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Jess: ok dudes listen up @big bro @twin sis @big sis

Jess: blake gave me & mira a week off b/c i told him abt nana's upcoming death annv

Jess: i know yall are all in weird places of the globe or wevvers but we should visit

Alex: I think that's a great idea, Jess.

Jess: goes without saying

Jess: preens

Nicole: way ahead of you

Nicole: Audrey and I are in Kota Kinabalu wrapping up our docu. Flight home booked for Wednesday. We'll probably land at 10AM.

Jess: aw yeah that sounds like the nicole i know

Katie: @nicole William can send a car down for you @ the airport & take you straight to the cemetery

Nicole: wow perks of being a millionaire

Katie: William isn't a millionaire

Alex: Pretty much.

Alex: @Katie will William be coming with us?

Alex: I'm thinking of bringing Elena.


Jess: you've MET her family

Jess: she has to meet OURS

Katie: yes of course he's coming he really wants to

Katie: i'm assuming you're bringing audrey @nicole

Nicole: Well she's been working on documenting Nana's life with me, she thought it'd be meaningful to visit

Jess: right on

Jess: can ur man send down a car for us too @big sis plz

Jess: gonna do a stopover so mira can pick up saru then fly in

Jess: so we'll reach at like 1AM on wednesday

Katie: i'll see what i can do

Alex: I can't wait to see all of you again!

Alex: We haven't seen each other since Ember of the Sea docked at home port.

Jess: ya well whos fault is that mr hotshot lawyer

Jess: jk im excited

Nicole: me too!

Katie: me too!

Jess: see yall losers in a week love u xoxoxoxo