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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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Fixation? Eh, that was a bit too strong of a word. 'Delighted fascination seems a better way of phrasing it.'  You thought, holding back a tiny smirk as you observed the boy occupying the desk in front of you. Tamaki's ears were unique, perhaps even attractive if you were being completely honest with yourself. The more you got to know him, the more his ears gave away the subtle nuances of his mood. You now noticed the way they would perk up when he was called on in class, burn red when he was embarrassed, or wiggle slightly when he chuckled. You could have sworn they even drooped a bit like a puppy when he was sad one day, but that was merely speculation. 

Every now and again, you couldn't help but reach out and touch them. You couldn't do it softly, running the risk of coming off creepy or suggestive. So once in a while after class, you would flick the tip of them with a finger to get his attention, startling him. Amajiki wasn't one to hold grudges or ever raise his voice to you, so you always got away with it. 


Tamaki jumped and turned, peering at you from behind a lock of hair. "I wish you wouldn't do that." He mumbled while he rubbed it, no hostility in his voice as usual. 

"Sorry. Couldn't resist." You smiled playfully. "It's the easiest way to get your attention." He didn't argue. It's not like he had an excess of attention to waste, and he particularly enjoyed receiving it from you. "So are you busy tonight?" You asked out of courtesy, knowing that he probably wasn't. 


"Can I come over?" 

"I'll have to clean..." He reflected quietly, mentally scanning his apartment for anything that would be humiliating if a girl were to see it. 

"Ok, great." You beamed, knowing that was as close to a 'Totally looking forward to it!' as you were going to get from him. Class drew to a close, and most of your peers sprinted out the door quickly, seeing as it was a Friday. Mirio made a grand exit, phasing into the floor with a cheer and a wave. It made you giggle. Tamaki waited at the doorway for you to gather your things. 

"Hey, Amajiki!" A male voice resounded through the hallway. "So my family's going on a hunting trip this weekend. You should come with us." You narrowed your eyes suspiciously. 

"Well I..."

"With antlers like you can grow, I bet you'd be a solid 12 points to take out!" He and his friend laughed haughtily at Tamaki's dejected expression. You knocked over a chair in the process of abruptly standing up. This caught their attention, seeing you stare daggers at them from across the room. 

"The hell did you just say?" Your fists were clenched, shaking with rage. 

"Let's go, dude." The other one said nonchalantly, but you saw the brief flicker of fear in his eyes. You stormed over, taking a stand next to Amajiki. 

"Yeah. Let's ditch this loser and his bitch girlfriend." He emphasized the last word with disgust, obviously in an attempt to embarrass you, as you weren't actually dating. The attempt failed. 

"At least he has one." You bluffed, baring your teeth in a wicked smile. Amajiki looked at you in surprise. "Ooh! Tamaki gets more action than you! I bet that stings, doesn't it? I hope you have as much fun as he does tonight with just your right hand for company." You felt a grip around your wrist. Even you realized that what you said was a bit too much. The bully turned, mirroring your nasty expression. 

"Just because you settled for a freak, doesn't mean that I have to." 

That was the last straw. You saw red and moved to step forward, but Amajiki's hand tightened around your arm in restraint. You looked back at him, snapping out of it. The bully turned on his heels, satisfied about getting the last word. 

"We're way to old for this shit to happen..." You grit your teeth as you walked Amajiki to the station. 

"It's okay, F/N." He said. For a change, he wasn't even bothered by the bully's words. His mind was entirely preoccupied by your acknowledgement of being romantically involved with him. 'Was that real? Was it just part of an act?' Then his mind couldn't help but wander further. '"I hope you have as much fun as he does tonight," she said... What kind of fun does she mean?'

"I'm gonna punch him, Tamaki."

"Please don't." 

"I'm gonna." You asserted, still staring at the concrete as you walked. 

"Let's just have fun tonight." He encouraged. 'Oh jeez. I used her word 'fun'! I hope she doesn't catch that...'  You sighed, letting out your frustrations. 

"You're right. I shouldn't have overreacted. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." 

"No. You didn't... Thank you... for standing up for me... again..." 

"Your welcome." You pursed your lips, realizing that insulting people who are mean to Tamaki had become somewhat of a hobby of yours. "Just... don't dwell on what he said. Promise?" He nodded. "Okay. I'll be over in a little while. ...that is... if you still want to hang out with me." You bit your lip, worried that you had estranged him with your forthright lewd hints. 

"Of course I do! I just need about an hour to clean." Your smile returned. 

"Okay. I'll bring movies."


You sorted through the movies to find a good one to rent for the night, still grumbling about the bully from earlier. Why did this never happen to YOU? It was always Tamaki that got picked on when he didn't deserve it. You would rather take the verbal abuse over him any day, yet that was never the case. You frowned, knowing the reality would always be: the kind ones will always be targeted.

