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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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Chapter 1: The Love Potion:

"So the school dance is next Friday, Deku." You heard Uraraka's voice from around a corner. "Do you have a date yet?"

You stopped and took a step back, unable to resist the urge to eavesdrop. "I... uh... No." He replied self-consciously. You smiled at the ground, hopeful of the fleeting chance that he might ask you. 'Even if it's a last resort...'

"Well you better get a move on." Uraraka pushed. "Is there someone you have a crush on?"

"EH?!" He exclaimed. You didn't even need to see his face to know he was blushing. You crossed your arms and leaned in closer to the door in anticipation. He paused for a moment. A far too long and tormenting moment. "Well... there is someone I've been thinking of asking..." He admitted quietly.

"Who is it?!" Ochako barked boldly, her question being immediately followed by an uncomfortable silence. "Alright, fine. You don't have to tell me." She huffed in defeat. 'Dammit, Uraraka! Get that information out of him! This is your job!'

"Thanks." He sighed, relief painted his tone. "I appreciate it."

"You should definitely ask her though. Before she gets asked by someone else."

"I don't know..." He hesitated.

"I'll help you, Midoriya!" You offered, springing from around the corner.

"UUUAAAHH!" He yelped, smacking his hands over his mouth, green eyes wide with surprise. "F/N! How much did you hear?!"

"I was just walking by..." You lied, "and happened to hear you need help asking a girl to the dance."

"Ah- well... Yeah. But-"

"Never fear! Because I AM HERE!" You offered, imitating All Might. "I have lots of great relationship advice. I even used to help set people up back in middle school. Let me help you."

"I don't think that's a good idea- Ow!" Midoriya began to object but Ochako elbowed him in the side.

"Brilliant, F/N!" She cooed, turning to Midoriya and speaking deliberately. "Who better to give you advice on a special girl than her?" The two of them exchanged a significant glance and he stared bashfully down at the floor. When he didn't object again, she shooed him off in your direction. You smiled at them, waving at Uraraka as you walked away with Izuku. She gave you a playful wink as you turned.

Back at the apartment, Izuku sat patiently on your bed, attentively waiting to soak in your valuable love advice.

"So Midoriya... Tell me what you think is special about this girl." You stated, trying to get the ball rolling. He fiddled with his fingers, staring down at the comforter.

"Well y- she's- the girl is beautiful and fun and is always willing to help others." A warm glow dusted his cheeks. "She's always inspiring me to do my best and I love spending time with her." His sincerity warmed your heart.

"She's a lucky girl." You smiled, the bitter tang of jealousy crawling on your tongue.

"So does this girl know how you feel about her?"


"Are you sure?" He looked up at you with what appeared to be annoyance.


"Why haven't you told her?"

"I... I don't want to ruin our friendship."

You fiddled through your closet searching for anything that might be helpful in the situation. Perhaps old diaries or love notes if you could find them. You peeked your head around the corner at him.

"You know it would be easier for me to give specific advice if you told me who the girl was." His puppy-dog eyes pleaded desperately against it. "Alright, alright." You accepted, bumping into a closet shelf with an oomph. Several items played plinko off of your head on their journey to the floor. "Ow... The key is confidence, Midoriya." You placated absentmindedly as you bent down to clean the mess. An old ornate keepsake box had emerged along with your sizeable hoard of snacks. You halted, suddenly coming up with a deviously fantastic idea.

"Confidence, huh?" He murmured. "That's always been Kacchan's strength, not mine."

"Ah... On second thought, don't be like Bakugou." You fiddled with the objects, a newfound purpose leading you. "Just be yourself."


"Yeah. Everybody likes you. Why wouldn't she?"

"But I'm really ordinary. There's nothing particularly special about me." His insecurities melted your insides like butter on hot toast. "Kacchan is ambitious and confident, Todoroki is insanely talented, and Kaminari is handsome. In comparison, there's nothing I can really do to stand out."

"Midoriya..." You walked out of the closet, box in hand. "What if I told you that there was a way to guarantee that she wont reject you?" You smiled saucily.

"I'd say you're ridiculous." He said playfully. "Or you're just overestimating me." You walked over, sitting down on the bed and placing the box square in between the two of you. "What's this?" He asked.

"Have you ever heard of quirks that can force people to fall in love?"

"F/N, those don't exist." He shook his head at the ridiculous notion.

"Really, Midoriya? You have met someone who can take control of your mind just by speaking to him. And Aizawa can cancel quirks just by looking at you. And you really don't believe quirks can make someone fall in love?"

His mouth twisted in a unique way. "But... love is a complicated emotion. It involves time as well as building trust. There's no way a quirk could do that."

