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Like Never Before

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Everyone, without exception, notices it right away. Among the sea of pointy heats belonging to the eleven year olds following Professor McGonagall’s quick steps across the Great Hall, stands a particularly tall boy, wearing his own black hat, covering his face in a way Yoongi can’t really see it. Either way, a third-year girl sitting beside him soon bends forwards over the table to whisper to a friend sitting across from her that she had a glimpse of his face, and he surely isn’t young like the small children. Both girls seem quite surprised, but Yoongi keeps his thoughts to himself and focus back to where the children are reuniting around the Sorting Hat.

It is not impossible to have a transfer student from another magical school, but it’s rare. Yoongi remembers a light-haired boy with striking blue eyes suddenly taking part in his classes in the middle of his fifth-year, and after a few days he and his classmates learned he was a transfer student from Beauxbatons who got sorted into Ravenclaw. Yoongi supposes this time everyone will know about the new student at the same time, though – at least he’s starting the school year with everyone else.

As soon as the children, the new boy and Professor McGonagall have settled in front of the Hat, the hall falls in complete silent as the chatter instantly stops, everyone focusing on the far end of the Great Hall. Soon the silence is filled by the Sorting Hat’s annual song, sung by his gruff and loud voice, which everyone but the astounded first-years – and maybe a couple of second-years – don’t really pay attention to. Yoongi taps his fingers against the table impatiently as he waits for it to finish, and sits up straight with interest when the first name called is the transfer student’s.

“Jimin Park!” Professor McGonagall calls him not even a minute after the final echo of the Sorting Hat’s voice has sounded across the Hall, startling a few students.

The boy pulls his own hat from his head, revealing a mop of black hair covering the top of it, and timidly approaches the Sorting Hat. The Professor helps him by putting it on his head for him, and Yoongi has a first, quick glimpse of the boy’s facial traits before they’re covered down to the middle of his nose by the Sorting Hat. Only the boy’s plump lips are round chin are left out, and a bit of his button nose.

An omega? Yoongi thinks to himself. Or a beta?

The hufflepuffs occupying one of the two tables right next to the passage in the middle of the Hall, through which the new students had passed a few minutes ago, are already whispering among themselves. Maybe they could smell him? He might be an omega after all? Anyhow, Yoongi can’t smell him from that far, and judging by his face and body, the boy’s already old enough to have presented, unlike the children surrounding him. Everyone else seems to agree he’s an omega as the word travels quickly across the whole Hall, and soon the boy’s fate is sealed – he’ll probably end up as a Hufflepuff. A Ravenclaw, maybe?

It takes one or two minutes. The students with the yellow and black ties seem to be already ready to stand up and clap as the fold which forms the Sorting Hat’s mouth suddenly opens again to announce his destiny.

“Slytherin!” it exclaims, causing everyone’s eyebrows to shot up in disbelief.

Only Professor Dumbledore looks rather amused. He laughs joyously from his seat, shooting a confused Park Jimin a thumbs up as the Slytherin house finally reacts, standing up and cheering for their new member.

And that’s right when a new way of thinking seized Hogwarts – something that people didn’t think was common before. At least, not before Park Jimin came into the picture.




Yoongi didn’t think it would affect his own life at the beginning. It would certainly have an impact on the other fifth-year students (which is the year Park Jimin got into), especially the ones assigned to be the new student’s roommates. As far as he knows, as the Head Boy, most of the boys of the fourth and fifth-year of Slytherin are alphas, with a few exception of betas.

When the students first start at Hogwarts as first-years, the rooms are usually sorted in alphabetical order or even randomly when the teachers are too lazy to organize it properly. However, when they enter their fourth year and most of them have presented, everything changes and they’re sorted by their status. This is important especially for houses like Ravenclaw, which has a balanced quantity for each status. At contrast, Hufflepuff and Slytherin don’t really have a problem, since mixing alphas with betas and betas with omegas never caused serious conflicts.

Even so, this year a problem arrived in Hogwarts in the form of chubby cheeks and timid smiles, which is also known by the name of Park Jimin. Professor Slughorn was quite flustered himself when he explained to the new student he’d share his room with three alphas and two betas because that was the better option they had, having Yoongi present at that conversation because he’s the one supposed to show Jimin around.

Like having new students older than twelve at Hogwarts, having omegas at the Slytherin House isn’t something impossible. Yoongi knew two older female omegas in Slytherin who have already graduated long ago when he was in his second-year, but ever since there weren’t more of them. Everyone will just have to get used to it, and he hopes Jimin won’t feel uncomfortable. After all, he seems to be a good kid.

Yoongi showed where his room is, and he made sure to turn to Jimin’s new roommates and glare down at them as sternly as possible.

“Be nice.”




The Great Hall isn’t completely crowded just yet when Yoongi first enters to have breakfast, but his friends are already seated at their usual spot. No one really cares about sitting with their housemates during meals except for dinner, and Yoongi is thankful for that – most of his friends aren’t part of Slytherin, and eating alone three times a day would definitely be depressing.

He plops down besides Seokjin, who instantly looks down at his poorly fixed green and silver tie hanging around his neck. Being a beta, Seokjin doesn’t really have a scent, but his strong cologne certainly makes up for it.

“Morning,” Yoongi greets his friends, instantly starting to put food on his plate. The others acknowledge him with mutters, but everyone seems to dead as usual in the morning to be more enthusiastic than that. “Can’t believe I have double Charms first thing on a Monday morning,” he continues murmuring, more to himself than anything. “What were they even thinking when they made this schedule...”

“Oh, you have Charms as well?” Seokjin hums. “Guess we’re together again!”

Oh, great, Yoongi thinks. So he’s going to have Charms with Ravenclaw again this year? Awesome. There’s nothing better than feeling completely stupid throughout the entire course – that’s what happens when you have classes with the school’s top students.

