since she was right in front of her. Ochako nodded slightly, hoping to get Tsuyu's approval. They wouldn't hurt her. That's the last thing they would do. What they wanted was to take care of her. And hopefully touching her would be enough. Tsuyu never thought she would have three girls fondling her.

Mina's fingers were the first to rub Tsuyu's wet skin. She gasped against Tsuyu's neck, surprised to feel the wetness at her fingertips already, and she was sure that it just wasn't from the water. Tsuyu's lips mashed together once Mina's fingers were beginning to inch inside her.

"Ooo~" Mina giggled. "Someone likes kissing," she teased.

Tsuyu was already embarrassed enough. "Let's not get into that." she kept her eyes at Ochako's shoulder instead of staring right at her chest.

Ochako was sweet enough to kiss Tsuyu's cheek as her hands moved back to her waist, feeling her thin body and soft skin again. Momo and Mina could definitely handle fingering her. Then again, Tsuyu wasn't sure what she could handle, but her mind did roam far. Incredibly far. She could already feel Mina's fingers slowly rubbing inside her, and if she was lucky, Momo wouldn't be reluctant to join in.

Their bodies pressed together and they had their hands all over Tsuyu. They just couldn't get enough of her.

Tsuyu's breath began to pick up as Mina fingered her more. Her knees were getting weak and her body began to tremble. Mina was so amazed by how she could feel Tsuyu dripping on her fingers, and they had only gotten started.

"It's okay if I touch you, too, Tsuyu?" Momo asked politely.

"It's okay..." Tsuyu breathed out heavily and rested her head on Ochako's shoulder.

She could feel another finger that started to spread her. Her body got even hotter than it has been. She wasn't used to being touched like this. She wasn't even used to being touched. Her face burned red with embarrassment as she tried to hide her voice. She wasn't sure if it was okay to let it out. Plus if she wasn't quiet, her voice would echo. Her friends liked the sound of her voice though, so they would provoke her if they needed to. They wanted to. All Tsuyu wanted was to keep it together.

Mina was still amazed. "Wow, I should just lick-"

"Mina!" Momo stopped her before she could finish the comment.

Would it be wrong if Tsuyu wanted to feel...just more than fingers? She was going to say that they should get this over with and do it all the way but Mina had an idea.

"Wait, Ochako, do you know where you should put your fingers?" Mina got excited again, and that question made Tsuyu's mind roam.

The question definitely sparked something inside her, and she wasn't sure if it was surprise or utter fear. But whatever it was, it was something fierce.

Because the next thing she knew, she was right on her bed in the dark, breathing hard and shaking from the dream she woke up from. She sat up and looked around quickly. What was supposed to be a hot bath was just her room. She was alone, too. The girls weren't with her.

There were a number of things she was thinking.

Like, did she really want to play around with her friends?

Did she want to get fingered that badly?

Who does she want to kiss?

Tsuyu was so confuse. The blush on her face only got brighter. She was about to sigh, and it was going to come out in sadness because her dream ended to abruptly. Where was Ochako going to put her fingers? It would clearly be Mina's idea. And Momo would go along cautiously, making sure her friend was okay.

How was she supposed to calm herself down?

She lifted her blanket and pushed it to the side when the uncomfortable heat made her shift. She had to change her underwear. It was just that feeling that bothered her.

So now what?

What was she going to tell her friends?

For some reason, it didn't bother her enough to want to stay home from school. It would be easy to ignore the girls, and look the other way like nothing happened. After all, nothing did happen between them. For real, that is.

Chapter Text

Mineta looked around, peering through the fog that filled the hallway. There was no one here with him but he heard giggling not too far off. The girls from his class was somewhere but he wasn't sure where. So he walked further into the fog, following the sound of the heavenly voices of the girls.

The fog made him think something dirty was about to happen.

The girls were waiting for him right? They wanted him. Right? Mineta was practically running towards the sound. He was so ready to take his clothes off and go for it because he deserved it. Finally the girls wanted to be with him. He wanted to be with all the girls. His mind ran wild with everything he would do to them. He'd have them all to himself, completely naked and ready to do whatever he wanted.

"Ladies..." Mineta cooed, trying to be sexy but only sounding creepy. "I'm here." He looked around, still hearing the laughs of the girls.

He stopped in front of the door to class 1-A.

The girls were right inside and hopefully they didn't have any clothes on.

They were going to have a lot of fun.

He opened the door, a smug grin on his face, but what he expected wasn't what he got. He was staring at his classmates who were all standing around the door, but not his female classmates, at least not only his female classmates. Everyone was standing in the room and it looked like they were waiting for Mineta.

"What the hell is this?" Mineta was more than just disappointed.

This is not how his dream was supposed to go. In fact, this wasn't a dream at all. Mineta was appalled. Where were the naked girls? At least he wanted to see some nipples. He hoped to God that the guys weren't going to swing their dicks around. All he wanted were the girls.

"It's an intervention, motherfucker." Bakugou said loudly, clearly not going to take Mineta's disgusting behavior.

Neither were the others. They stared down at Mineta who was standing by the door, confused and not happy. The fog was no longer around, and his idea of being naked with the girls completely shattered. Their glances were not friendly towards him, and rightfully so since it looked like he was trying to undress them with his eyes. This was supposed to be an amazing fantasy.

Not an intervention.

What did he do wrong anyway?

"Intervention...for what?" Mineta just wanted to get to the girls. He didn't care that the others were here, he would take one girl down first.

Why would he need an intervention? There's nothing wrong with him. He's just fine.

Iida pushed up his glasses and took a breath. This was not going to be easy. "Your behavior towards your fellow classmates has been atrocious-"

"You're fucking disgusting." Bakugou snapped over Iida, yelling at Mineta.

"We just want you to understand that the girls think you're creepy." Kirishima said calmly as he glanced at Bakugou nervously.

Someone was going to have to hold him back.

Mineta definitely thought he wasn't a problem. How could anyone resist him? He was impeccable and cool. All the girls want him. He was going to use the charm he had to get down to the real business since the intervention wasn't needed. "Well the ladies haven't said-"

"You're gross." Jirou said without a second thought, cutting Mineta off from making a wrong comment.

"I'm scared that you're undressing me with your eyes." Hagakure said.

"To see what?" Mineta snapped back at her. "You're invisible. As far as I'm concerned, your chest is not there." He definitely was not looking at her.

Hagakure squealed but the uproar drowned her out. The others were trying to complain but they kept talking over each other that they couldn't hear. Did Mineta really spark this sudden animosity from his classmates?

He didn't care.

"Listen you quad testicle head," Bakugou edged forward and the others hesitated, not sure if they wanted to put their hands on him to bring him back, "if you don't leave the girls alone, I'll fucking toss you outside like the trash you are." He planned to make good on his threat.

"If a girl so much as blinks at me, it means she's searching for this dick." Mineta responded, not caring that Bakugou was about to lunge for him.

The uproar started again, and soon Bakugou wasn't the only person trying to get their hands at Mineta's tiny neck.

