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Wet Dreams

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Midoriya walked slowly on campus. His eyes were blood shot red from not getting any sleep the night before. Apparently, he had the worst dream he could ever think about. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. If he can make it through today, then everything would be fine.

Except, there was someone standing not too far off from where he was standing.

He immediately stopped walking, his hands gripping the straps of his bag tightly. He was terrified of getting any closer because Bakugou was glaring right at him. His eyes were just as red and there were circles underneath, suggesting he didn't get any sleep either.

Bakugou had a few words to say to Midoriya, and they were not nice at all. He recalled everything that happened in his dream, and the last thing that he was going to let happen was Midoriya getting away with how disrespectful he was. It's just not happening now. He gritted his teeth hard, his glare becoming murderous.

He could feel Midoriya's hands around his neck, as if his dream was still happening. What was funny was that Midoriya could feel Bakugou's hands around his neck too. If the two of them got too close, something would definitely happen.

Who would get on top first?

"Deku..." Bakugou snarled lowly, slowly walking towards him, almost like he was stalking prey.

He was stuck with the feeling of Midoriya's fingers in his mouth, pressing down on his tongue, making sure that he couldn't scream curses. He wasn't going to take that. Bakugou's hands were beginning to spark as he got closer, and that only frightened Midoriya even more.

Midoriya tried to take a step back but his body froze. What if Bakugou got a hold of him? Would he choke him? Why did that thought suddenly excite Midoriya?

What was going on?

There had to be something Midoriya could do.

Who could he walk away with?

"Deku?" Uraraka was running towards him, waving her hand in the air. He turned to see her face and sighed with relief. Bakugou just barely stopped when Uraraka got in the way. She was so happy this morning considering the night she had. "Good morning." She said when she got up to Midoriya.

But her smile faded when she saw Bakugou. It was a quick loss of light in her eyes, and a bright blush colored her cheeks. She didn't forget.

She was a good girl.

She was such a good girl.

She could imagine him saying it to her, demanding that she keep her legs open for him because she was a good girl and that's what good girls do. She was a good girl. Just for him.

All she could do was stare at Bakugou, blinking through the flusteredness as she tried to make sense of reality. Bakugou glared right back at her when she didn't stop staring. He just didn't know that Uraraka was having her own crisis.

"What do you want, moon-face?" He barked because she didn't move away.

"Nothing!" she screeched and took a quick step back.

She wanted absolutely nothing. The number of times she had to tell herself this to be true was amazing. There was no reason for her to worry but she was scared out of her mind.

She was about to run away when she saw Iida.

That was her escape plan.

In fact, that was Midoriya's escape plan too.

"Iida!" Uraraka yelled, planning to go over to him and Midoriya was going to follow but Iida tried to pretend like he wasn't there.

He walked quickly and covered his face with his hand, hoping the two of his friends would get the picture. Right now, he didn't want to see them. It was clear that if he were to face them, he would accidentally say something that he shouldn't.

He knew what friends were for and what he dreamed about was not it. He was never going to look them in the eyes again. He continued walking without so much as a word to them. He was gone within seconds and the two of them didn't know what to do.

Midoriya put his hand down and sighed again, this time a little frustrated. When he looked forward again, Bakugou was walking away. For now everything was fine, but it wasn't going to stay that way.

Uraraka let out a soft breath of relief. For now, her pain was settled. She could handle her life.

Midoriya was the first to notice someone else walk by in the midst of students.

"Shinsou!" He saw purple hair.

Shinsou turned around, completely horrified to hear Midoriya's voice. He looked completely awful too. He was more than just tired. He felt drained, like he was going to pass out. Add fear on top of that as well. There was nothing scarier than facing a nightmare. When Shinsou saw Midoriya, he turned away quickly and walked fast to get far away.

He swore that he would never use his quirk for his own personal gain. And by that he meant making Midoriya give him a blowjob. He didn't want to get roasted either. Whether or not Midoriya was capable of snapping back, Shinsou did not want to find out.