“I have Charms with Slytherin this year too,” Taehyung joins the conversation, looking down at his schedule next to his glass filled with pumpkin juice. “That’s weird. We’ve never had Charms together, it was usually with Hufflepuff...”

“Oh, you’ll have classes with Jimin, then,” Yoongi comments, remembering Taehyung and Jimin are on the same year. Even though he doesn’t know the latter very well just yet, he guesses he would get along well with a Ravenclaw like Taehyung, doesn’t matter how loud he can be at times.

“The new student?” Taehyung asks, eyes suddenly sparkling.

“Yeah, be nice,” Yoongi tells him, repeating the same words of the previous night. Taehyung nods dutifully, turning his attention back to his plate with a much cheerful look on his face.

Namjoon, finally averting his attention from a thick book to reality, mentions to grab the jar of pumpkin juice, but not before knocking down two cups filled to the brim with the liquid, consequently wetting the surface around it, including Seokjin’s uniform.

The Ravenclaw stands up with a gasp to get away from it, bumping into another student that was passing by behind him right at that time, who loses his balance and lets a few books he was carrying fall to the ground.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!”

Yoongi looks away from the mess Namjoon is trying to fix with his and Hoseok’s not very helpful magic skills (neither of them are very good with cleaning spells, honestly) as Seokjin crouches down to help the student gather his books.

“It’s Jimin!” Taehyung notices right at the same time as Yoongi, bending over the table – away from the pumpkin juice mess – to smile down at said boy. “Hi, I’m Taehyung!”

Jimin raises his head to meet with Taehyung’s smile with wide, confused eyes, probably questioning to himself who by Merlin’s beard is this guy. He slowly smiles back nonetheless, acknowledging the rest of the boys with a timid glance who were staring at him and finally Yoongi, who leans down to grab a book that had fallen by his feet.

“Here,” he offers Jimin a friendly smile and his book back at the same time, noticing how the boy’s alone and none of his roommates – who are supposed to keep him company and show him where his classes are – seem to be around. “How’s it going so far?”

“Well,” Jimin replies, his voice as soft as Yoongi remembers from the previous night. He places a dark strand of hair behind his ear and looks down at his feet as he talks; Yoongi feels like slapping his friends for not noticing how creepy they look for staring at the boy, the pumpkin juice catastrophe completely forgotten by now. “I, uh, just have some trouble finding the Hall but, well, I got here alive.”

He finalizes the sentence with a soft and shy laugh, which Yoongi can’t help but find it nothing but endearing. Jimin is a cute kid – he seems to also be awfully kind, and not for the first time the Head Boy’s heart clenches for thinking about him sharing a room with three messy and loud alphas for three entire years.

“It’s okay, I’ll show you around!” Taehyung exclaims, reaching out over the table with some difficulty to pull Jimin by the hem of his cloak. “Sit with us! I’m a fifth-year, too.”

Yoongi holds back another smile as everyone sits back down again, this time joined by Jimin. Seokjin signs and with a flick of his wand he makes the ruined pumpkin juice and the stain on his uniform disappear, and suddenly everyone lights up as they throw question after question at Jimin, eager to find where he’s from and why he entered the school only this year.

At a certain point in the conversation, Yoongi spots Jimin’s roommates enter the Hall without a care, not even bothering to look for the new student. He sighs in disappointment but then feels better when his gaze lands on Jimin and Taehyung, the two omegas talking excitedly about something he can’t really hear because of the loud chatter around them. At least Jimin has some good company.




The first week back to Hogwarts passes by in a blur. They’ve only had five days of classes and Yoongi’s already overwhelmed with all the stuff he’s supposed to know for the upcoming N.E.W.T.s at the end of the school year, and he doesn’t even know half of them.

The only thing he’s good at is Potions. He’s pretty sure he’s going to fail the rest, if he doesn’t do anything before it is too late.

Seokjin is pretty optimistic about everything. He doesn’t have perfect grades, but he’s gotten at least an EE – which stands for “Exceeds Expectations” – for every subject since his first year, so he’s very well off. Yoongi isn’t doing that great, unfortunately; he hasn’t gotten a single O, for “Outstanding”, in any of his exams the previous year, and the thing he worries the most is not being able to compete to get a job as an auror if he doesn’t improve.

“You should get a tutor,” Seokjin suggests on Saturday. Breakfast on Saturdays is served until later than usual, thankfully, but it seems like most part of his friends have already eaten since there’s only Yoongi, Seokjin and Jungkook sitting on the table, the latter piling what seems to be five different kinds of food on his plate as the two older boys speak. “You have to get an O for Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, Yoongi, there’s no other way.”

“I know,” Yoongi sighs, playing with the food on his plate with a fork lazily. “I’ll talk to Slughorn, see what he can arrange for me...”

He feels something bump against his thigh right then, and looks up to see Jimin taking the seat by his side.

The omega smiles at him sweetly, “Good morning.”

“Morning,” he replies, mirroring the boy’s smile but probably not looking as graceful. For the past week Yoongi has noticed how Jimin manages to look good no matter where he’s going – he has had a lot of time to observe, since the omega became Taehyung’s new best friend in a span of a few days.

They get along so well that they spend most of their free time together, and their sweet scents became rather mixed. Even so, this morning Jimin just smells like himself, and for the first time Yoongi takes his time to identify what exactly it is – maybe lavender?

“Speaking of that, I need a tutor as well,” Jungkook speaks up, looking directly at Jimin rather than Yoongi. “We don’t have a lot of good Charms students at Gryffindor, but Professor McGonagall said you are very good at it?”