"Let me kill him." Bakugou shouted, trying desperately hard to get passed Kirishima and Kaminari who kept him back. "I'll make it quick. I'll just pop him." His hands got explosive.

"Just let him do it." Jirou did not care if the others let Bakugou go or not, but she knows what she prefers.

The class was about to start chanting for the two of them to let Bakugou go. At least, most of them were. Of course some thought that violence wasn't the answer, though amongst the girls they just wanted Mineta gone. Iida was more than concerned about the well being of a fellow classmate, though there was the disdain he felt boiling deep in his stomach. He knew who he was defending, but it was so Bakugou doesn't do anything stupid.

"Murder is unethical." Iida was helping the effort to get Bakugou pinned down.

"You like boobs too, Bakugou," Mineta said, hoping to appeal to him and make things better. "Let's get the girls together."

Bakugou was struggling to get up as he was brought down to his knees then held down on the ground, forced to keep his arms out. Kirishima sat on his back to make sure Bakugou didn't get up. Kaminari held his arms out and Iida kept his legs down. Bakugou practically screeched so loud that it opened hell's gates. His eyes even looked murderous.

"Mineta, if you don't respect your peers, nothing good will happen for you." Iida warned him.

Mineta stared blankly at him for a second, completely unaware of Bakugou scratching at the floor, trying to claw out from underneath Kirishima but not making it.

"M-maybe it would be best if we just not do this." Midoriya was rather nervous that Bakugou would reach the point where it would be dangerous.

All Bakugou really wanted was to get some scratches in. Not really hurt Mineta but hurt him enough to understand.

"Let's just talk this out, okay." Kaminari said. "We can easily compromise-"

"You want us to compromise our dignity?"

The girls were shouting at Kaminari. Clearly they didn't want to compromise. It was a terrible idea because Mineta would ask for something awful.

And Mineta was thinking just that.

"Wait," he said loudly, "I will stop." He said, holding his hands up in defeat. He would surrender enough because he didn't want the girls to hate him. Though it was much too late for that. Though, it was a surprise to hear him say he would give up, the girls didn't have much faith. "Only if every girl flashes me once."

That did not get a great response.

"Don't play hard to get, ladies." Mineta grinned smugly at the girls.

He knew they wanted him. If only he knew that they really didn't.

Iida took a slow step back away from Bakugou. It only took one second for him to decide that he shouldn't restrain Bakugou any longer. Someone has to take out the trash and Bakugou has been offering viciously. Iida just turned away because he won't see anything. He's not a witness.

Kaminari let go of Bakugou's hands.

"Toss him!" Jirou shouted and the girls' uproar began again.

"Why don't you girls fight me?" Mineta asked, completely unaware that Bakugou pushed Kirishima off him and got up.

"In your dreams, you perv."

It was his dream.

"It's about to become a goddamn nightmare." Bakugou snarled as he stared down at Mineta, explosions at his palms.


Mineta didn't wake up early enough for school that morning.

Chapter Text

Shinsou walked the halls quietly on his own. He decided to skip class briefly, but he found himself hovering around the door of class 1-A. He wondered how long it will be before he's apart of this group of classmates. He had a feeling that one day he will get there but it seems like it will take a while. But that wasn't the only thing he was thinking about.

He turned away, his hands in his pockets, and he walked down the hall again before hearing someone coming out of the room quietly. Shinsou turned back slowly to see who it was.

There was a fluff of green hair his eyes darted to first. And then the freckles face and big green eyes. Shinsou was never going to forget him. He got his ass kicked by him. Shinsou thought quietly to himself about Midoriya, wondering all kinds of things.

He knows how nice Midoriya actually is.

Could he be mean? Midoriya never really seemed like he could be mean, and especially not to Shinsou. Though, Shinsou didn't really like him very much, he didn't expect Midoriya to return the disdain. In fact, he's seen the loud explosion yelling at Midoriya and that doesn't phase him either. Shinsou wondered if Midoriya would still treat him kindly if he abused him.

Midoriya was going to make his way to the restroom and then back to class. That wasn't Shinsou's plan. They were going to be doing something else.

"Hey, Midoriya." Shinsou called out to get his attention.

Midoriya turned to the sound of his name being called out. It was an unfamiliar voice, but Midoriya didn't waste any time smiling and waving at Shinsou. He was very nice, even to the people that doesn't like him. Shinsou didn't smile, he didn't wave, he just stared at Midoriya as he walked over to him.

"Hi, Shinsou," Midoriya said politely in response to Shinsou calling him, but that was about as much as he was going to get out.

Shinsou didn't feel in the mood to try and make more of a conversation with him.

Midoriya's eyes become unresponsive. He's staring straight ahead and doesn't notice Shinsou right in front of him. He stays quiet, too. Shinsou doesn't even give a smile. He just looked at Midoriya plainly, thinking about what should happen next?

Shinsou put his hand on Midoriya's soft face. His thumb was at the edge of his lips.

"Open your mouth." Shinsou said and Midoriya complied without hesitation.

Shinsou let his thumb move inside Midoriya's mouth and he pulled on the inside of his cheek. His mouth was rather small but it's something Shinsou could work with. Shinsou tried to think deep inside if he really wanted to do this, but he had no reasoning. He was going to do what he wanted. Midoriya couldn't say anything.

"Alright, let's go. Come with me." Shinsou decided quickly to take this elsewhere.

He had no idea how Midoriya felt being taken control over, but it's not the first time it happened. He thought Midoriya would be smart enough to not make the same mistake twice but Midoriya was only trying to be nice. That's what got him here, right? Shinsou was only experimenting.

Everyone seems to like Midoriya, and Shinsou found it hard to. He wanted to see what was so sweet about him, or what wasn't. Midoriya was always so nice, and Shinsou was sure that it didn't matter who it was. Midoriya was always going to be polite.

Though the second he comes to, Midoriya wasn't going to be this time. It's not like Shinsou won't be able to handle if Midoriya was a little mean to him. Was it something he was hoping for? Did he want to see Midoriya lash out? Or did he just want to know if he had one mean bone in his body? . It was a secret thing Shinsou wanted to know about. How long would it take before Midoriya finally snaps and puts his foot down?

Shinsou walked down the hallway, looking for an empty classroom they could occupy for a while. Just a place to sit. When he found one, he opened the door and walked inside, Midoriya following behind him obediently and without saying a word.

Shinsou grabbed a chair and sat down. Midoriya stood in front of him, the same dead expression on his face as when Shinsou first controlled him.

"On your knees." Shinsou said.

Midoriya got down on his knees in front of Shinsou, almost right between his legs.

"Do you know what I'm about to ask you to do?" Shinsou asked and Midoriya shook his head. Shinsou wasn't that surprised. "Of course, you don't."

Was Midoriya supposed to know?

"Your mouth is a little small but we can still work that out. You don't mind choking, do you?" Shinsou asked but Midoriya didn't answer the question. "Nod your head." Shinsou said and Midoriya did.

This was too easy.