This was not a good day for him.

So he left in a hurry because staring at Midoriya's face would only make him wonder.

Midoriya had no idea what was going on.

"Hey, Midoriya." Kirishima walked by. "I have a question." he whispered.

Midoriya turned to him slowly. He's never seen Kirishima blush before. It must be the new manly if that's what's going on. Kirishima looked just as tired as Shinsou was, but he wasn't terrified. In fact, Kirishima seemed just fine sleep deprived.

"Do you know what size Bakugou is in jeans?" Kirishima asked plainly, like it was a completely valid question. In his mind it surely was. "I'm just asking for a friend."

Midoriya had no idea why someone would want that kind of information. "What-"

"I mean, he wears jeans, right?" Kirishima was interested to know.

Midoriya still didn't know how to answer. He was at a loss for words. Again. And its only been a few minutes. Why would Kirishima ask such an awkward question? The blush was still on his face and it looked like Kirishima was incredibly uncomfortable.

But he saw Bakugou walking ahead and he wanted to catch up. He wasn't that scared to talk to Bakugou. He had thoughts in his head, rather explicit thoughts and it would be great if he could make it a reality.

He left Midoriya and ran up to Bakugou to walk beside him. Bakugou immediately greeted him with shouting and cursing but that was nothing special. Kirishima just blushed harder.

A friend of theirs was trying to blend into the crowd. The black lightening bolt in his blond hair stuck out. Kirishima called out to him to join him and Bakugou so they could walk to class together, but Kaminari tried his hardest to pretend that he didn't see them.

Though his eyes looked up hesitantly and a ferocious blush colored his cheeks. He was so embarrassed that he had to look the other way.

His friends tag teamed him in his dream.

He didn't know what to say to that.

So he wasn't going to say that much at all.

"I'm busy." Kaminari said, looking down and continued walking. He just had to get far away as fast as possible. If he continued looking at Bakugou and Kirishima, there would clearly be some problems.

Behind him, Mina was running, and she was running fast to catch up to him.

"Denki!" she called out to him.

The sound of her voice made him freeze up immediately. The blood rushed out of his body as he was reminded of the dirty dream he had about her.

He didn't even give Mina a glance.

"No!" He turned around to stop her. "Stay away from me!" he stammered and ran off inside because he couldn't take the humiliation. There was too much to consider that was going on and he didn't want to deal with it. There was no way he could handle facing anyone right now.

Kirishima and Bakugou turned away slowly once Kaminari was off. Kirishima was quick to ask what size Bakugou was in jeans but it was clear that Bakugou wasn't going to answer that question, so he walked off.

Meanwhile, Mina frowned bitterly as she watched Kaminari run away. Did she do something wrong? She wasn't sure. She thought Kaminari would tell her if something happened but she guessed wrong. She turned around to try and find a friend to walk with.

Tsuyu walked slowly by herself, keeping her head down and her eyes to the ground. She was going to take this with dignity and grace. She was going to handle herself. Her friends were her friends, and wanting to get frisky with them didn't change anything. It was all a dream anyway. There was nothing for her to worry about. Even if her friends came towards her, she could handle it.

"Tsuyu." Uraraka waved at her just as Mina came towards her as well. The two of them were quick to go over to her.

Tsuyu stopped mid step and tried to find somewhere else to go immediately. She thought she could handle it but she couldn't. Apparently all she could think about were breasts and water, and wet breasts. She needed to be far away right now. But when she turned, Momo was behind her, smiling politely and waving.

She was cornered.

"Good morning, Tsuyu-"

"I have somewhere to be." she took off without so much as looking back.

Momo wasn't sure if it was her fault. It's like Tsuyu got one glance at her and ran away. Momo wasn't having the best of mornings, and she had hoped her friends would be there for her, but she already managed to scare someone away. She had a rough time getting herself together, especially with what she woke up from. It was hard to make herself look presentable enough for school.

