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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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"Oh! Doesn't that sound romantic, Hitoshi?" You cooed, spinning in place.

"I guess..."

"Why not? What's wrong with it?"

"Eh... It's outside and... I really don't like bugs."

"Babe, it's way to cold for bugs." Not only that, you were already outside. You had been walking about the neighborhood with him for a long time and darkness had fallen. You saw a minimal amount of bugs earlier today, but the chill seemed to rid you of their presence almost entirely once the sun had set.

"It's the first cool night of the year." He replied. "They aren't dead yet." You rolled your eyes.

"Where do you suppose bugs go in the winter? I mean, do they hide underground or something?"

"I'm sure they return to Hell where they belong..." He said with morbid theatrics. "...Only to return every year to plague the earth with their evil." You chuckled at his deep contempt for the crawling things. He honestly wished bugs could speak to him so he could use his quirk and command them to all go away.

"They aren't that bad. Come on. The sky is so clear. Pleeeaaasee look at the stars with me?"

"We can sit on your porch and do it. We don't have to lay in the grass..."

"But it wont be as romantic if we aren't cuddling." You pouted your lips.

"Yes it will."

"But we are already wearing jackets and long pants. We wont get bitten. AND I'll get a blanket from the house for us to lay on. How does that sound?"

"No." His piercing stare hurt your feelings. You couldn't understand, it wasn't a big request yet he was adamantly not giving in. Yes, the back yard and park had lots of trees, but you wouldn't be out for very long. Would he not even bend a little for you?

"...But... this doesn't seem fair. I don't really ask that much from you, you know?" He raised his eyebrows in response, surprised how quickly this conversation took a dark turn. There was truth to that statement. You liked to see him happy so generally you went along with any idea he had, even if you pissed and moaned the whole time about the activity. Over all the time you had been together, you could only think of one or two occasions where you turned the tables and asked him to go along with your plans. All the rest of the time was spent doing his favorite things.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean... I've spent a lot of hours doing things that you like. Playing your favorite video games, watching shows you like... no matter how dumb they are..."

He squinted his eyes at you so you felt the need to clarify.

"Bleach SUCKS, Hitoshi! I HATE watching it!"

"Well that doesn't seem fair. I do a lot for you too. I go out with you when I'm tired, I buy dinner and presents for you-"

"But I don't ASK you do to that-"

"But I still DO it!"

You fell silent. It was true, he does treat you like a princess and you couldn't argue with that fact. But it didn't change the fact that you still felt hurt by his resistance. It was painful to waste such a beautiful night by going back inside, especially when the constellations were just calling your name. You sighed in defeat, the prickle of tears pulling at your eyes. You tried one last futile attempt, knowing if the first guilt trip didn't work, this one probably wouldn't either.

"I just... it would really make me happy if you would do this with me..." He made a strained noise while grimacing.

"Can't we just compromise..."

"Forget it. It doesn't matter..." You walked a little faster ahead of him, seeing your front yard appear around the corner. The little patch of open space where you imagined romantically snuggling with him came into view and you felt a pang of anger. "So you seriously won't even lay here with me and look at some stars. You're unbelievable!" You gestured to the space near your driveway. He blinked at you.

"Oh. You wanted to lay here?" He pointed a long slender finger at the patch of grass. "That would be fine." Your jaw dropped.

"What the hell?! Then why did you argue so much?!"

"Because I thought you wanted to lay by the trees where all the bugs were! I thought you were being unreasonable!"

"I thought YOU were!"

"Then why are we arguing?!"

"Because we're idiots..." Your volume dropped. "I guess." You both made a face at each other before starting to giggle. "We're so bad at communicating sometimes." You held his hands with an open laugh. He smiled back at you.

"Well what are we waiting for? The stars aren't going to gaze at themselves."

"Right!" And into the house you ran, grabbing two large fluffy blankets and a pillow for Shinsou to rest his head upon. You planned to rest your head on him so you didn't need one for yourself. On the flat patch of grass you laid with him, holding him close as you gazed up at the clear sky. "So how much do you know about astronomy?"

"Probably more than you." He answered, but you didn't catch that he was being totally sarcastic and knew nothing whatsoever about stars.

"Oh really..." You took that as a challenge. "Okay then, what's that one?" You pointed to a cluster of stars to your right. He tilted his head, cheek pressing against the top of your hair.

"It's... clearly a bear."

"No, silly. Ursa major is over there." You tilted his chin and pointed to the big dipper on the left. You returned to the original one, gesturing to the cluster of three stars in a row. "See there? That's Orion's belt."

"Oh. And I think I see his dong too." He pointed to the long string of stars beneath the belt.

"That's his leg!"

"Oh." He replied simply, glancing down into your eyes. It was then you caught his goofy sense of humor and couldn't help but laugh.

"PFFFFT!" You rolled on the ground, quite literally, at his silliness. "You crack me up, Hitoshi!" He dawned a haughty grin, eyes sparking with starlight.

"Well I'm glad I can make you smile." He pulled you into his arms for a soft kiss, humor and romance mixing to make the perfect moment with the boy you love. He leaned back to look at you. "Are you happy now?" He asked.

"So happy."