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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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"Where are we going?" Amajiki oh-so-humbly asked. 

"It's a surprise." You said brightly, pulling him along gently by the arm. Tamaki was thrilled that you agreed to go anywhere with him, let alone be so jolly and enthusiastic about it. When you offered, he insisted upon you choosing the venue, fearfully assuming that you wouldn't like anything he picked. You felt it was terribly silly of him to think that, as you would be more than happy to go anywhere with him. Despite his self-depreciating character, Amajiki was the most complimentary of people. Every small thing you did, he praised you generously, filling you with a warm encouragement. Today you were on a mission to make him feel the same.

Tamaki rarely shared his opinions on things, afraid of being unaccepted by his peers, so it was hard to find out what he actually liked versus what he just claimed to like for the sake of fitting in. However, there was one thing you remembered him saying that he liked when he had dropped his guard one day. 

You paid for both of you at the door despite his objection, muttering something about not being worth your money, and approached the grand double doors. His face lit up as they opened upon an elaborate gargantuan greenhouse. "Wow..." He whispered, gazing up at the intricate glass ceiling. The sun beamed through the windows, casting tiny rainbows off of the sprinkling waterfall. Thousands of butterflies glided on the warm air, cascading through a lush flower-filled garden. 

"It's even more beautiful than I imagined!" You exclaimed, spinning in place. 

"Beautiful..." Tamaki repeated dreamily. 

"Do you like it?" You asked. He nodded. "I'm glad. I picked it because I heard you say something about liking butterflies." 

"It was nice of you to remember that..." Tamaki uttered sweetly, running a hand through his hair. 

"Of course I remembered. I wanted to make sure you had a good time too." 

He smiled at the ground, grateful for the thoughtful gesture. A beautiful blue butterfly soared nearby, pigment shining off its open wings. You crept up on it after it landed on a yellow lily, gently reaching out to get it on your finger. It startled and flew away. 

"Aw..." You frowned. "I can't get any of them to land on me..." 

Moved by your sadness, Tamaki came up with a creative idea for you to get a closer look at the butterflies. 

"D-does this help?" He asked. You turned towards him, noticing little buds of pink flowers sprouting from his body. The delicate winged creatures were drawn to him, landing on him by the dozens. 

"Did you eat FLOWERS today, Tamaki?" You asked, gawking in utter confusion and awe of the blossoming boy. 

"No..." He mumbled bashfully. "It's Sakura." He turned his eyes downward.

"Ohhh!" You exclaimed. You now recalled the familiarity of the name. At several fancy restaurants you'd been to, Sakura had been used to color and enrich the flavor of certain dishes. You approached, blithely smiling as you admired the beauty of the sight before you. The elusive blue wings that had escaped you before was perched on his arm. He plucked the flower off and handed it to you. Your eyes widened.

"Doesn't that hurt you?! It's a part of your body, isn't it?!" 

"Not really. It's kind of like pulling a hair off your head." You processed that for a moment, mentally fascinated. 

"Your quirk is so amazing, Tamaki!" You gushed, interlacing your fingers with his. He blushed and the pink flowers darkened to match the deeper shade of his cheeks. It was delightfully charming, eliciting a rising swell of affection in your chest. 

Clouds thickened above the garden, a greyish color reflecting off the pool of water. Amajiki smiled to himself, watching you dip and splash your bare feet in the cool pond. Your playful energy was infectious to him, and he felt his cheeks begin to hurt from smiling much more than usual. Throughout the time you had been there, you had repeatedly caught his eye, stealing sweet glances from him. Every time you would catch him, he'd look away immediately. The coy shyness was becoming of him, bewitching you each time to try harder to keep his attention. You tilted your head to the sky, noting the new and looming greyness. 

"Oh. We should probably get going before it starts to rain." You observed, remembering that you had walked here. He reluctantly agreed, but was disappointed that his time with you had flown by so fast. He frowned, doubting he could ever coax you into another setting as romantic and intoxicating as this with him again. He bit his lip, mentally kicking himself for wasting such an ideal opportunity to confess his feelings. 'But someone as bubbly and wonderful as her would never want to be with a downer like me...' He sighed sadly, convincing himself you were out of his league anyway.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Your voice snapped him out of it. 

"N-nothing..." He lied, averting your gaze. 

"Oh. Okay... You just looked like you were deep in thought." 

"Ah... No..." He panicked slightly at your prying, feeling like he wanted to curl up into a shell and hide. 'Did I have shellfish yesterday? Yes I did! I could totally do that!' But he decided to turn the question around. "What were YOU thinking about?" 

"I was just wishing I could fly like the butterflies do." You spread your arms open like wings. "Wouldn't that be amazing, Tamaki?" Suddenly an idea popped into his head, one last chance to impress you. 

"You want to fly?" He looked at you, checking for any signs of jesting in your expression. 

