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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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'It's her last night... I have to find a way to let her know how I feel before then...'  A nervous bit of sweat formed at Izuku's temple as he fiddled with his tie in the mirror. "Why does this thing never look right..." 

He made his way to the communal kitchen where this whole dare had come full circle, smiling when he caught sight of you. You had been slaving over the stove for a while, wanting to make sure that the meal you made for Izuku was stellar. 

"Hey, F/N." He came up behind you with a smile. "Smells amazing." 

"Thanks." You turned, catching a glimpse of his attire. "Aw, Izuku! You didn't have to dress up. I'm just wearing this crummy thing." You gestured to your usual unimpressive maid outfit. 

"I wanted to." He scratched the back of his neck. "You making me dinner just feels like a special occasion." He blushed. "So... I just wanted to look nice..." 

"Well you succeeded." 

After a pleasant dinner together in the adjacent dining room, you put the soufflé in the oven to bake. 

"Hey." Bakugou's voice startled you from your concentration once again. 

"Oh hey, Katsuki." You smiled, but then realized you were still irritated about the number he did on your costume. "Wait, I have a bone to pick with you." He raised a bored eyebrow. 

"It looks better this way." He glanced down at your plunging neckline and smirked. You almost slapped him. 

"Ugh. I'll fight with you later for this. But right now I need a favor. I need to watch the dessert so it doesn't burn, but I forgot the sparkling cider in Izuku's room. Would you go grab it for me?" You held out Midoriya's spare key. "Please?" You pouted your lips. 

"Fine." He snatched it from your hand. 

"Don't trash his room please." You felt the need to say it, but a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes at the suggestion. "Seriously..." 

"Why would you think I would do that?! Jeez!" He muttered to himself bitterly as he walked away. 

'Katsuki's been gone a long time.'  Long enough for you to safely assume he wouldn't return with the drinks. But just as you and Midoriya dug into the soufflé, he rounded the corner with the bottle. 

"Ah! Thank you, Katsuki!" You beamed gratefully, Midoriya's key dropping into your palm.

"Whatever." He shrugged, eyeing the dessert in front of you. "Is that chocolate?" 

"Yes. You want some?" You offered, thinking he had earned a piece from doing you a favor. He leaned over to whisper in your ear.

"Did you pick chocolate because it's an aphrodisiac?" 

"N-NO!" Your face became blaring red instantly. "SHUDDUP!" Midoriya just stared at you, clueless. Bakugou took his leave, snorting at your discomfort. 

"Uh... You want some?" 

"WHAT?!" You snapped your head up, wondering if he heard that and was offering what you think he was offering. "Oh..." He was holding up the opened bottle, ready to pour you a glass of cider. "Er- yes please...." 

The two of you eventually decided to gather the leftovers and maybe plan for a movie after dropping them in the fridge. You returned with Midoriya to his room, walking closely by his side as you went. He fiddled a bit, searching for his keys. "Allow me." You said politely, using his spare key. You opened the door slightly, flipping the switch, but no lights came on. "What the..." You mumbled, pushing the door open all the way. You tripped over a string while crossing the threshold, and the sudden sound of soft music filled your ears. The hinge clacked shut and you both froze at the sight in front of you. The entire room was adorned in flickering tea light candles, rose petals besprinkled across the floor in a suggestive trail leading from the door to Izuku's bed. Your eyes bugged out, knowing who must have done this. 

Midoriya stood there agog for a moment, taking in all of the effort that you must have put into this. He gulped, feeling the thick aroma of vanilla and roses wash his senses away in a sweet wave of intoxication. He noticed a small boom box rigged up to a string, examining it as the love song played. 

"Is this... Brian Adams?" He asked while you slowly crept farther into this love nest that was once a nerd kingdom.

"Lionel RichieEEEEEEE!" You squealed as you noticed the writing on the bed. Scrawled neatly in rose petals were the words, "I want you, Izuku." Without hesitation you rocketed onto the comforter, covering the message before he could see it. 'I'm gonna KILL you, Katsuki!'  You mentally promised yourself. Midoriya approached you slowly, timidly. 