Shinsou undid his belt and unzipped his pants; his hand slipped in his underwear to pull his cock out. Midoriya still had his blank stare. If he wasn't controlled, what would he say? Shinsou didn't wonder too much.

"Come here." Shinsou wanted him closer. Midoriya was obedient. "I want you to suck me off, and it better feel amazing." Shinsou had high expectations.

All Midoriya could do was give his blank stare. He didn't respond to the comment.

Shinsou took Midoriya's hands and placed them at his thighs. His hand moved under Midoriya's chin, lifting his head slightly as his other hand opened Midoriya's mouth, his thumb pulling on the inside of Midoriya's cheek again.

"Stick your tongue out." He said. Midoriya complied, his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Now Shinsou had more of a view. This was much better.

Shinsou kept Midoriya's mouth open and pressed his cock to his tongue. That was a sight to see. Midoriya barely even moved, all he did was breathe quietly as Shinsou got a good look at him.

And when he was tired of it, he knew they could get on with it.

"Go ahead and suck." Shinsou said, letting Midoriya work on his own obediently.

His lips closed around the tip of the cock that pressed on his tongue before. Midoriya didn't have any facial expression as he began to suck on the cock in his mouth. His lips wrapped around softly on the skin, barely noticing the taste.

He was compliant, quiet, and lifeless.

Shinsou knew what he wanted but he wouldn't get it.

So this should be fine.

"You can go deeper." Shinsou said, mostly ordering Midoriya to go deeper. "I want to be so deep in your mouth I can feel your throat." That was definitely something he wouldn't say to Midoriya had control over himself.

Not to his surprise, he felt more of Midoriya's mouth. It was a struggle, but only for a few seconds. It's not like Midoriya could disobey, Shinsou knew what he wanted. One thing he also knew, Midoriya actually didn't have a small mouth.

Shinsou shifted in his seat slightly. He didn't expect it to be that easy.

Midoriya had his face pressed into Shinsou's crotch, his lips parted widely at the base of Shinsou's cock. He just barely had enough air to stay down there, so he moved slowly away to breathe and do it again. All Shinsou had to do was sit back and enjoy it, and he really did enjoy it.

He placed his hands in Midoriya's hair, and kept his head down. Hearing the muffled, struggled coughs that came from his full mouth. It was so evil to keep him down, but Shinsou really didn't think it was that big a deal. What's the worst that could happen? It's not like Shinsou would really hurt him. He didn't want that. His palms pressed to the inside of Midoriya's cheeks, feeling how his cock rubbed inside Midoriya's mouth.

In just a second, there was a sharp pain that made Shinsou jerk, pushing Midoriya back so he would lift his head.

"Watch the teeth!" Shinsou didn't think he had to say something about that.

Midoriya kept his head down as he coughed. One hand moved over his mouth, catching the pool of saliva that just about spilled from his lips. He swallowed to get rid of the pain. Shinsou was just about to make him get back into but Midoriya's other hand lifted up to his thigh. The first thing Shinsou noticed was that Midoriya had a broken finger.

"You're...really mean..." Midoriya gasped deeply and wiped his mouth.

Shinsou's eyes widened.

Did Midoriya really break the mind control? It's not like Shinsou was really paying attention. The pain he felt went away rather quickly. In fact, his cock jerked excitedly, and he wasn't sure why.

Midoriya moved his hands to Shinsou's cock, stroking him slowly. When he looked up to see Shinsou's face, his green eyes weren't lifeless. Midoriya was definitely all there, and it's not like he was so thrilled to find himself in front of Shinsou this way. Then again, its not like he was going to stop. The look in his eyes, it was slightly evil. He wanted to mess with Shinsou and he could.

"What was it that you said before?" Midoriya asked, thinking to himself as he looked around. He knew exactly what Shinsou said. "You wanted to feel something, right?" he teased.

"I said what I said." Shinsou was not going to fall for it.

In fact, if Midoriya so much as responds again, Shinsou would bring him back under so this encounter could go on smoothly. However, that's not how things were going to go. Midoriya was not going to be that generous.

"I dare you to control me again," It was more of a threat. Midoriya's hands squeezed tighter on Shinsou's cock. Even his broken finger didn't seem to bother him. "I've got nine fingers left that I can fuck you with, Shinsou."


Shinsou's never really at a loss for words, but right now, he didn't know what to say. He'd never think that Midoriya would be aggressive with him. It brought chills up his spine and made his cock drip. If only he was still in control, he'd definitely love to take over.

"Oh? Seems like you'd enjoy that." Midoriya thought he caught on to something.

"Weren't you busy a minute ago?" Shinsou asked.

Midoriya was tempted to answer. He definitely had a snarky remark, but Shinsou would brainwash him just like before, and this time, he would make sure the control didn't break. Midoriya mashed his lips together, just about conceding defeat. For now.

So, Shinsou was sure that Midoriya would be obedient without needing to be controlled.

Shinsou put his hands back on Midoriya's face and got him to open his mouth. His thumbs moved to the inside of Midoriya's cheeks, opening his mouth wide so he could see the inside of his mouth.

"Your mouth actually isn't that small." Shinsou said when he saw Midoriya's tongue move.

His comment didn't get the nicest response. Midoriya bit down on Shinsou's fingers, causing him to jerk just like before. He snatched his fingers out of Midoriya's mouth before he could bite down harder.

"Were you always this perverted-"

"I said what I said." Shinsou repeated.

"Right." Midoriya noted. "You wanted to feel...the back of my throat. That's what you said." Midoriya reminded him.

Now Shinsou didn't want to think about what he said. He knew what he wanted but he didn't think Midoriya would remember. It's more of like he was thinking to himself, just fantasizing. It was a reality for a few seconds but that's not the point. Shinsou's face was beginning to turn red from the slight embarrassment.

"I might have something more interesting if you're...willing." Midoriya smirked at him, hinting that he could do more. "You can control me if you want, too...say all the dirty things you want to me."

Shinsou kept his lips tightly shut.

He didn't want to get more into it but he couldn't hide what he felt. Even with Midoriya's fingers around his cock, it was so easy to see that he was interested, that he was so excited. Shinsou just about said yes in the heat of the moment. He didn't think that Midoriya would be the one controlling him in the end.

"My throat isn't the only part of me you want to feel, right, Shinsou?" Midoriya slowly rose up to his lap. "I'd let you..." he whispered the rest into Shinsou's ear, making his eyes widen in surprise.

He hasn't heard Midoriya talk like that before. He's never heard anyone talk like that before. He was definitely in over his head about what he thought he could do to Midoriya. He wasn't getting away with it that was for sure.

Shinsou's heart was racing quickly as he pictured everything that Midoriya said.

"Go ahead, ask me a question." Midoriya said quietly. "I'll answer it."

Shinsou's lips parted. He hesitated to say what he wanted to say. That was his mistake. If he hadn't hesitated, this would've lasted longer.

He jolted awake as he rolled off the edge of his bed during the early morning. It was a shock when his eyes opened wide and he wasn't where he thought he was. He cursed as he hit the floor, face down, his arms barely able to break his fall. It wasn't a hard hit, but it was enough to definitely wake him up. He stayed down on the floor, his blanket covering over him.

