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One Last Desperate Hope

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            Daniel grit his teeth and tightened his grip on the console in front of him as the bridge of the Odyssey shook violently at another glancing hit from one of the Ori warships’ main beam weapon. Another hit barely five seconds after the last one almost threw him to the decking as alarms sounded and he heard someone yell about a hull breach.

            This should not be happening, Daniel wanted to scream. They had upgraded all of their ships with the Legacy of the Asgard. Daniel himself, with the assistance of Moros, had used the Sangraal to destroy the Ori themselves. But even still they were losing the war. Rather than demoralize them, the death of the Ori seems to have only made their soldiers and the Priors all the more fanatical, and using a still hidden SuperGate they had sent more ships and troops. Earth was the last standing force of resistance, and even now they were fighting desperately over Earth itself. Their desperation had become so great in the last months that the IOA had gone public with the Program and the war in an attempt to marshal the entire scientific and industrial capacity of Earth’s collective nations to build more ships and defenses.

            It wasn’t enough. Even now vast sections of the planet were burning. The Ori forces were not even trying to capture Earth. Just destroy it.

            Off to port one of the few remaining Earth ships died in a brilliant explosion, succeeding in a suicide attack against one of the Ori warships.

            They were losing.

            There would be no last minute rescue from allies. There were not any allies that had survived. Teal’c had died in battle five months ago leading the Free Jaffa in their ground defense on Dakara.

            There would be no last minute science discovery or achievement. Sam had died two months ago while trying to save the Tok’ra.

            There would be no last minute crazy plan with absurd odds to save them. Jack had died when one of the Ori warships was damaged and kamikaze attacked the Ancient Outpost in Antarctica. A good quarter of the entire continent had been shattered or outright destroyed.

            Vala had been captured by Ori forces during an undercover mission three months ago.

            Cameron’s fighter had been destroyed ten minutes into the battle here over Earth. He had done the impossible and managed to take down one of the warships with him.

            Daniel felt a tear slide down his cheek. He was the last member of SG1 standing.

            It was not supposed to end like this! They had beaten the Goa’uld and freed the Jaffa! They had wiped out the Replicators and inherited the Asgard’s Legacy! They were winning against the Wraith who had driven the Ancients out of Atlantis! He had god dammed committed genocide to wipe out the Ascended Ori!

            Only the intervention of the Ascended Ancients could save Earth now. He let out a bitter chuckle at that. As if they would ever deign to dirty their hands with saving them. Ungrateful shits, Daniel thought darkly. We’ve sacrificed everything to clean up their messes and they still will not even do so much as pat us on the back and say good job.

            Well, perhaps there was one last desperate hope after all. If only an Ascended could save them now, then SG1 had one last ploy. “One last miracle,” Daniel murmured, stepping away from the console he had been using for support and walking up to the view screen looking at the devastation of Earth’s last battle.

            “Dr. Jackson?” General Landry queried, half standing from his Captain’s chair, somehow having heard Daniel’s murmur.

            “One last gambit General,” Daniel said, turning to face the bridge crew and smiling sadly. “One last chance for SG1 to save the world.” With that Daniel closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and let go.

            The Others had sealed Daniel’s knowledge away when they forcibly descended him. But when RepliCarter had tried to rip his mind apart to gain access to the knowledge, she had cracked those seals. Then he died and semi-ascended before choosing to come back. And because it was his choice that time, those cracks were still there. Being possessed by Moros and then turned into a Prior had widened those cracks and made him aware of them. Moros may have left and taken the Prior changes with him, but he did not fix what he did not know was broken.

            Light started leaking out of Daniel’s body. First just a little, and then more and more until it became blinding and the bridge crew was forced to look away. It was not the white gold brilliance of the Ancients, nor was it the burning red of the Ori. That was of course just how they chose to present themselves and not something inherit in them.

            When the light faded Daniel was revealed standing there in a cream sweater, pale jeans, barefoot, and covered in burning blue flames.

            “Dr. Jackson?” General Landry asked again with his eyes wide and mouth gaping in shock and awe. A look that was mirrored by the rest of the bridge crew.

            Daniel smirked, “The Ori are dead. All hail the Ori.” Then he collapsed into a bright burning ball of blue flame and shot out of the ship.