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Jack beamed at himself in the mirror as the doorbell rang. He fluffed his blue hair just a bit more, then headed over to open it. There before him stood the hottest thing he'd ever seen. His brother Aiden's babysitter, Mark, slightly sweaty, hair messy, and panting in nothing but some loose sweats and a tight v-neck. Jack knew Mark was probably going to hell because looking that fucking hot is a sin. Jack eyed him up and down with a smile, chuckling.


"Did you run here?"


"No," He panted, wiping his forehead as he breathes. "I biked."


"Car out of comission?"


"No, but, can I get some water? I'm dying here."


"Of course!" Jack nods, moving to the side so Mark could come in, smirking in his mind as his eyes go straight down to Jack's flamingo shorts that may or may not be too short. Who's to tell, really? He doesn't acknowledge it, but rather goes to the kitchen and grabs an ice cold bottle of water, bringing it back out for his parched crush. "Here you go."


"Thanks!" He says, grabbing the bottle and cracking it open with one go, and Jack just watches his veins protrude. His eyes wander to his adams apple as he gulps it down, no breaks. He must be able to hold his breath for a long time. Which means he probably also has a really good-


"Where's your brother?"




"Your brother? Aiden? Small human who I supervise on occasion? The reason you called me over here?"


"Oh, um, funny story! My parents decided to take him with them on their trip. Sorry." 


Mark makes a small, uncomfortable giggle, but ultimately waves it off. "That's cool. Easy fix. Well...thanks for the water then, dude. I guess I'll get going."


"No!" Jack screams, and he clears his throat when Mark raises an eyebrow. "I mean, I was just thinkin' that we, hang out."


Mark gives him a once over, eyes lingering on his exposed legs again. "Oh, um, I guess. What'd you have in mind?"


Jack just gives him a steady, nervous smile, messing in his hair again. "Let me show you."

"This...." Mark breathes, separating himself from his cute neighbor for a second, "Is not what I had in mind."


Jack grins above him, taking to leaving bruising kisses on his neck. "Is it even better?"


"Definitely." Mark laughs, rolling his hips against Jack, letting his low groans wash over him. "You're really hot."


"That's why m'wearin' shorts." Jack breathes, then he seals off any of Mark's replies with a hard kiss. "Mmm, how far do you want this to go?"


"Uh...well you kinda started this, and now I have this," He motions towards his cock, tenting his sweats, " tell me."


"You ever been fingered?"




Jack smiles, leaning over him into his side drawer to pull out his lube and popping the cap. "Well yer gonna be right now."


" that gonna hurt?"


Jack sighs, kissing him again feverishly. "Not if you relax fer me...can you do that?"


Mark sighs in contentment, nodding into the kiss as he feels his sweats being removed. There's a pause and he opens his eyes to see Jack looking down.


"You went commando?"


He shrugs, grinning. "I usually do." Jack seems like he has a response, but Mark never gets to hear it because he's being kissed all over again.