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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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“I blew it, Mirio!” Tamaki wailed miserably. “F/N asked me to the dance!”

“That’s fantastic news!” Mirio lit up.

“And I told her no.”

“…” His face became the blankest Tamaki had ever seen it, and that’s saying something. “Wh… But… I… You…”

“I know!” He groaned in despair, burying his face into his hands. “She probably hates me now!”

“I’m sure she doesn't hate you.”

“I ruined everything! And even after you tried to help me…”

“What is all this fuss about?” Hado strolled around the corner, causing Tamaki’s posture to stiffen and his lips to button.

“Uh…” Mirio scrambled for ideas. “We uh… were just talking about how we think F/N is going to the dance with the wrong person…”


“You… think so too?” Amajiki asked warily.

“Of course. I knew this would happen with that blasty blonde fellow butting his way into everything. But don't worry. I’ve had a plan all along to fix things.”

“Oh?” Mirio raised his eyebrows high. He assumed Hado had no idea of Tamaki’s feelings. ‘I guess she’s more astute than I gave her credit for.’

“Yep. F/N never said it outright, but I know she really wants to go with the little green-eyed boy. What was his name again?”

“You’re going with him! How could you not remember?!” Tamaki’s scoffed in astonishment.

“That’s not important! I’m merely a pawn in a bigger plan of love. Playing Cupid, if you will.”

“Wait a second. If she never said it outright, how do you know that’s who she wanted to go with?”

“Because she said he was cute.”

“She said Kirishima was cute too.” Amajiki pointed out.

“That’s true. She did.” Mirio recalled.


“That’s who she’s going to the dance with.”

“…” Hado blinked up at them with big doe-like eyes filled with confusion. “Oh well.”

“What do you mean ‘Oh well?’”

“I think she’s hiding her true feelings. When I execute my plan at the dance, I bet everything will work itself out.”

“That sounds like pouring gasoline on a flame, Nejire.” Mirio dawned a nervous expression, but Hado only grinned mischievously.

“Trust me.”


The grand night had finally arrived. You and Kirishima were dressed to kill, strutting your stuff down the boulevard arm in arm. You wore a striking red dress that nearly put Eijirou’s fiery hair to shame. He was adorned in a matching metallic red vest that, when combined with his finely styled crimson hair, could catch someone’s eye from a mile away. Just the muffled sound of music booming outside the building made Kirishima smile with excitement.

“This is going to be so much fun!” He clenched his fists in his usual zealous stance, forgetting that you were hooked on his elbow, and you toppled sideways with a yelp. “Oops.” He said as he caught you by the waist. “Sorry about that.”

“Seems you don't know your own strength.” You smirked as he stood you upright. “I guess you’re too manly for your own good.” He rubbed the back of his neck, warmth spreading through his cheeks.

“Gee, F/N-senpai. You sure know how to flatter a guy.”

“Well at least I learned something in my three years at UA.” You both chuckled lightly as three familiar figures came into view.

“Hey, Midoriya!” Kirishima called and the three of them turned.

“Hey, guys!” Mirio, Nejire, and Izuku all greeted in broken unison.

“Aw! Your hair looks so nice like that, Izuku.” You gaped at how unusually tame it was.

“R-really? Thank you so much.” A crooked smile bloomed on Midoriya’s face as well as a blush to match it. Nejire shot Mirio a significant glance and jerked her eyebrows upwards.

“Where’s Tamaki?” Hado whined, impatient to go inside.

“Oh, he said he wasn't-“

“Sorry that took me so long.”

“…coming…” You furrowed your brows.

“Oh!” A silence hovered between you, and Tamaki realized his mistake when he saw the venom in your eyes. ‘Oh no!’

“Hi, senpai!” Kirishima beamed, unaware of the tension lingering in the air.

“Come on.” You dragged Eijirou by the arm towards the entrance, leaving the rest of the crew confused.

‘He could have just said he didn't want to go with me. He didn't have to lie and say he wasn't coming…’  You angrily glanced at Tamaki once more before rounding the corner.

“Wow… look at that face.” Mirio observed from afar. “I guess she does hate you.”

“UWAHH! HNNNGH!” Amajiki turned his face towards the nearest stone pillar.

“BWAH! I was kidding, Tamaki!” He frowned at his best friend’s reaction and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You two are super close. I know she’ll come around soon enough.”


One of the first faces you noted inside the dance hall was Todoroki. It was no surprise that he had acquired a date. He was well known, being the son of the number two pro hero… and a wealthy one at that…

“Hi, Shouto!” You waved to him and he granted you a gentle smile before approaching.

“Your dress is lovely.” He bowed and kissed your hand. “And you look great as well, Kirishima.”

“So do you, man! I bet that tux cost like a million bucks!” He said brightly.

“Almost.” Shouto replied, stone-faced. You and Kirishima eyed each other in surprise. “...It was a joke.” And that playful smile of his tugged at the corner of his lips.

“You almost had me there, man!” Kirishima gawked. “I was super scared of spilling something on it by accident!” You and Shouto let out a soft chuckle at that.

“I’m sure this will be a night to remember.”

“Totally. We have something really exciting planned! Right, senpai?” Kirishima elbowed you playfully.

“Eijirou…” You mumbled under your breath. “You’re my date to a dance. You don't have to call me senpai anymore.” You saw a squiggly smile rise on his face.

“Right. Sorry about that.”

“F/N! Over here!” Nejire called out to you. “I got us a table! C’mere!”

“I’ll see you in a bit?” You asked Shouto apologetically.

“Of course. Have a wonderful time.” He bowed again as you walked towards the table.

‘So proper…’  You thought.

“Here, F/N.” Nejire coaxed. “I saved you a seat right next to Midoriya.”

“…” You blinked in confusion when she winked at you.