What kind of dream did he just wake up from?

He hasn't thought about anyone the way he thought about Midoriya. He knew damn well that what he dreamed about would not happen for any reason at all. He wouldn't dare try to control Midoriya again after all that.

He thought he just went through hell.

He knew Midoriya would never act that way towards him, that's what made the dream seem so awful to him. How could he want something like that? How could he even do something like that?

He rose up off the floor slowly, pushing his hair back and rubbing his face where he felt the slight pain. His heart was still racing from his dream. It's like he couldn't settle down. And when he sat up, he really felt why he was so on edge. His boner was edging at the front of his sweat pants, aching to be let free.

Now all he could think about is if Midoriya's mouth is really that small or not.

It's an awful thought.

He didn't want to find out, at least he swore he didn't want to find out.

All he knew now was that he could never transfer to class 1-A if he didn't want to embarrass himself.

Chapter Text

Momo looked around frantically as she tried to figure out where she was.

"What's the plan, Momo?"

She turned to the sound of Todoroki's voice and saw him walking towards her. She seemed distraught, panicked, overwhelmed. He didn't look too happy either. His eyes were piercing cold as he looked at her. She was more concerned about other things rather than Todoroki coming near her.

Where was she and how did she get here?

"What are we going to do, Momo?" Todoroki asked as he got closer to her. He was demanding that she have a plan.

A plan for what?

She didn't know how to answer.

She didn't know what was going on. Even with herself she seemed confused. Why was Todoroki here with her? Did he know what happened? The stress just put her on edge.

It got to the point where she didn't want to hear another question come out of his mouth.

"What's the plan, Momo?" Todoroki asked again as he stalked closer to her, making her take steps back until she was pressed against a wall, a wall she was sure wasn't there before.

She was nervous and hot. She stared at Todoroki as he stood close in front of her. She didn't think he would be this close but her eyes didn't deceive her. This was painful for her. Her heart was just about to beat out of her chest from how panicked she was.

What the hell was going on?

"Focus." Todoroki said to get her attention again. "What do you want me to do?" He asked her.

She wasn't answering any of his questions. She wanted something, well her body wanted it more than her mind did.


She panicked. "S-stop!-" she needed to think.

"What do you want?" He asked anyway.

She needed to speak up for herself. She needed to demand the things she wanted. He would keep asking until she tells him what she truly wanted.

The words lingered on her tongue but she had no idea what she was going to say. There was a disconnect between her body and her mind. Why was she so panicked? What was she going to say? Her eyes stared right back at Todoroki, her lips quivering as she held her breath.

She was about to say it.

"I want..." She was really going to say it. "Get on the floor, please." It was a struggle to get that out of her mouth but she did it.

"And?" Todoroki wasn't going to finish there.

Momo's face was turning bright red. What was it that she wanted? What was the plan? "Let me-..." She was embarrassed. She was so embarrassed.

"Let you what?"

She continued to struggle to get her words out. "I want t-to-"

"What?" Todoroki kept demanding answers from her.

She couldn't take it anymore. She finally snapped. Her hands pressed on Todoroki's chest and she pushed him down on to the floor. It was abrupt, and her frustration wasn't gone yet. Her hands balled up at her side as she tried to think. Her mind couldn't wrap around what was going on, but that was the point, she didn't have to know.

So when she finally got that out there, she told herself that she should take what she wants, even if it's from Todoroki.

She looked down at him on the ground, sorting out her jumbled thoughts of all the things she was asking for. It was necessarily nice. She kept her eyes on his face and so many dirty thoughts passed through her mind. There was a lot. She couldn't just wait. Her hands moved under her skirt, her thumbs hooked around the pink fabric of her underwear that she began pulling down. She lifted one leg and pulled her underwear further so she could let it fall to the floor at her other foot.

Todoroki kept his eyes on her but he didn't seem surprised to see her take off her panties. Is that the only thing that she's taking off? What about her blouse? Maybe her skirt? It wasn't his thoughts that were roaming, it was hers. There was a lot going through her mind as she looked down at Todoroki. How was she even going to explain herself?

Would he hate her?

She knew what she wanted but did he want it?

"What's the plan, Momo?" Todoroki asked again.

She mashed her lips together. That question again. What was she going to do? What's the plan? She hesitated at first, but she did move, getting down in front of him, straddling over his lap. But this isn't it. This wasn't what she really wanted.

"I-I-" The thought of it made her blush. "Y-your face." she said. "I want to...sit..."

"On my face?" Todoroki was not surprise. He wanted her to answer, he wanted her to tell him. It wasn't him putting words in her mouth, it was him hoping she would piece it together on her own.

She wanted to sit on his face.

Her mouth opened to say just that but she hesitated again. If she believed in herself more, the words would roll right off her tongue. It wouldn't be such a big deal to say something so vulgar either. Todoroki wasn't trying to move her off him, so of course it should be okay.



"I want to sit on your face." Her hand pushed down on his shoulder so he would lay back on the floor.

That was all Todoroki needed to hear from her.

He took her other hand and tugged on her so she would move up more. She bit the inside of her cheek, still debating whether this was the best idea. It was Todoroki she was straddling over. She never really thought this would be a big thing, but here she was with him. That was unusual. She continued to bite the inside of her cheek as she stared down at Todoroki's face that was right between her thighs.

Her thighs were getting hot.

It was to the point that it made her shake from getting nervous and he hadn't even done anything to her.

She did want it.

She had to act like she wanted it. She had to say what the plan was.

She had to execute it.

Her hands moved in his hair slowly, lacing between the red and white strands. Her teeth bit harder on the inside of her cheek but it wasn't to stop her, it was to tell her that this was real. That this was happening. It surely was happening.

She took a deep breath "Okay." she said when she was ready.

Todoroki's arms wrapped around her thighs to hold her down because he wasn't going to take this slow, not for her. At least, she didn't think she wanted him to take his time. She let out a shaky breath when she felt his mouth press on her.

This was definitely her first time letting anyone do this to her but it didn't seem like it, especially with the look of satisfaction on her face. Was this a wild fantasy of hers, did she want to know what it was like to sit on someone's face? Or was it just Todoroki she was dreaming about?

It wasn't an awful thought.

Right now, she wasn't embarrassed or bothered or anything.

Her fingers were pulling more on Todoroki's hair when she felt his tongue licking around her skin, lapping slowly to get the taste of her. She wanted him to be rougher, to get more aggressive. She's seen what he's like when he has a goal in mind. She wanted that kind of determination.

"M-more, please." Her voice was breathy. She could barely speak through her shaking lips. "Harder." At least she could say what she wanted.

Todoroki moved his arms from her thighs and let his hands move under her skirt to hold her hips instead. He lifted himself more into her so his tongue could penetrate her. Her back arched and her fingers pulled on him more, hoping that he would just drive himself deeper into her. She clenched her jaw and fought back the moan that tried to make it passed her lips. She's gotten over the embarrassment, but she really didn't think that Todoroki needed to hear her, especially when he's busy.