"You've got me there." You uttered thoughtfully. "Let me rephrase then. What I'm talking about is a powerful infatuation quirk." He raised his eyebrows with heightened attentiveness, but a slight glint of suspicion still rested behind his features. "Think about it." You continued. "A lot of feelings of love have to do with neurotransmitters in the brain. That and hormones. So if you can alter the levels of those, there you have it. Love quirk."

"Hm... I guess that makes sense." He mumbled, finger to his lips.

"I knew a girl in middle school that used to use it on the boys. It worked wonders. She was able to produce a fine powder that she could sprinkle into someone's drink and I just sat back and watched as each of the boys became enamored with her." You opened the box toward him, revealing a sizeable pile of sparkling dust. His eyes widened.

"So... This is-"

"That's right." You grinned mischievously. "Your trump card, Midoriya."

Chapter 2: A Stolen Kiss:

The glittering taboo contents of the box sparked a bubbling enthusiasm. 

"Oh wow!" He exclaimed brightly before tilting his head. "Wait. I'm confused. Why are you wasting it on me? And how long does it last? Is there a certain amount that corresponds with its potency? Does the person forget what happens when they're under the effects or do they remember everything? And I feel kind of bad about this. Is this considered cheating? How would you even get someone to willingly take it..." 

You smiled and rolled your eyes. 'He's doing that mumbling thing again.' You got up and walked out of the room. "I'll be right back."

"Wait! I still have questions!" He hollered down the hall. A moment later you returned with a spoon and a sake cup filled with water.

"Only one way to see the effects." You said, holding up your cup.

"You can't mean to test it yourself!"

"Yep." You stated confidently, scooping up a generous spoonful of the granules and stirring it into the water. "If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just smack me and tell me to stop."

"I'm not gonna do that!" He looked appalled at the idea. You chuckled at his response, lifting the cup to your lips. "Wait!" He held up a hand to stop you. "Are... are you sure? I don't-"

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure the effects don't last very long. It's not dangerous."

"If it doesn't last long..." He began. You sensed his uncertainty.

"It's still long enough to make a good impression, Midoriya. Long enough for you to ask your girl to the dance." He blinked at you as if he had just realized something.

"Ah... Okay. If you insist..." His expression almost appeared guilty.

"To your health." You raised your glass. He half-smiled as you tipped back the liquid into your mouth. "Mm. It's sweet." You closed the box and placed it over on the nightstand alongside the empty glass. As you sat back you noticed Izuku was eyeing you with quiet anticipation. You shrugged.

"Maybe it doesn't work."

"I think it takes a little while. I probably have to digest it." You sat a moment, thinking to yourself. 'You're a genius, F/N. Not only did you find a way to boost Midoriya's confidence, but also a perfect way to make a move without being held accountable for it!'

"Oh no, Midoriya!" You exclaimed all of the sudden.

"What?! What's wrong?!"

"I just remembered the right amount to take was a teaspoon!" His body stiffened as he clenched his teeth in horror.

"That was way more than a teaspoon, F/N!" He bellowed, panic-stricken. You smacked your hands over your mouth. "What are we gonna do?!"

"I don't know!" You hollered in mock-despair. 'Now I can REALLY go all out with this.'

"Uh... Maybe I can dilute it. I'll go get another glass of water."

"Good idea!" You were about to bolt out the door but stopped abruptly gripping your stomach.

"I suddenly feel... really warm inside." You turned to look at him. He gawked at you, frozen in place.

"Gah! Go get some water quick!" He ordered. You smiled beguilingly at him.

"Whatever you say, boo thang." You winked and swiftly ran out the door. 'Oh my gawd, I did not just say that!' Luckily you had gotten away before he saw your embarrassed blush.

"BOO THANG?!" You heard him shriek from down the hall. You smacked your forehead with your palm in regret. You filled yourself a tall glass of water in the kitchen, mentally trying to swallow your fears. 'There's no going back now. You have to sell it,' You told yourself. You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. However, it was certain that you didn't need some dopey quirk to fall in love with this boy. You had fallen under his spell long before today. 'Okay. That's it then. All you have to do is tell him how you really feel.'

You peeked through the doorway to see him scribbling away in his tattered notebook, muttering away the details of this new and magical "quirk."

"Hey! Are you alright?" He asked, brows knit together in concern for you. You smiled sweetly and nodded. You took a sip of water and sat the glass on your desk before crawling towards him on the bed, refusing to break eye contact with him as you did so.

"Whatcha dooooinnng?" You sang, fluttering your eyelashes at him.

"Just writing down this quirk in my notebook." He smiled in a fanboyish sort of manner. "It's really fascinating."

"I think YOU'RE fascinating." You complimented openly.

"Uh..." Was all he could squeak out.

