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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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"I deserve an apology, asshole!" You shouted playfully, approaching the stranger who had the audacity to spill his drink on you. You stumbled in the darkness, as the drink you just finished was considerably stronger than you originally thought. The guy turned, belligerently throwing an untargeted punch in your direction. "AH!" You ducked, dodging the unprovoked blow. You just wanted to have a good time and weren't in the mood to fight with anyone so you turned your back to walk away.

"HEY!" You heard Katsuki's voice roar with rage from a distance. Before you knew it, your head was in splitting pain. The cowardly guy had landed a hit on the back of your neck, sending you headlong into the ground out front. Your hands and knees scraped the gravel, tearing your skin. 

"OUCH! What the hell?!" You shrieked, chasing him down whilst a crowd of people cheered in your favor. You grabbed him by the shirt collar, landing a left hook to his jaw. You saw a flash of an elbow coming to your face and then there was nothing but blackness. 


You awoke to a cool soft sensation brushing over your face. "OOW!" You hissed, searing pain shooting through your head and extremities. Your vision returned to you slowly, a blonde head of hair becoming less blurry by the minute. "What happened?" 

"You picked a fight with some dickhead and lost, ya moron." Bakugou sassed. 

"'Scuse me bish?" You slurred, head still swimming from the alcohol. 

"You ain't deaf. I know you heard me. I called you a moron." 

"I will fight you!" You sat up abruptly, lifting a hand to smack his face. He caught your arm effortlessly, as the booze had slowed your reflexes. "Eh?" You examined your newly bandaged hands with curiosity. "What's this?"

"You were bleeding so..." He shrugged, leaving it there.

"You took care of me?" You beamed at him, touched with emotion. 

"It's not like you could have taken care of yourself..." He looked away, scowling at the floor. "...dumbass..." He added for good measure, since it's not like he cares or anything. 

"KAAATTTTSSSUKKIIIIII!!!!" You squealed, throwing your arms around his neck.

"AGH! What the hell is wrong with you?!" He barked, but didn't actually make the effort to pull away from you. 

"Thank you for helping me." You cooed, squeezing him tightly. "You're AMAAAAZZZINNNNGGG." Your unhindered compliment made him smirk, cheeks turning the slightest shade of pink. You held him a moment and then asked, "Can I have like an Aleve or something? My uuuuurrvrything hurts." He rolled his eyes and went to search for pain killers. 

"F/N?" He called your name upon returning to his bedroom. "Where did you go, dipshit?!" He ran through the house on a hunt for you, a sudden noise catching his attention.

Munch munch munch

"What the-" He peered into the laundry room to find you with your hand deep in a box of his fruit loops. "What are you doing?"

"Wush hungry..." You said, nomming another handful of cereal. 

"I get that... but why are you sitting on the washing machine?"

"Ish warm and the vibration feels niiiice..." 

His ears burned red and he facepalmed with a loud slap. "You're drunk." He accused.

"You're sexy." You retorted, throwing a fruit loop in his direction with a lopsided grin. Without permission, he swept you up in his arms, carrying you back to his room. 

"Now stay here and take this." He ordered, setting down the pill bottle on his nightstand. 

"You mean I can stay?" Your doe-eyed gaze melted his irked scowl away. 

"Well I'm not going to throw you out in the yard, stupid!" 

You smiled, feeling appreciative of his kindness despite your trainwreck of intoxicated behavior. "C'mere!" You opened your arms, inviting him in. 

"What?! What do you want?" He griped, leaning over the bed. "I'm fucking tired, so go to sleep." You latched your arms around his neck, manhandling him to the bed. 

"Stay." You ordered, grasping him tightly. He couldn't help but find that cute and let himself get comfortable in your arms. Once you established he wasn't going to squirm away, you looked up and met his deep ruby eyes. You pulled his face down with both hands, locking him into a sweet kiss. At least sweet was your intention... but you imagined it was probably sloppy to him. The brief flash of passion dulled, lips moving slower and lighter until you finally parted slightly, feeling his warm breath on your cheeks. Too tired to open your eyes, your head drooped and arms fell limp. 

He raised an eyebrow at you, noticing that you had passed out on his chest. "Dumbass..." He mumbled, unable to fight back a tiny smile.