It was so tiring.

Midoriya didn't catch sight of Bakugou anymore and that was thanks to Kirishima, who apparently was adamant about knowing Bakugou's jean size. Midoriya thought this morning was weird. Iida was avoiding him and Uraraka. Shinsou was suddenly scared of him. He saw Kaminari run off in a daze from three people. And so did Tsuyu. Who else is acting weird?

When he continued walking, he saw Momo staring behind him; she was blushing but she looked so embarrassed that she was shocked. She was frozen in place, just staring right through him. When Midoriya turned, Todoroki was just standing there, staring back.

Did Todoroki do something wrong? He didn't think so.

So why was Momo staring so hard?

But that wasn't Todoroki's concern, especially when Midoriya turned around. He was hoping that Midoriya would just walk on without noticing him but that's not what happened. Midoriya was just about to wave, but Todoroki turned cold as he continued to walk, ignoring Midoriya standing there.

Momo took multiple steps back before really running off.

Todoroki didn't know what was wrong with her.

Jirou passed by, her eyes dark from pure anger. She had a terrible morning, and she knew if she even looked at Kaminari, there would be a lot of problems to deal with. She didn't want to think about the things she dreamed about.

"Good morning-"

"Don't talk to me." Jirou said bitterly as she walked by Midoriya. "Keep Kaminari away from me or I might kill him." she threatened as she walked by.

No one wanted to discuss their sexual experiences. Whatever happened the previous night had everyone on edge. Some could handle it better than others, but there was a lot that had to be settled.

When it was time for class, the tension was even worse.

There was no way the group of students would be caught in a classroom together. Some would have a panic attack and others would have a slight crisis. Not to mention it would be very difficult to keep in their pants. A few had issues trying to separate their real feelings from what they dreamed about.

So no one was going to make a move.

Class 1-A was having a stand off. No one even dared to go in the room. A few students were even hiding behind corners, peaking around to see if someone had walked in yet. No one was going to make the first move. Apparently, the situation was too serious.

There were frightened glances, glares, and startled looks that were passed around between each other. Everyone was blushing. It didn't matter if it was from embarrassment or pure fury.

No one was moving

"What are you all doing?" Aizawa didn't show his surprise to see his students spread out down the hallway. "Class has started."

No one said anything.

The glances and glares didn't stop. No one even noticed he was there.

Today was not the day for Aizawa to handle this. He had more to deal with. His students being weird was going to have to be ignored. If they weren't going to go into the classroom, well then another teacher could handle it.

He could spend the quiet time taking a nap.



Aizawa was asleep in the teacher's lounge, his head down on his arms on the desk to block the light. He's been sleeping there for a while. His students weren't cooperating so he decided to take a break. For however long he was here, he slept soundly.

That is, until he jolted awake, falling out of his chair abruptly and hitting the floor.

His face was suddenly bright red and it looked like he's seen a ghost with how wide his eyes were. He was in shock from what just happened, not falling out of his chair, but the dream he woke up from.

It was just so confusing and traumatizing. He couldn't explain it, at least in a non graphic way. What he dreamt about was not good. His face continued to heat up as he looked around. How long had he been out? He slept for a while but he just felt worse. He wouldn't dare try to go to sleep again, not after what he just woke up from. So all that was left was to actually go and teach though he had a feeling the students weren't going to cooperate.

He got up slowly and turned around only to find Toshinori standing behind him.

He was about to gently tap Aizawa on the shoulder and ask him to eat lunch with him, but Aizawa fell out of his chair before he could ask anything. Something happened. Toshinori didn't know what. He was very polite however, waving his hand and hoping that Aizawa was in a good enough mood to sit with him.

Aizawa was stunned to see him standing there. It was more than just traumatizing, Aizawa was terrified. His eyes stared at Toshinori but Aizawa wasn't mentally present after a few seconds. Toshinori was in his All Might form and that's what made it so much worse.

