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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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“Hah!” Katsuki threw his head back in a laugh as he saw Midoriya’s All Might plastered room. “Still a damn nerd…” It was unintentional but the tone in his voice almost came across as endearing. Being the spiteful individual that Katsuki was, he started sifting through Izuku’s journals and notebooks for potential embarrassing information. He heard the front door close and assumed Izuku’s mother had gone to the grocery store or something. Along the way, sifting through pages, he stumbled upon a drawing of himself. It must have been recent, as it had his current hero outfit, gauntlets and all. In the margins there were legible little notes, written as if in excited haste. All of them were complimentary, phrases like “so cool” and “cutting edge” scribbled down with little arrows pointing at his costume.

“Is he mocking me?!” He growled, assuming they were written ironically. “…No…” His scowl softened. “He had no way of knowing I would ever read this…” He suspiciously turned the page, seeing countless pages written about him, in depth analysis about his character and how he moves. He read them silently to himself, lips parting in awe at the manner in which it was written: with obvious admiration. Had he been wrong about Midoriya’s feelings this whole time?

“’Because you’re amazing,’ he said during our fight… was he just trying to push himself to be like me? So that I’d see us as equals?” This struck a chord within Katsuki, and so many churning feelings filled his gut, guilt being the most prominent. He gripped his hair squeezing his eyes shut tightly. “I’m a fucking idiot…” Under the years of wasted abuse he had subjected Izuku to, a strange tiny flame of euphoria was kindling. Why did it make him so happy to find this out? As if he had a shot with someone who he had tortured over the years…. Hell, he even committed a felony to try and uproot him from his life. His heart shed all those past resentments like leaves, feeling an undying need to reconcile with-

“AH!” Suddenly, Katsuki saw a rush of colors and light, the earth was shifting. A dizzying gasp and his blurred vision returned. “Why… am I on the floor…” Katsuki found himself sprawled on his back, damp and in a distracted haze. He sat up, realizing he was fully nude, hand dripping with a sticky white substance that didn't take a genius to identify. He saw his square positioning right in front of his bedroom mirror, puzzle pieces snapping together in his mind. A smile crept up his lips. “Deku…”

“GAH!” Izuku lifted his head from the desk in horror, recognizing the familiarity of his own room. “Oh god! OH GOD! NOT NOW! NOT RIGHT NOW!” The color drained from Midoriya’s face. “KACCHAN’S GONNA REALIZE I WAS-“ He slapped his hands over his mouth in terror.

“Shit…” Katsuki winced as the cold rain pelted him again on the way out the door. He had to find his Deku this instant. Luckily, he knew exactly where he was at the moment and was making a beeline towards that location. Izuku felt his stomach drop when he heard a loud pounding on his front door. Why he decided to answer it, he had no idea. Did he have a death wish? No. But maybe he just knew Katsuki well enough to know that, if he wanted to get in, no door would stop him.

“H-hi Kacchan…” Izuku’s voice came out screechy and louder than intended, and he was clearly shaking like a leaf.

“Are you gonna let me in or not? It’s raining…”

“Oh-uh… yeah, sorry.” He gestured Katsuki inside. “L-let me get you a towel…” Before he could speak, Izuku had run off, leaving him standing by the entrance. He strolled off to his room, since it almost felt like he owned the place now. “Eh? Kacchan?”

“In here.” He hollered quietly, glancing at the same notebook he’d been sifting through only moments ago. Izuku gulped on his way into the room, shyly peering from behind the stack of towels in his arms.

“W-what a relief we switched back, huh?” Midoriya laughed nervously, trying to break the tension in the room. Katsuki approached, backing Izuku against the door before taking a towel.

“So I guess your fairy tale bullshit theory was correct.” Izuku furrowed his brows in confusion. “About how we changed back I mean…” Even as smooth as Katsuki believed he was, he was having trouble phrasing how he wanted to rekindle their close relationship.

“Oh… you mean… Yeah! What were you doing before we switched back?” Izuku had a strong spark of interest, needing to know what change of heart Katsuki underwent that was enough to change them back.

“I was reading your notebooks…” Their eyes locked onto one another’s and Bakugou smirked. “What were YOU doing?” Izuku’s eyes widened, heat blooming in his cheeks.

“Uhhh… UHHHMMM!!!!” His panic continued to rise as Katsuki cornered him against the wall, trapped between his hands.

“I thought it was kind of weird when I woke up naked on the floor…” The fiery boy’s face inched closer and Izuku shrunk into the wall, face contorted in fear. “…in front of the mirror…” Midoriya shut his eyes tightly, knowing he had been caught.

“I…” Izuku knew there was no way to hide it. He hoped against hope that if he would just confess, he might not be killed today. But before he had a chance to form a cohesive sentence, the words were stopped on his lips as Katsuki’s mouth collided with his. Bakugou pulled back to gaze into his wide green confused eyes before smirking.