Though, deep down, she did hope that he would get more enthusiastic by the sound of the her voice and by the way she was begging for it.

If she says what she wants, she gets it. That's how it works. So if she wanted more, he'd gladly give it to her. And what better way for her to ask than by weak moans and unexpected cries?

Momo's face was bright red. Her breathing picked up, the shallow air leaving between her pink lips as she tried to keep herself from feeling too much.

But then she thought Todoroki's mouth was getting hotter.

Was he...

"Y-your mouth is..." she wasn't expecting the warmth, especially where she was sitting. If she wasn't wet before, she truly was now.

Her body continued to shake, the shudders and tremors rolling through her body as she truly tried to get away from the warmth that was between her legs. Her hips lifted but Todoroki was going to make sure that she couldn't go anywhere. His hands gripped her thighs and kept her down so she couldn't move away, no matter how blissfully unbearable she felt.

Her cries came out louder.

She wanted to cover her mouth, but she couldn't get her hands out of his hair.

It's either she wanted his face pressed into her or not. She couldn't decide.

For the first time, he didn't have that stiff demeanor that pushes people away. If anything, Momo was definitely pulling him towards her. She could suffocate him just with her thighs, and that kind of thought made her blush harder.

She liked how Todoroki wasn't as gentle as he licked her. She wanted him to be rougher, and now his mouth was getting so hot that she thought she would just cum then and there. His fingers were digging into her thighs to keep in place right over his face. She thought she was going to fall over, but even then, Todoroki would continue to eat her out like nothing was happening.

"Oh!- okay, I'm g-going to-to..." Momo wasn't sure what was happening.

It felt good. Too good. It was like her entire body wasn't in her control anymore. How easily she could just succumb to someone else's touch. Todoroki was literally making her melt. Her cry came out as a quiet shrill as she desperately tried to hold back her smile; she tried so hard but the corner of her lips were twitching.

Her eyes shut tight and she let go of Todoroki's hair, her hands planting right down on the floor. Her hips were moving towards his mouth, trying to catch the rhythm of the way his tongue licked over her wet skin. She felt every hot breath that made her thighs numb. When she felt his lips press into her again and again, her legs would shake, and his tongue would continue to lap over her entrance, tasting every bit of her. She couldn't take it anymore. She looked like she was about to explode.

If he doesn't slow down, she'll definitely cum. Was it wrong to admit that she just wanted to be finished off brutally and never talk to him again? If he just made her cum and left without even a word, she was sure that she would want more.

"Wait!- I'll cu-ah!"

She wasn't just about to cum.

It was definitely more than that.

She was going to...

It was cruel that she woke up in the midst of her orgasm. She could still feel it, the intense warmth that boiled in her stomach. She had no idea that she was waking up. All of it was so real. Her eyes fluttered open but she could barely focus. It was still a dream to her. Her fingers were tugging at her blanket as she curled up in bed, her thighs pressing together as she continued to think she could feel Todoroki's tongue still licking her.

That's not where it was supposed to end but Momo didn't know the difference.

At least, not while she was still trying to wake up.

A quiet moan left her lips before her face pressed into her pillow. Her body tensed up for a second before the wave of pleasure washed over her. For all she knew, everything was still happening. It was just a moment of pure confusion and bliss.

She had no idea.

She let out a breath of release when it was finally over. Her body relaxed and her fingers let go of her blanket. There was a moment of silence, and it quickly became awkward for her though she was by herself. She looked around in the dark, wondering what truly happened since she was sure what happened actually happened to her.

"" she lifted herself up in bed.

Her legs were shaking. That's how real her body thought it was. She didn't know what to say. She had a lot of respect for Todoroki so she definitely thought this wouldn't come to mind.

Her...sitting on his face...never.

That's why she got so disappointed so quickly. That was such a cruel dream.

Her hand pushed her hair back from her face. "Wow." Now what was she going to do?

Maybe she should address the situation. It has to mean something that she had a rather powerful wet dream about someone she does in fact admires and respect. Then again, it would be much easier to keep her mouth shut and avoid Todoroki for as long as she's alive.

Chapter Text

"You're weird." Jirou found herself saying to the blond she was with.

"That's mean."

"Well." she didn't particularly feel bad about telling the truth. She thought Kaminari was definitely a problem.

How many times was she going to say that before he understood? Probably never.

However, they were together and Jirou didn't mind. She thought this may have been the first time that they were this close, and by themselves. Usually its not like that. Jirou would never stay alone with Kaminari. What was going on?

Her face scrunched up.

Something wasn't right.

"I think you need to chill out more." Kaminari said, a little enthusiastic to help Jirou get to that point.

Jirou seemed to think that Kaminari really did want to be just friends. And for some reason that did not sit right with her. What the hell did she want from him.

The way she was leaning against the wall, the way she was messing around with him, the way that she kept annoying him, was she flirting? When she realized what she was doing, she straightened up slightly. It was a little shocking because she never thought that she would ever give Kaminari the light of day. So why did she find herself like this?

"You need to leave me alone." Jirou said but she hoped that she sounded like she was joking.

So she didn't want Kaminari to leave her alone?

She needed to make up her mind.

Kaminari didn't seem to notice that Jirou was struggling. He just thought she was acting the same way that she always acted, not necessarily cold to him but not exactly inviting either.

"Why are we even..." Jirou had no idea what was going on, but it was more confusion with herself than the situation.

"We're friends right?" Kaminari asked, a small smile on his face.

"Do my sardonic jokes about you make you think we aren't?"

"I just want to know what you think." Kaminari had an interest in her, and it was in a way that Jirou hadn't seen before.

Why was she getting flustered? Why was she getting hot? She knew Kaminari may have been a flirt, but they weren't even flirting at the moment. It was just...he wanted to know if they were friends. Why was she getting so uptight for?

Did Kaminari want to be more than friends?

Should she say something to him about it?

Her face was becoming a brighter red. She doesn't blush like this but here it was. And it was the most uncomfortable situation she's ever been in, not because of Kaminari but because she didn't know how to deal with herself.

Kaminari touched her face, the palm of his hand resting on her cheek. "You're blushing."

Jirou was completely stunned. Her eyes were wide with surprise and her mouth hung open in shock. He just touched her. When he realized what he did, he drew his hand back, an apologetic expression on his face.

"Sorry-" he didn't mean to.

It was unexpected.

Jirou had to come to a conclusion fast. It was just the two of them here. No one else. So if anything happened, it would be between the two of them only. She swore she would make Kaminari regret it if he ever talked about what she decided to do.

She took his hand, and the plan was to put it back on her face, but her own hand had a mind of its own. That was the issue. Her hand held his for only a second before she put it on her chest.

They were both surprised.


"Don't ruin it by talking." Jirou said over him.



They were quiet. Jirou didn't say anything and neither did Kaminari. For a second, they just stared down at the hand that cuffed the breast lightly. It was awkward and embarrassing and quite traumatizing.

