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A Brief Touch of Skin

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Royce shuddered when Hadrian’s rough fingers gently traced down the edge of his ear, sending sparks down his spine. His ears might not be pointed but he seemed to have inherited the sensitivity common to elven kind.

“Stop that,” he scowled, and even in the darkness he could see Hadrian’s grin, though he did draw his fingers away.

“Is something wrong?” Hadrian asked innocently as Royce jerked his head away.

“Just how long have you known about me, anyway?” Royce asked, still feeling a little wrong-footed that too-honest-for-his-own-good Hadrian had known his secret and had never once let on.

“I’ve suspected for a while,” Hadrian replied. “I just assumed that you didn’t want to talk about it.”

Royce didn’t reply, and Hadrian added quietly, “Did you think that it would matter to me that you are part elf?”

“No,” Royce replied, meaning it, and pushed Hadrian back down onto his bedroll, more gently than usual as Hadrian’s ribs were still tender.

In the darkness, Royce could see Hadrian’s smile. His hand came up and cupped the back of Royce’s neck. Normally, Royce would react with violence to anyone touching his neck, but he just relaxed into the touch, letting Hadrian guide him upwards to his mouth for a teasing, biting kiss.

In the darkness, alone in the forest, they could not risk fully undressing. Hadrian’s swords were still within reach, and his dagger was still in its sheath, but Royce’s fingers were nimble against the laces and buckles of their clothes, undoing them just enough.

Royce started slowly rocking and grinding against Hadrian, but he just huffed, both exasperated and amused and urged him to go faster, harder-

Royce came with a silent gasp when Hadrian’s teeth just barely grazed the top of his ear, and Hadrian followed him over not long afterwards as Royce’s fingers reflexively tightened against his hips.

Afterwards they lay together in comfortable silence. They were Riyria, partners, the two of them against everything else. They didn’t need any other words