“You should have told me sooner…” He pulled the smaller boy close, steaming breath dangerously close to his ear. “Heh… Stupid Deku…” Izuku gasped, all his thoughts in a jumble. His face was so hot, he thought he might spontaneously combust. The way he said his name… it was just like the way he heard himself say it in Katsuki’s room only moments ago. He had fortunately relieved the sexual tension so there was very little chance he’d get aroused again so quickly- ‘Oh no! That wasn't actually my body though!’ This detrimental revelation occurred to him only after Katsuki had noticed his hardness poking into his leg. He looked him square in the eyes, crimson gaze both intimidating and arousing to the point of pain.

“I’m s-sorry! It- I –um!”

“Looks like it’s already time to reconcile…”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Izuku squeaked with embarrassment. But Katsuki answered his question with a forceful kiss, resulting in Izuku’s back slamming loudly against the door. The freckled boy finally melted into Katsuki’s passion, allowing his tongue to take dominance. He could taste the reminiscing fractals of Katuski’s cinnamon gum that he had chewed on the walk home from school. “Kacchan…” He sighed, returning the other’s yearning embrace. In a swirling blushing haze, Midoriya had been lifted off his feet and thrown onto the bed. Katsuki’s catlike pounce on top of him had followed immediately after.

Katsuki had a waterfall of emotions cascading through him all at once, and he needed to get them out somehow. He had fought theses feelings for so long that they now came pouring off his aura like wildfire. His eagerness and excitement was evident in his explosive movement, almost to the point of fumbling like a lovestruck moron. But he didn't care. At this moment, his Deku was his once more, and all was right with the world. All he wanted was to coax his praises again, needing to hear his name roll off those sweet soft lips. He lifted up Izuku’s shirt, leaving affectionate kisses and love nips all over. The response was exactly what he wanted, squirming and sighing and moaning of his name, over and over in a mantra of desire.

The sight of it was overwhelming for Katsuki, and he simply couldn't fight the affection pulling at his heartstrings. He looked down at the panting boy beneath him. Oh, his blush was just too cute. It filled up his entire face, the perfect juxtaposition to his relaxing sea-green irises. It was not in Katsuki’s nature to be patient, so he wasn't. He ripped open Izuku’s uniform pants, not giving his frantically flailing hands time to stop him before he took his sensitive member in hand.

Midoriya gasped from the new sensation, wanting to squirm away, but Katsuki’s strong seductive influence, stronger than any drug in his opinion, kept him under a euphoric spell. He watched with red cheeks as Katsuki descended near the tip with his mouth, pausing just a moment to meet his eyes. Izuku was certain his heart had never beat faster in his life. He cried out when he was submerged fully into Katsuki’s hot mouth. The wanton shriek made Katsuki throb in his boxer-briefs, needing skin on skin contact. He pulled off, making Izuku whine in protest as he unstuck his wet clothes from his body. Midoriya hastily joined the clothes-throwing party, spreading his legs and arching his back in a shamelessly lewd display.

“M-more Kacchan…” He begged, head lolling to the side. He wanted Katsuki so much right now he was shaking. He knew if Kacchan were to ask about it, he would blame it on the other’s cold damp hands running all over his bare skin. But the reality was that he couldn't hide his passion any longer. He needed Katsuki more than he needed oxygen, and he couldn't believe the universe conspired to grant that wish.

“Oh, I’ll give you more…” Bakugou growled, trying to sound domineering, but the sheer overpowering craving still permeated his voice. In all honesty, he was losing control just as quickly and effortlessly as Deku was. How easily it was to get lost in those big genuine jade eyes. He decided to distract himself, not wanting to lose command of the situation just yet.

“Wh-where are you-“

“Just getting something.” Katsuki couldn't help but smile to himself as he sorted through the pocket of his pants. Izuku had looked so lost when he left him on the bed, so damn cute! It was just like when they were children, when Izuku looked to him for guidance, doe-eyed and pleading. ‘I guess nothing’s changed…’ His chest swelled with affection as he grabbed the bottle of lube he’d swiped from his house before he left.

“Is that… Oh…” It took this long for Izuku to realize the realness of the situation. He bit his lip, feeling terribly nervous, but also wanting to feel connected to Katsuki. Despite his nature, Katsuki had been patiently waiting permission, knelt between his legs with slippery fingers. Midoriya gulped, giving a nod of consent to the blonde. Suddenly, a new sensation gripped him. It was chilling and slippery and painful and compressing all at once. He tensed but let the other boy continue, working his way in with two fingers. Slowly he twirled, pressing deeper, watching Izuku’s sweet flushed face for any signs of pain. The spreading process was deliberate, delicate.

“S-Stop!” Katsuki’s eyes widened at the curly-haired boy’s sudden outburst.

“Sorry. Did I-“

“Why are you teasing me?” He complained.