“Me?” Jimin asks, scratching his head before looking down at his food with a bashful smile. “I guess so...? We had intensive training at Mahoutokoro, so that’s probably why. But I’m not talented...”

“It’s okay!” Jungkook smiles encouragingly. “As long as you know how to explain stuff to me, it’ll be fine! I mean, if you want to, of course.”

“Of course! I’d love to help,” Jimin tells him. “You just tell me when you’re free.”

Yoongi turns to look at Jimin as an idea suddenly pops up inside his brain. “Wait, how good are you with Charms?”

“What- What do you mean?”

“Well, I need help with Charms, too,” he explains with a shrug. “I was going to search for a tutor, but I’d prefer having you than a random student I don’t know teaching me.”

“O-Oh,” Jimin flushes red, lowering his head down to stare at his food once again, avoiding the older boy’s eyes. “Well, I can try?”

Yoongi smiles at him thankfully, but Jimin is still looking down with bright red cheeks.




They only meet with each other for the tutoring an entire week later, on the following Saturday. Yoongi guides the omega to an empty classroom on the fifth floor, and with a flick of his wrist makes all the tables be pushed against the walls so they’d have empty space in the middle to train.

“Woah,” Jimin giggles behind him. “Are you sure you need my help?”

“That’s the only thing I can do,” Yoongi says, dragging another laugh out of the younger boy again. “I’m serious!”

“Alright,” Jimin nods, walking past him to step into the room. “So, which spells you need help with?”

Yoongi places a hand inside his jeans’ pocket to pull out a wrinkled piece of paper, opening it to reveal a few spell names. He sees Jimin from his peripheral vision holding back another laugh, but he guesses he himself would laugh if their positions changed – Yoongi knows he’s disorganized to the point of it being funny.

“The first one I just can’t get right is the silent shield spell,” he tells the omega. “But I don’t know if you’ve ever done that one...”

“Oh, I did it last year,” Jimin interrupts him. “I can help you with that.”

“Ah, great,” Yoongi sighs in relief. “I just have no idea what I’ve been doing wrong. I guess it’s the way I move my wrist...”

Jimin hums. “Can you show that to me?”

Yoongi nods, moving his right hand with the wand, showing him the movement; he has to do it in a quick motion, drawing a line in front of him with the wand from the height of his left shoulder, across his body to his right hip, while turning his wrist outwards at the same time. He does it slowly to show Jimin the movement, watching the omega’s face for any signs of disapproval.

“You are doing it right,” Jimin tells him when he’s done, much to Yoongi’s surprise. “Maybe the problem is when you do it quickly?”

“Like this?”

Yoongi repeats the movement in the speed he’s supposed to do it, being stopped right after by Jimin.

“Yeah, you’re not moving your wrist in the right way,” he says. “You’re overdoing it, so you’re turning a bit of your forearm as well. You have to avoid doing that, otherwise the spell won’t work.”

“Oh,” Yoongi says, taken back by Jimin’s knowledge. He doesn’t say anything about it though, only focus on repeating the movement in the right way instead, trying his best to correct it in the way Jimin told him.

“That’s better,” the omega smiles. “Do you want to try it for real? You can try to block one of my spells.”

Yoongi nods, eager to try it out. Jimin positions himself on the other side of the room but right in front of him, taking his own wand from his pocket.

Yoongi guesses it won’t be a problem if he doesn’t do it right at the start; Jimin probably won’t try anything too powerful, because Yoongi’s sure he wouldn’t try something like that. So he lets his guard down a bit, only focusing on doing the movement the right way.

“Okay, on three!” Jimin says from where he stands. He gets into position, his wand pointing towards Yoongi. The older boy gets into positions as well, holding onto his wand tightly, repeating the motion mentally.  “One... Two... Three... Expelliarmus!”

The spell hits Yoongi full force on the chest, who loses his balance and falls backwards, butt hitting the hard floor. He groans as his wand flies from his hand and lands on the other side of the room, out of his reach.

Okay. He wasn’t expecting that.

“Oh, Merlin!” he hears Jimin’s soft voice and footsteps getting closer until he sees the younger boy’s face hovering over his, so close Yoongi can count the freckles on his cheeks. “I-I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

Honestly, Yoongi’s so embarrassed he doesn’t even know what to say. Most people would laugh at it; an alpha like him getting thrown to the other side of the room, being unarmed by an omega this quickly? Even so, he’s rather concerned about looking pathetic in front of Jimin above all. He thought someone as soft-looking as Jimin would take it easy on him, but after all he was wrong.

Not that he’s complaining. Knowing of what Jimin is capable of, Yoongi realizes, is kinda... hot?

“I’m... okay,” he replies after a while, eyes never leaving Jimin’s worried expression.

Jimin smiles a little uncertainly, offering him a hand to help him sit up. Yoongi takes it, his larger palm wrapping around it easily, sparks sent down his veins at the touch.




As the weeks pass by, Yoongi sees more and more of Jimin. They don’t only spend time together at their private tutoring sessions, but also at the meals, and whenever their group of friends hang out together, which happens often. He finds out a lot about the younger boy; he’s not only good at Charms, but also Herbology, Astronomy and, surprisingly, History of Magic.

He timidly approaches Yoongi one day to ask help with Potions, a subject which isn’t really one of Mahoutokoro School of Magic’s strongest subjects, apparently. It makes Yoongi proud of himself, honestly, to be able to help Jimin with something when it seems like the omega is good at everything.

It doesn’t come as a shock when he also turns out to be a quidditch player. Jimin has to learn Potions from the basics, and while Yoongi helps him brew one of the easiest ones, the omega touches on the subject as they wait for the mixture to warm up.

“Do you know the captain of the Slytherin’s quidditch team?”

“Hm?” Yoongi turns to look at him. “Yeah, why?”

