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Wet Dreams

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Midoriya couldn't remember how he got with Bakugou in the first place. It seemed like it was all a blur. He was standing in the hallway and he thought he was supposed to be in class but for some reason, that's not where he was. Bakugou was standing in front of him, that same displeased and angry expression on his face.

Midoriya knew something was off.

It was like it was a dream.

He took a step back, his back pressing against the wall since he couldn't move away any further. He was staring up at Bakugou, wondering what he did now to get him mad. It wasn't unusual to see the strain on Bakugou's face, how he tried to hold on to his anger but didn't do a very good job. Midoriya kept his hands together, not sure if he should protect his face or put up his fists and fight.

No, he knew it would be best if he tried to talk him down.

"Ka-kacchan..." Midoriya was about to apologize for whatever it was. He swore that he never meant it. Whatever it was.

"Hey, Deku," Bakugou closed the distance between them with one stride. His hand hit the wall, right by Midoriya's face; the sound scared Midoriya, enough to make him visibly shake. "I know you've been watching me." Bakugou didn't seem too happy about it.

Midoriya would swear that he would never ever stare at Bakugou.

Midoriya's teeth were chattering as he shook from the fear. "I-I-I didn't-"

"Is there something you want, Deku?" Bakugou asked, an evil smile appearing on his face.

Midoriya wasn't sure if he wanted anything at all. Why would Bakugou ask anyway?

Midoriya didn't answer but he didn't have to.

His knee came up to press at the front of Midoriya's pants. In fear, Midoriya tried to shrug away, but that gave Bakugou a better chance to get his knee between Midoriya's legs, pressing harder to get him to squirm. Midoriya had no idea how it came to this. His eyes were watching Bakugou's knee make him uncomfortable. His knee rubbed on his crotch and Midoriya was sure this wasn't supposed to happen.

Why would Bakugou...

"W-what are y-you doing?" Midoriya panicked when Bakugou didn't stop.

He shouldn't be doing this. Bakugou shouldn't be doing this to Midoriya. The look on Midoriya's face spoke shear fear. He was terrified. Bakugou hasn't done this to him before. He wasn't even using his quirk. Instead, Bakugou had him pressed against the wall, too scared to try and fight his way out of the situation.


"Quit your whining." Bakugou said, his other hand gripping around Midoriya's neck.

That shut Midoriya up real quick. His body jolted slightly when he felt Bakugou's calloused fingers pressing into his skin. He could still breathe, at least for now. If Bakugou were to press harder, Midoriya was sure that he would be choked. How cruel would that be?

Midoriya's hands gripped Bakugou's that was at his neck; he was hoping to get Bakugou to let go of him. He couldn't tell him to stop, not while Bakugou's knee was pressing into him to get him riled up. Bakugou was doing a good job of it too. Now, Midoriya's cheeks were turning bright red.

Did he like it?

He shouldn't.

Bakugou caught on rather quickly to how easily Midoriya got flustered. How much more was he going to take of this humiliation. Bakugou kept his smile on his face, watching the boy squirm uncontrollably. Midoriya's voice was caught in his throat. He wanted to not moan, to not get turned on but now he couldn't help it. He couldn't make it stop. And being choked? Feeling Bakugou's fingers at his throat? What was that feeling that made him want to hide? He never thought he would be okay with Bakugou gripping his neck.

But he was. And Bakugou knew that.

It was sort of hard to hide.

"You like this, Deku?" Bakugou's fingers just barely tightened.

Midoriya wanted to say no. He hated it. He didn't want to get choked, and he knew if Bakugou didn't control himself, he would really be choked. Midoriya opened his mouth to say no, to tell Bakugou that he wasn't into this at all.

But how could he deny it when there was a strain at the front of his pants? How could he say he didn't like any of it when his hips began to sway slightly to get Bakugou to press harder into it?

Midoriya's mouth stayed open.

He couldn't say anything however.

His hands that were on Bakugou's wrists were gripping harder, not to make him let go, but to make Bakugou press more at his throat. It was unusual. Midoriya practically screamed in his mind when he realized what he wanted Bakugou to do to him.

It was so sudden, too.

This doesn't happen so easily.

"Oh," Bakugou noticed. His hand did grip harder. "Like this?" His fingers were pressing into Midoriya's throat, making it hard for him to breathe. Bakugou heard Midoriya's breath hitch once his fingers were digging into his skin.


Midoriya couldn't speak.

"You want it, don't you, Deku?" Bakugou was too close, he was pressing too hard, he was being too mean. "You're fucking begging for it, aren't you?" he said through his teeth, his red eyes staring right into Midoriya's eyes that filled with tears. "Go ahead and tell me."

Midoriya could barely breathe. There was no way he was going to tell Bakugou to leave him alone. He wouldn't be so lucky.

He thought of how else he would tell Bakugou no, but that didn't relate with his body. It took him a second to wonder whether if he would say no at all.

The lightheaded feeling, that sensation like he was flying, Midoriya never got that before. He didn't think he would get that from Bakugou. He tried to breathe but it was just a struggle, and for some reason, that was the best part to Midoriya. He was so helpless, but maybe that's what he wanted. Maybe. He couldn't decide.

Between his legs, he felt the unsettling pressure that made him impatient. His body jolted as he tried to move his hips against Bakugou's knee. It hurt in the worst way. It hurt in a way that made Midoriya hope that his clothes would get ripped off. If only he could say it. He would ask Bakugou to go for it. To hurt him. To choke him more.