“Kacchan I can’t… handle you being that gentle with me… It’s too much.” Katsuki blinked at him in shock for a moment, those words thereafter becoming music to his ears.

“So you can’t wait for it, huh?” He adorned his snide aura for the sake of play.

“Pleeeeasse...” Izuku had no problem with begging, for this time he knew Katsuki was more than willing to oblige him. With a little less force than anticipated, Katsuki inched himself in, shuddering from the pure tightness and pleasure that overtook him. To Izuku, it was a feeling of fullness, a little bit of pain as well, but neither sensation took away from how good it felt. He felt like Kacchan was all around him, holding him, biting down on his neck, filling him up, and he loved every bit of it.

“Kacchan…” He breathed his name between pants. “For so long… I’ve wanted this…” Katsuki didn't know how to convey his feelings so openly, but he clutched his body closer, gifting him a heated wet kiss. So many things he wanted to say: apologies, proclamations of love, how much an idiot he’d been over the past fuckton of years… But the only thing Katsuki could get to pass his lips was:

“Same.” Somehow this small stupid answer was enough for Deku. He could feel the powerful implications lurking behind it, reading Katsuki like an open book. It was this vulnerability that would ordinarily make him defensive with Izuku… but not tonight. Not any night from now on. He had decided. “Eh?” In an unexpected turn of events, Izuku had used his position to flip him beneath himself. Izuku’s eyes twinkled with mischievous energy, gazing at his lover’s bare chest. ‘That was my move…’ Katsuki pursed his lips suspiciously, ruby stare bore into Izuku as he trickled his fingertips over his abdominals, moving up towards his pectorals.

“The hell are you doing, Deku…” But his voice was trembling, primal yet unsure. As the freckled boy ran his fingernails down his chest, he was able to witness a beautiful sight to behold: Kacchan’s blush. Not the phony version he had seen while occupying his skin, but the real thing. “What are you smiling at?” Katsuki couldn't help but be grumpy at how much Deku was affecting him. A whimper unwittingly fell from his lips when Midoriya took his nipple between his lips, flicking it with his tongue while grinding down deeper onto him. Katsuki’s body was reacting beyond his ability to handle. How on earth did Deku know how to get him to react this way? Oh wait…

Just the sounds the blonde was making beneath him was enough to make Midoriya hard to the point of pain. Almost as if his mind was read, Katsuki’s large hand wrapped around his shaft, providing him with the stimulation he was aching for. A high-pitched moan echoed the room, giving Katsuki enough of a window to reverse the positions again. This time, however, there was a more serious base need, a desperation looming behind his thrusts.

“Mmmmhh…” Izuku felt himself melting, losing his senses to the other. To him, every part of Katsuki was fire. The heat of his sensuality, the burning power of his quirk, and the scorching love that burned so hot within his own heart for him. “Ahhh… ohhhh…” Katsuki felt the green-eyed boy’s hands pawing at his shoulders with urgency. “So close… Kacchan…”

This sent a new jolt of arousal straight between Katsuki’s legs. The sound of grunts and slapping skin filled the air, loud moans harmonizing as Izuku finally crumbled beneath the pooling heat. With Katsuki’s name on his reddened lips, he released, all thoughts disappearing into the blissful inferno of his lover’s stare. This salacious spectacle brought the blonde close to the edge, finally breaking through the tension when Izuku brushed his sensitive nipples again.

“Ahhh…. S-shit… Dekuuu…” Raw animalistic growls resonated from his throat before the cascade of liquid spilled over. He removed Deku’s legs from his shoulders, collapsing next to him to catch his breath. Katsuki felt especially spent, seeing as he had finished earlier that day without his consent and then forgot about it. ‘Deku’s gonna have to pay for that one…’ He opened his eyes, not bothering to hide the smile that crept up his face. Izuku was looking at him with a kind of soul-penetrating expression. It was as if he was seeing Katsuki for the first time. “What?” His usual snap came out as cheerful with the afterglow smile plastered on his face.

“Kacchan… I’m glad you beat me up in an alleyway the other night.”  

“Tch. Anytime, dweeb.” He pulled the smaller boy into his arms for a tight embrace, kissing him on the forehead.

“K-kacchan…” A blush crept up his cheeks from the affection and intimacy.

“We just fucked and you’re seriously blushing because I kissed you?”

“I-erm… No, that’s not why…” He couldn't describe it without becoming terribly bashful, but it was more than just the kiss. It was the concept of it all, that things were back to the way they should be, better even. That because of some silly chance encounter, they had managed to reconcile years of turmoil in a matter of days. They had quite literally walked a mile in each other’s shoes and turned out better in the end. Two lonely hearts had been reunited by a twist of fate. And to think… that strange fate contained within it a late night scuffle mixed with a dash of grand theft auto. He watched lovingly as Katsuki cleaned himself up. He turned, surely to speak the words Izuku couldn't voice…

“If you think about it… this means I’ve been inside of you twice today…”




The End