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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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“Don't hurt yourself.” Kaminari almost mocked as you continued adding weight to the leg press machine. 

“Shut up, sparky!” You shooed him out of your way, grabbing another thirty-five pounder.

“He’s right, F/N.” Kirishima’s tone rang with concern rather than condescension. “We know how strong you are. I don't want you to overdo it.” 

“I got this, okay?” You sat down and huffed in preparation, flexing before the weight released. It was surprisingly not as hard as you anticipated and you pressed the machine forward. ‘I guess all that training really paid off after all.’ 

“Holy shit!”

“Way to go, F/N!” Kirishima grinned. “I knew you could do it!” 

“Thanks.” You returned his cheeky smile and looked at Kaminari. “In yo face!”

“Alright fine.” He admitted. “Lets do some arms. I did legs yesterday.” 

Eijirou’s lifting skills put yours and Denki’s to shame as he pressed massive barbells above his head with a masculine grunt. 

“Aw. Come on!” Denki whined. “If I tried that without your quirk, I’d get totally squashed.” 

“Eijirou’s just so manly!” You reached out and squeezed his rippling arm muscles, savoring the firm skin as your fingers traced the grooves. Kirishima beamed at the gracious compliment, blushing as he watched your hand slide down his sweaty arm. This little flirting game had been going on for a while, the tension building between you more electric than Denki’s quirk. “I-“ You realized what you were doing. “I’m er- pretty sweaty. I think I’ll call it a day and go shower…” 

“Not a bad idea.” Kirishima agreed, walking with you past the water fountains on the way to the locker room.

“Oh…” An inconvenience struck you. A bright yellow sign blocked the girls locker room adorned with the words: “Under renovations.” 

“Hm.” Kirishima made a face. “That’s unfortunate. I mean… you can come over and use my shower if you want.” 

“Um…” Under normal circumstances you would take that as a perverted invitation, definite strings attached. But then you looked into Kirishima’s bright and honest eyes, realizing his intentions were probably pure. Not that you would have minded if they weren't...  “Yeah. Thanks.” 

The walk to his apartment was spent trading compliments on each other’s feats of strength, both in the gym and in rescue training. Then somehow it morphed into competitive teasing. By the time he pulled out his room key, it had already been decided that you would spar to see who would come out on top. 

“Oomph!” You were pounced upon the second his door closed. “Hey! I wasn't ready!” You squawked, but his playful smile soon melted your curmudgeon away. You fought against his strong grip, using your fierce legs to knock him off balance. He toppled beside you from the force and hit the ground. This back and forth went on a while, each of you besting the other with unique fighting styles until you were sweaty and out of breath. Finally, with a grunt of exertion, you pinned him with his hands above his head. His body surrendered and he smirked up at you. 

“You win.” You pursed your lips, knowing this was a load of bull. 

“You let me win.” Your grumpy tone made him chuckle. 

“It takes a real man to obey the commands of his lady.” He blinked, realizing that had come out all wrong. Especially since you were straddling him on the ground, panting and hot. You mirrored his blush but couldn't tear your eyes away from his amiable face. 

“I’m… your lady?” As much as you wanted to keep a poker face, you couldn't hide the warm crooked smile that bloomed on your face. 

“Uh… yeah. I mean… if you wanna be…” It was really hard to be suave and manly with you sitting on top of him like that. 

“M-maybe I… do…” His immediate toothy grin of joy almost literally sucker-punched your insecurities away, and you suddenly felt bold enough to lean down towards his mouth. He sat up, enthusiastically repaying your kiss. His sharp teeth grazed your lips and you shuddered into his embrace. You felt his strong arms wrap around your waist tightly, comfortably shifting you onto his lap. The roughhousing and gym workout had left his hair gel all but absent, allowing his hair to fall onto his neck and flushed face. 

His crimson cheekbones matched so harmoniously with his hair and eyes, and it was at that moment that you realized your favorite color was red. You licked his bottom lip into your mouth, plush and pliant between your teeth. It was a delicious contrast to his usual rock-hard body. Speaking of which… 

“Hey, Eijirou…” You pulled back with a sultry simper. “Are you using your quirk or are you just happy to see me?” 

“Aw, hey.” He looked down bashfully. “Don't tease me like that… I just really liked when you bit my lip.” 

“Really?” You raised your eyebrows in genuine surprise. “Those sharp chompers of yours and you like being bitten?!” This situation was ironic to the point of being humorous. 