"Is... that silly?" You asked, slightly self-conscious under his stare. 

"No! Not at all! I just... was thinking... I might... be able to help." His voice trailed off quietly. Before you were able to question any further, a gust of wind rushed past you, and Tamaki stood before you, now adorned with a new pair of glorious white wings. Your mouth fell open, unable to take your eyes off of him. He appeared as that of an angel. Your gaze made him squirm slightly, defending himself from what he assumed was a judgemental expression.

"Uh... Mirio... made me participate in a chicken wing eating contest with him yesterday...." He explained as you slowly approached, reaching out your hand without permission. You ran your fingers across the soft feathering, relishing in the statuesque beauty of it all until you heard a squeak from Tamaki. He was covering his flushed face with his hands in an obvious display of discomfort. 

"Oh! Sorry... I didn't think about how weird that probably felt to you..." You felt your face heat up in embarrassment. 

"Ah... no- it was- er- nice...erm..." He admitted, fidgeting awkwardly. 

"Can you fly?" You inquired. 

"I... think so..." 

"I believe in you." You said, ducking beneath his wings to get behind him. "May I?" He nodded and you jumped on his back, latching your arms around his neck. 

"H-hang on tight." He ordered nervously. 'Oh god! What if I drop her?! I could never forgive myself!' You must have read his mind for a moment later you said:

"I trust you." He felt his insecurity washed away and he took flight, launching you both into the air. "Eep!" You squealed, clutching him tighter. 

"Are you okay?" He asked with concern. 

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just forgot that I'm a little scared of heights." 

"Really? I assumed someone like you wouldn't be scared of anything." You smiled, knowing that was intended to be a compliment. You hugged him tightly, nuzzling his adorable pointy ear. He struggled to keep his focus on flying, cherishing the weight and warmth of your body against his. He did a few gentle dives, and you giggled merrily, feeling your stomach drop like you were on a roller coaster. 

"AAAH!" You shrieked, seeing a bolt of lightning strike across the skyline. He gasped, making a landing as swiftly as he could. 

"I'm so sorry! That was so dangerous and irresponsible! I'm such an idiot. You could have been hurt..." He sat down on the grass, curling up in his fluffy wings to hide his shame. 

"What are you talking about, Tamaki? That was the most incredible thing I've ever done!" You couldn't wipe the adrenaline-filled smile off your face. "You have the most amazing quirk I've ever seen!" 

"Really?" He didn't have the courage do look you in the eye, but his wings retracted, returning him to his original form. You pulled him to his feet. 

"Yeah! It has so many different uses and it's like you've already mastered them all!" 

Amajiki wrapped his arms around his torso, trying to keep the glowing warmth from exploding from his chest. It felt as though he was trying to swallow the sunset. He smiled, realizing this must be the closest he's ever felt to what his hero name represents. 

"Tamaki." You caught his attention. "I never asked. What makes you like butterflies so much? I mean, why are they special to you?" 

"Well..." He brought a hand to his lip thoughtfully. "They have a really pleasant calming quality to them. They're also really social and beautiful. All the things I wish I could be... They sort of... remind me of... you..." 

His sincerity melted your heart, the words of this darling boy whose adoration you had done very little to earn. He immediately became flustered, realizing what he had just said. "Tamaki. Have you ever heard of butterfly kisses?" He shook his head, hair veiling his eyes. "Can I show you?" You brought your face close to his, fluttering your eyelashes against his cheek. He covered his face again, and you were almost certain you heard a tiny chuckle. "Don't I get one back?" You asked, trying to maintain your confident aura. 

"You... want one from me?" 

"Yeah..." You waited patiently for him to lean in close, sabotaging him with a loving kiss to his cheek. He began muttering incoherently, turning to walk away. "Eh?!" You were horrified, thinking you had completely alienated him and made him uncomfortable. "Where are you-" There was no wall for the bashful-stricken Tamaki to go, so he had found himself a nearby tree and leaned his forehead against it. That mannerism of his was unbearably cute and you laughed aloud at his unconcealed shyness. "What's wrong, Tamaki?" You giggled, closing the distance he had made between you. He mumbled something about not deserving such a wonderful gift. Your affection continued to build, wishing you could briefly borrow Mirio's power and phase through the tree. You grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him to face you. "I want you to know that I had an amazing time with you today."

"You picked the place." He said, giving you all the credit as usual.

"Yeah, but YOU'RE the one who made it magical." His cheeks darkened as you pulled him down into a tender kiss. You stayed like this a while, embracing beneath the darkening skies. When the rain began to trickle onto the grass, he made a large leaf to catch the water, keeping the two of you warm and dry. And there he was, making an absolute public spectacle of himself, in perfect view of any passersby. He smiled, feeling completely comfortable with it in spite of himself. The confidence was freeing, exhilarating. Enough so, he even dared to think, 'Hm... Maybe I should try this more often.'