"W-What are you doing?" His mouth was dry, a trembling nervousness churning in his stomach. It was only then that you realized you were sprawled out on your back, arms and legs starfished across the bed, revealing your undergarments beneath your now-much-shorter-than-before skirt. 

"Uh..." You grasped at mental straws before plucking a stupid excuse from the works. "I'm uh... making a rose-petal angel..." Your ears burned hot from embarrassment as you floundered on the bed, flailing your arms and legs in a snow-angel motion. You noticed how your indecent display flustered him, and you closed your legs together with an audible slap. 

You gasped again, now noticing something even more lewd than before. Perched on his pillow was a small bottle of body chocolate. You snatched it and hid it behind your back, scooting towards the wall. You met his green eyes, observing your every movement with calculation. 'Oh god... she's waiting on my bed... What do I do?!' Midoriya panicked. 'I've never had a girl be this forward towards me before... How should I respond? Should I be confident and go over there? Should I ask permission?'  The tension was solid, palpable. You went to shift into a less-compromising position, but your sweaty hands lost a grip on the bottle. It slid behind his bed with a clunk. Unfortunately, the tiny container didn't stop. The momentum from the fall sent it rolling directly to Izuku's feet. You were certain your brain would explode right then and there. 

'Damn round bottle and your damn roundness...' 

A lump formed in his throat. "I-is this... b-" He lost his voice, tugging at his shirt collar as it became increasingly harder and harder to breathe. 'Oh god! Oh god! She's obviously a professional at this! I cant possibly live up to her standards!' He felt his heart throwing itself against his ribcage, the way a violent intruder might pound on an unyielding door. He bit his lip and stared at the floor, blushing madly. You were pretty sure you'd seen him less frightened when he was fighting ACTUAL villains. Your mouth fell open, utterly speechless.

"Uh... Izuku... this uh... isn't what it looks like!" You defended, expression that of a deer in the headlights.

"You know, F/N... this is r-really nice and all... b-but..." He gulped, breaking out in a cold sweat. You frowned, awaiting the rejection for the move you didn't actually make on him. You concluded that this must have been Katsuki's plan all along. To humiliate you beyond all reason and ruin your reputation all in one fell swoop. "but..." He continued, rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. "It kind of puts a lot of p-pressure on me... and- I don't... know if I can live up to your expectations..." He admitted.

"No, no!" You leapt off the bed. "You've got it all wrong! I'm not expecting anything from you!" You fumbled awkwardly, searching for words. "This is all just a big misunderstanding!" 

"But... since you went through all this trouble..." He gestured to the romantic ambiance that charmed him more with each passing minute. " would be wrong of me to not at least give it a plus ultra, right?" You shut your blabbering mouth, realizing the proposal he just made to you. 

"Huh?" You blinked at him, a sudden wave of anticipation coursing through you. You gawked at him, making him fidget under your stare. 

"J-just p-promise to be p-patient with me." He shut his eyes tightly, flushing a shade of red not yet known to mankind. "I've never... uh... you know..." 

He peeked his eyes back open to see if you bore him a contemptuous gaze, but your eyes were twinkling with delighted disbelief. You felt that was enough permission to get closer to him so you took a step forward. 'I can't believe this is really happening!' You squealed internally. After your unbearably awkward behavior, he still found you attractive enough to agree to physical relations with you with almost no hesitation. A swell of affection washed through your chest, bringing with it an encouraging smile. 'I take back everything I said about killing you, Katsuki!' You thought in elation, sending him a silent prayer as if he was a glorious matchmaking deity. 

"S-since you obviously know what you're doing..." He glanced to the body chocolate on the ground. "I... might need some... d-directions..." He looked at you for guidance, insecurity painting his tone. You grinned.