“It’s just...” Jimin starts, looking even a bit embarrassed. “I don’t really understand what I can do to join the team, and I wanted to because I used to play it at my old school.”

“Oh,” Yoongi says, surprised. But again, when doesn’t Park Jimin surprise him? “We usually have tests at the beginning of the school year, so it’s probably going to happen soon. I’ll find that out for you, if you want.”

Jimin beams at him, and Yoongi tries to convince himself – rather unsuccessfully – that the pleasant shivers he feels down his spine are caused by the fact the classroom is way too cold.

Everyone is shocked when Jimin appears on the Quidditch Field one week later to try and join the Slytherin team as a beater, and most of them are laughing among themselves as the omega prepares his broom to take off. Beaters are supposed to be big, tough guys, and the position is occupied by alphas on each house, so seeing Jimin wanting to try and do it himself is actually kinda cute; even Yoongi thinks that. But after seeing first hand what the kid is able to do with Charms, Yoongi doesn’t doubt he could be a scary beater if he wanted to.

And well, he’s not wrong.

Soft, small Park Jimin turns out to be an excellent player. His posture is flawless on the broom, and he has an impeccable aim with his bat. The captain, one of those who was laughing at the beginning, doesn’t hesitate before asking Jimin to join them.

From the bleaches, Taehyung cheers loudly with the others. Yoongi keeps quiet, but he smiles proudly as Jimin flies above them, his own happy smile stamped onto his pretty face.



The following month, Professor Slughorn brings a sample of Ammortentia to Yoongi’s Potions class.

For Yoongi, it smells like apples, vanilla and lavender.

That’s when he knows he’s screwed.



As soon as Jimin becomes one of the school’s top students and a respected quidditch player above it all, he also becomes quite popular among the students. Especially the alphas.

Well, Yoongi certainly isn’t the one to keep Jimin from going out with other people, even though he knows – despite trying to convince himself otherwise – that he has feelings for the younger boy. Still, he heard from Taehyung that Jimin has never been in a relationship and hasn’t kissed anyone, so he’s only helping Jimin by trying to protect him from unnecessary people. Yoongi does so by secretly switching his house scarf with Jimin’s during breakfast, so that the younger will wear a piece of clothing that has Yoongi’s scent in it.

Okay, it might be a low move to do it without Jimin knowing, but Yoongi can’t help himself. The thought of an alpha thinking twice before asking Jimin out because he can smell Yoongi’s scent mixed with the omegas drives him to do it, not only once, but a couple more times throughout the month. Jimin doesn’t seem to notice it most of the time, and by now Yoongi’s not sure which scarf belongs to him anymore, anyways.

(He also feels incredibly pleased whenever someone asks him if he’s dating Jimin, but he’s not going to mention it to anyone.)

The scarf doesn’t stop the other alphas completely, though. Being an alpha himself, Yoongi knows that sometimes it will take more than a sniff of another alpha’s scent to ask an omega he’s interested in out, but it’s still frustrating. Even so, Jimin doesn’t seem to be interested.

“I said no,” Jimin replies to Jungkook one Saturday morning, when the alpha asks about one of his classmates that asked Jimin out the previous day. “He’s nice but... I don’t really like him in that way, you know?”

Yoongi wonders if there is even a specific someone the omega wants, but he stops himself before his thoughts wander too far. It’s no use to torture himself with possibility when he doesn’t even has a single clue if Jimin even thinks about him that way.

Well, even if he doesn’t, Yoongi does that enough times throughout the day for both of them together. Ever since he smelled Jimin’s scent in the Amortentia potion, all he thinks about is the younger boy – if his roommates are being nice to him, if he’s finding his Potions classes too hard, if he’s feeling homesick, if his quidditch practices are too tiring. Thankfully, Jimin seems to be fine; he’s always smiling when he meets Yoongi twice a week – to teach the other boy Charms and to be taught Potions – and whenever they see each other throughout the day.

Because he’s really used to seeing Jimin smiley and in a good mood, Yoongi feels his heart skip a beat when one Saturday, when he’s chilling by himself on the Common Room late at night, Jimin walks down the stairs from the boys’ bedrooms in his pajamas, wrapped in a thick blanket and cheeks wet with tears.

He notices the younger boy first, and immediately sits down straight on the couch, alarmed. “Jimin? What happened?”

Jimin startles, wrapping the blanket around himself even tighter before he realizes it’s Yoongi. Even so, instead of relaxing, he hurries to where the older boy is now standing and throws himself against his chest. It’s takes a second for Yoongi to overcome the shock before he wraps his arms around Jimin, running one of his hand up and down the back of his shaking frame to try and comfort him.

“W-What happened?” he asks again, feeling Jimin’s hair tickle his chin as the omega makes himself even smaller against him.

“Y-Yoongi, I can’t- I don’t want to go back there please,” he says against Yoongi’s sweater, so quietly the older boy barely hears him. “I t-think Mark and Adrian a-are about to go into rut and t-they kept bothering me-“

“What did they do?” he asks, feeling his mood deepen, which only worsens when he breathes deeply to try and calm himself down and smells a scent clinging to Jimin’s skin which surely isn’t the omega’s.

“N-Nothing,” Jimin answers promptly. “But they were on top of me, trying to g-get me out of my bed, so I got up and ran downstairs-“

He interrupts himself, pressing himself even closer to Yoongi. The older boy gets the hint and hugs him tighter, shushing him as Jimin cries silently, still seemingly scared about the whole situation. He’s probably never had to live so close to strange alphas before, so it’s not a mystery why he’s this terrified – Yoongi doesn’t blame him. In fact, the only ones to blame are the alphas upstairs, the assholes who decided that it would be fun to bother Jimin. They wouldn’t only get in trouble for doing so, but also for not going to the Hospital Wing once they got the early signs of their rut – that’s what all students are supposed to do if they decide not to take suppressants.