But Jirou hoped that the next move would be made soon, and she preferred if it were him that did it.

However, it was a surprise when Kaminari moved his hand off her, only to let both his hands move under her shirt without a moment to spare. His hands were right under her bra, his fingers pressing into her breasts firmly.

Jirou clenched her jaw to control her outburst. She had to remind herself to keep her expectations low because she was dealing with Kaminari. What did she want out of this? Whatever it was, she was going to have to settle.

When Kaminari squeezed his fingers, Jirou snapped, hitting him on the head so he would loosen his grip.

"Don't get overzealous." She warned him.

"You need to chill out-"

"You need to get your hands off me if you think I'm going to take advice from you." She snapped at him, shoving his hands out from under her shirt.

Her face was still bright red. When she thought about it, it was like she couldn't still feel Kaminari's hands at her chest. What the hell was she thinking? She mashed her lips together tightly and balled up her hands.

She definitely needed to calm down.

"Seriously, Jirou, just relax." Kaminari said. "You'll never get anywhere if you're so uptight all the time." He was being serious with her.

She wasn't always...uptight. Was she? That's not the kind of person she was. And she couldn't believe that she was about to listen to what Kaminari had to say. This was about to be a huge problem. Before she could complain about it, she bit her tongue to keep it to herself.

She didn't say anything as she looked up towards Kaminari's face. This was her way of letting him try again. Kaminari was slow to move his hands this time; his fingers just barely trailed over her stomach as her shirt lifted. His hands moved up to her chest, lifting her breasts in his palms. Jirou bit down on the inside of her lip to keep to herself. At least Kaminari was being gentle.

Was this the first time that he was touching a girl? He seemed rather calm.

That's not like him.

Jirou didn't say anything.

She was getting hotter than she was before. This time it was even more embarrassing. She expected to hear Kaminari say something about the size of her boobs but that's not what she got. He was rather quiet, and he was staring down at her chest. She could take off her shirt if she wanted but she wasn't going to get that far. Not yet.

When Kaminari couldn't take it anymore, his hands moved to Jirou's waist and spun her around so he could press her against the wall. That wasn't like him either. In fact, that was just too easy for him to do. Jirou would expect him to fumble around, to make a mistake, but that's not what happened.

Now she was pressed against the wall, and his hands were trailing her body, his fingers running over the front of her pants.

"What are you...doing?" she asked slowly, but she didn't want to stop him. It would just be nice to know what to expect.

She felt his breath at her ear; any closer and she would be able to feel his lips press to her skin. Kaminari was rather close, but Jirou didn't want to push him away. That's the last thing she would do, and she found that unfortunate at the moment.

"You like me, right, Jirou?" he asked kindly.

"I mean..."

"You want me, right?"

Oh. Jirou did not want to answer that question. At least, she didn't want to give a verbal answer. What was the best thing to say in a situation like this anyway? She wasn't going to say out loud that she wanted to be closer. She let her body do the talking. Her hips pushed back against him, slowly grinding against his body, as she hoped he would get into it.


"Don't say anything." Jirou said quickly so he wouldn't ruin the moment.

Kaminari did keep to himself. He wasn't going to complain when he got to feel Jirou grind up against him. Maybe he was too into it but so was she, because she got a little more than just excited.

Was it okay for him to be humping against her?

They were still wearing clothes.

Did that matter?

Jirou could feel the bulge that was pressing up on her ass. Its like she could feel the throbbing against her and if she wasn't wearing her clothes, she would definitely feel more. She almost wanted Kaminari to take off her clothes.

She would do it herself.

His hands were under her shirt for just a moment before his hands slid down again to the front of her pants. It was so easy for him to slip his hand inside to feel the warmth of her skin. She didn't even say anything. Her voice was caught in her throat. She couldn't speak, not with his hand down in her pants, not with the way he breathed on her ear, not with the way he held her clothes.

His fingers reached low enough to penetrate her, and he didn't wait a second for that to happen. Jirou lifted herself more on her toes, arching her back more to press herself on Kaminari's body. His fingers rubbed inside her slowly, teasing her, making her think she would have to beg. Her hands pressed flat on the wall to keep herself up as she began to grind with him, feeling his fingers inside her as she moved.

She never thought she would be doing this with him but here she was. It's like she didn't care.

All she wanted was to feel that buzzing sensation that pulsed throughout her entire body. It was like spark after spark that made her want more. She was so excited that the electricity streamed through her veins.


"Y-you're shocking m-me." she breathed heavily, trying to get herself together, but that wasn't working too well.

Kaminari was using his quirk on her and it felt strangely exhilarating. Jirou had nothing to say other than she didn't want him to stop.

They continued to grind with each other. Jirou was seconds away from screaming for him to take off his pants and go for it. She didn't just want to be fingered. There had to be more. She wanted more.

"Just fuck me already." she groaned through her teeth when she couldn't take it.

She was so excited that she couldn't stop herself.

The shock literally made her come to her senses.

Jirou woke up screaming, like she just woke up from a nightmare. She looked around frantically as she tried to figure out what was going on. It barely clicked in her head what was happening. Her voice faded when she realized it was just a problematic dream she had. Once she stopped, her hand hit her forehead in shame and she groaned miserably.

Of all the people she could've had a wet dream about, why Kaminari?

What did he have to offer?

He certainly is not as smooth as she dreamed.

Why couldn't she subconsciously like Momo or Uraraka, or someone better?

"Oh my God!" She was so irritated.

Rightfully so, too.

She would never try to get with Kaminari even if deep down in her mind she wanted to. Hell would have to freeze over first before that ever happened.

"This is disgusting." she tossed her blanket off her and got out of bed, deciding to get ready for school despite it being too early.

Chapter Text

Midoriya walked slowly on campus. His eyes were blood shot red from not getting any sleep the night before. Apparently, he had the worst dream he could ever think about. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. If he can make it through today, then everything would be fine.

Except, there was someone standing not too far off from where he was standing.

He immediately stopped walking, his hands gripping the straps of his bag tightly. He was terrified of getting any closer because Bakugou was glaring right at him. His eyes were just as red and there were circles underneath, suggesting he didn't get any sleep either.

Bakugou had a few words to say to Midoriya, and they were not nice at all. He recalled everything that happened in his dream, and the last thing that he was going to let happen was Midoriya getting away with how disrespectful he was. It's just not happening now. He gritted his teeth hard, his glare becoming murderous.

He could feel Midoriya's hands around his neck, as if his dream was still happening. What was funny was that Midoriya could feel Bakugou's hands around his neck too. If the two of them got too close, something would definitely happen.

Who would get on top first?

"Deku..." Bakugou snarled lowly, slowly walking towards him, almost like he was stalking prey.

He was stuck with the feeling of Midoriya's fingers in his mouth, pressing down on his tongue, making sure that he couldn't scream curses. He wasn't going to take that. Bakugou's hands were beginning to spark as he got closer, and that only frightened Midoriya even more.

Midoriya tried to take a step back but his body froze. What if Bakugou got a hold of him? Would he choke him? Why did that thought suddenly excite Midoriya?

