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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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"Aw. It's okay, Tamaki." You hugged your poor boyfriend from behind, resting your cheek on his hunched shoulder blade. He groaned, showing no signs of removing his forehead from the wall. "It wasn't that bad." You told him, hoping the two of you could just forget the whole thing.

"Yes it was." He shut his eyes tightly, hoping the darkness would suffocate the mental image of the event replaying in his mind. Public speaking was definitely Tamaki's kryptonite and it was definitely an evil he had yet to conquer in his lifetime. He had just been exceedingly lucky that you were there to come to his aid and smooth things over in front of the crowd. 'Lucky isn't the right word,' he thought. 'Blessed is much more accurate.'   But either way, he had disgraced and humiliated himself in front of hundreds, and he didn't have the emotional ability to unglue his forehead from the wall right now. 

"No it wasn't." You asserted again, giving him a gentle comforting scratch on the back. 

"I'm facing my Waterloo, F/N." 

"You're being melodramatic again, Tamaki." He just sighed in response, wanting to hide from the world forever. You tried to think of something that would pull him out of his funk. "...Are you hungry, babe? I can whip up something for us in the kitchen." He shook his head. "What about a bath? That will be warm and relaxing, right?" No response. Amajiki appreciated the effort, truly he did, but now he was beginning to feel like a burden. His mood was getting in the way of your evening plans together and it only made him feel more miserable. 

"No? Okay, I understand... Well, if you wont come out of the wall, I will have to join you in the wall." You were determined to make your beloved feel better, and would stop at nothing until he returned to his usual self. You slipped between his body and the wall on your knees, peering up at him with a bright smile. He looked surprised at your actions but remained stiff. So you decided to make funny faces in an attempt to make him laugh. A disturbed expression adorned his features, but you could tell that he was fighting back a smile. You intertwined your fingers, looked him dead in the eyes with a cheerful grin and spoke. 

"I LOVE YOU, TAMAKI!" He winced at the abrupt volume escalation, blushing at your words. He couldn't fight the warmth that suddenly penetrated his chest like the sun.

"You're embarrassing, F/N..." There it was, the smile you had been waiting for. 

"Of course I am!" You gave him a light kiss on the hand. "So there's no way you could ever look stupid while standing next to me. I'll take all of the embarrassing attention off of you." He chuckled a bit at that. He knew there was little to no truth in that statement, as you handled social situations much better than him. However, he was extremely grateful, knowing full well you would embarrass yourself terribly if it meant he could escape unscathed. He treasured that level of doting, knowing he had done absolutely nothing to deserve it. 

"Thank you, F/N." He said sincerely. You stood slowly, planting a soft kiss on his lips. It was at a strange uncomfortable angle since he was still plastered to the wall.

"Anytime, dear. So are you ready to come out now? We can go to dinner or something." 

"Um..." He frowned again, still shaken by today's ordeal. "C-can we... maybe..." 

"Sure, Tamaki." You brushed his cheek, not wanting him to get worked up again. You wrapped your arms around his neck, standing up fully this time. "We don't have to go anywhere you don't want to." He returned your embrace, burying his face in your neck. "I'll love you anywhere..." 

Those words touched his heart, and the intense warmth shot bright beams from his chest all the way to his burning cheeks. In an instant, Tamaki pressed your back against the wall. You gasped, thinking you must have done something horribly wrong to cause him to physically shove you thusly. But before you could speak, his mouth had collided with yours, body humming with heat. Despite being together for so long, it was still rather uncommon for Amajiki to initiate physical relations, especially with such fervidity. It made occasions like this all the more of a delicacy to behold. 

You were more than willing to release the stress of the day with him, kissing back with your usual battle for dominance. For the first time, he didn't let you win. His arms lifted you up, holding you against the wall as he kissed you. You let out a surprised little 'EEP!' and he pulled back to look at you. 

"Are you alright?" The crease between his eyebrows revealed his uncertainty, nervous about whether he was pushing things too far. 

"Yeah." You smiled, brushing a lock of hair out of his face. "You really are amazing, Tamaki." The sparkle in your eyes took his breath away, and instead of becoming flustered by your words, he gripped you tighter, locking lips with you again. You sensed the urgency, a rush of infatuation overpowering you. Before he even had time to notice, his belt had been unbuckled, his pants unfastened. Your hand slid deftly around his toned midsection, creeping up under his shirt. He positively shivered with desire, little noises escaping his lips beyond his ability to restrain. 

Into the waistband of his boxers your fingertips trickled as your mouth left little love nips down his neck. He whimpered when your thumb brushed the tip, rubbing arousing little circles as you went. Tamaki felt like he was being electrocuted. The trembling anxiety from earlier was still percolating through him, heightening the sensation. It was impossible to hold back from the way he needily whispered your name, so you ripped off your shirt and bottoms, watching Tamaki follow suit with no hesitation. He flinched when you bit down on his neck a little too hard, helping him yank his shirt upwards. His dark eyes suddenly flitted away, not knowing where exactly to go from here. You held him against your body, hot breath making his ears twitch, as you whispered:

"We don't have to go anywhere, Tamaki..." He flushed dark as you pinned your own back against the wall, bringing him closer. You lifted a leg onto his hipbone as a hint, but he had already understood the implications of your statement. 

"B-but what if I drop you?" His lips pressed into a distressed squiggle. 

"I guess I'll have to love you on the floor then." You said matter-of-factly. He gawked at you for a moment before the tension bubbled up in his stomach. Out of nowhere, Tamaki rolled with laughter, the anxiety from before finally releasing itself into the open air. Only you could crack him up in what should have been a serious and vulnerable situation. Tamaki's radiant smile drew you to him even more than before and you kissed him again, more heated this time. With his lean strong arms, he was able to lift your weight, holding you up against the wall as you wrapped your legs around his waist. You gripped his skin feverishly as his shaft slid effortlessly into you. The way he snapped his hips combined with the angle of your back-

"Ohhh Tamaki..." Between the sensual exchange of shaky breaths and moans, Tamaki moved faster, hitting you deeper with each thrust. You were panting heavily into his neck, hot breath darkening the blush on Tamaki's cheeks. He couldn't hold back the desperate cries of pleasure that crashed over him, giving it his all to not let his knees buckle and bring you down with him. 

Your unbridled sinful moans were pushing Tamaki past his limit. Just the thought that you could be so taken with him, that he in his mediocre abilities could make you feel this good, it was just too much for him to take. His breath hitched when he saw you cry out in pleasure, flushing and riding out your orgasm as you squeezed his hips with your legs. Suddenly, the need hit him hard, and the burning want spiked in his belly, fire growing hotter than the sun. 

Amajiki felt himself melting, from the top of his head to his toes. The hot satisfaction poured over him in waves, permeating him the way Mirio's quirk might permeate into the floor: effortlessly. You watched as his eyelids fluttered closed, spilling out his tension and inhibitions. Shaky arms barely holding you up, Tamaki pressed his sweaty forehead to yours, gazing into your eyes as he caught his breath. 

That was the moment you realized... you were his new wall...