However, Yoongi can’t bring himself to go upstairs and yell at them. Now, with his arms full of Jimin, he has to focus on comforting the omega as best as he can, even though he feels like punching a wall.

“I have a room to myself since I’m the Head Boy,” Yoongi tells him. “You can spend the night there, I don’t mind. You’ll be safe there, okay?”

“B-But it’s your room-“

“I’m not making you sleep here on the couch, or go back there,” he interrupts Jimin gently, starting to guide him towards said room with an arm around his shoulders. Jimin sniffles and nods but doesn’t complain, walking closely to the alpha as they cross the Common Room.

The door to his room is in a hidden corridor on the back of the Common Room, where the room of the Head Girl is also located (which is empty, since this year’s Head Girl is from Hufflepuff). Yoongi opens the door with a key from his pocket and gestures to Jimin to enter first.

He turns on the lamp on top of the dresser as Jimin stands quietly in the middle of the room, looking around quietly. Yoongi’s heart clenches at the sight of him, looking so small wrapped in that blanket, his eyes red and puffy and lips forming a small pout.

“You can lie down,” he says, gesturing to the bed. “I really don’t mind.”

Jimin looks at the bed quietly, hesitating. “You- You can stay here, if you want. I’d feel bad if you had to sleep elsewhere.”

Yoongi is the one to hesitate then, at loss of words for a second. “A-Are you sure? I mean-“

“I trust you, Yoongi,” Jimin turns to show him a small but reassuring smile. “It’s okay.”

That small sentence lifts Yoongi’s mood all at once, and he can’t help but feel so good when Jimin is obviously seeking comfort in him, because even though he is an alpha, Jimin trusts him. It raises Yoongi’s hopes up, and he feels a bit guilty for thinking about his own feelings when Jimin is such in a vulnerable situation, but he won’t back away.

“O-Okay,” he nods, trying to sound smooth but failing terribly to do so. “I’ll- um, I’ll get my stuff from back there, alright?”

Jimin nods, smiling again. It’s not the wide, happy smile Yoongi’s used to, but it’s enough to make him realize Jimin’s already feeling better and safe with him. He hurries to grab the textbooks he left on the Common Room, where he was reading before Jimin appeared, and silently entered his bedroom again.

Jimin is already lying on his side on the bed, back turned to the wall behind him, leaving a space for Yoongi. The older boy puts on his pajamas hurriedly in the small joined bathroom and brushes his teeth before coming back, turning off the lamp before getting underneath the sheets next to Jimin.

The omega seems to be asleep already, and he doesn’t even shift as the mattress is pushed down by Yoongi’s added weight. Hogwart’s beds tend to be quite large, so sharing one with the omega isn’t a hard task, so both of them have a lot of space for themselves.

Yoongi looks at Jimin’s now peaceful face in the semi-darkness of the room, sighing softly against the pillow they’re sharing.

“You’re so strong, Jimine,” he whispers. “Don’t let them bother you. They don’t deserve your attention, okay?”

Of course, there’s no answer. Yoongi falls asleep a few minutes later, his pinky finger brushing against Jimin’s under the sheets.




The following morning, Yoongi wakes up in the same position, but the only difference is that he feels quite hot. As he slowly opens his eyes, he realizes it’s because at a certain point during the night, Jimin scooted closer to him until his head was tucked right beneath Yoongi’s chin, his nose pressed against the older boy’s collarbones.

Yoongi has also an arm around Jimin, and for a second he relishes on how comfortable he feels. Having Jimin sleeping in his arms feels right, like he belongs there, and he feels bad for having to wake up, worse than the mornings in which the first lesson of the day is History of Magic. He stays there for a few more minutes, Jimin snoring softly and still deep asleep against him, looking utterly peaceful and just as comfortable.

Yoongi removes his arm from around the omega slowly and sits down on the bed. He stretches sleepily and looks down at his nightstand, at his clock. He soon discovers it’s eleven in the morning and they overslept, but it’s not a big deal – it’s Sunday, after all.

He looks down at Jimin, who now has half of his face buried in Yoongi’s pillow, dark hair a complete mess, probably just like Yoongi’s. The alpha places a hand on his shoulder and gently tries to shake him awake.

“Jiminie,” he calls quietly, voice coming out quite hoarse from sleep. “It’s time to wake up.”

It’s doesn’t take too much for Jimin to wake up, because soon he’s squirming underneath the blankets. However, instead of opening his eyes and sitting up, he hides even more of his face with the pillow, muttering something which sounds like “five more minutes” with an incredibly soft, sleepy voice.

Yoongi smiles, endeared, and he’s too weak to try and wake him up again so he just lets him be as he gets ready. He gets dressed in the bathroom and does all he needs to do before stepping out again and approaching the bed, where Jimin seems to have fallen asleep again.

“Jimin,” he calls the omega, placing a hand on between his shoulder blades to avoid startling him. “It’s really time to wake up, yeah?”

Jimin wakes up and squirms again, humming sleepily before his eyes flutter open slowly. “Already?”

Yoongi chuckles amusedly and nods. “It’s lunchtime, already.”

“Oh,” Jimin suddenly looks more awake. He slowly sits down, hair still just as messy as when he was laying down, and rubs his eyes sleepily. “Sorry, was tired.”

His words sound quiet and slurred together, but Yoongi can understand him perfectly. “It’s okay,” he says. “You want to go eat now? I’ll wait for you.”

“Do... uh, do you think they’re upstairs?

“At this time, no,” Yoongi shakes his head, knowing instantly who’s he’s talking about. It’s hard to forget after what happened the previous night. “But I can come with you, if you want.”