"I wanted to show you something cool I learned." You reached out to him. "Let me see your hand." He sheepishly dropped his pencil, holding it up. You took it in your own, flipping his palm upwards. "Recently I read about how to do palm readings and tell people about themselves. Can I do yours?" You asked.

"S-sure." He agreed, watching you in a hypnotized sort of way as color began to rise in his cheeks. You cupped his hand in yours, tracing a feather-soft line with your fingertips.

"Well see here." You pointed. "This line is the heart line. It says that you're extremely kind. And also a hopeless romantic." You added for fun.

"You don't say..." He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.

"And this is the fate line. This crease says you are resourceful. And this one means you will inherit a large fortune."

"Is all that true?" He inquired with tingling interest.

"No." You admitted. "I just wanted an excuse to hold your hand." You watched as Midoriya's face instantly turned crimson. He shimmied backwards until he became cornered by the headboard of the bed.

"Ah! Er- um..." He began to avert your gaze, flustered by your undaunted words. "I think the quirk dust might be kicking in..." He observed, using one hand to cover his eyes since the other one was still held captive by you.

"Maybe you're just charming, Izuku." You suggested, scooting closer to him. He mumbled something along the lines of 'seems unlikely.' "Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Uh... sure, why not..." He giggled in discomposure. You reached out and pulled his hand away from his face.

"Don't hide." You whispered softly. "You have such beautiful eyes."

"Th-that's nice of you to say." His tone was low, hushed just like yours. His body sheepishly retreated from your intense gaze. 'What you're doing is bad and you should feel bad.' Your conscience pestered, but you ignored it. Calmly and slowly, as if not to jinx it, your hand drifted to his freckled cheek. Midoriya watched your every move, as if completely captivated by the proximity. He gulped nervously, his palms beginning to sweat. You stroked his cheek in a soothing motion with your thumb, noticing the warmth rise as his face darkened.

"Izuku." You cooed, slowly descending upon him. "You were wrong about what you said before. You are definitely special enough to stand out."

"You think so?" He tilted his chin up slightly as his eyes traced the details of your features. You shifted your body weight, deliberately interlacing your fingers. You granted him a small nod of confirmation, your faces only inches apart.

"You're irresistible. Anyone who doesn't see that is blind." A fierce passion radiated from your tone. You watched as his blush grew, spreading from his cheeks all the way to the tips of his ears. 

"Wow... I..." His irises sparkled, gazing at you through half-lidded eyes. You used your grip on his face to gently reel him in. To your immense surprise, he put up no resistance. 'What's going on?'You wondered. 'He has feelings for someone else. Why is this going so smoothly?' You couldn't be THAT alluring to steal his love away so easily. His eyes were already closed as he craned his neck towards you, begging.

Midoriya could feel his heart pounding in his chest. His face burned so hot that he thought he might spontaneously combust like Todoroki. But for some reason his eyelids still felt heavy. He held his breath, waiting in anticipation and disbelief. Before he knew it, a pair of soft lips met his. 

You felt his body stiffen for an instant. You were careful to not make any rash movements despite the swirling excitement churning within. The kiss remained feather soft and you weaved your hand into his feathery curls. Finally, his body relaxed as he sighed into the kiss. At a loss for words, all you could do was show your true feelings in the affectionate tenderness of your touch. You felt bold, empowered, and decided to release his hand and snake your arms around his neck. Midoriya voiced a pleased little hum, his doting fingertips lovingly caressing your jawbone. 

'This is wrong...' The thought struck a chord in him, causing him to pull away despite how tempting the situation was. 'I let myself forget...' He realized, a twinge of guilt afflicting him. 'What kind of person would take advantage of their friend in a situation like this?!'

The beautiful moment was cut short for you as he retreated, twisting out of your grasp. Your lips disconnected with an audible smeck. "W-wait!" His firm hand pressed against your shoulder. Your eyes shot open, shocked by his abrupt change in disposition.

"What's wrong?" You asked, shying away from the rejection. Izuku could read the hurt on your face and it cut into him deeply.

"I... can't do this." He shut his eyes tightly, stricken with shame and self-loathing. He leapt off the bed and grabbed his things.

"Wait! Don't leave!" You pleaded, instantly regretting your ill-considered plan.

"I have to go!" He called, disappearing around the corner. The front door slamming echoed through the apartment.

"UGGGHHHH!!!!" You flopped onto the bed, screaming out your frustrations into your pillow. 'Well what did you expect to happen when you kissed a boy who has a crush on someone else? Dumbass...'

Midoriya hung his head in exhausted defeat. He didn't know if the decision he made was the right one or not. That kiss was so enticing, so heavenly. 'I must be the dumbest guy on earth to have passed that up!' He smacked his forehead in resentment. "But it doesn't mean anything unless it's real..." He lifted his head to the sky and sighed. Oh, how he wanted it to be real. Izuku turned to look in the direction he had come from, concerned for the emotional state you might be in right now.