This put you in a very morbid mood, and you realized that you were standing in the horror section of the store. "Hm..." You wondered if Tamaki liked that genre. You felt that it could go either way. "Oh well..." You grabbed a few that you had seen, knowing they were at least of moderate quality and lacking in certain... scenes that might turn a fun night into an awkward blush fest. 


"Hey, Tamaki!" You greeted, strolling into his apartment like you owned the place. 

"Hi, F/N." The scent of Takoyaki filled your nostrils. 

"I brought these." You handed him the movies, watching him furrow his brows at the dark ominous covers. "Do you like scary movies, Tamaki?"

"Uh... well... do YOU like scary movies?" 


"I like scary movies." He said quickly, almost robotically. You raised an eyebrow at him, fighting back a grin. 'A bit too transparent, Tamaki...'  You popped in the one you thought was the best. Very suspenseful and not too many jump scares, since that's the cheapest kind of thrills in your opinion. He gulped when you sat next to him on his bed, but didn't vocally object to it. You noticed him sink a little deeper into the mattress, drawing his knees in close when a hair-raising moment would approach. 

It wasn't your intention when you rented the movie, but suddenly you were reminded of something you saw a friend do at the first boy-girl party you attended. While watching an R-rated movie someone had snatched from their parents, one of the popular girls had been scared and latched onto the arm of a boy in your class. You expected him to push her off, but he comforted her and cuddled her. That day you were given the first glimpse into the protective instinct of boys. You for one, had never particularly needed protecting, being the strong and independent person that you are. However, part of you always craved the doting attention of a boy trying to shelter you. 'What if...' You glanced over to Amajiki, who was vigilantly focused on the movie. 'I wonder if I could fake it...'

An opportune moment arrived, a jump scare that you knew was coming. "EEP!" You yelped, clutching onto his shirt and hiding your face. He stiffened, but you soon felt a comforting hand atop yours, and another on your back. 

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Y-yeah." You fake stammered. "That was just really scary." 

"It's just a movie." He rubbed your back, tone soothing as honey. 'I can't believe how well that worked!' You cheered mentally, proud of your harmless deception. Amajiki held your hand a while, feeling empowered and happy for a reason he couldn't quite pinpoint. Maybe it was a little bit selfish of him, but even at your scared expense, he loved feeling needed. 

'Maybe once more...'  You thought. The climax of fright came and you let out a dishonest squeal. You clambered behind him, clutching your arms around his waist and burying your face into his shoulder blade. He froze, completely at a loss of how to react. "I know you'll protect me, Tamaki." You cooed in as cute a way as you could manage, squeezing him tightly. His tense frame relaxed a bit, not wanting to disappoint someone asking for his protection. A hero would never desert a frightened civilian. At least that's what he told himself in order to remain in this position, despite the lump forming in his throat. "I feel safe with you." You whispered in earnest. 

"Really?" He asked, making sure there wasn't a punch line before letting his heart do somersaults. 

"Mhm." You hummed, perching your chin on his shoulder. "There's nobody I trust more than you." 

A smile pulled at the corners of his lips. He was deeply touched, allowing his hands to rest atop yours and his back to lean a little more into you. He saw your intense gaze out of the corner of his eye and turned his head sheepishly. You were now face to face with his cute little pointy ear. 'Oh, this is MUCH too tempting...' You gave it your all to restrain yourself, but couldn't. You awaited one more scary moment in the movie. When it arrived, you squeezed him, nuzzling his ear with your nose. 

"Ah- mmmnhhh!" 

You instantly fell still. 'What... was THAT?!'  You wondered. He had gasped and squirmed, letting out an uncontrollable moan. He too was taken aback by his own strong reaction. He wasn't sure how or why, but beyond his control, his face and ears were now burning red, his heart suddenly racing. He gulped, noticing a tingling sensation between his legs. He leaned forward slightly, trying to regain his bearings. 

"Are... you okay?" You asked him, concerned by his uneven breathing and sudden rise in body temperature. 

"Y-yeah..." He whispered without much confidence. "It's just... when you did that... for some reason it felt... really good..." Why was he telling you all this? Tamaki himself couldn't figure it out. He was embarrassed beyond all reason but somehow a tiny part of him, growing ever more present by the minute, wanted to feel it once more. Your attentiveness peaked at his words, and you decided that you needed to hear more... 'for experiment's sake. I mean... science would want to know...'

"When I did what?" You asked, pretending not to have any idea what he meant.

"Er- uh... that thing you just did..." 

"Oh... This?" You held him in place, running your lips along his ear this time. 