Jimin seems to be thinking about it as he stays in silent for a few second, but then he gingerly shakes his head and starts to stand up. “It’s okay, you don’t need to. I will- I’ll just tell them to piss off if they bother me, right?”

He turns to Yoongi with a smile, and after a second of surprise the alpha smiles back, even wider. “You got it.”

Jimin looks away, cheeks slightly pink. “Alright, then. I-I’ll be back in a minute, wait for me!”

And, without further ado, he steps out of the room and timidly but determinedly walks past the few people in the Common Room looking at him confusedly as he makes his way towards the upstairs rooms. Yoongi stares at him as he goes, still smiling as his heart fills with pride.



Yoongi should’ve expected this, but it comes as a surprise when the whole school suddenly thinks he and Jimin are dating.

He’s not exaggerating when he thinks the whole school is thinking about it, because literally everyone sends him odd looks wherever he goes, even the teachers. He’s knows he’s a quite known student; even though he might suck at Charms, he’s one of the best students – if not the best – with Potions and Astronomy. Furthermore, he’s the Head Boy, so every single student knows him and comes to talk to him if they have a problem they don’t want to share with the teachers or their houses’ prefects.

Jimin’s also become very popular. Almost everyone in school loves quidditch, and since the Slytherin’s team is quite strong this year, Jimin’s become very respected by everyone, especially since he’s an omega occupying an odd position for his status. Like Yoongi, he’s also a very good student (practically in everything but Potions, though) and is seriously the cutest person to ever step into the school, so why wouldn’t people notice him or if he’s dating someone?

The problem is they’re not dating each other, obviously.

(Even though Yoongi dreams about it every single night).

He makes sure to let everyone know, but it’s hard when on Sunday, when he and Jimin woke up cuddling on his bed, they stepped in the Great Hall together, hours after the last time anyone had seen them with the omega reeking of Yoongi’s scent from spending the night on his bed, so close to him. The fact that people in the Common Room saw him coming out from the Head Boy’s bedroom doesn’t help at all.

His friends know they’re not dating, of course, but they make sure to tease them about it. Yoongi pretends he doesn’t care, but he actually feels strangely good when Seokjin coos at them, saying they look good together.

Jimin looks embarrassed above all, but he denies the accusations as well. We’re only friends, Yoongi’s heard him say repeatedly throughout the week, we’re not dating.




Halfway into the week, Jimin’s roommates finally get yelled at by Slughorn. Yoongi is there to watch everything, crossing his arms and looking down at the younger alphas dangerously, wishing he could be the one to tell them off. Jimin’s been sleeping in the empty Head Girl bedroom since the incident, and it’s been decided he’ll stay there until they find a better solution. If there isn’t anything else they can do, he’ll probably stay there, though.

For Yoongi, it’s the best solution. Even though Jimin seems to wish he’d have nice roommates, at least he doesn’t have to share room with loud alphas, and now they’re practically neighbors since Yoongi lives literally next door to him.

Jimin returns to his old bubbly and happy self, and everything is back to normal as well. He, Taehyung, Jungkook and Seokjin still gossip over the breakfast table, Namjoon still spills juice everywhere while Hoseok laughs loudly, and Yoongi just sits and watch them fondly every day. It’s a nice routine, and he’s glad everything is finally okay once again.

It’s on the following Sunday that this heaven is suddenly replaced by chaos, and it starts when Jimin says he’ll finally gather his stuff from his room to officially move into the one next to Yoongi’s like it has been arranged.

Yoongi stays by himself for the most part during the day. He has duties as the Head Boy, and he not only has to supervise a few detentions but he also has the task of walking around the dungeons late at night to check for any students out of bed after curfew. He returns to the Slytherin Common Room a few minutes after the clock strikes eleven, and surprisingly, he finds more than a handful of students still awake.

The scene is completely odd, at first. He sees Mark, one of the alphas who used to share the room with Jimin standing on top of one of the armchairs, a small book with a golden shiny cover on his hands. Standing around close to him are the other boys who sleep in the same room, laughing at whatever he’s reading, while other students around the Common Room watch the scene with mixed expressions.

The oddest thing about it all is Jimin in the middle of the boys, reaching out to try and get the notebook from Mark’s hands unsuccessfully.

“What the hell is going on here?” Yoongi asks, loud enough for everyone to hear.

He expects Jimin’s old roommates to be terrified at the sight of him after everything that has happened, but they just seem even more excited for whatever is going on. Jimin, however, looks at him as if he’s seeing a ghost for the first time, face suddenly place and eyes wide open.

“Oh, Yoongi, man, perfect timing,” Mark announces loudly, going through the pages of the notebook. “There’s so many stuff about you here, you won’t believe it!”

“Stop it!” Jimin shrieks, looking desperate, trying to jump and take the object from the alpha’s hands, but the other boys in front of him prevent him from doing so. “I-I’m serious, don’t-“

Yoongi frowns, not liking what he’s looking at all. He’s not sure of what’s happening, but seeing Jimin look so upset doesn’t feel right at all. However, when he’s about to tell Mark to give Jimin back what is his, the alpha opens his mouth again.

I had a Potions tutoring session with Yoongi today again, and he was sweet as always,” Marks recites loudly from the notebook, dragging loud laughter from his friends and even more protests from Jimin. “I remembered there’s another trip to Hogsmeade coming soon and I again wish he would ask me out but it seems like he’s never going to do it.”

“Stop!” Jimin yells, looking upset as Yoongi has never seen him. The Head Boy knows he should do something, but his legs are suddenly frozen, and his brain is still processing the last words that came out of Mark’s mouth.

Is that Jimin’s diary?

