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A Beautiful Song for a Marionette

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The Forest has turned silent again. 

The corpses of numerous marionettes were laying on the ground, surrounding their dear master, protecting his eternal sleep. After all, he finally joined them in the world of the dead.

Between the bodies, an unknown, tall man was calmly walking towards him, humming a melody known only to him. His face was hidden behind a black mask, decorated by golden paintings. 

He didn’t fit this place filled with death. His impeccable, elegant outfit could make an impression on the most demanding aristocrats, his step was filled with unbelievable grace. He ran his hand through his long hair, then looked in the direction of the dead Puppeteer. He nodded toward him in a gesture of respect, then looked around. His attention was caught by one of the dolls, laying near a tree. Half of its face was broken by an arrow, but it didn’t frighten him. He crouched in front of it and reached up with his hand, stroking an undamaged cheek. He noticed the delicate energy that was escaping through the damaged fragment of the head.

“Good morning.”

The corners of his lips lifted.

“It is time to wake up.”

Nobody answered.

“You’re still here. Souls, after all, aren’t that easy to destroy. You need to reach for their core and break it. Bodies that serves as their shells can be destroyed - but you will still live. A piece of porcelain can be so easily repaired… What a shame living people aren’t this lucky.”

“I told you, didn’t I? He tried to control you. But still, he gave you a body… What a stubborn man. He changed a lot due to this war. But that one particular part haven’t.”

With a gentle movement, he grabbed the body in his hands and stood up. He moved towards the Puppeteer. 

??????’s hand slightly moved.

“The truth hides in the fragments. Once we cross the border between life and death, we can see it. The souls of the dead has a lot of stories to tell… Especially him, as he spent years of his life with the dead. Focus on it, and you will feel it. Let the Puppeteer tell his tale - it might be beneficial if you really desire to join our stage. This is what you wanted, right?” 

His smile widened. 

“Your dreams are finally coming true.”


“So wake up.

Open your eyes and grab it.

...Mashiro Tomoya.”