“I think you should take the seat next to Amajiki-senpai.” Kirishima stated blatantly and your mouth fell open. ‘Oh jeez! I forgot about Eijirou trying to set me up! I thought he would have quit after Tamaki turned me down the other day!’

“Splendid idea!” Mirio bellowed.


Eenie meenie miney mo

“Oh hey! They’re playing our song!” Kirishima gripped your arm. Thank goodness you were saved by the music. Though you may not have been a prime consumer of pop music, your date certainly was. In order to guarantee you would have the best time possible, Kirishima agreed to choreograph a dance with you. However, you certainly hadn’t expected the song to come on so quickly, or without another soul dancing. Nevertheless, your redheaded companion led you by the hand to the center of the dance floor and twirled you into position.

She’s indecisive. She can’t decide. She keeps on lookin’ from left to right

“Hah! Looks like kohai made off with our best friend!” Mirio yelled.

“He WHAT?!” Tamaki shrieked, mishearing Togata’s words under the blaring music.

“Made off with her. Stole her from us.” He clarified, seeing the color suddenly drain from Tamaki’s face. “Why? What did you think I said?”

“N-nothing. Never mind....” ‘I thought he said “made out.”’ He sighed in relief. He had assumed the worst…

Girl, come on get closer. Look in my eyes. Searching is so wrong

“That looks so fun!” Hado wiggled in envy as she watched you and Kirishima dance in practiced unison. “I wanna dance too!”

“M-maybe we should wait until their song is over.” Izuku’s big green eyes widened. “I don't want to interrupt their- UWAH!” Before he could object he was being yanked by the arm towards the center.

“Let’s go, Midoriya!”

‘She’s so strong!’  His stomach churned with unease, but it was quickly washed over with peace when he saw you and Kirishima give him a welcoming smile.

You seem like the type to love 'em and leave 'em, and disappear right after the song. So give me the night to show you, and hold you.

Don't leave me out here dancin' alone

Without warning, you were suddenly knocked off balance as Midoriya’s body crashed into you.

“What the-“

“AH! S-sorry! It was an accident. I was pushed by…“ You both noted Nejire a few feet away, swaying her hips with a mischievous smile on her features.

“Eh… it’s okay.” You said, standing him upright. You tried to incorporate him into the dance the best that you could, hoping to alleviate the embarrassed blush plastered on his freckled cheeks. Luckily for you, Kirishima wasn’t the jealous type and he went with the flow, improvising along the way as the crowd cheered. As the chorus swelled, so did Midoriya’s bravery. He gently grabbed you by the waist and dipped you, causing a giggle to bubble up in your stomach.

You can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind

Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time

I'm not tryin' to rewind- wind- wind- wind- wind,

I wish our hearts could come together as one

As the strobe light flashed, a state of disorientation overtook you, and you felt a larger firmer pair of hands snatch you away from Midorya. ‘Kirishima?’ You wondered, until the lights calmed and you were able to make out a much too familiar head of blonde spikey hair.


“Uh…” ‘Oh jeez…’  You gulped as Bakugou’s glowing red eyes pierced the darkness. Before you had a chance to wonder if someone brought him or if he simply crashed the party, you were suddenly swept up in his strong arms. You felt your face heat up as he held you dangerously close, swaying you far out of Midoriya’s reach. The fiery blonde’s hands began to wander along your body as he stared him down, causing you to squirm in discomfort. Unfortunately Kirishima showed no signs of stopping him, as he appeared more than happy to see his close friend join the dance.

“I must insist that you stop this.” A gentle but firm hand pulled you out of Bakugou’s grasp.


“Can’t you see that you are making her uncomfortable?”

“Butt out, Icy-hot!” Katsuki snapped. “She doesn't need you to fight her battles for her!”

“You should stop being rude. Clearly they were in the middle of a performance.” The two of them glared at each other, neither one showing any sign of releasing their hold on each of your hands.

“Let go, dammit!”

You let go.”

“Eh heh… We can all dance together, guys…” Wide-eyed and overwhelmed, you glanced over to the table, where a very horrified-looking Tamaki sat. In order to try and salvage the situation, Mirio had taken sudden action.

“It’s time for my part of the choreography!” His booming voice declared and you were swept up in the air effortlessly by the waist.

‘Well THIS is a new development…’  You thought, blinking in confusion as Mirio did his very best to improvise a tango of sorts. You sighed in relief, as he was certainly there to rescue you from the brewing intensity you had been caught in. As the song reached its final chorus, Mirio gestured to Tamaki, who in turn shook his head feverishly. He wanted no part in this sort of conflict.

Instead Midoriya stepped forward with a welcoming smile, holding out his hand. As much as he wanted to, Mirio couldn't deny someone who asked so politely; he was a gentleman after all, and you weren’t his date (unfortunately) so he had no right to claim you. He passed you on to the green-eyed boy gracefully, but Bakugou was relentless. He made a move to snatch you again, but this time Midoriya pulled away. Katsuki countered his movement and before you knew it, you had been knocked right to the floor.

“Ah!” Izuku wore an expression of concern and guilt. “Are you alright?!”

“Why’d you move?! You should have just let me cut in!” Bakugou griped.

“See what you’ve done?!” Shouto’s voice was full of rage now. He stepped in between the two of them and helped you to your feet. He made sure to return you to Kirishima, as if delivering a package to its rightful address after it was lost in the mail.

“What was that about?” Kirishima whispered.

“No idea.” You replied, glancing back at the remaining group members. “Let’s get out of here.” And with that you led your date away by the hand, hearing Shouto use his Iida-voice to reprimand Bakugou before you rounded the corner. Out the double doors and into the night air you went, replaying the confusing events in your mind as they had just unfolded.

‘What on earth just happened…’