"Unnnhh!" He shuddered, his head spinning from the warm wetness of your mouth. 

"Wow..." You breathed, feeling the heat rise in your own body. It wasn't until now that you realized how attracted you were to Tamaki. This sweet and unusual boy, despite being shyer than an ostrich neck-deep in the sand, was quickly becoming unhinged beneath your touch.

He wracked his brain for answers, wondering how you were able to do this to him. In a fit of embarrassment, he covered his face with both hands. "Nonononono..." He repeated, shaking his head to come back to his senses. You smiled slyly, adoring his reaction. You longed to see how much farther you could push him to the edge. You wanted more of Tamaki's raw self, more than you wanted to go on breathing. 

"Can I... do it again?" You asked timidly, which was followed by his uninterrupted string of, 


"No?" You squeaked, feeling rejection hit you like a sucker punch to the gut. 

"N-" He paused, noticing the disappointment that resonated from your tone. "...Okay..."

"R-really?! Are you sure?" 

"...Yes." He stated, hands still completely covering his face. He realized that he couldn't bear to pass up this opportunity. Your kind and tantalizing touch was beckoning, and he was helpless to refuse it. Slowly, deliberately, you brought your lips to his ear again, allowing your teeth to graze the edge. But this time you didn't pull away, and were able to view the show in high definition, knowing you were the one responsible for every tiny sound escaping his throat. He sighed, allowing the intemperate rush to fill him up. 

The sensitivity was unbearable, and he still hadn't the faintest clue as to why. Was it because he was mocked for his ears in his younger days? That perhaps he'd had so little kind contact in the past, that a simple and tender touch like this was enough to render him incoherent? That seemed to be a logical enough explanation for him for the time being, as he no longer cared and was purely relishing in the sweet bliss. 

His pitiful noises were too much for you to keep your hands to yourself. You allowed your fingertips to run up his chest, caressing his face while you left a trail of kisses along his neck and ear. You felt his body melt into you, and you cradled his head in your palm, hoping it would distract him from what your other hand was doing... 

His wiggling had left an opportunistic gap just above his hipbone, where his soft shirt hung askew. As sneakily as you could, you slipped the hand in, savoring the feeling of his bare stomach. 

Tamaki let out a small peep, ill at ease from the sudden intrusion. He always knew that he did not possess the strapping athletic build that most girls found attractive, but in this exact moment, he became painstakingly aware of it. 'Why don't I go to the gym with Mirio more often?!' He internally cursed himself. He held his breath, praying you wouldn't be repulsed by his lack of a six-pack. You noticed his body tense, but thought it was a positive thing, a normal reaction to your exploratory touch. 

He was torn, not wanting you to seek any farther and unveil something that wasn't to your liking, but by no means did he want you to stop either. He was even too self-conscious to tell you that he was feeling self-conscious. 'Dammit!'  He thought, deciding to take the safe route despite his true yearning. He grabbed your hand, which was shrewdly creeping its way up his bare chest, and yanked it downward in a huff. That was before he realized...

You thought it was completely out of character for Amajiki to do what he just did. It was bold, impulsive, and provocative. In what you assumed to be a lecherous swirl of desire, he skipped over the foreplay, thrusting your hand downward into his lap. You swallowed thickly, feeling the hot tent of his pants poking into your palm. You blushed and buried your face in his shoulder again. He frowned, thinking he'd hurt your feelings, and cuddled his face into your other hand in an affectionate gesture. 

You took this to mean he was feeling impatient and obeyed his nonverbal command. You wrapped your hand around the bulge and squeezed gently. He gasped violently, his entire world shaken. He hadn't even realized until now the condition you had stricken his body with. But now he felt the tingling hardness between his legs, only exacerbating beneath your lithe fingers. 

'How can she be so confident and FORWARD?!' He screamed internally, frozen in place. You continued to massage the area, outlining it with your fingertips. Every moment, his will power was being sucked from him, dwindling down to almost nothing, and he only wanted more. His instinct demanded him to be shy, but your touch was washing away every tiny insecurity. 

"Ohhh, Tamaki..." You breathed into his ear, thrilled by the passionate arousal of the dark-haired boy. Your steaming words in his ear melted his thoughts, and he surrendered to you, letting his head fall back onto your shoulder. 

He still squirmed and writhed, but now his affliction was that of pure pleasure rather than anxiety. A kindling need was building rapidly for him, and you could sense his impending urgency. You reached down with both hands, unbuttoning his pants in a heated haste. 

"Wait..." He halted you quietly. "You don't... have to..." His tone was pleading, pitiful. You knew how much self-restraint it took for him to say that, and you appreciated it deeply. However, you had no intention of freeing your captive...