"But Izuku, I'M the maid, remember?" You closed the last distance between you, faces inches apart. "I have to do everything YOU say." He looked shocked by such a bold offer, and nervously glanced away. 


"Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it." You smiled sweetly. He pondered this a moment. 

"Y-you'll tell me if you don't want to do something though, right?" 

"Of course." You waited patiently for his orders, unaware of how your sunset eyes in the glowing candlelight were sweeping him off his feet yet again. Midoriya huffed through his nose, mustering up his bravery. 

"Uh... would you kiss me?" He whispered breathlessly. You nodded.

"Where?" You asked suggestively, fluttering your lashes at him. The question caught him off guard, sending him spiraling down into a ball of nerves again. 

"Ah-er... um..." He had the mind to say 'anywhere' but thought that was too much. He didn't want to scare you away with a perverted answer. "M-my hands?" He said quickly, thinking that would be an okay place to start. You smiled, knowing that wasn't what he wanted to say. You took his hand gently in both of yours, drawing it up to your mouth. You placed a light peck on the top of his hand before flipping it over and kissing his palm. You locked eyes with him, tracing a line with your tongue from his palm to his fingertip. A jolt of electricity shot through his body, resetting his heartbeat to maximum speed. You kissed each one of his fingertips individually, slowly taking his index finger into your mouth. You could taste the sweat from his palm as you sucked it gently, pulling it out with a quiet pop. He swallowed thickly, taking a shaky breath. You figured he had forgotten all about giving you orders, for he just watched you, lips parted in awe and anticipation. He clearly needed a bit of a reminder, so you spoke again.

"Where else?" 

"Oh!" His focus returned from the dizzying rush and he pointed to his cheek. "H-here?" He still wouldn't look you in the eye while asking, which struck you as endearing. You held him close, placing a long tender kiss on his freckled cheek. You pulled back to look at him, but didn't have to wait this time. He already had a timid finger pointing to his lips, his shimmering emerald eyes sweetly begging. You drew him into a passionate embrace, meeting his lips at last. He yanked you against him, holding you as close as he possibly could, and wove an exploratory hand through your hair. 

Izuku was much more vocal than you expected someone like him to be. As your tongues and mouths rollicked freely, he didn't hesitate to let little 'mm's, moans, and sighs resonate from his throat. It was refreshingly unhindered and you wanted more. You slithered both hands through his hair, gripping gently and massaging as you went, hearing a very pleased purr vibrate through his chest. 

It didn't take long to discover that he was a clumsy kisser, significantly lacking in experience. However, it didn't hinder his enthusiasm, as he was now moving his mouth against yours faster than you could keep up. You had to pull apart for oxygen, a large nebulous trail of saliva left in your wake. You wiped the copious amounts of drool from your mouth with your forearm. 

"Sorry." He panted, wiping his own mouth dry.

"Don't worry about it." You smiled to abate his unease. "What else can I do for you?" You caressed his jawbone to his chin as the red and gold candlelight smoldered in his eyes. 

"Get on the bed..." Midoriya didn't stutter this time, but his self-doubt was evident when his voice wavered. You obeyed swiftly, scattering the rose petals as the mattress bounced. You beckoned, laying sideways and patted the bed, awaiting you lover's arrival as a lacy sleeve of your uniform draped off your shoulder. He moved towards you like a man hypnotized, finally taking the reins of initiative. 

He hovered above you with uneven bated breath, regarding your intense sensuality in that risqué outfit. He was uncomfortably hot again, but this time he ripped off his tie and tossed it over his shoulder, refusing to take his eyes off you. 

"Let me touch you..." He sighed, but it was still a question of permission. You nodded in silence; the only sound was his loud breathing and the enticing music in the background. With your consent at his disposal, he traced a line up your arms, elucidating his fantasy in his mind as it unfolded. Then it was over your bare shoulders and neck. Goosebumps raised on your arms at how feather-soft and tantalizing his touch was. His hand graced your collarbone, stopping just short of the swell of your breast. His pink cheeks darkened, biting his lip in reluctance. You knew what he wanted and did him one better. You took his hand and slid it, not over, but INTO your uniform. His palm felt the softness of your bare breast and you quivered as his rough fingerprint brushed your protruding nipple. 