Everyone thinks he’s my boyfriend, like I wish he was, but he always denies it immediately every time someone asks him about it-“

Yoongi can only stare as in one swift motion Jimin pulls his wand from his pocket and points it directly to Mark’s chest. Before anyone can do anything, Jimin says a few words Yoongi can’t hear from where he is in the middle of the chaos, and then Mark falls backwards, tripping over the armchair’s back and falling painfully to the floor.

With tears running down his face, cheeks red from embarrassment, Jimin picks his diary from the floor and runs to the hidden corridor on the back of the Common Room, to his new bedroom.

Yoongi snaps back to reality, fists clenching. He feels stupid for not reacting sooner, for not doing anything, for not realizing anything.

“Fucking assholes,” he mumbles angrily as he passes by the alphas reunited around Mark who’s groaning painfully on the hard floor.

He finds the door to Jimin’s bedroom locked, and the omega doesn’t answer as Yoongi tries to make him come out so they can talk. A few minutes later he can’t even hear the sobs coming from inside the room anymore, meaning Jimin has casted a silencing spell – meaning he does not want to talk.

Yoongi retreats to his own room with a heavy heart, not bothering to check on the assholes still trying to aid Mark on the Common Room. Fuck his Head Boy duties, honestly. He’s not going to help someone who made Jimin cry.




The following morning, on Monday, Yoongi wakes up half an hour earlier than usual to try and catch Jimin coming out of his room so they can talk. However, as soon as he steps out of his room he finds Jimin’s door slightly open and his room empty, meaning he’s already gone.

He’s not at breakfast, but neither is Taehyung and Jungkook, who are probably keeping him company. Yoongi has no idea how they managed to receive the news of what happened so quickly, but Jimin probably sent them letters before going to sleep to warn them about what he wanted to do in the next morning.

It hurts, honestly. Now that Yoongi finally knows his feelings are mutual, all he wants is to wrap Jimin in a tight hug and kiss him senseless, tell him how much he likes him. But the omega avoids him the whole day like the plague, and the same thing goes on for the entire week.

It’s not like he can put the alphas who caused this whole mess in detention just because they’ve read Jimin’s diary, but Yoongi makes sure to find an excuse to tell them off at every little thing they do, just because they deserve it. The news that Mark got taken down by Jimin, an omega out of all people, travel quickly across the whole school though, and soon he has to endure the students teasing him everywhere, even though in reality there’s nothing to be teased about. Jimin is a powerful wizard, so why would anyone be ashamed of it?

Yoongi himself would be happier if Jimin would take him down instead of ignoring him like he’s doing. The whole thing made him so upset that he’s even acting mad with his friends, who by now know of what happened because of Taehyung and Jungkook, but have refused to talk to Yoongi about it, seemingly afraid to make him even angrier. They only one who really tries is Hoseok, who’s constantly looking after him.

“You should try to send him a letter,” he suggests one day, when they’re both studying in the library. “You said you like him back, right? You could write and send it to him.”

“I did that already,” Yoongi murmurs. “My owl came back with the letter, and he didn’t even open it.”

“Oh,” Hoseok says, sounding quite disappointed. “Well, he’s still embarrassed, that I can tell. I saw him yesterday with Tae and when I stopped to talk to them he looked like he wanted to run away.”

“Yeah but he doesn’t need to,” Yoongi exclaims, frustrated. Somewhere in the library he hears a shhh, and he immediately lowers his voice. “It could be over right now, if he only listened to me...”

“I know,” his friend nods. “But you know, Tae said he’s never even kissed anyone. You should give him some more time.”

Yoongi sighs and nods, looking back down at his homework. But how long does he have to wait?




Yoongi follows the crowd heading to the Quidditch Field on Wednesday afternoon, almost two weeks after Jimin’s been avoiding him. It’s going to be one of the first times in this period of time that he’ll see the younger boy, because Jimin will be playing for the first time as a beater in an official game, and everyone is excited to see it. Including Yoongi, obviously.

Taehyung is practically jumping by his side once they settle on the bleachers, waiting for the game to start. Since the game it's against Gryffindor, a true classic, he decided to cheer for Slytherin because of Jimin. Seokjin decided to do so as well, while Namjoon followed to the Gryffindor bleachers to cheer for Jungkook, who’s playing as the seeker as usual.

“I feel bad for not supporting him today,” Taehyung pouts. “But it’s Chim’s first game! I gotta cheer for him!”

“Of course,” Yoongi mumbles back, not really paying attention. His palms are sweating, and he can’t wait for the match to finally start.

It finally does a few minutes later. Hoseok’s cheerful voice echoes through the field as he announces the start of the play, like he has been doing for the past two years. Yoongi smiles as he hears his best friend joking about Professor McGonagall making a bet with Dumbledore about the match results, and then his heart races when Hoseok starts to announce the players’ names.

He stands up and cheers loudly with everyone else as Jimin is the last one to enter the field, black hair pushed back by the wind, looking so small compared to the fellow beater on his team.

At the sound of the whistle the match starts, and Yoongi claps and screams every time Slytherin scores a point, like he’s never done before. All he wants is his house to win, to see a big smile on Jimin’s face, to prove everyone he can do a perfect job as a beater even though he’s not a big, muscular alpha.

Even so, Yoongi guesses everyone is already pretty much aware of that, even though the points are almost the same. Jimin swings his bat at a perfect timing, never losing his composure on the broom as he flies around the field, trying to take down as many Gryffindor players as possible. Yoongi only looks away from him to look for Jungkook momentarily, to see how he’s doing, but he’s still looking for the snitch just like the Slytherin’s seeker.

Yoongi feels his heart racing every single time Jimin flies by where he, Taehyung and Seokjin are, but the omega is so focused on the game, like he should be, that he doesn’t even glance at them. His heart palpitates against his chest from an entire different reason whenever a bludger flies pass way too close Jimin’s broom or body, almost pushing him off and making him fall.

