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once i had nothing now i have everything

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Once Serena had composed herself, and Bernie had fed and changed Cameron, Bernie asked her "is there anything else to tell me about your life with Edward, or not?".
Serena looked at her and nodded her head, she continued.
"After 6 weeks at my parents house, I made my way back to where we used to live, only to find out that we had been evicted, I asked my neighbour if she had been given a forwarding address or contact number by Edward.
She called me inside and made me a cup of coffee, she explained that she saw the entire eviction, and that Edward tried to hit the bailiffs, and that they had called the police and he got himself arrested for violent behaviour.
A few days later he called around and left a new address, which was the address in the flats, and that he was drinking very heavily.Anyway I was looking for somewhere to stay myself, but my friend Fleur Fanshaw gave me a place to stay until I got myself sorted out.
2 weeks after I came back to Holby, I bumped into Edward, and he begged me for yet another chance, and rather stupidly yet again I gave him another chance, but everything would be on my terms or he could kiss my arse goodbye for good.
Much to my shock he agreed, so I moved into the flat with him, and we went and got the housing benefit sorted and I wanted it sent directly to the housing office, and we sat down and discussed how much money was left after everything had been paid out, and where we could save money, but he failed to tell me that we owed both the gas and electric company money, so like you we had pre payment meters installed and came to a re payment plan"
After we had been back together for about a month, I found a letter, but it was addressed to 'Mr & Mrs.Edward Campbell.
I confronted Edward about it, but he had gone back to his old ways, so I went to the D.W.P and explained that there was not a Mrs.Campbell,but I was his girlfriend, and they arranged an interview for us both and we could discuss the claim Edward had submitted.
One week later we were in the D.W.P and Edward had claimed that we were married and that I knew he was claiming, so I asked to speak to an advisor separately.I explained that I was not his spouse in any way, but I was his girlfriend and we lived in the same flat, but we lived separate lives, we shared the kitchen and bathroom, and that was all we shared and nothing else.
4weeks later Edward and I received letters from the D.W.P, I was cleared of false claiming but Edward was charged with benefit fraud, he went to court, and had to repay £1200 benefits he had falsely claimed.
I decided that I would get my own money and pay my own way and my share of the debts we owed to the gas and electric companies, so like you I got myself 2 part time jobs, both cleaning and both at the local Doctors surgery, I worked 06.00 until 08.30 am and then 19.00 until 21.30 and once a month I would go in on a Saturday Morning and deep clean all the consulting rooms and whatever else needed cleaning and we carried on living separate lives until he passed away".

Serena looked at Bernie and told her " that is my life with Edward, and we both know the truth about our idiots who we rather stupidly called our 'husbands'.

Bernie looked at Serena and picked up the letter she had received from the family solicitors and opened it................................
Bernie looked at Serena and told her " my parents want to meet you and Cameron, I just have to phone the solicitors and arrange a date,Serena looked at her and told her..........................what are you waiting for then????????????'?''''.