He went fiercely hard in a hurry, the sudden rush of blood making the room start to spin. He fell forward, his weight collapsing on you. He squeezed with his hand, planting a wet kiss to your neck. It was maddening that you weren't running your hands all over him in response. You had decided to let him do what he wanted with you instead, supine and submissive beneath him. 

"Touch me." He pleaded desperately, hot breath steaming your ear. You obeyed, latching your limbs around him like a venus flytrap. You pulled him into another deep kiss, rolling him onto his back. As you sat perched on his hips you felt a rigid poke beneath your skirt, Midoriya's response to your allure. 

You ran your hands down his chest and back up again, undoing the top few buttons. You held up a finger, your warmth disappearing from him momentarily whilst you retrieved the body chocolate. You straddled him again and held it up with questioning eyes. He nodded fast, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt with vibrant enthusiasm while you unscrewed the bottle. Your mouth watered when the decadent chocolate aroma filled your nostrils. First you got a small bit on your finger and placed it on his lips, which was followed by a swirling chocolate kiss, tongues battling for every last little taste of sweetness. Next you scooped out a generous dollop with two fingers. 

His body shivered with excitement as he watched you run that chocolate from his neck to his naval. You slid a flat teasing tongue along the line, slurping and lapping as the hot saliva flowed from your mouth. You licked beneath his bellybutton, sneaking your tongue just under the waistband of his boxers. "Ah!" He huffed, squirming beneath your magic touch. 

You slid you hand even farther down, palming the ferocious bulge between his legs. He groaned as you tormented him with light force, the seams of his pants screaming in protest from the pressure they were under. You noticed and mercifully released him from his bonds, springing forth the evidence of his lust. You stuck a finger into the chocolate, looked down at his flushed shaft, and then back to his equally flushed face. 

"Ohh! Y-yes, please!" He shuddered as the cool viscous liquid made contact with his hot member, watching you with attentive sultry eyes. He felt the tiniest twinge of guilt for pressuring you, but the stimulation of your wet mouth around him melted all of his doubts away. His thoughts were a puddle circling the drain of physical desire. Your tongue swirled the head and length of his shaft, mapping the topography of every little vein and divot. 

"Unh! Haaaahhh..." He mewled and writhed, lifting his hips to savor the sensation. You sucked and pumped his length before the sweet flavor disappeared. Now you were tasting only him in his pure essence, a decadent treat in itself. 

"Ohhhh! ...I want.... nyaaahhh..." He rode the heavenly high, chasing the pleasure as it crashed through his body with every flick of your tongue. He was losing himself, unable to spare a brain cell for anything else. It didn't help that he was a total greenhorn at this, sensitive beyond all comprehension.

"Pleeeaaasseee..." he whimpered, head snapping back. 

"Please what, Izuku?" You teased, only removing your mouth just far enough to speak. "What do you want..." 

"Don't... stop..." He pleaded between pants. You buried him deep into your cavern, nose tickled by the curly tuft of hair down there. You inhaled his scent, but something made you recoil.

"Do you smell something?" You asked.

"Ah? Oh, I'm kind of sweaty... It's probably- AGH!"


Draped over one of the candles was Izuku's tie that he had thrown earlier, wreathed in flames.

"Oh no!" You threw it in the sink as quickly as possible, dousing the fire in cold water. He got up, legs wobbly, and examined the toasted article. 

"I liked that tie..." 

"That's a shame. I guess all these candles are a bit of a fire hazard, huh?" 

"That's the price of romance I suppose." He giggled, causing you to grin. 

"Where were we?" You asked, leading him back to the bed. 

"Right about here." He replied, wrapping his arms around your waist and peppering your neck with little love nips. He plucked at the ties of your corset bodice. "Can I?" 