“Is it that unusual?” You heard the self-doubt in his voice and had no intention on letting it seep any deeper. 

“Nope. Its great because I like biting you.” He gasped at the swift but gentle bite to his neck. You grimaced as a result from the salty taste. “Eh.” You hung your tongue out of your mouth. “But I’d probably like it more if you weren’t so sweaty.” He threw his head back in a hearty laugh at that.

“Well how about I shower then?” 

“Sounds like a plan.” 

He removed only his gym shirt in front of you, opening the door to his bathroom. In all honesty, he was terribly bummed by your lack of a reaction when he took his shirt off. ‘I have been working really hard at the gym. Is it not enough?’  He pondered solemnly. He hadn’t accounted for the fact that his hero costume was practically shirtless to begin with and you had grown used to seeing that much of him on the regular. You watched expectantly when the article hit the ground, waiting for more. Kirishima decided to try one more thing. 

“If you need a drink or something, my water bottle’s right over… there.” You grinned when he intentionally flexed his muscles to point towards it. 


Your lack of a saucy flirtatious response only discouraged him further, and he turned to enter the bathroom alone. Little did he know, the invitation he had dropped had been clearly received… and accepted…

Once the door had shut behind him, you mirrored his actions and slipped out of your sticky hot shirt. One sound of running water and a rustle of a shower curtain later, you had snuck in behind him, quietly eyeing his body before he stepped in.

“Ah!” He jumped a little, only turning halfway around to shield your innocent eyes from his nudity. “F/N, you scared me.” 

“Gee, Eijirou. The door wasn't locked. It’s almost as if you wanted someone to walk in.” 

“Accidents happen...” He held his hands up, knowing he’d been caught. Its not like he was trying to force anything. He just wanted to drop the hint without pressuring you. 

For some reason it had taken until now for him to notice your shirtless body and he gawked without thinking.

“Uh… isn’t the water gonna get cold?” 

“Eh?” He blinked himself back to reality, realizing the water had been running the whole time. “Ah, yeah…” You giggled and approached him boldly. 

“May I?” It seemed like a good idea to get his verbal permission before recklessly forcing him into a lewd situation. It was such a sweet relief to him that you were so forthright in your willingness to be close to him. His enthusiasm bubbled to the surface once more and he swept you up in his arms with ease. 

“Ladies first.” 

You both sighed as the steaming heat warmed your bodies, embracing and kissing and switching positions to share the water. For such a wild new erotic activity, you didn't feel any sort of churning anxiety. You were certain being in this situation with anyone else would have been riven with awkwardness and sexual tension, but somehow doing it with Kirishima felt natural, like you were comfortable and home. He wasn't overly handsy, letting you adjust to the intimacy at your own pace. He pulled back and tilted his head expectantly, making his neck very obviously available. You obeyed, starting to leave marks with your teeth along his collarbone. He let out little moans and held you closer. You felt the same hardness as before pressed against your body, slippery and hot. He let out a gasp of surprise when you palmed it, biting down hard on his neck. He took your wrist in hand, pulling it off. 

“Like I said… ladies first.” A spritely playful grin pulled at his cheeks as he slid down to his knees, planting a sweet kiss to your tummy on his way down. You braced yourself against the chilly tile wall for support as he ran his lips along your inner thigh. A sharp sensation made you gasp and pull on his hair. 

“Ah! Teeth!” He laughed at your bug-eyed fearful expression.

“Oops. Forgot about that. Sorry.” 

“Er… it’s fine. It’s not that I mind being bitten. Just maybe… not… there…” 

“I’ll be careful, I promise.” 

You sighed as he worked his way back between your legs, tongue exploratory and exciting. It was only moments before he had you contorting with pleasure. There was no fear about losing yourself. You knew if you lost balance or toppled over, he would catch you. This lovable boy was the rock of stability you needed in your life. 

“Are you alright? I feel like I’m drowning you.” You panted, suddenly worried all of the hot water running down your body was suffocating him. 

“Mhm.” He twisted his head, finding a fantastic new angle. The roller coaster you were on reached its peak, and you moaned and writhed before his eyes. He gracefully let you slide down the wall and onto your knees with a happy sigh. 

“Mmmm…” You fluttered your wet lashes at him. “Your turn.”

“H-huh?” He blushed, moaning loudly when your slippery hand made contact with his shaft. He gripped your hips tightly, pulling you in for another deeper, more intimate kiss. Suddenly, the hot water ran out, and an icy blast froze the two of you.