The match finally reaches its climax when Jungkook finally spots the golden snitch, trying to be discrete and flying towards it to not attract the Slytherin’s seeker attention, but he quickly catches up as the audience cheers louder. There’s an epic race, the two players bumping their shoulders together, arms outstretched to reach for the snitch, but it’s the Slytherin player who ends up catching it at last.

“Yes, yes!”

Yoongi does feel bad seeing Jungkook losing, but spotting Jimin smiling so brightly and cheering with his teammates has no comparison. The Slytherin bleachers go wild as they’re announced the winners, and the players fly around the field to celebrate as the crowd cheers.

Jimin finally spots Taehyung and comes flying towards them to wrap his best friend in a tight hug. Taehyung leans over the railings to be able to do so, Jimin still seated on his broom from the other side of it, feet hovering over 30 meters from the grass underneath them.

When they pull back and smile at each other brightly, Yoongi can’t hold himself back anymore. He wraps a hand around Jimin’s bicep to pulls him towards him, finally breaking him apart from Taehyung.


Before he can even finish saying the word, Yoongi places a hand on the nape of Jimin’s neck, the other reaching out to hold him around his waist, and finally, his lips against the younger boy’s.

Yoongi doesn’t give a single fuck that the whole school is watching them, only focus on the feeling of Jimin’s soft lips against his, the omega’s small hands shaking as they land on Yoongi’s shoulders. It’s only a hard press of lips, but it’s enough to pass his message, so after moments he pulls back, still not letting go of the younger boy.

Jimin stares at him with wide eyes, face gone completely red. “Y-Yoongi,” he squeals adorably. “I-I d-didn’t-“

“You’re so stupid,” Yoongi mumbles before pulling the younger boy for another kiss, which ends having too much teeth involved as the two of them smile, trying to be as close as possible even with the railings in between them.

The whole school cheers for them around the field, like they’ve all been waiting for it, and Yoongi feels exactly the same.



He lets go of Jimin a few minutes later, promising him they’ll meet each other back at the Common Room. Jimin smiles brightly, still blushing hard before flying to meet with his teammates.

As Yoongi starts to walk back to the castle with the other students, his back starts to hurt from the number of congratulatory pats on the back he’s received, just like his cheeks from smiling so wide. The party starts as soon as they step in the Common Room, even though the players are still back on the field showering and changing before coming back.

The room is crowded and there’s loud music playing, but Yoongi knows exactly when the players finally arrive. The music is muffled by the loud cheers, and suddenly there is a bright red Jimin being pushed towards him until he lands in Yoongi’s arms, the alpha wrapping him in an embrace easily.

“Wanna go somewhere else to talk?” he leans down to say against Jimin’s ear, feeling the boy shiver against his body. “I don’t think they’ll leave us alone.”

When Jimin nods shyly, Yoongi pulls back to take him back the hand and guides him to the exit as everyone teasingly cheers for them. Yoongi feels extremely satisfied when he can’t spot any of Jimin’s old roommates as they pass by everyone, but with Jimin’s small hand in his, why would he even feel bad about anything?



“W-Won’t we get caught?”

“Nah, don’t worry,” Yoongi smirks at Jimin, sitting down on the steps leading down to the center of the Astronomy Tower, patting the space next to him. “Head Boy privileges.”

Jimin smiles back, still looking terribly timid before sitting down next to him. The smiles slips from his face as he looks down at his lap, avoiding Yoongi’s eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Yoongi sighs, already expecting it. “You don’t need to be, it’s okay.”

“I didn’t mean to avoid you,” he continues. “I just- I just didn’t-“

“Know I liked you back?” Yoongi finishes for him, smirking when Jimin reddens again. “What? It’s true. I liked you since the start of the school year, you just didn’t notice anything.”

Jimin covers his face with his hands. “I had no idea! I-I thought you found me weird, b-because of the whole quidditch and Charms thing...”

“Why would I think that you being talented is a weird thing?” Yoongi inquires, wrapping an arm around the omega’s shoulders to draw him closer as a cold breeze hits them, playing with Jimin’s soft hair gently. “That only made me like you even more, Jiminie. The ones who think you’re weird are the wrong ones, don’t you see?”

This doesn’t make Jimin uncover his face. Instead, he only presses his hands harder against his cheeks, but Yoongi sees his plump lips stretching into a wide smile.

“Stop it,” he whines quietly, making Yoongi laugh amusedly.

“It’s true,” the alpha replies. “Just don’t avoid me again, alright? I really started to think you hated me or something.”

“I’d never hate you,” Jimin says quietly, finally raising his head to look at him. “I-I think I liked you since the start, too. I’m sorry for not saying anything.”

“Stop apologizing,” Yoongi whispers, getting closer until he kisses the omega on the lips again.

Jimin’s hands grasp his biceps as Yoongi holds him close around the waist with one arm, his free hand cupping the omega’s cheek gently. He kisses the omega softly and slowly, knowing he doesn’t have any experience with it at all, but loving how Jimin gasps against his mouth every time he speeds up his movements just slightly.

“A-Are we dating now?” Jimin asks as soon as they break apart.

Yoongi chuckles, dropping a kiss on the boy’s cheek. “If you want to, of course.”

Jimin smiles, cupping Yoongi’s face with both hands and kissing him on the mouth loudly before pulling back. “I really do.”

“Then it’s settled,” Yoongi announces, leaning down nose Jimin’s neck, scent-marking him properly for the first time, hearing the boy giggle as he wraps his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders.

As the alpha smiles against the boy’s skin before dropping several kisses there, he decides he’s never been happier either.