'I probably shouldn't have left like that.'.. 

Chapter 3: The Plan:

A melancholic aura shrouded you until school the next morning. The rejection HURT. It hurt even worse than you could have anticipated. You secretly wanted to kick Cupid's ass today, that sadistic bastard. You trudged through the school gates, facing downwards when you heard your name called. Your heart sank when you recognized the voice. You weren't mentally prepared to talk to him yet.

"Hey, F/N. I need to talk to you." He approached you quickly but cautiously.

"Hey." You greeted, trying to sound friendly but falling flat. An awkward silence followed. "About yesterday..."

"I'm sorry!" You both said loudly in unison.

"Wait. Why are you sorry?" He asked.

"I made you uncomfortable. I shouldn't have been so reckless with it and-"

"No, it's my fault. I let is escalate out of my control and that was wrong of me..." He flushed at the memory and bowed low to conceal it. "Please forgive me."

"I'm not mad at you, Izuku." You felt relieved that he wasn't repulsed by your aggressive advances.


"Yeah. I was being stupid and forgot the right amount to use. And I took it further than you wanted and..." You drifted off. He looked down with an embarrassed smile.

"I guess we both got carried away, huh?" He admitted.

"Yeah." You agreed, feeling the tension alleviate. "That reminds me. I have something for you." You pulled a tiny vial with a cork in it, filled with the special powder.

"Is that-"

"I figured it's the least I can do." You placed the little bottle delicately in his palm. He hesitated in apprehension.

"I don't know, F/N... after all that happened yesterday I'm not sure I'm cut out for this type of thing..." His unsure attitude only confirmed your decision.

"I believe in you." You told him with a bright smile, closing his hand around the vial. "You deserve to be happy." He stared at you, speechless, yet accepting. You turned to walk toward the front door. "Let me know what she says after school, okay?" You smiled with a wink.

Midoriya stood at the entrance, fighting an internal battle. 'This is bad... What do I do? I can't just tell her flat out that she was the one I wanted to ask. But I can't do nothing either when she's going through all this trouble to try and help me...'

Lunchtime rolled around and not a single decent idea came to mind. He kicked himself for not just being honest upfront. He jumped as you patted him gently on the back in comfort. "Don't think so hard." You told him, setting down your tray. "Oops. Forgot my dessert. Be right back." You excused yourself from the lunch table.

A perfect opportunity... Izukus fingers trembled with the temptation, staring at the unattended cup of tea you had left. '...Just a sprinkle wouldn't hurt, right?' He thought to himself, pulling the vial out of his pocket. The cork popped off with a flick of his thumb. His eyes darted around the room to check for potential witnesses. 'This is wrong and you know it...' He bit his lip, fighting the inner turmoil. He finally sighed in disappointment, returning the tiny container to his jacket pocket.

You eyed Midoriya warily throughout the day, noticing that the nerves were getting to him. You watched him, waiting impatiently for him to talk to one of the girls in the class and hand her a refreshing beverage out of the blue. But the moment never came. "Izuku!" You caught his attention on the way out of the school building.

"Oh... Hey, F/N." He mumbled.

"How'd it go?" You asked, curiosity getting the better of you.

"I- uh..." He stumbled over his words nervously. 'Make something up! Quick!'  "...She said no." He lied.

"...What?" Your mouth fell open. 'Shit! He knows that the powder was a ruse! How on earth am I gonna explain what I did to him yesterday?!' You gawked at him, unable to find words.

"Here." He said, handing back the bottle. "I didn't use it. It kind of felt like cheating..."

You sighed in relief, thanking your lucky stars.

"Izuku..." You paused, realizing how bad he must feel from being rejected. You yourself had felt that first hand yesterday so your empathy was top notch today. "I'm so sorry." You spoke to him softly. 'That bitch...' You thought. Who on earth would refuse someone like Midoriya? 'I will end her...'

"That's okay. Really." He smiled blithely. You tilted your head at him in confusion. "W-would you maybe want to go with me?" He asked you bashfully. Your soul lit up. 'Second place isn't so bad.' You thought to yourself. 'First a kiss and then I get to go to the dance with him? I don't think I could have asked for a better week.'

"I'd love to." He mirrored the effervescentsmile you gave him. 

'YESSSSS!!!' Midoriya thought, triumphantly beaming.

"We can get her back at the dance." You mumbled menacingly.

"...What?" Izuku asked.

"Nothing..." You replied. "I'm really looking forward to it."

"Me too." He waved as you walked towards home. "See you tomorrow!"