"Beg for it, Deku." Bakugou said, his voice low and threatening. "Let me hear you ask me for it." he was so close that his voice only had to be a whisper.

Midoriya could barely get a breath in.

It hurt so much.

The fire in his chest grew hotter as he struggle to fill his lungs with air. Bakugou was really hurting him but Midoriya didn't try to stop him. His hands dropped from Bakugou's wrists, but moved to his back to grip his shirt. His fingers dug deeper with desperation, hoping Bakugou would give it to him the way he thought he wanted it.

Bakugou was so close. Midoriya could feel his breath right over the skin of his mouth. If only he could breathe. But there was more that Midoriya desired. It wasn't only just wanting to breathe. Deep down, he wanted Bakugou to break the centimeter distance, to stop torturing him. His tears spilled, more filling his eyes from the strain of not breathing. He closed his eyes when he thought he could feel Bakugou's lips pressing on his.

In no way was this a nice gesture.

It wasn't sweet, or compassionate, or gentle.

Bakugou had a history of being rough, especially with Midoriya. He wasn't necessarily kind, and that wouldn't change just because he was kissing Midoriya.

Midoriya could only notice the hand that was pressing at his throat, that made it hard for him to move. Only slightly did the fingers let go, enough for him to take a shallow breath as he felt hot skin on his own. This was what turned him on more, made him want more. He wanted to ask Bakugou to be even rougher.

Even kissing him now wasn't enough.

Though Midoriya did wonder how a kiss could be so mean.

Bakugou was going to remind Midoriya whose air he was breathing.

It was so easy for Bakugou to take control. There hasn't been a time where he struggled to get Midoriya to comply. Even now, it was easy. And it was better because Midoriya wanted it so badly.

Midoriya felt the grip on his throat again and his breath hitch; he didn't even get a chance to get enough air to recover. Bakugou pulled away slowly, stopping the kiss to look Midoriya in the eyes again. His fingers were digging into Midoriya's skin just like before. He saw how red Midoriya's face was, how afraid he looked, how confused he felt. There was so much going on at once.

He couldn't control it, Midoriya had no idea what was going on.

"Wanna cum, Deku?" Bakugou asked. "I can feel you grinding against my knee." Bakugou lifted his knee higher in response, making Midoriya try to writhe away. "Don't run, it'll just hurt worse." he warned Midoriya.

"Ka-" Midoriya could barely speak.

It was all a rush.

Bakugou's hand gripped tighter. "What was that?" he teased Midoriya. "I can't hear you, Deku. Speak the fuck up if you want something." His hand kept a good grip on Midoriya's neck while his knee moved against his crotch.

Midoriya's thoughts were graphic. He knew exactly what he wanted, what he wanted to ask for if he could breathe. He was so stunned that it barely came out. His fingers were gripping harder on Bakugou's shirt.

Now Midoriya just wanted to cum.

He was so ready to.

If only he wasn't constrained by his pants.

Would Bakugou touch him more if he took them off?

Midoriya wanted to ask. He wanted to beg. He couldn't take the heat anymore. He hoped that Bakugou would be kind enough to give it to him, to make him feel good, to make him cum. But it didn't seem like Bakugou would be that nice at all.

"Want it, Deku?" Bakugou asked.

Midoriya could barely nod.

"That's right." Bakugou smiled wickedly. "What do you want me to do to you?"

Midoriya had so many ways to answer that question. There were so many things he could tell Bakugou to do to him. There were just so many different things Midoriya wanted. He wanted it all.

He wanted his clothes off.

He wanted to feel Bakugou's cock thrusting deep inside him, making him think he could scream but choke on his voice by the hand that kept him from breathing.

"F-f-fuh-" Midoriya could barely say it with the way Bakugou edged him on. "Ch--choke...m-me!"

Bakugou kept that evil smile on his face. He will gladly give Midoriya what he wants without any remorse. After all, Midoriya did ask for it.

Everything went dark before Midoriya felt anything.

The silence only lasted a second before his eyes snapped open.

Midoriya jolted quickly in the dark, sitting up in bed quickly, choking on the sound of his voice since he had to hold back a terrified shriek. He gasped for air so hard like his life depended on it. His chest burned and his throat felt tight, though there was nothing around his neck. He looked around in the dark, wondering what happened and how he got where he was.

"Oh my God," his hands gripped his blanket.

That was a dream. Everything that he thought happened was just a dream, a wicked one at that.

He let go of his blanket and his hands felt his neck but it wasn't sore. He didn't feel pain. He didn't feel the calloused palms pressing on his skin to make it hard to breathe. There were no fingers digging into his skin to make sure blood couldn't make it to his head. He was fine. He wasn't hurt. He was just fine.

So why was he so hot?

He was sweating. His hair mashed around his face and neck. His clothes were glued to his skin. The heat made him feel dirty, like he needed to shower. He suffered through that for a while, only to wake up in fear.

And when he felt a pulsing sensation at his crotch he lifted his blanket to try and get a glimpse at what it was. Clearly he had to see it to believe it.

His cock was pushing up through his underwear, throbbing excitedly from the dream he violently woke up from.

He sighed miserably when he realized what happened. A dream about Bakugou? A dream about Bakugou choking him? And for some reason he liked it? All these rose red flags in Midoriya's mind. All he could do was ask himself questions. He was shocked.

How was he going to explain this to himself?

Well that was the least of his problems at the moment.

He could never look Bakugou in his eyes ever again.