What was going on?

There had to be something Midoriya could do.

Who could he walk away with?

"Deku?" Uraraka was running towards him, waving her hand in the air. He turned to see her face and sighed with relief. Bakugou just barely stopped when Uraraka got in the way. She was so happy this morning considering the night she had. "Good morning." She said when she got up to Midoriya.

But her smile faded when she saw Bakugou. It was a quick loss of light in her eyes, and a bright blush colored her cheeks. She didn't forget.

She was a good girl.

She was such a good girl.

She could imagine him saying it to her, demanding that she keep her legs open for him because she was a good girl and that's what good girls do. She was a good girl. Just for him.

All she could do was stare at Bakugou, blinking through the flusteredness as she tried to make sense of reality. Bakugou glared right back at her when she didn't stop staring. He just didn't know that Uraraka was having her own crisis.

"What do you want, moon-face?" He barked because she didn't move away.

"Nothing!" she screeched and took a quick step back.

She wanted absolutely nothing. The number of times she had to tell herself this to be true was amazing. There was no reason for her to worry but she was scared out of her mind.

She was about to run away when she saw Iida.

That was her escape plan.

In fact, that was Midoriya's escape plan too.

"Iida!" Uraraka yelled, planning to go over to him and Midoriya was going to follow but Iida tried to pretend like he wasn't there.

He walked quickly and covered his face with his hand, hoping the two of his friends would get the picture. Right now, he didn't want to see them. It was clear that if he were to face them, he would accidentally say something that he shouldn't.

He knew what friends were for and what he dreamed about was not it. He was never going to look them in the eyes again. He continued walking without so much as a word to them. He was gone within seconds and the two of them didn't know what to do.

Midoriya put his hand down and sighed again, this time a little frustrated. When he looked forward again, Bakugou was walking away. For now everything was fine, but it wasn't going to stay that way.

Uraraka let out a soft breath of relief. For now, her pain was settled. She could handle her life.

Midoriya was the first to notice someone else walk by in the midst of students.

"Shinsou!" He saw purple hair.

Shinsou turned around, completely horrified to hear Midoriya's voice. He looked completely awful too. He was more than just tired. He felt drained, like he was going to pass out. Add fear on top of that as well. There was nothing scarier than facing a nightmare. When Shinsou saw Midoriya, he turned away quickly and walked fast to get far away.

He swore that he would never use his quirk for his own personal gain. And by that he meant making Midoriya give him a blowjob. He didn't want to get roasted either. Whether or not Midoriya was capable of snapping back, Shinsou did not want to find out.

This was not a good day for him.

So he left in a hurry because staring at Midoriya's face would only make him wonder.

Midoriya had no idea what was going on.

"Hey, Midoriya." Kirishima walked by. "I have a question." he whispered.

Midoriya turned to him slowly. He's never seen Kirishima blush before. It must be the new manly if that's what's going on. Kirishima looked just as tired as Shinsou was, but he wasn't terrified. In fact, Kirishima seemed just fine sleep deprived.

"Do you know what size Bakugou is in jeans?" Kirishima asked plainly, like it was a completely valid question. In his mind it surely was. "I'm just asking for a friend."

Midoriya had no idea why someone would want that kind of information. "What-"

"I mean, he wears jeans, right?" Kirishima was interested to know.

Midoriya still didn't know how to answer. He was at a loss for words. Again. And its only been a few minutes. Why would Kirishima ask such an awkward question? The blush was still on his face and it looked like Kirishima was incredibly uncomfortable.

But he saw Bakugou walking ahead and he wanted to catch up. He wasn't that scared to talk to Bakugou. He had thoughts in his head, rather explicit thoughts and it would be great if he could make it a reality.

He left Midoriya and ran up to Bakugou to walk beside him. Bakugou immediately greeted him with shouting and cursing but that was nothing special. Kirishima just blushed harder.

A friend of theirs was trying to blend into the crowd. The black lightening bolt in his blond hair stuck out. Kirishima called out to him to join him and Bakugou so they could walk to class together, but Kaminari tried his hardest to pretend that he didn't see them.

Though his eyes looked up hesitantly and a ferocious blush colored his cheeks. He was so embarrassed that he had to look the other way.

His friends tag teamed him in his dream.

He didn't know what to say to that.

So he wasn't going to say that much at all.

"I'm busy." Kaminari said, looking down and continued walking. He just had to get far away as fast as possible. If he continued looking at Bakugou and Kirishima, there would clearly be some problems.

Behind him, Mina was running, and she was running fast to catch up to him.

"Denki!" she called out to him.

The sound of her voice made him freeze up immediately. The blood rushed out of his body as he was reminded of the dirty dream he had about her.

He didn't even give Mina a glance.

"No!" He turned around to stop her. "Stay away from me!" he stammered and ran off inside because he couldn't take the humiliation. There was too much to consider that was going on and he didn't want to deal with it. There was no way he could handle facing anyone right now.

Kirishima and Bakugou turned away slowly once Kaminari was off. Kirishima was quick to ask what size Bakugou was in jeans but it was clear that Bakugou wasn't going to answer that question, so he walked off.

Meanwhile, Mina frowned bitterly as she watched Kaminari run away. Did she do something wrong? She wasn't sure. She thought Kaminari would tell her if something happened but she guessed wrong. She turned around to try and find a friend to walk with.

Tsuyu walked slowly by herself, keeping her head down and her eyes to the ground. She was going to take this with dignity and grace. She was going to handle herself. Her friends were her friends, and wanting to get frisky with them didn't change anything. It was all a dream anyway. There was nothing for her to worry about. Even if her friends came towards her, she could handle it.

"Tsuyu." Uraraka waved at her just as Mina came towards her as well. The two of them were quick to go over to her.

Tsuyu stopped mid step and tried to find somewhere else to go immediately. She thought she could handle it but she couldn't. Apparently all she could think about were breasts and water, and wet breasts. She needed to be far away right now. But when she turned, Momo was behind her, smiling politely and waving.

She was cornered.

"Good morning, Tsuyu-"

"I have somewhere to be." she took off without so much as looking back.

Momo wasn't sure if it was her fault. It's like Tsuyu got one glance at her and ran away. Momo wasn't having the best of mornings, and she had hoped her friends would be there for her, but she already managed to scare someone away. She had a rough time getting herself together, especially with what she woke up from. It was hard to make herself look presentable enough for school.

It was so tiring.

Midoriya didn't catch sight of Bakugou anymore and that was thanks to Kirishima, who apparently was adamant about knowing Bakugou's jean size. Midoriya thought this morning was weird. Iida was avoiding him and Uraraka. Shinsou was suddenly scared of him. He saw Kaminari run off in a daze from three people. And so did Tsuyu. Who else is acting weird?

When he continued walking, he saw Momo staring behind him; she was blushing but she looked so embarrassed that she was shocked. She was frozen in place, just staring right through him. When Midoriya turned, Todoroki was just standing there, staring back.

Did Todoroki do something wrong? He didn't think so.