"I want to..." You whispered with emphasis, tilting his head to gift him a deep loving kiss. He shivered when your fingers brushed his bare member, his breath running away from him in a euphoric haze. 

"Mmmnhh..." He groaned and panted, gently blowing little strands of hair off of his flushed cheeks while you stroked him. But he was too quiet to satiate you, so you stepped up your game. You wet your palm with your tongue, adding a saporous slippery quality to the already-heavenly sensation. Simultaneously, you swooped in on his ear, leaving rougher nibbles and teasing the tip with a flick of your tongue. 

"Annh- NNNNGGHHH!!!!" There it was... the salacious noises you had been waiting for. Your breath quickened with his, slightly exerted from pumping his length. You had a mind to descend upon it with your mouth, but decided that would probably be too much for him to handle. 'Wait a minute...' Your mind flickered with a strange and abrupt thought. 'What would happen with his quirk if he were to return the favor?' That suddenly felt like a question for the great philosophers. What WOULD happen? Would he be able to turn into you? Would a piece of him turn into a piece of you? If so, what piece?! 

"Hrnnn... gyaaahhhh..." Tamaki's moans brought you back to reality. That last noise was totally cute and you held back a giggle with all your might. You wouldn't dare laugh at Tamaki in such a vulnerable state. He might literally hide from you for the rest of his life. 

You began to fiddle with his shirt, mouth trying to explore more of him. He bit his lip, debating whether to go for broke and dispose of his shirt. 'I mean... she's already seen my... uh... my... oh, that feels so good...'

"Ahhhh... F/N!" He moaned, thrusting his hips upward eagerly. 

"Tamaki..." You whispered back, feeling embers burning down below from the way he moaned your name.


'Screw it!'  He wanted your kisses. He wanted them everywhere. You leaned back as Tamaki ripped off his shirt, turning to taste your sweet lips in a desperate wet kiss. 

"Mmm." You hummed, weaving a hand through his soft messy hair. He mirrored your action, affectionately brushing your face with his fingertips. The heat literally radiated from his blush like a furnace. You made sure to tame your passion, remaining docile despite your growing desire to pounce on him like an animal. You returned to your work on him down below, meeting his glassy gaze. 

He wanted to look away, feeling a jittery flutter in his chest from your smoldering stare, but couldn't. Your eyes were magnetic to him, filled with loving affection. He couldn't handle the intensity for another second, finally allowing the kindling embers to explode. His hot breath rushed across your face as he moaned, releasing all pent up emotion. He shed his anxieties like leaves, convulsing before you in a vortex of pleasure. You smiled, ever-so grateful to share this intimacy with him. He caught his breath, arms and legs barely holding him up. 

"Ah!" He squeaked, looking alarmed. You examined your shirt, realizing quite a bit of the thick liquid had escaped the confines of your hand. "SORRY! I'm so sorry!" 

"It's ok-" But he was already off of you.

"Let me get you a-" WHUMP!

"Tamaki?!" You shrieked as he hit the floor. He didn't expect for his muscles to give out, but the second his feet hit the floor, his knees buckled. His legs were now wobblier than a bowl of jello, which only added to his embarrassment. 

"-towel or something..." He continued, clambering out of the bedroom while yanking up his pants. He returned in silence with a dampened towel and a blushing face. 'What do I say? Do I thank her? Do I offer to let her stay the night? What would I be expected to do if she DOES stay?!' His eyes widened and he stared at the floor.

"Tamaki?" You asked gently.

"Oh, uh... I can wash that shirt if you want."

"Okay." You shrugged. The awkwardness between you was tangible.

"In the meantime, you can wear any one of mine... I'll step out so you can change..." He was wound awfully tight, considering the events that just happened. You smiled to yourself, accepting that he had returned to his default shy setting. But it was okay, because you knew exactly what you had to do to make him lose his senses again.

"You can come back in now!" You hollered through the door, comfy in the only bright-colored shirt he owned. 

"Oh uh... You found that one, huh..." He bit his lip in horrified apprehension.

"It's so cute!" You cooed. 

"It was a present from my mentor..." He mumbled. The sunny yellow shirt you were wearing had "FatGum's Superstar" scrawled across it in blaring big letters. 

"I like it." You smiled, hoping to make him feel more at ease. "Come here." You opened your arms to him on the bed. He sighed and obeyed, relieved to finally have some guidance. "You have to cuddle with me now." You stated in jest. "Those are the rules." 

You immediately regretted saying it when you saw his face go pale and ghostlike with fear. What secret code hath he neglected to learn up until now, he wondered.

"There are BEDROOM rules?!" He yelped. "Oh no! Did I break any?!" You laughed aloud, holding him tightly. 

"Oh, Tamaki..."