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Letter to an Idiot Elf

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"Ah, Erestor?"

"Yes, Glorfindel?"

"I have just been thinking a bit." Erestor resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Glorfindel gave sheepish grin, the kind that made him look like a youngling trying to coax his way out of trouble. "So sorry, I suppose that was just a bit too easy for you." A martyred sigh came in response.

"Quite correct. Which is why I did not rise to it."

"And I thank you for that." Silence reigned for a few precious moments, filled only with the constant scratching of quill on parchment as Erestor continued her work. It was too good to last however, and Glorfindel jumped into the breach once more.

"But I was thinking about you, and wondered something…" he trailed off here, and Erestor sent a look of warning his way, the one that said 'spit it out all ready, imbecile' except the imbecile these days was included more out of fondness than true heat. A martyred sigh interrupted his rambling thoughts and he continued his questioning.

"I was wondering…about your name." An eyebrow went up at that.

"My name?"

"Ah, yes. Not that it is a bad name, it just seems a touch…"

"Odd?" Erestor finished. Glorfindel decided to take the rescue.

"Yes. I mean, was it the one your parents gave you or…" Glorfindel gave a helpless motion of his hands. Erestor took pity on her floundering companion.

"No, it was not." And that was all that was forthcoming for a long time, as Erestor proceeded to ignore him some more. Glorfindel huffed, and Erestor looked up, seemingly rather 'surprised' to see him. "Can I help you with something?" She asked.

"Your name!" Erestor looked surprised again at his outburst.

"What about it?" Glorfindel groaned.

"This is why I leave all the talking sort of things to you. I mean, who named you 'Erestor' if not your parents?" Erestor smiled a little at his theatrics, which made Glorfindel's frustration evaporate.

"Talking things?" She laughed a little at Glorfindel's dismissive wave, and continued. "It is not that important a story, but if you truly desire to know…"


"Then I suppose I can accommodate you." Glorfindel inwardly cheered his victory as he sat attentively, the picture of restrained eagerness.

"Cirdan named me."


"Aye. It was before my Sindarin was very fluent, so I had no clue what on earth he had named me. By the time I had a better grasp on the language, it was too late to change it, and I did not want to risk him naming me something worse."


"Did you know that he had, at the time, two dogs. One named 'Little Dog' and the other 'Bigger Dog'. His cat was named cat. His horse-"

"Let me guess: 'Horse'?"

"No, it was "Biggest Dog'." Glorfindel felt appalled.

"So considering what you could have ended up with…"

"I decided to be thankful and not risk anything else." Glorfindel agreed whole heartedly.

"A wise course of action."

The story told, Erestor went back to her work. Glorfindel's thoughts churned.

"Erestor?" With a sigh, she looked up at him, an eyebrow raised in question. "I was wondering…" She groaned deeply in response.

"What now, Glorfindel?"

"Could I name you something, perhaps? I am quite sure I can do better than 'Bigger Dog'." Erestor looked at him with a rather incredulous expression.


"No? Why?" he practically whined.

"You may have better naming skills than Cirdan, but not by much." He went to protest, and Erestor continued. "You have used the same name for the same horse since your first TOY horse as a child. You told me so, remember? No offense intended, but considering your past record with naming abilities…" She shrugged and dismissed him again, returning to her letter. Glorfindel pouted (in a very mature and handsome, warrior kind of way).

"What about –"


"You did not even hear me out!"

"All the better."

"Fine, Angbedhil." Glorfindel earned a nose twitch of irritation for that one.

"Hmm. Perhaps not. Meluifuin?" Erestor muttered to herself, and Glorfindel tutted.

"No, not that. Findtheliel?" A disbelieving glance his way, and he shook his head.

"Nay, you are correct. That one is just no good. Arverilin?" A deep sigh. Glorfindel grinned. This was amusing, he had to admit.

"Come now, this is important! What if I decide on something like Saeros?" Erestor, without looking up at him, threw a candle stub his direction, which he was unable to avoid.

"Fine, fine. Meduilas, perhaps? I rather like that one myself. Yes, it is quite decided. Meduilas it is!" And without any further ado, and with spare crumbs of wax from the candle in his hair still, he ran out of her office telling everyone he met Erestor's new name, Erestor herself hot on his heels.

All in all, thought Lindir as he plastered himself against the wall to avoid being run over, the new accord between Glorfindel and Erestor was only slightly less chaotic than their former dislike. He grinned to himself. Just the way he liked things, never ever boring.