So why was Momo staring so hard?

But that wasn't Todoroki's concern, especially when Midoriya turned around. He was hoping that Midoriya would just walk on without noticing him but that's not what happened. Midoriya was just about to wave, but Todoroki turned cold as he continued to walk, ignoring Midoriya standing there.

Momo took multiple steps back before really running off.

Todoroki didn't know what was wrong with her.

Jirou passed by, her eyes dark from pure anger. She had a terrible morning, and she knew if she even looked at Kaminari, there would be a lot of problems to deal with. She didn't want to think about the things she dreamed about.

"Good morning-"

"Don't talk to me." Jirou said bitterly as she walked by Midoriya. "Keep Kaminari away from me or I might kill him." she threatened as she walked by.

No one wanted to discuss their sexual experiences. Whatever happened the previous night had everyone on edge. Some could handle it better than others, but there was a lot that had to be settled.

When it was time for class, the tension was even worse.

There was no way the group of students would be caught in a classroom together. Some would have a panic attack and others would have a slight crisis. Not to mention it would be very difficult to keep in their pants. A few had issues trying to separate their real feelings from what they dreamed about.

So no one was going to make a move.

Class 1-A was having a stand off. No one even dared to go in the room. A few students were even hiding behind corners, peaking around to see if someone had walked in yet. No one was going to make the first move. Apparently, the situation was too serious.

There were frightened glances, glares, and startled looks that were passed around between each other. Everyone was blushing. It didn't matter if it was from embarrassment or pure fury.

No one was moving

"What are you all doing?" Aizawa didn't show his surprise to see his students spread out down the hallway. "Class has started."

No one said anything.

The glances and glares didn't stop. No one even noticed he was there.

Today was not the day for Aizawa to handle this. He had more to deal with. His students being weird was going to have to be ignored. If they weren't going to go into the classroom, well then another teacher could handle it.

He could spend the quiet time taking a nap.



Aizawa was asleep in the teacher's lounge, his head down on his arms on the desk to block the light. He's been sleeping there for a while. His students weren't cooperating so he decided to take a break. For however long he was here, he slept soundly.

That is, until he jolted awake, falling out of his chair abruptly and hitting the floor.

His face was suddenly bright red and it looked like he's seen a ghost with how wide his eyes were. He was in shock from what just happened, not falling out of his chair, but the dream he woke up from.

It was just so confusing and traumatizing. He couldn't explain it, at least in a non graphic way. What he dreamt about was not good. His face continued to heat up as he looked around. How long had he been out? He slept for a while but he just felt worse. He wouldn't dare try to go to sleep again, not after what he just woke up from. So all that was left was to actually go and teach though he had a feeling the students weren't going to cooperate.

He got up slowly and turned around only to find Toshinori standing behind him.

He was about to gently tap Aizawa on the shoulder and ask him to eat lunch with him, but Aizawa fell out of his chair before he could ask anything. Something happened. Toshinori didn't know what. He was very polite however, waving his hand and hoping that Aizawa was in a good enough mood to sit with him.

Aizawa was stunned to see him standing there. It was more than just traumatizing, Aizawa was terrified. His eyes stared at Toshinori but Aizawa wasn't mentally present after a few seconds. Toshinori was in his All Might form and that's what made it so much worse.

Aizawa's face was still red. His eyes began to wander even though he told himself he shouldn't get curious.

Toshinori was just...Azaiwa was staring. Those... big arms...and big hands. Someone could feel so safe just by being hugged by All Might. But that's not what Aizawa's concern was. There was more. Those hands could be used for something else.

Aizawa shifted slowly, his eyes right at Toshinori's chest.


He remembered everything he saw in his dream. He remembered how he was touched, how rough it was, how he felt. His heart was beating so hard and it was difficult to breathe. There was this strong grip that kept him from moving but it's not like he would try to get away. No matter how rough it was, Aizawa just felt so willing and he behaved too.

Toshinori was about to say something.

"Shh!" Aizawa needed silence. "Don't talk."

Aizawa was still thinking about what he thought he felt. There was a lot he could remember. One thing was for sure, his imagination ran wild with thinking about how big Toshinori was. That was such a dangerous thought. It made Aizawa so uncomfortable that he couldn't stop thinking about being fucked so hard that he would go blind. He remained quiet, his stare going blank as he retreated further back in his mind.

Toshinori was confused. He held his lunch up but Aizawa turned away. They were never going to sit together again. Ever.

Aizawa clearly could no longer look Toshinori in the eyes.

What he dreamed about, that was just wrong. It was so wrong. But Aizawa had this feeling like he wouldn't mind. It was so deep down, however. He would have to go through so much before he ever let Toshinori do anything to him.

The way Toshinori's hands were wrapped around him, that feeling of roughness and gentleness that made it all so bittersweet. Aizawa could physically feel what it was like to feel the weight of the much larger man over his body. What would've happened if he was totally wrecked? In his dream he was, he could barely even speak after letting Toshinori do whatever he wanted to him.

Aizawa was in such a daze imagining what it would be like to be fucked raw until he could no longer stay up. Until his legs started shaking. Until his vision started blurring. His body craved for that feeling.

He blinked once and he was looking at Toshinori again.

This was problematic.

Before he could forcefully say that he wanted to be left alone, he heard his name shouted by another one of the teachers.


Aizawa was in a daze once again.

In front of him stood Yamada, who was more than excited to see him. Aizawa seemed to go blank as he stared right through him.

Was there more?

Why was he still so flustered?

Aizawa had more than one person to worry about. Yamada was in his dream too and it wasn't at all flattering or respectful. The one thing Aizawa could think about, Yamada really did have a voice on him. It was impressive to the point that it brought Aizawa chills. In his dreams, he knows what he heard.

He began to get goosebumps again.

The things he remembered hearing, the things that came out of Yamada's mouth, that was not nice at all. And as wrong as it was, it just felt so right in a way that made Aizawa want to strip off his clothes. He wasn't the type for dirty talk, but that certainly isn't the case when Yamada is the one talking dirty to him.

"I'm..." Aizawa was at a loss for words. When he finally came to his senses, he finished, "I'm getting a restraining order on both of you-"

That sounded absurd. In fact, that's not something Aizawa would do. That just means he was pushed to the extreme. The two of them looked at him with shocked expressions because it was a little over the top, even for him. "Why would you do that-"

"Don't ever talk to me." Aizawa snapped quickly before storming out in a rush to hide his face from the embarrassment.

It wasn't well hidden.

The other two were left standing there quietly, wondering what got into Aizawa enough for him to not be calm and stoic. Who did what to him? Something happened. Who hurt him? The other two looked at each other quietly. Toshinori only wanted to have lunch with a fellow teacher. He didn't mean to make Aizawa upset. And Yamada, well, it's not like he wasn't up to something.

"Did we do something wrong?" Toshinori asked.

"Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." Yamada said and gave a strong laugh that carried through the room.

If only the two of them knew what kind of thoughts Aizawa has been having about them. Soon they'll understand what's going on. Wet dreams are more common than people think.