"Like I said, Izuku. You don't have to ask anymore." 

"Take it off." He ordered. You smiled, eyebrows raised at his sudden smoldering confidence. His expression still wielded a considerate sweetness despite his commanding words. You obeyed, sliding off the top half and unlatching the black bra. You brought your hands to your hips, about to slide off the lacy bottom half, but his hands stopped you. "N-not the skirt..." He blushed. "I like it..." He admitted, his bashful nature resurfacing. 

"You're the boss." You smiled, removing just the underwear beneath. He sighed, coming up behind you. Your bare back met his chest, glistening with a light sheen of sweat. His rough hands caressed your breasts, while his hot breath covered your neck. He savored the velvety softness of the skirt against his shaft, letting his hand slide over your belly button and between your legs. You gasped, falling forward from the new exciting stimulation. You balanced yourself with your hands on the bed, bent over and arching your back as his fingers teased your wet folds. 

Izuku's pupils were blown, arousal all but pouring off his skin. "So wet..." He breathed, his tip begging at your entrance. You trembled with anticipation. How naughty, being taken from behind while still wearing part of a maid outfit. You looked back at him, giving him a nod of permission.

"Go ahead, love." You braced yourself for the penetration, groaning as he plunged himself inside. His own carnal moan harmonized with yours and he leaned against you, trying to maintain his balance and sanity through the immense wave of pleasure hitting him. He took slow, affectionate strokes as his finger excited you from the front. It was almost impossible to believe that he was inexperienced, as every touch from him was sending you to new heights, twitching and writhing beneath his grasp. 

His angle was perfect, hitting exactly the right spot with every thrust. "Ohhhh...." You bit your lip as he placed his other hand on your hip, guiding his thrusts as they increased in speed. "Oh, Izukuuu..." You moaned, the inward pressure building. Suddenly, you felt empty and his movements had stopped. "Eh? No, don't stop!" You whined.

"S-sorry." He huffed, realizing he was too close to the edge. "I just needed to catch my breath for a minute." You waited impatiently, wiggling your bottom at him in a teasing protest while he prepared for round two. He laid a gentle kiss on your hand in an attempt to heighten the romance. "Okay..." He slid back in, shocked at how much tighter it was than before. "Mmmnh!"

"Annnhhh..." You arched your back, impassioned by his coos of desire. He thrust deeper and faster, sending you panting into an explosive bliss. Your erotic outcry sent Midoriya reeling. His world dissolved into delicious sensations, relishing in the unimaginable pleasure rippling through him. Whimpers and moans escaped his lips as you grinded down against your captive, feeling a warm liquid fill you up. 

"Wow..." His legs refused to hold him up anymore and he stumbled forward, taking you with him to the bed. You giggled as the mattress bounced, crawling into his welcoming arms. He heaved in air for another moment or two. "Wow..." He repeated, almost in disbelief of the events that had just befallen him. 

"Wow indeed." You agreed, trying to catch your breath despite how tightly he was squeezing you. 

"Mmmmm." He nuzzled you, burying his face in your hair. "Thank you." He said in the cutest way possible. 

"Thank you too." You chuckled, gazing into his sparkling emerald eyes. You expected him to be radiant with the afterglow, but his smile had disappeared. "What's wrong?" You asked, kissing his cheek. 

"I'm just going to miss having you around all the time... Since this is your last day and all..." 

"I'm not going anywhere, Izuku." You asserted, mischief blossoming in your eyes. "I have to do anything you ask, remember?" A tiny smile pulled at Midoriya's lips. "I'm staying. That is... unless my services are unsatisfactory to you." You raised a snide eyebrow at him. 

"Yeah right!" He laughed, shaking his head at the ridiculous notion. 

"Then I propose that we negotiate a long-term contract." 

"Agreed." He nodded with a determined sense of purpose. "F/N, will you be my girlfriend?" 

"Only if it's forever." You grinned widely upon seeing his coy blush. 

"Deal." He smiled, pulling you into a loving embrace.