Aizawa's face was still red. His eyes began to wander even though he told himself he shouldn't get curious.

Toshinori was just...Azaiwa was staring. Those... big arms...and big hands. Someone could feel so safe just by being hugged by All Might. But that's not what Aizawa's concern was. There was more. Those hands could be used for something else.

Aizawa shifted slowly, his eyes right at Toshinori's chest.


He remembered everything he saw in his dream. He remembered how he was touched, how rough it was, how he felt. His heart was beating so hard and it was difficult to breathe. There was this strong grip that kept him from moving but it's not like he would try to get away. No matter how rough it was, Aizawa just felt so willing and he behaved too.

Toshinori was about to say something.

"Shh!" Aizawa needed silence. "Don't talk."

Aizawa was still thinking about what he thought he felt. There was a lot he could remember. One thing was for sure, his imagination ran wild with thinking about how big Toshinori was. That was such a dangerous thought. It made Aizawa so uncomfortable that he couldn't stop thinking about being fucked so hard that he would go blind. He remained quiet, his stare going blank as he retreated further back in his mind.

Toshinori was confused. He held his lunch up but Aizawa turned away. They were never going to sit together again. Ever.

Aizawa clearly could no longer look Toshinori in the eyes.

What he dreamed about, that was just wrong. It was so wrong. But Aizawa had this feeling like he wouldn't mind. It was so deep down, however. He would have to go through so much before he ever let Toshinori do anything to him.

The way Toshinori's hands were wrapped around him, that feeling of roughness and gentleness that made it all so bittersweet. Aizawa could physically feel what it was like to feel the weight of the much larger man over his body. What would've happened if he was totally wrecked? In his dream he was, he could barely even speak after letting Toshinori do whatever he wanted to him.

Aizawa was in such a daze imagining what it would be like to be fucked raw until he could no longer stay up. Until his legs started shaking. Until his vision started blurring. His body craved for that feeling.

He blinked once and he was looking at Toshinori again.

This was problematic.

Before he could forcefully say that he wanted to be left alone, he heard his name shouted by another one of the teachers.


Aizawa was in a daze once again.

In front of him stood Yamada, who was more than excited to see him. Aizawa seemed to go blank as he stared right through him.

Was there more?

Why was he still so flustered?

Aizawa had more than one person to worry about. Yamada was in his dream too and it wasn't at all flattering or respectful. The one thing Aizawa could think about, Yamada really did have a voice on him. It was impressive to the point that it brought Aizawa chills. In his dreams, he knows what he heard.

He began to get goosebumps again.

The things he remembered hearing, the things that came out of Yamada's mouth, that was not nice at all. And as wrong as it was, it just felt so right in a way that made Aizawa want to strip off his clothes. He wasn't the type for dirty talk, but that certainly isn't the case when Yamada is the one talking dirty to him.

"I'm..." Aizawa was at a loss for words. When he finally came to his senses, he finished, "I'm getting a restraining order on both of you-"

That sounded absurd. In fact, that's not something Aizawa would do. That just means he was pushed to the extreme. The two of them looked at him with shocked expressions because it was a little over the top, even for him. "Why would you do that-"

"Don't ever talk to me." Aizawa snapped quickly before storming out in a rush to hide his face from the embarrassment.

It wasn't well hidden.

The other two were left standing there quietly, wondering what got into Aizawa enough for him to not be calm and stoic. Who did what to him? Something happened. Who hurt him? The other two looked at each other quietly. Toshinori only wanted to have lunch with a fellow teacher. He didn't mean to make Aizawa upset. And Yamada, well, it's not like he wasn't up to something.

"Did we do something wrong?" Toshinori asked.

"Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." Yamada said and gave a strong laugh that carried through the room.

If only the two of them knew what kind of thoughts Aizawa has been having about them. Soon they'll understand what's going on. Wet dreams are more common than people think.